Chapter 30

“I can't believe that it's already Christmas break in two weeks.” Ricky said after they were all showered and were just getting dressed after their Thursday afternoon swim practice.

“Me neither, but that brings up something. Who's up for a weekend sleepover the first weekend of break?” AJ asked everyone.

Everyone of course said okay. This was going to be the first one in a while, they had not had one in nearly two months, so it was going to be Tom's very first one. Everyone on the team knew though that Tom wet the bed and wore diapers as well, and he had even admitted that he enjoyed wearing during the day, and he was more than a little surprised by the amount of others that admitted the same thing.

The previous month and a half had flown by for everyone, but nothing truly exciting really happened. Tom and Tony got to know each other even better, and their love for each other was growing rapidly. Kevin and Garth had waited nearly three weeks for their bruised and battered holes to heal before they attempted lovemaking again. They weren't so rough the second time, but they did enjoy a little extra pain, but from then on, they played at least once a week. If anyone had noticed their new walk though, no one said anything. Garth's parents did see, and they did know, but they were happy for their son that he had a nice caring boyfriend, and they were in no hurry to have him tell them, just deciding to let him tell them when he was ready. Kevin's parents though had no clue. Having Ted and Landon living with them was the greatest thing that Carter, Deanna, and Tom had ever had, they loved having them so close, especially Tom, who got to cuddle up to his best friend a lot, and ask all sorts of questions about being gay. They had all become far more open with each other, everyone sharing nearly everything.

Everyone had received permission to come and spend the weekend at AJ's, and even Orin and Matt swore they would be there, now that they did not have a meet to go to somewhere, generally the reason that they had missed every other weekend that year so far. Everyone excitedly awaited for the Friday afternoon to end at school, and it was even an early out day, but not early enough for all the excited boys who nearly ran all the way to AJ's house. With so many boys now, it was decided that the living room just wasn't going to be large enough, so the games room was used instead for sleeping, so that's where everyone piled their stuff. For some reason this was also to be the first time that Tom had been to AJ's house, they had always come to his house for some reason.

“Wow, you have a wicked games room AJ, how come you never told me about this when you told me that the house you lived in was actually yours?” Tom asked in awe.

“Wanted it to be a surprise for when you first came here of course. I was hoping that we could make it to a sleepover before you came over. I'm actually kinda surprised that Tony never let it slip.”

“We don't normally talk about your house when we're together. We talk about lots of other things instead.” Tony smiled.

“That's good. I would certainly hope that your relationship isn't just physical.” JJ grinned.

“Oh no, far from it. We still only just use our hands.” Tom said happily.

“Good, glad to hear it.” AJ said.

“Well, last one stripped doesn't get to swim.” Ricky called out, and in record time, everyone was naked.

“Well I guess it was a tie, so we'll all get to swim.” TJ laughed.

Just as they were heading out to the pool, the doorbell rang and they figured it was their last two guests. AJ threw on his robe and went and answered the door, and sure enough, it was Matt and Orin. They were shown out to the games room, and they too stripped. The rest of the boys had already headed out to the pool, and were busy getting showered.

“Hi guys, man it feels like so long since we saw you last.” AJ said when they came in.

“Yeah, it's been too long. Our coach has us going to every little meet there is, says it's better that we be seen everywhere, but it's getting really tiring, and we're getting less practice now than we used to get.” Orin complained.

“Why not just tell him that you don't want to go to every meet, that you still want and need a life! I mean you're both going to school full time as well, so he can't be taking you every weekend, or you'll get burned out.” JJ said.

“We have told him that a few times now, but he just enters us anyways. We actually told him that we were taking all of December off, and that we were going to re evaluate where our positions were after that. He's just getting to be too much.” Matt said, and he did sound tired, even still, and they had not had a real training in three weeks almost.

“You know what, Jim is training us on the weekends, it's our only time to really do it of course, and he only enters us in important meets, we have only had to go to three this year so far, and two of them were last month. Why don't we see if Jim could take you guys on as well?” AJ asked.

“I don't know. He's already got four of you guys, and the other boys are sometimes here as well.” Matt said. He knew everything that was happening, they all knew everything that was happening in each others lives. They didn't get to see each other a lot lately, with everyone being so busy, but they talked all the time on the phone, and emailed each other a lot, just telling each other what was happening in their lives.

“That's true, but Ricky and TJ are not actually official, and the others are only really just playing. Jim has hinted at making both TJ and Ricky official though, and I know he said that the maximum he would train at one time is eight, so even when he does make the other two official, you would still be less than he is willing to teach. The others aren't really interested in swimming competitively.” JJ said.

“What about Tom, you figure that he wants to?”

“No, he says that he doesn't want to go as far as we're going, he doesn't feel he has it in him. He's good, but he's right, he's just not built properly for speed or diving, and he knows it. He's about as good now as he could expect to be, and he's happy with that.” AJ said honestly.

“Would you two like to help us get a large snack prepared and taken out to the others?” JJ asked.


The four of them headed into the kitchen, naked of course, and started getting a large vegetable tray, fruit tray, and cheese and meat tray set up. Three different boxes of crackers were also dumped into bowls, as well as a large bag of tortilla chips and a jar of salsa were prepared. The entire works was then taken out and set on the tables out in the pool house, and they headed to get cleaned up themselves. The boys were all on the workout equipment doing a light workout, which for this group of boys, still made most people tired just watching. As soon as they saw the food though, the workout was forgotten.

As everyone was eating, all the introductions were made. Matt and Orin had already met Joey and Brett in passing, but not really yet, and they had not met Tom yet at all. The younger boys were much the same, Matt and Orin knew of them, but did not really know them. They were all talking and laughing, having a good time, all the new people getting to know everyone else. Once they were all finished their snack, they all jumped in the pool, all the toys having been already thrown out, and they had a real pool party. No one swam any laps, everyone dove for fun, and that's all they did, have fun.

Max came home early, somewhere in around three, and he too stripped off and joined the boys in their fun, everyone having a great time just being friends. The hot tub and the sauna were also in near continuous use all throughout the afternoon and the early evening.

“Is it always so crazy here?” Tom asked Tony, AJ , and JJ when they were all sitting in the hot tub together.

“No, most of the time it's crazier, but we're just trying to keep it quiet this weekend, so that the police don't show up again.” AJ said so perfectly straight faced that Tom honestly thought he was telling the truth. It wasn't until Tony ruined it, and burst out laughing, that Tom realized AJ had been pulling his leg.

“Oh man, that was classic, you were so shocked, thinking that the police would actually show up here, you should have seen your face.” Tony cracked up.

“That was mean.” Tom said with a smile.

“Honestly though, this is the most amount of people we've ever had here, and it is pretty crazy. But everyone is so good that no one worries at all. Normally the house is left cleaner than when everyone arrived, because everyone helps to clean up. Dinner could be interesting though, I've never cooked for so many people before.” AJ grinned.

“Wow, well I'll help to cook, I love to cook.” Tom said.

“Thanks, that would be appreciated. In fact we should probably go now, everyone will be getting hungry very soon, and we don't want this mob hungry, they could turn feral very quickly I think.” AJ smirked.

“Yeah, I bet, but all their animal instincts would have them screwing anything in sight, rather than tearing anything limb from limb.” JJ joked.

“And how would that be a bad thing?” Tony laughed.

“Because these parties are for friendship, and to be with each other, not about some massive orgy that no one is really interested in.” JJ said simply.

“I know, I was just teasing.” Tony smiled.

“Good, I'd probably go home if something like that started happening.” Tom said.

“I'd kick everyone out.” AJ said seriously.

The four of them hopped out of the hot tub and rinsed off quickly, and then dried off as they were heading in the house. Tom just followed the others and didn't even think anything of it when they headed to AJ and JJ's room first. Tony just laid down on the bed and pulled Tom down to join him, and just as he was about to ask what was going on, a diaper was slipped under him and taped up quickly and perfectly by JJ. Tony smiled as AJ gave him the same treatment, and then Tony and Tom were pulled up, and AJ and JJ laid down for their changes. Still in a little bit of shock, Tom just did what was expected of him, and diapered JJ.

“Why did we get diapered already?” Tom asked in confusion, when they were all heading back to the kitchen.

“Because we won't be going back in the pool after dinner anyways, and we may as well be comfortable.” JJ answered.

“Oh, okay I guess, but what about the others, won't they laugh?” Tom asked. He knew the others knew about him, and he knew about them too, but it didn't really sink in that they liked them quite as much as he did.

“Nope, three quarters of them will be diapered as soon as they get a chance as well. It's always that way, and recently we've converted a couple more to the cause, and they never want to go back.” JJ smiled.

“Oh, that actually reminds me of something I've been meaning to tell you guys. I told my parents I needed diapers, I lied and told them I had started wetting the bed, and that I was sick of washing my bedding every day. I also told them that I went to the doctor, and that he had said that it was likely just my bodies normal changes. They took it well, and said that they would buy me whatever I thought I needed. I told them I had done some research and found what appeared to be the best ones for the best price, and who carried them, and my mom said she would buy some this weekend.” Tony grinned.

“Well I don't know if I agree with your lying to them, but in a way it was the easiest. What if they go and check with the doctor though, and find out you've lied to them?” AJ asked.

“I doubt they would. I've been going to the doctors for two years by myself already, and not once have they ever gone and checked anything out. I doubt very seriously that he would even say anything anyways, because I've asked him not to, and since my parents are never at my appointments anyways, he agreed, but told me that he would legally have to tell them most things, considering my age, and not until I was fourteen could he really not tell them anything.”

“Why don't you just make an appointment and go and see him, and say that you have started wetting the bed? He'll probably just poke and prod and maybe even take some pee, and then suggest that anyways. That way you're not really lying too much to your parents, and it will really be on file.” JJ asked.

“I thought about it, and maybe you're right, maybe I should. The doctor has never told me anything that I had to tell my parents before, it's always just the normal checkups, except when I went in for blood tests to make sure I was clean. If my parents were to go in and ask direct questions, he may be forced to talk, and if I never went in, well they would surely find that out easily enough, because he would just say that I had not been in recently. Okay, Monday I am calling to make an appointment for sure then.”

“Good idea. I'll go with you.” Tom said.

“Yeah, just hope that no one says anything about dates, it would sound a bit odd if he said you had only been in a couple days ago if they went in next week as well. Nothing that can be done about it now, but that's why lying is not so good, you have to try and make stories to fit it.” AJ said.

“I never thought of it that way before. I really hope they don't check into everything though, but if they do, I'll just tell them the truth.” Tony smiled.

“Would have been easier to begin with if you ask me, or even telling a smaller lie. Saying that you had started wetting and were sick of washing sheets, and that you wanted diapers and that you were planning to go to the doctor about it. That's what most kids who want diapers do. I never had to do that, I've never really ever waken up dry before, not sure what it feels like.” Tom said.

“Me neither.” AJ said.

As they were talking, the boys had of course started preparing things for their dinner. As they continued talking, they continued preparing and cooking, and soon they had all the food ready to feed all their friends. Tony went out and called everyone and told them that dinner was going to be ready in fifteen to twenty minutes, and to get showered and changed. They all hopped out and did as they were told. Just as dinner was being served, everyone was sitting around patiently waiting for their food, and most of them diapered as well.

After dinner was eaten, and completely cleaned up from, the boys all headed out to the games room and that's where they stayed, for the most part, straight through until bed time. They all had a serious blast, everyone playing the games and just being boys, Max included. He loved these parties just as much as the kids did, because he had never got to have them, so he was able to relive a bit of his youth as well in this manner. By the time ten o'clock rolled around, all the boys were nearly exhausted, ten hours of playing could tire even these boys out, and Max was dead on his feet. The huge nest of beds was assembled, anyone that was diapered was changed, and everyone went and brushed their teeth while boy after boy used the toilet as well. The funny thing was that some of them didn't just need to go pee, and no one minded. They were all so open and free with each other by then, that even going to the bathroom was nothing. They all crawled into bed and they said goodnight and then they were all asleep.


The next morning everyone woke up at around eight and they all said good morning to each other. Nearly a dozen boys were in the kitchen helping to get breakfast ready for everyone, Tom included, and he was surprised at how well everyone worked together like they were. It was a large kitchen for sure, but enough for twelve people to work comfortably in, hardly. He had no idea what it was that they were actually making, but he sure loved the smell of it, he had just chopped everything that was handed to him.

“Wow, this is really good.” Tom said as he dug in and began to eat with everyone else. The only people missing were Max and Alice, TJ had taken them their breakfast into them on a tray.

“Yeah, it's really good, filling, and super simple and fast to make, so we make this every time we have a sleepover, it's just easier. Can you imagine trying to do pancakes and eggs for this group, we'd be in the kitchen for four hours.” AJ grinned around his forkful of food he had been trying to shove in when he answered.

“Yeah, I can see your point there for sure. I'll have to tell my mom about this.”

“Oh no, we can't allow our secret recipe to fall into the hands of others.” AJ said seriously.

“Oh, sorry.” Tom said, and everyone burst out laughing.

“Man, for someone so smart, you sure can be gullible at times, but man is that fun.” AJ burst out laughing.

“You're horrible.” Tom said with a smile.

“Thanks, you're much too kind.”

“It wasn't a compliment.”

“It wasn't, oh well, I'll take it as one anyways.” AJ grinned and Tom just shook his head.

“Morning boys.” Alice called out when they came out of their room, just as the boys were starting to clean up all the mess.

“Good morning.” They all called back.

“Thanks for breakfast boys, it was great as usual.”

“You're welcome.” The boys who made it said.

“Are we going to go workout now?” She asked. Alice had really started looking forward to the weekend workouts. She had trimmed down, and toned up a lot since she had started, and now she looked forward to them.

“Of course. Help us get this all cleaned up, and then we can go out and get started.” AJ asked warmly.

Alice and Max did hop right in, and more than twenty people made wicked fast work of cleaning the entire place spotless. Once all cleaned up, everyone headed out to the pool house, and everything was turned on while the first batch of people dropped their diapers into the trash and started cleaning up.

“Man, I'm starting to wonder how hard it would be to add another four to six shower heads in here, this is getting ridiculous to wait ten minutes for a shower.” Max said.

“I don't know, but it would be awesome, and I think we have more than enough room for sure. We could probably do another eight total, do four on the back wall, and then four along this way. But is there a way to make them free standing?” AJ asked, he too was standing there waiting for a shower.

“I don't know, I can certainly look into it, I'll ask my suppliers to see if they have anything that would fit the bill.”

“What if we just had them controlled by one control, and then had it free floating from the ceiling somehow, just have the pipes with the shower heads completely suspended. Have them all controlled by one control, so that when we have lots of extra people, we can just turn them all on and we can get done fast. Leave these ones as single control, so that only a few people can have a shower when needed.” AJ said, just taking a moment to look around at everything.

“You know, that would be so simple, it would look just fine, and you're right, it would be easier. I could probably bring everything home on Monday and do it that night with you boys' help, and I bet we get it done in two hours or less.”

“Cool, let's do it then.” AJ said.

“That sounds like a great plan, not sure why you two didn't come up with it sooner.” Alice said.

“Probably because we're always first in line for showers, not last, so we just never thought of it.” AJ said simply, and the logic behind it made sense, so they stuck with it.

Max also really liked the idea, and he bet that it would make a great sell point to some of his clients. He could do an entirely free standing, no posts shower system anywhere by building such a simple system, and it would be dirt cheap to make as well, unless people wanted brass. For their pool he'd just use good sturdy one inch copper, because it really is the best, and even though still expensive, would be the cheapest.

“How would we have shampoo, conditioner, and soap for all those extra shower heads though guys?” Alice asked logically.

“No idea yet, but I bet AJ comes up with something great that I will be able to sell for great prices to my clients, I already think that this idea will be loved, especially in brass, but we'll use copper, we're not flashy.”

“I have already thought of a couple things, but not so sure it would work, I'll have to go shopping and see what we can find.” AJ smiled.

By that time it was their turn, so they all headed in and got washed up. Now that everyone was clean, they all started their workout. Once again they had more people then workout equipment, so they had to rotate. Max was also eying the extra space that they had available to them, and the fact that they now routinely had more people then they had equipment, so figured that maybe he would bring home a couple of the more expensive pieces that just weren't selling, and taking up precious space in his shop. He had a humongous treadmill that had nearly everything on it that you could imagine, a stair climber that actually had stairs that looked like an escalator, and a couple rowing machines. The rowing machines were the only thing that AJ didn't already have, and the stair climber he had was the more standard style, same with the treadmill. He also got into stock a wicked inversion table. He had tried it out a few times himself when his back was bugging him, and he thought the boys would all like that as well. So along with plumbing supplies, Max vowed to bring home workout stuff as well.

AJ had also been deep in thought while they were working out, wondering how to solve the problem of where to store the soap. He figured the simplest way was to suspend it from the pipes themselves, but he just couldn't figure out an easy way to do it, and keep it somewhat out of the way. He liked the three soap dispensers that they already had, they worked the best, and he wanted to use more of them, but they needed a solid place to hang from. Finally AJ decided that the simplest way would be to have a stand of some sort that would mount to the floor and just hold it. A nice piece of copper would look the best.

After the workout was complete, they all started swimming laps. With so many people though they once again had to take this in turns, the pool simply was not large enough to do it. They worked it out as they normally did, and they all got in some good strong laps. Next the divers got up and showed their stuff, while the others waded in the shallow end or hot tub. And considering all them were naked, when the boys stood on the boards, they really were showing off their stuff.

The one thing that Tom was not expecting, because no one had ever told him anything about it, was the massage. Everyone else was looking forward to this the most out of anything, especially Max who loved this time. Because Tom was the newest, and had yet to experience it, he was told to climb up first. He got the standard full body back massage, which only lasted two minutes.

“Okay, time to turn over, and don't worry that you're hard.” AJ said, slapping his ass gently.

“How do you know I'm hard?”

“You'll find out why, just do it, and don't be embarrassed.”

Tom did so. He, unlike most new boys, was already more accustomed to people seeing him with an erection, including his mom. Alice had yet to see his, but he wasn't really all that embarrassed. Tom got his full frontal massage as well, and then hopped down, and one by one they all went, Tom joining in for everyone else's as well. Tom clearly saw after the first one why AJ would know that he had had an erection, because so did the next, and then every other boy after. The only person that was not erect in fact was the only person without a dick, but even then Alice's nipples were erect.

“Wow, that was really cool.” Tom said.

“Yeah, we all enjoy that a lot. It takes a long time to complete, but it's worth it. Go hop in the shower and rinse off, and then we will all go get some lunch.” AJ said evilly.

Tom and a few others went to the shower and started them, and started washing off. When Tom didn't have the normal reaction, it actually disappointed AJ, and JJ noticed it and grinned.

“What, were you expecting me to jump and freak out when the water hit the liniment?” Tom asked coyly.

“Well, actually, yes I was.” AJ said with obvious disappointment.

“Too late, that happened to me years ago already, Ted got me used to it.”

“Damn, oh well, there's always someone else.” AJ smiled.

They all headed in and started getting lunch ready, after drying off and getting diapered of course. Once lunch was cooked, eaten, and cleaned up, they all headed to the games room. All that is except Alice, who had to go get dressed and head to work. For the next few hours the boys played various games and had just as much fun as they always did. They then went and made dinner, and after that was movies.


“Guys, thank you so much for the wicked weekend, I really had fun.” Tom said as everyone was getting ready to go the next afternoon.

“You're very welcome, we're glad that you had fun. I don't suppose we'll see you now until after Christmas, so merry Christmas everyone.” AJ said, and everyone else said the same thing to everyone else.

Christmas was on Wednesday that week, and everyone knew that everyone else was likely to be spending the next few days with their families as much as possible. Once everyone was gone home, the guys all sat back and relaxed for the rest of the night. The boys did go to bed early that night, and they kissed and cuddled and made love to each other for nearly two hours, all of it so very soft and gentle.


“I need to go shopping guys, anyone want to come with me?” AJ asked.

“Sorry, I'm not crazy enough to venture into any store today. Today and tomorrow are going to be insane in almost any store you go to, so no thanks, I really don't like crowds of people pushing all against me.” Ricky said.

“And I'll stay home with him.” TJ said.

“I'd walk through hell with you, and we just might have to if we're going to Wal-Mart today, so sure, I'll go.” JJ grinned.

“We're only going there for one thing, just need a few of them, but then we need to go to a couple places and see if we can find someone to build us something.” AJ said.

“Cool, let's go then.” JJ said and they got ready to go and headed out.

As they expected, the store was an absolute nightmare, the crowds were insane, people pushing and shoving, and both boys were glad that the section they were in was not considered a Christmas type aisle, so therefore was not busy. AJ grabbed twelve of the soap dispensers that they liked, and they each carried six up to the front and waited in line for the long lines to slowly move. They actually got odd looks from a couple people, all of them probably wondering why they would need so many of them. One guy actually asked, he was curious enough, and he was really bored anyways, so he did. The boys explained to him everything about how their pool was so often used by a large group that they needed more showers installed, and these were for all the new shower heads. The guy was suitably impressed and told them so. When they finally paid the over four hundred dollars that it cost them, they headed back out of the store and biked to Max's pool shop.

“Hey Max, we have a favor to ask you.” JJ said when they walked into his office, the secretary having already told them no one was in there at the moment.

“Sure guys, what's up?”

“Not much. We went and bought the soap dispensers today, and now we're going to go see a metal worker for the other part. We would like to have you take these home so that we don't have to carry them all over on our bikes, and probably have them stolen.”

“Good point. How many did you buy anyways?”

“Twelve. I figured that if we're gonna do it, we may as well do it right. Each side of the square can have four shower heads, it should be perfect.”

“Okay, did you buy shower heads as well, or should I grab those from the plumbing supply place?”

“No, we didn't want to get the cheap ones from there, get the good ones you got for in the pool house already, that should be perfect. So do you know any metal workers out there that work with copper?”

“Couple places, I have their cards right here, I don't remember their addresses right off the top of my head. Copper is of course desirable for a pool area, so I've used both these guys before.” Max said and handed over the cards.

“Thanks Max. See you at home this afternoon.”

“No prob, see you there. I'm going to head to the plumbing supply store in a few minutes, we're closing early today, and then for the next few days I'm staying closed. We never have any customers anyways the last few days before Christmas, so no point in being here.”

“Great, mom will like that, she's taking a few days off as well.”

“That's the reason why. I usually just work the shop by myself just in case, but this year I have a better place to be.” Max smiled warmly.

“Good, well bye, and have fun, I know how you are around plumbing things.” AJ grinned and they headed out.

They headed to the closest of the two places that did copper work, and they asked for the owner right away.

“Hi guys, my name is Jeff, and I hear you wanted to talk to me about some copper work?” Jeff asked as he walked up.

“Yes sir, I'm AJ, and this is my boyfriend JJ. My dad Max, from the pool shop, sent us here to talk to you about doing some copper stands.”

“It's good to meet you both, but I didn't know Max had any kids.”

“Technically I'm not his son yet, but he's gonna be asking my mom to marry him on Christmas day, so he will be soon.”

“How do you know that?” JJ asked suddenly.

“Just because, Max is far too excited to have it be anything else, and he's held off for so long, that's gotta be the only reason.” AJ said simply.

“Yeah, and you're probably right too, you usually are.” JJ smiled.

“Well good for him. So anyways, what were you looking for?”

“I drew up a full scale drawing of what I want. It needs to be out of two mil pure copper, because they are going in a shower area, and I need twelve of them as soon as I possibly can get them.” AJ answered, handing over the sheet he had drawn his design on.

“Very nice drawing, you're good. This will make my job real easy then. Let's go to the office and see what we can come up with in terms of price shall we.”

“Certainly, lead the way.” JJ said.

They headed in and all sat down at the desk. Jeff quickly calculated out exactly how much of that size and grade of copper they would need, and then calculated the price on that. Then he factored in the time to make it, and then came up with the price.

“Okay, I think we can do the job for fifty five a piece, and I am giving you a deal, regular would be about sixty for that, but Max tosses me lots of work, so for him we can deal. These are real simple, and my guys are dead right now anyways, it's early enough, we just might be able to get them done for you for tomorrow morning, but late afternoon for sure.”

“Wow, that would be fantastic. Do you take debit card?”

“Sure do.”

“Great, let's get it all settled then.” AJ said and handed Jeff his card.

Jeff was a little surprised that it was AJ's own personal card, and not his parents, but he took them up front and rang up the purchase and put it through, and Jeff wasn't really surprised that the charge went through. AJ just didn't seem like the type to pull his leg.

“What number would you like me to call when we have them completed?”

“Call my home number, we'll be there, and it, as well as all the rest of our info, is on your technical drawing. We will be here to pick them up as soon as you call.”

“Oh no need for that, we deliver, I just needed to know where to reach you when they were ready, so that we could deliver them.”

“Great, thanks, that would be much appreciated.” AJ smiled warmly, and the three of them shook hands. Poor Jeff nearly lost his hand from the very firm handshakes of the two young men. He realized that tangling with those boys could be bad for anyones health. He hoped that his son wasn't in the same school, because as big a bully as the brat was getting to be, he'd die real quick if he decided to fight AJ. He wasn't though.

The boys rode home after that, talking and laughing the whole way home, and when they got there, they went in and told the others what they had done. As promised Max was home early, and not all that long after the boys had gotten home, they hadn't even gotten comfortable yet.

“Hi guys, I'm going to need all your big strong muscles to help me with a few things.” Max came in and asked.

“What for, none of what you would have bought will be very heavy, and two of us could bring it in in probably one trip.” AJ said.

“That would be true if it weren't just plumbing supplies I had, but it isn't, and like I said, I need all your help.” Max grinned.

None of the boys bothered asking, they all knew it was futile. So Ricky and TJ went and threw some pants on over their diapers, Alice went in and got dressed, and AJ and JJ went out with Max.

“You brought home more workout equipment, why?” AJ asked curiously.

“Think about it, what happened this weekend?”

“Yeah, but that 's not a big deal, and it doesn't happen often.”

“True, but there's another reason as well. This is all too high end for most people around here, so it's just sitting and collecting dust, so we may as well use it, because I can't send it back. It probably would have sat for another few years had I let it.”

“Okay, but what are those things in the brand new boxes?”

“An inversion table, a couple rowing machines, and a few other odds and ends.”

“Cool, I always wanted to try one of those inversion tables.” JJ said.

“Why didn't you tell me that before, I would have brought one home before?” Max asked.

“Don't know.” JJ shrugged.

They started unloading the truck, and just as they were about to go through the door, the others were about to come out. They stepped to the side and then went out as they passed by. They too went and grabbed some things, and as they were working, Max had to explain everything all over again to the other three. AJ and JJ also had to tell Max all about what they bought. They quickly got everything brought in, and the new equipment was quickly set up and tested, and then they all stripped down, except Max, because he was going to be soldering, and got started on the plumbing work.

Max shut off the water and got started by making the cuts to the lines where he needed to, and then started fitting in new fittings where needed. While Max was measuring and doing his work, he was calling out measurements for lengths of pipe, and the boys were dutifully cutting them and bringing them into the storage room where the main plumbing was. Max quickly got the new valve put in and soldered into place, and then the new line leading out from there was ran up to the proper hight and cut through the wall. Once on the outside of the wall, the pipes would be connected by a tee, and then a full square would be made, but that was all going to be assembled on the ground.

Once again Max was calling out measurements, the others were cutting, and he was getting everything all put together. It was quite large, each head was just under a meter from each other, and four heads per side except the one side. Once the full thing was dry fit and assembled on the ground, Max got started on the lengthy chore of soldering all the connections.

While Max did this, the boys all headed into the house to make dinner. They all finished at about the same time, and Max and Alice were called in to eat, just as Max completed the last connection. Now all they had to do was to put it in place and solder the final connection, before pressurizing the system and testing it for leaks. Then once that was done, they could install all the shower heads.

As soon as they finished eating and cleaning up from dinner, they all headed back out to the pool house to get the new shower assembly hung up. To aid in the ease of hanging it, every fitting on the entire contraption had had an eye added to it as well, just to make it look cleaner and make life easier in the long run.

With the five of them lifting, and Max trying to get everything attached, it went quickly, if not a bit awkwardly. They figured that it would be easier to lift up and suspend the opposite wall side first, and then lift it all up on the other side and attach it and solder it into place, and then get the rest of the supports in place. So that was what they did. An hour later they had the entire thing suspended from the ceiling, and it was as secure as it would ever need to be. They all quickly screwed on the caps to the ends of all the outlets, so that the system could be turned on and pressurized, to test for leaks.

Max grabbed a bottle of soapy water and then turned on the valves, and they heard the entire system go active from the clunk it made. Starting at the very bottom of his first connections, Max worked his way up, spraying everything and verifying that it was in fact sealed. It only took him a few minutes to make this necessary check, and he was happy to find that his plumbing skills were still as good as always. Last thing for the day was to remove the caps and attach the shower heads. They all made quick work of that, and then finally the entire system was once again tested. Because the water lines used were the one inch, and the pressure was good, the water flow was great. Also Max had used the tee at the junction so that the water went both ways once it reached the shower head assembly, so that all the heads had the same pressure. Everyone was very satisfied with it, and it looked good as well. Max went to grab his camera, but AJ told him to wait until the stands were installed, so that people could see them as well.


Tom had rode his bike over to Tony's house so that they could go to the doctors office together, and when he knocked on the door, the door was opened, but not by Tony.

“You must be Tom, come on in. I'm Dieter, I'm Tony's dad.”

“Pleased to meet you sir, I didn't expect to see you here, you're usually at work by this time of the day.”

“Nah, my wife and I decided to take the next few days off. Speaking of whom, this is my wife Denise, Denise, this is Tom.”

“Pleased to meet you Tom, we've heard a lot about you.”

“Pleased to meet you too.”

“Hi Tom, how are you this morning? As you can see, my mom and dad stayed home from work today.”

“What were you boys planning on doing today?”

“Nothing much.” Tony said.

“I see. Just hanging out with your boyfriend?” Dieter asked.

“Yeah, but how did you know, I never told you?” Tony asked.

“Oh come on Tony, you didn't just develop those smarts, you got them from us. We've known you were gay for a couple years now, and the way you talk about Tom, we knew he was your boyfriend, and we're happy for you both.” Denise said.

“Cool, thanks mom and dad. Well seeing as how my biggest secret is actually in the open, I have a bit of a confession to make.”

“Oh, and what is that?” Denise asked curiously.

“First of all, thanks for buying those diapers like I asked you to, I appreciate it, but I don't really need them. I sorta lied to you about a couple things.”

“Tony, you know we raised you not to lie, now why would you start now?”

“Well the truth is worse then the lie, at least I thought you'd think so. The truth is I like diapers, I like to pee in them. I made up the bed wetting and I made up going to see the doctor and his telling me what to do. I'm sorry and I feel bad.”

“Well at least you admitted it, and you feel bad. I take it that Tom knows all about this then?”

“Of course. He's the one that sorta made me feel really guilty about lying to you guys. I figured what you didn't know couldn't hurt you, but it hurt me instead. Tom's a bed wetter, for real, has never had a dry night, but he also likes diapers during the day.”

“Well at least one of you knows the difference between right and wrong. You're forgiven, this once, but please don't lie to us again. We would have eventually figured it out, and then it would have been far worse.” Dieter said.

“Thanks dad, I won't, I promise.”

“I know you won't. So what should we do today guys?”

“No idea.” Tony shrugged.

“Why don't we treat you boys to a movie and lots of junk food then. If you'd like, you can go put on diapers under your pants, so that you don't have to get up three times during the movie, like Tony always has to.”

“I'm the same, I can hold my pee for maybe an hour, at the most, so sure, thanks.” Tom said and Tony nodded. They both headed up to Tony's room and diapered each other. What they did not know was, so did Denise and Dieter.

“I wondered when the guilt would set him off. You don't think we were too hard on him, making him sweat it out though do you?” Denise asked.

“No, he needed to do it on his own. He must honestly think you don't lift his mattress when you clean his room though.” Dieter chuckled. He was of course referring to the stash of diaper paraphernalia that Tony had hidden under his mattress, including all sorts of diaper pictures, a few diaper stories printed off the internet, and a few diapers he had gotten from TJ or Tom.

The four of them hit the local theater and watched the matinée of the new Shrek 3. As promised they all ate lots of junk food and drank lots of pop, and the boys certainly appreciated wearing diapers to the theater, because it sure did make being able to enjoy the movie a lot better. After the movie was over, they all headed back to Tony's place, and the boys went and holed themselves up in Tony's bedroom.

“That went a whole lot better than I thought it would. I'm glad they didn't explode.” Tony sighed when they laid down side by side and cuddled.

“No, I think that you're not giving them enough credit, they already knew somehow, I saw it in their eyes.”

“You think so, but how could they have known?”

“I don't know. What do you do with those diapers I give you, or the used ones?”

“The diapers I keep hidden under my mattress, and the used ones I tie up in a grocery bag and throw in the bin.” Tony said.

“Man, and here people call me gullible. You told me that your mom gives your room a thorough cleaning at least once a week right, well I hate to tell you this, but cleaning a bedroom entails lifting the mattress to change the sheets. She found your stash, that's how they know.”

“Oh my god, I don't just keep diapers under there, I keep pictures of us in diapers, and stories I print off the internet, and all sorts of other diaper things. If that's how they know, then she saw everything.”

“Would make sense of course. You're parents are nice though, they seemed so distant the way you talk about them sometimes.”

“They were being overly nice today for some reason. I just figured that it was because Christmas was so close, they are usually a lot nicer this time of the year. I mean they're always nice and all, just they don't really show a lot of emotion, at least not towards me.”

“Have you ever talked to them about that?”

“Well, no, why would I?”

“To tell them that sometimes when they are so cold and distant, that it hurts you, makes you feel unloved. Maybe they just don't realize it because they are working so hard all the time.”

“Okay, I see your point. Want to come and talk to them with me?”

“Sure, I can be there for moral support?”

“Mom, dad, can we talk to you guys for a few minutes please?”

“Sure, let's go sit in the living room and we can talk in comfort.”

“So, exactly how long have you known that I liked diapers?”

“What makes you think that we knew?” Denise asked, but not denying the fact either.

“I didn't, but Tom said you did, he saw it in your eyes, and honestly, I would have thought you would have said more than what you did about it.”

“Ah, very perceptive Tom. Yes Tony, we knew about both of you of course. Those pictures said a lot. In the future, if you really want to hide something, try a better place. Every mother looks there when she thinks their child is hiding something. However I was not looking for anything, just simply changing your sheets one day. It was about three or four months ago now that I first found your stash. The pictures of you two obviously showed up later. I must admit I got carried away in looking at what you had under there and reading the stories, some of them were quite good, your dad and I enjoyed them.”

“And it doesn't bother you?”

“No, not at all. Haven't you ever wondered why our room always smells like baby powder?” Dieter asked.

“Just figured you liked the smell, and missed it from when I was a baby.” Tony shrugged.

“Uh uh, they're both diaper lovers as well.” Tom said suddenly.

“What, really! How come I've never seen you wearing diapers?”

“We keep it to ourselves, we didn't want to persuade you in any way on the choices of your life. Now of course that we all know, we can be a lot more open.”

“Okay, and that brings up the real reason why we're down here. All my life I've known you guys loved me, but you've never shown it at all really. You buy me what I need, but I've never really felt close to you. Tom thinks that maybe you just work so hard that you don't realize it. But why don't you ever hug or kiss me, or say love you, or anything like that?” Tony asked.

“We do love you Tony, really we do. But we were not raised in what you'd call a very loving fashion, so we never learned to love. You know that we're both orphans, that we never knew our parents, but what you don't know might explain a lot.” Dieter said quietly, tears coming to his eyes.

“You of course know that we are Romanian, and that was where we were born and raised. I'm not really sure when we were both brought to the orphanage, but it is all we remember. It was a cruel place for children to grow up in. Your dad and I grew up together in that hell hole. It was dank and dark, and miserable does not come close to describing it. Nearly every child in that hole wet the bed at nights, and or their pants during the day. No one was really potty trained unless they came in so. Most of us sort of taught ourselves. They didn't use diapers, they were too expensive, they just let us pee, and we had to clean it up. Some of the kids had it even worse and pooped all the time in their underwear or in bed. There was no love there, only the cruel hands of the masters, and we were their slaves too. Some nights we got to sleep alone, other nights we had to share his bed, some days we were left alone to try and read and add using the outdated books he had, and we only learned from what the older kids who came there knowing, but most days we were working in his fields. It was truly horrible. He liked both girls and boys, so both your dad and I, as well as every other child there, were raped repeatedly. The worst part though was when he would sell us to someone for the night, and we would be expected to do whatever we were told, or a severe beating was given, usually we had to stay in bed for at least three days when that happened. Some of those men and women were nice, most weren't. We were raped and tortured, and made to work until we dropped to pay for every penny they spent on us. If we're distant, trust me, it's not because we don't love you, because we do, it's just because we don't know any better.” Denise said, a few tears trickling down her cheeks, but Dieter was full out bawling like a baby.

“Oh mommy, that's so horrible. Why didn't you tell me this all before?”

“Because, you were too young, and you didn't really need to know. We knew these questions would come eventually, and that's why we answered you. We try to show you that we love you, it just never comes out right.”

“So that's why you guys like diapers, isn't it? When you finally got out of there you found them, and it became the way for you to go back and be babies again without having all the pain?” Tom asked softly.

“Yes, exactly. We never stopped wetting the bed though, so we actually do need them. We just simply have too much trauma in our past, and the nightmares are horrible some nights. Your dad is worse. He was the most prized boy there, and he hardly got a nights rest. Only when he would fall asleep, even during a brutal rape, did they let him go and sleep. The worst part though was that even though they were the cause of our bed wetting, if we peed in their beds, we would be beaten severely. Your dad got that nearly every night as well, because no matter what, when they rammed their dicks in his bum, he peed uncontrollably, and they usually beat him as they raped him, which is probably why they liked him so much. My past there was not so cruel, but it was almost as bad. Girls have two holes of course, so some nights two men would take me, and they would rape me all night long, and I usually passed out and peed all over, so I too was beaten for messing their beds. Our mouths were also raped, more often than not repeatedly, and sometimes a group would buy us for the night. That's how your dad and I first got together actually. We were purchased by a group who wanted a boy and a girl to play with. We were both raped over forty times each that night, and we hugged each other as often as we could, to just hold someone who understood what we were going through. You have to understand that more often than not, we wanted to die. We all sought ways to kill ourselves, but only a few actually went through with it. It was in this manner that the orphanage was shut down finally, and all us kids left floating in the breeze.”

“What happened.” Tony asked quietly. He was horror struck, but he wanted to know more, because he was learning a lot about his parents, and now knew why, every question he had ever wanted to ask, he now knew the answers to.

“One girl, Genna I think her name was, got a hold of a gun in a clients house and killed the three bastards raping her repeatedly, and then still naked and holding the gun, she ran to the nearest police station and told them everything. They had tried to get her to give them the gun, but she told them no, that she had to tell the story first, and then she shot herself in the head. The police came and found all of us, most of us were in beds with clients who just paid to use us there, as most did, and your dad was in bed with the master. They didn't even take us kids out of there, they just hauled the piece of shit away and left us there to fend for ourselves. Many of us stayed there simply because it was a place to stay, and we managed to lure a great many men into there before they all realized that the place was officially closed for business, and we beat them all up. I think we actually killed a few of them, but we didn't care, still don't. It was a couple months before we were all forced to leave the place. We dug through everything, and found anything of any value and took it with us. It was your dad and I that found the masters cash storage though. We gave as many of the others as we could find some money, but we kept most of it. We were now eighteen and legal to travel, so we used most of the money to travel to here.”

“I'm so sorry that that all happened to you guys. I really had no idea at all that you had gone through so much. So how did you end up so smart, because by the sounds of it, you probably had a grade four or less education?”

“Well, you're born smart really, we were always smart, just didn't really know it yet. When we got here, we applied for asylum, and they granted it to us. We had to tell our story of course, and then we became citizens. As soon as we did that, we applied to the local education board to do in home schooling to get up to par, and we worked very hard. Twelve to fourteen hours a day we studied when we were not working. We had both received low paying jobs at a small factory, and there was where we learned English the best. We had not much of a life, but we had one, and it was ours. We struggled for a few years with working and learning, and as soon as we were ready, we sent your dad to university, while I worked two jobs to pay for it, and he worked weekends at the factory still. As soon as he was finished, your dad got a better paying job and I went to school. We both kept our part time jobs at the factory to save up money. By then we were literally rolling in the money, not ever had we had so much. We were happy, but we were both so sad too. We were still having nightmares, still do even now, and that was many years ago now. Anyways when I finished school I went and got a job, and we both quit at the factory. We both had our jobs at the same place, and we're still there, now chairman and CEO of the very same company that hired us all those years ago. So then we decided to have a baby, we had hoped that you would help us heal, but sadly you didn't. We're simply too badly damaged to have much love left in us. We love each other, and while we do make love to each other, it is not passionate. Our most passionate lovemaking is when we are both dressed as babies.”

“No wonder you guys worked so hard though really, it's what you had been born into, what you were used to. I'm really glad that you told me all of this though, it really does go a long way to telling me a lot about you. I know I can never heal you, but I promise you one thing, I will do everything in my power to help you to love again.” Tony said vehemently, and got up and hugged his parents tightly and kissed them.

“Thank you Tony, you really are the very best thing to have come out of such horrible memories.” Dieter said, and hugged Tony back fiercely. His first time ever, and he nearly crushed Tony's poor ribs, but he didn't care one bit.

Even through the horror of the story they had just been told, Tony was the happiest that he had ever been. Tears were pouring down his cheeks.

“I know that telling us all that really hurt a lot, but this is the happiest I have been with you guys in a long time. I'm really very sorry that that had to happen to you guys, and I know now why you have a hard time showing love, because you just don't have it to show. I have an assignment for you though, I want you to both write down everything that you remember about your experiences. Telling me probably helps a lot, but you need to get it out of you completely.”

“I don't know if I can do that for you Tony, as you can tell, I'm very emotional about the past, and just the mention of it makes me cry in pain.”

“It doesn't matter how long it takes daddy, it matters that you do it, not for me, but for you. I know that when I'm hurting, I write, and it helps me to understand where I'm at and why I hurt. As soon as I do this, I read it a few times, then I destroy it, and I destroy the hurt with it. I don't want you to destroy it right away though. I'm thinking of something special for that.”

“Okay Tony, we'll do it for you, because we're too far gone anyways.” Dieter said.

“No, I think maybe you're not.” Tom said.

“Thanks Tom. We're really sorry to have burdened you with such a horrible tale such as this, but it couldn't be helped. We swore that when Tony asked, we would answer.”

“It's no problem. I'm glad you told us. I knew Tony was hurting because you guys showed no love towards him, and now I know as well, and that helps. Have you ever thought about going and seeing someone, and getting a professional opinion, maybe they can help you?”

“We have seen therapists yes, and they cannot help.” Denise said.

“Okay, at least you have tried. Well I should get going now, I'm later than I thought I would be”

“Okay baby, I love you.” Tony said and reached in for a kiss, and right there in front of his parents, he tenderly kissed his boyfriend.

Tom left minutes later, heading for home on his bike, and it wasn't until he was halfway home that he realized that he was still in a very soggy diaper. His thoughts had distracted him so much. When Tom got home he told everyone about their day and what all had transpired, even everything he could remember about Denise and Dieters horrifying story. They were all sickened and saddened by it, saying that they had heard of horrible tales from orphanages from the old country, but never knew anyone that it had happened to first hand.

Tony sat with his parents for a long time, all of them curled up on the couch. Hardly any words being spoken. Tony was just showing his parents as much love as his young body was capable of showing. They reveled in it.


The next morning at just after ten, Jeff called and said that he was on his way, if it was good, and AJ told him that it sure was, so ten minutes later, everyone had to go get dressed of course, Jeff was there personally, delivering the stands himself.

“Hi guys, good to see you again Max. My guys almost had these all finished last night, only had two left, so I told them to take today off and I came in and finished the last two off myself. I hope they're exactly what you had been hoping for.” Jeff said when they all went to look in the back of the truck.

“Good to see you too Jeff, and thanks for the discount.” Max smiled.

“They sure are, thanks.” AJ said happily.

“It was no problem Max, the amount of work you've thrown my way over the past few years entitles you to a bit of a personal discount. I'll help you guys bring these in, and then I think I'm going to go home as well.”

“Thanks, that would be nice.”

“Wow, what a spread you have here Max, this is some setup.” Jeff said when they all walked in. Between all seven of them they were able to bring all the stands in at the same time.

“Thanks, but this is actually AJ's house, we just all live here until he's old enough to take over, and then we will move back to my place.” Max said.

“Really! Wow, that's pretty cool. I wondered why it was AJ that was paying for all this.”

“Yeah, he pays for most of the stuff for the house, including the pool itself.”

“Nice. Well I'm going to go and spend the day with my family then, you guys have a good Christmas.”

“Thanks, and you too.” Everyone said.

Once Jeff left, Max and JJ went and grabbed the tools and accessories that they would need to install the stands, and AJ started getting the stands all in place with the help of his mom and the others. When Max and JJ came back, they started marking all the holes in the bases onto the concrete below, and then they started drilling. One by one each of the stands were anchored and bolted in, after pouring good amounts of silicone sealant into the four holes and anchors. They wanted no water to get into the holes. It took them a couple hours to do, but it was not hard work. Once they were all secure, they added the soap dispensers, and with all of them doing this, it only took a few minutes.

“There, now this looks cool. I'm definitely grabbing my camera for this.” Max said, standing back and looking proudly at the setup.

It was really neat, because other than the stands, there was nothing blocking the way or the view, and the stands were only one meter high and forty five centimeters wide, so they were not obtrusive. It really was a great way to do it, because it left everything nice and open. Max came out with his digital camera a few moments later and took a bunch of photos. When he was satisfied that he had enough good photos, Max put the camera away, and they all went in the house for lunch.

That day they all sat around just talking and laughing, playing games and having fun. They were all very happy. Early evening came and Ricky's mom stopped by and dropped off a small gift to Ricky, and he gave her one as well. They hugged and they all sat around and talked for a couple hours. Not long after Ricky's mom left, all the boys headed to bed for the night.

As soon as the boys were in bed, Max and Alice spent an hour putting the boys' Santa stockings together and hanging them on the mantle. They were fully aware that the boys no longer believed in Santa Clause, but the stockings were still nice. The stockings held a bunch of little things that the boys always needed lots of. Socks, underwear, deodorant, toothbrushes, razors, shave cream, and of course lube. Each boy got a different bottle of a specialty lube. Both Max and Alice laughed at this, wondering just how many people would buy their sons lube. After they had everything all prepared, they too headed to bed for the night, for they knew it would be an early morning.

All their friends had much the same types of evenings. They all sat around with their parents just spending time together. They all went to bed, and their parents also put their stockings together and then headed to bed as well. The funny thing was that Tom and Tony both got bottles of lube as well.

The next morning all the boys were up at their normal time, which was early. They all cuddled up to their boyfriends and whispered their good mornings, I love yous, and merry Christmases. They all headed out to the living room and found their stockings, and dumped the contents and looked at it all. They were all pleased with everything in there, all of them saying that they couldn't wait to try the lubes out. Leaving Max and Alice to sleep, the boys all went and got a nice big breakfast ready to eat. Max and Alice both woke up to the smell of coffee and breakfast, and they got up.

“Merry Christmas everyone.” Alice said as they walked in the kitchen.

“Merry Christmas. Thanks for the stockings, they're cool.” Everyone said in one way or another.

“You're very welcome boys, I'm glad you like it, and I'm certain that you'll use all the contents.” Max smiled.

“Well maybe not yet, I don't even have any hair at all, so the razor won't be useful for a while.” TJ smiled.

“Me neither, I probably won't have to shave for a while yet.” AJ said.

“True, but they will get used.” Alice smiled.

“Not to mention you can always use them on your boyfriends as well, you can shave their legs while they shave their arms, or something like that.” Max said with a smile.

“Good idea. Twice as fast shave times that way.” TJ grinned.

“So what time did your parents say that they would be here this morning JJ?” Alice asked.

“Mom figured no later than eight.”

“Okay, that's still an hour from now, so hopefully they eat breakfast before they come.”

“She said that they would, and that they would be right over as soon as they ate and got the girls ready to go.”

They all sat down to eat breakfast a short time later, all excited about going in and opening their gifts, but waiting until JJ's family arrived for the day. They did arrive, and everyone was happy to see each other, and the girls were all bouncing all over the place, excitedly talking about what they hoped to get for Christmas. It was of course mostly little toys that they hoped to get, things that interested little girls, and the boys knew that they were going to be all spoiled rotten this year, because all four of them bought all four of the girls toys.

“Merry Christmas everyone.” Sarah said when they came in, both her and Frank carrying a large box of gifts each. They went and put all the gifts under the large tree.

“And Merry Christmas to you too.” Alice said and went to help them load all the presents under the tree.

They all chatted a few minutes before opening their gifts, everyone telling about their past few days. Frank and Sarah just had to go out and look at the new shower facilities, and they were impressed, saying it was a very neat idea, very simple, yet nice.

“Well everyone, I think that we should get started on opening gifts before the girls start ripping everything open.” Max chuckled as the girls were sitting and staring at the gifts under the tree.

“Max, you go ahead and pass out everything.” Alice said.

One by one Max passed out the gifts to everyone, giving each person one gift and then everyone opened them up. Then he did the same thing all over and over again until everyone had opened up and showed off all their gifts. Each of the girls got six new and neat toys to add to their collections, as well as some clothes. The boys all got various things from each other and their parents. AJ and JJ had given each other matching pinkie rings, but they had shopped for each other together, both saying that was what they wanted to get, but they also gave each other a couple other small gifts. TJ and Ricky got each other a couple things, including a watch and a chain. Frank and Sarah had also gotten each other a couple nice things. The only person who did not seem to have a gift from someone, was Alice from Max.

“Now Alice, this is a special gift that I hope you'll accept, because it comes from my heart, I wish for you to be my wife.” Max said and passed over a small ring box.

“Yes, of course I would love to be your wife.” Alice said with tears in her eyes and then kissed Max gently. Everyone else all had happy tears in their eyes.

“Well go ahead and open it up and look at the ring.” Max said.

“Oh yeah.” Alice said and started unwrapping the ring. She opened it up and started crying even more. It was very small and simple, but it was beautiful. In the center was a diamond, not large, but it was flawless, then surrounding it were the birthstones of Max and all four boys, seeing as how they were as much family as anything, and the band was white and yellow gold strings woven together.

“It's a very special ring, the diamond in the middles is you, and then surrounding you is all of us. It's a family ring as well, and we are all in agreement that we want you. The boys all want you to be their mom, and me to be their dad. Or in law in some cases.” Max smiled warmly, and Alice was just looking at it. Max gently pulled the ring from the holder and slipped it on to Alice's ring finger, and she held it up and looked at it while in place. Alice wrapped her arms around Max's neck tightly and just kissed him even deeper yet.

“It's so beautiful, thank you so much. Wherever did you find a ring like this?”

“I had it designed and made. It took a long time to get it perfect, that's why it's a Christmas gift, it was only just finished three weeks ago.”

“It's so beautiful.” Alice said again and everyone gathered around to get a real good look at it. They really liked it as well.

“Well everyone, thanks so much for all the wonderful gifts, but I have one final thing to give someone. It's not really a Christmas gift per say, but it arrived in time, and we've been waiting for it to come. TJ, this is for you.” Max said and passed over an envelope.

TJ got tears in his eyes and expectantly opened the envelope, hoping to see in there what he wanted to see, and when he pulled the legal documents from inside, he was very happy to see that they were in fact fully legal adoption papers.

“Daddy.” TJ yelled and jumped into Max's open arms.

“Baby. I got those in the mail about a week and a half ago, but I thought that we should wait until Christmas. We've been father and son since you moved in of course, but this makes it all legal now.” Max said, patting TJ's cute little diapered bum.

Everyone went and joined in on the hug except Frank and Sarah. They were all so happy for everyone.

“This is the absolute best Christmas ever. I got a real family.” TJ said, crying openly.

“We all did.” Alice said, the same tears still coming down her cheeks. Max had not even told her the documents had finally came.

“Come on everyone, let's get this mess all cleaned up, then let's go for a swim and relax in the hot tub.” Max said happily, for he too had gotten his family.

They of course excitedly said yes, so they all cleaned up the large mess, making sure to make sure no toys, or other gifts, accidentally got put in the garbage. Then they all headed out to the pool where the kids all stripped out of their soggy diapers, and then they all headed to the shower. This was to be their first actual time using the new showers, so they were started up and they all got washed up, the originals not even having to be used this time. They all thought that the new showers worked perfectly, there was plenty of pressure, so that they could all clean up, and the new soap stands were the perfect height. They were all satisfied that this was perfect. Once all cleaned up, the toys were brought out, and they all hopped in the pool and played.

They played and splashed for a while. The only time anyone left the pool house was when AJ and JJ got out to go get the turkey stuffed and in the oven to cook. Every once in a while they would go back in and check the turkey, and or prepare something else for dinner. Finally it was dinner time and everyone was starving. They had had a good breakfast, but had skipped lunch, other than a quick snack, but they had played all day in the pool. AJ also took a couple calls from Tony about how to cook his bird, and when asked why he was doing it, Tony said that he would explain later. They sat down to eat the meal, and it smelled glorious. They all stuffed themselves silly, none of them sure they could fit any dessert in them, so they all went and relaxed in the living room for a while.

“AJ and JJ, I must say that was by far the best turkey dinner I have ever had, and here I thought my turkey was good.” Sarah said.

“Thanks mom, but it was mostly AJ, he's the real cook.”

“I know.”

“Thanks guys, I'm glad you all enjoyed.” AJ said happily.

“Tell me though, how exactly did you get the gravy so perfectly smooth?”

“Easy, I pour the drippings into the blender with some flour, and put it on high for a few minutes. Be careful though, if it is still hot, it likes to explode out the top when you do this, so put your pot holder and a towel over the top and hold it good. Then I pour it into a pan, if needed, and add the potato and vegetable water, as well as seasonings, and then cook it further. Sometimes, if you are doing a smaller amount, and if the drippings are hot enough, when you add the flour and turn the blender on, it actually thickens up perfectly in the blender. Almost instant easy gravy. I have never had lumpy gravy ever since I tried that trick.” AJ smiled.

“Wow, neat trick, I'll have to try that. Where did you learn that though?”

“Didn't, just tried it on my own a few years ago.”

“Cool.” Sarah said appreciatively.

They did have dessert an hour later, and then Frank, Sarah, and the girls all headed home for the night. The boys all took their gifts to their room and put them away where ever they had wanted to put them. They all went to bed a short time later, and the boys all tried out one of their gifts, the lube. The three couples all played and had some fun in their bedrooms, Max and Alice having bought a couple bottles of the lube for themselves of course.


Tom and his family all spent a beautiful day together as well, everyone giving and receiving plenty of nice gifts. They sat down to eat the dinner that Landon had cooked, and they all enjoyed it a great deal.

Kevin, Garth and their families, as well as all the swim team guys and their families, all spent their days together in much the same fashion. Everyone enjoying themselves and eating entirely too much food. But hey, what's Christmas for, but to enjoy time together with loved ones, and eat more food than you would normally.


“Wake up mommy and daddy.” Tony said when he came into his mom and dads room. He had spent an hour going through all the boxes in their attic, looking for his old baby stuff, when he found it, and he knew he would, because his parents never threw anything away, he took the bottles downstairs and washed and sterilized them and then filled them with milk.

“Good morning Tony.”

“Here, I'm going to climb up there and sit between you two, and I want you to both lay your heads on my lap, I have a surprise for you.”

Tony climbed up and situated himself without either of them seeing what he had in the towel he was holding. As soon as they both laid their heads down he produced two baby bottles of warm milk, and pressed them both to his parents lips. Neither one fought it, in fact they latched on immediately, and Tony was happy to hear them both sigh contentedly. He fed them their bottles until they were all gone, and then played with their hair gently. All three of them were so relaxed laying there like, that they wished it could go on forever. However none of their stomachs would stand for that.

“Where do you keep your diapers, I'm going to change you two.”

“In the closet.” Dieter said without thinking.

Tony hopped out of bed and went to the closet, and when he opened it, he found their entire baby stash. He now knew why he had never been allowed in his parents room before, they did not want him to see all their stuff. They had tonnes of little baby outfits, mostly pajamas and things, but there were a number of cute things in there. They were both just wearing night shirts at the time, so Tony grabbed a pair of matching footed sleepers with bum flaps that he thought were adorable, and then he grabbed four diapers, wipes, ointment, and powder. He then headed to the bed, after telling his parents to close their eyes, and not to peak, as it would ruin the surprise.

Tony went to the bed and pulled the blankets off and then proceeded to change his mom first. She was very wet and he cleaned her lovingly. He noticed that his mom must shave, because she was nearly hairless. This was without a doubt the closest he had ever been to a girls vagina before, and he didn't really like it any better up close. Tony then took one diaper, and a fork he had snuck in with him, and poked a bunch of holes in it, and then slipped it under his mom. He then applied a lot of cream and then powdered her all up, then pulled the diaper up and taped it on, and then got the other diaper in place as well and taped up. He then slipped the feet of the pink sleeper over his moms feet, then had her stand up, and he pulled it up and her shirt off, then zipped it up. He had her lay back down, and then gave her a second bottle to drink, but by now it was cool.

Tony then started the same process on his dad as he had used on his mom, and without much surprise, his dad got hard. Tony just ignored the hardness though, and proceeded to double diaper his daddy, applying lots of cream and powder to him as well, and then got him jammied up in his matching blue sleeper. Tony then gave his dad his second bottle.

“I'll be right back, and you can open your eyes now as well, unless you are comfy like that.” Tony said, and neither one opened their eyes, they just rolled together and curled up while suckling on their bottles.

Tony went to his room and stripped off his soggy diaper and then proceeded to double diaper himself as well. He too put on an old pair of footed sleepers he still had from a couple years ago. His parents had bought them for him, but he had never worn them. He always sort of wondered why they bought them, and why they were so big, but now he knew, and he was happy to have them. The only differences were that his were royal purple, and had no bum flap.

When Tony made it back to his parents room, he found them all curled up together, their bottles empty, but their thumbs in their mouths. They were asleep again, so Tony left them, and went and made breakfast. He decided to really baby his parents and made oatmeal, so that he could feed them their breakfast. When it was ready, he went in and called his parents, and told them to come eat. They came out groggily a few minutes later, both with warm loving smiles on their faces.

“Go ahead, sit down in those two chairs right there.” Tony said, pointing at two chairs that were sat side by side, and another chair facing them. They sat down and then Tony applied two towel bibs around his parents necks, and then proceeded to feed them like he would a baby. To many this would seem very degrading, but to Denise and Dieter, this was possibly the most loving thing that had ever happened to them. The way Tony had treated them the entire morning was bliss to them. Even though they were both a little embarrassed about their son changing their diapers, they never once let it show. They knew what Tony was doing for them, and they loved him more for it. They needed to be babied, and he was the only one to do it. Once they were finished eating, Tony gave his parents each a juice bottle filled with half water and half apple juice.

Tony quickly ate his breakfast while his parents drank their juice from their bottles, and then he led them to the living room by their hands. In here Tony had also come up with a surprise for them. He had bought them both Christmas gifts earlier, long before he really knew his parents, so they were just business type things they could use for work, new next year agendas in nice leather bound books. However when Tony was in the attic, he had come across a number of his old baby toys, so he brought the entire box down and spent half an hour wrapping and tagging them all. They were well used, but it wouldn't matter. Tony sat his parents down, and then started passing them gifts, leaving his original gifts for later, probably tomorrow, this was for his baby parents today, they needed it too much.

To say they were excited to be getting a bunch of baby and toddler toys would be an understatement. They were crying and giggling like little babies the entire time, and Tony was very happy for them. The last gifts opened were from Tony's parents to him, and they just got him some clothes, and a couple new programs for his computer they had thought he would like. The mess of paper all around them was astonishing, it really did look like a small group of babies had opened a dozen gifts each. Up until this day, his parents had been methodical about unwrapping gifts, making sure to save everything, and there was never any mess. Tony looked all around and laughed, and then started cleaning up, waving his parents back, telling them to play with their toys.

“Tony, thank you so much for all of this. I don't really think you know just how happy we are right now. We always hoped that when we told you that you'd understand and stand by us, but this is more than we had ever hoped. What you've done for us we cannot repay.” Dieter said with tears pouring down his cheeks.

“You're right, I probably have no idea. You told me a lot about what happened, but I'm sure there was lots more. And it was horrible beyond description, but I never went through it like you did. I know now that you are hurting, have been hurting all your lives, and I'm just happy that I can be here to try and ease even just a little of that pain for you. Whenever you need me to, or just when I think you need it, I will baby you for an entire weekend. And when you're at home, don't be afraid to get diapered and just be yourselves. I know at work you are hard asses and no nonsense, never let emotions get in the way, and now I even understand why you're like that, but when you're at home, you're just little babies without a care in the world.” Tony said softly.

“Thank you Tony, that means the world to us. I have a question for you though. Why did you double diaper us?” Denise asked.

“It's wicked comfy, and you won't have to worry all day about leaking, now you can play and be free all day long. However, I don't clean up poop.”

“Neither do we, except while on the toilet. Wetting is just fine for us, cleaning up dirty messes we got plenty of during our stay in hell.” Dieter said.

“Have either of you started writing down your memories for me yet?”

“Yes, we both laid in bed with our notebooks and typed until after midnight. I have over a hundred pages already, and am only up to about age eight.” Denise said.

“I'm about the same amount of pages, but I've only reached age six. That was the worst year, it was the year they started training me to take men.” Dieter said with tears leaking down his cheeks.

“I don't want you to tell me about it now daddy, you write it all down, take a thousand pages or more if you have to. If you guys take a year or more to write it all down, and have a million pages for me to read, then I will gladly read it. I know it will be unpleasant, but we all need to do this.” Tony said softly.

“Thanks, but I think I only have another hundred or so pages left in me. The first few years were by far the worst. After that we all just became numb, didn't feel the rapes, didn't feel the torturing, we just didn't feel. We had learned to turn it all off to save our sanity. Those unlucky few who couldn't do that, killed themselves, although some days I think they were the lucky ones. Not now of course. We've done very well for ourselves, we have a good life and a wonderful son. We just wish that we knew you more, had have been there for you more.” Denise said.

“No, don't even worry about me, I'm perfectly fine. You weren't always around, you didn't always show me you loved me, but I knew you cared. I sometimes saw it in your eyes, and I knew deep down that you both hurt, I just didn't understand it, and thought maybe it was all me. Now I know though, and for the next little while, it's all about you two okay. We're going to work together to see if we can dig those hearts out, and see if we can't make you feel again.” Tony said with happy tears running down his cheeks. He once again gathered his parents up in a hug, and they sat in the middle of the living room floor, in front of a small tastefully decorated tree, and hugged each other for nearly twenty minutes.

“Come on you two, let's go play some baby games. Who wants to play hide and seek?” Tony asked happily, and his parents faces lit up more than the Christmas tree.

For three hours they ran all over the house, hiding anywhere and everywhere, and they all had a blast. Tony barely remembered that he had a turkey to cook. Normally it would be his moms job to do the cooking, but she wasn't allowed to be an adult today, not at all, and he told her so when she offered to help, he told her to go play with her toys. Something that she happily did. Tony had to follow a recipe, and even called AJ for help a couple times, but he did just fine. They sat down to eat, and Tony let his parents be toddlers who could eat on their own, but he cut up everything into small bite sized pieces for them, telling them that little boys and girls weren't allowed to have knives. He put them in their bibs again, and then the three of them sat down to enjoy their delicious meal. All three of them drank milk from bottles during dinner as well.

“Tony, that was very good. I didn't know that you knew how to cook so well.” Denise said.

“Well I sorta had to learn to fend for myself, and cooking was one of the things I learned, but I had never cooked a turkey before, so I had to call AJ to ask for help.”

“I see, well it was excellent anyways, far better than I have ever managed before.”

“Yours isn't too bad mom, just a bit dry. AJ told me the trick is to watch the juices coming out, when they are all clear, the bird is done, and to cook it any longer dries it out. He also told me not to poke it at all, that way the juices stay inside the meat. AJ is an excellent cook, way better than I could ever be. I swear he could be a five star chef right now if he wanted to be, and he's only thirteen.”

“We've both heard you talk about AJ a lot. You really like and respect him, don't you?” Dieter asked.

“He's the best. AJ is the one that was shot last year, and then blackmailed, you heard about that of course. The cool thing with AJ is that he didn't let that bother him. Every person in the school knows that he is gay and a bed wetter, he and his boyfriend JJ, and no one bothers them a bit. Mind you, I wouldn't either, they're really tough, they could both bench press the two of you together more than likely.”

“We know all about him. We watched the program about him and his swim team when it aired, he's quite the remarkable young man, very smart. The program told us a lot about him, but we wondered how he really was, if he was always like that, or if that was just a front.” Denise said.

“Oh no. AJ really is that nice and caring all the time. He's still really shy, even though it doesn't really show any more. He's still unsure of all that has happened to him with his diving and swimming. I mean he knows he's good, and he's starting to see that he really is the best in the world, but he's far too modest to ever admit it. I can honestly say I know why his friends would jump in front of a bullet for him, because I'd do the same in a heartbeat without even thinking. Then again, he'd do the same for us.”

“Sounds like the type of friend that anyone would want to have.” Dieter said.

“Yeah, I'm surprised that more people don't try.”

“It's because he's openly gay and a bed wetter, as well as very famous, although none of you really know how much. All that intimidates the other kids a bit too much, and they hardly want to be seen talking to him. They obviously respect him, at least some, but they don't want to get too close to him either.” Dieter said.


“Because kids can be idiots sometimes, you know that, you used to be one of them. They feel that if they hung out with AJ and JJ, that it would make them gay, or at least appear gay. Plus the fact that he is quite intimidating, to those who don't really know him, doesn't quite help. To look at him he does not look like much right, but his walk and his demeanor say a lot, and the other kids pick that up. You probably don't even notice because you're so close to him, but to the other kids, he's untouchable I bet.”

“Yet he's so friendly that he'd happily accept almost anyone as a friend. Even the boy who shot him, AJ made up with him and encouraged the judge and lawyers to not send him to prison. He said that they could never be friends, but they could respect each other. I mean if he can do that for the person who tried to kill him, imagine what he's like to others. The girl who tried to blackmail him though, well he doesn't like her too much at all, he says she's just plain rotten, no goodness to her at all, and he'd be happy if she rotted in jail.” Tony said.

“Really, that's something that he didn't tell everyone. I wonder why?”

“He said that it was a private matter between him and the other boy. Remember he didn't divulge any more information about that than he needed to. Even the interviewer could have found out everything had she wanted to, but she didn't. He firmly believes that when a person has paid their debts, then they are his friends if they want to be. Look at Tom for instance. They are good friends now, but when they met for the first time after that interview, Tom said some very bad things to AJ, and almost fought him. AJ is the reason that Tom had to admit that he was gay. Tom told me all about it, and of course I heard AJ's side of the story too right after it happened, but Tom told me that he had been trying to hide being gay, even from himself, and it was driving him insane. Tom's best friend in the world was also his swim coach, and after AJ knocked Tom down, Ted put him back together, leaving a few things out.”

“Really, Tom was a mean spirited young man and he tried to fight AJ? Well that could have only ended bad.” Dieter whistled.

“It did, just not as bad as it could have. Tom wasn't allowed to compete, and that hurt him a lot. If Tom had have hit AJ though, Tom may not have survived the one hit AJ would have given to him.”

“That I don't doubt.”

They sat there and talked for the rest of the evening, the rest of the night mostly they talked about Tony and Tom, getting to know their little boy again, or really for the first time. By the time they were ready for bed, it was a good thing that their sleepers were holding their diapers on, because the tapes would not have been able to hold all that weight. Tony lovingly cleaned and diapered his parents again, tucked them in, and then gave them both kisses and hugs goodnight, and left them each with a warm milk bottle. When Tony left though, they finished their bottles and grabbed their computers and continued writing down all their memories for Tony.

Tony went to his own room and removed his ten pound diaper and cleaned himself off. He had borrowed some of the cream and powder from his parents room, and he creamed and powdered himself before diapering up, this time with only a single diaper. Tony didn't go to bed either, it was still pretty early after all, and he started typing out a few things, pretty much the start of a story about his parents.