Chapter 37

The next few weeks after getting home from the hospital were a little frustrating for AJ, some days his legs cooperated almost normally, other days it was like he was learning how to walk all over again. There were times that not even the cane stopped him from falling, but thankfully JJ was almost always with him, and when he wasn't, someone else was, so he was caught almost every time without fail. He was getting noticeably better however, and the episodes were coming farther and farther apart, yet it still was not quite as fast as AJ had hoped for. He survived this mainly by telling himself that the alternative would have been considerably worse, and this was nothing but a minor inconvenience to him. It bothered his friends and family as well, but they hid it well. Mostly they were concerned for AJ, and how he was handling it, but they could all tell that he was handling it just fine. They could tell that it bothered him when he would misstep or fall, but they could also see him close his eyes and smile, and then continue on. More than one of them asked why he would do that, and he simply told them that at least he got to enjoy just that, instead of the other side of the coin.

Swim and dive training got right back to normal the following week, and Jim was proud of AJ for his accomplishments so far. He felt that AJ's times were now only marginally affected, and he was becoming an even stronger swimmer because of it. Sadly though, AJ had yet to try the diving boards, he still did not trust his legs quite enough yet for that, and everyone understood. The first weekend of training again, Jim informed the boys that he had entered them all into another competition, that he wanted them all to be there, and that it was in just a couple weeks. It was now just before that competition, and the boys were ready to go, except AJ.

“So Jim, you really want me to compete this time?” AJ asked skeptically.

“Yes, however the diving is entirely up to you, we can withdraw from that. I know that you still aren't comfortable enough to go back up there, and I agree, you're just not steady enough for that yet, so it would be for the best. Swimming, however, I doubt anyone would still be able to beat you, except your own team mates that is.” Jim answered.

“Okay, if you say so, but yeah, withdraw me from the diving. That oughta make a few of the others happy at any rate, but then they still have all the others to contend with still, and they're getting damn near impossible to beat.”

“Okay, I figured as much, and you're so right about that.”

It was now just a couple days later, and they were heading to the pool where the newest competition was to take place, and all the boys were excited. Jim informed the people at the table who he was, and who his boys were, and what events they had been entered in, but that he was removing AJ from all diving due to injuries. Most people recognized AJ of course, but they all looked at the cane he was using, and wondered if he was entering at all, and if he was not, why he even bothered to come. What they failed to realize though, was that even if he had have totally withdrawn from the competition, he still would have come for his team.

“Hey, AJ, what's up with the cane?” One of the guys they had competed against a few times asked.

“I had to have a tumor removed from my brain about a month ago now, and while my brain is still healing, it has messed with my leg coordination a bit. That's the reason that I won't be diving, because I don't care to have them give out on me on the board at a bad time, it could really hurt.”

“Ouch, I'll say. You're still swimming though, that's pretty amazing. Does anyone stand a chance against you though, even while still injured?”

“Sure, everyone stands a chance, but this has not affected my times too much in my swimming I'm afraid.” AJ shrugged.

“Oh well, we're sorta getting used to losing to you and the rest of your team, you guys must have a hell of a slave driver for a coach to get all of you as good as you are.”

“Are you kidding, Jim is almost too nice to us sometimes. No, we push ourselves this hard, he just tells us what we need to do to be better. Hell in all honesty, he only trains us two days a week, then we have two days a week with our school coach, and then the other three we work on our own.” JJ laughed.

“Oh, wow.”

The talking had to pretty much stop then because they all moved towards the showers, and while they could talk in the showers at school, there were just too many people, and too much noise, to do so here. Soon they were back in the change room, getting into their speedos, to get ready for swimming. Once ready, they all headed out and stood and talked to Jim until it was time.

“Well, that's you AJ and TJ, go show em what you're made of.” Jim said after the next race was called.

AJ walked up to the diving platform with his cane, set it down against the platform, and climbed up. Everyone noticed this, wondering how a person who required a cane could possibly compete. Everyone of course recognized AJ immediately, but still they wondered. When the buzzer went, they all took off, and while while AJ's entrance was not quite as smooth as normal, once he was in the water, it no longer mattered. To say everyone was amazed when AJ took an early lead, would be an understatement, but no one was surprised to see TJ trailing right behind him, only just a little closer than was normal. By the end of the race, it looked like it just might be a photo finish between the two, but AJ finished only a few centimeters ahead, and TJ just behind.

“Wow, that's the closest I've ever been to you before.” TJ yelled as they exited the pool.

“I keep telling you that you're getting better.” AJ laughed.

“Yeah, but you're still way better 'n me, and once your legs start working properly again, well then I'll be further behind you again where I belong.” TJ smiled and hugged his brother.

JJ was standing there with AJ's cane, waiting for them. “You two did really well, big surprise there though.” JJ grinned and passed over the cane.

“Thanks baby. We have a few minutes before our next race, so let's go get a drink.” AJ smiled.

The rest of the competition went very much like that, everyone doing very well, even AJ did surprisingly well, even while still not completely up to par. The other swimmers and coaches though had a hard time understanding how an obviously handicapped swimmer could still be beating them, more than a few complained that there had to be some sort of performance enhancement going on somewhere, and of course the judges had to listen.

“Mr. Pompodoro, we've had numerous complaints that an obviously handicapped person on your team, is doing far superior to everyone else, and many people feel that this should be looked into. While I can understand where they may be coming from, I do not agree, I have seen all the results to all your teams drug tests, however, I am afraid we must once again test your boys.” The head judge asked quietly, sounding a little tired, about an hour before the end of the day. He had come over during one of the breaks to break the news.

“No problem sir, if the other teams feel that my boys' performance must be doctored because even a handicapped person is beating them, then I would be happy to have us all go for drug testing again, to prove them all wrong.” Jim laughed and said more than loud enough for more than a few people, and one camera crew, to hear. The judge laughed quietly to himself as he showed the entire laughing group to the testing area.

“This will only take a few minutes, because you are the only ones to be tested, they can do it right away.” They were all told by the judge, and as promised, they all peed in the cups provided, and the tests were completed in just a few minutes. The judge was given the all clear, and everyone went back.

“I must apologize to you all for that, I really didn't want to, but I'm sure you know the reasons why.” He grinned.

“Oh, no problem sir. They can ask us to be tested as many times as they want, by as many people as they want, and they will never find a drug in any of our systems. I can even understand where they're coming from too, making the complaints, but they really should know by now. Well, I suppose that you need to get going, I think the next race is about to start.”

“Ah yes, right, well have a good day, although I'm sure even if you guys did not swim another race, it would still be an excellent day. Your handicapped swimmer has already gotten more medals than some of the other teams, and that's just too funny.” He laughed as he walked away.

They all received icy cold stares from a few of the other teams, but they just ignored them. They were all getting more than a little upset that they kept getting beat by Jim and his amazing boys. Most of the other swim teams though just took it with a grain of salt. They were still doing not too poorly, just not quite as good, and the jealous coaches were the ones who really weren't that good anyways, their teams just did what their coach did.

As soon as the last race of the day was over, the reporter and cameraman that was closest, and had heard the comment earlier, came over to interview Jim and the boys.

“May we get a quick interview with you please?” The lady reporter asked.

“Sure.” They all said.

“Great, thanks. Well first things first, I must congratulate your entire team on another outstanding performance today, and there are many out there that are more than a little upset, but let them be, it's good for them. I liked the little stunt they tried to pull, trying to make you all look bad like that, but I guess that backfired on them.”

“Yeah, it really did. Our team has now had its more than fair share of testing, and I really don't understand it. I run a tight team, we are all pure and natural, we just work really hard to get to where we are, and the boys really do a tremendous job, it really is all them. I wish I could say it was my expertise that got them this far, but it really isn't, it is their drive and determination to be the best, and they really are.” Jim said happily.

“Yes, we can all see that. Now AJ, may I ask, why are you walking with a cane, and why have you pulled out of the diving competition? This was a move that shocked a great many people, we all hoped to see you dive again.”

“Well, the reasons are the same. A couple months ago I had a cherry sized tumor removed from my brain, and while I am now healed from that, for the most part, there is still some healing of my brain that needs to happen. The only problem I have right now is simply that my legs are not getting the proper signals from my brain as they should be, thus causing me to be a little unsteady on my feet. My doctor assures me that this is only temporary, and it has already started to get better, just far slower than I would have liked. It's a minor inconvenience when the outcome, had I not had the surgery, would have been certain death, so I deal with it. So that brings us to the diving. Well as I am sure you had to notice while I was on the starting platforms, I am not exactly what you would call steady on my feet right now, and my cane only just keeps me from falling flat on my face at times, and making an ass of myself. I'm sure that you can understand how bad it would be, if something like that were to happen, were I to be on the high dive when my legs decide to give out, the results I'm sure would probably not be nice. I prefer nice and alive, thanks.” AJ grinned.

“Wow, that's some story, and I'm sorry to hear that. So if your legs don't really cooperate very well, how is you can still swim so well?”

“Thanks, but there's really nothing to be sorry about. The reason though that I can still swim so well, is that I have been really practicing hard these past couple weeks, and while my legs don't work all that well, my arms still work very well, so I have just concentrated on arm strengthening for a while, and not worrying too much about my legs, although they still get lots of exercise as well. Now of course your legs do help a lot when swimming, but they are not entirely required to do well, so I just don't really use them all that much, just as much as I can.”

“That's pretty impressive. I can tell that you and your entire team are far stronger than you look, it sometimes shows when you are swimming. If you don't mind telling me, just how much weight can you lift, just you yourself?”

“I can average one forty on a bench press, two hundred and fifty on a leg press, and I can curl seventy five. I do all sorts of others as well though, and a huge amount of cardio. Our entire team works out every day, two to three hours, and at least one hour of that is in the gym at my house.”

“Oh my god. I assume you're talking pounds?”

“Ya, I can do more, but I usually keep it light.”

“What, you can't weigh more than a hundred pounds yourself though?”

“Not sure about pounds, but I weigh just under seventy kilos, so that's about a hundred and fifty pounds.” AJ shrugged.

“Oh, then I won't even dare to ask about the others, I'm afraid of their answers if yours are that impressive.” She chuckled.

“Was there anything further, my guys would probably like to go get changed?” Jim asked.

“No, no, I think that should be good for now, thanks so much for your time.” She said.

As they walked away, they clearly heard the cameraman stutter to the reporter that he could only bench a hundred pounds, and couldn't even imagine trying to do that much, or more. They all headed into the change room, got their showers, and got dressed, meeting Jim back out on the pool deck only minutes later. For the rest of the day they pretty much just sat around their hotel and laughed and talked and watched TV.

Sunday came with the diving competition, and all the boys did well, well except AJ who felt very odd sitting on the sidelines for this for the first time in a long time. He did enjoy watching the others go out there though, and blow the others out of the water. Because this was a large enough competition, they were once again broken up into age groups, and TJ got to enjoy getting his first gold medal in diving. The other divers in their age group were more than happy to not have to go go up against AJ, but knew that they may not be so lucky the next time. The other boys all did spectacular as well, big surprise there though. They all took gold or silver in their dives, totally dominating the event, yet again. There were some damn good dives out there by other teams, but they just weren't strong enough.

Finally the awards ceremony started, and that lasted nearly an hour long, and once again, they may as well have stayed up front, they were called so often. It was no real surprise to anyone by now though. Jim and his boys were now famous in their sport, and everyone wanted to swim with them, but not against them, and all the coaches aspired to be Jim, and their swimmers and divers aspired to be his boys. And then it was over. They were finally able to leave and get out of the spotlight, none of them liked being there, even if they had started to become far more used to it, but they still didn't like it.

“Well boys, once again you showed the world what true swimmers and divers were supposed to do. I am so very proud of you boys. Everyone thinks that it's me getting you boys to where you are, and while I'll admit, I certainly did help you boys, it really was not all me, it was mostly you. You all deserve most of the credit for your achievements, although I'm not entirely certain any of you actually realize just what it is that you have achieved.”

“Thanks Jim, but I think maybe we do. In the past little while our team has taken more silver and gold medals than any other team in history has in the same amount of time. I heard one of the judges say that to another. They're also saying we are the most famous team of swimmers and divers there is, or probably ever has been. We know that we have achieved a lot, we know that we are very good, but we also know that you helped us a considerable amount more than you realize. We all thank you so much for all your help.” TJ said happily for them all.

“Not to mention the fact that you really have taught us all an incredible amount. Sure, some of it is certainly that we are talented, I doubt there is anyone who would deny that, but talent will go nowhere if not properly trained. Many of us have had a lot of extra training from outside of you, but the simple matter of fact is, that it is you that has found ways to push us that extra little bit to become who we are. Look at Matt, he needed that something extra to make gold, and you got him there, even Coach Phil says so.” AJ added before Jim could say anything to dispute what TJ had said.

“Okay, okay, fine. Thank you guys so much though. I'm glad that you do at least realize some of what you have done, although that doesn't quite cover it all. More than a few of you have completely shattered records for swimming speeds in your age groups, you have surpassed diving scores from all over the world, and nearly every swimmer and diver out there knows your names and aspires to be you boys. You are all famous, I hate to tell you this, because I know that you don't consciously know it. Of course my fame is right up there with you boys, I'm afraid, and every coach wants to know my secrets, and every swimmer and diver wants to come swim and dive for me. The problem is, we are a team and we have done it all together, we just work so well together. May we work well together for many years to come.” Jim said, happy tears now pouring out.

“While we have tried to ignore that fame you say we didn't really know about, we did know it was there. How could we not really! We have known that about our scores, because others have told us, even if you didn't, and we know why you didn't, by the way. The other kids talk in the change rooms, they ask us how we have done it, how we have managed to surpass nearly every score that there ever was. Of course we just tell them that we have the best coach around.” JJ smiled.

“You guys are brats, because I have no doubt that you would have said that.”

“What, it's true, you really are the very best coach around.” Orin smiled warmly.

“Thanks, but you are the best team around too.”

“Thanks.” All the boys said.

“So, that was the last competition of the year to go to, what is everyone going to do during the summer, now that it is creeping up on us?” AJ asked.

“Well, Riley and I were thinking of taking another trip, and leaving Nate with Simon and his moms, they've already said yes. We'll probably be gone for the entire two months of summer vacation again I think.” Jim said.

“Cool, they'll love that, and I bet they make like bunnies for the entire first week until they get friction burns so bad they can't walk.” TJ grinned.

“Of that I have little doubt, those boys are some horny little fuckers, man you should have heard them going last weekend, wore us out just listening to them.” Jim grinned. This was the first competition that Nate had not come to, because he ended up sick.

“We sorta figured that out for ourselves.” Matt grinned. “We're going to continue on doing schoolwork through the summer semester to try and get done as soon as we can, and we will continue to train with the boys as often as possible.”

“As far as I know, we're just staying around home and doing not too much, although I'd love to go on some day trips, and do some fun things too.” TJ said.

“Yeah, that was pretty much the plan as far as I knew as well.” AJ said.

“Yeah, I'm sure we can figure something out to do. I think this summer should be mostly fun.” JJ added.

“So what are you guys all planning for your birthdays this year then, because yours is coming up in only a week right AJ?” Matt asked. All four boys' birthdays were within a few months or so of each other.

“Yeah, we were thinking of a large combined birthday party the weekend after school is out, it's only a month after mine, and JJ's is that weekend, TJ's is not long after, and Ricky's is after school starts. We'll just have a family dinner the night of each of our actual birthdays, but the gifts and the party can all be the one weekend, easier that way.” AJ said.

“Probably would be a lot easier.” Matt grinned.

“And of course you guys will be invited.” JJ added.

“Gifts are already bought then.” Matt smiled.

“And we received our invitations to your mom and dads wedding in six weeks, we've already sent the RSVP back, and we can't wait. It's going to be so beautiful.” Orin said happily.

“Yeah, we can't believe that it's coming up so fast already. It's been a mass hysteria of suit fittings, planning, and everything. Man, I never knew that a wedding would be so insane to plan.” AJ said.

“Yeah, but your parents are lucky, look just how many gay boys they can use to plan everything for them, I bet it's beautiful.” Jim grinned.

“Oh, it's going to be for sure. They have asked our opinions on nearly everything, it's almost maddening at times. It's like they think we're gay, so would instinctively know exactly what to do to plan a wedding or something.” TJ grinned.

“Well, you do, we all do, it comes with the territory.” Jim laughed.

“Well, be that as it may, they certainly don't need to barge in while Ricky and I are in the middle of something a little more important, just to ask what color napkins they should go with to match the roses.” TJ huffed.

“No, really, they did that?” Jim asked loudly with a snort.

“Yeah, just last week, Ricky had just gotten into me when they barged right in, never even paid any attention to what we were doing, they were looking in a book, and asked. It wasn't until afterwards that we told them, that they even knew what they had interrupted. It was really quite comical seeing their faces like that. How many times do you figure they apologized to us Ricky?” TJ laughed.

“Had to have been a hundred times each. Was pretty damn funny though.” Ricky giggled.

“Yeah, they've almost done the same things to us too, just never managed to catch us quite like that, not that they would have noticed any better, mind you.” JJ laughed as well.

“So, was your suit designer surprised to have you boys in diapers?” Jim asked.

“Actually no, he said that it was a rather common occurrence, and that a good many of the younger men that came in were asked to have extra room left just for that, mostly because of nerves. He even said that he told a good many parents that it was actually suggested for their youngsters, and said many agreed. Makes sense really. I mean how many kids could really hold it for that long under those types of circumstances? Hell, I bet he has to fit more than a few men as well like that. He was also about as gay as they come, and I wouldn't doubt for a second that he loves seeing boys in just their diapers, because I'm damn certain he's a diaper lover as well.” AJ answered.

“Yeah, it really does make sense. Easier and less embarrassing than having to clean up an accident.”


For the rest of the evening they all just laid around, watching TV. Their flight left early the next morning, so they all went to bed early. They had hoped for a flight home that night, but there had been none available.

The flight home was boring as usual, and the boys and Jim all ended up falling asleep, even though it was not even a two hour flight. The drive back home was about as boring as well. Finally though they were home.


The principal of the high school once again had a viewing for all the families and students, and they all excitedly watched their boys whoop everyones asses yet again. They all saw the interview at the end of the swimming, and then they saw the awards get handed out. Once again the sound there was near deafening.


“Congratulations guys.” Everyone yelled when they walked through the door. Everyone was there, Max and Alice, Frank, Sarah and their girls, and even a few of their friends.

“Thanks.” They all said back.

“Shouldn't most of you be at school or work?” AJ asked.

“Yeah, but sometimes there are more important things to do.” Frank said.

“Yeah, and you guys were all amazing, as always.” Alice beamed.

“Thanks.” They all said again.

“Well I should be heading out guys. Have a good week.” Jim said.

“Thanks Jim, and you too.” They all said, and Jim headed out. Matt and Orin also took their leave only minutes later. The rest of the two families just stayed and chatted and played, for the most part of the rest of the day.

Frank, Sarah, and the girls all headed home a little after dinner, and the boys excused themselves to bed not long after. Once they were all somewhat safe in their bedrooms, they made love to their baby's for a while, just getting in some much needed loving, not to mention release.


“Hey AJ, I think you're a liar. You said in your interview, after swimming, that you could bench one forty. I can't even bench that much, and I'm the biggest football player on the team.” Alan called out at lunch on Tuesday.

“Alan, you may have been the biggest football player, but I was stronger than you were, and you know it. I also know you are smarter than that to challenge anyone like this.” JJ sighed.

“I want him to prove it to me and the others, because I think he's a liar.” Alan smiled.

“You know Alan, if you didn't believe me, you could have just asked me to prove it to you, instead of calling me a liar. I take being called a liar as an insult, and I don't like being insulted. Now, instead I think what we're gonna do is take you and your entire team to the football coach, and we're gonna have him test each and every one of you for your strength, just because I want to know, and then I will prove it to you, and so will all of us. If you really want to know which team is physically stronger, then this is how you're going to find out.” AJ said in an icy smooth voice.

“Fine, come on guys, let's go.” Alan said to the rest of his team. AJ and the others all smiled and followed. More than a few curious students heard the exchange, and followed as well.

“Hey coach, we have a bit of a challenge here, we want to find out which team is physically stronger, the football team, or the swim team.” Alan said when they got to the gym where all the workout equipment was, also where the football coaches office happened to be.

“Alan, I hate to tell you this, but this can only end badly for you guys, but I'll allow it. What kind of strength contest we talking about anyways?”

“Yeah right Coach, we were going for the bench press. I don't believe that AJ can bench one forty.”

“Alan, you can bench one hundred, and I am pretty damn certain that AJ can and will bench the one forty that he says he can. But, if you really want to, then let's go for it.” Coach smiled.

He grabbed a clip board and pen, and then wrote the names of both teams on it, one team on either side, and then told them to start. AJ told the others that because they challenged, that they all had to go first, so Alan got up first. He set up the bar for one hundred and ten pounds, and just barely managed to do the ten presses that had been agreed upon. He was sweating and shaking, and was only just able to put the bar back up on the rack, and he was finished.

The rest of the team went on like this, each of them going a little higher than they should have, to try and prove their strength, well at least most of them did, but the ones who were gay, or smart enough to realize that they were being had, just did what they felt comfortable with.

“Okay guys, while I did see some good pressing out of you, most of you pushed yourselves far too hard to try and prove yourselves, and you're going to regret that, especially after this afternoons training, because boy are you going to be sore. Now it's time for the swim teams turn.” The coach grinned.

AJ decided to go first, he set the bar for one forty, even though he could comfortably go one fifty. Everyone on the football team watched with baited breath, knowing that if he set the bar that high, and was climbing onto the bench, they knew that he could actually do it, but they had no idea if he would be able to do ten or not. What they saw of course was that he could in fact do ten, and it didn't appear to be too much of a strain for him. The rest of the team went after he did, and they all did their required ten at their comfort level, and then the coach did some math, and then smiled.

“Well Alan, I told you that you were not going to like the results, and I was right, however I'm certain that you're smart enough to have already determined that on your own. The football teams average was ninety pounds, the swim teams average was one hundred and ten, so the swim team is the stronger physical team. I might also add that they are stronger in workmanship, teamwork, and friendship than you guys are, and you could all stand to learn from them. Quite frankly I am sick to death at how you all bicker and fight over who does what on this team, because as far as I'm concerned, you all don't do enough. Now, I do have things to do, so everyone out.” The coach barked.

“Sorry that I doubted you AJ, I had no idea that you were as strong as you are.” Alan said humbly.

“Apology accepted Alan. Next time try asking people to prove something, when you have a hard time believing it, it might not be quite so embarrassing. Now the entire school will know, because more than enough people saw it. Now, I would also suggest to all the bullies on your little team, to not assume anything of anyone. I am small and don't look strong, but I am, and others could be the same. I won't fight unless I have to, and others will be the same there as well, so you never know what you are getting yourselves into when you push someone too hard, they could really hurt you if they got mad.” AJ said politely, he and the others had the satisfaction of seeing a few of the football teams faces go a little whiter with that news. Alan wasn't necessarily a bully, but he didn't mind using his size to intimidate the smaller boys when he wanted something, but there were genuine bullies on his team, and he knew it.

“Thanks, I think. Can I ask you guys a question though?”

“Sure, ask away. We can't promise that we'll answer, but if we can, you better be ready for the answer.” AJ grinned.

“Oh, I'm not really sure what you mean by that, but okay. What I wanted to ask though, was this; how are you guys such a strong team?”

“First, what I meant by that was simple, you ask us a question that might have an embarrassing answer, we will tell you in full detail, we're not shy. In answer to your question though, it's simple. We're friends, first and foremost. We trust each other with our deepest darkest secrets, we work together to try and better each other, not just ourselves, and we have fun. We also stick together through thick and thin, we will never let one of our team have to fight a battle on their own, but we won't fight it for them either. You have seen how we deal with bullies, we just surround them and make them see that they can fight one of us, but as soon as they are done, they are going to need to get through the rest of us too. For instance, and I am telling you all this in the strictest of confidence, and you will not spread this around, or I will be very displeased, I actually peed my pats after the first fight with Brad. I was in shock so badly that I peed. My friends surrounded me so that no one could see me, then they took me to the bathroom, and actually cleaned me up, they even held my head while I threw up. You see, that's what true friendship is about. We help each other out. The entire team knew that JJ and I were gay, and that we were bed wetters long before the rest of the school ever found out, and they were okay with it. Of course they tried to torment us in the change room even more, flashing their gorgeous boy bits at us, and things like that, but it was ll in fun. But how about you guys, do you even know each other, like really know each other? I mean, do you know about the three gay or bi boys on your team that I know about, do you know the bed wetters on your team, do you know the one who is so afraid of the dark that he sleeps with a night light in his room every night. Can you honestly say yes to any of that?”

“Um, no, I can't say as I can, but we're big tough football players, no one is like that, are they?”

“Wasn't JJ one of your biggest and toughest football players?” AJ asked softly.

“Oh yeah, I guess he was. The coach sure was mad when he left, but then he was more mad at us, because he said that JJ was right, that we weren't a team, and that he needed to go where they were a team and stuck together. He's been trying to get us working like a team, but we just don't know how to”

“Okay, so if JJ was one of your biggest and toughest players, and he is a gay bed wetter, then it is wholly conceivable that others on your team just might be too. Now, I wasn't lying about the three or more boys on your team that are gay or bi, but the other things, I have no idea about. You just have to remember that everyone has some sort of issue or irrational fear, even you. You're the biggest kid in the entire school, but I know that you are afraid of something, what is it?” AJ asked softly.

“I'm really afraid of small spaces, I can't even stand being in elevators if there's more than one other person in there with me.” Alan admitted.

“Okay, was that really so hard to admit, and it's not even bad? I bet something happened when you were a kid to have caused that. One of our friends was so afraid of the water that he never took baths, only showers. He wouldn't even get near my pool at all. I was able to shatter his fear of water, and now he swims like a freaking fish, just like the rest of us.”

“Yeah, I was locked in the dryer by my older brother a lot when I was younger. He was so mean to me, he made me so scared of small spaces, and I hate him. Ever since he moved out, I have not spoken to him once, and I haven't even looked at him in years.” Alan said, white as a ghost.

“Okay, so you at least know where your fear comes from, so now you can at least work to fix it. The rest of your team is the same though, they are all just like you. They all like football, and they have their own fears. I suggest that you all have a good sleepover one weekend, sit around and just talk. Don't be afraid to admit your faults and your fears to each other, try what the others like, to see why they like it, try something you hate, or fear, with all your friends there to help you out. Joke and laugh with each other, just try being friends. Remember, you cannot be a team if you're not friends, and friends stick by each other, keep each others secrets, laugh and joke with each other, tease each other even, but never cruelly. It's really not that hard.” AJ said softly to them all, but they all heard and understood him. None of them had a friend that was so close that they knew each others secrets, well except the two boys who had boyfriends on the swim team.

“Thanks a lot AJ. I think that you have given us enough information to start, but if we have any other questions, can we ask you guys?”

“Of course, any time. We usually sit under the oak tree, feel free to join us at any time if you want to ask questions, or to just hang out.” AJ offered.

“Really, but that's where only the cool boys hang out?” One of the other football guys asked incredulously.

“I highly doubt we're the cool boys, we are after all the second most hated team in the school.” AJ grinned.

“Hardly. Every kid in this school would love to hang out with you guys, you're famous.” Alan said.

“No, only some of us are, but they don't care about that.” Rory said.

“No, you all are. Trust me. Everyone would love to talk to you guys.” Alan said.

“Well, we really don't want a whole bunch of people hanging around just because we're famous or something.” AJ said flatly.

“Don't worry, I doubt they would anyways, they're so intimidated around you guys.” Alan grinned.

“Great.” AJ sighed.

“Shit, there's the bell, we better get going.” Alan said, and they all exited the room that they had all been sitting in while talking in privacy. “Oh, and AJ, your secret will never be revealed by any of us.”

“Thanks.” AJ called out as they all separated.

The rest of the day went by quickly enough, and like AJ had suspected, by the end of the day, the entire school seemed to know all about the grudge match between the football and swimming teams, and who resoundingly won it. Swim practice started on time as normal, and once again, Coach Phil beamed at his boys that had done so well during the weekend.

“Boys, I've locked the doors, all the shades are drawn, there is no chance of being seen, go ahead and swim free today. No practice.” Coach Phil called out when he walked into the change room.

“Cool.” Everyone called out.

They headed to the showers and cleaned off, and then headed straight to the pool, not putting their suits on. Coach Phil stayed in his office the entire time, while the boys just played around and had fun. When the two hours was up, he went and blew his whistle, and told the boys it was time to go home, so they all went in and showered and changed.


“Hi guys, mind if we join you?” Alan asked the next afternoon at lunch, meeting the swim team under their tree.

“Sure guys. How are you all doing?”

“We're good. We told the coach yesterday that we didn't want to practice ball, that we just wanted to workout and talk, so he let us. He didn't even stay, he just went to his office to let us talk.”

“Oh yeah, that was nice of him. He probably knew that you were all a little troubled, and needed some time to work it out.”

“Yeah, he must have. He's never let us do anything like that before. We did a lot of talking, and we all told each other our deepest secrets, and we all swore to never tell anyone. Apparently two of my guys are dating two of your guys though.” Alan smiled shyly.

“Yeah, we know. We tried to get them to join the swim team, and join the forces of good, but they can't swim, big babies.” AJ grinned.

“Yeah, they told us about that. I never even realized that there would be gay boys on the football team, it's such a manly sport, and the only gay guy I really know is so feminine, he'd never play football. In fact, he screamed like a girl, and ducked the one time I tried to throw a football to him, was the funniest damn thing I ever saw. He tried claiming that he was a hairdresser and needed his hands for his job, so couldn't risk them getting hurt, but I knew better.” Alan chuckled.

“Ah, so you know Marcos then? I always thought your hair was just too perfect not to have been done by a gay guy!” AJ grinned.

“Yeah, he's my uncle, my moms younger brother. He's a really great guy, and his boyfriend's really nice too, but man is he ever not manly, neither of them really are.”

“So, Mrs. Berry is your grandma then?” AJ said, more stated.

“Yeah, but we keep that information very hush hush, having your grandma teach you is so uncool, and she's cool with that. Man does she mark hard though, and she warned me that I would never get preferential treatment from her either.”

“Well, that's good really, but if you think she marks hard in the regular classes, it's nothing to how she marks us in the advanced class.”

“Yeah, I know, but you guys deserve it, you're so damned smart.” Alan smiled.

“Has she been lying about us again?” JJ huffed.

“Probably not. She simply adores you two, and I would really appreciate it if she never found out how dense I was yesterday. If she were to find out how I challenged you guys, or more you really AJ, she'd tan my hide like I've never dreamed possible. That woman can be downright scary when she needs to be.” Alan grinned oddly.

“Tell me about it. I think that she's the only teacher that was able to actually keep me in line, and then she forced AJ and I together. I will probably never be able to fully repay her for her incredible kindness.”

“I wouldn't bet on that. She wants to retire in the next couple years, and she had always hoped that she could help even just one student that would remember what she did for them for the rest of their lives, and she thinks that both of you will do so. I told her of course that many students would remember her for their entire lives, but she knows that you two will. So now she thinks that she can retire, and feel that she was a complete success. Please don't tell her this though, I wasn't supposed to have heard it.” Alan grinned.

“No, she'll never hear it from us. So how do you all feel after a little bit of a purge yesterday? How did it feel to actually tell your friends your deepest, darkest secrets?” AJ asked.

“Really good actually.” They all said in one form or another.

“I'm glad. So did you guys think about having a sleepover all together one weekend?”

“Yeah, we decided that next weekend we would do it at my place. I have the largest basement, and my parents are cool with it. We're going out Friday evening, so we couldn't do it this weekend.”

“That's good. Why don't you all come on over to my place on Saturday, let's say about lunch time, and we can all swim and play for a couple hours?” AJ asked.

“Really, will your parents allow that?” Alan asked.

“Oh yeah, it's not a problem. It's actually my house anyways, and we'll buy all the food that will be needed anyways.” AJ said simply.

“Really, you own a house already, but you're only thirteen!” One of the guys said.

“Yeah, I inherited it from my dad, he died when I was young. It's of course in my moms name, in trust to me when I turn eighteen, but I make almost all the decisions about the house now, and pay for almost all the upkeep, especially my yard, which I take great pride in.”

“Yeah, I've seen you work on it, and I love the new pond you guys put in, you really do take very nice care of your yard.” Alan said.

“You live near us?” AJ asked.

“Yeah, only like five doors down from you. You don't usually venture into the neighborhood much, and almost never walk my way down the street, so you've never seen me before I guess. I've seen you a lot of course, but because you really were an untouchable, I never talked to you before. When you're in your garden, you hardly ever notice anyone or anything, so you never saw me. By the way, if you don't mind my asking, why do you sometimes wear diapers while doing your gardening guys, I've seen them before?” Alan asked quietly.

“Oh, you've noticed that have you?” AJ said.

“Yeah, I don't think anyone else has though.” Alan said.

“I think I was wrong about you before, you really aren't mean are you?” AJ smiled.

“No, I really don't like that people think that I am a bully, I really don't try to be, but I'm kinda big, and I sorta intimidate people by accident sometimes I think, but I would never actually hurt anyone.” Alan admitted.

“That's really nice to hear. In answer to your question though, and we wear them all the time, is that most of us do have bladder conditions that make it difficult to hold on for long periods of time, while trying to concentrate and work, so they just make doing the work faster and easier. Also some of us just find them comfortable.” JJ answered.

“I see, so some of you are diaper lovers as well too then. I just found out that there was such a thing yesterday from some of the guys on our team. Mind you, I found out a lot of interesting things yesterday, but then again they found out some interesting things about me as well. Well, I see absolutely no reason why that would ever need to be spread around”

“Good, I'd hate to have to get anyone in trouble. So, do you think you're bi, or know you're bi?” AJ asked softly.

“Oh, know for sure. I've never had sex with anyone before though, but I just know that I would like to try both before I decide which I prefer. Uncle mark knows, and thinks it's a good decision to make. He says that just because he can't stand to think of a woman naked, doesn't mean that I won't.” Alan laughed.

“So you think that bi is different than gay?”

“Well, yeah, I suppose so. Well, how do you mean?”

“Because you had said that you thought that only straight guys would want to play football, that gay guys really wouldn't be good at it, is pretty much how you made it sound. I was just wondering how you differentiate them?”

“Oh, I guess I see what you mean. I suppose that I figured that if you at least wanted to be with a woman as well, then you at least had to be part man I suppose. I don't really know what to think, I only decided myself not that long ago that I might be bi, because I sorta started thinking that both girls and guys were sorta hot. So I called my uncle and talked to him all about it, and he helped me see a lot of things. It was sorta nice.” Alan smiled.

“That's good. So are any of the rest of you gay or bi that I haven't picked up?”

Three of them said bi, and one other said gay.

“Cool. I sorta figured you for bi, just the way you sometimes watched the cute boys walk by.” AJ chuckled, pointing to another of the boys on the team.

“Yeah, well there is an over abundance of really cute boys in our school, don't you think, and more than a few of them are on your team, you included.” He laughed.

“Yeah, that there are, and thanks.” AJ smiled warmly.

“Ah shit, that's the bell already, I guess we better get going.” Alan sighed.

They all headed back into the school to continue upon their day. The rest of the day went by somewhat quickly for everyone, and before they knew it, they were all heading home. TJ was told about the small get together on Saturday, and that he was welcome to invite all of his friends for the afternoon. AJ wanted as many good close friends there as possible so that the football team could easily see friendships that knew no bounds. TJ was of course more than okay with this, he said that everyone would be there for sure.

The next day they all once again sat together at lunch and talked, but today it was in the school cafeteria, mostly because it was pretty miserable outside, threatening to rain. They all had a really good time together, laughing and joking, and for all intents and purposes, it appeared as if the two teams had become one even larger group of friends. If this made anyone more or less happy or upset, they never noticed. The entire rest of the school though did notice, they noticed that the two most popular groups of students in their entire school did in fact now appear to be one large group of friends.

It was now the end of the day, and swimming practice was coming up next. Everyone met there, as was more than normal, but today there was finally a new face.

“It's about time Cory, took you long enough to screw up your courage!” AJ said in way of greeting.

“Wasn't entirely my courage, although I did have to build a bit of that too. No, I had an ear infection for the last almost two weeks, so I wasn't allowed to swim, so I didn't figure that there was any point in joining until it was cleared up.” Cory shrugged.

“Well you still could have joined us all at lunch time, and hell, you could have come and watched the practices and everything still. That way you would not have been entirely alone while at school.”

“I haven't really been available at lunch anyways. I've been doing catch up work ever since I got here, trying to catch up to how far ahead the rest of the grade was in comparison to my last school. The teachers here are far more demanding, and push us harder than my last school. Even with my spare period and working lunches, as well as taking an extra hour of work every day, I'm still just a little behind, but I'm getting closer. All my teachers say that with the work I am doing, they see no reason why I won't get all A's on everything.”

“Well, it's good that you're trying to catch up then, and it's really good that you are doing so well, but if you ever need help, just ask us. Will you be available to come over on Saturday? Shane will be asking you anyways, I suggest you play with him a little on that, it might be fun.”

“Yeah, it's a lot of work, but it'll be worth it. I'd love to come over this weekend, but what do you mean, play with him a little?”

“Oh, I don't know, play with his too smart mind a little, say something like you're not allowed to come over to my house anymore, that you had a huge fight with us or something like that.” AJ grinned evilly.

“You're mean.” Cory grinned evilly as well.

“I know, ain't it great. Well, we had better go and get changed. I assume the coach already knows that you're here today?”

“Yeah, I came and saw him today with the signed slip he gave to me yesterday.”

“Good, come on.”

They all headed into the pool, said hi to Coach Phil on their way past, and then headed straight to the change room, before he could say anything about the entire group of them being forty or so seconds late. Now, of course, Cory was a little more used to getting naked around the others, because of the sleepover, so he just stripped off with the others, and headed to the shower, laughing and carrying on just as if he had been with them all along. As they all came out of the showers, still dripping wet, a brand new speedo came flinging through the air, catching Cory quite by surprise, smacking him in the face. Everyone else was of course waiting for it, so they were ready for it, and started laughing instantly. Cory spluttered incoherently for a few moments, while his brain caught up and told him what had just happened, he looked to the coach, grinned, and joined the others in laughing, and then proceeded to skin into the tight garment just as the others were.

Their practice was good, as it always was, coach was driving them all very hard, and poor Cory was having a hard time keeping up with the others, but they all had fun too. As soon as practice ended, they all headed to the shower to get cleaned up, so that they could get dressed.

“Man, how do you guys do it, how can you keep up to that pace? Man, I've never been worked so hard in my life.” Cory groaned as he slipped out of his speedo.

“Just be thankful the coach hasn't started really pushing you yet, then you'll know pain.” Bryan called out.

“What, he wasn't even pushing me hard today?” Cory squealed.

“Oh, quit scaring the poor boy, he's had a hard day.” JJ teased.

“In actual truth though Cory, no, Coach Phil was not in fact pushing you as hard as he could, and will, but he was pushing you to your current very limits, he always will. As you get better though, he will push you harder. It's what makes us all so good. No matter how good we are, he still pushes us to do just that little bit better. You will get used to it though, you're just not in quite as good a shape as we all are. You don't have to worry though. Even though you hurt, and you will continue to hurt for quite a few days, Coach Phil is too good to push you too far. He will always back you off when he sees that you are going beyond your abilities. Our suggestion to you is, don't rest, at least not really. Keep your muscles moving, just lightly, so don't just sit back and relax, it really will make it worse. If your dad will do it, get him to give you a nice massage, or get Shane to, he knows how, especially your bum, because it will probably be the worst.”

“Oh, and here I thought this was going to be like my last team. Our coach knew next to nothing, hardly taught us anything at all. We just swam and mostly played.”

“No, you most certainly do not have to worry about that here. Coach Phil is a real swimmer and diver, trained and entered the Olympics himself, and he knows probably all there is to know about it. He can teach you nearly anything to do with it. He's also very serious and passionate about it, and he drives that passion into all of us, makes us really want to do well, because he knows we can.” AJ said happily.

“Well then, I guess I'm glad I joined then, even though the next week is probably going to be hell on me.” Cory smiled.

“Yeah, but at least you have friends, and even better yet, a boyfriend, to help you out.” JJ smiled.

“Too true.”

The rest of the week went pretty much as normal, not really all that much different happening. Cory was not incorrect in his assumption that he was going to be very sore, because he was. His dad did give him nice massages each evening to help, using baby lotion, their favorite, and Shane also gave him a couple massages as well. The boys went shopping Friday after school to get some snack foods for their little get together. Max and Alice were of course okay with the get together, and while they would normally be welcome, AJ did ask that they not be, at least not for the first while, and he told them why. The football team would not be in any way used to being naked in front of others, yet, and he wanted to acclimate them at least a little first. Alice had to work at three anyways, and Max said that they would just go out until she had to go to work, and then he would come home. The boys were all good with that, so it was all set.

Did Cory play with Shane's head, you had better believe he did. Shane headed straight to Cory's house as soon as they both got home from school, practically bouncing, hoping to ask. At first Shane didn't believe him, that he thought that there would be no way that AJ would do that to someone, but Cory was very convincing. By the time that Shane was stating that he would not go then, if his boyfriend couldn't go as well, Cory let Shane down, telling him that it was a joke. At first Shane didn't think it was very funny, but then he saw the humor.

Finally noon Saturday arrived, and for a solid fifteen minutes, AJ stood at the door greeting everyone, telling them to just go ahead and mingle in the living room, while they waited for everyone else to arrive.

“Well, finally, everyone is here, so hi to everyone, and welcome to the new boys that are here for their first time. Man, I don't think we could fit that many more people in my poor little house if we tried.” AJ smiled and called out.

“Hi.” Everyone called out.

“You have a really nice house though AJ, my living room would never hold this may people, even if they were all standing. Now, I thought that you said that we were going to be going swimming, but you told us all not to bring anything but ourselves?” Alan asked.

“We are going to be swimming, and we have everything that you need, and you have the rest. Come on, let's go out back, and we can all go have some fun.” AJ smiled warmly.

Alan still felt that he was missing something, just the way AJ said it. He didn't figure that they would have enough swim suits for everyone, and why would they, but he had no idea what was up, just that something was. Everyone followed AJ out to the pool, JJ following everyone, and then all the normally there boys just started stripping to get cleaned up.

“Guys, in order to have a shower, you will of course find that it is in fact easier to get undressed, so please, strip and shower, you can have the next turn.” AJ came up to them all and said.

“First of all, why? Second of all, where is everyones suits?”

“Well, the first answer is, because you're not allowed to swim in my pool while dirty, I keep a good clean pool. Second is of course, everyone already has their suits with them, you take it everywhere you go.” AJ grinned, seeing if they would work it out.

“Okay, I guess that makes sense, but it sounds an awful lot like you expect us all to swim naked!”

“Is that really how it sounded, well sorry, it wasn't meant to sound that way at all.” AJ said, and then paused, for quite a few seconds. “Oh wait a minute, yes it was supposed to mean that.”

“Showering in front of everyone is one thing, but we can't swim naked, what would your parents think if they came home?” Alan reasoned.

“Nah, mom's at work until late, and dad said that he would come home for dinner to let us all have our space, so we're okay. Besides, we swim in here naked all the time, the parents never notice.” AJ said truthfully, because they don't notice anymore, it's just natural.

“But I've never swam naked before, isn't it weird?”

“Not at all. Go ahead, hop in the shower, get cleaned up, and then try it out. I promise that if you don't like it, then we will all stop swimming and do something else.” JJ answered tis time. They had all gotten undressed as they were talking, so they did take the offered showers, and then everyone met by the tables, where all the food was, and they were all talking and laughing.

“At least you guys aren't shy about your bodies, that's at least good news.” AJ said happily when he came from the showers.

“We sorta got used to it. Coach demands we all have a good shower after every practice, and he says we don't have to hide ourselves, that we're all the same, and that we can have a good long shower.” One of the guys said.

“We all got used to it as well, in much the same way, except we have to shower, both before and after, to do our swim practice. We're not at all shy in the change room either, we talk and laugh and joke, we all have fun. Sometimes we forget where we're actually supposed to be, so the coach gets mad at us and makes us do our practice naked. I think that he thinks that it's supposed to be punishment, but it really isn't, we prefer it.” AJ grinned.

“Yikes, I hope that he at least makes sure there is no one there and locks the doors first.”

“Probably not, besides, we never have anyone watch our practices, especially anymore.” JJ shrugged.

“Hey, JJ, I thought you said that there was a guy on the football team that was bigger than you physically, but had a dick smaller than mine, everyone here is a good size?” Ricky asked.

“He must have been talking about baby dick Dennis, he graduated last year. I tell you, that's what steroids do to you. I could never prove that he used, but they say that that is a huge side affect, or rather a smaller side affect.” Alan laughed.

“Yeah, that was him.” JJ laughed as well.

“I hate to break the news to you guys, but steroids can do that, but so can other things as well. He could have been a severe premature birth, a fetal alcohol syndrome baby, or a born drug addicted baby, all of that can actually cause small genitalia as well. I also know who you're talking about, I didn't like Dennis, he was a pretty mean bully, and I was really small. He liked to pick on me because I was so smart, well he wasn't exactly what you would call bright, he was pretty slow. If I had to guess, I would say that he was either an alcohol or a drug baby. He probably poured his entire life into working out to try ad make himself feel better. It's really sad actually that there are kids that have to deal with that kind of thing.” AJ said somberly.

“He was adopted, I know that much, so maybe he was, maybe that was the reason that he was adopted. I know that babies born with that are very difficult, and have life long lasting effects from it. I didn't quite like the guy either, but he was a damn good football player, when he actually bothered to listen to the coach.” JJ said.

“I know his parents slightly, and they have three other kids that are adopted as well, and they are all special needs, so I bet you're right.” Alan said.

“Yeah, it really makes sense. I hope that no one made fun of him for that, at least not to his face, that would have been terribly mean. Then again, maybe that was the entire reason why he became so mean and worked out so hard.” AJ said sadly, now understanding Dennis more than he probably understood himself.

“No, no one on the team ever said anything, at least to his face, he could have killed us with one hit. He would have been the only person on our team that could have out lifted all of you guys.” Alan said.

“The truly sad thing is that he will probably never grow any more, and that there is very likely nothing medically that can be done for it.” AJ said.

“Kinda makes me feel bad about calling him names like that behind his back now. I mean I didn't care for the guy either, he just rubbed everyone the wrong way, but that doesn't mean that we should have made fun of something that was probably very embarrassing to him, and that he had no control over.” Alan said.

“Makes you wonder about picking on anyone, now doesn't it. What if what you're picking on them for is some other reason very much like that. The person themselves hates it so much, but others tease them for it. I hate to tell you all this, but you did do it, to me. I have of course forgiven you all for it, I know more than you probably know why you did it. I am very smart, I was forced to skip ahead, where I was not socially ready to go, where I was ostracized, I was so small, but I was a huge target, and there were an awful lot of people keen on target practice. I bet none of you knew that I hated being there far more than you could have ever imagined, I hated being smart, I just wanted to be a normal kid. Thankfully everyone was smart enough not to hit me, at least very hard, because if anyone had have, I would have run away from home and I have no idea what I would have done. And just think, how many school shootings have there been now, so many publicized horrors, how many of them were caused by just such a thing. The reason for the bullying may be different, but the effects really are the same universally, eventually someone snaps.” AJ said softly. Everyone was just standing around, eating the food, listening to the talk, but they had heard an awful lot of things that really made them all think.

“Wow, I can't imagine how horrible that had to have been, and I for one apologize whole heartedly. I know I was not all that bad to you, but I was not really nice either, and I never prevented anything, so really I was just as bad as those who did torture you. No one on our team will ever do anything like that again, and if we see anything like that happening, we will do what we can to stop it.”

“Thanks, like I said, I had already forgiven everyone, because in a way some of it was my fault as well, but I do accept. If everyone just tried to prevent it, then schools would be far better places to be, so that's a very nice idea, and we try and do the same as well.”

“How could it have been partly your fault?” Tony asked.

“Well, if I wasn't as timid and nervous, I wouldn't have been nearly as big a target. I am no bigger than I was, I am still just as smart, yet no one picks on me anymore, although some people call me a liar, but oh well.” AJ grinned at Alan, and he smiled shyly back.

“Yeah, well I never claimed to be the smartest guy in the school, that's for sure, so I can still do stupid things from time to time.” Alan grinned.

“Hell, I am the top student in the school, and I can still do stupid things. Stupid things are normal for teens. JJ's mom says it's actually normal as well, and she's a doctor. She says it's probably because we have more hormones running through us than we have brain cells to control them, and then half the time the blood is in the wrong damn head. So far I have been lucky, but I'm only just finishing puberty. You know though, we're all hear to play and have fun, and this talk is much too serious for a day of fun, so let's go.” AJ laughed.

“My mom does say the same thing about me though, she tells me all the time that my blood is in entirely the wrong section, and that I really should try thinking with my top head once in a while.” Alan said as they all headed to the pool.

“Mine too.” Almost every boy in there said, then there was a large splash.

The boys all laughed and played, just having a good time for quite a while. There was not really all that much talking, except when some of the guys were asked to show off their diving, and then there was plenty of talk and applause.

“So, how do you like swimming naked?” AJ asked Alan as they and JJ ended up sitting in the hot tub at the same time, only the three of them in there at the time.

“It's really nice, really relaxing, and free almost.” Alan sighed.

“Yeah, it really is. When we're home, we're almost never in clothes. About the only time that we're not naked at home, is when we're diapered.” AJ said honestly.

“You guys like wearing diapers, don't you?”

“Yeah, we do, but obviously we do not spread that around.” AJ grinned.

“So, the rumor that you guys were actually wearing diapers at five in the evening when those pictures were taken was actually true, wasn't it?” Alan grinned.

“Yeah, more than likely. No one else needed to know that as well though” JJ grinned back.

“Are they really that comfortable?”

“Yeah, they sure are, but they also have their uses too though. I mean, how many people do you know that get to sit through an entire movie, and not feel like their going to explode by the end of it?” JJ laughed.

“I'm guessing you guys, maybe more.”

“Lots more actually.”

“Doesn't it feel weird or gross to pee your pants, and do you guys, you know, mess your diapers?”

“No, it really doesn't feel weird, well maybe except the first few times I guess, but certainly not gross. We also don't mess our diapers, that would be kinda gross to us. Other people though really like to, maybe you would, you never know. So how many diapers would you like to sneak home to try out, or would you just like to spend the night?” JJ asked.

“Oh, um, I don't know, I don't think I could wear diapers, I don't really want to.” Alan stumbled out.

“Yes you do Alan, we can tell, if you want to try it, then we have no problem allowing you to try it in the safety of our home, or you may take a few of ours to try at home. The only problem there of course is that you could end up getting caught.” AJ said.

“Thanks, I'll think about it.”

“Did you ever wet the bed?” AJ asked.

“Not that I know of or remember.”

“We both did and do, so we have a ready excuse to have diapers, and our parents know that we love them too. We walk around the house, even when they're home, in just our diapers, at any given time of the day.”

“Wow, I don't think my parents would like that too much.”

“I didn't think mine would either, but they had no problem with it.” JJ said, and then told the story about how he got back into them.

“Wow, your parents really are understanding. I mean, I know that mine are fairly liberal in their outlook, but I don't think they would be okay with that.”

“You'd be surprised at what people will accept, with just a little time to deal with the initial shock. Everyone has some sort of odd desire, so maybe your parents would understand.”

“Maybe they do, no idea. Don't think I'd ask either. So, you guys really dive well. I've never gone to one of the viewings before, so I've never seen you guys dive. I know that you guys have won quite a few medals and things, could I see them?”

“Sure, come on, grab a towel and follow us.” AJ said.

They each grabbed a towel and headed into the house, drying off on the way. They went to AJ and JJ's room and to their closet. In there was the safe that AJ had bought, to store their medals in, Ricky also bought the same model.

“Wow, that's some safe, even my parents' safe isn't as big and fancy as that one is.” Alan said.

“Yeah, but in theirs they probably don't have thousands of dollars worth of gold and silver. We couldn't just leave this stuff laying around. If anyone knew they were, we'd be robbed in a second. It would be stupid of them to do so, because every medal is marked, and they would be very difficult to sell, but like they say, criminals aren't exactly smart. It took four of us just to lift this damned thing and install it, and trust me, it's not going anywhere anytime soon.” AJ grinned as he was entering his codes.

In the safe were two boxes, one marked AJ, the other marked JJ, they each grabbed the box with their name on it, and then headed back to the bed to look at them.

“Holy shit, those are a lot of medals. There has to be twenty or more of them in there, in each.”

“Never counted them before, but probably yeah.” AJ said.

“Can I hold one of them please?”

“Sure, go ahead and look at them all you want, just try and put them in the right box, so that we can keep them organized.” JJ said.

“Wow, these things are really quite heavy.”

“Yeah, that is solid gold, the real deal. That's one of the ones I won at the nationals, so they are nearly pure gold. The smaller competitions are still gold, but they are smaller and not quite as pure. That one there probably has over five hundred dollars worth of gold in it though.” JJ said.

“Yikes, no wonder you guys have such a good safe for these.”

“Yeah, we thought it prudent to protect these, because they really are special. Each one is hand made and original, plus they are gold or silver, so their value is quite high.” JJ said.

“Thanks for showing me this guys, I appreciate it. I also promise never to tell anyone that this is here. I can well imagine that you would really rather most people not know that you keep this at home, even if under heavy lock. People would still try for half that.”

“Thanks, we appreciate it.” AJ smiled warmly.

They headed back to the pool a few minutes later, as soon as the boxes were locked back up. When they got there, there were a few people working out on the equipment, a few in the hot tub, a few at the massage table, and probably a few in the sauna as well. They stopped by the snack table on their way past, grabbed a handful of food, and ate it on their way back to the hot tub.

“Where were you guys?” TJ asked.

“Nowhere really, just showing Alan something is all.” AJ said.

“Cool.” TJ said. He knew not to ask what, they were all good with that, if they were not told the full answer, they all knew it was for a reason.

“Hi boys, having fun?” Max called out a while later when he walked in.

“Daddy.” A whole bunch of the boys yelled out.

“Babies.” Max called back.

“Hi dad, go ahead and strip and come sit in the hot tub, and we'll introduce you to Alan, he's the captain of the football team, and our friend.” AJ called out.

“Cool, be right there.” Max said. He quickly stripped down and headed to the showers.

“Your dad just stripped and is going to swim naked as well!” Alan said.

“Yeah, of course he did, we all do all the time here.” AJ shrugged.

“Isn't that weird, swimming naked with your parents?”

“Nah, not at all. We're all used to it. My mom was a little embarrassed at first, well a lot, but she got used to it, eventually. I was really embarrassed though at first at JJ's place, they're all nudists, always have been, so they were all really comfortable with it from the very first time I knew them, so I got used to it over there.”

“So, this is Alan, and I see a bunch of others scattered all over as well?” Max said as he sank into the hot water.

“That's right, dad, this is Alan, Alan, this is Max, my very soon to be dad.”

“Nice to meet you sir. You'll forgive me if I don't stand and shake your hand, I'm not exactly used to being naked.”

“No problem Alan, and nice to meet you as well, but please, just call me Max. You'll find that you get used to being naked very quickly, especially around here. I can tell however that you have nothing to be ashamed of, even if the water does obscure things a little.”

“It's not so much being ashamed of what I have Max, it's more the fact that almost no one gets to see me naked, only those on the team ever do.”

“Not even the girls? A big strapping lad such as yourself should have the girls lining up.” Max teased.

“They try, but to tell you honestly, I can't stand the girls at our school. Half of them are snooty bitches who think the world owes them a favor, and the other half are sluts, or worse. I think I am going to wait and find the right girl, or maybe even a boy, who knows. I feel I have all the time in the world, no point in going and doing something stupid.”

“Well spoken, and while I don't know the girls in your school, I know how they can be. I never dated in high school either because of that. Most girls though lose most of that when they leave their teens.”

“Thank god. I just can't see what some of the guys see in some of those girls. Sure most of them are really pretty, and there are lots that are really nice, but most just aren't.”

“I wondered the same things when I was in school.” Max laughed.

“So Max, Alan is going to spend the night, he wants to try some of our underwear. I think though that he is going to be it though, just wanted a more quiet night.” AJ said.

“Ah, a fellow diaper lover in the making. I'm sure that you'll enjoy them as much as the others do.” Max smiled warmly to Alan, who was blushing fiercely.

“No need to blush Alan, you'll find that around here we have no secrets, nor do we hold back at all.” JJ said.

“But, I haven't even really decided yet, and it is sorta embarrassing after all.”

“Sure you have, you just have to tell your head to butt out, and let you do what the rest of you wants to try. It may be embarrassing, but it is nice, and there is no need to worry.” AJ said calmly.

Alan just nodded his head subtly. They all stayed in the hot tub, chatting for a little while longer. Soon though they all climbed out and hit the showers, telling everyone that it was time to go do something else.

They all showered off quickly, all those who went first waiting for the others. The music was shut off, the food was grabbed, all the lights turned off, and then they all headed back in the house. They all headed to the games room, but the new boys had no idea what they were about to see.

“Wow, bitchin' room.” Alan gasped, and more than a few of his team agreed.

“Thanks, we really like it, and it seems to get a lot of use.” AJ smiled warmly.

Everyone was invited to go ahead and start playing, so play they all did. The rest of the food was set out and eaten over the course of the next couple hours, and everyone had a blast. Finally a little before six that evening, everyone said that they had to get going, all except Alan, who had called home and said he was staying. Everyone was told that he was just staying to talk for a while longer, so no one thought anything of it.

“Thanks a lot for coming today guys.” AJ and JJ said.

“Thanks for having us.” Everyone said back, and then everyone was gone.

“Okay, come with us.” JJ said to Alan.

They led Alan to their bedroom, and when they got there, he was told to lay down on the bed. He knew full well what was about to happen, but he screwed up his eyes, and bit his lips in nervousness. He just laid there as limp as he could, while he was creamed and powdered, and then diapered snugly. Alan was even larger than JJ was, so the diaper was actually a little too small on him, but not too bad, it would still hold up well, but it was right on the verge.

“So, how does it feel?” AJ whispered almost two minutes after they had finished. After they had finished diapering Alan, his hand crept down as a smile crept onto his face, and he stroked the soft diaper that now covered him.

“It feels so strange, but good. Wrong, but nice. I know I shouldn't like it, but I think I do.”

“You know what, that's just your faulty teachings showing through, and you need to purge those. Nothing is wrong if it feels right to you, and as long as you do not break any laws, then there is no reason to not do it. Although that is not even always true, because there are a number of laws that really make no sense, but this is not the time or place to discuss politics.” AJ smiled warmly.

“Yeah, I know you're right.” Alan said softly. He just stayed there for a few minutes longer, caressing the front of his diaper as the other two got themselves diapered. Ricky and TJ were of course in their room diapering each other as well.

“So, how do you like it Alan, is it everything you thought it would be?” TJ asked as they all met in the hallway a few minutes later.

“Even more so. I can't really believe how good they feel.”

“Wait until you have them nice and warm and soggy, then they feel even better.” Ricky smiled.


“So, dinner and then movies guys?” AJ asked.

“Sounds good.” Everyone said together.

Everyone headed to the kitchen, where Max already was, and helped to make dinner. When they finished cooking, they all headed to the living room, where a movie was picked out, and they all sat and ate and watched the movie.

“Wow, that was pretty cool, I actually got to sit and watch a whole movie without getting up to go to the bathroom once.” Alan said happily at the end of the movie.

“Yeah, diapers certainly can come in handy at times, that's for sure. So how does it feel now that it's nice and wet?” AJ asked.

“Way nicer. So, exactly how many people have you guys turned into diaper lovers now?” Alan grinned.

“Oh, I don't know, probably half a dozen or so by now. But they were all already curious!” JJ answered defensively.

“I would have thought it was higher than that.”

“Nah, most everyone we know was already a diaper lover in secret. I don't know how we manage to be able to find and make friends with all of them, but we do. We turned a few people on the swim team, helped you along, and of course there are a couple of TJ's friends now as well.” AJ smiled.

“That's cool.”

“So, you and Sheldon seem to be pretty close, did you find it a bit of a shock to find out that he was gay?” JJ asked.

“Yeah, we've been pretty good friends for a number of years. I used to get upset about how he sometimes bullied kids, but I was still friends with him. In a way I think I sorta knew that he was gay, just the way he looked at me sometimes, I don't know. Almost hungry I suppose! He told us that he had been really scared about admitting that he was gay, and he's absolutely scared shitless of his dad finding out, but then with his dad, so would I. That guy has redneck written all over him, and anyone or anything not to his idea of masculine, must automatically be a sissy gay. I wonder if maybe that is why he acts out so much sometimes, it always seems to correspond with some stupid thing his dad says to him. They really don't get along very well, and the only thing he seems to like about Sheldon, is that he plays football like a man.”

“Maybe he likes you in more than a friends type way, but is just afraid to ask. Now that you have both spilled your secrets, you all have, maybe he will come looking to you now for something more. Maybe he won't though. You guys are good friends, so maybe he won't try because he won't want to ruin a good friendship, who knows. It is a very good possibility that his hiding being gay could cause that, and I should know, I have the scar to prove exactly what burying your true feelings can do to a person.” AJ said.

“Really, is that why he shot you, because he was hiding something from himself?”

“Yeah, he too was gay and thought his parents wouldn't be able to handle it, he couldn't really either for that matter, and he eventually snapped. If Sheldon is living in that sort of situation, if it is possible, he should get away from it as much as possible. Now that he knows that you are understanding though, you can help him talk out his feelings.”

“Yeah. We can both help each other a lot. I know my parents will have absolutely no problem if I told them I was bi, but I don't think I will right now. They may already know, but if they don't, then I see no reason to tell them.” Alan said.

“Why don't you tell them, also tell them about Sheldon, what he's going through, everything, maybe together you can all come up with a solution that can help.” Max said.

“I don't know. I don't think Sheldon would really like my telling my parents about him, first of all, and second, I don't think I'm really ready to admit it yet myself to them. Right now there really isn't any need to work anything out for Sheldon anyways, so we can just talk, and then see where we go from there.”

“That's a good idea. I bet they already suspect something anyways, because they will know the signs to look for, with your uncle being gay and all.” AJ smiled.

“Maybe.” Was all Alan said.

“Well guys, I'm getting pretty tired and want to head to bed, so I think we're going to go now. Alan, do you want to sleep on the couch, sleep on our floor, or bunk in with us, we don't mind.” AJ offered.

“I guess I could sleep with you guys, if you don't mind, as long as you promise not to rape me all night long.” Alan said with a hint of a blush, but smiling widely.

“Oh you wish we would. Come on.” AJ smiled back.

“Goodnight guys.” Max said.

“We're heading to bed as well, so goodnight.” TJ said.

They all headed to bed, and they all felt that their diapers would hold up for the night, so they all crawled into bed. Alan blushed a little in the dark when he heard the sounds of AJ and JJ kissing and whispering goodnight to each other, and then they all said goodnight to each other, then fell asleep.


“Good morning Alan, how did you sleep?” JJ asked the next morning once they were all awake.

“Really good. It was very cozy cuddled up to you guys all night, and it felt nice to not have to get up in the middle of the night to go pee when I woke up, because I just laid here and went.”

“That's cool. Do you often wake in the middle of the night to go pee?” AJ asked.

“Yeah, always have. Ever since I was potty trained, apparently I had troubles with night time, and my mom and dad had to train me to wake up in the middle of the night to go, or I wet the bed.”

“Huh, you're only one small step away from being a bed wetter then.” AJ chuckled.

“Yeah, I suppose I am.” Alan chuckled a well.

“Well, we have to get up and get breakfast and get ready to do our training. Would you like to join us for the workout?” JJ asked.

“Sure.” Alan said.

“Just make sure you don't do anything stupid and try and keep up with us though.” AJ said.

“Oh god no, I'm not stupid enough to challenge you guys twice.” Alan laughed.

“Once was enough, good to hear. At least you learn from your mistakes.” JJ said.

They all got up and headed towards the kitchen, and as soon as they entered, Alan saw Alice, she saw him, and Alan let out a shrilly little scream and back peddled so fast that he crashed into the wall and bounced off. It was possibly one of the funniest things any of them had ever seen, and had burst out laughing. Tears were rolling down their cheeks, even Alan's, but his weren't tears of laughter.

“Alan, don't cry, you're okay. This is my mom Alice, it's okay, and we're not laughing at you. Well, in a way I guess we are, but that was really funny what you just did. Now, come on, stand up, shake it off, and meet my mom.”

“I know you're not laughing at me, but I wasn't expecting to see your mom here, it's just really embarrassing, and she's naked.” Alan whispered.

“She had to work last night remember, so that means that she would be here this morning. Now normally she is not up this early, but oh well. As for her being naked, remember, that is normal around this house. You'll get used to it soon enough.” AJ said seriously, and out loud.

“Yeah, why are you up so early Mom?” JJ asked.

“Well, Max told me that we had a guest, and I just really wanted to embarrass him, it's my way of having fun.” Alice said with a straight face.

“Wouldn't put it past you!” AJ smirked.

“No, I have a paper due in a few days, and I want to hit the library as soon as it opens, so I had to get up early.” Alice grinned. “Now, Alan was it, I apologize for startling you, but my name is Alice, and trust me, I think I have seen it all here. I have seen every one of AJ, JJ, TJ, and Ricky's friends in every manner of dress, and I have seen them all hard, so you have no need to be embarrassed about anything around me.”

“Hi Alice, yeah, my name is Alan.” Alan said, still not looking directly at Alice.

“Honestly, you won't turn to stone if you look at her, even if something does all of a sudden start getting hard” AJ teased, Alan blushed furiously.

“AJ, that was not nice, funny, but not nice.” Alice laughed.

“I know, but I am trying to break his shell, and I seem to remember that this worked quite well on you.”

“Yeah, I suppose it did.”

“Come on, let's get breakfast going.” JJ said.

The boys all worked quickly together to get breakfast prepared. By the time they finished, Alan was doing better. He still would not look directly at Alice, but he was at least no longer blushing entirely, and he was able to keep talking to the guys. Once breakfast was all eaten and cleaned up, the boys all headed out to the pool, while Alice headed to her room to get dressed to head out.

After they got cleaned up, they all started on their workout, Jim, Nate, Matt, and Orin joining them shortly thereafter. They all worked together, as per usual, and then it was time for swim and dive training. The training went quite well, and once it was done for the day, everyone headed home.

“Guys, I really have to thank you so much for everything that you have done for me, and for my team, you really have helped us all a lot. I've never felt so free in all my life, so thanks.” Alan said shortly after he had gotten dressed.

“You're very welcome Alan. You and your whole team are good guys, some of you it was just buried a little deeper, but with all of you working together, you can all be even better and more free as well.” JJ said.

Alan left a few minutes later, and the boys all went and got changed to go and do the yard work.