Chapter 34

The end of March was slowly creeping up on everyone, the swim boys were all working even harder yet, trying to get just a few milliseconds time shaved off their swimming, getting that flip just absolutely perfect, making sure everything was as perfect as can be. Jim was so happy with the boys that he was glowing. He had never had swimmers and divers so anxious to do so well. Even though Nate was not entered in the competition, he was just too young yet to compete at this level, he was to go along with the others to see what it was that he was getting himself into.

Nate and Simon's relationship had grown even more, and although they were still only kissing deeply and using their hands for pleasure, they had learned every sensitive spot on each others bodies. They just loved to lay for an hour or more petting their boyfriend, making them so hot and horny they were vibrating. Nate was spending almost every weekend with Simon now, only they would leave on Saturday and Sunday mornings for swimming, something that Simon now joined in on every time. Nate was also learning a lot about gymnastics and ballet, and was now able to do many of the more difficult moves, just not the really hard stuff yet, nor nearly as well as Simon.

Almost every weekend as well AJ and the others would come to Simon's house for his moms to help them with their gymnastics. They had all found that the gymnastics really did help to improve upon their diving performance, and allowed them to do things that other divers could not do. Both AJ and JJ had graduated to being able to walk across the room easily on their hands. The others were doing almost as well.

Denise and Dieter were coming along even better than had ever been expected. The constant show of love and support that Tom and Tony were able to provide was really wearing away at all the anger and hatred still buried in their hearts. In turn the boys were babied and spoiled lavishly as well. Not so much with material things, mostly with love, but Denise and Dieter did buy the boys each a few nice things every so often.

And of course all the couples coupled as often as they could. They were all working very hard lately, but they loved the stress relief of loving their partner.

School for all was also doing really well. Here too they were all working exceptionally hard, all of them feeding on each other to keep going, pushing themselves to do better still. They were getting worn out, and it was a good thing that the same weekend that the national swim competition was to take place, was also the start of their spring break from school. Everyone had vowed to do absolutely no work, whatsoever, in order to rest, for they were all more than smart enough to know that there was no way that even they could keep the same pace up for forever.

The high school principal once again informed everyone that the entire event was to be played on the schools big screen, and that everyone was welcome to attend. So with all the arrangements made, and the weekend approaching far faster than anyone anticipated, the boys felt they were ready, or as ready as they could possibly be.

“Well guys, I think that we are going to blow everyone out of the water, you are all doing so well. If each and every one of you doesn't bring home at least two golds a piece, I will be shocked.” Jim told the boys at the end of their practice on the Sunday before the large national meet.

“Thanks Jim, we couldn't have done it without your help.” AJ smiled warmly and grabbed him in a hug, joined a few seconds later by the rest of the group.

“While I admit that I have helped you boys a lot, it is your inner drive that is making you all do so well. Even Nate could enter and probably do reasonably well against the older boys. You are all just feeding off of each other, trying to outdo each other, yet you are all, without a doubt, a team.” Jim said happily, a few tears streaming down his cheeks.

“For once Jim, I think you are wrong. We do so well because you make us want to, you tell us what we do wrong and how to fix it, you don't yell at or berate us, you don't make us feel like what we do affects how you look, because we know you don't care about that. It really is a big deal, take it from someone who has had the other side.” Orin said softly.

“Thanks boys. Well we should head out I suppose, but remember, I don't want any heavy workouts this week, keep it light and easy, save all your energy and strength for next weekend. I will be here after school Thursday to pick you all up, I have already arranged a van rental, and then we head to the airport.”

“Bye guys.” Everyone said, except Simon, who went to Nate and gave him a nice tender kiss, and whispered his goodbye and I love you.

Everyone who did not live there headed home as well. Tony to Tom's house for the evening, Garth to Kevin's, Matt and Orin to their house, and Simon was just going to walk home. The rest of the day was fairly quiet for everyone, they, for the most part, just sat around and did a whole lot of nothing. The rest of the week was going to be stressful enough, because they all knew that they were going to be getting a near constant string of encouragements. They all headed to bed early that night too, but no one thought of sleeping.

“AJ baby, I need to make love to you, and then I need you to make love to me too.” JJ whispered as their door closed.

“I need that too baby.” AJ whispered back and slipped his arms around his boyfriend and hugged him tightly, as their lips sought out each other. They kissed deeply and passionately, working their way towards their bed. Neither one of them was dressed anyways, well except a wet diaper that had hit the floor only seconds after they began kissing, so when they fell onto the bed, they were already ready to go. But they didn't get started on the sexual act, not yet, now was the time for loving.

They stroked and caressed, kissed and sucked every area on each others body, they moaned and groaned, panted and gasped from the sensations coursing through their bodies. It had been more than a few nights for the boys, so they were both very hot and ready to explode, and they both knew that they wanted to enjoy their love making. So at the same time, they engulfed each others throbbing erection into their mouth, and started sucking feverishly.

Probably not even thirty seconds of the intense suction was all it took for them to blow a huge load into their boyfriends sucking mouth. Both boys yelling around the exploding toy inside their mouths. Both boys sucking and swallowing continuously to keep up to the flow. The orgasm itself actually lasted considerably longer than the blowjob had taken, and when both boys knew there was no more treat left to swallow, they both collapsed.

“Wow, four days without so much as one orgasm is almost too much, you damn near drowned me.” AJ said quite seriously.

“Yeah, you too. One thing's for sure though, it was one hell of an intense cum. Now I think we can really get down to business though, and not have to worry about blowing right away.” JJ grinned.

“Yeah, make love to me now baby.” AJ whispered and rolled onto his back and pulled his legs up.

While they had been playing and sucking, they had already had a couple fingers inside each other, loosening up and drawing forth all the natural lube that they would need. Because of this, JJ did not need to do anything further, except move into position, and slide in gently.

With a deep sigh from both, JJ bottomed out and stopped. Starting a nice gentle kiss, JJ started rocking his hips, very slowly, pulling nearly all the way out, and then inserting all the way back in to his boyfriends incredible bum. They were going so slow and gentle, their kissing and love making, that the only sound that could be heard were their near continuous sighs.

Even though they had both drained a very healthy load from each other not all that long ago, they still found their second orgasm too quick, so JJ didn't bother stopping. He only paused for a few moments to finish his second powerful orgasm, and then continued right where he had left off. AJ was certainly not going to complain about a second round, hell he probably wouldn't complain on the tenth, should they make it that far. They were both enjoying this so much, their love for each other radiating all around them.

They were sweating something fierce now, their bodies slick with a sheen of sweat, their passion rising now, going faster, but not too fast. They were now moaning and groaning into each other as JJ pistoned himself inside his baby, the boy he loved with every fiber of his being. AJ went off first, his anal contractions squeezing JJ so tight that he thought his dick was going to get expelled immediately. Instead though, JJ gave one final thrust, buried himself to the deepest possible recesses of AJ's fine ass, and exploded himself. There was no way that JJ was going to be able to continue on, not after that orgasm, so he slumped down and rolled to the side, still kissing.

“Oh god, that was incredible, as always. I don't think I have another two cums left in me, but I'm positive that I have at least one left for me to give to you.” AJ panted out a minute later.

“Good, glad to hear it.” JJ smiled.

They waited for almost five minutes before rolling back into position, but in that five minutes they continued to kiss and caress each other, and AJ had his fingers once again buried inside his lover.

AJ climbed up and lined his erection up for entrance, and then with a gentle nudge, he was inside JJ. With one long slow steady push, AJ buried himself to the hilt. After waiting a few moments for the feelings to die down a little, AJ started a nice slow rhythm. Once again the two lovebirds locked lips in a tender kiss, making love to each other with their whole bodies.

They managed to last longer this time than all the other cums, almost combined, yet it was still too soon for either of their liking. With a mighty cry into each other's mouths, they exploded again, for the final time of the night.

“I love you so much.” AJ sighed out a few minutes later, taking fully four minutes to come down from his orgasm.

“I love you too, so much more than I can say.” JJ sighed a moment later, taking even longer to come down than AJ had.

After diapering each other lovingly, they laid down and kissed and cuddled for a few minutes longer before sleep claimed their tired bodies and minds.


Ricky and TJ also went straight to their room, but not to sleep. Just inside the door to their room, they embraced softly and kissed tenderly. They too moved their way towards their bed, but they had not yet removed their diapers. For almost half an hour they kissed, caressed, stroked, and kissed more.

TJ was the first to reach down to Ricky's painfully tented diaper and release the tapes barely holding it on. Ricky followed suit mere seconds later. Once they were both now free of their only covering, Ricky rolled them so that he was on his back, and TJ was on top of him. TJ broke their tender kiss, gave Ricky a warm smile, and then spun around so that they were now facing each others throbbing erections.

Ricky though had other ideas. He pushed TJ down just a touch more than where he had been, and then grabbing a cheek in each hand, prised TJ's gorgeous ass apart and dove his face in, going tongue first.

TJ forgot entirely what he had been going to do, the incredible feelings that Ricky was causing in him for the first time, using only his tongue, to forget entirely what he had been planning on doing to his boyfriend. The moan that escaped him was long and low, just one long continuous moan of pure pleasure. Fingers felt great inside him, Ricky's nice big dick felt incredible inside him, but this was indescribable. It wasn't quite so intense as a nice big fat dick, but was way better than fingers, yet felt entirely different than both, and TJ loved it.

Ricky too was enjoying this a great deal. He had barely even thought about it, just did it, but the more he did it, the more he enjoyed it. It didn't taste nasty like he thought it would, it didn't smell awful like he thought it would, it was so hard to describe. The sounds that TJ was making though made him really want to please his young boyfriend, so he worked his best to do everything that TJ seemed to like the most, really burying his tongue in the hole. Before too long though, Ricky's tongue began to hurt, he could not keep it up forever, so he forced himself to extract himself.

TJ groaned in disappointment as he felt Ricky's tongue come out and not go back in. He had loved it so much, it felt so good, and now it was gone. TJ figured though that as much as he wanted Ricky's tongue buried in him, but did not seem to be coming back, he may as well have something better. So with his mind made up, TJ swung around again and without hardly thinking it, raised up, moved into position, and sank down rapidly on Ricky's nice hard shaft. Both boys hissed at this.

While TJ had become quite used to insertion by now, and he hardly ever felt much for pain, this hurt. Ricky's tongue was not able to loosen him up quite as much as he had thought it would, and there was really not much lube, other than spit, so the entrance was not as good as normal. All pain aside though, TJ started moving right away. Placing his hands on Ricky's well developed chest to balance himself, TJ started rocking his hips backwards and forwards for a while, then going side to side for a bit. Within only a few minutes all pain had ceased, and TJ was feeling only pleasure as he rode Ricky like his prized stallion.

To Ricky, the surprise of the rapid entrance almost caused him to pass out, and had he have had his eyes open, and saw the pained look in TJ's eyes at that time, he would have put a stop to it immediately, no matter how good this felt. When TJ started moving and riding him though, Ricky really started to moan.

“Oh god this feels so incredible.” They both moaned out at the same time.

TJ lowered himself a bit without breaking the stride, reached up a bit, and started their kissing all over again. Their kissing was slow and deep, and TJ adjusted so that that was how their lovemaking was as well. Both boys were very close by now though, and as TJ switched from forward and backward motions to side to side motions for the fifth time, they both exploded.

“Oh man that was good.” Ricky sighed out a few minutes later.

“Yeah, I agree.” TJ sighed as well.

“Wanna switch now?” Ricky asked happily.

“Hell yeah.” TJ said and rolled onto his back.

Ricky moved around and presented his ass for eating, and TJ took the invitation with gusto. Even though he wasn't sure about it, he did it anyways, just to give Ricky the same feelings that he had received only a short time before. TJ was also pleased to note that there was really no smell or taste, and that the satisfied moans that Ricky was making made this way more than worthwhile. Working his tongue as deep as he could, TJ worked Ricky's ass for all his worth, using every trick that he could think of to make this feel so good to his one and only love.

Ricky was moaning and sighing from the feelings, he was enjoying it so much. The tonging only lasted a few minutes though, and much the same as TJ before him, he groaned in disappointment when the hot wet tongue was removed from his ass. It did take a few seconds for this fact to register of course, but as soon as it did, Ricky spun himself around as well and impaled himself on TJ's boner.

Another pair of hisses could be heard, but this time it was solely pleasure. At the worst of times, TJ was just not really big enough to cause Ricky any pain, although there was still a little discomfort, especially now. Ricky started moving the same way that TJ had, knowing that it would cause the highest amount of pleasure possible. The only problem was, that with their size difference, and with Ricky now on top, he was just too tall to reach down and kiss TJ. They made up for that though by making even more love with their eyes, telling each other all their deepest feelings, without once saying a word. In fact the only sounds in the room were the sounds of their lovemaking; moaning, groaning, panting, sighing, you name it, other than words, they made those sounds.

Before too long their passion rose to heights they knew they could not back down from, so with gasps, and more pants from trying to hold back just a second longer, they exploded. Ricky sprayed his load from the top of TJ's forehead, right down to his quivering tummy.

“I can't believe how good that felt.” Ricky said softly.

“I know. I never thought anything could feel so good. Still not as good as when you have your dick inside me, but it is still really good, and different too.”

“Yeah, I agree.”

Ricky bent down now, letting TJ's now nearly limp young penis fall from his ass, and kissed TJ deeply. It was only a few minutes later that they were diapered and cuddled up in their bed, ready for a good nights sleep.


“So, is everyone ready for this?” Jim asked the afternoon that they were taking off for their flight to the national swim competition.

“Yes.” Everyone said excitedly.

“Good. No one's nervous?”

“Yes.” They all said again.

“Good. Never be afraid to admit that you're nervous, nerves only show that you don't think you're the best. Of course you all are, but I'm biased.” Jim said happily.

All their friends and family were there to see them all off, hugs and kisses, and best wishes were passed around like crazy. It had been a hectic week, between trying to do all their work for the week in only four days, being bombarded with questions and well wishes, and of course trying not to puke their guts out every time they thought about what they were about to do. They all knew that they would do well, they had no fear there, but this was to be the single largest competition that any of them had ever seen.

They had all been in to see Marcos during the week to get their hair cut, they wanted it shorter, but still stylish, and they all shaved everything else off completely below their eyes. Even AJ took what few pubes he had off, and all the others who had them, shaved theirs off too. Every body hair was removed meticulously. They wanted not one single extra gram of weight.

The time trials started on Friday, then the races were Saturday, and then diving on Sunday. It was going to be somewhat of a late flight for the boys, and then an early morning, so they were all doubly encouraged to sleep on the plane. They were all given motion sickness pills, just in case, plus they would help the boys to sleep as well. All they ate were protein bars all night, it was about all they could handle, and the extra protein would help a considerable amount. They got to the airport with plenty of time to spare, and were seated pretty quickly when they got on board. The flight itself was rather boring, but they all slept most of the way anyways, even Jim did.

Their hotel was a pretty nice one, only five blocks from the pool they were to be competing at. They had four rooms, the three couples each to a room, and Jim and Nate shared the fourth. Normally they would have just shared two rooms, but the hotel had had no double rooms left when Jim booked, so he took those four, and not one was on the same floor.

“Okay guys, you all have your swim bags with you, right?” Jim asked the next morning, after everyone had a light breakfast in the restaurant at the hotel.


“Good. I think it's about time we headed over there. We only have an hour until registration starts, and we don't want to be caught in the end of the line.”

They all headed off to the pool facilities, and for once hardly one word was said all around. They walked the entire way there with barely any talking. When they arrived, they were pleasantly surprised to see that they were only about ten places back from the start of the line, so not everyone had already thought of this. Registration normally goes pretty quickly, but you still don't want to be at the end of the line. They waited there and talked to the other people who were there, and those who began to show up after them. More than a few of the competitors recognized AJ, JJ, Matt, and Orin, and knew that their chances of getting any medals with those guys there, were slim to none. No one was rude though, they knew that as good as they were, that if they could be beaten by them, then they truly deserved to win.

Finally the line started moving. “Hello, coaches name and team members please?” They were asked when they got to the table they were guided to, and Jim gave the information.

“Thank you. Your team has been randomly selected for drug testing, please go to the next table and do as they ask.” The lady asked politely after marking the boys' numbers on their arms.

“No problem.” Jim said happily. He knew they had nothing to worry about, and was more than a little surprised that they had not been selected before, because he knew these tests weren't as random as they tried to make you believe. With all his boys' performances, there had to be more than a few people that thought that maybe they weren't entirely natural.

“How come we've never been tested before?” JJ asked.

“No clue, but trust me, these tests aren't quite as random as they'd lead us to believe. They want to check to make sure I'm not doping you guys up or something silly like that. It's really easy, all you have to do is pee in a cup.”

“Oh I knew why they are doing it, and I wouldn't even blame them, I was just wondering why they hadn't before is all.” JJ chuckled.

“I figured you'd all be smart enough to figure that one out. I was more than a little surprised at the last big meet that you weren't tested, but oh well.”

“I just hope I can pee.” AJ chuckled.

Their turn was called next, because they weren't the only ones in the lineup. They were all taken to little rooms one by one, and a nurse passed them the required testing collection device and closed a curtain around them. They did it this way to prevent anyone from being sneaky, hence the reason all bags and accessories were also not allowed. Each of the boys happily gave their samples back to their selected nurse when they were finished, and then Jim led them to their area.

“Okay guys, whenever you're not swimming, this is our area. Go on in and get suited up and washed down, and then come on out.” Jim said.

The six boys all headed to the change room, while Jim and Nate sat down in the chairs provided for them. They talked about what all was going to be happening over the next few days, Jim answering all the questions that he could for Nate, and he had a lot of them.

By the time the boys made it to the change room, there were already a few dozen boys in there getting ready. Even still, there were a few of the boys in there that were shy and were hiding behind their towels, not talking to anyone, just trying to get changed as quickly as possible. There were more though that just stripped naked and talked in friendly manners to their neighbors. Jim's group was of course one of those groups.

“My god, you guys shaved everything, didn't you?” One of the boys nearest them asked as he happened to notice.

“Everything except our heads, and even then we got our hair trimmed a lot shorter than normal. It feels really weird without pubic hair, but we wanted not one single extra gram of weight on us.” JJ answered honestly.

“As good as you guys are, I wouldn't think that you would have worried about it too much.” Another boy said, everyone of course recognizing the team they were hoping to beat.

“Thanks, but we're not the best, someone here just might be able to beat us you know. We've never been to something this size before, and there must be hundreds of swimmers and divers here, someone must be able to beat us.” AJ said simply.

“I've been to a few of these things now, but I've never swam or dove against you guys. I tell you though, our coach groaned when he found that you guys had entered. I've even seen your performances, and I don't think that there is anyone here that can beat you guys.” Another boy, about eighteen said.

“Well, thanks I guess for the compliment. My name's AJ, and this is JJ, Matt, Orin, Ricky, and TJ, my little brother.”

“I'm Wes, and I already knew your names, well except Ricky and TJ, but if they are half as good as you guys are, then even our team has some competition.”

“Nice to meet you Wes. TJ is doing really well, and Ricky just a bit better. They are able to keep up to us now, only a body length behind, but I'm sure that you guys will be closer than that, if not ahead of us.” JJ said.

“No, I doubt that. Our fastest swimmer in the breast is still a full half second behind you guys, and that's from your last meet times. Half a second is half a body length, or more, so they will be a lot closer than you think. Our coach has done all the research, so we know.” Wes admitted with a shrug.

“Oh. I had no idea. Jim, that's our coach, doesn't check up on everyone, just coaches us to be our best and doesn't let us worry about everyone else. Too much pressure he says.” Matt said. He had asked Jim about this not all that long ago, and that's when Jim told all the boys this.

“I sorta wish our coach hadn't told us either. It would make it easier in some ways, but I guess knowing is okay too. This way we know that we have to push ourselves even harder if we want to beat you guys. Well, unless of course you guys have a bad day, in which case we might have a shot, but from all the videos we've seen, I doubt that that's gonna happen any time soon.”

“Thanks, I guess. Well we should hit the showers now.” AJ said, clearly uncomfortable and trying to find a way to escape. The others were with him on this, so they all bolted. Wes and the rest of his team went with them though, but with the noise of the showers, and being separated as they were, the conversation had to stop. They all got cleaned up and headed back out to the locker room.

Wes did not start the same conversation up again, he was bright enough to know it made the others feel uncomfortable, but he had no idea why. If he was as good as they were, he thought that he'd be bragging like crazy, but here they almost seemed shy about it all. They did talk further, about where they came from, how long they had been swimming, so on and so forth.

“I see Jim snuck you guys in some new speedos huh?” AJ chuckled as he saw each of the others pull out their new speedos from their bags.

Each of them pulled out their new bright red speedos with gold letters on the seats of their bums. TJ was simply TJ, Ricky had RT for Richard Thomas, Matt had MR for Matthew Richards, Orin had OW for Orin Williams, and of course AJ and JJ had their letters stamped on their bums already.

“OW, that's awesome, now everyone is gonna know why they hurt.” AJ chuckled.

“Oh shut up you. I've had those jokes since I was a kid.” Orin grinned.

“Yeah, but now it's spelled out for everyone to see.” Matt grinned.

“Yeah, and what's truly funny is, Jim probably never even realized it.” JJ laughed.

“Probably not.” Orin chuckled as well.

“Come on guys.” AJ said as they were all finished up.

They all headed out to meet Jim and Nate, and Orin just had to pout to Jim. At first he had no idea what Orin was talking about, until Orin turned around, showing off his bum, causing both Nate and Jim to burst out laughing.

“Sorry Orin, it never even dawned on me when I sent in the order.” Jim chuckled.

“That's okay, besides, it is kinda funny.”

“Jim, with his swim team; AJ, JJ, Ricky, TJ, Matt, and Orin, correct?” A lady came up and asked.

“That's correct. How can we help you?” Jim asked.

“Just came to inform you that all drug tests were fine.”

“Thanks for coming and telling us, but we already knew that. We don't use any of that stuff.” Jim smiled warmly.

“You're welcome.”

A short while later the time trials started. The boys had not gone through this before, but with a competition so large, it was the only way they could divide things up. The day went quickly for all, and not surprisingly, all six of them placed very well in their time trials, so they would get to move on to the races. That night they all went back to their hotel and laid back and relaxed, all talking excitedly about the following two days to come.

The next morning was a near repeat of the previous, except the drug tests. The conversations were of course different as well, but they all talked to the other swimmers and divers, all of them having a good time while they were getting showered and changed. The swim competition started on time, and Jim and his boys had to wait a while for their first event, but finally they were all called up. For the rest of the day they sat and watched the others for long periods of time, between their own swim swimming of course. Much too the chagrin of all the other swimmers there, every race that they were in, it was a tossup as to who came first, second, and third. In many cases they were all so far ahead of their competition, that they had no hope of catching up. Even TJ was ahead of almost everyone else in all their races, but there were some of them that did do better, just not so good as the rest of his team. By the end of the day it looked that TJ was going to have one bronze, and then the others would all have at least one of each medal themselves.

At their school, all their families and friends, and the rest of the school, were watching the events with great interest. They were once again yelling themselves hoarse, clapping and cheering for their swimmers. Everything there happened much the same as the previous time that this had been done.

“Come on boys, let's go out for dinner, you've all deserved it.” Jim said happily when they all emerged from the change room.

The boys all answered with an excited “yes.” They walked down the road to a nearby restaurant, and sat down where they were told to. After drinks and appetizers were ordered, they all started talking.

“I can't believe that even I'm going to get a bronze medal in something.” TJ said happily.

“Yes, you did better out there then I expected you would be able to. That and the other teams weren't quite as strong as I thought they would be either.” Jim said.

“Well personally I think it's just because you trained us so well.” Ricky stated.

“Well, I taught you the technical aspects, how to do it, but you all did the real work. It is your drive and determination that got you all here today, and got you what medals you will get.”

“You still sell yourself too short, but thanks none the less.” AJ said for everyone.

They all ate a wonderful meal together, talking and laughing loudly all the while they were there. They did get some dirty looks from some of the other patrons when they got a little rambunctious, but they ignored everyone else. After dinner they all headed back to their hotel for the evening, and they all went and relaxed in their bedrooms. All the couples gave each other a helping hand to relieve much of the pressure buildup, but they were all very tired, so went to sleep not long after that.

The next morning they were all once again in their little area, waiting for their names to be called. There were three groups to dive this day, broken up into age groups. AJ and TJ were together in one group, Ricky and JJ were in another, and Matt and Orin were in another yet. The youngest group were the first to go up, and AJ of course scored himself an instant gold with the highest score for diving on record, and the crowds, both there and at the school, went insane.

AJ had been in the fifth spot for diving, and TJ was only five spots behind him. The other divers had all been good so far, but none of them had been spectacular, until AJ that was. TJ got up and climbed the high dive, which was to be his first dive, they were all entered for both. He had been working for so long on the triple front flip with a twist, and had perfected it, that it was no surprise to the rest of the team when he nailed it, and was surely to score himself a solid silver. The last three divers that were to follow did no better than TJ had, so he got silver.

Their low dive was next, and much the same thing happened all over again. Their diving positions were the same again, so AJ dove, and got an almost certain gold, then TJ dive five spots later, and secured himself another silver.

The rest of the teams took their turns as well, and they all did spectacular, big surprise there. JJ took gold on both, and Ricky took both silver, and Matt took gold on high and silver on low, and Orin took the opposite. The rest of the divers did not seem too terribly upset about this, all of them fully expecting what they had seen.

Well next of course came the awards ceremonies, and the boys were all called up so many times again that they may as well have just stayed up there, yet again. By the time that they had collected all their medals, they were being weighed down considerably, and their necks were actually starting to hurt. The pain was of course ignored, they were far too happy to notice. Many of the other swimmers and divers came and congratulated them on all their incredible performances, and they were of course all interviewed together, but Jim was pushed forth to do all the talking.

“Boys, I don't know if you really know just what an accomplishment this all is, but what you did this weekend has never been done before. You all dominated the entire event. You took more medals, and won more races than all the other teams, and together you took more than all the other teams together did. You should all be so proud of yourselves, but no matter how hard you try, you could never be more proud of yourselves than I am of you. So I offer this toast to you. To the absolute best team a coach could ever hope or dream of ever having, may your lives be always filled with the drive and determination that you showed this weekend.” Jim said with happy tears rolling down his cheeks during their dinner feast.

“And to the finest coach there is, may you always have a great swimmer that needs you to help them out.” AJ said happily.

The rest of the evening and the next morning just flew by for them all. They boarded their plane only half an hour late, and then were on their way home. The ride home was rough, and they were all a little more than green around the gills when they finally landed, and all more than a little thankful that they did in fact land, because there were times when they honestly thought they might not. The drive home was thankfully far less hectic.

When they arrived in front of AJ's house, they found all their family and friends there waiting for them. A large banner reading 'congratulations' was strung up across the entire front of the house, and the small crowd cheered and whistled loudly as the boys got out of the van. Hugs, kisses, pats on the backs, and loud congratulations were tossed all around. The rest of the day passed in much of a blur in that way. There was food and drink for everyone, and they had a little party, but the boys were tired, and Jim had to get going, so the party ended only a few hours later, and everyone headed home. The boys just kicked back and relaxed for the rest of the day. Most of them passed out at one time or another, laying on the couch, all cuddled up to their boyfriend.

As they had all promised themselves, they did nothing more than relax for the rest of the spring break week, they did not swim, they did not exercise, they did no schoolwork, they did nothing other than have fun with their friends. And for the rest of the week, they had lots of fun. Sex was of course a huge part of their week, and probably their only exercise as well, and they did get lots of sexual exercise and release, in fact a few times a day.