Chapter 32

Nate had expectantly waited and waited and waited for the opportunity to ask his parents about going and training out of town, telling them everything that he knew, including Jim's name and phone number. He was unsure at first what they were thinking, they both just looked to each other, and then looked back to him, and didn't speak for a few moments. Finally they agreed to talk to the guy, so Nate made the call. So Thursday evening found Jim at Nate's home to talk to his parents.

“Good evening, my name is Jim, I have an appointment to see Nate.” Jim introduced himself as soon as the door was opened.

“Good evening Jim, I am James, please come in.” Nate's father said.

“Thanks.” Jim came in and took off his shoes and jacket and put them where he was told to. He then Followed James into the living room, where Nate and his mom were sitting. They were sitting in uncomfortable silence, sort of just watching each other, sitting on either side of the room.

“Jim, this is my wife Autumn and our son Nate, guys, this is Jim.”

“Pleased to meet you.” Jim said pleasantly.

“Nice to meet you Jim.” Nate said happily, already liking Jim, he just looked friendly.

“Please sit down and we can talk first.” James said.

“Thanks. Well I have a special program for swimmers, as I'm sure Nate told you. It involves intense training nearly every day. Normally this would not be that expensive, about five hundred a month, however you live too far away for me to come here or for Nate to come to me every day. So as I have done in the past, when I have found a swimmer who qualifies, they may come and live with me. This does cost extra, as I am sure you are aware, it is not cheap to feed a child. Total cost, as I already informed Nate of, is a thousand dollars a month, and this includes everything except extra schooling, if you wished for Nate to attend a private school, however I understand that this is not an issue.”

“We can agree to the prices without problem, it seems more than fair. We do have some concerns however that you must be made aware of.” James said.

“I can deal with most anything, but please tell me what your concerns are, and we can work from there.” Jim said politely.

“Well Nate is a bed wetter, he has to wear diapers to bed every night, or he pees his bed.” James said in embarrassment.

“Oh, that's no big deal at all. I was a bed wetter myself, and know well the horrible feelings of not being able to control such a simple thing. I only wish that when I was a kid that we had the protection that today's kids enjoy.” Jim said, and meaning the word enjoy, and Nate's eyes twinkled, because he caught the double meaning, but his parents were none the wiser.

“Oh, well that's good I guess, but the other thing might not be so easy. We believe Nate to be gay, he seems to think he is as well.” James nearly spat out.

“Well that's not so bad. I would have had to tell you anyways before I agreed to take Nate on, but I am gay, and have a live in partner, so you would all have to agree that Nate live under those circumstances. Now, of course some people are uncomfortable with such a thing, thinking that a gay man would only want a boy living with them for one reason, however, I can assure you that that would never be the case. Nate's being gay will not bother us, and in a way we can help him to understand better who he is.”

“Oh, we have no problem with your being gay.” Autumn said, but Jim could tell she wasn't being entirely truthful, at least with herself anyways.

“Okay, well before we go much further, I understand you do have a pool here, so I would like to take Nate and see how well he does. You may feel free to join us if you wish.”

“No, you go ahead and take him, and we will be here when you get in to sign everything if you need us to.” James said.

Jim just took Nate out to the pool. Nate had already had a pair of shorts and a t-shirt on, so Jim felt that would be good enough for a tryout.

“Okay, first I want to see your swimming, hop in after you shower off, and show me what you have.” Jim said.

Nate ripped his shirt off and then pulled his shorts off to reveal a very nice pair of royal blue speedos, but they were the skimpiest speedos that Jim had ever seen, more like a posing strap. Nate went and ran to the bathroom and came back out a few moments later, all clean, and then hopped in the pool. Nate went through the four different strokes he was comfortable with, pushing himself even harder than normal, to try and show that he was really good, better than he really was. Jim could clearly see what Nate was trying to do though, but this didn't discourage him, it pleased him. Nate's form was really good, he was pretty quick, and would train up nicely.

“Okay, I think that's good for swimming, and good pushing. Let's try diving. Don't try and do anything stupid just to show off, I'm not interested in that, I just want to see how good you are already. The rest I will teach you.”

Nate just nodded and hopped out of the pool and onto the low dive board, it was the only one they had, and he did a nice simple front flip. He hopped out and did a few more dives, each for the most part simple, but he showed some real promise, and in a year or two Jim figured he would be quite good.

“Okay, go ahead and run in and get showered and changed, I think that I've seen all I need to see.” Jim said, keeping his face perfectly neutral in order to make Nate wonder what he was going to say once they were inside.

Nate came back out a few minutes later, he was naked, he hadn't taken his shorts and shirt in with him. Jim gave him the once over now that he was nude, and smiled warmly at Nate. Nate really was a cute little guy. He was perfect size for a nine year old, he had really good muscle tone for a young boy, no fat whatsoever, he had blond hair when it was dry, a cute little nose with a few freckles on it, very nice skin, although he was milky white, and he also had the deepest green eyes Jim could ever remember seeing on anyone. Nate's little penis was soft and it hung down about four to five centimeters and appeared to be nice and plump, his little balls were tucked up tight to his body in his little wrinkled sack. It looked like his little dick would be a good size when he was erect, not terribly large, but respectable for a little boy. Nate just smiled right back and grabbed his shorts and slipped them back on without anything under them, and then put his shirt on.

“Well how did it go?” James asked, sounding almost hopeful.

“Well, as long as you both agree, I would be happy to offer Nate the position. Nate, you have to understand that you will be pushed very hard, and that I expect a great deal from my swimmers, if you all agree, then we can sign the papers tonight, and arrange everything later.”

“I understand, and I agree.” Nate grinned widely.

“We will sign the papers tonight, and you can take Nate, and whatever he wants to take, right now if you want to. We took the liberty of having all his school and medical records faxed to us just in case, so that way you can get everything transferred quickly. We have all his personal information in an envelope, with his school and medical records as well. He doesn't have much, just a bike, a small TV and stereo, a notebook computer, and his clothes, we can go and get his things packed right now if you wish.” Autumn said. Jim just sat there in shock.

“Well, I certainly wasn't expecting to take him home tonight, but I suppose I could. Don't you want to have him spend the weekend at home so that you can say goodbye?”

“No, we were going out of town tomorrow night anyways, so this is fine.” James said simply, showing no emotion whatsoever towards his son.

“Okay then, well Nate, why don't you go on up and pack everything that you want to take with you. We can leave as soon as you're ready to go then.” Jim said in disgust, but James and Autumn hadn't noticed.

“I will go and help, James can sign all the papers.” Autumn said.

Jim grabbed all the required paperwork from his briefcase and went about showing James where to sign. Jim found it strange that James never once read anything that he signed, Jim had to tell him what it was, but James was signing in most cases before Jim even explained it. Jim figured that he could have slipped James an adoption form and adopted Nate, and he would not have noticed or cared. The paperwork did give Jim full parental rights though, in almost every sense, up to and including that he would take Nate should anything happen to his parents, and nothing else was arranged. James only said good when Jim explained that one to him. All that they needed now was for Autumn to come and sign as well, and Jim signed in all his places.

Autumn went up and grabbed some boxes from one of the spare rooms, she had obviously planned for this, and she went right to Nate's room and started helping him to pack. She didn't even ask, she just opened up drawers and grabbed everything and dumped it into boxes. Nate grabbed his computer, TV, and stereo and put them into boxes, using his pillow and blankets to help cushion them all for moving. He then went to his closet, and grabbed any clothes from there he wanted, as well as his large pack of diapers, and with that, all his worldly possessions were packed. His mom never said one word to him, just unceremoniously dumped his belongings into boxes and closed them.

They each grabbed a box and took them downstairs, and when they got down and took them out to Jim's car, then came back in, James said that he and Nate would get the rest, while Autumn signed the papers where she needed to, so they all did that. Autumn was about as inattentive to what she was signing as James had been, and by the time they finished, so had Nate and James.

“Well, I guess that's everything. Are you ready to go?” Jim asked Nate, grabbing his briefcase that had been loaded with all the paperwork that had been signed, all the papers that Autumn had gathered for Nate, and the next two years worth of post dated checks to pay for Nate's staying there.

“Sure.” Nate said brightly and got up to go. Jim was disturbed when neither of his parents actually attempted in any way to say goodbye or love you, or anything.

“Aren't you going to say goodbye or anything, or even arrange for a time for Nate to come home for a visit?” Jim asked without moving.

“Don't worry about it Jim, we're all good.” Nate said uncomfortably.

“Well I don't see any reason he would need to come home for a visit, we're often busy with work, so it would be awkward to arrange anything. If he wants to, he can call.” James said in amazement, like asking such a thing was strange.

“Come on Jim, we can go.” Nate said, sounding even more uncomfortable.

Jim just nodded and got up and followed Nate out to the car. Nate's bike had already been tied up onto the roof racks of Jim's car as well, James having taken care of that right away. They hopped in the car and headed out.

“Jim, thank you so much for agreeing to take me, you have no idea how much I appreciate it.” Nate said sounding, for probably the first time, truly happy.

“No, I think I understand. Are your parents always like that, it was like you weren't even there?”

“No, most of the time they won't even stay in the same room as me, so tonight was unusually friendly. They never talk to me except to tell me to do something, or to go to my room. If I need to ask for something, usually I have to write them a letter or email them, even if they're home. I'm not really allowed to speak unless spoken to first. It was really horrible.” Nate shuddered.

“Well then, while I have many rules that you will need to follow, you are always welcome to come and talk to me, or even just come and sit in the same room as Riley and I, that's my boyfriend by the way. If you even want to, you can cuddle up to us, we won't mind, and by the sounds of it, you might like it as well, seeing as how it's pretty obvious that you've never had that before.”

“I'd really like that. What are the rules?”

“First and foremost is that we respect each others privacy. So if a door is closed, we knock before entering, we will do the same as well. However if a door is open, then anyone is allowed to enter. Second is that Riley and I are off bounds sexually. I'm not sure what you are looking for, if even you are yet, you're still pretty young, but you may not try and make any advances on us. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh and accusatory, but it really is to protect us, and you have to know that you could be kicked out for doing it, so please do not.”

“Okay, I can understand all that so far, and I may be young, and I know I'm gay, but I don't want someone so old.” Nate smiled.

“Well I may be old compared to you, I'm older than your dad is, but I'm not that old, thank you very much.”

“I know, I didn't mean it like you were old, just older than who I want. I'd like another kid so we can learn and play together, but I doubt that will happen.” Nate said sadly.

“You never know. Third rule is that you must always listen to Riley and I, you may always question a rule, and we can talk it over and come to an agreement on certain things, but there are others that we will not budge on. We will not stand for bullying, stealing, vandalizing, or any other criminal activity, in our home or otherwise. You will also be expected to keep your own room clean, and to help around the house a bit with some basic chores. You will get an allowance out of the money that your parents are paying, so that you can go out and have fun as well. While I expect you to work hard, I know that you are still a young boy, and that you need to go and play too, so it is a requirement just as much as anything else. You have a curfew, you are to be home no later than eight every night, and in bed no later than nine. Now this is pretty late for a boy your age, so if you need to, you can adjust it earlier okay.”

“Okay, that all makes sense as well. You don't have to give me an allowance though, I really don't need it, and just getting to live with you will be a hundred times better than living at home. I normally go to bed at eight though, and I can't really stay up any later than that.”

“I will still give you an allowance, and you can put any money that you don't use in your bank account. I saw your bank book in the papers your mom gave me, so I know you have one, we will just have your branch transferred is all, no problem there. Curfew is still eight, so if you want to come straight home and to bed, that's okay by me.”

“Thanks, you're really nice.”

“Some days you might not think so when we're training, but I do try. Now I know that you are a bed wetter, and that you do wear diapers for it, but a mattress protector will always be on your bed for just in case. You also will not need to feel ashamed to wear your diapers around the house whenever you desire to do so, you will find that Riley and I are very understanding.”

“Cool, do you guys like wearing diapers as well?”

“Occasionally yes. Now swimming. We do have a pool at home, as well as a full workout center. You are welcome to use either at any time, and I know that you are not embarrassed to get naked in front of me, so you can feel free to go naked at home as well, including in the pool. Riley and I swim naked all the time, so you will have to get used to that anyways.”

“I've always wanted to swim naked, but I didn't at home because the neighbors could see right into our pool.”

“With the speedo you were wearing, you may as well have been naked anyways, and you came out naked.”

“Yeah, but that was only for a moment, I doubt they would have seen anything. As for the speedo, it was as close to naked as I could get, I had to order those from France, but it's pretty cool.” Nate grinned.

“Okay, another rule is that if you ever need anything, at all, you come and ask Riley or I. We may not always buy you or get you anything you want, but we will try and get you what you need. Some of the things you just want, you will need to buy yourself though. If ever you just need to talk about something or anything, you make sure and come to us as well.”

“Okay, I will, thanks. I've never had someone I could just talk to.”

“You'll find that it's very nice to have two gay men who know exactly what you are going through to talk to. We will hold nothing back, we are not shy in any way, if you ask a question, you better be ready for the answer. We may not reveal personal information about us, but if you are curious about something, just ask.”

“That would be very nice. My dad never told me anything about why my peepee gets hard or anything, I had to read about it on the internet.”

“And that's what fathers are supposed to be for, but your father was not really there for you, so you can come to us instead.”


“No problem at all. Now I didn't look at your school records yet, but how do you do in school?”

“I do pretty good. I have no friends at school, so I just keep to myself and do my work. I also get teased all the time, so I usually hide in the library and read. I get really good grades all the time too.”

“That's good. We have a decision to make about your schooling though. You have two choices, and I will allow you to choose either one. There is a good school only a five minute walk from home, or you can go to a school that will be a twenty minute drive from home. I will take you and pick you up, because the buses won't take you that far. The good thing about the school further away, is that it is the school that AJ's little brother goes to, and he can't wait to meet you.”

“Oh, it would be really nice to have a friend. How old is he?”

“TJ is eleven, so only a couple years older than you are. He's in the advanced class with his friends though, so you may not get to see them all the time, and you are different grades anyways.”

“Could I meet him before I make my choice?”

“Of course, and that's a very wise decision as well. You will not have to go to school until we decide where you're going to go, but I'd like to have you in school by at least mid week next week at any rate.”

“Cool, when will I get to meet them then?”

“This weekend actually, we will be going to AJ's house every weekend for their training, and you will be joining on those days. Those will be your only true training days for now, but I suggest you workout every day for a bit.”

“Cool, but I do every day anyways.”

“Good, glad to hear it.”

For the rest of the drive, the two of them talked about everything they could think of, mostly it was Nate asking questions though. When they got home, Riley was sort of surprised to see their new house guest was already with Jim, so all the introductions and explanations were made, and the three of them quickly brought all of Nate's things in the house and to his new room.

Nate was allowed to pick any one of the three rooms that were available. He chose one that was down the hall from Jim and Riley's room, and overlooking the backyard and pool. It was starting to get late by then, and Nate decided not to unpack everything yet, just found the box that held his diapers, got changed, and went and talked with Jim and Riley until bed time. He did cuddle right in between the two of them, and he enjoyed the closeness very much. When Nate went to bed, he gave both men a nice big hug and wished them goodnight.


“Good morning everyone, this is Nate, and he's going to be living with me and training with you guys for a while.” Jim said when he and Nate came in.

Everyone came up and said hello and introduced themselves to the new boy, and poor Nate didn't know where to look first. All the boys were incredibly hot, they were all naked, and his little boy cock went to impossibly hard in under a second. He actually stuttered his introductions as well, and everyone could easily see the reason for this, because Nate was apparently wearing loose cotton shorts without underwear. Even though he was not really big, the shorts did nothing to hide his obvious erection.

“Hello again Nate, I'm glad you like what you see, but remember, we're all taken.” AJ teased and flicked the end of Nate's little erection.

“Ouch. That bloody hurt.” Nate squealed.

“Yeah, but it allowed your blood to go back to the right head, because you're no longer pointing at us, and you can talk now.” AJ laughed.

“Oh yeah, it's always doing that to me. Jim says it's natural and to not be ashamed of it.”

“And so you shouldn't be, however if you're at school and it happens, I can guarantee that you will be teased, so I suggest you wear underwear.” JJ said.

“Jim said we all swim naked here, so I didn't bother wearing any today, but normally I do now, because of that, but I hate wearing them.” Nate grinned.

“Like your underwear nice and thick though I bet.” TJ grinned.

“Yeah, the best way. AJ must have told you guys huh?”

“Yeah, but we all like our underwear the same way, and some days I wish I could wear diapers to school, would be a lot easier.” TJ smiled.

“Well guys, we have a workout to do, so let's get to work. Nate, shower first.” Jim called out.

Nate quickly stripped off his two skimpy pieces of clothing and headed to the shower with Jim, who had also stripped down. They quickly hit the shower while the others went back to their workout. Jim and Nate did their warm up quickly, and then joined the others in their workout. Nate watched the others as they worked out, and he was amazed at the amount of weight they could all lift. The others though were quite surprised with how much little Nate could lift. He was probably lifting more than he should for his small size, but he didn't appear to be pushing himself any at all. The swimming was next, as it always was, and Jim made sure they all pushed themselves nice and hard. Nate worked just as hard as the others, but he was very tired by the time they finished. He was not at all surprised that he was being passed, like he was just floating, by AJ and JJ, they were way better than he was, although he was almost as good as TJ and Ricky were.

Then came diving, and Nate was astounded that he was supposed to learn what the others were doing. TJ was still uncomfortable going up on the high dive, whereas Nate had no problems with it, but even on the low dive TJ was working on doing a pretty respectable double front flip. Jim worked them just as hard on the boards, and by the time they were finished, they were all tired, but Nate looked exhausted. They all sat in the hot tub and relaxed for a few minutes.

“Jim, why don't you let Nate stay the night here? You're coming back tomorrow anyways, so you can take him home tomorrow with you.” TJ asked expectantly.

“I'm good with that if Nate is.”

“I'd really like to, but I didn't bring any clothes.”

“That would only be a problem if you wanted to go out anywhere, and if you guys all stay in, you won't need them. I also have some of your diapers in the trunk of the car, for just such an emergency that we ever needed them, so I will bring a few in for you, because you won't fit into these guys' diapers.” Jim smiled.

He had hoped that Nate would be able to stay the night, and it was the entire reason he had diapers in the car. Nate needed friends closer to his own age, and he knew that TJ would help him out a lot there, and even AJ, JJ, and Ricky would be able to help out.

“Okay, but what about your parents?” Nate asked.

“They won't mind.” AJ said.

“Speaking of whom, how come they're not home anyways?” Jim asked, all of a sudden realizing they were not home when he got there, and Max wasn't with them, as he normally was.

“Max had a job he wanted to get done today, and mom is at the library studying for a paper she has to write.” AJ answered.

“Oh, okay then. Well I'm going to get dressed and head out then. I will bring in your diapers before I go and leave them on the couch for you, okay Nate.”

“Thanks Jim, you're the best.” Nate smiled genuinely.

Jim just smiled at Nate warmly and climbed out of the hot tub, then went and showered off. Once he was dried off, he got dressed and headed out. He quickly grabbed six diapers and brought them back in the house and set them on the couch for Nate. The boys all stayed in the hot tub and talked, getting to know each other even more.

“So do you like being at Jim's house so far?” AJ asked.

“Yeah, I love it. It's like actually having parents. They look at me, listen to me, we talk, and we even cuddle up and watch TV. It's so nice.” Nate sighed.

“I bet it is. Something so simple that most kids never even think about it, yet without it, life just isn't complete.” JJ smiled warmly.

“Yeah. I never knew what I was missing until then, and I have you guys to thank for it.” Nate smiled warmly at AJ and JJ.

“No problem. We liked you from the start, and knew that if we could, we would try and help you, we're just glad we could.” JJ smiled.

“So when do you start school?” TJ asked.

“Probably next week some time, not too sure. We still have to get me registered in whatever school I'm gonna go to.”

“That's cool. So do you do good in school?”

“Yeah, kinda have no friends, so I just do a lot of studying to keep busy, that and working out and swimming, it's pretty much all I do.” Nate admitted sadly.

“We'll be your friends, and you'll really like my friends from school too, they come over often. Maybe we should have a sleepover next weekend, just them and us, not the full crew this time. We all study pretty hard too, and we practice even harder, but we all still make time to play too. You'll get to see what I mean later.” TJ grinned.

“Thanks, I'd really like that, but you don't have to have a sleepover just for me.”

“Who said it would be just for you? Are you kidding, you should see some of the weekend parties we have here, they're killer man, you'll have a blast.” TJ said enthusiastically.

“I'll have to ask, but I'm pretty sure Jim will say yes.”

“He will, have no doubt about that.” AJ said.

“So, TJ and Ricky, you're really boyfriends?”

“Yeah, we are.” Ricky smiled.

“That's cool, but you're so much older than TJ is.”

“Yes, I am older, but not that much, only five years.”

“Seems like a lot to me. So have you guys had sex yet?”

“That's a pretty personal question, but yes, we have.” Ricky answered softly.

“Oh sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you.”

“You won't embarrass us, it's just you don't normally ask people if they've had sex yet is all.” Ricky chuckled.

“Oh, okay, I see. Didn't it really hurt TJ?”

“A bit at first, well a lot, but it really feels good after a bit.” TJ admitted.


“You don't really want to get into that just yet though, you're even younger than TJ is, and he's probably a little on the young side to have an actual boyfriend.” JJ said gently.

“Well, I'd really like a boyfriend, but I wouldn't want to do that yet anyways.” Nate blushed.

“Good. Trust me, take your time, find the right boy, and then you'll know when the time's right.” AJ smiled warmly.

“I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm ready to get out and get some lunch.” Ricky said.

“Yeah, me too.” Everyone said.

They all hopped out, headed towards the showers, and got cleaned up. As they headed out, AJ and JJ shut everything down, because they knew they would not be back in for the rest of the day, and followed the others into the house.

“Nate, grab your diapers and bring them to our room and we can all diaper each other in there.” AJ said.

“Okay.” Nate said with a big grin and ran to the living room, and then to AJ's room, following the others.

“No way, are those the new Pamper size seven?” TJ squealed.

“Yeah, they are. They fit me perfectly, and they're wicked comfortable.” Nate grinned happily.

“Oh can I try one? I'm not that much larger than you, they might fit me.” TJ asked hopefully.

“Sure, you and AJ can both try one, you're the same size almost, so if it fits one of you, it should fit both of you.”

“Cool.” AJ and TJ said at the same time.

They all went about diapering each other, and the pampers looked really cute on Nate, and they looked good on TJ and AJ as well, except they were right on the upper limits to their size capacity.

“These are really comfortable, but I'm afraid they just don't fit that well on us TJ. We won't be able to move properly and hope they soak up our pee, we'd better put our normal diapers on.” AJ sighed.

“Yeah, I suppose you're right. You're lucky to have these out when you need them, and they fit you Nate.” TJ said and removed the diaper and folded it back up, AJ did the same, and then their boyfriends re diapered them in their proper diapers, which were of course a bit too big on them, but they fit and held a lot.

“Yeah, but this is only my first pack of these, I hope I can fit in them for a while still. I hope the Wal-Mart here carries them as well.”

“I'm sure they will. Let's go get some lunch now guys.” AJ called out and they all headed to the kitchen where they made and ate lunch. Once lunch was all cleaned up, they led Nate to the games room.

“Fucking awesome.” Nate gasped as he walked in, and then clapped his hand over his mouth, because he realized exactly what he said, and he even blushed.

“Well it is awesome, we'll admit that, but no swearing around here please.” AJ laughed.

“Sorry, I don't normally swear, my parents would have skinned me alive had they heard that, and even Jim told me that swearing is not allowed in his house or around him, although he told me he would not stop me when around friends. I'll try not to though.” Nate continued blushing.

“It's okay, we understand. Now let's play.” AJ said, clapping Nate on the back to get him moving.

The five of them played and had fun until it was almost time for dinner. They all had a blast as they normally did, but Nate was still shocked that his friends had all this in their house, like how cool is that. They all headed in to make dinner, and were almost finished the cooking when Max finally decided to show up.

“Daddy, I was wondering when you were going to show up.” TJ yelled and ran and hugged his daddy.

“Hey squirt, good to see you too. I wanted to finish today so that we didn't have to go back tomorrow, and we did, but we're really late. Sorry about that guys. I really wasn't expecting to be so late. Glad you're just making dinner now though, I'm starved, I skipped lunch today. Wait a minute, there are five of you here, when there should only be four. My name's Max, and who are you?”

“This is Nate daddy, remember AJ and JJ told you and mom all about him. Well he moved in with Jim this week, and came to practice today, so we asked him to stay the night.” TJ said happily. He had become more accustomed to calling Max and Alice mom and dad, and that's all he called them. AJ still called Max by his first name more often than not, but it was becoming easier for him to call Max dad as well.

“Good to meet you Nate.” Max said, sticking his hand out, having to switch arms holding TJ's bottom up.

“Good to meet you too sir.” Nate said politely.

“Please, call me Max!”

“Thanks Max..” Nate smiled warmly, liking Max at first sight as well.

“No problem. I of course heard everything, I'm sorry your parents were as hard on you as they were, but Jim will be great for you. How are you liking it there so far?”

“Oh Jim and Riley are great, and I love it there. It's almost like having a real family.” Nate said effusively.

“Good, I'm glad to hear it.”

They all sat down to eat shortly after, and they talked and laughed while they ate. Max getting to know Nate as well. He really liked Nate also, he was a very polite and witty young man, and cute as a button as well. After dinner was cleaned up, they retired to the living room and all curled up on the couches, and watched a movie.

“You're welcome to come and sleep with us Nate, our bed is plenty large enough for the three of us to sleep in it.” TJ offered.

“You don't mind, I won't be interrupting anything?”

“No no, you'll just have to ignore us when we say goodnight to each other is all.” TJ smiled.

“Okay, thanks.”

The five boys all said goodnight to Max and headed to their rooms. They all changed their wet diapers and then crawled into bed. TJ and Ricky kissed for a few moments and whispered goodnight I love you to each other, and then said goodnight to Nate, and they all cuddled up and fell asleep.

AJ and JJ though removed their diapers and used only their mouths to pleasure each other, their hands not once touching any flesh at all, but not one spot was missed either. They played for almost an hour, giving each other hickies in a few different places, and releasing two loads each into each others mouths. Finally sated enough, they diapered their lover, then curled up to go to sleep, after saying their good nights and I love yous.


Tom and Tony had worked all morning to get Denise and Dieter all packed up, their flight left at eight that evening, so they had to leave no later than four to make sure they got there in time. They were both diapered under their loose fitting pants, all their luggage was ready to go, including a carry on with a few extra diapers each, and anything else that they would need. Their electronics though were being left behind.

Denise and Dieter had found it easier than they expected it would be to book two weeks of vacation time. All their people said it was about time they decided to rest, that they had been looking tired for quite some time, and told them that they expected to not hear or see of them for two whole weeks. This was partly due to Tony's calling a few of the key people there and telling them that he was making his parents take a couple weeks off, and they understood and agreed, at least they thought they understood most of it.

When the cab came to pick Denise and Dieter up, Tom and Tony both gave them hugs and kisses and told them to have a really good time, and to not worry about anything at all at home. They loaded up their luggage in the trunk, and they were off. Tom and Tony waved to them until they were out of sight.

Tony had not had a chance to take his story to AJ the previous weekend, but had taken it over during the week. AJ had told him that it would take him at least a week to look it over and make any changes. Tony had saved the file to a memory card for easy use, thankfully AJ had a memory port in his computer as well. While TJ was anxious to get it back with all the changes that were necessary, he was forcing himself to be patient, he knew that AJ had a lot to do.

“So what should we do tonight, now that we have the house all to ourselves?” Tony grinned.

“Well nothing more than we've already done, that's for sure.” Tom smiled.

“Nah, I wasn't talking about your making love to me anyways, we can wait a while for that, I don't think I'm ready for it yet. No, seriously, what should we do?”

“I don't know, you wanna go see a movie or something?”

“Sure, why not. We can put on diapers and loose pants, and then ride there and have a nice night out, a real date. Maybe we can even go to dinner.” Tony smiled.

“Sure, but I don't know about wearing diapers out.”

“Ah, why not. No one will notice anyways, and who cares if they do.” Tony said, but not really wanting anyone to find out either.

“Oh......I guess so.” Tom sighed, but smiled as well. He was willing to risk it too.

They went upstairs and diapered each other, then put on some nice loose fitting pants, checked themselves in the mirror, and they passed inspection, neither could tell at all. They headed out, hopping on their bikes, and heading to the theater. By bike it was almost a half an hour ride, so they would hopefully make it to watch something. They did too, they made it just in time to see a really good action film that they both wanted to see, so Tom paid for the tickets, while Tony went and bought them the large combo at the snack stand. They headed to their theater and found a good seat. Because it was still pretty early in the evening, they nearly had the place to themselves, so it was really nice. They both enjoyed the movie a great deal and couldn't wait for the next installment to come out, because they knew there would be.

“Where should we go for dinner?” Tony asked.

“I don't know. Somewhere nice, but not fancy.” Tom said.

“Okay, I think I know a good place.” Tony said and took off, not waiting for Tom. Tom had to peddle hard to catch up to follow Tony, and as many times as Tom asked, Tony refused to say where they were going. They ended up outside one of the nicer restaurants in town, it was not terribly fancy, but they were always full, because they had the best food in town. It was owned and operated by an Italian family, and they had some of the finest pasta outside of Italy. Tom had never been there before, nor had he heard of the place, but the smells, even outside, were to die for.

“Ah, two young lovebirds out on a date, let me find you a nice cozy little booth.” A young man said in a thick Italian accent. Both boys figured him to be very early twenties, if that old, and gay as can be as well. They both just smiled and followed the man.

“My name is Antonio, I will be your server tonight. Fortunately for you, we are not terribly busy, and papa just finished a batch of his best bread, I will bring some for you right away.”

Both boys smiled, not even getting a chance to say a word, as Antonio sat them at a small booth in the furthest corner from everyone.

“Man, it smells so good in here, and Antonio sure seems nice.” Tom smiled.

“Yeah.” Tony sighed, taking a deep breath in, enjoying all the smells.

“I bring for you some bread, and a bottle of our non alcoholic champagne for you to enjoy. May I suggest the lasagna and house salad this evening, it is the special tonight, and mama just took a pan right out of the oven as I was back there.”

“Antonio, we would both love that, and thank you so much.”

“No problem, give me only two minutes, I bring you your salad.”

And no word of a lie, they could have timed him, Antonio was back in almost exactly two minutes with a large plate of salad for them to share.

“I brought it on one plate for you to share, no one will see you feed each other where you sit, enjoy.” Antonio smiled.

“Thanks.” Both boys said together.

They did feed each other their salad, it was very romantic. There were no lights above the table, just a few small oil lanterns on the table casting a soft glow over everything. And as Antonio promised, from where they were seated, no one else in the restaurant would be able to see them. If no one else came in, then they would stay completely hidden from everyone. Just as they were finishing their salad, as if he were waiting for them, Antonio brought out a large plate with a large serving of lasagna on it for them to share as well. They again fed each other while enjoying their champagne, which they didn't mind after the first few sips.

“Man, this lasagna is just as good as AJ's is, maybe even a bit better. I'm so full though, I'm not so sure I can ride home.” Tom said, leaning back and patting his belly.

“Yeah, I agree with you.” Tony said, also leaning back.

“Would you gentlemen care for any dessert tonight?” Antonio asked, sneaking up on them.

“Oh Antonio, I don't think we could eat another crumb. We're so full, but it was so good.” Tom said politely.

“Just as well, we don't have dessert any more, no one ever ordered it, because we always fed everyone so well.” Antonio grinned.

“What would you do if we had said yes?”

“Ah, mama is a wizard, she'd have whipped something up if we really needed to.” He grinned back.

“How much do we owe you Antonio?” Tom asked, reaching for his wallet.

“Twenty dollars.”

“Okay, thank you so much Antonio, here you are.” Tom said, handing over thirty dollars.

“And thank you, and tell your mama and papa that that was the best lasagna we've ever had, and our friends is very good, and almost impossible to beat.” Tony said.

“I will do that, you boys have a good evening, but go and change before you leave, before you start to leak.”

“Thanks! Are we showing that badly?” Tony asked.

“To a trained eye, yes.”

Both boys looked down and sure enough, they could see the slight telltale bulge, and he winked and nodded at them.

“You have no idea how hard it is to do this job with a bladder like a five year old. This way much easier.” Antonio said.

“I think I do, I can't go more than an hour myself before I reach critical capacity, and have to find a bathroom, like now.” Tom smiled.

“Same here, well I must be off, hope to see you both soon.”

“Oh you will.” Tony smiled and they headed out.

“Wow, he's really nice.” Tom said as they headed to the bathroom to get changed.

“Yeah, he is. He must have just started, or was not here the one time I came here, because it's the first time I've seen him. It must have been his older sister that served me the last time.” They went in and quickly changed each other and then headed out.

“Who would you have come here with?” Tom asked as they hopped on their bikes and started riding off into the sunset.

“I happened to be riding past one day when I was hungry, it smelled really good, so I went in all by myself and had a really good dinner. That night it was the chicken cacciatore on special, so that was what I had, and it was really good too.”

“Oh, didn't figure it would have been your parents to have taken you.”

“No, I don't remember having ever gone out for dinner with them.”

They talked and laughed the entire ride home, just enjoying each others company and the ride home. The ride did help to ease their overly full tummies though. When they got home, they stripped off their clothes, and laid down on the couch with the music station playing on TV, and kissed and cuddled for a long time. Their hands slowly worked their way down until they were both deep inside the others diaper, and they both found their boyfriend to be hard. They both started stroking at the same time as their kissing increased in intensity, and only minutes later, they both came hard. The only difference was of course when they pulled their hands out, was that Tony's was covered in nice sticky goo, which he promptly stuck in his mouth and sucked off greedily.

“Oh god, you taste so good!” Tony sighed and leaned in for another kiss.

“Yeah, I taste even better when I get to share it from your mouth. I can't wait until I get to taste you too.” Tom sighed as they broke their kiss, both still breathing hard.

“I think it'll be soon, my balls are starting to grow, and I think I'm even starting to get a couple hairs.” Tony said hopefully.

“Really, when did you notice? I never saw any when I changed you.”

“Just a few days ago.”

Tom hopped off the couch and pulled Tony into position and then released one side of Tony's diaper and folded it over. He looked very closely at the entire area, hefted Tony's young balls up and felt them all over, and then finally poked his head up with a smile.

“It's not much, and if you hadn't said anything, I wouldn't have noticed, but you do, I saw two tiny little hairs, and your balls are starting to drop now. That means you could be cumming in under six months. Wow, you're really early, you're only twelve. I was fourteen the first time I got any hair and started to cum.” Tom said happily, taping Tony's diaper back up.

“Wicked. I can't wait.” Toy smiled.

They both got up then and headed to their bedroom, shutting down everything and locking up the house before doing so. They hopped into bed and kissed and cuddled a few minutes more before they whispered goodnight, I love you to each other, and passed out.


The next morning Jim came and did the training with the boys as normal, and he asked Nate if he enjoyed himself, and of course the answer was a resounding yes. They all worked very hard as normal, and before too long, Jim and Nate were heading back home.

“So have you made up your mind as to which school you'd like to go to?” Jim asked on their way home.

“I'd really like to go to TJ's school please Jim. I know it'll mean more driving for you, and you can cut my allowance in half for it, but I'd really like to please.” Nate said honestly.

“You don't even know how much allowance I'm giving you yet, but you don't have to worry about it, I don't mind at all. I'm charging your parents more than I normally would charge, because they can afford it, and you deserve better, but that's our little secret.” Jim grinned.

“They would have paid twice that to get me out of their hair in a way that doesn't make them look bad.” Nate grinned.

“Well had I have known that!” Jim smiled warmly and mussed up Nate's still wet hair.

“Ah, in a couple years tell them the cost has increased and you'll need to charge them more, or send me home, I bet they pay.” Nate said and unbuckled himself, slid to the middle seat, buckled back up, and cuddled into Jim's side.

“Nah, no need to get greedy, although we probably could, and just put all the extra into a savings account for you for later. I was already going to start one for you anyways, because, like i said, I'm charging them extra.”

“You don't need to do that Jim.”

“No, you're probably right, I don't need to, but I want to. I don't need much money, the house is paid for, Riley pays all the bills, it really won't take that much extra to feed you, and with your allowance you can buy your own clothes, for that I suggest you go with AJ, he's got great taste in clothing. Not to mention, I already get paid lots for training the other boys, so one extra really makes no difference.”

“How much do you get paid to train the guys anyways, if you don't mind my asking?” Nate asked curiously.

“Well the government pays me five hundred a month for the first, and then three hundred for each one after that, to a maximum of ten swimmers. So I make two thousand a month right now just from who I have, and when you turn ten I can officially put you in Olympic training as well.”

“Wow, that's a lot of money.”

“Well it might seem like it, but for most coaches it ends up that they might break even at the end of the month, because they usually have to rent pool facilities, but I have my own, and AJ's pool is even better yet. A lot of coaches are finding that it's actually cheaper to buy a house and put the proper pool in, than it is to rent a pool, so most are going that way.”

“That makes sense. Do you make more if your swimmers place well in competitions?”

“Yes, for the major meets I do make money. The top five coaches get a payment depending on the placement of their swimmer or diver. For instance in a national meet, if one of my boys makes gold, I get two thousand dollars, silver is fifteen hundred, bronze is one thousand, and seven fifty and five hundred four fourth and fifth place. To win gold in the Olympics though could mean ten thousand dollars for me.”

“Wow, that's a lot of money. What about the swimmers, do they get any money as well?”

“The amounts are the same, but they are usually paid into secure accounts, because most of the swimmers and divers are young. School meets and small meets that do not really count for much though, you don't earn anything extra. It's one of the incentives for doing well.”

“AJ and JJ must have made lots of money by now then.” Nate said.

“They've done not too bad, but they've only been to a couple large meets now, remember, they have not been doing this very long. In fact you've been swimming longer than AJ has.”

“Really! But he's so good, how can that be?”

“He's a natural. He seems to be able to watch something, or be told how to do it, and then instinctively be able to do it himself. Usually I only have to tell him something once and then he can do it perfectly after a few tries. JJ is almost as good, but he takes a little more work with, and it takes him three to four times longer to perfect something. Ricky and TJ are good, but they'll never be quite as good as the other two are, and Matt and Orin both do very well as well, but again not quite as good as AJ and JJ. You though, you could be as good as they are, you just have to work hard and push yourself a bit, and in a few years, you will be standing on a podium accepting gold as well.”

“You think so!”

“Yes, for a boy so young, you are doing exceptionally well, you have great form, you have excellent speed, and you have the drive to do it too. Take my word for it, you will do well if I have anything to say about it.”

“Thanks, and I will try my hardest for you.”

“I know you will.”


Tuesday Jim and Nate drove back to town with all of the paperwork they had, heading to the school that TJ went to, and talked to the principal. Jim had made an appointment the day before to come and do this. They waited in the office for a few minutes after Nate did the placement test, not that it was necessary, but the principal always preferred to know exactly where each student sat.

“Hi Jim and Nate, sorry to keep you waiting, just a minor issue popped up. Please, come on in.”

“Thanks, and no problem at all.” Jim said and they went in.

“So, I understand that you are Nate's guardian, and that all contact is to be with you and not his parents?”

“That's correct.”

“Okay, not a problem. Now I see here that you live closer to another school, twenty minutes away, why is it that you are bringing Nate here?”

“Because he is already friends with TJ, so we felt it would be best to bring him somewhere that he has a friend already. He has difficulty making friends, and if kids find out about him, then they are likely not to hang out with him.”

“Ah, I see! I take it Nate that you are gay then as well?”

“Yes sir.” Nate said.

“Not a problem. I do not allow harassment in my school at all, so if you have any issues, find a way to tell me. If you hang out with TJ and his friends though, you should have no problem at all, no one bothers them, and they bother no one else either. Now Nate, I looked at the scores on your placement test, and you did very well. I would like to offer you a place in our advanced class. That would mean that you would be in class, and do all your activities with TJ and his friends as well.”

“But they're two grades ahead of me.” Nate said.

“Yes, they are, however there are not that many students in that class, and with the two teachers it has, we feel that you can all learn together. You will be the youngest in the class, but the next youngest is only a month older than you are. He's super shy and won't talk to anyone else, maybe with you being the same age as he is, you can open him up a bit. So would you like that?”

“Yes please.” Nate said happily.

“Great. I always prefer to put students in there when they truly deserve to be, and from what your previous school, and what this test says, you deserve to be there. I could actually put you to the next grade without problem, but I won't, but that doesn't mean I don't want you working on the next grade stuff by the end of the year. That's the beauty of the advanced class, you get to work at your own pace, and if you finish one grade early, you may feel free to start on the next grade, but please get all the subjects for that grade done at the same time.”

“Thank you sir.” Nate said with a wide smile.

“Yes, thank you very much.”

“You're both very welcome. I will enter you to start tomorrow if that's okay?”

“That's fine with us.”

“Excellent, I will see you tomorrow morning Nate. By the way, just come straight here tomorrow when you get here, I will take you to your class as soon as it starts to introduce you to the teachers.” He said and Nate nodded happily.


“Hello again Nate, good to see you this morning, are you excited?”

“Yeah, Jim took me shopping last night for all the school supplies it said I would need on the paper that the secretary gave me. I can't wait to get there.” Nate smiled happily. Jim had not come in with him, just gave him a hug and told him to have a good day and left. Nate was more than old enough to take care of this himself.

“Great, well the bell just rang, so let's take you down to your classroom right now then.”

“Thanks sir.” Nate said, and the pair of them headed out of the office and down the hall. The advanced students classroom was a large room at the very end of the hall, it had windows on two walls, and looked very nice and bright. Great for learning in. Nate was introduced to the two teachers, and TJ grinned brightly when he saw Nate.

There was only one table that did not have two students at it already, each table was assigned two kids, and the boy at the table that Nate was taken to looked to be about the same age as Nate was. He had medium length, medium brown hair, brown eyes, really long flowing eye lashes, nice nose, and he was small, just like Nate.

“Hi, I'm Nate.” Nate said brightly, and stuck out his hand to shake.

“Yeah, I know, they said that while you were at the front of the class, I'm Simon.” Simon whispered, he didn't look up, but he did shake hands, very lightly.

“Good to meet you Simon, but you can speak up and look at me, I promise I won't bite, unless you like that sort of thing.” Nate grinned and Simon blushed. Nate had pegged Simon for being gay right away, just the way he sat and talked.

Simon didn't say anything further, just turned and looked back up to the front and their lessons got started. They worked until they broke for recess, and TJ and the others all came right up to Nate and excitedly said hello, and TJ introduced the others.

“You never said you were coming to our school.” TJ said loudly as they were walking outside.

“I wasn't a hundred percent certain, so I didn't want to say anything, just in case. You guys scared Simon away though when you came over, what's up with him?”

“He's really shy. He won't talk to anyone, even though I've tried. The few times I got close to him, he looked like he was going to pee his pants and run away crying.” TJ said sadly.

“Wonder why he's like that?” Nate said.

“Don't know, he's super smart though, way smarter than we are, but he refuses to advance any further. Says he refuses to go to high school until the rest of his age group goes too. Knowing how hard it was on AJ though, I can understand. He just needs someone who he will get close to.” TJ shrugged.

“Yeah, he actually talked more to you then he has to us since we came to that class, maybe he likes you.” Tony smiled.


The boys all sat on the swings and just continued talking until the bell rang and then they headed back inside. The hour before lunch was to be their gym period, so they all headed to the gym and got changed into their shorts and gym shoes. Nate was surprised that none of the boys stripped right down, except him and TJ and friends, everyone else just as quickly as possible pulled their pants off and threw their shorts on, whereas the four of them stripped naked and got changed. The others had gotten used to the other three doing this by now, and just didn't look up.

“Man, how do they take showers after gym if they won't even get undressed, and that's gross, they'll get all sweaty and still have to wear those underwear?” Nate asked in disgust.

“We're the only ones who take showers, and it is gross. The teachers here don't make us shower though.” TJ shrugged.

“Yuck.” Nate wrinkled his nose and followed the others out to the gym.

“Cool, gymnastics today.” Tony said.

“Yeah, I saw them setting it all up yesterday afternoon. It's gymnastics for the next couple weeks apparently.” Garth said.

“I have no idea how to do any gymnastics.” Nate said.

“Sure you do, don't you know diving is water gymnastics!” TJ grinned.

“Never thought of it that way before, but I've never been on any gymnastics stuff before.”

“I have been a few times and I really like it.” TJ said.

“Me too.” The other three said.

The teacher then went through all the safety stuff and then got them all started on things. The only one that did not appear to be included, was Simon, he was on the parallel bars and really working around. Everyone could see that he was relaxed and happy, and they then knew why he was not included, because he was obviously a gymnast. Simon was asked to show the other kids a few things, and while he did it, he never talked or looked at the others at all. They all played and had fun on the equipment for the rest of their hour, and they all learned a few cool things. Nate and the others really watched Simon though, and he was great on all the pieces. When they went in, the four of them stripped down and went and had a quick shower, and then went and dried off and got changed. By the time they came out of the showers though, all the others had already left.

“Guys, I'm not going to stay with you for lunch today, I'm going to go and try and talk to Simon okay.” Nate said.

“Sure, try not to spook him too much though.” TJ said.

“I won't. Any idea where I'd be most likely to find him, I used to hide in the library?”

“That's where he will be too, most likely at the very back, where he can hardly be seen.” Kevin said, he had seen him there a number of times.

“Thanks.” Nate grabbed his lunch and quickly inhaled it, because you weren't allowed food in the library at all, then headed to the library. It took only a few seconds to find Simon, he was the only person in there, except the librarian.

“Hi Simon, mind if I sit with you for a few minutes.” Nate whispered when he crept up, trying not to let Simon hear or see him until it was too late.

“Um, I'd rather not.” He whispered back.

“Look, I'm not going to hurt you or make fun of you, it's just, I want to be friends.”

“You won't want to hang out with me.” He whispered again, this time even quieter.

“Why, because you're gay?”

“Yes.” Simon said with a few tears rolling down his cheeks now.

“So what, so am I, so are TJ and his friends. If you actually looked at people, maybe you would have seen that already.” Nate said softly.

“You're just saying that to make me feel better.” Simon sobbed quietly.

“No, it's the truth. You're really good at gymnastics, I swim and my trainer says I'm really good.”

“Thanks. I can't swim at all.”

“I'd be happy to teach you one day, but my house is quite far away, but maybe we could go to TJ's house, he has an awesome pool.”

“No thanks.”

“Well you don't have to swim if you don't want to, that's okay. So do you practice gymnastics a lot?”

“Yeah, I have a gym in my basement, and I practice that or other things almost every day.”

“Oh really, what else do you do?”

“I'd rather not say.”

“You don't have to tell me if you really don't want to, but nothing can be as embarrassing as my secret, and I'll tell you if you tell me.”

“Okay. I'll tell you if you tell me, but you can't laugh at me.”

“I'd never laugh at you. I wet the bed at night and have to wear diapers to bed. Now top that.” Nate whispered so that only Simon would be able to hear, not that there was anyone around who could hear them anyways.

“Really, so do I.” Simon said, in surprise, a whole decibel louder than he had been talking.

“Cool, maybe we can have a sleepover one night then, that way neither of us has to worry about it. But that wasn't your secret, so spill it.” Nate said softly, but with a warm smile on his face.

“Fine, I dance, mostly ballet.”

“What's wrong with that, I think it's great. You have a great body for dancing, you're very small, just like me, I have a good body for swimming and diving.”

“Thanks.” Simon smiled for the first time, and it suited him, he looked very cute with a smile.

“You should smile more often, you look so much nicer. You're really cute anyways, but that makes you look even better.” Nate smiled warmly again.

“Thanks. How long have you been swimming and diving for?”

Nate told Simon his entire story, up to and including leaving his parents and moving in with Jim and Riley to train, but that it was so much more than that.

“So, how long have you been training in dance and gymnastics for?”

“I have two moms just like you now have two dads, and one of my moms is a gymnast. As far as I know, I have been doing gymnastics and dancing since I was a baby. My other mom is a really good lawyer and makes tonnes of money, but she used to dance, and encouraged me to do that as well. My other mom teaches me a bit, but I go to class for that once a week.”

“How come you're so shy? You're really easy to talk to once you open up.” Nate asked.

“Don't know, just am. My one mom is pretty shy too, but I don't want friends who think I'm weird because I'm gay and like dancing ballet.”

“Well we're all weird in one way or another, but that doesn't make you weird. Tell you what, let's go find TJ and the others and sit with them. I think you'll really like them.”

“Do we have to?”

“We don't have to if you really don't want to, we can just stay here and talk for now, but I think you should.” Nate said gently.

“I guess so. I've already read this book twice anyways.” Simon sighed.

Nate grabbed his hand and pulled him up and out of the library, and let go once they were in the hallway. They went out to the school yard. Nate spotted TJ and the others right away, and headed over there, Simon following shyly a couple steps behind.

“Guys, I'd like you to meet Simon. He's my new friend.” Nate said happily.

“Nice to finally meet you Simon.” TJ said and stuck out his hand, and Simon shook it lightly, and then the others all shook hands with him as well. They of course all already somewhat knew each other, but they had never talked, mostly due to Simon's inability to do so.

“Let's go over there under the beech tree and talk where it's quiet, and we can't be overheard.” Nate said and the six of them headed over there and sat down.

“So guess what guys, Simon is gay and wets the bed too, isn't that so cool.” Nate said. TJ had of course told him that the others were all the same. Simon burst into tears though.

“Hey Simon, Nate said too. You're smart, what do you think that says about us?” TJ asked, wrapping his arm around Simon and pulling him into a sideways hug.

“I guess that means you guys are all gay and wet too.” Simon sniffled quietly.

“That's right, we are and we do.” TJ said happily.

“And remember, I told you earlier that all the guys were gay, and that we would all be friends. TJ and Tom both have older boyfriends and Garth and Kevin are boyfriends. Wait till you meet the others, everyone is so cool.” Nate said excitedly.

“We were planning on having a sleepover this weekend anyways, why don't you join us Simon?” TJ asked.

“I don't know if I'll be allowed to.” Simon tried.

“Yeah right. Have you ever had a sleepover anywhere?” TJ asked.


“And are your mom's nice?” Nate asked.

“Yeah, they're super.” Simon smiled.

“You should smile more often, you look way cuter when you do.” TJ said.

“See, told you. I told him that earlier too.” Nate said.

“Good, he needs to hear it more often. Anyways Simon, how much should I bet that your moms say yes before the full question is out of your mouth?”

“I don't know, I've never stayed anywhere before though.”

“Because you are so damned shy, that's why. And at least with us, you won't have to worry about bed wetting, we all wear diapers. You can tell your moms that where you are staying, bed wetting is not a problem. So you have two moms, that's cool?” TJ smiled.

“Yeah, and they are cool too.” Simon said quietly still, but at least he was easily heard this time.

“So, your moms are lesbians then, how did you come to be then, or did one of them used to have a boyfriend?” Tony asked.

“My mom, the one who gave birth to me, she slept with one of her gay friends to get pregnant. He was supposed to have been my dad, so that I had a dad too, but he died only a month later in a car crash.”

“Oh, I see, sorry to hear about that.” Tony said.

“No, it's no big deal. In my moms I have everything I need.” Simon said happily.

“So, are you going to come this weekend then?” Nate asked.

“I'll ask, I promise I will.” Simon said with another smile.


“I won't be able to stay the whole weekend though remember guys, I have to be home for when my parents get home, so that I can give them the second part of their vacation. Tom is probably going to stay too, so he won't be able to stay the whole weekend with you guys either.” Tony said.

“No problem, and I remembered. You'll be able to stay Friday night and most of Saturday still. Your parents flight doesn't land until six at the earliest, so the soonest they could be home is seven, so you guys can even stay for dinner.” TJ said.

“Cool, thanks.”

“And I'll tell Jim that I will just come home with you guys on Friday after school, that way he doesn't have to come all the way out, I'll just pack everything I need into my school bag, or maybe he could drop it off at your place after dropping me off at school.”

“That would probably work best, too hard to carry a sleeping bag and pillow into school, and how embarrassing would it be if your bag spilled its contents and a bunch of diapers spilled out with it.” TJ teased.

“Yeah, that would be a bit embarrassing.” Nate grinned.

“I'd die if that happened.” Simon croaked out.

“Yeah, but you actually care what other people around you think, I don't care. I have a great group of friends already, and if the others all think I'm even more weird than I already am, then so be it.” TJ said.


“Yeah, really, if they don't already like me, why should I care. What are they gonna do, spread nasty rumors around about me, they have all already figured out I'm gay, and a few kids have tried to start something, but I just tell them to grow up and walk away.”

“I heard the rumor that you were gay, but I just thought people were being mean.”

“If you had actually taken a close look at me, you would have seen that my eyebrow ring is pink, that usually tips people off.”

“Well, it would help if I could actually see pink properly, it usually looks like light blue or sometimes purple.”

“Ah, color blind I see. That would explain your current choice of socks.” TJ grinned.

“What, oh no, did I put wrong color ones on again? Moms are always telling me to go change my clothes because they don't match.”

“Afraid so, ones blue and the other's purple. They must not have seen them this morning, but your pants pulled up a bit, so we can see them now.”

“I must be the only kid in grade four who still needs his mommies help to get dressed.” Simon said quietly.

“Are you kidding. Half the kids in this school should still have their parents dress them, most of the kids have absolutely no color sense at all, and probably only half of them are color blind. At least you have a genuine excuse, and they don't need to dress you, just tell you what does and does not go together.”

“I guess you're right, but I wouldn't have noticed the others clothes any better than my own. I once thought something was orange, and it was brown, or red and brown, or blue and purple, all sorts of colors I can't see properly.”

“I'm color blind too, just not quite so bad. Why don't you have your moms do what mine does for me. Here, take a look at the tag in my shirt.” Kevin said, and then turned around and pulled the tag out so that Simon and the others could see. No one else had ever seen this before, so they were curious.

“There's the number three on it, why?”

“My mom knew I had trouble with colors, not so bad as you, so she made a number and color chart, all I have to do is match up the numbers on my clothes, and then I never have to worry. Some clothes have multiple numbers so that I can wear them with multiple colors, and if it has a zero on it I can wear them with all colors. Mom also switched me to plain white socks, so that I never have that problem also, because there's no tags in socks.”

“That's a really good idea, I'm going to tell my moms that, thanks.” Simon said happily.

“Happy to help.”

“How come you never told me that?” Garth asked curiously.

“You already knew I was color blind, and it just never came up. If you had have seen the numbers and asked, I would have told you, it's not a secret.” Kevin shrugged.

“Oh, I wasn't concerned, just wondered, makes sense though, it's just normal so you're used to it I guess.”

“Yeah, I've had that system in place since I was in kindergarten. My mom said it used to be hilarious, because I'd put the strangest colors together.”

“My moms say the same thing, that's why she just sets my clothes out for me. Normally I just grab a pair of socks that are already bundled, so I don't have to worry about it, most of my socks will go with anything, but this morning I had to grab clean socks from the laundry basket before they were folded. I guess I just grabbed the wrong ones.” Simon said shyly, but with a hint of a smile.

The rest of the day and the week went by for the boys, and they all had a lot of fun. Simon really started to open up with the boys, started talking more, just not so much in class still, unless he was asked a direct question. The teachers decided to move all six boys to three tables close to each other, since they were all friends and were doing well together. The teachers and the principal were very pleased with the progress that Simon was making. Even his moms noticed the difference, and like TJ said they would, they said yes before he had even finished asking if he could spend the weekend at their house. Both moms were happy that their shy little boy was finally going on his very first sleepover. They had tried encouraging him to be more friendly and less shy, but it just never worked.

Nate had asked Jim the same question, and just like Simon's moms, he said yes before he even finished asking the question. He too was very happy for Nate, especially hearing him talk about the cute boy at school, Simon.

So Friday afternoon came and AJ, JJ, Tom, and Ricky all went to the elementary school once they were finished, and picked the six boys up. It was just going to be the ten of them this weekend, except Tony and Tom would only be staying half the weekend of course. The introductions were made all around, because Simon had not yet met the older boys, and then they went to the car that was waiting for Simon to come and pick up his things, because he too did not like the idea of bringing his diapers to school, so his mom agreed to drop off all his stuff to him after school. He gave his mom a kiss goodbye, and she told him to have a good time.

“So are you excited about having your first sleepover?” AJ asked Simon gently.

“I'm sorta scared, I've never stayed anywhere except home before.” Simon said quietly.

“I know how you feel. I used to be just as shy and scared as you are now. Just ask JJ. You and I are the same in a lot of ways, well except the two moms part, but my dad was gay and left my mom when I was young. TJ told us all about you, and don't worry, at my house you have absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about, we're all the same there.”

“TJ told me about your dad, sorry about that. He didn't tell you everything about me though, did he?”

“No need to be sorry, I don't even remember him at all. As for did he tell us everything, of course. We have no secrets in our house, and nor do you. Everything you have told TJ, he will have told us, but like I said, we are all the same, we wear the same things to bed as you do, and maybe even other times too.” AJ winked.


“Yeah. I take it you like your diapers as well for a little more than just sleeping in?” AJ whispered, Simon nodded very slightly.

“Good, we'll get along just fine then. TJ tells us you can't swim, would you like to learn, we're all really good swimmers?”

“I hate swimming, I'm scared of the water.” Simon admitted shyly.

“Nothing to be embarrassed about, lots of people are scared of the water. Some doctors say that everyone has some irrational fear that they don't want to face.”

“What's yours?”

“I used to be scared of everything; the dark, crowds, spiders, snakes, dying, and all sorts of other things. I still hate spiders and snakes, but the rest I'm not too bad with. Do you know why you're afraid of water? Sometimes knowing helps you face the fear.”

“I almost drowned in the lake when I was four, I think my mom said, she had to do CPR on me and everything, I still don't even like taking baths, I prefer showers.” Simon admitted.

“Yeah, I can see why that would do something like that to someone.” AJ said.

“I had something similar happen when I was six. I was at the river, and I almost drowned too, but it just pissed me off so much that I let the water beat me like that, so I went into swim lessons.” JJ said simply.

“You were a lot stronger kid than I was. You won't have to go in the water if you don't want to, but you're welcome to join us, and I would be happy to teach you how to swim, we all can, and one thing we can guarantee, is that we will not let you drown.” AJ said, first to JJ, and then to Simon.

“I'll have to think about it. TJ says you have a hot tub and a sauna as well, I don't mind hot tubs too much, but only if there's someone in with me, and I like saunas.”

“Then someone will always be in the hot tub with you, and you can use the sauna as much as you'd like. Also the water comes right up to the edge of the pool, so you can sit down and put your feet in the water at least. Just do it at the shallow end, just in case.” JJ said.

“Thanks guys, you really are nice like TJ and Nate said you were.”

“Dammit boys, I thought we told you not to spread nasty rumors about us.” AJ turned and yelled at them, they of course burst out laughing, even Simon smiled.

“Oh don't get your diaper in a twist, we told him all about your bad sides too, your image is intact.” TJ laughed.

“Oh good, wouldn't want some new kid thinking I was a nice guy or something.” AJ said, making a show of wiping his brow. Simon continued to smile and the boys all laughed.

“You guys are funny.” Simon chuckled lightly.

“He laughs! I thought you said he didn't know how to laugh Nate?” AJ asked in shock.

“Holy crap, he does. I've never heard him laugh either, I figured his funny bone was broken or something, maybe even beyond repair.” Nate said seriously.

“I know how to laugh, just don't have much to laugh at at school.”

“Well now you do.” Nate said happily, and grabbed Simon in a friendly sideways hug.

“Thanks.” Simon said shyly, but he had a warm smile on his face as well.

The boys talked and joked for the rest of the five minute walk. When they walked in the house, AJ told everyone just to throw their stuff in the living room, and then they all grabbed a snack from the kitchen. AJ had made a large batch of cookies, and a few other things, the night before, so they had plenty to snack on.

“Wow, you have a really nice pool. Oh I forgot my shorts, just a second, I'll go get them.” Simon said when they walked in.

“Thanks, but there's no need to go get your shorts, we swim naked here, you're welcome to as well if you wish. One way or another though, we will see you naked, because you have to get fully clean before you are allowed to use any of the equipment, so that means a full shower, and you can't very well shower with your shorts or clothes on.” AJ said.

“I can't get naked.” Simon gasped quietly.

“Sure you can, you do it at least twice every day, it's no different here. We'll all be naked, and I promise you, we won't laugh either.” JJ said softly.

“I don't even let my moms see me naked though.”

“Why not? You're only nine, you have nothing to be ashamed of. And I hate to say it, but your junk probably hasn't changed any since you were a baby, other then getting slightly larger.” TJ asked incredulously.

“But they're girls.”

“And they've seen it all before, even if they are lesbians.” AJ said.

“We're going to get undressed now, you make up your mind, but I suggest you try it, and remember, we're all boys here, and we are all the same, just some of us are bigger and have hair now.” JJ said.

“That reminds me guys, Tony's balls have started to drop, and he has a couple hairs.” Tom said happily.

“Really, that's cool, let's see.” TJ said. He turned and whipped Tony's shorts off and exposed him completely and looked all over his groin. “Yeah, look at that, they're right there. I hope I get some soon too.” TJ said, still nearly fondling his friend who was now getting hard. Simon was seeing all this and he was extremely red from embarrassment.

“Oh god, would you quit that, you're gonna make me cum.” Tony gasped.

“Yeah, only I'm allowed to do that.” Tom smacked TJ out of the way playfully and latched on.

“Oh quit that guys, no sex during sleepovers, remember.” AJ said, smacking Tom out of the way, but appreciatively taking a look as well. “Good one Tony, two there all right. In another six months you might have more than me.” AJ grinned.

“Yeah, Tom figures that I might finally be able to give him a treat in a few months, I can't wait.” Tony smiled widely. Poor Simon though was burning up.

“Simon, are you all right?” AJ said, slapping the poor boy on the back to wake him up, he looked like he was in shock, and was blushing even more than JJ ever remembered seeing AJ blush.

“Yeah, I'm all right.” He stuttered out.

“It's just a boner, and we all have them, I bet even you have a boner now.” AJ said.

Simon nodded almost imperceptibly, and the blush increased a little bit more. The boys all started to strip now, seeing as how one of them was already almost naked anyways. Simon just stood there, not really watching, but not tearing his eyes away either. He was in shock. All the boys were in fact hard from the display, and they all proudly showed themselves off, except they didn't really show off any, they just did everything normally as if they were dressed. When they started heading to the shower, Simon must have figured that if they could do it, so could he, because he started pulling his shirt off as well. By the time the others were half way clean, Simon was naked, holding his hand over his groin, and walked over to the shower to join the others.

“Simon, don't be afraid, remove your hands, let everyone see you, look at everyone else. It's perfectly normal. I wouldn't get a boner while changing at school though, you might get teased for that, but here, we all get them all the time.” AJ said gently.

Slowly Simon pulled his hands away as the water cascaded down his very slim little body. He still had his full erection, and it was cute. He was uncut, just like all the other boys, the only difference was that his foreskin was so long that it still hung over the end fully while erect, the other boys all had at least a bit of head showing through. His entire body was lean as could be, not an ounce of fat anywhere to be seen. He had a really cute shapely little boy bum, just like Nate's, his erection was probably in around the six to seven centimeter range, but still nice and slim, and he had small balls tucked right up tight against his body. His face was cute too, almost pretty, full lips, cute nose, still a little round like a little boy, and he had nice blue eyes to go with his blond hair that he wore short.

“There, that's better. Take a good look around, see what everyone else is packing, everyone does, even the straight boys do, they just won't admit it. Everyone's curious, they always want to know how they're coming along, if they're normal or not. Well I can say, you're very normal. About the same size I was at your age actually.” AJ said.

“Me too.” All the others said.

“And we're almost the exact same size.” Nate said.

“I've never seen another boys penis before.”

“Really, why the hell not?” JJ asked.

“Didn't want to look and be called a fagot or something like that.”

“First of all, fagot is a dirty word, please don't use it. Second of all, like I said, all boys look, it's natural. Any boy that tried to harass you for that, you could turn around and tell them to quit looking at yours then. Besides, what do you care, you are gay, be proud of that. You don't have to parade it around or anything, but you don't have to hide it either.” AJ said.

“Sorry, I won't use that word any more, but that's what other boys call gay boys, or ones they think are.” Simon said quietly.

“Don't listen to those small minded morons, you're too smart for that.” AJ said.

“I'll try.”

“Good. You should be clean enough now, come on and join us for our workout. Now, when on the machines, it is important not to push yourself too hard, or you could hurt yourself.”

“I know, I have a lot of this stuff at home too, and I workout every day.” Simon said.

“Good, well let's go then.”

Everyone dried off and headed over to the workout area, AJ hitting the hot tub jets and the sauna switch on the way past, as well as turning on the music. They did their warm up stretches and then started working out.

“Simon, if you are that strong, why the hell would you worry about other kids teasing you?” TJ asked, because Simon was doing as much as he was, and in some cases more.

“I won't ever hit anyone, unless I have no other choice, but I don't want anyone to make fun of me, I'd start crying.”

“Neither would we, and who cares if you start crying, just as long as you give verbally as good as you get.” TJ said.

“Yeah, and have everyone call you a cry baby all the time as well. I cry whenever I'm mad or sad, it just comes out.” Simon said sadly.

“That's nothing to be ashamed of, you just have to learn how to control your emotions a little better is all. That way you won't start crying until afterwards. I used to be the same way, and last year when I beat up a bully that had been picking on me, I held it all in, and then when I came down from the adrenaline high, I started crying and peed my pants. Lucky all my friends had me surrounded so no one else in the school could see.” AJ said.

“You peed your pants at school last year, oh man that must have been embarrassing.”

“No, not really. I was too distraught at the time to realize what had happened, and by the time I did realize it, I found that the swim team were the very best of friends, friends that stood by you no matter what, and would even clean up your pee soaked clothing for you.”

“No way, really!”

“Yeah, they did. They kicked everyone out of the bathroom, had guards standing at the door, had others run to fetch things for me, stripped my pants and underwear off, and held me so I could puke, and then sat me back down so I could pee again. Even held my dick so I didn't pee all over the front of him. I think it was Matt, but you know, that whole time is kinda hazy. I remember some things clearly, and other things not so much, most of that is what I was told later.”

“Yeah, it was Matt.” JJ said.

“Thought so.”

“Wow, what's it like to have such good friends?”

“Don't know, you tell us. We're all your friends now, and the guys in your school will protect you just the same if they have to. See, true friends stand up for each other, and they will for you, and you will for them too once you get enough strength.”

“I'm strong.”

“No, emotional strength. It'll take some time, but you're smart, so you can figure it out. We can help a lot though, just like JJ helped me and we helped Ricky. He used to be the same, just not so bad as you or I.”

“Oh, thanks.”

“So, TJ tells us that you're a dancer and a gymnast, and you dance mostly ballet, what's it like?” JJ asked.

“I love gymnastics. I can work for hours in our gym at home and not get tired, it just feels relaxing to me. Dancing is almost the same. Ballet is really nice, it's very free, all those movements.” Simon actually smiled fondly as he said this.

“Sounds nice. I can't dance at all, two left feet, both with all big toes.” AJ grinned.

“Me too.” Most of the boys said.

“While we swim, if you don't want to, you can dance on the pool deck instead.” AJ offered.

“No, I think I'd like to try swimming, if you'll teach me AJ.” Simon said a little nervously. He really trusted AJ for some reason, and was willing to allow AJ to do something he would not even allow his moms to do.

“Of course I will, we'll all help out.” AJ said warmly.

They all worked out for only half an hour before heading over to the pool. AJ told the others to go ahead and start swimming, and that he'd handle Simon for now, and call if he needed help. He knew that Simon was still very uncomfortable, and was putting a great deal of trust in him.

“Okay, first thing we're gonna do is get you to sit on the edge with just your lower legs in the water to get used to the feeling.” AJ said.

“You promise not to let me drown, right?” Simon asked quietly in a pleading manner.

“Yes, of course I promise I won't let you drown. Now go ahead and sit down, just get used to the water lapping at your legs. There, that's it. Now, as you can see, I'm standing up, the water is only to my belly button, and you're almost as tall as I am, only a few centimeters shorter, so the water will only go to your nipples at the highest. Take my hands, and as soon as you feel ready, slide yourself into the water and stand up.” AJ said very softly, almost hypnotically.

It took a few minutes for Simon to work up the courage, and he held AJ's hands very firmly, almost painfully, then he slid himself into the water.

“There you go, not so bad, now is it?”

“Easy for you to say, I hope you don't mind, but I think I just peed in your pool.”

“Not the first, and won't be the last either I'm sure.” AJ smiled warmly.

AJ just let Simon calm down a bit, and relax the vice like grip that he had on his hands. When he was relaxed enough, AJ started again.

“Good, there you go, just relax and get used to the water. Now, we're going to go for a bit of a walk, but don't worry, I won't take you above your head.”

AJ started walking backwards, leading Simon around the shallow end of the pool, working their way out and then back again, out a little further, and then back again. Simon's hands would grip harder as they went further, and would relax as they came back. They went on like this until Simon's chin was touching the water. AJ stopped there and just whispered calming words to Simon, getting him to calm down a bit more.

“There you go, that's better. Just calm down, face your fears, tell your mind that you're safe, and that you're not going to drown. You can face anything if you believe you can, and you're doing it. Let's go back into the shallow water and see if you can float.”

AJ led Simon back to the shallow water and then instructed him on the next steps. AJ had Simon put his arm around his neck and then lay back across AJ's arms, and he did it, but he was still peeing when his dick surfaced, and AJ laughed.

“Still scaring the piss outta you am I?”

“Yeah, I don't think I've stopped the entire time. I'm really scared, but I know I'm safe with you.”

“Good, that's the first part of facing your fears, admitting that you're scared, and that you are safe. You are safe with me, I'd have to die right now before I'd let you go under the water.” AJ said softly.

AJ just had Simon lay back on his arms for a while without moving, just letting him get used to the feeling, and to relax the grip that he had around AJ's neck.

“Good, you're relaxed a bit more, now I can breath properly. Now, I am going to go ahead and start moving, just hold on and let the water flow against you.” AJ said softly, and the grip tightened up again.

AJ started moving them around mostly in circles. By the time he was finished, the hour for swimming was up, and the others were getting ready to go diving. They just went ahead without AJ, they knew he would join them if he wanted to, and it wasn't like he had a problem missing a training session. Simon was once again set down on his own feet.

“Very good. Now we're going to rest a few moments, and then go on to the next thing. It's going to be the hardest so far on you, but don't worry.”

“What's next?”

“Two things, first we need to get your face in the water, and second is to get you floating. Those two things will probably take the whole next hour. For now, just relax for a few minutes, and watch the others while they play.” AJ said softly, and he saw the look of panic cross Simon's face when he said that, but he also saw Simon push it down.

“Okay, are you ready.”

“No, but let's go before I change my mind.”

“You don't have to do it all at once you know.”

“I know, but if I don't now, I might never do it.” Simon said philosophically.

“Good point. Let's go right to the very shallow end and do this.” AJ said and they walked there, AJ let Simon do it on his own this time, and he did just fine, but probably peed again.

“Okay, now this part is essential, you can't swim if you can't put your face in the water. It's not really that bad, but there are a few things to remember. First is take a deep breath before you do, second is to hold on to the edge so that you know you are in control, and third, just put your face in the water and slowly let your breath out through your nose so that water doesn't go inside it. Go ahead when you're ready.” AJ said softly.

Simon visibly calmed himself for a few moments and then took a deep breath, grabbed a white knuckle grip of the pools edge, and the slowly put his face in the water. He blew out his air slowly, and when there were no more bubbles, he came up.

“I did it.” Simon said excitedly.

“Yes you did. Now catch your breath and do it a few more times. Try and open your eyes even and look into the water.”

Simon just nodded. He was very proud of himself for doing this, for facing his biggest fear. He feared swimming far more than anyone ever seeing him naked, or finding out he was gay, or liked diapers, probably all together he was still more afraid of water. He took a few calming breaths and then held it, and did it again. Each time he did, his grip became less and less harsh. He dunked his face in a total of six times, taking almost half an hour to do it.

“You're doing great. You keep it up and before you know it, you'll be swimming. Now for floating. For this you are going to need to trust me a great deal. You will have to be loose and you can't hold on to me this time. You are going to lay across my arms, just like you did the last time, and you are going to have to put your ears in the water and tip your head back. Just let your feet dangle free, and I will gently lower you until you are floating. My arms will always be under you though, just in case.” AJ said calmly.

They got into position again, and Simon slowly laid across AJ's arms, this time not putting his arm across AJ's shoulders. He was very tense, his body looked like a sheet of plywood. AJ whispered calming words of encouragement, and slowly Simon began to relax. When his ears were in the water, and his head was tilted back, his arms and legs were loose, AJ slowly lowered Simon down until his natural buoyancy took over, and Simon was floating on his own.

“There you go Simon, you're floating all on your own now. Can you feel it, I'm not actually touching you anywhere now.”

As soon as AJ said this though, Simon tensed up and started to sink. AJ was too quick though, and quickly had Simon supported again.

“You said you weren't going to let go.”

“No, I said my arms would always be under you. For you to float, naturally I have to let go of you. You did very well though. As soon as you are ready for another go, go ahead and lay back. This time don't tense up, you will sink.”

Simon nodded slightly again, and in a few moments he laid back down, and they went through the same process all over again. They did this a few more times, and the length of time that Simon was able to stay afloat, slowly edged its way up to the ten minute mark.

“Simon, you did amazingly well. You were floating all on your own there, and I could have taken my arms out at any time. I think that's enough for you for today though, we can try again tomorrow.”

“Thank you so much AJ.” Simon said and flung his arms around AJ's neck and hugged him tightly.

“You're very welcome. Now let's go sit in the hot tub.” AJ smiled.

The others had just finished diving and were already in the hot tub, as AJ and Simon worked their way over. When they climbed in, everyone cheered and congratulated Simon, saying they had watched him the entire time, and told him that he should be proud of himself. Simon was of course embarrassed by all of this, but he said he was proud that he was finally conquering his fears.

Simon also praised the others on their swimming and diving skills, saying that he would never be able to do what they do. TJ just told him that he was very good at gymnastics, and that they could never do that either. They all could though if they tried, they would just need practice.

“Come on guys, let's get cleaned up, shut down the pool, and go make dinner.” AJ said.

Everyone agreed and headed to the shower and they all washed off. Instead of getting dressed, like Simon figured they would, everyone grabbed their clothes and headed into the house. Again no one stopped in the kitchen, like Simon figured they would, they headed to the bedrooms instead. The only one who didn't was Nate, and he swung by his bag for a minute and grabbed two pampers.

“Lay down Simon and close your eyes.” AJ instructed gently.

Simon did as he was told to do, albeit skeptically, and when Nate made it in, he passed a diaper to AJ, who very quickly diapered Simon, the others were also all getting diapered by the time Simon was finished.

“Why did you diaper me already, we're not going to bed soon, are we?”

“No, we're all going to get diapered for the evening.” AJ said.

“What about your parents though?”

“Don't have to worry about them.” AJ said, making Simon believe they were going to be out for the night or something.

“Hey, is this a pampers diaper?” Simon asked, looking down for the first time and actually seeing what he was wearing. His hand went down instinctively and caressed the front of the diaper.

“Yeah, it is, they're the new size sevens that just came out, aren't they cool?” Nate asked excitedly.

“This is way better than the goodnites.” Simon said shyly.

“I wish we could fit in those.” Garth said dreamily. He knew he wouldn't though, because TJ already told them about his and AJ's trying them on, and they were all about the same size, so none of them would fit.

“Oh well, these diapers are really good, and very comfortable too.” AJ said happily as JJ was diapering him up.

“Yeah.” Everyone agreed.

They headed into the kitchen a few moments later and got dinner started. They were nearly complete, and the table was just being set, when Max came home.

“Well it's about time you showed up dad, we were going to start eating without you, and you know we would have eaten it all.” AJ said as soon as Max walked in the kitchen.

“Yeah, sorry about that, had a late customer who was asking a million questions about pools. Would have called, except the guy wouldn't let me go. So you must be Simon, so good to finally meet you. I'm really glad you feel comfortable around here like the other boys do.” Max said and stuck his hand out to Simon.

Simon though had frozen solid the second he saw Max, tears came to his eyes and threatened to fall, and the bowl he had been taking to the table was still held straight in front of him, not moving.

“Simon, are you okay?” Max asked in concern.

“He's okay, he's just in shock about being caught in a diaper, he does that.” AJ said. He took the bowl from Simon's hand and slapped him on the back to wake him up.

“Really Simon, there's no need to be embarrassed around here. Anyways, I'm Max, good to finally meet you.” Max said, hand still out to shake.

“Um, nice to meet you too sir.” Simon said very quietly, looking down and a few tears actually falling.

“First things first, please call me Max, you have no idea how old that word makes me feel. Second thing, let's try using a little volume next time, I hardly heard you. And third, no tears, unless they're to show you're happy, understood.” Max said gently, kneeling down and putting his hand under Simon's chin and forcing him to look in his eyes.

Simon just sniffed and nodded. He gingerly took Max's hand in his and shook it. Not very firm, but it was a start.

“The boys told me you were cute, but they didn't say you were a very good looking young man. Don't worry about that shyness, it'll be gone soon enough, you hang around here long enough.” Max said.

“Thanks Max.” Simon said with a blush.

“Dinner's ready, come and finish setting the table guys.” AJ called out.

Everyone went and grabbed something else, and in only a minute they all sat down to eat. They all talked excitedly about their days while they ate. Simon really didn't say much at first, just listened in amazement to everyone else, but soon he had to talk, because everyone kept asking him questions, mostly Max. As soon as dinner was finished, they all helped to clean up the kitchen as always.

“Games or movies guys?” JJ called out.

“Games.” Everyone except Simon said, because he had no idea what had just been asked.

“I'll meet you boys out there, I want to go get into something more comfortable myself.” Max said as the boys headed to the games room. At first Simon almost figured Max would come out in a diaper as well.

“Wow, this is really neat.” Simon said loudly for him, which was still not as loud as the others talked normally.

“Thanks. I have a little of everything in here. Would you like to play a game of pool against me?” AJ asked.

“I'm not very good, but sure. Why did you say it like this was all yours though, you and TJ have said things like that a few times, making it sound like this is all yours?” Simon asked curiously as they headed to the pool table, and the others all split up.

“Well, because it is. This whole house is mine, I own it, my name is on the papers.”

“What, no way! TJ said you were only thirteen, how can you own a house?” Simon asked incredulously, mind you, still quietly.

Just then Max walked in and joined the boys, and Simon saw him enter and his jaw dropped. Once again AJ had to slap Simon's back and explain a few things. Once that was done, as they played their game of pool, AJ told Simon all about how the house was his and everything.

“That's too bad. I never knew my dad either, but he wasn't rich or anything, so he didn't really leave me anything. Mom said that his insurance policy would get me through school though, hopefully. But my moms are pretty well off, so I have nothing to worry about.”

“Not to mention you will probably continue to do really well in school and get a great scholarship or something, same as JJ and I will.”

“Yeah, that would help a lot. TJ told me that you've skipped three grades now, what's it like? The teachers keep telling me I need to too.”

“It was horrible at first, I was the smallest kid in school, I was picked on, tormented, bullied, and hated. I knew it was going to happen, but my mom said I would, they asked her instead of me, and she made me do it. In a way it really was the best thing to happen to me, but at the time I certainly didn't think so.” AJ smiled warmly as they continued to play.

“That's why I've kept refusing. I'm already really small. I'm doing all the grade six stuff in class, but only take the grade four tests, I refuse to jump ahead. They told my moms, and they said it had to be my decision, and I told them no. They thought it was for the best, knowing how shy I am, even though they try to fix that all the time. I know I'm shy, and I know I should work to fix it, but I just can't.”

“Maybe you already have. It's a lot like swimming really, you're scared to interact with others, but here you are talking to me normally, and you've become friends with Nate and TJ and the others. So here you are facing a couple of your fears this weekend, you should be proud.” AJ smiled.

“But with you, it's different, we're the same, and I trust you for some reason. I really like Nate too, he's easy to talk to, but he's really smart too.”

“Yes, we're the same in a lot of ways, that's for sure. I started out just like you, and now look at me. I'm the center of confidence, yeah right. Most of my confidence is just an act, but it is getting easier. You have any idea how hard it used to be not to pee myself whenever I confronted a new fear, and in some cases I did, or very nearly did.”

“I think you know I do. I couldn't stop peeing earlier remember, and I even peed on you a bit.” Simon smiled shyly.

“Ah, what's a little pee amongst friends right. But yeah, I guess you do know. It's like what I had to do, I had to bite the bullet, face my fears, and just do it. You're working on it, you're getting louder, almost loud enough we can hear you without straining to hear you, you're starting to smile more, which I suggest you keep doing, because you've got a gorgeous smile, and you're swimming now too. Did you honestly think you'd ever swim?”

“No, but how did you do it, how do I do it?”

“Just close your eyes and tell your brain to fuck off and quit making you scared, open your eyes and just go for it, all out. It's okay to be afraid of things, but we can't let that fear control us either, or we'll never get anything done. You're really smart right? Well where will those smarts get you once you're out of school? Let's say you had to go for an interview somewhere, do you think anyone would hire you with how shy you are? Probably not. They need people that can interact with others. Unless you become a scientist and work in a lab with only rats, in which case that seems to be normal.” AJ grinned.

“I never thought of it that way before. I would like to be a doctor one day, but I guess I would have to talk to people.”

“Sometimes people that are book smart, aren't really all that smart when it really comes down to it. I found that out the hard way, and you're just starting to realize it a bit too. We have lots of help though. As JJ helped me, we will all help you. I have a bit of an assignment for you. I want to see you go and sit and play and talk with each and every person here tonight, at least for a few minutes. Challenge them to a game of something, who cares if you're any good or not, this is for fun right, and I want to see you start a conversation with each one. Just remember, tell your fears where to go, bite down, and do it. And with this last shot, you're off, go and talk to everyone.” AJ said as he sank the eight ball, ending the game.

“What if I don't or can't?”

“I'll think of some horrible punishment for you.” AJ grinned evilly, and Simon had no doubt AJ meant it too, he seemed like the type that just might do it.

So with a nod, Simon turned and left. Max was the only person not doing anything at the moment, so Simon went to him and challenged him to a game of pool, and they stood around playing and talking. Simon was still quiet, but he was holding up a conversation at least. One by one, Simon went around the room and played games with everyone and talked to them. AJ watched him out of the corner of his eye the whole time, to make sure he didn't start to panic or anything, all the while he too was playing games. Not long before it would be called a night, AJ went up to Simon just as he finished sitting and playing a game with JJ on the Nintendo and talking.

“Simon, I'm proud of you, you did very well. I saw you start to tense up a couple times, but you fought it back, and just kept going. You're still really quiet, but we can work on that too.” AJ said, mussing up Simon's hair lovingly.

“Thanks, I really tried hard, but I'm going to need a change real soon, I peed lots.”

“Man, you've hardly drank anything today, with the amount you peed in the pool, how can you be peeing more?” AJ grinned.

“Don't know, just can I guess. So what were you going to do to me if I didn't do my assignment?” Simon asked cautiously.

“Hadn't really decided, but I was torn between locking you outside in just your diaper for five minutes, or all of us tackling you down and tickling you mercilessly for at least five minutes.” AJ grinned wickedly.

“Yikes, I'm glad I did it. I'm not sure which would have been worse, I'm really ticklish.” Simon blanched.

“Yeah, you really would have peed then huh, either way. Truth be told though, I would have sent you out the back door, and in the dark no one would have seen you anyways.” AJ smiled.

“You can be pretty mean, you know that right?” Simon smiled.

“Yeah, but only if I have to be. Now, I have another assignment for you before bed.”

“What?” Simon asked nervously.

“You get to tell everyone that it's time for bed, and that we are all to meet in my room for diaper changes. But you can't do it one at a time, you have to call out loud enough for everyone to be able to hear you, or else.” AJ smiled, Simon gulped.

“Time for bed everyone, meet in AJ's room for diaper changes.” Simon called out loud enough for everyone to hear. It took him nearly two minutes to work up the courage to do it, and AJ watched him close and open his eyes five times, trying to push down his fear of public speaking. Everyone stopped what they were doing instantly and looked up, and confirmed that it had been tiny quiet little Simon that had called them. They all shut down whatever it had been they were playing, and got up and started towards the assigned diaper change location.

“You did good Simon.” AJ said, clapping the younger boy on the back lightly.

“Thanks, it took a while, but I did it.” Simon smiled genuinely.

“It's not how long it takes you to face your fears, but that you do face your fears. As time goes by, it does become easier. There are lots of things I still have to stop and tell myself I have to do before I can do it, but it really is way easier than it used to be.” AJ said.

AJ draped his arm over Simon's small shoulder, and they walked around and turned everything off, then headed into the house as well. By the time they made it, the others were nearly complete. AJ told Simon to hop up on the bed, and he changed Simon's very wet diaper, and then Simon was urged to change AJ, so he did. Once they were all diapered and ready for bed, they all headed to the living room and made their large nest bed. Simon thought this was neat, and he ended up curled right in between Nate and AJ, something he really liked. Half way through the night, Nate and Simon ended up curled up together, their noses pressed together.

When AJ and JJ woke the next morning, they kissed and cuddled together for a few minutes, then started to get up, and saw Nate and Simon curled up like they had been. No one had bothered zipping up their sleeping bags, too hot in the house for that, so the two boys were actually cuddled right up together lovingly, bare skin touching everywhere, except where their diapers covered.

“Isn't that so cute. I wonder if they woke in the night and ended up like that, or if they ended up like that in their sleep?” AJ asked in a soft loving voice.

“I don't know, but it is adorable isn't it?” JJ smiled lovingly as well.

They watched the others all sleep for a while, sitting there and having a whispered conversation. They watched first Nate start to wake up, and then seconds later they saw the signs of Simon starting to wake up as well. A minute later, and half a second difference between them, their eyes fluttered open, and they both looked into each others eyes, and smiled warmly. Then they kissed. It was almost instinctive, with them being so close together and wrapped up as they were, and the tiny little kiss lasted for maybe a second. They looked into each others eyes for a few moments longer, and then purposely this time kissed for longer. They did not use their tongues, nothing like that yet, but it was very cute and loving.

Nate happened to look up and saw that AJ and JJ were watching them with nice smiles on their faces, and it startled him. When he started, it caused Simon to look in the direction that he saw Nate's eyes looking, and he saw the same sight. Instantly he blushed his entire body length.

“No need to be embarrassed guys, that was the most loving sight we have ever seen. We so love seeing young love blossom, and you two will make such a cute couple.” AJ whispered to them.

“Thanks.” Nate said cheerfully, but in a whisper as well, so as not to wake the others.

“You really don't mind?” Simon asked shyly.

“Of course not. You're both gay, you already knew that. You both like and trust each other, we can all see that. And why shouldn't you two be a couple, like I said, you're a cute couple, and any boy is going to be jealous. Well the gay boys at any rate.” AJ said warmly.

“Yeah, I would have killed to have either one of you when I was your age.” JJ said happily.

“Did you know you were gay at our age, most boys don't?” Nate asked.

“Yeah, I knew I guess, just didn't really know what it all meant. My parents knew though.”

“Cool. I bet you were just as hot back then too. Too bad you didn't find someone then, but then maybe you wouldn't have found AJ huh?” Nate smirked.

“Yeah, I like how things turned out to well to wish for things to have happened differently in the past.”

“Come on, you two can come and help us make breakfast, since you're up.” AJ said and stood up.

The four of them quietly got up and worked their way over the near pile of sleeping bodies, working their way to the kitchen. AJ and JJ gave instructions as to what to do, and the other two followed along and did as they were told to do. One by one the others came in, as either the smell of cooking food, or the smell of the coffee woke them up. Of course none of them drank the stuff, but it still smelled all throughout the house. The first arrivals were instructed to set the table, and the others all just sat around and drank some green tea while they waited.

TJ was sent in with two heaping plates of breakfast for the parents, and then they all sat down at the table and ate their breakfast quietly. In other words Max and Alice could hear them, but the neighbors probably couldn't.

“Good morning boys, breakfast was amazing as always.” Max greeted the boys.

“Yes, it was.” Alice said.

“Thanks.” Everyone who helped said

“Good morning.” Everyone said.

“Mom, this is Simon, he's the one we've been telling you all those bad things about, the one you said you weren't certain you wanted hanging around 'cause he sounded like a bad influence.” TJ introduced.

“Ah, this is the mean spirited little one who just loves to fight and yell at everyone. Well nice to meet you Simon. I'm Alice.” Alice smiled and waved.

Simon blushed a bit, but he did not seem shy around Alice for some reason, but that was probably because he was accustomed to going around in his diapers with his moms around.

“Hi.” He said quietly.

“Speak up, and you're allowed to talk to her, she doesn't bite. Us kids anyways.” AJ said.

“Hi, nice to meet you Alice.” Simon said a little louder, and when he finished he realized what AJ had actually said, and then looked to him and and said, “Huh!”

“She gives Dad love bites all the time, you know, hickies.”

“Oh. I thought you meant she actually bit Max.” Simon smiled shyly.

“Maybe she does, don't know.” AJ grinned, but he did know, they did bite a bit, just for fun.

“Everyone ready to clean up and go start our workout?” Ricky asked.

Everyone hopped up and helped to clean up the mess quickly before heading out to the pool to get undressed and showered. They started their workout only a few minutes after doing a quick warm up. Jim of course showed up about ten minutes after they had all started, so he cleaned up, warmed up, and then joined in. Matt and Orin came in only minutes later, and did the same.

“Guys, I'm not going to be joining you today for swimming and diving. I'm going to continue teaching Simon how to swim.” AJ said to the others.

AJ did have to give Jim a brief explanation, but he wasn't worried if AJ wanted to skip a practice or two, it wouldn't hurt him any.

“You don't have to give up your practice for me.” Simon chided.

“You're right, I don't have to. I want to. There is a difference you know. I'm a little tired anyways, so taking the day off will be nice. You need to learn how to swim more, and I don't mind teaching you. I would love for you to teach me a few gymnastics moves though, it would be really cool. Jim says there are some things I can't do from the high dive, because he doesn't know gymnastics, so can't teach me. Like a handspring for instance. No idea. Couldn't do a cartwheel if my life depended on it. Simple things like that. I don't even know how to do a proper hand stand.”

“Thanks, I really appreciate it, and I'd love to teach you gymnastics. The best place to do that though is at my house. We have a huge basement with over three meter ceilings that is all a large gym and dance area. Maybe we can all go there after lunch, my moms can teach you and the others, and I can help too.” Simon said excitedly, happy to maybe pay back just a little of the kindness and the help that everyone had given him.

“That would be awesome. You can call when we finish and make sure it's okay, but I'm sure we'd all be happy to go, I know I would. Now, let's get in the water and see if you remember what I taught you yesterday.” AJ smiled warmly. He could clearly see Simon would be happy to pay back everyone for their help with him.

They both hopped in the water, AJ first to be there for Simon. Simon took a few moments of sitting on the edge to work up the courage to do so, but he did it quickly in comparison to the day before. AJ spent a few minutes, maybe twenty, going over what all he had taught Simon the day before.

“Very good. How do you feel?”

“Better than yesterday. I haven't peed yet that I know of.” Simon smiled brightly.

“Good. Now, we are going to start you floating on your stomach. It's a lot like floating on your back, except your face is in the water. You will need to take a deep breath, lay across my arms, and you will find you float better on your stomach if you spread your arms and legs. You have to keep your body loose though, same as when floating on your back.” AJ instructed.

Simon took a few deep calming breaths, held it, and then laid across AJ's arms. Slowly AJ lowered until Simon was floating freely by himself. He stayed like that for a couple minutes until he ran out of breath, and then lifted his face. Without losing his buoyancy, he took another breath, and put his face in the water. Simon did this another four times before AJ put his arms back up and lifted Simon.

“Very good Simon, you even figured out how to take breaths properly. That was supposed to be the next lesson, so congratulations.” AJ smiled widely and said after setting the small boy down..

“That's easier than floating on my back, and taking a breath was not hard.” Simon said excitedly.

“Some people find it easier, most people find it harder. Now on to the next lesson, kicking, but for that, we will stay in the shallow end. I want you to go to the wall, hang on, put your face in the water, and bring your feet up behind you, and start kicking your feet. I will be right there, but this time I won't really be holding you much, I will just help you with your kicking motions.”

“Okay.” Simon said a little fearfully.

“It's okay, we're going to go right to the end where the water is the most shallow, so if you panic, all you have to do is put your feet down, and you can stand right back up again, simple.” AJ said calmingly.

Simon just nodded and started walking to the far end. He took a few moments, and with AJ right there beside him, did as instructed. For ten minutes he kicked his feet as AJ corrected his posture and kicking motions. Every couple minutes he would lift and turn his head to the side and breath in, and then turn back in and keep kicking just as if he were swimming. When AJ patted his cute little bare bum, Simon got the hint, and put his feet down.

“Once again, very good. You're learning very quickly, and your fighting your fears very well. How are you feeling now?”

“Not as scared as I was yesterday, but I did pee a couple times in fright.” Simon said shyly.

“That's okay, you'll be peeing a lot more by the time I finish with you.” AJ smiled, and Simon gulped. “Now onto actual swimming. You are going to do your tummy float just like before, but this time I want you kicking, and moving your arms. There is no easy way to learn this, you just sort of have to do it. Watch the others and see how they're doing it, and just copy. This time I will not let my arms out from under you, but I will lower you until you are nearly doing it all on your own.”

Simon just nodded again, peeing at the same time, and climbed aboard once again. AJ did exactly what he said he was going to do, except when Simon started working properly, he started turning slowly, spinning them in a circle. He did this to get Simon used to the motions. For about fifteen minutes AJ worked Simon like this.

“Excellent. You were actually swimming without my help at all there, at times you almost took off on me. Now for the part that's gonna really make you pee. This is an essential part of swimming, and it can and will save your life if ever in an emergency in the water. You need to learn how to tread water. For this we need to go to the deep end though, we will not be able to do it here. Grab onto the wall and pull yourself along until I say stop. Now, remember, at all times I am right there, and I will not let you go under the water, but the best thing to remember is to not panic. Fear is your worst enemy in the water, it will cause you to tense up and sink very quickly.”

“I don't think I can do that.” Simon said fearfully again.

“Of course you can, and you know it. It's just your fear of not being able to touch the bottom trying to take control, don't let it. Take a few deep breaths, tell yourself that you can do it, and then do it. Take all the time you need, but you are going to do it.” AJ said, very calmly, very gently, right into Simon's ear.

Simon closed his eyes and battled with his inner demons for almost five minutes before he opened his eyes, and just started moving along the edge towards the deep end. AJ whispered for Simon to stop once Simon was about fifty to sixty centimeters from being able to touch the bottom.

“Okay, I am going to show you just how easy this is. Watch me, and watch and listen to what I do. First thing to remember is that you always have to keep your arms or your legs moving. You can use either one to tread water, and in an emergency it is best to know how to do both, so that your arms or your legs don't get too tired. Also you need to know how to go into a back float from this position. It is easier to keep your head tilted back a bit, and if you need to stop and float for a bit, just relax your whole body and tilt your head back more, your body will automatically do the rest for you. For now, just keep one hand on the wall, spread the other one out beside you, and start kicking lightly with your feet. When treading water you do not require a lot of power like you do with swimming, just light kicks will keep you stable. Go ahead and give it a try.”

Simon took a few moments again to collect his thoughts, and then did as he was told. AJ was right there behind him, whispering encouragements into his ear. When AJ felt that Simon had the proper motions well under way, he quietly told Simon to let go with his other hand. Without even thinking about it, Simon let go, and he was treading water. AJ nudged Simon just the slightest amount and got him away from the wall. Simon felt this, and knew what had happened, and saw that he was slowly floating away from the wall. His eyes showed fear, but his body did not tense up. AJ then worked his way up beside Simon and whispered again, telling him to relax his body and tilt his head back. Simon did as he was told, and he moved into a back float perfectly. AJ let Simon float like this for a few minutes, and then instructed him how to go back to treading water. This time Simon was instructed to use his hands only, and just let his feet dangle. For another nearly fifteen minutes AJ had Simon alternate between the different ways of treading water and going into a back float.

“Very good Simon, you've come a very long way in a very short time. You could now survive in calm to lightly choppy water without problem. Now to get you swimming. From treading water, this is really easy to do. All you have to do is lean forward into the front float, and then start kicking and using your arms. I have faith in you and I will be right here beside you the entire time. I will not let you go under, but I want you to swim, all by your self to the wall in the shallow end.”

“Okay.” Simon whispered. No negativity there this time at all, he just bit the bullet, and did it.

It actually surprised AJ when all of a sudden Simon was swimming. He hurried up so that he was right beside Simon the entire way. He made it to the end without problem, and when his fingers hit the wall, he stood up and had the largest smile anyone had ever seen out of him.

“I did it, I swam.” Simon cheered so loudly it shocked everyone.

“Yes, you did, and you did very well at that. Before you know it, you'll be begging your moms to put a pool in at your house.” AJ smiled warmly.

“We already have one. Not nearly as nice as this, and it's not covered, but I've never even gone near it.” Simon smiled brightly.

“Well, now you can. We have about ten minutes left before the others will be finished, and in that time, I want you to swim in the shallow end all by yourself. I will not be right beside you though this time, but remember, if you have to, all you have to do is stand up.” AJ instructed happily.

Simon didn't even nod this time, he just took off and swam. Now that he had proven to himself that he could do it, that he had fought his fears and annihilated them, he was becoming more and more confident. AJ let Simon swim happily for about fifteen minutes, until the others all finished their training. AJ waited until Simon was right beside him and then slapped his cute little bum to get his attention.

“Come on my little dolphin, let's go sit in the hot tub for a while with the others.” AJ smiled warmly.

“Okay, thank you so much.” Simon said happily, and threw his arms around AJ's neck and hugged him quite fiercely for such a little guy, but then again, he was pretty strong too.

“Simon, we were watching you and you did awesome.” Nate said excitedly when the two of them joined all the others in the hot tub.

“Thanks, AJ is a great teacher, and he makes it so easy.” Simon smiled.

“Actually swimming is really easy to do. Your only problem has only ever been your fear, and you had to conquer that yourself. I only taught you the basics of swimming, the rest you did yourself.” AJ said honestly.

“But you taught me how to face my fears, and told me to tell them to fuck off.” Simon said, and then blushed because he said a naughty word, and slapped his hand over his mouth.

“No, it's true, I did tell you to tell them to fuck off. I almost never swear, but you know what, sometimes the only word that fits a situation, is a bad word. So don't be embarrassed.” AJ said philosophically.

“Okay, but you taught me how to face my fears so that I could swim, also you taught me how to swim.” Simon said happily again.

“A lot of that teaching you actually owe to JJ, he taught me much the same things, so now I am just passing them on to you.” AJ smiled at JJ and hugged him into his side.

“Well thank you anyways.”

“No problem. I'm glad to help. You're always welcome to come home with the others after school, and I can teach you more as well, but most days I will practice for a while first. The others can also teach you now too.”

“Cool, thanks.”

“Guys, Simon has offered to take me to his place after lunch and teach me some gymnastics, would you guys like to come as well?” AJ asked everyone.

“We can't, we have plans this afternoon.” Matt Said.

“Same with us, and we should go right after lunch.” Tony said.

“I'm game though, learning something new is always good, and I always loved gymnastics in elementary school.” JJ smiled.

“Me too.” Everyone else said.

“Would you like to come too Max?” AJ asked.

“Sure, why not. Your mom has to go to work soon anyways, so I may as well go and do something constructive, and maybe you guys can teach this old dog a few more tricks yet.” Max smiled warmly.

“Great, should we head in for lunch right now then?” JJ asked.

“Okay.” Everyone said.

“I trust you guys are going to stay for lunch?” AJ asked Matt and Orin.

“If you absolutely insist. You know we wouldn't pass up your cooking. That's the sucky thing about living on our own now, neither one of us is really that good a cook, but we're getting better.” Matt said happily.

“Well either you're becoming immune to the poison, or you haven't managed to poison your food yet.” AJ smirked.

Everyone laughed as they all hopped out of the hot tub and went and got cleaned up. They all headed into the house and no one bothered to get dressed in any way, no reason to yet. They did not put diapers on either, because they were all leaving soon. They all helped to make a nice quick and tasty lunch, and then sat down to eat it. While the others had been cooking though, Simon took a few minutes to call home and ask if he could bring his friends over so that they could learn some gymnastics. Simon's mom said yes, of course. She was very happy to hear that her baby was bringing friends over, real friends.

As soon as everyone was finished eating, and the mess cleaned up, they all headed to their rooms to get changed. They all threw on their speedos, a pair of shorts, and t-shirt, and they were all ready to go. Alice was in her work uniform and said goodbye to all the boys, and they all headed out. The four that were not going with the others all headed out in their own directions, and then the others took the ten minute walk to Simon's house.

“Mommy's, we're here.” Simon called out.

“Oh, hello. We didn't expect so many of you. My name is Trish, and this is my partner Sandy.” Trish said when they walked in a few moments later.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Max, and these are my brats. Well not all of them. Here we have AJ, JJ, TJ, Ricky, Nate, Garth, and Kevin.” Max introduced them all, pointing at each boy in turn as he said their names.

“Nice to meet you all. So Simon here says you want to learn some gymnastics. Well that's my area of expertise, so come on down and Simon and I can teach you anything you'd like to know.” Sandy said.

She led the way, and as they walked downstairs, Simon excitedly told his moms what AJ had taught him, and how well he was doing.

“Thank you so much AJ, you have no idea how much this means to us. We have a perfectly good pool in the back yard we hardly ever use, because Simon can't stand going anywhere near it. Now maybe we can as a family.” Trish said happily, hugging AJ tightly.

“It was no problem. If he's going to be at our house any at all, he's gonna have to get used to it, because we swim at least two hours a day.”

“Wow, that's a lot of swimming.” Sandy said.

“They're training for the Olympics mom, and you should see AJ dive, he's incredible, and the others are almost as good.”

“Wow Simon, you sound so much better. I told you that having friends would help.” Trish smiled warmly at her little boy.

Simon just smiled warmly at his moms.

“This is some setup you have down here.” AJ said once they were finished talking. They had been down there for a few moments already, and everyone just looked around at everything.

“Thanks. I designed the house around this, and we had it built for us almost fifteen years ago now. I always wanted to have a full training facility at home, easier that way.” Sandy smiled.

Down there they had everything from uneven and parallel bars, to rings, a pommel horse and spring board. There was a balance beam and a high bar, and various other small pieces all over. The entire floor was covered in a dense mat, and there were other mats all over the place as well. On another wall though there was a wood floor against a mirrored wall, and it had an adjustable dance bar going across it as well. Most of the wall surfaces were mirrored as well, except in a few places. Next to the dance area was their workout equipment, and it was much the same as the old equipment that AJ had had.

“Ah, now I know why I recognize you, I sold you that equipment, what five years ago now?” Max said.

“Thought I recognized you as well, and your name sounded oddly familiar.” Sandy smiled.

“Yeah, now I know why Simon is so tough.”

“Yeah, he's been working on that stuff since he was five, even though we told him he shouldn't, he just did it anyways.” Trish said.

“So what were you guys wanting to learn anyways?” Sandy asked.

“Mainly stuff to help in our diving; things like handstands, cartwheels, and handsprings.” AJ answered.

“Oh, the easy stuff.” Sandy smiled.

“It may be easy, but none of us knows how to do them properly.” JJ said.

“Yeah, they're easy to learn, hard to master.” Sandy said.

“That's good. We're all pretty quick studies, so hopefully we can catch on easily.” AJ said and started stripping down to his speedo.

“I see you came well prepared. If it allows good enough freedom for swimming, it's definitely good enough for gymnastics. We'll start with handstands first. They're by far the easiest, all you need is good upper body strength and balance. I daresay you all have really good strength. My god I don't think I've ever seen such pecs before.” Sandy said, looking around at all the very toned looking young boys.

“Yeah, and thanks. We workout and swim a lot, three hours almost every day.”

“Wow, that's more than we do, we do maybe an hour a day, well except Simon, he's sometimes down here for hours.” Trish remarked.

Max was not really there to learn anything, so he helped the boys along with Trish, Sandy, and Simon. Within a few minutes they all learned how to properly stand themselves on their hands, and how to hold their feet to keep themselves balanced. Once they all grasped that, they were taught how to walk on their hands.

Next were the cartwheels. Again very simple, and the boys sort of knew how to do them, but none of them did them properly. They worked a while longer until they were all doing cartwheels almost flawlessly.

Last were the handsprings. None of the boys knew how to do these at all, so they had to be taught right from the start. Because of this, it course took the longest. Within an hour though they were all doing very respectable handsprings. AJ and JJ seemed to pick them up the best though, and had them almost perfect.

“May I try something on the springboard and pommel horse?” AJ asked.

“Sure. Would you like any pointers on anything?” Trish asked.

“No, I just want to try something, thanks.” AJ smiled.

He went and set up a few nice thick soft mats at the end of the horse, set the spring board in place, and then walked to the opposite side of the room and looked to make sure he had everything perfect. He then took a run, and using all his knowledge of diving boards, used the springboard in the same way, and just as he jumped he put his hands on the top of the horse, did the handspring he just learned, then tucked and did a double front flip with a twist, and landed on his feet with hardly a stumble. Sandy actually started applauding, and the others just looked on in awe.

“I thought you said you have never done gymnastics.” Sandy came up to AJ and asked.

“I haven't, until today. Well I guess what we do on the diving board really is gymnastics. All I did was took what I knew of the diving board, the handspring you just taught me, and the flips I always do, and gave it a shot. It was quite fun.” AJ smiled.

“It was quite advanced too. I'm not even sure Simon can do that yet. I know he can do the double front, but not with the twist, and he's been doing this for years.”

“I can't. Last time I tried adding the twist I nearly landed on the floor, I ended up going off balance too much.” Simon admitted.

“And when was this young man?” Sandy asked seriously.

“Um, a few weeks ago.” Simon answered, knowing he was in for it now.

“And just what have I told you about doing new or dangerous things when there is not a spotter around?”

“That I was not allowed to. Sorry mommy, but it was sort of an accident really. When I did the hand spring, I slipped sort of, so I started the twist, so I had no choice but to continue. I still landed perfectly though.” Simon sort of cringed.

“Just remember for next time then.”

“I will.” Simon said, sounding relieved.

“Simon, why don't you show us a few things, we'd really like to see you perform.” AJ asked.

“Okay.” Simon's face brightened right up.

Simon spent about five minutes on each piece of equipment, showing the others what he could do. His most spectacular performance was on the floor itself. There was a large square marked out on the floor, and starting in one corner, Simon started a routine that looked as if it had been practiced many times. He sprang and flipped, and spun, and jumped all over the mat, and looked like he was having fun. When he landed his final time and threw up his arms, everyone applauded.

“Simon, you have that routine down perfectly. When did you perfect it?” Sandy asked.

“Just now mommy. I was getting there, but it just felt right today.” Simon grinned. He and his mommy had been working on that difficult routine for a few months, and like he said, he had been getting better, but it hadn't been perfect yet.

“Great.” Sandy said and gave her baby a hug.

“Can we see you dance now Simon?” Nate asked.

“Okay, but only for a few minutes, I'm getting kinda tired.” Simon smiled, but before Nate could say maybe next time then, Simon was already on his way to the other side of the room. He turned on some classical music, his preferred dancing music, and started doing a ballet routine he had been working on. Simon danced his little heart out, putting everything he had into his jumps and spins, really showing off. Simon had the skill to show off a little though, and next to no one had ever really seen him show off before.

“That's really cool Simon.” Nate said when Simon finished his dance.

“Thanks. Most people think that dancing ballet is only for girls, but it's really hard to do. If anyone at school found out, I'd be a laughing stock, and everyone would call me gay.” Simon said seriously.

“But you are. Do your moms know?” Nate whispered to Simon.


“Okay, well if you are gay, and you like to dance, who cares who knows.” Nate said loudly this time.

“See, that's what I've been trying to tell you all along Simon. You're gay, who cares, you like to dance, who cares. No one should care about what you do or who you are, they should worry about who they are instead.” Trish said.

“I know mommy, but I hate being teased.”

“The thing with teasing Simon is this, they will only do it if they see that it bothers you. Once they don't get the reaction they want, they will stop.” JJ said.

“That's right.” Everyone said.

“But it still hurts my feelings.”

“Why would you let someone with a mind so small it is almost not measurable, make you feel bad about yourself?” AJ asked.

“I don't know, it just hurts. All I want is for people to like me.”

“You already have all the friends you need. If no one else is strong enough to see past the fact that you're gay, very smart, like dancing and gymnastics, or anything else, then you really don't need them. Trust me, you will never have everyone like you, it's not humanly possible to have everyone like you, no matter how nice you are.” Ricky said.

“You should listen to these guys, they seem really smart, and really seem to know what they're talking about.” Sandy said.

“I guess it makes sense. I just don't know if I can stop crying if someone starts calling me names.”

“We'll be there to help you, no one will ever bug you at school, we promise.” Nate said honestly, and the other three from his school agreed as well.

“Guys, even if he does start getting harassed, it's important to let him stick up for himself though, just surround whomever is harassing Simon and him, and make him or her see that they will not get away if they hurt your friend. Simon, this way you know you have backup should anything go wrong, but just remember what I've been teaching you. Also, all of you, hitting is an absolute last resort, remember that.” AJ said softly.

“We know.” They all said.

“Good advice boys. Remember though, at any time if you get in a fight at school, make absolutely certain that no one hits anyone, unless you have no choice, and you cannot throw the first hit either. Either way though, fighting will get you suspended, even if you didn't start it. Of course I don't expect anyone to get into any trouble like this, but we all know when AJ broke out of his shell what happened.” Max said.

“No, actually we don't all know.” Sandy said in confusion.

AJ and JJ then had to spend the next fifteen minutes telling an abridged version of their history to Simon's moms, so that they knew exactly what had happened.

“So, you see, when I stopped being the shy little boy I was, I was still the target, and I no longer was willing to let them beat up on me like they had been. I ended up getting in a couple fights, and the same thing could happen to Simon. Of course his friends will be there to help him out, just like mine were. Of course I had a bully try and kill me, but I doubt anything like that would happen again, my bully was seriously unbalanced.”

“What if you're wrong though, and by making Simon more confident in himself, we are just opening the door for what happened to you?” Trish asked fearfully.

“I suppose no one can really know what will happen in the future, but I do know one thing for sure. If Simon were to stay as he was, he would end up being a lonely recluse and never have any life at all. He might have broken out of that mold eventually, maybe with someone else's help, but the longer you wait, the harder it is. It's the same with Simon's swimming. In fact you guys should have gotten him right back in the water, not let his fear get the best of him. That fear built over the years and made it far more difficult than it should have been. He might have panicked a bit at first, but if he trusted you enough, he would have gone back in, and he would have been just fine.” AJ said softly.

“I know what you mean. I was a shy kid too, and I really still am. And while Trish helps a lot, I still hate being where there is a lot of people. About the only time I feel comfortable around a crowd is when I am doing my gymnastics, and then I just tune them out and pretend they're not there. As soon as I finish though, I disappear. We did try getting Simon back in the water though, but only once, so in a way I suppose you're right about that as well, we didn't try and comfort him any, and work to get him back in the water, he just freaked out and we left right away. We didn't want to put him through that, and it was wrong.”

“But how were we to know, and how are we to know now what is best?” Trish asked.

“No one can know everything, no one ever will, but sometimes just giving in is not the right way. You're a lawyer right, would you just give in like that if you had a stubborn witness?” AJ asked.

“Not a chance, I would keep asking in different ways until I got the answer, or until the judge shut me down.”

“Exactly my point. It was Simon's choice not to swim, but you could have tried many different ways. I would have gotten him comfortable in the bath again first, and worked up from there. Take it slow and easy.” AJ said.

“You're going to be an excellent parent some day kid, way better than we ever were.” Sandy said, rubbing AJ's hair lovingly.

“You guys are great though mommy.”

“We love you to bits, and we know you love us, and we try our hardest, but to tell you quite honestly Simon, half the time we have no idea what the hell we're doing.” Sandy smiled.

“Thank you for the compliment, but you know what, you are great parents. So what if you have no idea what you're doing half the time. What makes a great parent is that you love your child.” AJ said.

“Exactly. My parents knew what they were doing, but hated me, so they're not good parents at all.” Nate said.

“Mine too.” TJ said.

“Same here.” Ricky added.

“AJ, you really should be become a family therapist, you know that, you could help so many families.” Trish said.

“Thanks, I think.”

“No, really. I am a family rights lawyer, and you have no idea how many kids I see getting chewed up and spit out by their parents, and you wonder why there are so many screwed up kids out there.”

“Oh I probably have an idea. We have two kids living in my house that had that happen to them.”

“Yeah, and with how well you talk, I bet you've all talked it over a great deal.”

“We all have yes. TJ was very hurt when he came to live with us, and now he's perfectly happy. Ricky had an easier time of it, because at least he knows his mom still loves him, even if she still is having a hard time coming to grips with his being gay.”

“My parents were the same, kicked me out when I was sixteen, and I haven't seen or spoken to them since.” Trish said.

“It's really too bad when you think about it. It's not like you're a different person than you were before, you were always gay, they just didn't like that fact. Most parents, if they really know their children, can tell when they are gay or not right from early on, like my parents knew I was gay when I was still a kid.” JJ said.

“We knew Simon was gay when he was four. It might have been that we were gay and his dad was gay, who knows. When he started asking for Barbie dolls though, and we caught him making his two Ken dolls kiss while naked, we knew. Then when he was six and we caught him playing with his front and backsides, then we were certain.” Sandy smiled and Simon blushed.

“My mom told me that she had suspected me of being gay right from the time I was young as well, wouldn't say why though. My dad was gay too, so maybe that did have something to do with it, who knows.” AJ said.

“Ah, I know why.” Max grinned.

“Oh really, she told you why she thought I was gay when I was young, how come then?” AJ smirked.

“She had had a boyfriend when you were four, going on five, and one night you both fell asleep on the couch. She was sitting in the chair and still watching TV, but then you woke up, and I guess didn't realize that she was there. You were laying in his lap and I guess you felt his penis, and it must have intrigued you, because you started stroking it. Then he got hard and that made you get even more curious. Meantime your mom was watching you the whole time in shock, she didn't know what to do. Then you pulled his dick out and started licking it. I guess he woke up then and freaked out and left, and never came back. Your mom says that's when she knew you were gay for sure, and also when she started getting so hard on you. She feels guilty about that, because she didn't help you, and just got hard on you.”

“I don't even remember any of that.” AJ said, crinkling up his nose in concentration. “No, I do remember him, a little, but I don't remember that night.”

“Not surprising really, you probably blocked it out because it was such a bad experience for you.” Max said warmly and hugged AJ into his side.

“Why don't we all go upstairs and continue talking instead of sitting around down here, and you can all stay for dinner?” Sandy asked.

“I don't mind.” Max answered.

“Me neither.” Everyone else said.

“You guys wanna go up to my room and play?” Simon asked.

“Sure.” All the boys said.

The adults went up to the kitchen, and the boys went up to Simon's room.

“Simon, I thought you were taking us to your room, not your sisters.” Nate teased.

“This is my room, I don't have a sister.” Simon said in defense.

“I know, I was teasing you, your room is really cute, I like it.” Nate smiled warmly and hugged his cute little boyfriend.

They could all see why anyone would think it was a girls room though. The furniture was all nice and bright white, the walls were painted a pastel lilac color, there were bright colorful flowers painted in random areas, and there was the largest doll house any of the boys had ever heard of in one corner, and so many dolls in and around it, that it was surprising. There was also a large white change table in his room, with stacks of diapers and powder and cream on a shelf below. The bed even had a canopy on it.

“You guys don't think it's a bit girly do you?” Simon asked shyly.

“Yes, Simon, we do, but it's yours, and it's the way you like it, so we don't mind.” AJ said honestly.

“Really. I've always sorta felt that I probably should have been a girl, but I'm a boy, but I like a lot of girly things. My moms say that I'm not bad, just different, and that everyone is different, so it's okay.”

“That's right, everyone is different, and there's nothing to be ashamed of. So, how many dresses do you have in your closet?” JJ smiled warmly.

“Only one, but it's really pretty. I do have tights and a tutu too for dancing, but only when I'm at home.” Simon blushed, but said brightly.

“I bet you're really cute like that.” Nate blushed a bit too.

“How come if you have such awesome diapers at home, you brought goodnites for the sleepover?” TJ asked as he was looking at the pile of nice big thick diapers.

“Mommy went and bought them for me so that it would be easier. I didn't think that you guys would change me or anything, and I figured that was what you guys probably wore too.”

“Oh, I see. Well don't ever bring them again, bring these.” TJ smiled.

“So, can I ask you a question, how do you get one mommy over the other if you call them both mommy?” Nate asked curiously.

“Doesn't matter, I can ask them both anything.”

“And how are we supposed to know which one you're referring to?”

“Don't know, doesn't really matter much I suppose, if I said to go ask mommy, it wouldn't matter which one you asked.” Simon shrugged.

“Okay.” Nate said brightly

“So what toys do you have to play with other than the dolls? I'm not really into playing with dolls too much.” TJ asked.

“My toy room is next door, I just wanted to show you my bedroom first.” Simon smiled, and led the boys to his toy room next door.

Simon's toy room was easily twice as large as his already large bedroom was, and it had all sorts of toys in it. He had everything from stuffed animals, to Lego, to a large erector set, more dolls, cars, he had it all. He even had a TV with an old Nintendo system hooked up to it, but he only had two games with it, they looked to be the original ones that came with it.

“I don't just like girls toys, I really like cars too, and I love building things, so I guess I'm at least a bit boy.” Simon smiled. He had wanted to show the others his room first to get their reactions, because he knew he would not be able to be friends with anyone who did not accept him completely, and they all seemed to, so he was very happy for that.

“I see your Nintendo gets a lot of use.” JJ said, picking up the controller and unraveling the cord and knocking all the dust off it.

“I don't really like playing games too much, I'd rather actually do something. If I'm sick or just not feeling up to doing much, then I play. I got that Nintendo for Christmas about four years ago I think, yeah, I was five at the time, and I probably haven't played it more then nine or ten times.”

“Why not just give it to a needy family who might actually use it then?” Ricky asked.

“Never thought of it I suppose, but I guess I should. No point in letting it go to waste, it's practically brand new.”

The boys all sat and played for about forty five minutes until they were called down for dinner.

“Oh, I'm surprised that you're not all diapered.” Sandy said when they all walked in.

“No, I don't have diapers big enough for everyone, so I didn't think it was fair.” Simon smiled warmly.

“Good point. Max told us that you boys all wear as well. Simon would wear them all the time if we let him, wouldn't you baby?” Sandy said.

Simon just blushed and nodded cutely.

“So would these guys.” Max smiled.

They all sat down and ate an enjoyable dinner together. They talked and laughed, and the adults got to know each other even more. It was all in all a very nice night. Even though the ladies tried to say they didn't have to help, everyone got up and helped to clean up after dinner was finished.

“Well guys, I think we should be heading back home for the night, it's already after dark.” Max said.

“Thank you guys so much for teaching us and having us for dinner.” AJ said.

“You're very welcome. Why don't you all come back next weekend, we can do it all over again, and see if you can get even better.” Sandy said.

“We'd like that very much.” JJ smiled and said for everyone, and they all nodded.

“Great, see you all next weekend then, and we'll see you tomorrow afternoon baby.” Trish said.

Max and the boys all walked home, all laughing and joking the whole way home. When they got home, they all went and got more comfortable, max got naked and the boys got diapered. For the rest of the evening they all curled up in the living room and watched a movie. It was a good thing they were all already diapered, and their bedding was already in there, because half the boys fell asleep half way through the movie. The rest of the boys wished Max a good night, and went to sleep as soon as the movie ended.


“Good morning my cute little baby.” Nate whispered adorably to Simon when his eyes fluttered open the next morning. They were the first two to wake up.

“Good morning to you too.” Simon smiled brightly.

“Did you know that you're really cute when you sleep?” Nate smiled lovingly.

“No! You've been watching me sleep?”

“Yeah, for almost half an hour. I woke up with the urge to pee, not something that happens very often, but even if I do wake up dry, I'm never dry when I get up.”

“Same here. Why didn't you wake me though?”

“Didn't want to, you looked so peaceful and cute.” Nate smiled so warmly that Simon felt he was melting.

“Thanks. You're really cute too, beautiful really.”

“Thanks, you too. Can I kiss you?”

“I'd like that.” Simon blushed, but smiled as well.

Nate leaned in for a nice gentle kiss, and Simon met him half way. Their lips met softly and their eyes closed as they let their young passion flow. They kissed slowly and tenderly for a few minutes, hugging each other tightly, but their tongues did not enter into the others mouth, not yet. When they broke the loving kiss, both boys smiled brightly and just laid there, cuddling each other and looking into each others eyes.

“You wanna get up and go get breakfast started for everyone?” Simon asked almost ten minutes later.

“Sure, I'd do anything with or for you.” Nate said sweetly.

“Same here.”

The two boys got up and climbed from their nest gingerly, so as not to trod on someone and wake them up. This was no easy feat, everyone was sprawled everywhere, heads and limbs were splayed all over others bodies and limbs. They stood off to the side and watched the others sleep for a few moments, both thinking the same thing, that it looked so very cozy, and they both knew why they had slept so well.

Simon and Nate headed into the kitchen, and both with excellent memories, remembered exactly where to find everything, so got started on making a large breakfast for everyone. Slowly, one by one, the others showed up in the kitchen, and even though they offered to help, the two boys insisted that they had everything perfectly under control. Amazingly enough it was AJ and JJ who were the last to wake up today, especially since they were normally the first ones up.

“Good morning everyone.” AJ yawned out as they walked in the kitchen.

“Good morning.” Everyone said back.

“You guys didn't need to get breakfast, we would have gotten it.” JJ said.

“We know, but we wanted to. You guys don't always have to do everything around here.” Simon said.

“Well a morning off cooking would be a nice change.” AJ admitted.

“True. Even though we both love to cook so much, having a day off never hurts.” JJ smiled.

The boys were all told to go ahead and set the table, that breakfast would be ready shortly. Two plates were first dished up for Max and Alice, and AJ took them in this morning.

“Good morning mommy and daddy.” AJ said as he poked his head in the door, after being told he could enter.

“Good morning baby. You're delivering breakfast this morning, that's unusual.” Alice said brightly.

“Because I didn't cook today, our two youngest guests today are to blame for this delicious smelling food. They were the first up and started getting it all ready.” AJ smiled.

“Yes, it does smell delicious, but the coffee smells even better right now.”

“Caffeine addict.” AJ grinned.

“And damn proud of it boy. Just figure out where to find me an IV system and load er up with coffee, and I'd be a truly happy man.” Max grinned back.

“Of that I have little doubt.” AJ smirked, and Alice just nodded her agreement, but taking her own cup of coffee as well.

“You know, a person could really get used to this type of treatment, breakfast in bed almost every weekend, the best cooking around, man, I feel like a queen.” Alice smiled.

“Well, you are a royal pain in the ass sometimes, so yeah, okay.” AJ said with a straight face, and Max actually spat hot coffee out his nose.

“Oh shit, ow, fuck that burnt.” Max gasped while trying not to laugh.

“You, my dear son, are truly horrible, but thanks, I try.” Alice smiled.

“You're welcome your majesty.” AJ bowed and left the room giggling. He giggled all the way to the dining room. The others all wondered why AJ was giggling, so he had to tell them everything as he dished up, and they all giggled as well.

Once again AJ informed everyone that he was going to take one final day to teach Simon everything else he needed to know about swimming, and no one had a problem with it. They hopped into the shallow end again and got started.

“Well, are you ready to learn the last couple things I have to teach you?” AJ asked once they were both in the water. This time it was easier still for Simon to enter the water.

“Okay, what are you going to teach me today?”

“You'll find out when the time comes, but the first thing is the back stroke. So remember how to get into a back float, do that now please.”

Simon took a few seconds to get himself into the back float, and when he was floating comfortably, AJ came up to him.

“Okay, just like the breast stroke is just adding arm and leg motions to the front float, the same is true for the back float. Really, everything is started from one of the two if you are already in the water. So now all you need to do is kick and move your arms. I will guide your motions to help you learn the correct form and stroke.”

AJ worked with Simon for about fifteen to twenty minutes just getting his form perfect, and making his motions smooth. Then when he felt Simon was ready, AJ told Simon to swim a couple laps across the shallow end. The others were doing strength exercises in the deep end today, so they would not be bothered, so AJ and Simon had the entire shallow end to themselves.

“Okay, very good, now for the next part. It is time we got you swimming under water. Now naturally your body will try and float to the top when you are relaxed, so the key here is control, you tell your body where to go, and it will go there. From the breast stroke you put your hands in front of you like this, and then just dive your body under the surface. You cannot use the standard breast stroke arm movements under water though, you will need to use this stroke.” AJ instructed, showing Simon the correct form, because he could not help Simon under water like he could above.

AJ showed Simon a few times just how to do it and just how easy it was to do. Simon watched very closely, picking everything up his mentor was showing him, and when AJ stood up and motioned for him to go, Simon did it. No pausing to catch his breath or anything, he just did it. He had already worked up the courage while AJ was showing him, so he got into the front float, and then did as he was instructed to do. It took more than a few tries for Simon to get his body moving right, but he finally got it, and he did it very well.

“Very good. You could already probably go from one end of the pool to the other under water with how well you can control your breathing, but you're not quite ready for the deep end yet. You are well on your way though, and I'm very proud of you. Now I want you to go ahead and practice everything that I have taught you, because that's it, you're done, you're officially a swimmer.” AJ said proudly, hugging the little boy.

“Wow, really. Thank you so much AJ, I don't know how I can ever repay you.” Simon said happily.

“No need to repay me for something so simple as this. It took what, five hours of my time, if that much, and we're friends, what are friends for.” AJ smiled.

“Thanks. You wanna climb up and practice your handstands, handsprings, and cartwheels, I can help you more?”

“No no, it's more important for you to practice this, but thanks.” AJ smiled warmly, and Simon started swimming.

AJ just stood in the water and watched Simon swim, he watched Simon go through all that he had taught him over the past couple days. AJ would correct Simon at any time that he saw the boy doing something slightly wrong, but much like AJ himself, Simon was very precise and caught on very quickly. By the time the others were finished their diving practice for the day, Simon was getting tired. Even though he was very strong and fit for a nine year old, swimming used more and different muscles than he was used to using for so long. He of course lasted far longer doing this than most of course.

“Hey there, come on and let's go join the others in the hot tub.” AJ smacked Simon on the bum and told him.

“Okay.” Simon said tiredly, but proudly.

“You've done very well, you've learned all the basics, and gotten the hang of swimming far quicker than most people do. You should be very proud of yourself Simon, because I am proud of you.” AJ smiled warmly, AJ hugging Simon into his side as they walked to the hot tub.

“Thank you AJ, you really helped me do it all, and I probably wouldn't have done it for anyone else.” Simon said honestly.

“Why?” AJ stopped and knelt on the ground in front of Simon to ask him.

“I really like you, and I really trust you. My moms just don't know how to do what you did, they always made me feel unsafe near the water, but you made me feel safe. Thank you.” Simon said truthfully and wrapped his arms around AJ's neck and hugged him fiercely, and did not want to let go. After a couple minutes Simon still had not let go, so AJ just stood up and placed his arms under Simon's cute little bum, and started walking. Simon instinctively wrapped his legs around his hero, and cuddled in even more, really enjoying the friendly embrace.

“What's that growth on you? It sure showed up all of a sudden, and it's quite ugly.” JJ asked with as serious an expression as possible.

“I don't know, but I don't think it's permanent, at least I hope not. I have a good idea how to remove it though.” AJ smirked, and started tickling the tender and sensitive insides of Simon's exposed thighs. Squeals of laughter instantly filled the entire pool, and AJ felt his front get warm, and then Simon let go, still laughing.

“Ah, you little brat, you peed on me.” AJ laughed.

“It's your fault, I told you I was really ticklish, and I can't hold my pee, you knew that too.” Simon said with a bit of a chuckle.

“Be that as it may, you still peed on me, again I might add.”

“The other times weren't my fault either, I was very scared.”

“I know, I'm just teasing you, it washes off easily enough.” AJ said, giving Simon another smack to his bum, and sent him to sit by his cute little boyfriend.

They both sat down and joined in on the conversation that everyone was having. Ricky asked if everyone wanted to go for a massage, and everyone said yes. So Jim included for the first time, and Nate and Simon's first times having a massage, they all went and had a mass massage, except Alice who had to go get ready for work.

One by one they all went, and the first couple boys that went ended up with raging erections, this caused poor Simon to really blush, and Nate to drool. Then it was Simon's turn, and he climbed up and enjoyed the wonderful massage. When he rolled over, he too was hard and attempted to cover it with his hands, but they were grabbed and his arms massaged. He had an adorable little erection, and everyone grinned because of it. Nate was next, and he did not even think of trying to hide is boner, in fact he almost seemed to display it. Nate was almost the exact same size as Simon, and they were both so cute.

“Wow, that was so nice, a bit embarrassing, but nice.” Simon sighed when everyone was complete and they were heading to the showers.

“You get used to it, and it's not so embarrassing after the first couple times.” TJ said.

“You weren't embarrassed at all, you practically showed it off after your first massage, same as Nate did. So how would you know?” AJ challenged.

“Well I assume it would get easier, none of you are embarrassed any more.” TJ giggled.

“Well kiddo, you and I best be heading home.” Jim said, rubbing Nate's back gently.

“Aw, do we haveta?” Nate whined, but with a big smile, so everyone knew he was teasing.

“Yes you little monster, you haveta.” Jim said and smacked Nate's cute bare backside.

“Can I wear a diaper home?”

“Sure, but I was going to stop at the grocery store before we go, so it's up to you if you really want to.”

“Okay, I will still wear one, but I'll wear pants instead of shorts.” Nate smiled, and everyone headed into the house.

“Would you like a ride home Simon?” Jim asked.

“Yes please, that way I don't have to call my mommies.”

“You should call them anyways and tell them that I am bringing you home.”

“Okay.” Simon said. He grabbed the phone on the way past and talked to his mom as AJ was diapering him, because he too wanted a diaper on.

All the boys got diapered and dressed, except Garth and Kevin, and then Jim took Nate and Simon, and Garth and Kevin headed out at the same time. Everyone said goodbye and how much they had enjoyed themselves, so on and so forth. It was now just Max and his boys at home.

“Well boys, what are we going to do now?” Max asked.

“We have some yard work to get done, so we should go and do that right now.” AJ said.

“If you don't mind, I think I'm going to skip out on that, you boys do a much nicer job then I could ever do, and to tell you the truth, lawn mowers scare the shit outta me.” Max smiled.

“No problem daddy, you stay in here and do whatever, and we will go get the yard done.” TJ smiled.

The boys all headed out and spent the next two hours mowing, weed eating, weeding, and raking the yard, making it look real good. They only had to do it every two weeks now because it was not growing really all that fast, being winter and all. Not that it ever really was winter there, but it was cool outside, and in the mornings and evenings, it did get downright cold.

“I think we should get a truck full of manure brought in to spread on the garden. Maybe I'll call around and see who delivers that kind of thing around here.” AJ said in thought as he was standing looking at the vegetable garden after they finished everything else.

“Why?” TJ asked.

“Because it will soak into the soil over the next few months and enrich it and make it even better. The soil here is already really rich, but a little extra never hurt, and this way I never have to worry about taking all the nutrients out of the soil.” AJ said.

“Oh, but won't it stink?”

“Maybe a bit, but usually manure is dried out so it does not stink by the time you get it. Although if there were farms around here, we could probably get fresh stuff, and then it would probably stink a lot.”

“Well the nearest farm is only about twenty minutes away, we could disgust the neighbors.” JJ grinned evilly.

“Hell, the old prude to the right would be totally disgusted if she had any clue as to what went on inside our bedrooms.” AJ grinned back.

“Wouldn't know, you're neighbors have never once come outside and said hi or anything, and the one time I saw one of them as he was coming in, and I said hi, he never even acknowledged me.”

“Was it the guy on the left?”


“Well it wasn't his fault then, unless he's looking at you, he can't understand you. He can read lips and does sign language, but he's completely deaf. Nice enough guy, just doesn't really talk a lot. You practically have to be standing on his toes to get him talking at all. The ones on the other side, now they can hear you, and they are ignoring you. I used to say hi all the time when I saw them, and they'd either outright ignore me, or they'd give me a dirty look. I don't think they like kids too much, 'cause they seem to be fine with mom, oh well, their loss.”

“How do you know he does sign language? I mean if he is that deaf, then more than likely he does, but how do you know if you hardly ever see him?” TJ asked curiously.

“Because I can speak using sign language as well, I learned it when I found out he was deaf, so that I could talk to him easier. Even though he can read lips, it's not perfect, so he sometimes misses things, especially if you talk too fast.”

“Wow, really! Wasn't it hard?” TJ asked.

“No, sign language is not really hard to learn, it only took me a few weeks to learn most of it.”


“Maybe I should teach you guys, it's really handy to know, just as good as knowing another language. Not to mention it would be infuriating to some people if you did not want them to know what you are talking about, and you just use sign language instead.” AJ grinned.

“Yeah, like mom and dad.” TJ grinned.

“You can try that on mom if you want, but I for one know just how hard she can spank.” AJ said seriously.

“On second thought, maybe not.” TJ grinned.

“Let's get this stuff cleaned up and get in the house. I wouldn't mind sitting back and relaxing and watching a movie tonight I think.” JJ said.

“Sounds good to me too.” Ricky said and the other two nodded as well.

They cleaned up the yard tools and made sure everything was put back into its proper place, and then headed into the house. They found Max was just puttering around the house cleaning what needed to be cleaned, not that there really was much. He had dusted and swept and mopped, and then vacuumed everything. The boys told him of their plans for the evening, and he was good for that as well. They all headed into the kitchen and helped to make dinner, and then sat down to eat it while watching their chosen movie.