Chapter 36

“Are you really sure that you're ready to go to school today?” Alice asked the next morning at breakfast.

“Yeah mom, I'm sure. I'll go mad if I don't get back to normal soon, it's already been so long and I miss all the guys.”

“How, they were at the hospital almost every day? You probably saw everyone more while you were in the hospital than you normally do.” Alice grinned.

“Not quite, but it's not the same anyways. At the hospital we weren't allowed to joke around and have fun. Man, the look on that one nurses face when we got laughing that day, but she was kind of grouchy anyways.”

“Well, if you're really sure, then I won't stop you.” Alice said and they commenced eating breakfast.

A short while later the boys all got dressed and headed out to school. A few of their friends meeting them on the way there and all talking excitedly. They all asked why AJ was using a cane, but he just told them that he would explain once everyone was with them at school.

“Okay, so everyone is here now, so why the cane?” Jase asked impatiently.

“Well, you remember of course what the doctor told me right, that there may be some minor coordination or speech issues for a while, because of the surgery, while my brain fully heals. Well I can talk properly right, but my legs are not so cooperative, at least not yet. The cane is just helping to keep me a little more steady, so that I don't fall flat on my face and make an ass of myself.”

“What about swimming though?” They all asked concernedly.

“Well I can still swim, and maybe even dive, but probably not so well right now. I tried swimming and I did not too bad, but until my brain starts sending the proper signals, I'm not going to be quite so fast. I had to use mostly my arms, but I was able to get my legs to do some of the work as well. I have no idea how running and jumping will be, but honestly, right now there is no way I am going to try that. My legs are not working well enough for walking right now, so that could get me injured.”

“Ouch, and how are you handling it?”

“Well as best I can I suppose. I still have this nagging fear in the background that keeps asking, what if my legs don't start working properly again, but I know that that is not the case. Even now I know that it is getting better, because it is better today than it was yesterday. Not much granted, but if I can have just a tiny amount of improvement every day, then I will be happy. The doctor said that normally things like this can take up to six months, sometimes more, but every case is different.”

“Well there's the bell, see you guys at lunch.” JJ said and they all dispersed to their classes for the day.

The day went by fast enough for them, but it was sort of annoying to AJ, because every time he turned around, he was asked to see the scar on his head, or asked to explain the cane for brain surgery, or some other annoyance. He hid it well though, and the only person who knew that this annoyed AJ at all, was JJ, and it was mostly because he thought it was as well.

At lunch all the guys did sit around talking under their tree, away from everyone else, eating their lunches and joking and laughing, just trying to have as good a time as possible, getting back to their normal routine.

“I think I would like to take a walk and go see Marcos, see what he can make of this mess!” AJ said after school.

“Sure. I don't think even he can help with that though, it's pretty bad after all, but if he can do anything at all, it will look better.” JJ said.

They headed out to pick up TJ and had to explain everything to all of TJ's friends at school, and TJ said that he would like to go for the walk as well, so he and Ricky went with them.

“Hi Marcos, you think you can help this time?” AJ asked as they walked in and Marcos almost screamed from seeing them.

“I'm sure I can do something to make it look a bit nicer, but even I cannot fix all that I'm afraid, they just had to take so much of your gorgeous hair to fix you all up. Although it looks like they took more than they really needed to, but oh well. All that's important is that you're alive right.”

“Very true, and we thought as much as well, but anything you can do to help will be appreciated.” JJ said.

Marcos led the boys back and AJ took the offered seat, while the others sat around to watch, and then Marcos got to work. It was by far the longest hair cut that Marcos had ever done on AJ, or most people for that matter. He kept going back and forth, taking just tiny bits here and there to try and even everything out as best as possible. Finally he thought he had it looking about as good as could be expected under the circumstances.

“Well, there you go AJ. Not my best work ever, but certainly better than it was. I can't possibly get it any nicer than that though without just shaving it all off and letting you start from scratch.” Marcos sighed.

“Thanks Marcos. We all knew that there was no way you could pull a miracle out of that, but it does look tonnes better. You really are the best, because no one else would have gotten it anywhere as nice looking. Now, are you going to accept payment today?” AJ smiled.

“For this, not a chance. Now, you are going to have to go in and see Ewan and Sean, they're dying to see you guys too.”

“Yeah, we probably should, and we could probably all use some new clothes and shoes anyways.” AJ grinned.

“Well I have another customer, so you guys scoot on out of here and have a good day, and I hope you get better real soon.” AJ had of course had to tell Marcos the whole story while his hair was getting cut.

They did go and see Ewan and Sean, and they did end up with a few extra articles of clothing and a new pair of shoes each, and of course the story all had to be told twice more, but both were very happy to see AJ back on his feet and looking almost back to normal. Once they were finished their visiting and shopping, they headed back towards home.

“Hi guys, I was wondering where you were, but I can see. Your hair looks a lot better, and here I didn't think your famous Marcos would be able to help at all with that mess you had going on there.” Alice smiled when the boys walked in. She had almost started to get worried, and had almost called them on one of their cell phones, but held back, she knew they would have called if they needed to.

“Thanks, yeah, Marcos did a lot better job than we thought that he would be able to do. Sorry about not calling, you're usually not home right after school, so we never even thought about it.” AJ said.

“Oh no worries, I wanted to come straight home to see how your first day back was.” Alice said.

“Kind of annoying how we were stopped like a hundred times a minute, but otherwise good.”

“You should be used to that by now, it happens every time you have a large swim or dive victory.”

“Yeah, but that doesn't take a few minutes to explain every time someone stops me. Oh well, it'll die down in a day or two, hopefully.”

“Yeah, hopefully.” JJ and Ricky said together.

“A little frustrating for you guys as well I take it?” Alice chuckled.

“Yes. At lunch time today the entire team surrounded AJ and I so that no one could even see us, and then we headed out to our spot under the tree. No one bugs us out there any more, thankfully they've all learned.”


“Mostly because we told them all to fuck off and tell all their friends the same, that that was our private area and that we were not to be bugged there, or else.” JJ said nonchalantly.

“I see. So are all the guys excited about coming over this weekend?”

“You bet.” They all said together.

“Yeah, and Shane is so happy that he now has a boyfriend, and that he gets to finally meet you guys. He's always so damned busy with everything, that he has still not met you, and we found out about him and became friends with him what, a few months ago now. I just hope his boyfriend will be okay with almost everyone wearing diapers.”

“Who is his boyfriend?” AJ asked.

“No idea to tell you the truth, know nothing about him, and in fact I only just found out myself that he finally found a boyfriend.” TJ shrugged.

“So when were you boys planning on going on this major shopping spree that you are going to have to do?” Alice asked.

“I was thinking Wednesday as soon as Max gets home, we can borrow him and his truck.” Ricky said.

“I'm sure he wouldn't mind that.”

“That's just what I was thinking too!” TJ looked at Ricky and smiled.

“Great minds think alike.” Ricky smiled back.

“Either that or you talk in your sleep TJ, and Ricky just happened to pick it up.” AJ said seriously.

“No, he doesn't talk in his sleep. Well except that one time, but in all fairness, I was kind of helping him along there.” Ricky grinned.

“Huh, what do you mean?” TJ asked curiously.

“Remember that morning you woke up from that really good dream, the one you thought felt just too real, yeah well you were mumbling the entire time.”

“Oh, well it was a nice way to wake up.”

“Oh yeah.” Everyone said at the same time, all knowing just what the two of them were talking about, and all enjoying the same thing considerably.


Tuesday after school was the swim team practice, and it would be the first for AJ in a while. And while he was a little nervous, he was holding up remarkably well.

“Hi AJ, how are you feeling, are you up to swimming or diving today?” Coach Phil asked.

“Well, swimming for sure, but with how unsteady I am on my feet right now, I'd really rather not get up on the boards for now. It might be a while before I can do that, but swimming for sure.” AJ answered.

“Oh good. You work at your own pace, and when you're ready, just get up there with the others. In the meantime though, while the others are diving, you can just keep swimming”

“Thanks coach.”

And the practice was good as always. And even though AJ wasn't quite as fast as the coach had become accustomed to seeing, he was still suitably impressed with how well AJ was doing. He could clearly see that AJ was having troubles making his legs move correctly, but was doing very well otherwise. When the practice ended, Coach Phil informed AJ of his observations, and told AJ how proud he was of him, then told AJ to hit the showers with the others.

Wednesday afternoon Max did take all four boys shopping, and they filled up two shopping carts right full, and TJ and Ricky both paid for it. They had more than enough food for everyone, even though they would all be very hungry from working so hard. It was a little over six hundred dollars worth of food, but it would be well worth it in the end.

Thursday after their swim practice was over, the boys all worked in the kitchen most of the night, trying to get as much done as they could, to make the rest of the weekend a little easier on them.

Finally it was Friday, and the group of people that headed down the road to meet the younger boys at the elementary school was laughing and joking. TJ and all his friends waited up front for their friends to come and pick them up, and they too were laughing and joking.

“So Shane, when are you going to tell us who your boyfriend is anyways?” TJ asked.

“You'll meet him in a few minutes, as soon as he gets here, he goes to the high school as well, and said that he was meeting me here. He knows that we're not going to Simon's now, but he doesn't know exactly who's house we're going to. I haven't told him I knew your brother or anything, but he knows AJ and JJ for sure.” Shane smiled.

“Well here's everyone coming now.” TJ commented as soon as he saw them all coming around the corner.

“My god, that's a lot of people.” Shane gasped.

“Yeah, well you wouldn't tell us anything, so we didn't tell you how many were going to be there either.” TJ laughed.

“And your parents are really allowing this many people over for the weekend, even if it is a work party?” Shane gasped.

“It was my moms idea. Might have something to do with the fact that she won't even be there the entire time nearly, but they have fun too. Besides, we're all so good and keep everything clean that it's really easy for them to say yes.”

“That's pretty cool. I don't think even my dad would allow this many people over to the house, let alone for the entire weekend, and he's super cool. Oh cool, there he is, his name's Cory.” Shane pointed out his boyfriend. He was about thirteen, tall with a good build, short cropped brown hair, and nice features.

“Wow, he's pretty hot.” TJ said, seeing the only other boy to have come around the corner.

“Thanks. I still don't know what he sees in me, but he says he loves me, and I love him.” Shane shrugged.

“Would you quit selling yourself so damned short all the time, it gets more than a little irritating. Ever since we got you all nice and dressed up, new hair cut, and you went and got those nice new glasses, you're quite a catch too, even if you still have to grow into that nose and those ears, Dumbo.” Nate said in an exasperated tone.

“Would you quit calling me that. My dad went and started calling me that too, now the bloody name is gonna stick, and I hate it.” Shane said in mock anger, but his grin was showing through.

“Hi guys.” AJ called out as they all walked up.

“Hi everyone.” They all said.

“Are we waiting for anyone else?” AJ asked.

“Yeah, but he's coming right up behind you now.” Shane said.

“Hi Shane, are these the friends we're going to this weekend?” Cory asked skeptically.

“Yeah, but I had no idea there were going to be this many.”

“Hi, Cory right, I'm AJ, and this is my boyfriend JJ, nice to meet you. You moved here just over a month ago now right? How are you liking it so far?”

“Yeah Cory, how did you know? I know you guys already, you're like the most popular guys in the whole school. I really like this area, and the school is so much nicer than the last one was. I used to be on the swim team there, but we never won anything, so I'm not nearly good enough to join you guys.”

“We're hardly popular, trust me. Most of the school just ignores us and stays well away from us, which is fine with us anyways. Come on, let's start walking and we can talk on the way. As for how did I know your name, I know the names of every gay and bi boy in the school, it helps when I need to find a partner for someone.” AJ grinned. “So if you used to swim at your old school, then why didn't you join our team?”

“Like I said, I'm not nearly good enough to join you guys, you guys win everything.”

“So, we win because we train hard, but we're there to have fun, and could not give a damn if we didn't win. I of course expect you to be at practice on Tuesday after school, so you will need to go see Coach Phil Monday and get all set up, I will call him and tell him to let you on the team. I am the team captain after all, and recruiting is one of my duties.”

“Okay, but don't blame me if I just drag down the team.”

“My god, now I know why you and Shane are boyfriends, you both don't think high enough of yourselves. Now, you obviously know that Shane is a bed wetter, and you may have heard the rumors already that JJ and I are as well, but so are a few of the others. Are you, and if not will it bother you that we will be walking around in our diapers?” AJ asked.

“Really, you are too. I am a wetter, have been all my life my mom says, and it won't bother me any. Why would there be a rumor at school though about you guys, I'd die if anyone else knew?” Cory said, and AJ took a few moments to tell the abridged version of the tale.

“Wow, that would have really sucked, and I would have broken down.”

“And what good would that do, really.”

“None I guess, but I like how you guys handled it.”

“Thanks. So, did Shane tell you that this was a working weekend party?”

“Yeah, he did, he said that we were all asked to help do up a garden or something.”

“Pond actually, but yeah. We figure that with this many people doing it, that we should be able to get everything done in the one day, so tonight is just for fun.”


They all continued talking and laughing for the rest of the few minute walk, all having a great time, and everyone getting to know the two newest additions to their already large group.

“Okay guys, strip, then snacks, and then the first surprise to our newest guests.” AJ called out.

At first, Shane and Cory had no idea what was happening, everyone around them were getting naked, and they were all gorgeous. Finally when everyone was actually naked and standing there staring at them, urging them with their eyes to get undressed, they complied. They sort of figured that if the others were naked, then they could be as well. They were both embarrassed to be getting naked like that in front of everyone, and in front of each other, because they had not even seen each other naked yet, but they looked at each other very appreciatively as they both stripped right down.

The entire group then headed towards the kitchen, where all the prepared snacks were ready and waiting for the onslaught of hungry teen and preteen boys. The food that had looked like a lot last night, didn't stand a chance against them, it was polished off in a matter of minutes.

“Now to find out why we're all naked, follow us.” AJ said, crooking his finger at the new boys to follow them all.

They were led to the pool, and both boys gasped. Shane had known that the boys were all swimmers, and that they trained pretty heavily, and assumed that they must have a pool, but this he never assumed. It was a little bit of a shock to the two new boys, but then again it was to everyone that saw it.

“So what do you think?” AJ asked.

“It's awesome. Now I know why you are so good, you must be able to get shit loads of practice here.” Cory said in awe.

“Yeah, that we do. We also have a lot of fun in here too though. Now, just a warning though. These weekends are strictly hands off, no sex whatsoever okay. I assume with how you two looked at each other so appreciatively though, that that won't even be a concern, because this was the first time you have seen each other naked. That's good, take it nice and slow, let your relationship build to the point that when you do finally decide to give relief to the other, that it is with all the love you possess.”

“Thanks, and we understand. This is our first time seeing each other naked, and others for that matter. I mean I sorta saw other boys changing before during gym and swimming and stuff, but you just don't look or you get called all sorts of nasty things, even if I am half of what they call me, they still don't need to know that. So do you guys always swim naked then” Cory asked.

“Yeah, I can't even remember the last time a single stitch of clothing was even in this pool to tell you the truth. It always amazes me how boys can be so damned ignorant in change rooms. Do you honestly think that the others weren't looking, checking out the competition, seeing how they stacked up against all the other boys and men in there. I hate to say it, but every boy does, and I assume the girls do the same thing. So, if you don't mind my asking, how did you two get together anyways?”

“It was awesome. The house next to me finally sold, and a few weeks later I saw a new family move in, well if you want to call them that, they are just a father and son, but family anyways, and the first time I saw Cory here, I knew he was gay. I remember watching him and his dad while they moved all their things in, and I thought he was gorgeous right from the start. I knew I had to think up a reason to meet him, so I went out back and started playing with my basketball, just shooting hoops, and wouldn't you know it, but my ball rebounded too hard and ended up in their back yard. So I went over to meet the new people and explain what had happened. Cory's dad, Steve, he's really nice, answered the door and I explained my dilemma to him, and he called Cory to take me to the back yard to retrieve my ball. We went out back together and ended up sitting and talking for almost an hour before my dad called me home for dinner. It took more than a week before I worked up the courage to tell him that I knew he was gay, and that I was too, and that I really wanted to be his boyfriend, because I was falling in love with him, and he said the same thing.”

“Very nice. So it's the classic boy next door story, very cool. Well the shower has finally cleared up, so let's go wash off.” AJ said. They had waited for all the others to finish up so that they could talk. JJ was with them as well, but he had hardly even made a sound.

“Why do we need to shower?” Shane asked.

“You never get in a pool or hot tub without showering first, that way you don't end up with all sorts of germs and stuff in the water. You keep the water clean and healthy, and it'll do the same for you.” JJ answered.

“Okay, but I thought that that was what the chlorine and filters were for.” Shane shrugged.

“And they are, but they are only there to catch what your washing misses. This pool however does not really use chlorine, only ozone, but it works better in some ways.” AJ said as they were washing up.

Everyone had moved to the workout area first to get a good workout going. Cory and Shane were given the standard warning and the instructions, and they agreed, so they all joined in and got a good hour long heavy workout. This was to be AJ's first real workout since the surgery, and it felt good. He found that his legs seemed to work well enough for the most part to do all that he had normally done before. The bikes were by far the easiest, but he had no major issues anywhere else either.

“Ah, that feels so much better. I haven't had a good workout in a while, I was missing it.”

“Oh god, I think I'm gonna die.” Cory groaned, and Shane nodded his agreement.

“I warned you not to overdo it didn't I?” AJ asked.

“Yeah, and I didn't, but I'm just not used to going for that long. I almost quit half an hour ago.”

“Than why didn't you? You should never push your body to the point that you feel pain, all you want to feel is a good burn.”

“I didn't feel pain, but now I sort of am.”

“Well that means you didn't push yourself too far then, just got a bit too much for your first real workout. Go sit in the hot tub for a while and let the hot water soothe you, and then jump in the cool water of the pool and swim lazily for a bit, it will do wonders for your muscles, both of you.” AJ said.

While Shane and Cory headed to the hot tub, the others all headed to the pool. They were all far more used to working out nice and hard like that, so they were not so bad as the other two were. Their muscles now burned nicely, and the cool pool would feel good to them as well.

“Man, I had no idea that they were that strong, did you see some of the weights those guys were lifting? Even some of the younger boys were lifting more than I can. I never even imagined. No wonder the other kids in school give them such a wide berth, no one in their right mind would mess with them.” Cory said once they were safe to talk in privacy.

“Yeah, I've seen that with Nate and Simon too, they can do way more than I can do, and I am bigger and older than they are. Well their muscles are bigger than mine are, but I'm getting better. Nate told me though that the other kids give us a wide berth at school too, but mostly because they know we're different. Unless you know these guys, you can't really tell that they are so big and strong, they really don't look it. Apparently swimming has a lot to do with that. Even you're a lot stronger than you look, you're pretty thin, almost scrawny to some, but I bet you can out lift most of the kids in your grade.”

“Thanks, I think, but yeah, I know I am stronger than I look.”

After that the two of them just sort of laid back and let their muscles relax for a while, and then as they were told to do, they went and jumped in the pool. They were both ready for the shock, and they got it. It felt super cold to them, but they got used to it quickly enough, and started swimming for a while. Now because there were simply too many people in the pool to do serious training, they for the most part just all swam and played around, doing nothing much.

“Okay, massage time, but with so many people, we are going to split up into two groups. We'll just use one of the tables as a makeshift massage table. Shane to one and Cory to the other, and hop up.” AJ called out about an hour after they started.

They broke up into two teams, and the two boys climbed up like they were told to do, a bottle of hot liniment was tossed over to the table, and then two massage parties got started. They only did about three minutes per side today, and they all dug in real deep, giving a nice deep tissue massage. They were all getting so very good at this, and while the two boys were groaning in near agony most of the time, it also felt incredible. They could feel their muscles being pulled and massaged so perfectly. Neither boy even realized it when they rolled over, that they were hard, but they were, and the others looked appreciatively. It took a little over an hour for the massages to be completed, and then they all hopped in the shower. Twin screams filled the pool house for the few seconds that it took for the oil to wash off, leaving a tingling feeling. Everyone laughed and explained to them what had happened.

“That was cruel.” Shane grinned.

“Yeah, it was, but it was cruel when it was done to all of us as well, and what makes you think that we would let you get off any easier?” TJ asked.

“Because we're supposed to be your friends.” Shane pouted.

“Of course we are, but trust me, if we get a chance to torment you in a way that will leave no permanent damage, you better believe that we'll do it.” Tony grinned.

“Right, I'll have to remember that.”

“Yeah, Shane was right to warn me about you guys, even though he has not even met you all yet. Some of the stories that he told me that TJ told him, well I figured it might be dangerous to have you all as friends, even if I had no idea who you all were.” Cory smiled.

“Yeah, we love to play and have fun. Now it's time for dinner though, so let's go and get us some much needed food.” AJ smiled.

They all headed into the house, and as many people as they could squeeze comfortably into the kitchen helped to get some dinner started for everyone.

“Hi everyone.” Max called out when he came home, just before dinner was ready to be served.

“Hi daddy.” Almost everyone yelled, and Max grinned.

“Babies.” Max yelled back, and everyone grinned.

“Go get comfortable, dinner will be ready in just a few minutes.” Ricky said, so he did. A few minutes later he came out just as naked as all the boys still were.

After dinner was made and ate, those who were unable to cook went and cleaned up, it was only fair after all.

“Okay, everyone grab your bags and come with me, and then all our babies can get nice and padded, and then let's play.” Max called out. Shane and Cory both smiled shyly at this, because they knew exactly what Max had said and meant, and they were almost as happy to hear that as the others were.

Everyone headed to the games room and got their diaper supplies ready. Those that did not wear, helped those that did, and soon all that normally wore, were wearing. It had of course taken a few minutes for Shane and Cory to grasp that they were in fact seeing what they thought that they were actually seeing, and then it took a few seconds longer for them to realize that they were supposed to line up for the diaper changes. Everyone else had their diapers in hand, and the non diaper wearers were quickly diapering everyone.

“AJ, you guys have a wicked house here, it must be awesome that your parents do all this for you.” Cory said and Shane nodded.

“Actually the house is mine, and other than a few accessories in here, I paid for most of the extras in the house myself, namely the pool and this games room.” AJ answered off handedly.

“Really, you certainly don't act rich.” Shane said.

“Technically I'm not really rich, well at least not yet at any rate. It's all in trust for me. When my dad died he left me pretty well off, so it's all in an account for me, but I can use some of it if I want to. I'm not really the flashy sort anyways, so even if I were really rich, I doubt you'd notice anyways.” AJ said simply.

“Oh. Well this is really cool.” Shane said.

“Then stop standing here talking, and go play, and enjoy.” JJ grinned.

“When were Matt and Orin supposed to get here?” Max asked AJ and JJ a while later, they were playing Mario Cart Racing at the time.

“They had a dinner party to go to at their parents place, so they figured about eight or so, so should be any time then.” AJ answered.

“Then that would probably be them then.” Max said, getting up to go get the door, he had heard what he thought was the doorbell.

“Party's here, you can start having fun now.” Matt called out a few seconds later when they all walked in.

“What the hell you talkin 'bout boy, the party's been goin for a few hours already.” JJ called out with a laugh.

“Well now it can really get going then.”

“Yeah right. You're so damned boring that everyone will be asleep inside half an hour now.” AJ called out.

“Oh, now that hurts. So anyone here think they can beat me at a game of eight ball?” Matt called out.

Matt and Orin both stripped and diapered each other quickly and then Max went and played Matt, and they both played very well, so it was always a draw.

For the rest of the evening all the boys had a blast, playing all the games, listening to music, talking and laughing, just having good old fashioned fun. When it came close to bed time, they all got their very large nest of beds ready, all the diaper wearers got changed, all went to the bathroom if they needed to, teeth were brushed, and then everyone was fast asleep.


“Good morning gorgeous.” JJ whispered when AJ's eyes finally opened.

JJ had waken up almost twenty minutes ago and had been watching his baby while he slept. He had been doing that a lot lately, just watching AJ, so very thankful to still have his savior with him. He had been wondering lately how one person could have so much bad happen to him in his life, and still be so perfect in every way. JJ knew without a doubt that AJ was the glue that was holding him together still. He knew that he could now survive without AJ if he really had to, but also knew that it would be far harder on him than he could ever deal with on his own. So once again he was thankful.

“Good morning yourself gorgeous. Have you been watching me sleep again?”

“Yes, how can I not just look at the most beautiful boy laying and sleeping so peacefully?”

“I don't know, I can't not just lay there and watch you either.” AJ smiled so warmly that JJ's heart nearly melted again.

“Come on baby, let's go see about getting a huge ass breakfast cooked up for this huge ass troop.”

“Yeah, we better, because with all the work that we have to do today, we're all gonna need it. And unless I am mistaken, I think we'll all get more than enough exercise to go ahead and skip the morning exercises today.” AJ grinned.

“Yeah, I think I agree with you on that. With this many people it should go quickly, but easy it still will not be, just a lot easier than with just the six of us.”

They silently got up and weaved their way through the tangle of bodies, not even waking one of the sleeping boys. They headed straight to the kitchen and got started on the huge breakfast that they needed to make. This would be the largest group that they had ever had to cook for, and they really didn't have enough large frying pans to actually do it, so they had to improvise. They worked together, as they always do when they are cooking, and got everything well on its way to cooking. It was over half way through ready before the first of the others started to filter into the kitchen. Whoever wanted it grabbed themselves either a coffee or a tea, and they all sat and talked. When the time came, the table was set. Finally a large tray of food was made up, and TJ took it to mommy and daddy, and the others got the rest set up on the table.

“My god, do you think you made enough, look how much you made?” Cory asked when he actually saw the three huge dishes stuffed with breakfast.

“If anything Cory, this might not be enough, but it was the most we could actually cook. You really have no idea how this crew eats in the morning. We are all really training hard, and breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all. Each of us boys probably eats more than both our parents put together. Then again we work out for two to three hours every day.”

“Oh, that's a lot to work out. I'd probably die.”

“You get used to it. You start out light, and work your way up. You can't expect to just jump right in and do what we do and not kill yourself, that's for sure, but anyone can do it.” JJ said.

They had of course already dug in by this time, and everyone was just starting to take their first bites, all anticipating what they were about to eat.

“Hey, this is really good guys.” Cory said.

“Thanks. This is pretty much what we make for these sleepover weekends, because anything else just takes too long, plus this is really tasty, and easy to make as well.” AJ smiled.

For the rest of the meal, hardly a sound was heard, as was more than normal. When it was finished though, the compliments rolled in, again, as they usually do, and then they all headed to get the kitchen and dining room cleaned up.

“Well guys, now the working part of the sleepover starts. Sadly we won't really be able to wear diapers, because we'll be working in the front yard. So that means that we'll all have to go get dressed. Let's get going.” AJ called out once everyone was ready.

They all went back to the games room to strip off their diapers, and a pack of baby wipes was passed around and everyone cleaned their groins up, and then threw on a pair of loose fitting shorts, only, and then they were pretty much ready to go. They all headed out to the front yard to see what they had to do. The first thing of course was to bring out all the tools. All of AJ's from the shed, all of JJ's parents, which were set in the back yard, and all of Max's, which were in the back of his truck still. While all the others took care of this, AJ looked at the front yard one last time to be certain that he wanted the pond to go where he had planned.

“Okay guys, here's the plan. The main pond itself is going to be here, it's going to be three to four meters long and two to three wide, and about one to one and a half deep. I don't want it to be a regular shape, so keep it different. All the dirt is to piled up here on the hill to bring up the level a bit and make for a nicer, longer creek.” AJ called out.

“Okay.” Everyone said and grabbed some form of a digging implement and got to work.

Even with so many of them working, they never really got in each others way. There were a few accidents, where someone would move all of a sudden and get a shovel full of dirt thrown into their front or back, but it was just funny when it happened. It took roughly an hour for the main hole to be dug out with all the boys working hard. It did help though that the ground was mostly good loose soil in the area, not much for large rocks, and next to no clay.

“Awesome. That went even faster than I had thought it might. Now, I want for there to be just a small hole, about a meter round and half meter deep, dug at the top of the hill there, and then all the dirt then has to be moved so that it flows nicely from there to here. Break up and let's do this.” AJ called out next.

This chore took only half an hour long, the small hole was dug, and what would be the new creek bed was worked. AJ decided about half way through the forming of the creek that he wanted another small pool and a waterfall, from the creek, falling into it, and then going out to the pond, so he and a couple others worked on that.

“Man, this is wicked easy with this many people working. I guess the next thing has to be the pond liner, I just hope I have enough for all of this.” AJ smiled.

“If not, I can always go and buy more.” Alice said.

“True. Well let's do it guys.” AJ said, and led everyone back to get the next few supplies that they would need.

Once everything and everyone was back up front, AJ and JJ gave them all a quick lesson on how to work with the liner and glue it in place, and everyone seemed to get it, so got to work. Once again, with so many people working, and all of them not afraid of doing a little work, they got it done in just a couple hours. Surprisingly enough this took the greatest amount of time, but was by far the easiest to do, just finicky.

“Wow, this is looking so good already, I can't wait to see it finished. Now though is the tough part, putting the stone in. Not only is it heavy, but you have to be very careful with it. You can't just drop it in, doing so could put a hole in the liner, and that would be a very bad thing. You have to carefully set the rock in place, and we work from the bottom up, always. We have four wheelbarrows, we are going to trade off on who is loading, and who is running, and who is laying, so that none of us gets too tired, too quickly.” AJ called out again.

“Alice and I are going to go in and get some much needed lunch ready, we'll bring it out once it is.” Max called out just as everyone was about to break off to go and get to work.

“Cool, thanks daddy.” AJ grinned.

Max and Alice went in and got started on making sandwiches for the entire crew, while the boys got stoned, or were getting stones at any rate. AJ wasn't getting all the stones with all the others, he was busy laying out all the lines for the water pump and filter, and all the various outlets the pond would need. The others once again worked very quickly with getting rocks and taking them to the pond, and people in the pond placing them all in nicely. They switched off often, every five minutes, so that they all got an even amount of work, but each chore was hard, so they were all getting a hell of a workout today anyways.

Alice and Max made pretty close to eighty sandwiches of varying types, made a large fruit tray and veggie tray, mixed up three huge forty liter jugs of different juice, and even had three huge bags of tortilla chips and a few jars of salsa. They started bringing everything out, but with their first load, realized a minor issue, nothing to set it on. Max set his stuff on the ground and went and grabbed the two tables from the pool house, then came back and set them up. Finally he and Alice continued bringing out all the food and drink. Once it was all ready, the boys were called, and they cheered. They were roughly half way through setting the stone in place though. At this rate, they would be done before they would be able to put water in the pond.

“Ah, much better, thanks.” Ricky said once the feast was completed.

“Yeah. And here I thought that there was way too much food again.” Cory said.

“You're all welcome, and not a chance. Had we have had any more bread, we would have made more sandwiches, and they would still all be gone. One thing this group does well, among many things, is eat. They can out eat an entire army I'm sure.” Alice said flatly.

“Yeah, I can see that now.” Cory laughed.

“You ate just as much as the others did I noticed.”

“Yeah, I was pretty hungry. I'm not used to doing quite this much work in a weekend.” Cory shrugged.

“Okay boys, you can all get back to work and we will take care of this again.” Alice called out, and the boys all agreed.

The boys did get back to work, they all got the rock finished in about forty five minutes more, and AJ was finished all the water lines before lunch, so that was all good. Next the large filtration system was brought up, along with the bench that it was to be hidden in, and they were set up and connected. The water sprayers and lights were put in next, as was the statue.

“Well, as much as I'd like to start filling the pond up with water, we should wait until for another hour or two to do that. So now we get to bring all the rocks to dump and spread out, but first is the landscape fabric, because I despise weeds in my gardens.” AJ grinned.

They all got started on the next chore. The fabric was laid out and cut into shape. The edging stones were also brought up and half the boys started those, while the other half started bringing up all the rocks for the actual garden. The rocks were all about the size of baseballs, both hard and soft, a good assortment of sizes. This chore took the better part of two hours, because it was long and tiring work, and there was a lot of stone to bring into the garden.

“Wow, it sure is coming together. This looks great. Now there are the plants and the few decorations to go in here. The plants just go in at random locations guys, try not to get them too close or too far apart, let's just make it look nice.” AJ said.

All the plants were brought up first, and then they all started planting them. Even though there were nearly a hundred plants to put in, this would take hardly any time at all to do. They pretty much had four plants each to plant, so it was pretty quick, and in under half an hour they were done. The decorations were now brought up and set up into place. There were benches, drift wood art, stone creatures, but these were special because they were actually sprinklers as well, and an assortment of other things. So the final thing that AJ and the others had to do was to string out a new line to the automatic water timer to water these plants as well. Problem was of course, there was no way to do so without having to always see and move a hose, so they very quickly dug a trench for a new hose and just buried it. In fact they just used the same trench to bury the main power cord coming out at the same time, seeing as how AJ had forgotten about that as well. The hoses were then run and hid under the rock, and then hooked up to all the sprinklers.

“Wow, this looks even better than I thought it would.” AJ said.

“Yeah.” Everyone agreed.

“And we're done even sooner than I thought we would be, it's not even dinner time yet, although I'm getting very hungry.” AJ said.

Max and Alice had already gone in to start making dinner. Alice had broke it to the boys that she had booked the day off, she had forgot to tell them until AJ pointed out that she was supposed to have been at work, when they said that they were going in to make dinner. It was actually kind of funny.

“Yeah, it's surprising how having almost thirty people can make something as hard and time consuming as this, go by nice and fast, and I hardly even hurt.” JJ said happily as well.

Over the course of the next few days, a few of the neighbors, who did not witness the pond building party, would wonder where the hell the brand new beautiful garden had come from, because it went in so fast they never even saw it.

“Well, I think we should be safe to go ahead and start filling the pond.” AJ said, and TJ ran and grabbed the hose and turned it on, and stuck it in the main pond.

Long before the pond was even a couple inches high with water, they were all called in for dinner. The boys had just been standing around talking, joking, and laughing, same as they usually did. They all went in and had a good dinner together. It was just a quick filling dinner, and the boys all appreciated it considerably. They all helped to clean up quickly, because they knew that the pond would not be anywhere near even half full yet.

Once everything was all clean, they all headed out and started cleaning up from the rather large mess outside. All the tools that belonged to Max were put back in the bed of his truck, JJ's parents tools were put back in the back yard, and AJ's tools were all put back in the shed. While in there, AJ grabbed a spreader and some grass seed to quickly seed the trench area, and then put that away as well.

By the time that the cleanup was all done, the pond had more than enough water in it to start up the pump, so it was started, and they all waited. The first to start was the peeing boy statue, then the sprayer in the main pond, and then fully five minutes later, the water started bubbling up in the upper pond. They watched as the water started slowly filling that pond up, and then as it started spilling down the creek. It took a few minutes and then started filling up the middle pond, and then it spilled over the small water fall, only about thirty centimeters high, and then working its way back down to the main pond. Then with a cheer from everyone, it at last started spilling back into the pond. AJ felt that the amount of water flowing was good, but could be going a little faster, so went and adjusted the valve for that. Each item had a separate valve to control just how much water would come out, and while the other two were perfect, AJ just opened up the creek line right to the maximum. The water immediately started spilling faster, and it looked perfect, so AJ left it there.

“Awesome.” Almost everyone said at the same time.

“Thank you so much guys, you have no idea just how much you helped today. This would have been at least three to five days of intense work for just the four to six of us. Not to mention that you all helped to make it so much more fun, thanks again. Let's go all clean up and go soak in the hot tub for a while.” AJ said with tear filled eyes.

“You're welcome.” Everyone said together.

They all took one final look, AJ turned off the hose for the night, he would start it back up in the morning, and then they all headed into the house to go and relax. They all headed straight to the pool house, stripping off their clothes as they went, not that any of them were actually wearing much. Alice had the single largest amount of clothes at exactly two. So everyone just removed their skimpy pair of shorts, that when they were wet really didn't hide much anyways, but they were legal, while on their way to the pool. Alice of course had to remove her halter top that she had been wearing, but she too was totally naked long before they made it to the pool house. The showers were started up, and everyone had a good quick cleaning shower, and then headed to the hot tub.

“Ah, now this feels nice. I haven't had such a long workout in a long time.” Alice moaned.

“Yeah.” A bunch of the boys agreed, but most didn't.

They sat around and talked for a while, but it was starting to get pretty tame, even for this group of more energy than brains kids, and they all had plenty of brains. They stayed in there for almost an hour, a few at a time leaving to go and sit in the sauna, or to go for a quick dip, but for the most part, staying right there.

Once they were as relaxed as they felt they could be, they all headed to the showers again and rinsed off for the night and headed into the house while drying off. Max and Alice told the boys that they were just going to bed to watch TV for a bit, and then sleep, while the boys were planning to watch a movie before bed. They all hit the bathroom together again and got ready for bed, and the diaper wearers were again diapered by those who were not. They all curled up in their sleeping bags and a movie was put on, and they all watched it. More than a few of the younger boys falling asleep long before the ending, and even the rest were nearing pass out stage themselves. Those who were not wearing diapers were grumbling about having to get up to go to the bathroom, and when AJ joked that they should have just put diapers on, more than a few of them actually agreed, but didn't. Shortly after though, they were all out like the lights in the games room, and that was how they stayed until Max and Alice woke them the next morning.


“Wonder where the boys are, I don't smell breakfast cooking even?” Max asked the following morning when they woke up.

“I'd say they probably aren't up yet, but that would be a first for sure. I mean I know that they all worked even harder than we did, but they probably went to bed before we did.” Alice shrugged.

They quietly got up and went to find the boys, and found that in fact, they were all still sound asleep, and it was almost nine. They decided to go ahead and get breakfast for the boys, so went and made the huge breakfast scramble that was nearly famous, and even Alice felt she could do a good job on this on her own, but thankfully Max took the lead, as he normally did in the kitchen whenever they had to cook.

“Well, we're almost finished up in here, you wanna go wake up the boys and tell them to come get fed?” Max asked.

“Sure.” Alice said with a kiss to her soon to be husband.

“Come on everyone, time to wake up, breakfast is almost ready.” Alice called out a few minutes later when she arrived in the games room, still finding all the boys sound asleep.

“Huh, what.” AJ mumbled when he woke up. “What time is it?”

“It's almost nine thirty sleepy heads, and daddy and I have breakfast ready for you all.”

“Oh, okay, thanks mom. Come on guys, wake up.” AJ said, starting to nudge the few people who had not waken up when Alice called out and turned the lights on, and a few of the others were also having to nudge others.

“You boys go ahead and get ready and then come for breakfast okay.” Alice said lovingly once they all appeared to be awake, and then turned and headed back into the house.

The boys spent the next few minutes waking up, and the few boys who were bursting, and wore nothing to contain it, went to the bathroom, then met in the dining room. They all waited expectantly for the great smelling food to be delivered, and then when it was, it nearly disappeared as fast as it appeared. All the boys were good and hungry, and it showed. Once breakfast was totally consumed, they helped to clean up, and then they headed out to the pool house to get cleaned up and got started on a workout.

“Guys, I want to get a good swim training going, but there are just too many of us here to all do it, so let's break it up a bit, half on the equipment right now, the other half in the pool, and then in an hour we will switch off.” AJ said.

“Okay.” Everyone said in agreement. AJ asked himself why they hadn't just done this before, but figured it was normally not a huge deal.

So that was what they did. For the next hour, half of them swam hard, and the other half worked out, and then they switched off. At the end of the workout it was decided that unfortunately they did not have enough time to do a big massage again, so they sat in the hot tub again for a bit and just relaxed.

“Well guys, I guess it's about time that you started getting ready to go, it's almost noon.” JJ said.

“Yeah, and once again guys, thanks so much for all your help this weekend.” AJ added.

“You're welcome, and thanks.” Everyone said back.

They all headed to the showers and got cleaned up, and then everyone started towards the games room to get dressed and pack up their things. Once everyone was ready to go, they all headed out, with final goodbyes from everyone. The boys even got dressed, because they wanted to go out to the pond to look at it and see how it fared the night away. Alice went to get dressed as well, but she was getting ready for work.

“It really does look so awesome.” AJ sighed as they were standing at there looking at it all. The water had of course been turned on as soon as they made it outside, so the pond was filling even more now.

“Yeah, it really does, and we never could have done it without everyones help. Well, we could have, but it would have taken forever.” JJ smiled warmly.

It took a few hours longer for the pond to fill up, and then the guys all went in and relaxed pretty much for the rest of the day. They made and ate an early dinner together and watched TV for the rest of the evening. It was early, even for the boys, that they all headed to bed. With good nights to each other, they headed out.

“Baby, I need you to make love to me, it's been so long?” AJ asked as soon as their door closed.

“Oh god yeah, I need you as well.” JJ moaned, and then they latched on together and kissed deeply, passionately, and all other sounds made were only the sounds of love.

They slowly worked their way towards the bed, stripping each other of all their clothes as they went, and by the time they fell onto their bed, they were both equally naked. They continued their kissing as they petted each others bodies, working themselves higher and higher, without actually getting each other hot enough to cum.

Of course they had had absolutely no release in the past few days, so both boys were more than a little hot and bothered. They both knew that they would not last a minute after penetration, but both wanting it to last a good while longer than that, so at the same time, they spun around to suck their boyfriend off at the same time. They sucked each other for only a little more than a minute before they both exploded.

They turned again and savored their loads together in another nice tender kiss. They kissed and petted more yet, working themselves up again. The only difference was that this time they each reached the others bums at the same time with their hands, and started slowly working their lovers hot holes, preparing them for entrance. About five minutes later AJ felt that he was good and ready, so rolled so that he was on his back, pulled his legs up, and presented his wanting, waiting hole to JJ. JJ of course could not, would not refuse such an offer, so crawled into position, and worked his way in. Both boys sighed deeply as JJ sunk in to AJ's fiery depths, and when he was buried all the way inside, he stopped.

Buried all the way inside, JJ leaned forward and began kissing AJ again, not even moving at all. For the better part of another five minutes or so, JJ stayed buried, but did not move. The way he had himself positioned as well, AJ could not really move either, so he was unable to do too much, but he did use his expert muscles to give them both some pleasure.

Using an agonizingly slow motion, JJ finally started thrusting. All the way out, until he popped out totally, and then slipping all the way back in. Over and over, slow as slow could be, JJ made love to his baby. They moaned, they groaned, they panted, and they sighed, but again, no words were said. They kissed, they caressed, they stroked, and they petted, making love to each other with their whole bodies, with their souls.

Even when they both came again, they did not stop, JJ just kept right on going as if nothing at all had happened. All the way out, all the way in, slow as he could go. All his muscles were burning, his breath was ragged at best, he could barely see any more, and still he continued. Their love making was reaching an all new high, even for lovers who thought it could never get better, it just kept getting better and better. Even at the slow pace JJ was going though, with the amount of pleasure that they were both feeling, neither could hold on for long, and with a strangled cry from each, at almost the exact same time, they came again.

All movements stopped now, they were both far too gone now to continue, at least for a few minutes. Even their deep loving kisses had to stop, neither having the power at the moment to even continue that. They just lay there, JJ sprawled out on top of AJ, both panting, waiting for the feelings to subside, if even just a little.

Finally they did come down, and still no words were spoken, yet the looks in their eyes spoke far more than mere words could possibly say. They started kissing again, slowly, tenderly, still coming down slightly from the incredible high that they had been on. Eventually AJ rolled them so that he was now on top, and JJ willingly let him, desperately wanting what was to come next, but knowing that neither one of them had another two of those incredible orgasms in them.

JJ was still nice and loose from the prep work that AJ had done to his hole earlier, so all AJ had to do was line up, and slip easily into JJ's nice hot hole. They both sighed the entire way in, both loving the feeling so much, loving their boyfriend so much. AJ also utilized the same technique that JJ had used, same slow motions, popping all the way out, and then slipping all the way back in. For barely five minutes they went like this, both sighing even more, both panting even more, both loving each other even more. But as they say, all good things must come to an end, and so must their lovemaking. Both screamed into the others mouths as their final orgasm ripped through their bodies with an intensity that neither had known was possible.

This time it was AJ to collapse on top of his lover, and once again it took quite a few minutes for them to come down. As they came down enough to allow them to do so, they once again began kissing. Five minutes later, still with not one word said, AJ slowly detached himself from JJ, crawled out of bed on shaky legs, and went and grabbed their diapers. AJ first diapered JJ lovingly, spreading a good coating of diaper cream in first, and then they traded places, and JJ got AJ all ready for bed, giving him the same treatment.

“I love you so much baby, goodnight.” AJ whispered.

“And I love you too baby, goodnight.” JJ whispered back, and then they curled up and went to sleep.


While TJ and Ricky had had numerous chances over the past few weeks to make love to each other, and they had kept each other well relieved at all times, they both found that they wanted and needed a little loving this evening as well. So when they got to their room, they too stripped each other lovingly, kissed and cuddled lovingly, relived a load using their mouths lovingly, and then made love to each other, lovingly giving themselves wholly to each other.