Chapter 31

It had been decided a couple weeks ago that everyone would meet up at AJ's the day after Christmas to tell everyone about their days, and it was only just a few minutes to noon when the last of them all showed up. Tony had gotten his parents all diapered and told them to behave themselves, and that he would be home soon. As soon as Tony left, they grabbed their computers, and sitting on the couch this time, they both passed the three hundred page mark.

“Hello everyone. We're all meeting in the pool.” AJ said. Everyone was still gathered around in the living room, and with the last of them there, they all headed out, everyone stripping along the way.

“Wow, cool shower, when did you guys do this?” Jase asked.

“Just a few days ago actually. It was because Max and I were at the back of the shower line and got to thinking, and this was what we came up with. He seems to think it will be a good selling idea, and it's dirt cheap to make.” AJ answered and everyone said they liked it as well. Today the adults were inside, they were going to spend some time alone and let the boys visit with their friends, not that any of them would have minded.

The boys all swam for a bit, just lazily, none of them really working out. It was Christmas after all, and they couldn't be expected to workout every day. Then again these boys' play in the pool would be considered a hell of a workout to almost anyone. They all excitedly told each other about the gifts that they had received, they were all very happy for Max and Alice, because TJ just had to tell them, and they were all equally happy about the adoption having finally gone through. They swam and played in the pool, and sat and relaxed in the hot tub and sauna for a while, for only about two hours, before they got out and cleaned up.

“Let's go in the house guys, I want to get Max and Alice and tell them and you about my parents.” Tony said. Everyone agreed and then they all gathered in the living room with Max and Alice.

“A couple days ago I learned a lot about my parents, Tom and I did really. They know that I'm gay and a diaper lover, and they're fine with that. I also asked them a serious question, why they never showed me any sort of affection. Well the answer to that question was very shocking, but very eye opening. I had known my parents were orphans, and were raised in an orphanage in Romania, but that's all I knew. It wasn't an ordinary orphanage though, it was pure hell for all the kids staying there. None of the kids were potty trained, unless they came there that way, they never taught the kids anything, some of the older kids that came taught the others, and they were often sold off for the night, or any length of time, for any imaginable act.”

“They were both brutally beaten and raped from the time that they were young. To cope, they learned to just shut down all emotion. They found each other once when they were sold for the night together, and they hugged each other the entire time they were being raped over and over again. They stayed together from then on. Then the authorities got wind of it and took the master away, but just left all the kids, they had to fend for themselves.”

“My parents were just eighteen by then, and they managed to find the masters cash hoard. They shared it among the others, but kept enough for them to come over here and start a new life. It was hard for them, because they knew absolutely nothing, they could barely read or write, hardly any math, no science or anything I'm sure. But they worked very hard, both at their jobs and at their schooling to get educated. When they became high school graduates, they took turns going to university, while the other worked, and then they both got jobs at the firm they work for even now.”

“They have tried to talk to therapists about this, but they couldn't help. They told us a lot more than this, but this is all that needs to be said on the past. Now though, because of their horrible past, they often try and regress themselves back to being babies just to feel normal. They both wear diapers and baby clothes, and even yesterday I had them drinking from bottles and playing with baby toys, I fed them and changed their diapers, I treated them just like my babies, and they loved it. I feel that they need this to help heal, and I've also asked them to write everything that they remember about their past, so that I can read it. I think that writing it all out will help them a great deal.”

“Thanks for telling us all of this Tony, but why? You sound like you're handling it perfectly for them, and you will help them a lot I'm sure. I thought at first you were asking for our help with something, but you're not.” Max asked curiously.

“You wanted to know more about me, well to know about me, you need to know my parents. I never knew them, so I really didn't know myself either. It goes a very long way to knowing why we've all acted the way we have, and as painful as it was for them to tell me, it was very refreshing as well. And even though I'm sick at what happened to them, I know there is nothing I can do, but try and help them to heal. No, I'm not asking for any help, because I don't really need any yet. I just wanted all my friends to know. Obviously we would rather this not get around though, but I trust you all not to tell anyone.” Tony smiled warmly at everyone.

“Thanks for telling us. It does go a long way towards telling us a lot about you and your parents. Sometimes knowing the past is the best way to fix the future, and now that you know your parents' past, you can help them out. In a way, I think they are hoping that you can help them, maybe they even think you are the only one now that can help them. They know that they can't do it on their own, they've obviously tried. I think that you can help them, and we're all here to help you if you need it.” AJ said lovingly.

“Thanks AJ, you guys are all the best, and I knew it was the right choice to tell you all. I'm thinking about taking their recollections, once they finish, and writing it all out in a novel. It doesn't matter if it ever gets published or not, I might not even try, but I want to write it for them and then print it. When it's done I want to try and find the orphanage and take them there, and then after they've read it, I want them to destroy it. I often do this myself, take my angry thoughts and write them out, and then destroy them after I read them, you'd be surprised at how well it works.”

“It sounds very therapeutic, and when you're finished writing it, I will read and edit it for you okay.” AJ said.

“Thanks, I'd like that.”

“Well I should probably get going.” One by one all the guests said.

“Thanks for coming by guys.” JJ said.

“Do you want to come over?” Tony asked Tom once they were outside.

“Sure.” Tom said and they headed to Tony's place.

“That's some story that Tony told us.” Alice said.

“Yeah, it's really sad. I've heard horror stories about places like that all over the world. I always wondered if it was really so bad, or if people just embellished things a bit. Now I wonder just how many of those stories were true.” Max said.

“I wonder if there's anything else we can do to try and help them all out? I think Tony is on the right track, but if we can do anything else, it might be nice.” TJ asked.

“No, I don't really think there's anything else we can do but be there for Tony now. He's going to have a lot of work on his hands, and it might be stressful for him at times. If we were to try and help his parents in any other way, it might backfire.” AJ said thoughtfully.

“You're probably right. They might not even like the fact that Tony told us all about this. If we were to all show up there for instance, and see them like they certainly are right now, they would never be able to love and trust again, and that includes Tony.” Alice said.

“Exactly. Tony needs to handle most of this on his own. The only thing that we can do is be here for him, unless he asks us for anything further.” AJ said.


“Mommy, daddy, babies, I'm home.” Tony called when he and Tom walked in and couldn't see them anywhere.

“We're in the kitchen.” Denise called out.

“Oh Tony, we're not dressed for guests.” Dieter called out and ripped open the fridge door to hide himself when Tony and Tom walked in, Denise had crouched down behind a chair.

“Mom and dad, Tom's not a guest, he's my boyfriend, and I told him everything. You should never hide anything from your partner remember, and besides, he already knows your story, now come on out and let me check your diapers.” Tony said lovingly, but sternly.

They listened and crept from their hiding places and blushed furiously. Tony checked their diapers by giving them the squeeze test, and they were both wet, but only about half way to soaked, so he cleared them to go play.

“While you were gone Tony, we finished writing down all our thoughts. I have a little over three hundred pages, and your dad has nearly four hundred. I must admit that once we started writing it all down, it just came pouring out. We both sent them to the printer in your room already, and it should all be waiting for you. We had to refill your printer three times.”

“Great, thanks a lot mom and dad. Would you mind if Tom spent the night tonight?”

“No, not at all, seeing as how he knows all our secrets already anyways.” Denise smiled warmly.

“Okay, I'll call my parents then.” Tom said and grabbed the phone and called right away. He asked, they said yes, and told him to have fun.

“Okay, you two go and play with your toys, we're going to go and sit down to read what you wrote.” Tony said. He turned on the TV to the cartoon channel, and they headed to Tony's bedroom.

They each grabbed a stack of papers and then punched holes in them, and put them in a pair of binders to make it easier to read. They then laid back on the bed, after diapering each other, and began to read. For the next several hours the two of them read. They both had tears running down their cheeks for a good portion of the time. There was no happiness at all in anything that had been written, only pain, misery, and rape. Neither one of them remembered anything before going to the orphanage, so they had both been quite young. They had both been sexually abused right from their earliest memories, but it wasn't until they were about the age of six that full penetration occurred. They were always sick and rarely ever treated, just left to get better if they would, some of the other kids didn't. They were always beaten, they were made to piss and shit their clothes and bed, and then beaten for being inhuman. They were made to have sex with each other for the pleasure of others. They were sold to groups of people and they were gang banged all night long at times, with no rest at all. The boys had only gotten roughly half way through, before they had to call it a day.

“I don't think I could have had the strength to live through all that. I'm only about half way, and I'm already sick.” Tom said.

“I don't think many people think they could live through something like that, but obviously many do. I suppose it's just what they got used to, it really was always that way for them.”

“Why were you marking that one with a highlighter by the way?” Tom asked.

“Because I want to get the key points, so that I can write it all out. I obviously cannot write all the brutal details, but I want the gist of it.”

“I see. I'm getting hungry, should we go get some dinner?”

“Yeah, me too, let's go, and we can feed my parents too.”


They headed out to the kitchen, Denise and Dieter were still in the living room playing with their toys and watching the cartoon channel. Tony told his parents that dinner would be ready soon, so then they headed into the kitchen, and started making dinner. They used the left over dinner from the night before, just reheating everything. Soon Dieter and Denise were called in, bibs were again tied around their necks. The boys sat one in front of each of them and fed them dinner. Once they finished eating, the boys gave them both a bottle of milk, and then they sat down to eat their dinner that they had to heat up.

“Would you like a bottle too Tom?” Tony asked warmly.

“I will if you will.” Tom said.

Tony smiled and filled two more bottles up for them, and two more of juice for his parents, and then they went to the living room. Tom and Tony sat in the middle and then instructed Denise and Dieter to lay down with their heads on one of their laps, and they did so. As Tom and Tony each drank from their bottles, they fed Denise and Dieter theirs. It was very relaxing, and when Tony and Tom started lovingly playing with their hair, both Dieter and Denise fell asleep.

“This is very relaxing.” Tom whispered to Tony.

“Yeah, it is. They've already healed some, I can tell. They really needed this I think.” Tony whispered back.

“Yeah, I think you're right.”

They cuddled up together and then they too fell asleep against each other while still sitting. The four of them slept on the couch for a little over an hour before waking up. Upon realizing that they had all fallen asleep, they headed to bed. All their diapers were still okay for the night, so no one needed changes.


The rest of the Christmas vacation went well for everyone and before they knew it, it was New years. AJ had called everyone and told them that the party was at his house. They ate and drank junk food all night long, they swam, and played games in the games room all night long, and everyone got along beautifully. While the adults all went home or to bed a little after midnight, all the boys slept in the games room again, because most of them were passing out long before twelve rolled around, and in fact, a couple did.

Then there was school. They all had to go back to school, and while they all loved school for the most part, they had enjoyed the break a great deal. With January now upon them, the kids all had their mid terms to study for, so they were all busy doing that. Jim was back, so swim training was back on full force as well. And they had a large national swim competition coming up near the end of March, so the boys were pushing themselves even harder yet. It was the second weekend of January and Jim was there with the boys on Saturday morning working with them, and after they finished, Jim told them to all go sit in the hot tub with him, because he wanted to talk.

“As you well know, we are currently working very hard to get you gold at next the national event in a couple months. This is the event that decides Olympic hopefuls, so it's very important to do well, but we all know you will. Ricky, I want you there too, and TJ, I'm even thinking of taking you. You're both doing very well, and I'd really like to sign you both up, if you agree to it of course. Now I don't think you're good enough yet to score very high against AJ and JJ, but being there and competing will be good for you. I held JJ back from diving once, but I realized that that was wrong. Just because he wasn't great yet, didn't mean that he shouldn't have the chance, but as it turned out, he would have done very well. You two are not great yet, but you will be with more practice.”

“I don't know Jim, what if we make fools of ourselves?” Ricky asked nervously.

“I hardly doubt that either of you will make fools of yourselves. You're no where near as bad as I've seen out there, but you're not quite at JJ and AJ's level yet either. With some good hard practice, you could do quite respectable out there. Don't expect medals, because unless you can do something you haven't shown me yet, you probably won't win any quite yet, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't try.” Jim said softly.

“How many swimmers and divers are you allowed to have in a competition?” Max asked.

“As many as I want, but to save my sanity, I would not go above eight boys, it would just be too much to watch. I have no idea how Phil does it day in, day out.” Jim smiled.

“Actually, that brings up something that I wanted to ask you last week but never got a chance. You remember our friends Matt and Orin right, well they are seriously thinking of either firing or killing their coach, what would you say to taking them on?” AJ asked.

“Two more gold medal winners to my name, hell yeah I'd take them, you should have called me right away. Why don't they want to stay with their current coach though? I know the guy and can't say as I really care for the guy, too damned stuck up, and he's a screamer, but overall he's a pretty good coach.”

“He has them going to nearly every little competition there is, everywhere. They hardly get any practice any more because they're always at meets, they feel their schoolwork is going to suffer if they keep pushing so hard, and missing classes if they have to leave Friday and Come back Monday isn't helping either. That and they don't really like him either.” JJ answered.

“Give them a call and tell them to come tomorrow and we can work everything out. I never saw the point in going to every bloody little competition there is, just go to the good ones that matter. Some coaches though think that this gets them seen by the right people, but if your swimmers and divers are really good, they get seen anyways.”

“Will do. I don't know if they have made up their minds yet or not, but at least they will know now that they can come here if they want to.” AJ said.

“So, I imagine that you will need more paperwork filled out then, and that we should call Ricky's mom to come over and sign it as well?” Max asked.

“That's right, assuming the boys want to of course, it has to be their decision. So far I have been pushing them nearly as hard as I have JJ and AJ, and they are doing really well, but I would never push them to their very limits unless they whole heartedly agreed to do it.” Jim said honestly.

“And we can understand and appreciate that, and that's why you're such a good coach. So boys, you heard him, would you like to do it?” Max said.

“Yes.” They both said instantly.

“Good. I'll go call your mom right now, so you boys better hop out and get cleaned and dressed then before she comes over.” Max said and headed into the house to find her number and call her.

The boys and Jim all hopped out of the hot tub and went and grabbed a good shower and cleaned up. Jim had also really liked the new shower facilities when he had seen it the week before. Once they were all cleaned up, they got dressed and headed into the house.

“I'm going to call Matt and Orin and see if they have made up their minds yet and have them come over as well, so that they can do the paperwork also, may as well do it all at the same time.” JJ said, and everyone nodded agreement.

“Hey Matt, how's it goin?” JJ asked.

“Not too bad, but we almost fired our coach again. We told him no little competitions last week, and he started bugging us to go to some little one five hours car ride from here in two weeks time.” Matt sighed.

“Well, we asked Jim if he'd take you guys, and he said hell yeah he would. Come on over and you can fill out all the paperwork right now.” JJ said happily.

“I don't know JJ, with him probably taking TJ and Ricky on, it just might be too much.”

“Not probably, they're making it official today, and he still wants you guys. You know how he is, only major competitions, no more of this traveling everywhere for every little one there is. He's real close, all you have to do is come here, and we can all train together, it'll be like old times.” JJ softly urged.

“Gimme a min and I'll talk it over with Or.”

“Okay, take your time, or you can just call back, or even better yet, just come over when you decide, one way or the other, just come over.”

“Okay, we'll talk it over and come over in a few.”

“Cool, see ya.” JJ said and hung up.

“So, how'd it go?” TJ asked.

“They're coming over after Matt talks it over with Orin, he wants to I think, but he has no clue how to tell his current coach, I think is what the problem is.”

“I'm sure we can figure something out if that's the problem.” Jim said happily.

“That's what I thought too.” JJ said.

“And Ricky, your mom will be here in about ten minutes. I didn't tell her the reason, just that you wanted to talk to her about something.”

“Cool, thanks Max.”

They all sat around and talked for the next few minutes while they waited, and within only a couple minutes of each other, Matt and Orin came, and then Ricky's mom Gloria came as well.

“Hello again Gloria, how are you doing lately?” Alice asked warmly when she was shown in by AJ.

“I'm doing better, thanks. It still hurts sometimes, but I still have a long way to go in my therapy before I'll be better I think.”

“I'm glad you're at least trying. Have you heard anything from Gerald since he left?”

“No, I've tried calling his brothers place, and I can talk to Bill no problem, but Gerald point blank refuses to talk to me unless I've disowned Ricky. I've decided to file for divorce, if he's not even willing to try, then I can't force him. Even if he did try now, I don't think I could take him back, not after all he's done. Bill still says that he won't go talk to anyone, and he's been speaking out at church even more about gays. He was the only reason I went to that church, so I no longer go there. I do still have friends there though, they all seem to think that he's going way overboard, and even the minister is upset by his views, saying he sure never taught any of that hatred.”

“With as much hatred as he is exuding, he is going to self destruct very soon, and it's probably for the best that you and Ricky are not with him. How does his brother feel about all this?”

“We have talked a few times when Gerald's not there, and he says he has tried to reason with Gerald, but Gerald always tells him to mind his own business. Bill said that he's come close to actually hitting his brother and kicking him out of his house, because his views are not at all healthy. He said that if he had had kids there, there would have been no way he would have let Gerald stay for more than a couple days. Always wondered about Bill though, he's never had a girlfriend, wouldn't it be awesome if he was gay too, Gerald would have no idea what to do. He'd royally freak out though.” Gloria giggled.

“Mom, Uncle Bill is gay, I've known for a while. Never told him and he's never told me, but I know.” Ricky smiled.

“I'm surprised Bill hasn't told Gerald yet, but maybe he's afraid of his brother, who knows.”

“Uncle Bill is way stronger than dad is, he just doesn't like to fight. Even when they were kids, and dad would pick on him, Uncle Bill would never fight. He told me this all a few years ago when I was having problems with that bully and dad just kept telling me to fight him. I went and talked to Uncle Bill, and he told me that fighting someone with fists was the wrong way to solve things, and that you should only resort to violence to protect yourself.”

“I'm glad you didn't listen to your dad, he's been wrong about a lot of things, I just never really noticed before. Well anyways, you did call me over here for a reason, so what is it?” Gloria asked.

“Oh yeah, right. We can catch up later. Well, as I'm sure you remember, AJ and JJ are training for the Olympics in swimming and diving. Their trainer has been teaching both TJ and I unofficially for quite a few months now, and he wants to make it official. He says that we're getting good enough that we could do well. We probably won't be ready for the next Olympics, but we can always try right. Well in order for Jim to get paid for our training, you have to sign the papers.”

“Okay, if that's what you want, I will sign it for you then.” Gloria said happily.

Jim passed over the papers and Gloria signed them while Max signed TJ's for him as well. Ricky then took Gloria to the living room, so that they could sit and talk, TJ went as well when Ricky asked him to do so.

“So, Matt and Orin, have you made up your minds yet?” Jim asked.

“We would really like to, but how do we tell our coach that he's fired?” Orin sighed.

“You didn't sign an actual contract with him, you're not obligated to stay with him, so it's easy. All you do is call him and tell him that you've decided you won't be needing his services any more, and we can fill out the change of coaching forms right now. When I fax them in, he no longer gets paid for coaching you, and I do, simple as that. If you really don't want to, then I can call him for you. We go way back.” Jim grinned, and all were certain they knew that Jim did not get along with their coach very well at all.

“This means no more of those annoying little meets any more where we were paraded around like prized cattle?” Matt confirmed.

“You might be a right hunk of gorgeous beef, but I'd never parade you around like that, and no, you know how many competitions I take AJ and JJ to, not that many, only the important ones.” Jim grinned.

“Thanks.” Both Matt and Orin said with grins. They had always liked Jim, so the decision was quite easy for them.

“Okay, we'll do it, but can you call the coach for us? Orin wouldn't do it, and I'll start crying.” Matt asked.

“Sure, I'd be happy to do so. He and I don't quite see eye to eye. We have a personality conflict, I have one and he doesn't. I train my swimmers, and he parades them, I actually care about my swimmers, all he cares about is the gold and silver. I've seen him yell at kids before because they didn't get gold, or even silver. He had a poor kid, thirteen at the time, bawling his eyes out in front of a huge crowd. I'm happy to say that when I offered him a spot on my team, that he came and won a few golds. He was a good kid, very emotional, very excellent at swimming, and he should never have been with that coach especially.”

“You're kidding, that's horrible. He yells at us all the time, but never like that. I would have cried too, but I would have kicked his ass at the same time. Were the boys parents not there?” Matt asked.

“No, like most competitions, this was well out of town, and they could not afford to be there, but they saw it on TV, and were outraged. Your coach almost lost his license for that, it was a huge embarrassment. I think maybe you're his first since then, not too sure. No, he had a couple boys last year too, that's right. I saw him a few times parading them around. Anyways, I had seen the whole thing, and went straight to that boys parents house and offered to train him for them, and I promised that he would never cry anything but happy tears. He ended up moving here and staying with Landon and I for almost two years, before he decided to quit.”

“How come he quit?” Orin asked.

“He won the national diving competition, and decided that he wanted to retire with that. He was happy with that, and had no interest in going to the Olympics, but I knew he wouldn't. He still calls all the time, and he was so happy that I had you guys now. He's just about to finish university this year and he said that he wants to come and visit again this year, since he didn't get to this past summer with working to pay for school and all. He'd really like to meet you guys I bet. He's hoping to find a job out this way and find a house here, he still loves this area, he just has to convince his boyfriend.”

“That's cool. Well you better pass over those papers before we chicken out and change our minds.” Matt grinned, and Jim just smiled and passed over the papers. They both signed their information on them and then Jim filled out everything that he needed to change the names of the coach.

“Well there we go, all done. By next weekend this will all be done, however you're welcome to join us tomorrow. We are going to the competition end of next month though, and it's only a three hour flight to the city. We will leave Friday afternoon, right after school, and come back Sunday evening. You all might want to take Monday off though, because it will be a long weekend for all. We'll get two rooms with two queen beds in each, I'm sure that we won't have any problems sharing.”

“No, no problem at all, and that sounds great.” Matt smiled.

“Excellent, with all that done, I think I am going to head home for the day.” Jim smiled and shook hands with Matt and Orin.

“And we should be heading home as well.” Matt said.

“And we should be heading to our parents place.” JJ said.

“Well you all have a good day then.” Max said and they all headed out.


“So mom, how are you really doing, how are handling everything?” Ricky asked when they made it to the living room.

“Not too bad. I still feel guilty about leaving you here, but I feel free at the same time. You know, I actually went out to a club last weekend with a bunch of the girls from work, we stayed out entirely too late, had way too much too drink, flirted with all the guys, and then went home. Had such a hangover the next morning like you wouldn't believe, but you know what, it was worth it. With your dad, he would have freaked out on me, and never allowed me to go out and do that. I'm really starting to realize that he held me back a lot. Did you know that your dad didn't want me to go back to work when you went to school, he said that we didn't need to. I almost listened to him too, but I realized that I wasn't doing it because we needed the money, I loved my job and wanted to go back. It's a good thing I did though, because now I don't have to struggle.”

“Well you don't have to feel guilty. We don't get to see each other very much, but we're okay with that, and you pay for me to stay here. I know you love me, but you still aren't comfortable with my being gay, and I'm okay with that. I'm happy here, and to tell you the truth, even if I did have the option of coming back home, I don't think I could now. As for your going out and having fun, good for you. Why wouldn't dad have wanted you to work though?”

“He's very old fashioned, he thought I should stay home barefoot and pregnant, and keep the house. Even before we got married and I was working, he often said that a womens place was in the home, and that when we got married, I wouldn't have to work. I never thought he was being demeaning, just trying to be kind, but he wasn't. When I got pregnant, he insisted that I quit and raise you. I did quit, but told them that I would be back when you went to school full time, and they were good with that. When you went back to school, and I got ready to go to work, he actually told me no. I told him yes, and that was our first real fight. I told him that I wasn't built to be sitting around all day doing nothing, and what little cleaning I needed to do every day, only took me an hour. As you know I only worked six hour days until you went to high school, so that still gave me plenty of time to be home for you, clean the house, and make dinner for his highness.”

“Wow, I didn't think anyone thought like that any more.” Ricky said in disgust.

“Yeah, he did. So are you excited about training?”

“Yes. We've been training for quite a while already, but Jim's never really pushed us hard, but now he can. He's even taking us to a competition next month, and he wants us to compete. Neither one of us is good enough yet to win anything, but we can sure try.”

“Why do you think you're not good enough?” Gloria asked curiously.

“Because AJ and JJ are the best there is, and we cannot keep up to them at all. We're getting better, and now they're only beating us by two body lengths instead of four, but everyone else will only be a body length behind. I'll be diving, while TJ won't be yet, and there's no hope in me winning, the others are just too good, but I'll certainly try.” Ricky said simply.

“Who's better than you?”

“AJ, first and foremost, he's the best diver in the world right now, JJ and Orin are real close behind him, and they will be fighting for silver and bronze, and they can still do many things I can't.”

“Oh, I see, and you'll be training with all of them now, so Jim must be really good.”

“Yes, he's a great coach.” Ricky smiled.

“Well I'm glad that you're so happy, and it's been real nice getting to sit and talk to you again, but I'm afraid that I have to get going.” Gloria said.

“Thanks mom. I love you.” Ricky said and hugged his mom, she hugged him back and then headed out.

“Oh, did your mom leave already?” Max asked, coming into the living room to see TJ and Ricky there all by themselves, the others having just left and saying goodbye as well.

“Yeah, she left a few minutes before the others did. So it's just us three now, what should we do?” Ricky answered.

“You boys wanna hit a movie maybe, just us three go out and have some fun, maybe even grab some dinner somewhere?”

“That would be great.” TJ smiled and Ricky nodded as well.

“Go on and get changed. If we're going to watch a movie, diapers would be best, but it's up to you boys.” Max suggested.

“Okay.” They both said and scampered off to their bedroom where they stripped and then diapered each other before getting dressed. They wore loose fitting pants and short sleeved shirts, and then even had a long sleeve shirt tied around their waists for just in case they got cold. At least that was the excuse, it just helped to hide the extra bulk. Max had gone in to change as well, and he met the boys by the door a few minutes later. They hopped in the truck and headed to the local theater complex, talking excitedly the entire time.

“So, what movie would you two like to see?” Max asked as they stood in front of the boards to decide.

The boys hummed and hawed amongst themselves for nearly ten minutes, not sure which one of three they wanted to see, that they should see. They finally made their choice, and Max went and grabbed the tickets and told the boys to go wait in the concession line. The boys were just getting to the front when Max came back with the tickets, it was perfect timing. They ordered an extra large pop, popcorn, and candy combo and then headed to their selected theater to watch the movie they had chosen. TJ sat in the middle and the three of them shared the goodies all throughout the movie. They had made it just in time for the beginning of the movie, having only to suffer through two minutes of previews and advertisements. They all enjoyed the action movie, lots of explosions, lots of action, good acting, and great sound and visual effects. All in all a real boy movie, and funnily enough, you could have counted the amount of girls in the theater on only one hand.

“That movie was really good dad, thanks for bringing us.” TJ said, hugging Max tightly around the waist as they stood up.

“You're very welcome. So are either of you really wet yet?” Max whispered the last part just loud enough over the loud atmosphere for the boys to hear him.

“Oh yes, if I haven't started leaking yet, I will soon.” TJ grinned.

“Same here.” Ricky grinned.

“Lucky I came prepared then huh? I have in my pack here a change for you boys, if you want to change your diapers, or you can just go to the washroom and remove those diapers and throw them away.”

“Let's just get changed.” Ricky suggested.

“Okay, there's a family washroom that we can use, follow me.”

They all headed to the family washroom, and the door was closed and locked, so they waited for whomever had already occupied it to come out. When they did come out, it was a father and a son, the boy was about ten and very cute, and both TJ and Ricky, with expert eyes, noticed he was diapered, as did the boy notice them as well. They all gave a friendly nod, and then Max led the boys in.

“Man, if I didn't already have the perfect boyfriend, I would have jumped that boy right here, he was cute, gay, and wearing.” TJ giggled as soon as the door was closed.

“Unless I'm very much mistaken, he was thinking the same about you.” Max chuckled.

“Well I hope he finds himself a cute boyfriend then, cause I'm already taken.” TJ smiled warmly and reached up and kissed Ricky tenderly.

While TJ was still kissing Ricky, Max deftly unbuttoned TJ's pants and pulled them down, and then pulled off his very soggy diaper. Little TJ was standing proud, so Max gave his winky a quick, but very brutal, little flick, and TJ screeched in agony and broke off the kiss, but it did have the desired effect, TJ was no longer hard.

“Ow, what the hell was that for?” TJ screeched even more.

“Well how'd you expect me to diaper you in that state? You're not hard any more though, now are you?” Max grinned.

“You could have asked me to think of my teacher, she'd have made me soft instantly.” TJ pouted, and Ricky was really having a hard time trying not to laugh.

“That might have worked too, but that was faster, now lay down so I can change you.” Max grinned evilly, preparing his fingers for another flick and moving towards TJ's now soft dick.

TJ wasted no time in hopping up onto the table in there, it was more than large enough for an adult, and Max came in and cleaned him all up. Cream and powder was applied, and then a clean diaper pulled up and taped into place. As Max was diapering TJ, Ricky had already gotten his diaper off, and his diaper area all wiped down. As soon as TJ was told to hop down, and put his pants back on, Ricky hopped up without being asked, and Max gave him the same treatment. While Ricky was putting his pants back on, Max used the toilet, because he was nearly bursting as well, and he sort of envied the boys in wearing their diapers at times like this. As they headed out of the bathroom, they saw another group waiting to get in, this time it was two older teen boys and two younger teen boys, and again they all looked gay and diapered.

“Man, good place to pick up gay diaper boys if you know what to look for.” TJ grinned as they walked out, Max and Ricky just grinned and nodded.

“Would you boys like the Steak House for dinner?” Max asked.

“Awesome.” TJ said.

“Sounds good to me too.” Ricky answered.

“Yeah, me too, so let's go.” Max said and they took off once they were in the car.

They hit the restaurant and were told it was a ten to twenty minute wait, but that they had room at the bar to sit and wait, and that they could have drinks, so they did. They all ordered their choice of drinks, none of them alcoholic, not even virgin drinks. In fact the boys broke into laughter when the bartender asked them if they'd like a virgin drink. TJ nearly choked saying they would have to be virgins first, it made the poor lady blush, and Max just shook his head, and said they're boyfriends, what can a parent do. She only looked mildly shocked at this and took their drink orders, and had them ready in a few seconds.

“TJ, you're horrible.” Max hissed into TJ's ear as soon as their drinks were served and the bartender was out of earshot.

“Wasn't my fault, how was I supposed to know she was going to say something like that to me. It was funny though.” TJ said, still trying to stifle his laughter.

“Funny or not, try not to embarrass anyone else tonight please.” Max said, also trying not to laugh.

Poor Ricky though was pinching his nose closed and covering his mouth trying not to burst out laughing, he looked as if he were going to hyperventilate any minute now, so Max just gave him a sharp slap to the back, and that snapped him out of the laughing fit he was desperately trying to suppress.

“Thanks, I needed that.” Ricky gasped.

“You're welcome.” Max grinned.

They all sat around for nearly fifteen minutes sipping on their drinks and talking and giggling. The poor bartender couldn't actually look at TJ without blushing or laughing either, but she did refill their drinks when they asked her. Finally they were shown to a nice table in the corner next to the large stone fire place. They were brought out a nice basket of warm bread and a bowl of fresh salad and then told their evening specials, and all three said that that's what they would have. It was prime rib, lemon roasted potatoes and garden vegetables. They started in on their salad and bread, and when that was done, it was all cleared up and a few minutes later, the soup was brought out. They had all chosen the split pea soup, and it was the best any of them had ever had. After that the wait for the main course was a longer wait, nearly twenty minutes more, but that was okay, they were happy to wait and let the first two courses settle a bit. When their plates were brought out, all their mouths started to water, it looked and smelled so good, and the meat was perfectly cooked, just the right amount of pink. They all dug in and ate their meals, hardly a sound being heard from any of them.

“Oh man, that was possibly the absolute best prime rib dinner I've ever had, I'm stuffed.” Max sighed, leaning back and patting his belly.

“It was really good all right, but I've never had it before, but always heard it was the best, and I think it was.” TJ said.

“Same here.” Ricky added, and both boys leaned back a bit and patted their bellies as well.

They were offered dessert, which they all politely refused, and then Max received the bill, so he paid it and a good tip for the great service and food, and then the three boys headed home. When they got there, they all stripped down to get comfortable, Max naked and the boys just in their soggy diapers. They all cuddled up on the couch and talked for a bit, but not about anything important. It was only a little past what their usual bedtime was, when the boys got up and kissed and hugged Max goodnight and headed to bed. They were still stuffed, they were very tired, and although they would have loved to have done so, they did not play at all.


“Hi everyone.” JJ called as they entered the house.

The girls screamed their hellos, and came running as quick as they could, which was really quite fast. All four of the girls were in diapers, and they were all soaked, they were all very dirty too, so they had to have been playing in the back yard. AJ and JJ got huge hugs and kisses, the girls talking over each other, all telling the boys all about their week and how much they missed their big brothers. Sarah and Frank came in more sedately and watched the scene with happy smiles on their faces. When the girls were finished their attack, Frank and Sarah came in and got their hugs and kisses as well, and they all got caught up on what they had done during the last week.

“We were thinking of taking you all to the fun place and playing indoor mini golf and play in the arcade for a while, would you boys like to join us?” Frank asked.

“Sure, that sounds like fun.” JJ said.

“Good. We'll be going in about an hour, the girls all need a bath. They'll be diapered of course, and you two can as well if you want.” Sarah said.

“Okay. Just call when you're all ready then, we're going to go lay back and relax for a bit then.” JJ said.

They all headed their own way, and the boys laid down on their bed and just cuddled up for a while. When Sarah was just getting the girls out of the bath, and about to take them and get them all dressed, she knocked on the boys' door and told them that they would be ready to go soon.

“Should we wear diapers too?” AJ asked.

“Sure, why not. It's almost a forty minute drive there, and it's not likely anyone we know will see us, and besides almost no one can tell unless they know what signs to look for, so sure.” JJ smiled.

They quickly stripped their boyfriend of all their clothes, creamed and diapered their baby, and then they got dressed in some nice loose fitting cotton pants and a nice long sleeve, long shirt to match. They both looked at each other, then in the mirror, and were glad to see that they could hardly tell, and they knew they were wearing. JJ grabbed his back pack and stuffed some diapers, some wipes, and their cream in there as well as a change of pants each, for just in case.

“Those are nice clothes, very comfortable looking, and you can't even tell you're wearing diapers.” Sarah said, the clothes were new and they had never worn them yet.

“That's 'cause we're not.” JJ said with a straight face.

“Oh, I figured you would be.” Sarah said, but then JJ smiled and she came and patted his bum, and could tell right away that he was.

“Almost had you, but you really can't tell at all, can you?” JJ grinned.

“No, you really can't, you brat.” Sarah grinned back.

“Thanks mom, love you too.”

“Come on, let's get going, it's a long ride there.” Frank said with a shake of his head, and they all headed out the door and to the van.

The entire ride there the boys talked quietly in the very back seat, while the girls all fell asleep in their car seats in the middle seats. Frank and Sarah also talked the entire way there while Sarah drove. When they got there they all headed to the area to pay for the indoor mini golf, and they chose their option, the place had three different indoor options and one outdoor, but it was too cool outside, and threatening to rain, to play outside. They headed down and broke into two groups, Sarah, JJ, and two girls in one group, and Frank, AJ, and the other two girls in the other. It took well over an hour for their game to end, not only did they have to wait for other people in front of them, but they were slow themselves, because the girls were unable to really play, but they had a blast. They did keep scorecards, and while the girls' scores were not what you'd consider good, the others all did very well, even AJ surprised himself, since this was only the second time he had ever played the game.

The girls were all very excited, having gotten to play with the big kids, and they chattered all the way back up the stairs excitedly. Frank went to the counter and bought fifty dollars worth of tokens for all the various games and machines, and then gave a large portion to the boys, and told them to go and have fun, and then he and Sarah took the girls to the kiddy area for them to have fun. For the next several hours they all played the various games and all had tonnes of fun. While AJ and JJ did not go to the ticket machines, the girls did, and they probably had more fun on those winning all their tickets to hopefully get a neat prize, whereas AJ and JJ just played the different games. They played doubles on a police shooter game and went to the top level, and then played a few different car racing games together and did well on them, and they played virtually every other type of game as well.

“Boys, it's almost time to go, the girls are getting hungry, and we've run out of tokens. Your dad has just taken them to the prize area so that they can pick out some toys, and then we have to take them in and get changed, and it looks like you both could use one as well, you're both starting to show a bit of a bulge.” Sarah found them and whispered into their ears, but with how loud it was in there, it would have been normal talking volume at home, which was already normally loud.

“Okay mom, we only have a couple tokens left ourselves, so we'll meet you out at the van as soon as we finish up and get changed.” JJ said.

She nodded and headed out to help Frank with the girls. AJ and JJ quickly finished off their tokens and then headed to the bathroom to get changed. Oddly enough, considering the place was geared towards families, and so many of the people here were kids that were bound to be diapered, this place did not have a family washroom like most did, so they just went into the normal mens room and went to the handicapped stall, so that they would have more room to move. They went in together, and a boy who was in there at the time saw it, and thought it weird, but then he heard the unmistakable sounds of diaper tapes being ripped off. The boy took his time peeing, mostly because he was painfully hard from the two cute boys who went into the bathroom together, and were obviously diapered. He also took his time washing his hands, and by the time AJ and JJ were finished and walking back out, both with a taped up diaper in their hands, he watched them through the mirror.

“How can you guys wear diapers out in public like that?” The boy asked in a whisper as they came up to the sinks after disposing of their diapers.

“It's either that or have to find a bathroom every half an hour, and when we're having fun, if we get too excited, we could start peeing.” AJ answered honestly.

“I have the same problem too. Hey aren't you those boys that were on TV a while ago, the really good divers?” He asked, recognizing them both all of a sudden.

“Yes, we are, I'm AJ and this is my boyfriend JJ.” AJ said and stuck out his hand. The boy shook both of their hands and introduced himself as Nate. Nate was a small boy, very slim and toned, short black hair, cute little button nose, and really bright blue eyes.

“Wow, I can't believe I'm meeting you guys. My swim coach says that you are who I have to train to beat, but I don't think I'll ever be as good as you are, you're awesome.”

“How old are you?” JJ asked.

“Nine. I've been swimming since I was four, and when I was six my parents got me a coach, because I liked it so much, still do.”

“So you won't have done a real competition yet then? If you really practice hard, and push yourself, then one day you very well could beat me, you never know. I'm not the best there ever was or ever will be, somewhere out there, someone is just as good or better than I am, and even JJ too.” AJ said kindly.

“No, I have to be twelve before I can go to a real competition, so I have time yet, and do you really think so, you think I could be as good as you are some day?” Nate asked hopefully.

“Sure, anyone can be if they want it enough. You've got a really good build for a swimmer and diver, you look really strong, and if you practice hard enough, sure, you could be my competition some day soon.” AJ smiled.

“That would be so cool to be as good as you are. What's it like standing up there and getting all those gold medals?”

“Kind of embarrassing really. Everyone watching you like that, it's a little uncomfortable. So are you here with your parents then?”

“I know what you mean, I hate standing in front of so many people like that, but I guess you have to get used to it. I'm here alone, my parents work during the weekends too, I only live a block away from here, so I sometimes come on Saturday afternoons to have some fun to kill the boredom.”

“No friends to go and play with?” JJ asked softly.

“No, no friends. Everyone stays away from me. I got caught sucking a boy in the bathroom last year, and ever since, well no one wants to be seen with me 'cause they think they'll be gay too. My only friends are on my swim team, but they don't live close to me, so we can't play together much. Sometimes we have sleepovers and such, but most of the time no.”

“That's too bad. You seem like a really nice boy. What of the boy you were sucking, what did he do?” JJ asked.

“Well I was only sucking him because he found out I was gay, or at least thought I was, and he had threatened to tell everyone if I didn't suck him off. He was two years older than me and a bit of a bully, so I did it, and I liked it, a lot. He did too really, but when a couple boys came in and caught us, he told them that he had found himself a little cocksucker to take care of their needs. I was crying the entire time, and they knew I was being forced, but the fact that I had my hand in my pants and playing with myself must have told them I liked it enough. They told the entire school, and even the principal found out. The other boy got kicked out of school, because I was forced to tell what had happened, but I was still labeled.”

“That's too bad, sorry that that had to happen to you.” AJ said, patting Nate's shoulder tenderly.

“Thanks, but it's not so bad. I didn't really have any friends at school anyways, and when the few friends I did have left me because I was gay, I knew they weren't real friends anyways.”

“So tell me, earlier when you said that you had the same problem as we have, does that include at night too, and if so do you wear diapers too?” AJ asked softly.

“Yeah, it does, and yeah I do.” Nate blushed a bit.

“No point in being embarrassed about it, you know that we do too, so we're all the same, aren't we? What are you doing for dinner?”

“Yeah, I guess we are, and no idea, I was just about to go home. I ran out of money, and was just coming in here to pee, before walking home.”

“Why don't you come with us, our treat.” JJ said with a smile.

“I'd really like that, but what about your parents?”

“They won't mind, what's one extra kid when there are already six, and you'll fit in the back seat of the van with us no problem.”

“Okay, but only if you're sure that it will be okay.” Nate said with a nice smile on his face.

“Of course it will, we wouldn't invite you if it wasn't going to be okay.” AJ smiled and they started walking out. They headed to the van, and the rest of them were already there, but they had only just gotten there themselves, because they had only just started buckling the girls in, two of them were still standing by the van.

“Hi mom and dad, we found a stray boy, can we bring him home with us, we promise to feed him, and take him out for walks, so that he doesn't pee on the carpets, pleeeeeeeease?” JJ gave his best little boy whine, and AJ and Nate started laughing, and Frank and Sarah really had to fight to hold it in themselves.

“You're horrible, and we already have enough strays, we can't keep bringing home every stray kid you find.” Frank grinned.

“But he's really cute.”

“Yes, he is.” Frank grinned and Nate blushed.

“I'm Frank, and this is my wife Sarah, and these are our daughters, you can just call them the brats, it's about all they answer to anyways.” Frank said and stuck out his hand.

“I'm Nate, pleased to meet you sir.”

“Just frank and Sarah are fine with us.”

“We've invited Nate to come to dinner with us, as long as we're going somewhere close of course, and not going home first.” JJ said with a grin.

“No, we were going to the all you can eat buffet just down the street, and of course. Hop in boys.” Frank said and waved them all in.

“You guys are strange.” Nate grinned when they were finally situated in the back seat.

“Thanks. We like to have fun.” JJ smiled.

Once the girls were all buckled in, they took off for the maybe five minute drive that it took to get to the restaurant. The funny thing was, it probably would have taken less time to walk. They all got out and went in. Frank paid for everyone and they went and got seated. The three boys were told to grab a table to themselves, since there were too many to fit at one table anyways. The boys grabbed a table a couple tables away, and then they all headed to the food tables to get their dinner.

“So, tell us a little bit about yourself?” AJ asked as they all sat down and started to eat.

“Well, I'm nine, a bed wetter, gay, I like to wear diapers, I love to swim and dive, I have no real friends, my parents can hardly stand to be around me, so they work all the time, other than that, not much to tell.”

“Why do you think your parents don't like you?” AJ asked sadly.

“I was nothing more than an accident that ruined my moms perfect figure, and got in their way when I was younger. Now that I'm older though, they pretty much just let me take care of myself. They leave me money to live on each week, and other than maybe a couple hours a week, I hardly ever see them. Between work and their social lives, they don't have time for a kid. It's not much, but I'm okay with that for now.” Nate answered in a monotone voice.

“That's horrible, but I sort of know where you're coming from. My mom used to be similar, except I knew that she at least loved me. She was very strict, and she was always so depressed. So was I to tell you the truth, and even though you try and sound strong, I know you are depressed too.” AJ said softly.

“I know, but what can I do. When they found out last year that I was gay, it drove them away even further, now they hardly ever talk to me at all. I am always so bored at home all alone. I know they don't really want me, but they can't just let me go either, the gossip would kill their images, I mean what would their friends say.” Nate sighed.

“I'm sorry to hear that. If we could help in any way, we would, in a heart beat. So you like diapers too huh?” AJ asked.

“Yeah, it's the only thing that feels comfortable to me. I've thought about wearing them to the fun house a bunch of times, but I've always chickened out. To tell you the truth, I hardly ever wet the bed any more, but I just like them, so I don't want to stop wearing them.”

“We can understand that, I am not really a bed wetter either, well I wasn't at any rate. If I were to stop wearing diapers and tried to sleep, I would be now, because I do need them at night now I think.” JJ smiled.

“Cool.” Nate smiled.

“And I've almost never had a dry night, and like you two, not so sure I want to.” AJ smiled warmly.

“So you said you started swimming when you were four, and got a coach when you were six. How did that all come about?” JJ asked.

“Well we have a pool at home, and one of my nanny's got me starting to swim, and I got really quite good. When I was six I told my mom and dad that I wanted to go to swim lessons. I went, but they told my parents I was too advanced for any lessons they had, so that lasted only a few months. So they got me a coach instead, and I train with a group of other boys at his pool. There are seven of us boys, and I am the second youngest, the oldest is twelve now.” Nate answered.

“Well that's cool.” AJ smiled warmly.

“Yeah, I really like the other guys, and my coach is pretty good too, but I'm starting to think I'm going to need to find a new coach soon, he's starting to say he's almost taught me everything he can. I am almost the youngest there, but the older boys are not as good as I am, at least that's what the coach keeps telling me.”

“That's too bad, so you're essentially going to lose all your friends soon then.”

“Yeah, and swimming is the only thing that really keeps us together. The others are all interested in other things, including girls, and I'm really not into anything they are. We've all had sleepovers and stuff of course, and we are friends, just not good ones. So when I leave that group, I will be friendless again.” Nate said sadly.

“Well I'm sure you'll find someone, hopefully soon. If you two will excuse me, I have to go use the washroom. I'll be a few minutes, so go ahead and get more food without me.” AJ said.

Both boys nodded their acknowledgment, and AJ got up and headed towards the bathrooms. He checked to make sure his cell phone was still attached to his hip, and ducked into the corridor and took a seat. He had no intention of going to the bathroom, he just wanted to make a call.

“Hi Jim, it's AJ, do you have a few minutes?”

“For you AJ, always. How can I help you tonight?” Jim asked happily.

“Well JJ and I came to the fun house to have some fun with his family, and we found a boy who seems to be a really good swimmer. While his family seems to have money, they do not really even like him and he's always alone. I was wondering how you guys would feel about having another part son come and live with you while you train him?”

“I don't know AJ, his parents would have to agree to pay me, and sign over a lot to me, most just aren't willing to do that. We've been wanting another kid for a while, but we just aren't ready to adopt.” Jim said hesitantly.

“I have a feeling that if you offered, they would accept anything. They don't seem to really love him, but can't afford to just let him go, because their images would suffer, and they might be willing to pay anything to have you take him off their hands so to speak. I've never met the parents yet, only the boy, his names Nate by the way, but I don't feel that he's lying to me in any way. Before I make any sort of offer though, I have to know if you would be willing to do it.”

“Obviously. So how old is Nate anyways?”

“He's nine, and his current coach feels he's taught Nate everything that he can, and Nate feels he's going to have to find a new coach soon anyways.”

“Nine is a bit on the young side, but if he's any good, I'd be willing. Even if he's not great yet, if he's getting that good already, in a couple more years he could be great.”

“Good, I have your permission to make the offer then and give him your information?”

“Sure, why not. Tell him of course that it would depend on how the interview goes, and I will need to see him perform.”

“Don't ask him to just perform for you, he may do something unexpected, he's gay too. I'll tell him you will need to see his swim and dive capabilities first.” AJ chuckled.

“I should have known, I didn't think you'd put a straight boy with us.” Jim chuckled.

“Nah, wouldn't want to scar a poor straight boy now would we!” AJ laughed.

“Ain't that the truth.”

“Okay, well I will let you go, and I suspect that you will get a call in a couple days. Oh and what should I tell Nate that the expenses are?”

“Thousand dollars a month, unless they want him in private school, in which case that would be extra.”

“Okay, will do. Have a good night.”

“You too AJ, and I'll see you tomorrow morning.” As soon as they hung up, AJ headed back to the table, grabbed his plate, and went and refilled it again.

“Nate, I didn't really go to the bathroom, I called a friend of ours concerning you. He's our swim trainer, and he sometimes helps out swimmers like you. He would be willing to have you live with him and his boyfriend while he trains you. Now, the catch is of course is that it's not free, and your parents will have to sign a lot of stuff to allow it. The question is, would you be willing to do it? If so, I will give you Jim's phone number, and your parents have to call him.”

“Wow, really? That would be wicked. I'd get to live with guys who understand me, and maybe even like me, I'd get to train with you guys, and I'd really get to learn properly! I'd love it. Please give me his number, and I'll have my parents call tomorrow.” Nate said excitedly, and a little loudly. Frank and Sarah looked over and smiled to the boys, both of them figuring out that somehow they figured something good out for their young friend.

“Don't get too excited yet, you have to pass an interview and show your swimming and diving skills to Jim, and your parents have to agree to everything and sign the papers, but if all goes well, you could get to, yes. Do you go to a private school or anything like that?”

“No, my parents don't like private schools, they never went, so see no reason to send me either, because they did well for themselves.”

“That'll be better.”

“How much does it cost?”

“Thousand a month.”

“I bet they pay it, and not even bat an eyelash, they might even consider it money very well spent to get me out of their hair. They already pay my coach almost three hundred a month for three days a week, and that's only an hour a day.”

“How will you feel about two days a week at three hours a day though, plus an hour workout every other day?” AJ asked.

“I already do an hour workout every day, including on swim days, so it won't be that big a deal.”

“Good.” AJ said and then grabbed one of the cards he kept in his wallet, and wrote down all the information that Nate would need.

“Cool, thanks. You guys are the best. I really hope this works out, because it would be the best thing to ever happen to me.” Nate smiled brightly.

“We hope so too, we really like you.” JJ smiled warmly.

“Thanks guys.”

They continued talking for the rest of their meal, and their dessert too, and when Frank, Sarah, and the girls were all finished, they all headed outside to go home.

“Where do you live Nate?” Sarah asked.

“Five minute walk from here, so I'll just walk.”

“Like hell you will. You will get in and accept a ride home. It's getting dark and I would not feel comfortable letting you walk home now.” Sarah said firmly.

“Yes ma'am.” Nate gulped and got in as well, AJ and JJ just grinned and shrugged at him. Nate showed them the way to his house, and it was impressive in it's own right, in that it was huge, but it was very plain. There were no gardens, no decorations to dress it up, it looked boring.

“There you go Nate, nice to meet you, and hope to see you soon.” Frank said as he climbed out.

“Nice to meet you all too, and thanks so much for everything.” He waved as they drove off and went inside.

On the drive home, AJ and JJ told Frank and Sarah everything that had happened, and what was done, and they were proud of the boys. As it turned out, in a way Nate really was a stray boy, and they did find a way to try and help him out, so they were both proud of the boys for doing so. The drive was long, it was getting dark, it had been a long day, and all together it caused even the boys to fall asleep on the drive, but they only had five minutes left before arriving at home, whereas the girls passed out five minutes after leaving. The boys were waken up and asked to each grab a girl, and all four of them carried a girl into the house, and to their bedrooms, each girl being stripped of their clothes and soggy diapers, and then redressed in a dry diaper only and laid into their beds, not one of them waking up.

AJ and JJ said their good nights to the parents, and then headed to bed themselves. It was late for them now, and they were tired, so after diapering each other, they kissed and cuddled up and used their hands to relieve a pent up load, and then passed out for the night without even covering up.


“Guess what!” Tony said to Tom as soon as he walked in Saturday afternoon, he was coming to spend the night with his boyfriend.

“What?” Tom asked happily after extracting a tender kiss from his little boyfriend.

“I finished writing a draft copy of my mom and dads story already. It just poured out of me after I finished reading their stories they had written down, and I finished already.”

“Really, it's only been a week though?”

“I know, but I type really fast, and I spent hours each night doing it. I almost haven't slept in a week.” Tom grinned, and even though he looked tired, he was really happy.

“That's really cool. We should take it to AJ tomorrow so that he can proof read it for you, and make any changes to it.”

“Yeah, unless you want to read it first.”

“No, that's okay. I'll wait for the finished copy. So how long is it then?”

“A bit over seven hundred computer pages long, and over three hundred thousand words.” Tony grinned.

“Wow, that's some story. Do you think it's good enough to publish?”

“I don't know. It's really dark and evil, and very graphic, I don't know if anyone would publish it, but you never know. It's a true story too, which might help. Plus I really don't care if it does get published, and if it does, most of the money will go to the children's hospital.” Tony shrugged.

“That's cool. So what are we going to do tonight?”

“I rented a couple Disney cartoon movies, and we're going to spoil the babies as soon as they get home, which should be very soon. Want to go get ourselves ready first?”

“Okay.” Tom smiled and they headed to their bedroom.

They stripped each other of all their clothes, then lovingly diapered each other, making sure to apply generous portions of cream and powder to each other, and then they both climbed into nice cotton footed sleepers. Just as they were finishing up, they heard the front door open and close, and Denise and Dieter calling for them. Tony called that they would be right there, and to go to their bedroom and wait for them.

“Hi babies, how was your day at work?” Tony asked in his softest most soothing voice.

“Exhausting.” Dieter said.

“You two really should think about taking a vacation. You've never taken one in your lives, you're both exhausted, you deserve one, and I will baby you for an entire one or two weeks, or maybe you can even go away somewhere, or maybe even better yet, you can do both. Go away for a week and then come home and we will baby you every day.” Tony said softly.

“We can't do that, the president and CEO couldn't possibly go on vacation at the same time.” Dieter sighed, but he had not downright refused it, so Tony knew the idea appealed to him.

“And why not. You have pee ons to hold the fort while you're away, and they couldn't possibly screw up so badly in two weeks that you'll lose your shirts. And if you were really good babies, I might even allow you a ten minute phone call to work each day you're at home, just to check in, but that would be all. Admit it, you both need a vacation.”

“No, we couldn't Tony. Even for a week, it would be too much. Even today we shouldn't have come home so early, there's so much to do right now.” Denise said tiredly.

“Oh, really! So vitally important that it cannot be handled without you two being there.” Tony prodded.

“Well I guess it's not vital.” Dieter admitted.

“Will the world collapse if you're not there?”

“Well, no.” Denise admitted.

“And you have people that can do everything while you're gone right?” Tony asked so softly now that he was almost whispering to them.

“Yeah.” They both sighed.

“Then it's settled. You have this week to get everything in order and for the two weeks after that, you're officially on vacation. You two will take a trip to anywhere in the world that you want to go, as long as there are no phones, you will not be allowed to take your computers, day planners, cell phones, PDA's, or anything that reminds you of work or reality. When you get home, you will be babied the entire time. I will take the week off of school, I can afford to do it, and you will be royally spoiled little babies. This is not an argument, it is being done, and I will call your people and make sure of it too.” Tony said almost as softly.

“Okay Tony, that would be nice.” Dieter finally admitted.

“Where would you both like to go, and not to the old country yet?”

“No, not there, not yet. I've always wanted to go and see Ancient Egypt.” Dieter sighed.

“Me too.” Denise smiled warmly.

“Good, I will steal your credit card tonight and get everything booked for you two then.” Tony said warmly, and his parents just nodded.

As they had been talking, Tony and Tom had been working, and by the time they were finished talking, Denise and Dieter were nearly done their diapering, and about to get them into their cute jammies. When they were all jammied up, they were shown to the living room and the first movie was put in. As the previews were playing, Tom and Tony went and made popcorn and got four bottles of milk, and four bottles of juice prepared, and brought it all to the living room. Their bottles of milk were passed out and the popcorn was passed out as well, four separate bowls having been dished up. They sat down and watched the classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarves together, and they all enjoyed it, Tom having been the only one to have seen it before.

When the movie was finished, the boys gave the adults some toys to play with and the TV was turned to the cartoon channel, and the boys headed to the kitchen to make dinner. When it was ready, Denise and Dieter were called in and they sat down in the two chairs they were pointed at, two bibs were tied around their necks, and then the boys fed them their dinner. Denise and Dieter looked a right mess, they had food smeared all over their faces, dripping onto their bibs, and it appeared as if they were having the time of their lives. Once they were finished eating, they were given a Popsicle for dessert, and the boys sat down to eat their dinner. They too had the frozen treat for their dessert.

After they were all fed, they headed into the living room and the second movie was put on, and they all cuddled up on the couch with fresh bottles of milk and watched Bambi. When the movie ended, Tony and Tom took Dieter and Denise to their room and changed their very wet diapers, and then they were tucked into bed, and kissed goodnight. They were both sound asleep only minutes later, and it was only a little past seven.

“So, any idea where to go to buy vacation packages to Egypt?” Tony asked, grabbing his dads wallet on the way out of the room.

“Not a clue. We can google it though.” Tom said, and they headed to Tony's room to search the computer. It took them nearly an hour to find what they wanted, and they booked a very nice trip for Denise and Dieter. It would be exactly seven days from the date that they left to the date that they arrived, so it would be perfect. It was all booked and the tickets would be waiting at the airport, and all they needed were their passports and photo ID's, but they both already had those. Tony would not go with them for their trip, he would stay home and let them have their first vacation together.

“Well I don't know about you, but I am almost asleep already, so I have to go to bed.” Tony yawned.

“I'm pretty tired as well. We'll get changed right away and then go to bed baby.” Tom smiled warmly and kissed Tony gently.

They quickly, but lovingly changed each others soggy diapers, then curled up on their bed, and barely got to get a kiss before Tony passed out for the night. Tom was not far behind though, so he pulled the blankets up and cuddled up to Tony and he too fell asleep.


“Good morning everyone.” Jim called out happily as he arrived for training the following morning, he was the last to do so.

“Mornin Jim.” Everyone called out. They were all already a good way into their workout, and Jim came and joined them.

“So, I heard you called your coach anyways last night?” Jim asked Matt and Orin after he joined them all.

“Yeah, we felt guilty about not telling him ourselves, we realized that we were being cowards and not facing up to him.” Matt admitted.

“Yeah, I called and talked to him not ten minutes after you hung up with him, boy was he steamed.”

“Yeah, he was pretty upset with us too, kept saying that he was who made us, and that we'd be nowhere without him. It was actually pretty pathetic.” Matt admitted.

“Yeah, he yelled at me for ten minutes straight, without taking a breath, berating me for taking another of his swimmers and divers, and how I should be ashamed of myself, so on and so forth. At least he's creative, he never used the same swear word or insult twice, and it was one long string of swearing and insulting. It was pretty comical really. Finally I had to break the news to him that I didn't go to you guys, but you came to me, and that if he learned to treat his trainees as people, maybe he would be able to keep them. You know, I don't think he was too happy that I told him that. I don't think that he actually realizes that he causes all of his own problems.”

“We told him pretty much just that though, and I don't think he understood. We told him that we had told him no more little meets every weekend, that we still had to have lives too, our school was more important, and that we were starting to fall behind. Then we told him that he started harassing us not even two weeks later and didn't even listen to us. If he's too stubborn, or thick skulled to understand simple concepts, then he'll get nowhere himself.” Orin said.

“Exactly. I had figured that he would be better with adults, because he sure has no idea how to handle kids, but I guess not.” Jim smiled.

“That's for sure.” Matt smiled.

For the rest of their workout, AJ and JJ told everyone about Nate and his hoping very much to go and live and train with Jim and them. Everyone seemed happy about that, and TJ even wondered about finding Nate a cute little boyfriend.

“Where's he going to go to school if he does come and live with you Jim?” TJ asked.

“I don't know. There's a pretty good elementary school just down the road from us. I never really thought about it.” Jim said.

“Oh, would it be too difficult for him to come to our school?” TJ asked.

“Well I live twenty minutes from you, so that would be forty minutes of commuting every day. I don't know if that would work out very well or not?” Jim said.

“I guess, but this way he could have friends in his new school.” TJ argued.

“That's true, and it's not like I do anything else. I'll have to see, don't get your hopes up yet okay.”

“Okay Jim, no problem. So when are you going to go and see him and his parents?”

“Whenever they call and make an appointment I guess, assuming of course his parents don't veto it right away.”

“Somehow I don't think they will.” AJ said, his uncanny knack about reading people showing again. Even though he did not get to meet the parents, he read Nate very well, and he was certain Nate was telling the truth.

They were just finishing up their workout, so they all had to stop talking, and headed to the pool to start their swim training. For the following two hours they worked hard in the pool and on the diving boards. If Matt and Orin thought that their previous coach had pushed them, it was nothing in comparison to how Jim pushed them however. They were perfectly happy to be pushed to their limits, in the right ways, and Jim did it the right way. Made them want to push themselves, instead of forcing to push harder.

“Thanks Jim, that was the best training session we've ever had, and Coach Phil was damn good.” Matt said happily when they finished. He and Orin were tired, but they were happy to finally feel like the were training again, properly.

“No problem guys, I'm glad to help you.” Jim smiled.

They all hopped in the shower and got washed up and then Jim headed home.