Chapter 38

“So, how weird does it feel that this was your last week of school boys, and three weeks before the rest of the school?” Max asked the boys when they all walked in Friday after school.

“Awesome.” TJ said happily. “All of us from our group finished early, and they all decided to take off early as well. Having an extra three weeks of summer vacation never hurt anyone.”

“Well, except maybe the poor parents who have to put up with their horrible children.” Max said straight faced.

“Yeah, you'll probably just pour yourself into work more and not even come home, so you'll never even see us.” TJ said seriously.

“Sounds like a good idea. Nah, I love you guys, you're all great. Problem is that in a way you're actually right. This is our busy time, so I will be busier, but I will still be here on the weekends as much as possible.” Max smiled warmly at the boys.

“Well, you have to keep us in the lap of luxury somehow” Ricky grinned.

“Yeah, right.”

“So how are you holding up with the wedding in only a week?” AJ asked.

“I keep feeling as if I need to throw up, every so often it just comes over me like something is flopping around in my stomach. Man am I ever nervous. Thankfully though, all the plans are made, everything is booked, all the details are ironed out, and I think everything should be just perfect.” Max smiled a million watt smile.

“Trust me, we all know that feeling.” JJ laughed.

“Yeah, I know. So AJ, how are your legs doing, you're not even using your cane at all now?” Max asked, it had been a few days at least since he had seen AJ use it at all.

“I think I'm getting better. I can even run now. It felt so liberating. I ran a bit on the field at school today to test it out. I figured that it would be better there, where there was at least somewhat soft ground to fall on, and I didn't fall.”

“I'm really happy to hear that, although I am certain that it is nowhere near as happy as you were. So, I take it that you are going to start diving this weekend again?”

“Yeah, I was so happy, the guys said I was giggling like a school girl the entire time. Yes, I do plan on starting to dive again this weekend, finally. It felt so horrible not joining the guys in their diving the past little while, and just watching them from the sidelines. Although I know that it could have been far worse, I still missed it, and hated not being able to do it.”

“We all knew that it had to be a little hard on you, feeling like you'd never get to dive again, but we all knew that you would get better. Even though you knew it too, sometimes I know you felt like it wasn't happening fast enough. Even your doctor says though that you healed far faster than even he suspected you would, so we should all be happy.”

“You know though, as much as I missed diving, I think what I really wanted to get rid of the cane the most for, was so that I could walk my mom down the aisle. I'm really glad that I will be able to do that now without the cane.”

“That's really nice, and your mom would not have cared at all. All that she cares about, is that you do in fact get to walk her down the aisle. You have no idea how scared she was that she was going to lose you, and that you would not be able to give her away. I can tell you, it is every parents biggest fear, having to bury their children. No parent should ever have to do such a thing. Sadly though, it happens, all too often. We're of course all glad that it didn't have to come to that. So, what are you boys planning now that you are free of school for the summer, no school work I hope?”

“No, this summer, I do believe, we're all going to take the time off and actually have fun.” JJ said.

“That's good. No one has said anything about skipping grades again?”

“No, and I think that we will refuse if they do ask.” AJ said.

“Yeah, we're not ready to be going into our final year of high school quite yet, we want to stay for the next two years and just be with our friends even more. As it is, we will be leaving them far sooner than we would have otherwise. Not that we will be leaving mind you. A lot of things are going to change very soon, no point in letting them come at us any faster than they already have.” JJ added.

“I can respect that. You boys have all done exceptionally well, even you two,” Max said to TJ and Ricky, “and you all deserve to take a bit of a break. So have you made any plans yet then?”

“No, no plans yet, at least not that I am aware of at any rate.” JJ answered.

“Nope.” The others said.

“Well how about this. A friend of mine owns a cabin up on a private lake a little over an hour north of here in the mountains. We sometimes go there for hunting and fishing. It's not a huge cabin, it has no power, but you boys should all be able to manage that, seeing as how none of you has a problem sleeping on the floor. If we rented a bus, I'm sure we could get all your friends up there for a week or so.”

“That would be really neat actually, but what about food? I mean if there's no power, how do we keep food cold, and how do we cook anything?” AJ asked.

“It has a propane powered fridge and stove, and there's a large tank outside. The outhouse is only about twenty meters or so from the door as well, so it's not too far away. The lake is great for swimming and boating, and there is a boat there to use as well. All we would have to do is bring gas for the motor. The entire lake, and the surrounding land, is owned by his family, so you guys would have complete and total privacy, so you could hike and boat and play outside any way you see fit.”

“Oh wow, that sounds really awesome.” TJ said.

“Yeah, it is. I'll give my friend a call and see what he says. I'm sure he'll have no problem with it at all, I just won't tell him how many of you will be there.” Max smiled.

While Max went and made the call, the boys talked it all over excitedly, trying to figure out when they would like to go. They would love to have the whole group go, so it would obviously have to be after school is out, and permission would have to be gained from all the parents, but that probably would not be a problem at all. Max and his friend talked for quite a while, and the boys waited, pretending to be patient, but finally they disconnected.

“Well guys, it's all set. He was planning on using it for a week after our wedding, he's my best man of course, but after that, he said he had no plans to use it, and we were welcome to use it for as long as we wanted. So if you can arrange it, the week after school lets out would probably work quite well. Actually, maybe do the week after, because you guys were having the end of school/birthday party the weekend after school lets out. Would you guys want to go for one or two weeks?”

“Awesome, and I think we can all agree, the following week after school lets out, and I say one week, for now anyways. I don't know if you have a license to drive a bus or not, but I know Ted does, and I am willing to bet that if he was asked to drive, he would drive us all there, but where can you rent a bus around here?” AJ asked.

“I have my sources, and I would have hired a driver, but if Ted wants to do it, then great, even better yet.” Max smiled conspiratorially.

“Cool.” AJ said and they all smiled.

The five of them all headed out to the pool and got ready to get a good workout once they finished talking, and after getting all cleaned, they started working out. For the first time, in what felt like forever to AJ, he climbed up onto the diving board and gave a good hard run, spring, jump, and then an impressive series of flips and twists.

“Ah, so much better.” AJ sighed audibly to everyone as he broke the surface of the water.

“Glad to see that your lack of practice has hardly affected just how well you do.” Max said brightly.

“It wasn't perfect, but it was pretty good, considering just how long it's been.” AJ said truthfully, although none of the others would have believed it for a second. No one bothered to say anything though, they knew that it would be pointless, besides, that was Jim's job.

The rest of the evening went by smoothly. After training was completed, they all helped to make, eat, then clean up from dinner, then they all got comfortable and laid down and watched a movie before going to bed.

That weekend and the rest of the week was extremely busy for all, after all they did have a wedding coming up. Max hardly went to work at all, Alice didn't at all, although she did still go to school. They were all busy with the very last minute things; the fittings, the receiving of all the items that had been ordered, final plans with the caterer, even though AJ had said that he and JJ would do this, the setting up of the reception hall. It all went smoothly, if not a bit on the mad side. There were times when they all felt like they were forgetting things, but amazingly enough, not one thing was forgotten.

“You look very beautiful mom.” AJ said when he saw his mom Saturday morning after she had had her hair done, and her dress was put on. Marcos had of course agreed to come in and do her hair for her, and the boys had all been in to see him during the week, Max included.

“Thanks AJ, and you look so damn gorgeous. That tux looks incredible on you, and the shoes are perfect. They couldn't have fitted that any nicer had they tried.”

“Yeah, they got it perfect for sure, but what did you expect from a gay couple, man, they were almost annoying in how accurate they were. In a way though, I guess that's good, because they had to refit all of us three times before they were satisfied that our diapers did not show, yet still showed off our bodies. The one guy said it certainly was a shame to be covering us. Man, when TJ got hard during his fitting, I thought the one guy was going to faint.” AJ laughed.

“Yeah, Max told me, and it would just figure that horny little brat would do that, and I have no doubt he did it on purpose to drive the poor guy nuts.”

“I never asked, because I was certain of the response as well. So how are you feeling this morning?”

“Better. At least I don't feel like I'm going to throw up any more. You'd think that the day of the wedding would be worse, but it's not. It's finally happening, so I guess now we get to see if all our planning works out just like we had planned.”

“It's the same with our meets and competitions, the nerves are always before hand, but once we're there, we're all fine. Well, we have less than an hour before we have to be at the park for the ceremony, we're both dressed, so I have a treat for you. Come with me.” AJ said.

They were of course still at home, all of Alice's friends were there as well, and AJ led her out of her bedroom. Applause rang out from all the friends as they walked out. AJ left his mom with her friends and headed to the kitchen. When he got there, he got out enough champagne flutes for everyone, and grabbed the very expensive bottle of champagne that he had asked Sarah to buy for him, and poured each flute half full, then placed them on a tray.

“Everyone please take a glass.” AJ said, taking the tray to each of the five ladies present. He was the only male in the entire house, the others were of course at the park, making sure everything was all set and seating everyone.

“And how exactly did you get champagne young man?” Alice smiled.

“Just went to the liquor store and paid the guy an extra twenty, he thought it was fair. You'd be surprised at what you can buy when you offer a little extra.” AJ said with a straight face, and for a second Alice was actually worried that he was telling the truth, but then he smiled. “Nah, I gave Sarah the two hundred dollars for this bottle, but I almost got you.”

“You sir, are a brat. And I'm sorry, but did you say two hundred dollars, for one bottle?”

“Yes, this is one of the finest champagnes you can get. Now, a toast.” AJ answered and then held up his glass. “To my mom, the finest lady there is, she's getting married today to a man who loves her, who adores her, who worships the ground she walks on, she's getting everything that she deserves, finally. May many years of happiness follow.” AJ said quietly, and everyone drank to that.

“And may the two of you love each other more than life itself, and grow old together, holding hands the entire time.” Alice's maid of honor, Marie said, and once again everyone drank to that.

“Thank you all so much. I never though that this day would come. Not all that long ago I was an empty shell, just barely surviving, and now I have everything any one person could ever hope for, and I owe that all to my wonderful son. So to you AJ, I toast. May you live long and love longer, may you have everything in life that you deserve, and more.” Alice said with happy tears flowing down, once again they all drank to that.

“I must say that two hundred dollar champagne sure does taste nice.” AJ said once all the tears were extinguished.

“I agree.” Everyone said.

“Of course I have no idea if twenty dollar champagne tastes any worse, this is my first taste of any alcohol that I am aware.” AJ grinned.

“Trust me, it is horse piss compared to this stuff. I don't think I'll ever be able to drink a glass of champagne again and not compare it to this.” Alice chuckled.

“Great, now I've gone and gotten you hooked on the expensive hooch.” AJ laughed.

“Hardly. I think that this was my first actual drink in years. The champagne that we bought for the reception though, might not taste so good now compared to this.” Alice said.

“Well, the limo is here and waiting for us, what do you say we all head out and get this party started before the bride gets cold feet and takes a run for it?” AJ asked everyone.

“Nah, I won't be running anywhere today, these shoes would kill me if I tried.” Alice smiled.

AJ offered his arm to his mom, and she took it. They walked out of the house, and to the waiting limo outside, the driver had the door open and waiting for them by the time they arrived. Neither Alice or AJ had ever been in a limo before, and they were impressed by it. It was very nice. Marie all of a sudden hopped back out, ran into the house as fast as she was able to in her shoes, grabbed the rest of the bottle of champagne, and the glasses, and came back out. After she climbed back in, and the driver had closed the door, she poured them each out another half a glass, finishing off the bottle, and they all sipped it on the way to the park where the reception was being held.

When they arrived, they could see the area where everyone was already standing around and waiting, and they saw the tent where Alice and the others were to wait, so they headed there.

“Okay, you ladies stay here, I am going to go check to make sure everything is ready.” AJ said.

As soon as he got agreement from everyone, AJ headed out. It took him a few moments to find JJ and Max, among the well over a hundred people that were there, but as soon as he did, they started talking.

“Okay guys, it looks like everyone is here, so as soon as everyone is seated, I think we're ready.” He started off right away.

“How is she?” Max asked.

“We've had to hold her from running three times already, so we better get this done quick before she bolts.” AJ said sadly.

“Stinker.” Max grinned.

“Thanks. No, she's doing really good. How about you?”

“Really good today. Just glad that the day is finally here. Well JJ, if you would get everyone to their seats, I will go tell the JP that we're ready to go.”

“And I will go back to my mom.” AJ said and then ran off.

“They're almost ready.” AJ said.

Not even ten minutes later the music was started, and their cue was given. JJ's sisters were all playing flower girls, so they exited, tossing rose petals down at every step, and then the first of the ladies headed out for the walk down the red carpeted aisle that had been laid upon the grass. The other three ladies followed out in succession, and then finally it was AJ and Alice's turn. As soon as their music started, they looped arms and AJ very proudly walked his mom down to marry his dad. As they exited the tent, every head was turned, looking at them, the photographer was snapping away, and they walked slowly all the way down. By the time they made it, Max had tears in his eyes, saying how beautiful Alice looked. AJ handed his mom over to Max, and he shook hands with AJ.

The ceremony was thankfully fairly short, non denominational, barely religious, and no one objected. Of course when the crowd was asked who gave away the bride, AJ stepped forth and stated that he proudly gave his mom to the man she loved. There was barely a dry eye in the entire park. Then again, nearly a quarter of the attendees were friends of AJ and JJ, and most of them were gay, and honestly, what gay boy does not cry at a wedding.

When the JP introduced the bride and groom, the entire crowd cheered, and they kissed deeply. The applause was loud and happy. Once that was done, the papers were signed, and then the photos were taken throughout the park. The next stop was to be the photographers studio, where he was going to take even more photos. They all rode there in the limo of course.

The reception started at five sharp, with the wedding party arriving only minutes before, and the entire hall erupted in another round of applause when the bride and groom were once again introduced, and they all went and sat at their table, then everyone else sat down.

The obligatory speeches went under way shortly after, and AJ being the MC for the night, controlled everything, and he of course got to do the final toast.

“Well, as we had hoped, everything went off better than planned. On behalf of my mom and my new dad, my new brother, and our boyfriends, we thank you for all coming. I am happy to be blessed to get the chance to make the final toast. So if everyone would please rise, and then we can eat.” AJ said. As soon as everyone rose, he started out. “To my mom and dad, may love and happiness follow them wherever they may go, may sorrow never find them, may they live long in love, may they have all they ever dreamed about, and then some. May the birth control fail and I get another brother.” AJ grinned, and everyone cheered. “And with that, let's eat.” AJ said, and everyone cheered more, and the servers started bringing out all the food, serving the head table first.

Once the entire meal was eaten, it was time for the gift giving. Now, because both Max and Alice had fully established houses already, there was really not much to give to them, so most everyone gave them a card with money in it, to go towards their honeymoon, which they left first thing in the morning for. It took a while to go through all the cards and thank everyone. Next was cake time, Max and Alice happily cut the first piece and shared it between them, and then started cutting and serving it to all the guests. And finally came the party.

The DJ started up with the first slow dance, which was to be Max and Alice only. They stepped out onto the dance floor and started dancing slowly, gliding across the dance floor, both looking radiantly happy. The next song was to be AJ and his mom. AJ led her onto the floor and they danced. During the whole time the photographer was getting tonnes of really great shots.

Then the dance floor was opened up. AJ and JJ got out there and danced together, and so did many of the boys. Odd thing about the wedding, was that there was not one teenage girl to be seen there, they knew none to invite, and the only girls there were either adult, or JJ's sisters. It was a good thing that a good portion of the teen, or preteen boys were gay, and they had no problems dancing together. Many of them did dance with their moms though, because many of them came with their parents, and every one of the little girls was asked to dance by the boys. Denise and Dieter, for instance, were even there. In fact this would actually be the first time that any of them had actually met Tony's parents, and he brought them up to the head table about halfway through the night to introduce them all.

“It's really good to finally meet you guys, and thanks for deciding to come. Tony was worried that you might not want to, because you didn't know us.” Alice said happily.

“Thanks for inviting us. We were a little shocked to have been invited, considering we have never even met before. I must say though, it was a beautiful wedding, and the reception is very nice as well.” Denise said happily.

“Yes, thanks for inviting us. Also thanks for helping Tony out so much in the past year, without all your help, he would not have been able to have helped us as much. We of course knew that Tony had told his friends and you guys about us, we saw how many books he passed out to friends, and we knew that he had to have been getting help to cope with all of it from somewhere, we're just really glad that he has such good friends in all of you.” Dieter added.

“To tell you quite honestly, it was mostly AJ and JJ that helped him with that, we were just there to have a good strong adult shoulder to cry on when he needed it.” Max said.

“And we're very happy that you two look very happy and relaxed now, because the way Tony painted the picture, you were far from it before, and hearing the story, and reading the book, we can understand why that might be.” Alice added.

“We are so much happier now, thanks, and we owe all that to our son. So, you're the AJ and JJ that we have heard so much about. The way Tony describes you guys though, we should be able to see your wings and halos.” Denise said, and grinned at AJ and JJ.

“I see his lying through his teeth hasn't been cured by the multiple beatings that we have had to give him. It's really good to finally meet you guys though” AJ smiled.

“Oh I know, the brat lies about everything, doesn't he.” Dieter said, ruffling the offending boys hair lovingly.

“For sure, but he's a good kid.” JJ smiled warmly and hugged Tony sideways lovingly as well.

“Please, sit down and let's talk and get to know each other better.” Alice offered, and before she could tell the boys to sit, they took off. The two couples headed back out to the dance floor to dance more. The adults did sit and talk for a good while longer, getting to know each other.

The rest of the evening was spent dancing, laughing, talking, and just having fun. By the time the party came to a close, it was nearly midnight, the boys were all nearly dead on their feet, their diapers were starting to show, they were so full, and they all feared that they would either fall asleep, start leaking, or both. The adults too were all getting very tired, because a good portion of them were also not used to staying up quite so late, so the party came to a close, and everyone headed home. It was nice that they did not have to clean anything up, because it would have taken a couple hours to do, but they were far to tired to do so.


The following morning Max and Alice headed out on their week long honeymoon. They were taking a cruise, and were making various stops along the way, heading towards South America. The boys were all up, barely awake, but they were, to see them off, and they told them to have a good time and to not worry about anything at all. All four boys were going to go and spend the entire week at Frank and Sarah's house, just to spend time with them.

Max and Alice very much enjoyed their cruise, they tried a little of everything that the massive ship offered to them, coincidently it was the same ship that AJ and JJ had sailed on, and they were only two rooms down from the one the boys had had. While they felt that the trip did not seem long enough, they were happy to be back home at the end of the week.

The boys all enjoyed staying the week at JJ's parents place. The girls showered them with loving attention the entire time, and they were kept busy. They all enjoyed it greatly though. The night times though were even nicer, because they made love to their babies almost every night, at least in some fashion or another. At the end of the week, they all headed home, and JJ's family, especially the girls, were sad to see them go.

“So, how was the trip mom and dad?” AJ asked.

“It was wonderful, so relaxing and beautiful. I will certainly go back for another cruise sometime.” Alice smiled happily.

“We're really glad you guys had a good time, and we're happy that you're back, we all missed you guys.” AJ said, and they all hugged as a family.

“And we missed you guys too.” Alice said.

“So, how are the plans for your trip coming along guys?” Max asked.

“Really good. We have confirmation from everyone, stating that they are allowed to come, and everyone was given a hundred dollars or more that they are supposed to give to us for food and gas. Most of the guys were given like five hundred though. We told them that it wasn't necessary, but their parents all insisted. I admit that it will help with all the food that we're surely going to need for this trip. We have almost thirty people going, so that would be real expensive to feed for a week. I think we're going to have to hit the Costco store though real soon, to start getting prepared. Everyone who has them available, has already been asked to bring coolers, and a couple barbecues have also been offered up, which we accepted, and of course everyone is bringing their own sleeping bags and pillows.” JJ answered.

“That's all good, and we'll hit Costco the week before you leave to get everything, so that it is somewhat fresh. There's already a huge barbecue there, but a couple extra will probably be a good idea. The bus that I have already arranged is the style with a shit load of storage underneath, so there should be no problems with space. Has Ted said that he would drive, or should I get a driver?”

“No, Ted said that he would love to drive us all, and that's really good. So, will we need to bring lanterns or candles or anything like that?” AJ asked.

“No, the house is outfitted with propane lanterns that are hooked up to the main propane feed, and there are a number of lanterns around as well, but we will pick up a few gallons of oil for them, just because we don't want to use all of Scott's supplies. We will have to pick up a few flashlights as well, and you might want to tell the guys to bring theirs if they have them, if not, don't worry, we'll pick them up.”

“Will our cell phones work up there?” TJ asked.

“Believe it or not, they do. They only work on the dock mind you, and the reception is not fantastic, but they do work. We figured that we must have just barely caught the reception from the highway.” Max said.

“Well, that's a good thing actually. We'll have to keep them turned off for the most part to save their batteries, but at least we'll have them if we need them.” AJ said.

“Too true.” Alice said.

“Well, you guys go on and unpack and relax a bit, we'll get dinner going.” AJ said.

They all headed out on their way to do what needed to be done, and shortly after, they all sat down as a family again, and ate a good meal.


The official last day of school was upon the boys, and they were all asked to attend the end of the year ceremonies, mostly because they all had awards to receive. So all the boys headed to school for the first time in a few weeks and sat through the ceremonies that their schools were putting on for them, and surprise surprise, but all the boys all got A honors certificates. This year it was someone else that received the most improved award, and everyone was happy that someone else had found their stride.

“So, is everyone happy to be out of school now?” AJ asked the entire group as they all headed from the elementary school, after picking up the younger boys, and heading towards AJ's house.

“Yeah.” They all shouted, all except the ones who had already been out.

“Cool, let's go celebrate then.” AJ said happily. Most of the boys had to detour to their own homes to drop off their school things, and pick up their supplies for the weekend, so they all said a temporary goodbye.

The football team had been invited to the party as well, so AJ's poor house was packed right to the rafters again, but they all loved it, they all had a blast. The food was insane to cook though, because there just was not enough room to cook for that many people, but they managed. Not everyone could really play games, swim, or workout at the same time, but they made due.

Saturday afternoon was of course to be the combined birthday party for all four of the boys, and while everyone had been told to not get any gifts, they each ended up with a card from each guest, and each card had money in it. What do you buy for the boys that really already have everything that they need, certainly not much, so they figured that this would be the easiest. The cake was absolutely massive, and everyone loved it.

Finally Sunday afternoon came and all the guests left, saying that they would see everyone next weekend, because they were all taking off on Sunday. The boys went out and did their yard work, all having a good time, as they normally did, while working together.


“Max, what exactly did you have delivered today?” AJ asked when Max came home Tuesday afternoon.

“Just a few supplies you boys might find handy for your up and coming vacation. I figured that it would be impossible to pack out all the garbage with all of your diapers, so I decided that you guys should go environmentally friendly for the next week or so. I bought enough prefit cloth diapers in assorted sizes for all of you and your friends. Because you all only pee in them, they will be easy to clean, and there is a pair of clotheslines there to dry your diapers. They're the all in one style, so there are no uncomfortable plastic pants to wear with them. I researched long and hard to find these for you guys, and they come with the highest rating I could find, so I hope you boys all like them.”

“Oh, well that's not such a bad idea, and if we like them, we might just switch to them then. Well, we would probably use disposable for trips and stuff, because cloth are thicker.” AJ said with a warm smile to his loving daddy.

“Come on, let's open the boxes and try them out.” TJ said excitedly.

“I figured that you would be the first to open the boxes.” Max smiled at TJ.

“Hey, what can I say, I'm a diaper lover.”

“Me too.” The other three boys said as they quickly took a box each and tore them open.

“As soon as you guys finish that, we have to go shopping. We have a lot to buy, and only a few days in which to do it.” Max cautioned.

“Aw nuts, I was hoping to wear one.” TJ pouted.

“If you don't care, neither do we. We all have loose fitting pants, and I'm certain no one will notice.” Ricky said with a grin.

“Okay.” TJ said brightly.

They each dug through the boxes and found all the diapers in there, some were real thick, they were the night time ones, and some were thinner, they were the day time ones. Max knew full well the boys' tastes, so decided to go all out and bought his babies what they would want.

“Wow, these ones really aren't any thicker than the diapers we already use, they should be unnoticeable under our clothes as well.” AJ said.

“That's why I bought those ones. The really thick ones are their ultra thirsty, almost guaranteed not to leak for an entire night of heavy wetting, and the discreet daytime ones, those ones there, are designed to give moderate protection, and not show. I knew full well that you boys would not only wear them during the night, so I bought what I figured you'd need, or in this case, want.”

“Wasn't this really expensive though?” AJ asked.

“Always with the money, yes, it was, but it was nothing to make you guys happy. And like I said, this will make packing up a lot easier.” Max said warmly.

“Thanks, but I just don't like spending tonnes of money for no real reason. I mean the night time ones would have been just fine, we really don't need the day time ones.” AJ said.

“You'll notice that there are only a dozen of the daytime ones, and the entire hundred of the others are the night time ones, so don't worry.”

“Why did you buys so many of them?” AJ asked.

“Well because of how many of you guys wear them. This way you guys will be able to wear a couple, and then wash them at one time, instead of wearing one and having to wash it. Your friends will all be allowed to take one home with them at the end of the week as well, assuming of course they want one. Now, go ahead and try one on boys, and then we can get going.”

“Cool, they'll love them too.” TJ said.

All four boys quickly stripped off the soggy diapers that they had already been in, and slipped on the diaper that they felt would fit them, and tucked themselves in properly. All four boys smiled once they were comfortable.

“Hey, these are actually quite nice. They're very comfortable, almost as much as our disposables are.” AJ commented, and the others all agreed.

“Good, glad to hear it. Remember though, they may not hold quite as much, so don't go soaking them like you normally would, I don't know how much they will hold. Now, go get dressed, and let's go.”

They all took off with nods, and went and got dressed. They were all back minutes later, all happy that they could not tell in any way that they were in fact diapered. They were about the same thickness, and made less noise, than the disposables they were all used to, so they almost totally disappeared under their clothes, and only a knowing eye would pick it up. The nice thing with these was that they had an entirely cloth outer cover, and it was plain white, so even if someone saw them, they would sort of look like underwear. Once the boys were there, they all headed out with Max. Now that Alice was out of school, she was working most of the evenings now, so she was not with them, because she took Sunday's and Monday's off.

They reached the Costco store in the next city in the normal twenty minutes, and they each grabbed a cart. AJ had all the money that their friends had given to them, and he felt that there was no way that they would use even half of it, but it would be nice to not have to pay for this all again, because they usually paid for their party weekends, so the others said it was the least they could do. They went up and down every aisle in the store, picking out tonnes of what they would need. They picked up tonnes of disposable dishes, nearly the stores entire stock of gel ice packs, more than a few flashlights, tonnes of batteries, an entire twelve pack case of each baby powder, baby lotion, and diaper rash cream, and then they headed for the food. By the time they headed to the checkouts, each of them had a buggy that was nearing its weight limits. More than a few shoppers wondered how the boys were even strong enough to push them, as well as what the hell they could possibly need that many supplies for. They had forty, four liter jugs of milk, thirty double pack loaves of break, probably an entire side of beef, an entire pig, an entire farms worth of chickens, twelve flats of eggs, and so many other things that it was impossible to keep track of it all. They just hoped that they were not forgetting anything, because they would never know it until the boys were up there. Apparently there was a store about a thirty minute walk from the cabin, but they would not want to go there unless it was necessary. The cost of all the supplies was almost staggering, at least it was to the person behind them, and she was probably more than a little surprised that it was AJ that pulled out his wallet and counted out all the cash for the groceries. He still had plenty of the money left, but they had used well over half of it.

When they got home, they started the daunting task of hauling it all into the house, and trying, almost unsuccessfully, to find homes for all of it. Had it not been for the spare fridge and freezer in the cold room, they could not have done it. As much of the supplies as they could store that way, were kept in the boxes the store had put it all in though and kept next to the front door.

“Wow, I don't think I've ever seen a shopping trip cost so much or take so long in my entire life.” Max sighed once they had it all put away.

“Me neither.” All four boys said at the same time.

“So, how are you boys' diapers holding up anyways?” Max asked.

“They seem to be really good.” AJ said after extracting his hand from his pants from doing the squeeze test, all four boys had done so.

“That's good. Any of you getting close to saturation point?”

“Probably getting close yeah, but not quite. I could probably pee once, maybe twice more.” TJ admitted.

“Then they held up quite well in fact I'd say. Go on and get changed, throw those ones in the washer with as many of the others as you can fit. You're really supposed to wash them first apparently, but oh well.” Max said.

“Okay.” They all said.

They each grabbed a box and headed to the laundry area, took their current soggy cloth diapers off, and then put on a clean night time one, and threw as many of the others in as would easily fit. AJ looked at the washing instructions on one and found that he was allowed to use both bleach and fabric softener on the gentle cycle, and low dry, so that was what he did.

“Wow, these night time ones really are thick, aren't they?” Ricky smiled once they were all finished and he was finally able to pay attention.

“Yeah, and they're sorta nice too.” JJ said.

They all headed into the living room and joined up with Max, who had a movie ready to go. They all cuddled up on the two couches and watched movies for the rest of the evening. They managed to watch two movies before the boys were too tired to go on, and in fact, AJ and TJ both passed out.

The rest of the week was full of getting things prepared for their trip, everyone brought all their things, that they wanted to bring along, to AJ's place during the week, all having been told before hand to not bring any diapers, that they had it covered, literally, but none being told why that was. As the week wore on, and the time was getting closer, everyone was getting more and more excited. Everything was about as ready as they could get it. The pile of things by the door was massive. It had a bag from each boy, which had the few personal things they needed, their sleeping bag and pillow, and anything else that they wanted to bring. AJ's small stereo was there, all their board games and the poker table top, as well as every deck of cards were there. All the boxes of canned and dry goods were there. About the only thing that was not already there, was the cold goods. Even all four fold up tables and all the fold up chairs were there, because they were certain that they would be needed.