Chapter 39

“So, are you boys excited about going on your trip?” Max asked them the next morning. They had all just gotten up and were sitting around eating breakfast.

“Yeah.” All four boys said excitedly around a mouthful of oatmeal.

“Good. Now, I want you boys to be very careful up there, you won't have any help close by in case of an emergency. There is a tiny bit of a town pretty close, Max tells me, but it's still a pretty good trek.” Alice said worriedly.

“We know mom, and we'll all be as careful as we can, but we all know that accidents do happen, and that we have to live life to the fullest.” AJ said calmly, because he did know all too well, as did the others.

“I know, but I'm a mom, and it is my god given right to worry. Sorry, but you're all just gonna have to deal with it.” Alice grinned.

“Yes, we're all well aware of that.” AJ sighed dramatically.

“Brat. So, do you guys think you have everything, it certainly looks like it. I didn't see a first aid kit in that mess though, do you have one?”

“Oh my god, we forgot the fucking first aid kit.” Max gasped.

“I'll call my mom, she'll have everything needed, and then some. Some habits die really hard. They will be coming over soon anyways, so she can just bring it with them.” JJ said.

“I can't believe that all of you forgot the first aid kit.” Alice said, shaking her head.

“We never actually went into the pharmacy section any, so none of us saw it, so it never clued in I guess. We didn't think we needed anything from there, so we skipped it.” Max shrugged.

“Yeah, but the first aid kit!”

“Yes, we're all aware that we forgot the most important thing, but don't worry, I think we got everything else.” Max grinned.

JJ went and made the call right away, and they all heard Sarah laugh out loud when he explained their predicament, and told JJ that she would have no problem with that at all, and that they would be there within the hour.

“She thought that it was quite comical that we managed to forget the first aid kit. Thirty some teen boys going away for a week, she said we were insane to have forgotten possibly the second most important thing, first of course being food. She did say though that she had more than enough stuff to keep us well stocked, and that they would be here soon. So, when are Ted and Tom going to be here with the bus?”

“We heard, she laughed pretty loud with that. Ted said that they would be here by eight. We went and got the bus last night of course, so all they need to do is come over.” Max answered.

“Yeah, and we told all the rest of the guys to get here between eight and nine, so they'll all be here by eight for sure. All we need to do now, is get all the coolers filled with all the cold food, and then as soon as the bus gets here, we can start loading up.” AJ said.

They all finished eating their breakfast only a few minutes later, and after cleaning up, they all started the chore of getting the coolers filled up. Even with all the coolers that they had, and all the people helping to fill them, this took a long time to do, and they barely managed to fit it all. It would have all fit with ease, had it not been for all the ice packs to keep it all cold. They had more than enough to keep rotating them, because they knew there was little point in trying to put too much in the fridge at the cabin. Just as they were finishing up that task, and putting the coolers by the door, the first knock at the door came.

“Hello everyone. Is everyone excited to be going away?” Sarah asked as they were shown in.

“Yes.” They all said.

“Yeah, a little too excited I think, because you forgot the first aid kit, but luckily a doctor always has a good supply of medical supplies at home for just such an emergency.” She said and held up a medium sized duffel bag that looked to be completely full.

“Good grief, what do you have in there?” Alice asked, seeing the kit.

“A little of everything. I skipped out on the IV system, even though JJ knows how to insert it, but I do have a half dozen epi pens, all sorts of bandages, tapes, splints, cleaners, and gauzes. I also have an assortment of different pain killers, some anti inflammatory, cold and flu meds, all in all, just a good mix of just about anything that they could possibly need, and then some. This is pretty much the standard kit that we keep in each vehicle and in a couple locations around the house. It's our emergency preparedness medical pack.” Sarah said, and Frank rolled his eyes behind her, a few saw this and chuckled. Sarah, without even seeing it, knew why the others laughed, so reached back and smacked Frank quite hard in the chest.

“Jesus woman, would you quit beating me up all the time.” Frank groaned while rubbing his chest.

“Then quit rolling your eyes at me. I am just always prepared for everything, and it's helped a few times, hasn't it?”

“Yes, I know it has.”

“I think I hear the bus.” TJ said. He ran to the window and looked out, and sure enough, it was there, Ted and Tom climbing out. “Cool, they're here.” TJ yelled excitedly.

Not only were they there, but so were a good portion of the boys who were going with them, and more could be seen coming as well. Jim and Nate too were just pulling up. Within five minutes, the entire crowd was there and waiting.

“Hi everyone, are you all excited about our trip?” AJ called out.

“Yes.” The entire group said quite loudly.

“Good. As I am sure you are aware, the bus just arrived, so we have to get everything packed into it, and once that is done, everyone needs to come inside and get a treat.” AJ called out.

Everyone cheered again, and then they all rushed to start loading all the stuff into the bus, the adults just standing back and letting all the strong boys handle this. Ted had already opened all the storage compartment doors before he had come in, so the boys just stuffed all the stuff in there. It took only ten minutes for this chore to be done, and even with as much storage as the bus had below it, there was not really a lot of space left.

“Okay, now everyone into the house.” JJ called out.

“So, what's this grand surprise?” Matt asked the burning question.

“Well, you see we will have to pack out all our garbage right, so dad figured that with as many diaper lovers as we seem to have, and the fact that wet diapers get very bulky and smelly, very quickly, he decided to try something a little new.” AJ said, and then all of a sudden Ricky, TJ, and JJ started throwing the cloth diapers out to everyone.

“Hey, are these what I think they are?” Alan asked.

“If you think they are all in one, really thick cloth diapers, then your guess would be correct. There are a few a piece for everyone, and we can wash and dry them as necessary, so that will keep the waste down.” JJ said.

“Neat.” A few of the boys said together.

“So, what is everyone waiting for? Let's get dressed.” AJ called out.

The boys had all worn just their regular disposables the night before, and were still in them, because they wanted all the diapers to be clean for their trip. So they led the rest of the group in the change, whipping their pants and soggy diapers off, and then pulling on a now much softer, and thicker cloth diaper. The rest of them also pulled off their pants and put on their new diapers. It took a few minutes for each of them to find the best size, but it did not take too long at all. One thing everyone, except AJ, JJ, Ricky, and TJ, noticed, was that their pants no longer fit properly, and that the diapers showed quite well.

“So, what do you all think about your new diapers for the next week?” Max asked.

“They're really soft and comfortable, but our pants don't fit.” Matt answered for everyone.

“Wait until they're wet, then they're even better, but don't worry about your pants too much. It's only a five second walk to the bus, and then we won't be getting out until we stop, and by then we will all only be in these diapers anyways. The neighbors aren't likely to notice too much, the bus blocks the front, and the hedges block the sides more than enough.” AJ told everyone.

“Max, I think we will ask you to store the last few boxes of diapers for us though, you won't show nearly as much as we will.” JJ asked.

“Sure.” Max said and grabbed one of the boxes and headed out.

Sarah and Alice each started giving their boys hugs and kisses goodbye, and of course telling them to all be careful and to have fun. A few seconds later, they all started heading to the bus. Before too long all the boys were loaded, Max had the last few boxes loaded, and then he and Ted went and checked each compartment to verify that it was well secured. Once that was all done, Max went and gave Alice a kiss goodbye, and then he went and climbed onto the bus that Ted had already gotten started. And then without further ado, they were off.

For such a large group of anxious boys, they were fairly quiet for the entire hour and a half that the trip took them. Buses are not exactly known for being speedy when fully loaded and climbing steep hills, so the trip that Max said usually takes about an hour, was longer, but it was not a big deal. The boys did strip off almost all their clothes soon after they left, and they were all sitting in a seat with their boyfriends, or close friends, for those who did not have a boyfriend. Finally they reached a long driveway, and had to stop about a half a kilometer down it so that Max could hop out and unlock a large gate, he left it open, because they would be going back out in a few minutes anyways.

“Well boys, what do you think about your home for the next week?” Max asked as soon as they parked.

“Wow, it's huge. I thought you said that it was a small cabin?” AJ said.

The cabin was quite large, two stories tall, large stone chimney off of each side, really nice wrap around covered porch, but it was not the cabin that most of them thought when they thought large. The space around them was huge. The lake was a pretty good size, easily a kilometer across and at least three long, there was a huge grassy field, large sandy beach with a huge stone fire pit, a nice pier with an even nicer boat tied to it, and they knew that there was supposed to be no one within five or so kilometers of them.

“Yes, everything up here is quite large, so in comparison, this is small. It's a very nice cabin though, and while it is big, it still will be tight for all of you. I must warn you though that the lake is going to be bloody cold, you see that mountain there, it's a glacier, and it feeds the lake most of its runoff. Over there is a wood fired hot water heater that heats the cabins water, and also heats a neat hot tub. The electricity for the water pumps is stored in batteries and charged by the wind generator and solar cells. So you will need to start a fire soon, and for that there is a whole bunch of firewood under the deck, all you'll have to do is split it. The fire pit down by the lake is quite large, but try not to build a huge fire please. Come on inside and I'll show you around.” Max said to all the boys. They were all in awe.

He led everyone into the cabin, and what they found was one large room. On one side was the living and dining area, and on the other was the kitchen and breakfast area. There was a loft upstairs that covered only half the upstairs, so the half above the living area was open straight up to the roof. There was a really nice log staircase leading up there. Max led them all up there next. Up there they found the bedroom area. There were six bunk beds up there, so twelve people could sleep on them. Of course there would be couples, so more than that could sleep up there. The rest would have to take the floor, but the space was almost entirely used by the beds, so the rest of them would sleep downstairs in the living room. None of them were really looking forward to trying to fit two people into a single bed, when they were used to considerably more space. AJ and JJ both thought that they would prefer sleeping on the floor, so did many of the others.

“This is a really nice cabin. Your friend Scott must be really rich to own all of this.” Ricky said.

“Yeah, he's just a little on the rich side. He doesn't have many friends, but those he does have, he treats real well. I've installed pools for him at three different houses now, and he has referred so many people to me now it's not even funny. We've been friends a long time though, ever since I moved out here in fact, long before he really had any money. Most of this was his dads before him, and he worked hard to keep his dads company thriving, so when he took over when his dad died, he inherited a lot. He's a really great guy though, and even though you guys met him at the wedding, you hardly got to really talk to him, mostly because he does not really talk a lot. Well, let's go get that bus unloaded then, and get it all stored in here somewhere.” Max said.

They all worked quickly to haul in all the bags, boxes, and coolers of stuff that they had, and before too long, it was all set in the general vicinity of where it would be going. Max then went and showed the boys how to use everything, including the boat. He also showed them the outhouse. It was a two seater, quite large and spacious inside, and while a few of the new boys almost died at the thought of sitting in there and going to the bathroom with someone right there beside them, most of the others had no problem with it at all, because they had done similar many times before. Having five people standing at the sink brushing their teeth while someone is sitting on the toilet will do that. He also helped JJ to get a fire started in the water heating system, and showed the boys how to keep it going, and how to use it. He even showed them how to use the hot tub. It was really quite neat, because to heat the water it only used convection energy, but it did have the battery powered water jets as well, to get a massage.

“Well boys, I think it's time that we leave you to your fun vacation. We will see you next Sunday afternoon some time, have fun, and please remember to stay safe.” Max told the boys.

“Thanks so much guys, this will be a blast. We'll have fun, and don't worry, we'll all stay real safe.” JJ said.

“And also remember guys, this is the real wilderness, and there is the risk of running into wild animals, so no going out into the bush by yourself, stick together in groups.” Ted added.

“We already figured as much, or at least I did.” TJ said, and almost all the others nodded as well.

“Bye then boys, have fun.” Max called out.

“Bye.” Everyone called out, and within only a few minutes Max and Ted were gone.

“Well, I think the very first thing that we need to do is get all our stuff put away guys.” AJ called out.

“Okay.” Everyone said and then headed back into their home for the week.

It took almost two hours for them to get all their stuff put away, and even though there was a lot of storage in the kitchen, all the dry goods almost did not fit. A few of the items that would be the most used right away were stored in the fridge. All their personal belongings were put away, their bedding put where they wanted it, everyone deciding to just sleep in a large nest in the living room, instead of upstairs. They all felt it would be far more cozy and comfortable. The tables and chairs were set up with the already large table and chairs that were in the dining area. Last but not least, the four extra barbecues were set up out on the porch with the other one that was out there, and it was pretty big as well.

“Well, now that that is all done, I say we start getting some lunch ready, because I'm starting to get more than a little hungry.” JJ called out after everything was finished.

Everyone cheered at this, and started getting a big filling lunch all ready to go. All the barbecues were fired up, half the boys prepared the ground beef for hamburgers, and then started cooking them, and the other half got the condiments and the salad ready. They all worked well together, and before too long they had a large lunch, something they were all too willing to chow down on.

Because they had brought paper plates, they were all put in a bag to throw into the fire later, thus enabling them to have more than enough dishes for everyone, and not having a lot of garbage to take back with them. This also helped with cleanup times.

Once everything was cleaned up, they decided to all go for a diapered hike. Although that would not entirely be accurate, some of the boys were naked, although a few of the football boys, and one more of the swimmers decided to try the cloth diapers, and they were all going to be wearing socks and shoes. It was quite the sight really, over thirty boys, most of them diapered, the rest almost totally naked, all of them hiking through the woods, laughing and joking, enjoying the beauty of the wilderness surrounding them, and the company. Of course with how loud they were being, it was really no surprise that the only wildlife they saw were the occasional bird, or scattering squirrel. They hiked the trails around the cabin for nearly two hours before heading back. Most everyone was getting very near saturation point in their diapers, so they would all start leaking very soon.

“I guess we may as well all go for a swim, so that those of us that are wearing diapers can give our diapers a rinse in there, and then we can throw them in the wash bins.” JJ said.

“Okay.” Everyone said.

Two large storage bins were grabbed and they all headed to the lake. All the socks and shoes were removed, socks being stuffed in the shoes for later, and then everyone headed to the water that they all knew was going to be very cold. The scream that erupted, as more than thirty boys hit the water at a dead run, sounded as if it actually came from a hundred.

“Oh shit that's cold. I think my dick just sucked right inside me so fast it hit my own ass.” TJ screeched.

“Me too.” Calls from everywhere could be heard, and they all giggled.

One by one the diaper wearers removed their diapers and got them well rinsed out and then squeezed as much of the excess water out as they could, and then they were all tossed in the bins. By the time the rinsing out of diapers was complete, all the boys seemed much more used to the cold water, so started to play around. None of them could stay in the water for too long though, only about half an hour, and when they all emerged, blue balls took on a whole new meaning, but then again their balls weren't the only thing that was blue, almost all of them were.

“Well, I must say that that is quite refreshing, and I bet if you did that first thing in the morning, you'd be quickly awake, but I just don't think I could swim too much in that.” AJ commented.

Everyone else agreed whole heartedly. By that time it was time for dinner, so they all headed up to the cabin to get dried off, warmed up, diapered up, and fed up. They each grabbed a towel and dried off as they entered the cabin, the large stack being just kept by the door. Everyone who wore them, then slipped into a nice thick diaper, and then they all started cooking dinner. As soon as dinner was eaten and all cleaned up from, they figured they had better get the diapers washed and hung on the lines.

The only hot water was in the kitchen, and because they had already started the fire in there, there should have been enough for them to use, so the bins were brought in and filled with warm water and soap.

“So, exactly how are we going to wash these, and then how are we supposed to rinse and wring them out?” TJ asked in confusion.

“Well, I saw an old fashioned wash wringer out on the porch earlier, so that will be used for wringing them out. As for rinsing them, well the same way we wash them I suppose. As for washing them, I say we get two people in each of the bins and use their feet to agitate the water and soap, and wash the diapers that way. It will probably work the best. Once they're washed, then we can wring them out and put them in a bin of clean water and rinse them off the same way. Finally we wring them out again and hang them to dry.” AJ offered as the only possible solution he could come up with.

“Okay, that makes sense, and sounds easy enough. I'm sure that with all of us working together, we can get it done pretty quickly.” TJ smiled.

So together, two boys to a bin, they first carried them out to the back porch, and then another two hopped into each one and started washing the diapers a lot like people used to crush grapes for wine. Everyone actually had a blast with this, they were laughing and carrying on just like they were playing games. Once all washed, someone manned the manual crank on the wringer, and they very quickly got all the diapers wrung out and the bins refilled with clean warm water. The rinse cycle was done again with different boys, and then finally wrung out again, and then they were hung up to dry over night. It took them only a little over half an hour to do the laundry, and it was not hard, so this was what they would do each morning after breakfast from then on.

Once the diapers were hung out to dry, they all sat around and played card and board games for the rest of the night. After they all got ready for bed, they sat around and talked for a bit.

“Um, I don't know if anyone else has wondered about this or not, but I'm already starting to get a bit horny, and would love to take Ricky somewhere and do unspeakable acts upon his body. So how exactly are we going to work this out, because there's absolutely no way I can hold off for an entire week?” TJ asked the burning question first.

“There's a few solutions that I can see.” AJ said. “First is, that there seems to be no one using the bedroom upstairs, so we can just hang something on the railing if someone goes up there for a little alone time. Second is the boat, I for one would love to take that thing out to the middle of the lake for a couple hours, just me and JJ, if you catch my drift, and I was already planning on doing that tomorrow morning. Third was that really nice grassy clearing just down the trail by the lake, again we could hang something on the branch of the big oak to signify that someone is already there. Fourth is that you could always go for a hike and let nature take its course wherever you happen to be, and if someone happens to stumble upon you, then so be it. I doubt anyone would stand around and watch anyways. This might also be a good chance for our gay or bi boys who have not hooked up with anyone to find someone to play around with, so that they don't feel too alone.” AJ answered, the last bit with a big grin.

“Cool, that works for me. Just as long as Ricky and I can have some alone time, at least once a day, then I'm all good.” TJ sighed.

“What if you're kinda shy, and don't know how to ask someone to play with you, or be your boyfriend?” Alan asked sort of shyly.

“Hey Sheldon, Alan wants to be your boyfriend. There, done.” AJ grinned evilly.

“Hey, what, that was not very nice.” Alan said, going instantly white.

“It's about time though. I've been waiting and hoping.” Sheldon smiled and sidled up closer to Alan.

“I knew it was what you both wanted, but that you were scared. I could tell that Sheldon was in love with you, but was giving you the space, because he knew you were confused and not quite ready. Sometimes someone has to do something a little mean to help people along, so in the long run it really is better.” AJ said.

“Thanks, I guess.” Alan said, but put his arm around Sheldon's waist as they sat side by side.

“You're welcome. There are two other couples here that haven't gotten together, and I think you both know who exactly I am talking about. You may as well, you all know that you really want to, so you should just do it. You're even sitting so close to each other that you're practically sitting on each others laps anyways.” AJ said, and suddenly four boys blushed, looked to the boy they were hoping to be with, and then smiled and clasped hands.

“There, that's so much better.” JJ smiled warmly.

“Yeah, now all we have to do is get these poor straight boys to see the light.” TJ grinned wickedly.

“No thanks.” The last remaining boys grinned.

“Your loss.” TJ laughed.

They sat around and talked for a little longer before they all curled up together in one large ball, and they all fell fast asleep.


“Wakey wakey baby, let's go have some fun.” AJ whispered into JJ's ear the next morning just after he woke up.

“Huh, what.” JJ groaned.

“Come on baby, wake up, let's go take the boat out for a bit and play around. I need you.” AJ whispered again, this time going so far as licking the ear lobe that he had been whispering into.

“Oh god, you know how that drives me crazy. Grab the blanket then and let's go before the others wake up.” JJ moaned.

They very quickly, and quietly got up, so as to not disturb any of the others, grabbed their sleeping bag, and headed outside. They walked hand in hand down to the dock and onto the boat. AJ untied the lines securing the boat, while JJ was priming the engine and preparing it to start. It fired up first shot, and the engine idled quietly. Once AJ gave the nod, to say all the lines were removed, JJ started backing them away.

The boat may have been large, but it was really easy to maneuver. It was the largest pontoon boat that you could probably get, and still pull behind a standard vehicle. It would probably hold each and every one of the boys, without sinking, it had tonnes of seating, a ladder to enter the boat from the water, and it even had its own barbecue, as well as a cooler that had a small pump circulating cold lake water through it.

As soon as JJ was well away from the beach and the dock, he swung them around and hit the forward throttle, and they headed out for a nice early morning boat ride. The sun was just in the process of rising, it was still that early. It was very cold on the water still, especially to the two boys who were still wearing only their diapers. It was however one of the most beautiful and relaxing things the boys had ever done. They wrapped themselves up in their sleeping bag as they slowly made their way out. They were in no real hurry, and they boated around for a bit first before stopping at roughly the middle of the lake.

Without one spoken word still, JJ stopped the boat and shut off the engine, just letting them float. AJ had gotten up and had spread out the blanket on the deck, removed his diaper, and was laying there waiting for his baby.

JJ removed his soggy diaper as well, and laid down nearly right on top of AJ, locking lips almost instantly. They kissed passionately and tenderly for a long time, the sun slowly rising behind them. JJ disengaged them from their kissing many minutes later and kissed his way, slowly, down AJ's quivering body. Some of the quivering was caused because it was still very cold, the rest from the feelings that JJ was causing in his body. JJ made sure to visit every sensitive spot that he was able to on AJ's body, causing AJ to become even more hot and horny than he had already been. Before too long, JJ was licking and sucking on AJ's pulsing erection, working slowly to bring forth the creamy load he wanted. With only grunts and groans escaping, AJ came hard. It had not lasted nearly long enough for either, but this was only the appetizer.

AJ came down rapidly from his intense orgasm, a large smile plastered on his face. As soon as he was down, he pulled JJ back up. He had been just laying there licking AJ's nuts tenderly. JJ was rolled over onto his back, and then AJ went in and started their foreplay all over again. Starting right from the tender and intimate kissing, then breaking off many minutes later to kiss and lick his way down JJ's quivering body. Once AJ reached JJ's bouncing boner, he too sucked it in and started slowly working to bring him off. With muffled cries, the first of JJ's orgasms was upon him.

Not really letting JJ come down any at all, AJ pushed JJ's legs back and open and dove in, face first, into the moist crevice, and began tonguing the hot hole normally buried within. JJ was moaning and gasping as AJ expertly worked at his hole, preparing it for entry. They had not brought any lube, so this was how they would need to prepare each other, not that it bothered either of them any, because they both enjoyed it. AJ worked for quite a while at JJ's hole, both of them just enjoying the sensations, but both very much looking forward to the next act of love. Soon though, AJ pulled away and started working his way up JJ's body, kissing and licking all the way up, making sure to lick the seepage at the end of his dick for sure.

As AJ pressed his lips to JJ's, his dick was kissing the lips to JJ's ass at the same time, and with only the tiniest shove, AJ had his head buried inside the tunnel of his lover. Just as slowly and passionately as they kissed, AJ slipped inside. It only took a few seconds for AJ's entire length to be buried inside JJ, but it felt like forever to the hot boys. As soon as AJ was in as far as he could get, he reversed direction and pulled almost all the way back out, leaving just the very tip of his dick inserted, and then back in all the way again. Oh so very slowly he did this, over and over again, pulling nearly all the way out, and a few times accidentally doing so in fact, and then slowly back in as deep as he could reach. Recently AJ had grown more, so he was going just a bit deeper now than he used to, and JJ enjoyed this.

JJ was enjoying the slow sensual love they were making, as they kissed deeply, he was moaning. The love pouring out of them in the early morning sunrise, on the boat in the middle of the cold lake, heated them up so much that they no longer noticed the cold. It was very beautiful. Slowly they made love, neither one wanting it to end, both going slow enough to not reach their peaks too fast, both of them trying their best to hold off their orgasms for as long as they possibly could. They lasted nearly twenty minutes going like this, until it just became too much for them to hold in any longer. With a shared scream into each others mouths, they both came at the same time, as they more often than not, did. AJ just sank down, resting his entire weight on his lover, and they both came down from their orgasms.

Many minutes later they were down as far as JJ needed them to be, so he rolled them over until he was on top, and then started all over again. Kissing AJ deeply for many minutes, and then working his way down, kissing and licking everything again, making sure to clean up all the cum mess that was plastered onto his body. By the time JJ reached AJ's pulsing erection, he already had a good pearl of precum there to lick off, and so he did, before lifting AJ's legs and pushing them back to work towards his prime target. Going in tongue first, JJ assaulted AJ's incredible boy bum with all the experience they had gained together, really working AJ's hole. He worked and worked, really making AJ squirm and moan, for as long as his tongue was able to do so, eventually though, he had to pull out.

Again JJ took a swipe at the tip of AJ's cock, wiping away, with his tongue, any traces of the sweet precum that had collected there, and then worked his way back up, licking and kissing of course. As he pressed their lips together, his dick was also kissing the entrance to AJ, and as their tongues sought entry to each others mouths, so did JJ's cock seek entry into the hot hole. With deep sighs from both, JJ slowly slid all the way in, not taking any breaks, just slowly slipping all the way in.

Once JJ was buried all the way inside, he stopped. He held their position for a good two to three minutes, just letting his size fill his baby. AJ knew exactly what JJ was trying to do, and he wasn't going to let him, so he just kept perfectly still as well. It felt incredible to him to be just filled up anyways. JJ had hoped that AJ would get so hot that he would just start squeezing and working his ass. It ended up being JJ that could not hold any more, and soon he started pulling all the way out, also very slowly. JJ used the exact same pace as AJ had used, pulling nearly all the way out very slowly, and then sliding back inside all the way as far as he could, just as slow. They lasted even longer this time, both holding in their orgasms as best they could, but near the end they were both burning with the strain so much, that they knew they would be unable to hold it any longer, but they tried anyways, until they both just spontaneously erupted.

JJ crashed down as well, and they laid, panting and gasping, for quite some time. AJ finally gave JJ a bit of a shove, and he rolled over onto his back, laying there still with a glazed over look, staring straight up, not even blinking. The only reason AJ knew that JJ wasn't dead, was because his chest was still heaving. AJ started licking up all the mess that had sprayed onto JJ's heaving chest and belly, slowly working his way down, until he was licking the base to JJ's now only half hard dick. It only stayed half hard for a few seconds though, because AJ sucked the entire hot piece of boy meat into his mouth, and started sucking on it to make the average vacuum slink away in shame. JJ gasped very loudly, going into an almost insane orgasm instantly, but he managed to hold it off, for a few seconds. He had not even fully come down from the last orgasm when the next crashed over him like the huge waves of the ocean. AJ was satisfied that he had drained JJ as much as he possibly could, because the final offering was barely a drop, and as soon as JJ slipped from AJ's mouth, he was soft.

AJ kissed JJ's balls tenderly, and then crawled up, kissing and licking again, until they were locked into another deep loving kiss. A few minutes later JJ rolled them so that AJ was on his back again, and started working down to give AJ his final orgasm. AJ was still fully hard, and he was not so near to an orgasm, so it took a good amount of work for JJ to bring AJ off again, but he too had only but a drop, and he too was limp by the time he slipped out of JJ's sucking mouth.

They curled up together for quite a while longer once they were finished, just cuddling and nuzzling each other softly. Both boys were nearly purring they were so content. The peaceful and beautiful surroundings were very relaxing to the loving boys.

“Man, that was nice.” JJ sighed a while later, their first actual words in quite some time.

“Yeah, it sure was. We've been out here for a long time though, the sun is already quite high, and it wasn't even up when we started.”

“Yeah, I know. Should we get back and see what the others are up to?”

“I'm willing to bet that if we see anyone, they will be up all right, but in more than one way.” AJ laughed.

“For sure, although most probably will not have lasted as long as we did.”

AJ went and got the boat started again, and this time he drove them back towards the dock. As soon as they arrived, JJ tied them off and AJ shut down the engine, and they hopped off. AJ could see the tree that was near the clearing, and he could clearly see a diaper hanging off one of the lower branches, signaling to all that the clearing was a little busy. They could also see that a ways down the beach was another couple. They were too far down though to really make out any details, so they had no idea who it was. There was also a couple boys in the hot tub, but their heads were down and facing away from them, so again they had no idea who it was. When they went in the cabin, they could see that there was a diaper hanging on the railing to the stairs leading up, and there was no one sleeping in the living room. A number of the others were up and working in the kitchen though.


TJ was the next to wake up, only minutes after AJ and JJ had left, and he kissed his baby boyfriend awake, much like AJ had done only minutes before to JJ. Ricky came awake quickly with a smile to his younger boyfriend.

“Good morning baby. Let's get up and go to the clearing and make love in the woods. I've always wanted to try it. AJ and JJ are already up and gone, I heard the boat start up and leave.”

“I'd love to baby.” Ricky smiled lovingly.

They quietly got up and worked their way out of the mess of bodies, grabbing their sleeping bag as well to lay out on the ground. They walked hand in hand out to the clearing in the woods, the tall grass swaying in the early morning breeze. Both boys were cold of course, but they barely noticed this. TJ removed his diaper quickly and hung it from a branch on the tree where they were told they should, and then they continued into the clearing. The grass was flattened in a small area, and the bag was laid out, and then they laid down and got to loving each other.

The rolled onto their sides, facing each other, and began kissing tenderly, pouring all their love for each other out and into the other. They kissed for a long time, their hands only softly caressing the others backs, not even venturing to their bums. TJ was the first to roll over, and Ricky followed, nearly laying on top of TJ. He and then broke the kiss and started working his way down, kissing, licking, and even nibbling his way until he met up with TJ's young erection. It was pulsing with TJ's rapid heartbeat, waiting for the attention that it craved, that they both really craved. Ricky sucked the entire package into his mouth, balls and all, and TJ gasped loudly. Ricky worked hard to give TJ every bit of pleasure that he could, but not working enough to bring him off. TJ was both loving and hating this, he needed release, and soon, but Ricky kept it at bay, not letting him cum. TJ was getting close though, and he knew that no matter what, that when Ricky tried to stop again, he would explode anyways. Ricky knew this as well, but he tried, hoping to hold it off for just a few more exquisite seconds. It didn't work. TJ started squeaking and spasming, trying to eject the cream his body still did not create. Ricky let TJ slip from his mouth and kissed his way back up until their lips met. They kissed tenderly for another few minutes.

TJ rolled them over so that Ricky was now on the bottom, and breaking from the kiss, he too kissed, licked, and nibbled his way down Ricky's body. TJ though skipped by Ricky's erection and went right to his balls, sucking them both into his eager mouth. TJ started tonguing the sack and humming lowly in the back of his throat, thus driving Ricky even wilder. When TJ felt that Ricky was getting too close to orgasm, he let go, and started lightly sucking his erection instead. TJ was able to postpone Ricky's orgasm a total of four times, and Ricky was panting and gasping from the effort that he was going through to try and hold off, but he too came to a point that he knew, knew that no matter what, he was going to explode, and he knew it was going to be massive. And it was. The volume of his eruption nearly startled TJ at first, but as good as he was, he never lost one precious drop.

TJ kissed his way up Ricky's still quaking body, and laid down, waiting for his baby to come down. When he did, they rolled into each other and started kissing tenderly again. This time however their hands were in each others bums, preparing the holes hidden inside. When TJ knew that he was prepared enough, he rolled over, still on his side, but now with his back facing Ricky, getting into a new position for them. Ricky knew what TJ was wanting, so he curled right up into TJ, hugging him tightly, and entering him just like that. They could not kiss each other, nor could they look at each other like this, yet it felt like one of the most loving and intimate things they had ever done. Ricky was buried inside, and he started thrusting very slowly, not very far out before going back in. Ricky eventually realized that he could be using his hand to play with TJ, so he did, but he skipped TJ's erection, and went straight to his balls and started tickling them softly. The combination was making TJ moan softly, lowly, it was very tender and loving, almost not even sexual, but even still they both knew they would cum soon.

When they did cum, they ended up staying in the same position for quite some time, Ricky still buried deep inside his baby, still tickling his little balls, but no longer thrusting. They both came down from their orgasms slowly in their loving embrace. When they were both down though, TJ rolled back over, and their kiss continued as if it had not stopped.

Ricky rolled over next, offering his bum to TJ, and TJ cuddled right in as well and slowly slipped in as he hugged Ricky tightly. It was a little more awkward in this position for TJ, but it was still very loving, so he dealt with it. He too snuck his hand down and began playing with Ricky's balls, and very slowly they made love again. A while later, they both erupted in another fantastic orgasm, and TJ had strategically placed his hand to capture Ricky's offering, and then began to lick it up as they were still coming down. They both rolled onto their backs, watching the still rising sun for many minutes.

“That was very nice.” TJ sighed out a while later.

“Yeah, it was. I love you baby.” Ricky whispered.

“I love you too.” TJ whispered back.

“Should we go and get some breakfast started, because everyone is going to be really hungry after they finish, because I know we're not the only ones out getting some much needed release?”

“Sure baby, for you I would do anything.”

They got up, collected their sleeping bag, Ricky's diaper, and then grabbed TJ's as they went passed. They headed into the Cabin to find that no one was left in sight. They could tell, for two reasons, that someone was still there though, because there was a diaper hanging from the railing, and they could clearly hear soft moans coming from upstairs. They quickly found all the food that they would need to start a big filling breakfast, and then got started.


Alan was the next to wake up, and he and Sheldon were sleeping nearly nose to nose. It was very nice Alan thought. He started nudging Sheldon and whispering for him to wake up, and he did with a nice smile.

“Good morning, would you like to go and sit and talk for a bit on the beach?” Alan asked quietly.

“Sure, that sounds nice.” Sheldon smiled warmly.

They grabbed their sleeping bags and got up, and noticed already a couple couples missing, so they weaved their way out of the maze, and headed outside. They headed down to the beach and started walking side by side. They would look to each other every few seconds or so and smile shyly. They were close enough so that they were touching a lot, but it was Sheldon that worked up the courage first and clasped his hand in Alan's. Alan looked to Sheldon, blushed a bit, and smiled brightly. They walked for quite a while, until they could still see the cabin, and others would be able to see them, but not clearly. They spread out their sleeping bags and sat down, side by side, still holding hands.

“This is nice, I always dreamed of the time I could have a nice boyfriend. I just didn't really think that it would be you.” Sheldon whispered and laid his head gently on Alan's shoulder.

“It is nice. I'm still not quite sure about this, but it does feel nice, and right too. I can't explain it. I know I like girls too, but I know I like boys, so I know I'm bi, but it just doesn't feel right.”

“You're trying to let your head keep the control, but your heart is stronger. I've known I was gay since I was like eight, so I've had a long time to get used to the fact. I tried looking at straight porn, but the girls grossed me out, and I always ended up looking at the guys. You at least like both, and I can tell that you're definitely bi. We don't have to do anything together, at least not yet, if you're not ready to, we can take all the time that you need if you're still not sure about your feelings. No matter what, we will always be best friends, nothing will change that.”

“Thanks. I think I love you though, I think I really always have, ever since we were kids. To tell you quite honestly, I don't think I could do anything with any other guy than you. I mean I might be able to, because I find a lot of them hot and all, but you're the only one I have ever thought of like that.”

“I've loved you since I can remember, and I always hoped that you would be gay too, I was just too afraid to approach it, and possibly lose you as my best friend. So, why are you wearing diapers anyways, and how do they feel?”

“I was the same way, I didn't want to lose you either. I asked to try one on at AJ's that weekend that we went to his place. I stayed the night there, so I tried them, and I really like them. They're really very comfortable, especially once they're wet.” Alan smiled warmly.

“Do you think AJ would let me try one?”

“I know he would. He'd be happy to have another diaper lover.” Alan grinned.

“That's cool.” He said brightly “Can I kiss you?” Sheldon asked so quietly Alan almost didn't hear.

“Yes.” Alan whispered back, and they turned their heads to face each other, and they embraced in their first of a great many tender loving kisses.

“That was nice. I've never kissed anyone before, it was way better than I thought it would be.” Alan sighed.

“Yeah, same here.” Sheldon said dreamily.

They reached in and kissed again, this time longer and deeper, each probing the other with their tongues, getting right into the nice kisses. As they kissed, they started caressing each others bodies softly with their hands, both starting at the others chest, and then slowly working their way down. Alan was of course wearing a diaper, and Sheldon was naked, so Alan's hand of course hit Sheldon's pulsing erection. Gently he wrapped his hand around it and started stroking slowly. Sheldon moaned deeply into Alan's mouth as his hand started slipping under the waist band of Alan's very wet diaper. When his hand closed around Alan's boner, he too moaned deeply. As they kissed, they stroked each other, for the first time. No one had ever touched either boy like this before, and it was too intense for them to last for too long. With deep grunts, only mere minutes later, they both exploded in their most incredible orgasm to date, both spraying a heavy load of cum. Alan's of course ended up in his diaper, adding to the wetness, but Sheldon's sprayed the sleeping bag they were sitting on at the time. They both sighed deeply, breaking the kiss, and falling backwards, laying down.

“Wow! I never knew it would be that much better to have someone else do that for you.” Alan gasped.

“Yeah, and apparently it is even better to use our mouths.”

“If you give me a few minutes, we can try that next.” Alan smiled shyly.

“We don't have to do that today, we have all the time in the world to explore each others bodies. We can take it slowly, I'm in no rush. I've been waiting for you for nine years, a little longer won't kill us.” Sheldon said happily.

“You're right, but I think I need to stroke again soon.”

“We can lay down and do it, but we can talk a bit first.” Sheldon whispered.

So for more than an hour they laid there, kissing occasionally and talking softly, telling each other even more things about themselves that they didn't tell the others, really getting to know the intimate details about each other, both leaving nothing out. They had known each other nearly their entire lives, so they already knew each other very well anyways, but there are some things you just don't tell people, they were now telling each other. They really found each others likes and dislikes, what turned them on, what turned them off, everything. For quite some time, as they had been talking, they had been softly stroking the others penis and balls, not really to get them off, just because it felt really nice, but when their talk died down, their stroking livened up. They stroked each other for quite some time, working each other to a nice mutual orgasm, each spraying their full load on the stomach of their boyfriend, because they were still laying on their sides facing each other.

“I'm really hungry, want to go in and see if the others are awake yet and get some breakfast?” Sheldon asked.

“Sure, but the others are probably all up and doing much the same thing as we were doing, or more. AJ and JJ came back a little while ago now, and I bet they got started on breakfast.”

“Yeah, I heard them as well. Those two are really in love with each other though, aren't they? I really hope that our love for each other grows as strong as theirs is.”

“Yeah, they are so deeply and madly in love with each other, and I think we could. We've been the best of friends for so many years now, and I really have always loved you, I only just came to realize recently how much though.”

“I love you too.” Sheldon whispered, and they went in for one final kiss. It lasted only a few minutes before they got up. Alan took off his diaper, seeing as how it was now mostly off anyways, and cleaned up the few messes on the sleeping bags with the outer cover, since it was the clean side. They both got up and grabbed their things, and then once again, hand in hand, they walked back to the cabin.


The rest of the boys all woke up shortly after the others had, any of them with a partner woke him up, and then headed out to go find a nice quiet place to make love. The single boys each just went for a walk and jacked themselves off wherever they could, seeing more than a few couples throughout the woods making tender love to their boyfriends. A few of the supposedly straight boys did find this more than a little hot, and wondered what it would feel like. In fact two of them ended up meeting in the clearing after TJ and Ricky left, and they decided that being single when there was someone willing, made no sense, so the one who just so happened to be wearing a diaper, hung it on the tree branch, and they got to know each other quite well. One of them was one the swim team, and the other on the football team.

Tom and Tony had just went upstairs, and when they came down, because they really just had a quickie, Garth and Kevin went up. Tom and Tony then went for a walk to wait for the others to all finish up. The woods were filled with mating wildlife, all in the human boy variety, and for everyone concerned, it was a very good morning indeed. Couple by couple they ended up back in the cabin shortly after Ricky and TJ started making breakfast, and they joined in to help out. Thankfully everyone was back and waiting for breakfast just before it was finished, so they all sat and ate together.

“So, everyone had a good morning today I think, everyone is glowing, and no one is wearing a diaper.” AJ commented as they were eating.

“Oh yeah.” The collective sigh erupted.

“And I very clearly saw two boys, who claimed to be totally straight, come walking out of the woods together, holding hands, and both limp as if they had given up all they had to give. What was up with that?” JJ grinned.

“Any port in a storm, like they say. Actually we decided there was no point in doing it alone, when there was someone willing to help out a bit.”

“That's good. But you're both walking a little off, so you decided to see what making love felt like. I hope you both took it easy.” AJ said.

“Yeah, we did, and it felt really good, nothing like I imagined it would. It was a bit painful at first, but you guys have talked enough about preparation, that I knew what to do to make it feel as good as possible.”

“That's good, I'm glad you guys tried it out.”

“I think we can both say that we are too.”

“I bet.” JJ chuckled.

“I guess it's about time we got everything cleaned up, and do our laundry.” AJ said once everyone finished eating.

“It would go a lot faster if we split up into two groups and did them both at the same time. I mean, we have way too many people to do both jobs at the same time anyways.” TJ said.

“Not such a bad idea. I knew we kept you around for a reason, 'cuz to tell you the truth, you're too damned ugly to keep for any other reason.” JJ teased.

“Hey, I resemble that remark.” TJ pouted. “Ah shoot, resent, I resent that remark.”

“No, I think you were correct the first time.” AJ grinned wickedly.

“Quit picking on my baby, I think he's beautiful.” Ricky stuck up for TJ.

“Yeah, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder remember.” Matt laughed.

“Ah come on guys, two groups, one on cleanup, one on laundry, let's get it done.” AJ called out.

Within only a few seconds there were two groups raring to go. They all worked quickly in their groups to get their assigned chores all taken care of, and before too long, they were all done.

“Did you guys make sure to check all the diapers to make sure there were no bugs in them?” AJ asked as the laundry group came in with two baskets full of clean, dry diapers.

“No, why, should we have?” Alan asked.

“Because I've heard that people have had bugs get in their laundry before, so you always have to shake them out and check. We can all go and check real quick, it'll only take a minute.” AJ answered.

They all went back out onto the porch and they each grabbed a diaper and shook it out, only one of them finding any sort of insect, and it was a rather large spider, in fact Nate was the one to find it, and he squealed like a little girl when he saw it.

“I see we have a winner.” AJ laughed.

“I hate spiders, and if I had have had that in my diaper, I never would have worn another diaper, well at least cloth.” Nate shuddered.

“Wow, that's serious.” AJ laughed, joined by a few others.

“Well, now aren't we glad we checked?” JJ asked.

“Oh yeah.” Everyone said. A few really hated spiders, most didn't care for them, and a couple really didn't mind them, but they were all universal in thinking that there was no way on earth they would want a spider in their diapers. They all headed back indoors with the now clean diapers, and put them away.

“So what should we do guys?” Tom asked.

“Well, we have shit loads of excellent wooded space to play in, I say we have a kick ass game of capture the flag, diaper style. We have more than enough diapers for everyone, so everyone has to wear, but don't worry guys, you'll like it. We make two bases, create the flag, and to take anyone out, and make them your prisoner, you have to remove their diaper.” TJ grinned.

“That actually sounds pretty cool.” AJ grinned.

It took a few minutes of humming and hawing for the non wearers to decide that it did in fact sound sort of fun, and the others didn't seem to mind being diapered, so they all said they would give it a shot. So everyone was diapered, a few grins could be made out.

“This really is sorta nice, isn't it.” Sheldon smiled.

“Yeah.” The other non diaper wearers said as one.

“See, what have we been telling you guys.” TJ laughed.

“No need to rub it in TJ, they are feeling guilty enough right now as it is, liking something that their brains say they shouldn't.” AJ said gently.

“True.” Sheldon said. “How is it you're so smart, so perceptive that you can almost see our feelings?”

“Don't know, just can. Ever since I came out of my shell, and actually started paying attention to the things around me, I've just been able to. I'm not always right, but a lot of the time I am. I remember reading up on reading body language a while ago, and some people say that you can tell everything about a person by the way they move, and their expressions. I always sort of thought it was bull, but they wrote about a lot of different signs to watch out for, and you know, they were right.” AJ smiled.

“Hell of a language to decipher though I bet.” Matt laughed.

“You have no idea actually, but if you know what to look for, you can see a lot of things. Apparently investigators now use a lot of the techniques they taught in the books I read, because it works so well. Well, we have a serious game to play, and I want to get me some prisoners of war to torture, so same groups as we just used, break, and go find your home, then meet back here and we will sort out our flags.” AJ said.

They all broke off into the two groups that they had used earlier, and went in search of their home bases. It was swim team against football team. AJ and his team went in search of a good hiding place for their flag, and they found a dense little copse of trees and bushes, but inside was a nice little clearing. From the outside you could not see anything inside, so it was perfect. The other group was nearly three hundred meters away, and they found themselves a little bit of a cave that was pretty hidden, so they made that their base. Everyone then headed back out to the cabin clearing.

“Okay, so you guys found the perfect place I take it, or your grins would not be so large?” AJ asked.

“Oh yeah.” They all cheered.

“Good, but ours is way better. Now, here's the rules. First team to capture the others flag of course wins. To capture a player from the other team, you must pull their diaper down enough to show their junk, and then they have to willingly take it off. There is to be absolutely no pain, at least not on purpose. Once your captive is yours, you may do anything to them to try and get the location of their base, however it may not involve pain, humiliation, or sexual stimulation, we are all friends here after all. You may use anything that you find in nature, only nature, to help you in your quest, otherwise it is out of bounds. If you capture a member or members of the other team, and they have captives, the captives are automatically released to rejoin the game. If you hear JJ whistle, the game is paused, and everyone is to meet back here as soon as you can. Now, for flags, I have red towel, and a blue towel that should work just fine. My team is the blue team. So, now everyone has about five minutes to get into place, and when you hear JJ whistle, the game starts.” AJ called out the rules. They were well modified for their purposes of course, and hardly any of them had ever actually played the game, so most did not know if this was how to play or not, not that they cared, because it sounded fun.

They all bolted to go to their home bases with their flags to hide them, and make any last minute plans. They made it to their homes bases within just a couple minutes, so they had a couple minutes at least to plan.

“Okay, who here knows how to braid?” AJ asked when they all sat down in their base.

“Me.” Five boys claimed.

“Good. We're going to need rope, and because we're only allowed things from nature, the best thing would be to use the tall grasses that we have available to us. There is plenty of grass right here, so you can just stay right here and braid as much rope as you can. Try and make them as thick and strong as you can, but you have to be quick. We will also grab extra tall grass whenever we find it, and bring it here for you guys, so that you have plenty of extra. Problem is that you will all have to try and be very quiet, and if by chance someone gets in here, you have to remove their diaper, before they remove yours.”

“Okay.” They all said.

“Now, there is a little creek a little ways from here, and during our hike I noticed a mud hole, who wants to go get dirty.” JJ asked.

“Cool.” They all said. “Why?”

“Camouflage of course.” JJ grinned.

“Of course, we will all show up like beacons in the night like this.” AJ grinned as well.

“Exactly, and if the others haven't already thought of it, it will give us an advantage, because they will have a harder time seeing us.”

“Perfect, let's hope they didn't. Now, groups, I say we stay in groups of about five, so that we can ambush easier.” Matt offered.

“Agreed.” Everyone said.

“And of course we have to try and be careful that no one is following us, so one group will always be tailing another to watch for ambushes on us, that way if one team gets hit, we might be able to hit back before they even realize it. We also have to be careful not to lead anyone right to here, or we're toast.” AJ added.

“Good idea. You should be a military planner.” Orin laughed.

“Yeah, well it all makes sense. Okay JJ, I think that was about five minutes, maybe a bit more, go ahead and whistle, but the rest of us better cover our ears.” AJ grinned. Everyone covered their ears and JJ blasted out a whistle that could be heard all over the forest without fail.


“Okay guys, what do we do?” Alan asked.

“No clue. I'm starting to think maybe these teams were not quite so fair. AJ's team has every boy from the advanced classes in it, and we don't have any, so I think they might win just on brain power alone.” Sheldon laughed.

“Yeah, I was sorta thinking that as well. Oh well, we're plenty smart enough, and if there's one good thing about football, we know how to think strategy, and how to tackle people so as not to hurt them.” Alan smiled.

“True, but we do have to try and cause no pain, but accidents do happen I suppose, but I'm willing to bet a few of us are well bruised by the end of the game. At least we normally wear a lot of padding. So, I guess the first thing we need to do, is just make sure not to get caught, so the best way to do that is to separate and watch each other as best as we can. We will also have to try and scope out their base to capture their flag.”

“What about leaving someone here to protect ours though?”

“There's not really enough room for that, and if we leave someone here, they will certainly be spotted.” Alan answered, all of a sudden seeing a large flaw in their home base, but oh well, no time to worry about that now, all they could do was hope that it was well hidden enough.

“I guess we just have to hope that no one finds this place then, and I say we all stay well away from here, just to be safe.” Sheldon said.

“It'll have to do I suppose. I guess we never thought about that. Oh, there's the whistle, so let's get moving.” Alan said. It had taken them longer to get to their base of course.

AJ and his team, minus the rope makers, headed straight for the stream and the mud hole, and together they all very quickly covered each other in mud, including their diapers. They knew that this would probably stain them, but it was not a huge deal, and besides, they could always bleach them. Within only a few moments, they were all covered in thick, sticky mud, making them all very dark in color, and it would blend in well with the trees surrounding them. They then broke off into teams, they ended up with four teams, and two of the teams were set to track, and then the other two were set to tail the trackers at a good pace behind.

They all took off, heading in two different directions. They all stayed low, and kept very quiet, watching and looking. It took a long time before they found the first opposite team member, and fortunately for them, it was Alan, and he was all alone.

As all the teams had been moving along, they had collected the tallest and strongest looking grasses they could find, dropping it off at their base for the rope makers.

It was AJ's team that had been tracking, and when they saw Alan, AJ dropped to one knee, and the others followed.

“He's heading right for us, but didn't see us. Back up into the bushes, as soon as he's close enough, pounce and remove, someone make sure to cover his mouth so that he can't scream.” AJ whispered to the other three in his group. The tailing group had seen this all already as well, so they also took a knee and blended into the bushes.

'Where the hell can they be, I haven't seen a damned thing except my own bloody team.' Alan muttered to himself just as he reached his opponents.

“Right underneath you.” AJ giggled and ripped Alan's diaper down just as JJ covered his mouth, and the other two each grabbed a hand.

“Holy fuck, you scared me.” Alan said with a grin when the hand was removed.

“Yeah, well you're our prisoner now, so now you cannot run or yell out. Follow me please.” AJ grinned.

“I never even saw you guys, how'd you disguise yourselves so well?”

“Uh uh, prisoners are not allowed to ask questions.” JJ wagged his finger at Alan, but was grinning.

“Nate, you think you could get back to home base to get us some rope if they've finished making any?” AJ asked.


“Have our protectors follow you, we will stay quietly in this little hiding spot, so we should be fine.” JJ said.

Nate just nodded and headed out, working quickly and quietly to the other group, and then heading out to home base, the other group following at a distance. Nate saw the other team member see him, but pretended to not see him, he knew that he had been seen, and while he could lead them on a chase, it would give away his protectors, because they would have to run to follow. So behind his back he made a few signs to the others, letting them know he was going to get caught, and then to come and catch the catcher. It worked perfectly, Nate pretended to just be wandering, and all of a sudden, someone jumped out from behind a tree and ripped his diaper down.

“Ah damn, you caught me, now what are you gonna do to me.” Nate whined, but turned so that his attacker had his back to his soon to be attackers.

“I think I'm gonna torture the location of your home base out of you.” He grinned.

“No, you know what, I think we're going to do that to you.” Nate grinned.

“Oh really, and how exactly do you plan to do that, you're my prisoner, and you can't do anything now, remember the rules?”

“Oh yes, I remember them all right, but you didn't capture them.” Nate said and pointed in front of himself.

“Yeah, like I'm going to fall for......” He attempted but then screamed into the hand that had covered his mouth as his diaper was pulled down.

“Like I was saying, you're our prisoner now.” Nate said, pulling his diaper back up.

“We should take him back to the others real quick, and then go get the rope.” Tom laughed.

“Yeah, we should.” Nate grinned.

“You guys tricked me, and where did you get the body paint from?”

“Of course we tricked you, and we won't tell, but it's not body paint. Now, prisoners aren't allowed to talk, unless they are asked a direct question, and you have to come quietly with me please.” Nate grinned and started leading his prisoner back to the others, and his guard melted back into the shadows to follow them.

“Hey guys, I got captured, and then we captured him, so here's another, but we haven't gotten the rope yet.” Nate laughed, bringing their newest captive in.

“Wicked. Try and get some rope now, hopefully the other teams are having as good a luck as we are.” JJ said.

Nate just nodded and took off again, but this time he made it there, taking more tall grass while he was going there.

“Hi guys, we need some rope please, enough for two people if you have it already?” Nate entered and asked.

“Sure, we have that, and some blindfolds even.” Shane offered.

“How did you guys make blindfolds?”

“Just some tree bark, it's pretty soft after working it a bit on a rock. We have enough for the entire other group. We also have enough rope for five people so far, and with the grass you brought, we should be able to get another couple done.” Jase said.

“Awesome, the others are going to love this. I'll take them with me now, or at least half. Give the other half to the other team if you see them.”

“Good idea.”

Nate took the offered supplies and headed right out again. On his way back he picked up a tail, but again he pretended not to see them, there were two of them this time. He slowed down and let them catch up a bit, and then purposely caught his shoelace on a low branch, causing it to come undone, so he bent to tie it up, also dropping the items in his hand he had hoped the others had not yet seen, thus offering an extremely easy target.

“Gotcha.” Sheldon giggled as he pulled Nate's diaper down.

“Ah shit. Okay, I'll come peacefully.” Nate sighed in mock despair.

“Go ahead and finish tying up your lace, and then we can go.” Sheldon offered.

“Thanks, but in a second we will be taking you back to our base instead.” Nate laughed.

“What do you....” Sheldon was about to ask, but both his and his partners screams of shock were covered by a pair of hands as their diapers were removed by another.

“I think you were about to ask what I meant by that? Well, the simple answer was that our trap worked out quite well, and now you two are our prisoners instead.” Nate grinned evilly.

“Wow, you guys are good.” Sheldon laughed.

“Yeah, my team has already caught four of your people, and we still have one more team out there somewhere. Now, let us remove your diapers, tie you up, and blindfold you, oh and no talking remember.”

“Better leave the blindfolds off for now Nate, they will have to walk back with just you, so that we can remain your guard.” Matt said.

“Ah, good point.” Nate said. He pulled up his diaper, and then proceeded to tie the hands of both boys behind their backs. The other team again melted back into the shadows, and then TJ led his two newest prisoners back to where the others were waiting for him.

“Good grief. I think we should rethink our strategy here, you seem to work very well like this.” AJ laughed when Nate came back with two more prisoners.

“I guess they think I'm an easy target or something. So, I have enough rope for three more here with me, and I have blindfolds for them all, the others made some out of bark for our captives.”

“Wicked. Well, I think this is a good enough hideout for our prisoners, so I say we just leave them here, tie them up and blindfold them, and we'll keep their diapers, because they can't rejoin without them, even if they do get back to their base.” JJ said.

“Good idea. Let's tie them to the trees, and then we can get their base location from them.” AJ laughed evilly.

“Okay.” The others all said, and their captives groaned out no.

They were very quickly tied up. Nate offered to go back out with his guard detail to bring in more unlucky guys, and they all agreed. So AJ, JJ, and Simon stayed there to interrogate their prisoners of war.

“Okay, now you may be thinking that this is our home base, and that if you do manage to get out of here, you can tell the others, but it isn't. Your base though will soon be ours. How much torture it takes, is entirely up to you guys.” JJ laughed maniacally.

The others grinned at him, and their captives actually cringed.

“You'll never get anything from us.” Alan tried, making himself sound tough.

“Oh really Alan, what was that huge fear of yours? Oh yeah, claustrophobia, I bet we can find a cave somewhere around here, Simon, go find us a cave. Let's see how loudly he sings when we stuff him in a cave.” AJ said hellishly.

“Oh god no, please, you can't do that, I thought this was a friendly game.” Alan said, almost starting to cry.

“Then tell us the information we want. Simon just went to find a cave, if he's back before you tell us, or one of the others tells us, then we take you there.” JJ offered.

“Oh god, you can't do that.”

“Now, Sheldon, your biggest fear I believe was spiders, wasn't it?”

“Y-y-y-yes.” Sheldon stuttered out.

“I see, so if we were to find a nice spider and let it crawl on you, that would be really frightening to you, wouldn't it?”

Y-y-y-yes.” Sheldon stuttered out again.

“Right, well if Simon gets back, but doesn't find a cave, then a spider will be found. I'm pretty darn certain that we could find a spider easily enough.”

“Okay, now Mike, you didn't really have any fears, did you, at least none that you told us about, but you did say that you're really ticklish, and that you would pee your pants should anyone tickle you, isn't that right?”

Y-y-y-yes.” Mike stuttered out.

“Right, well then, I think we know exactly how to get to you, we'll let you think on that one for a minute, but we have one more person first.” JJ said happily.

“Okay, and that just leaves you Chris, what was your fear again, oh yeah, that's right, deathly afraid of heights. Well, I'm not really sure how we could get you up high anywhere around here, but maybe we could get you up a tree somehow.” AJ said.

Chris was the only one not to stutter out an answer, because he knew that he was relatively safe. He saw no way that they could use anything in nature to get him high enough to scare him.

“Okay, well since Simon isn't back yet with the location of a cave, I guess we start on you then Mike. Do you wish to tell us, or do we tickle you?” AJ asked menacingly.

“Please don't tickle me.” Mike tried.

“Then, the location of your base?”

“No, I won't tell you.”

“Then I guess you really want to be tickled! Untie him and pin him down.” AJ laughed.

Mike was quickly untied from the tree and laid down on the ground on his back in the grass. JJ pinned his arms down with his knees, and AJ pinned his legs down just by sitting on them. Then without so much as a single warning, they started digging in, tickling poor Mike all over the place, even Simon joined in on this, because Mike would never know anyways. His screams of laughter could probably be heard all over, he was screaming and gasping, but when they detected that he was losing his air, they paused, and asked if he wanted to continue, but he stayed obstinate. They tickled him for almost five minutes, and he had peed twice, narrowly missing his torturers.

“Ah, there's Simon, I think we're finished for a moment or two Mike, you better hope he found a cave.” JJ said.

“Hi guys, I saw one cave, but there were guys too near it, so I couldn't go and check it out.”

“Ha, you'll never get near our base.” Alan said.

“Oh really, well we'll just have to see about that, but thanks.” AJ said.

“Ah shit.” Alan gasped, realizing his mistake.

“Problem is that we don't know if it was your cave or not, there could be dozens around here, and it could have just been chance that a couple of your guys were there, but we will check it out, have no fear.” JJ said.

“Or you can lead us to the correct cave, and then we will not take you into the one we found and block the entrance.” AJ offered.

“No, you can't do it.”

“I believe we can. Well, Simon, I think our next prisoner was afraid of spiders, and you're not, so go find us the biggest one you can please?” AJ asked sweetly, Sheldon gasped out, trying to not cry, but he really hated spiders.

“Well Mike, you ready for another session?”

“Please, no more, I can't take it any more.”

“Then, tell us the exact location of your base, and we let you go, it's that simple.”

“I-I-I-I-I can't.”

“I know you can't, you don't want to be the one to have revealed the secret location of your base, you don't want to be the rat, the canary, the stool pigeon. We can understand that, really we can, and we hate torturing you guys like this, but we need that information, so we need to do it. You understand our dilemma of course.” JJ said sweetly.

“It's just a game, you can't torture us like this.”

“Sure we can, we're not hurting anyone physically, we're not sexually abusing you, and even though you peed, we're not actually humiliating you.” AJ said.

“Ah shit, I can't.”

“Sorry, then we have to do it, we're sorry.” JJ said, and this time Mike was rolled over onto his stomach.

They started all over again, really going at it, but once again pausing to let him breath every few seconds if he sounded like he needed it.

“I'm back guys, and I found a really big spider.” Simon said on AJ's prompting.

“Oh shit.” Sheldon gasped. “Come on guys, tell them, please.”

“No, we can't. Our guys have probably already captured their base, we'll be rescued soon. Mike's laughter had to have been heard all over the forest, they will come and find us, I know it.” Chris tried.

“Yes, that may be true, or we could already have almost all of your guys too, in which case you're just being tortured needlessly. All of your guys will be being tortured in some fashion right now if I'm right, and our little group already has four of you, including the two leaders. How long do you think the younger more scared boys will be able to hold up? So far we've only tickle tortured, because it's not really mean or anything, and it just happens to be the easiest. But, we do have a spider now, so do we end this with just some tickling, or do we bring on the spider and the cave?” AJ asked softly.

“Oh god guys, I have to tell them, I can't have a spider on me.”

“That's right Sheldon, go on and tell us.” JJ whispered into his ear.

“No, don't tell him anything.” Chris said.

“Easy coming from you who has a fear they can't really use against you.” Sheldon said.

“Oh, I wouldn't be so sure about that. I saw the looks on Chris's face when we said spider, I think it just might be almost as effective on him too.” Simon offered.

“What, no, I'm not afraid of spiders.” Chris tried, but he started to sweat right away, and he tensed right up.

“Your mouth says no, but your body says otherwise Chris. I think maybe we're going to change tactics here and use the spider on you first. See how tough you are then, how's about that?”

“Please no. I don't hate spiders, but I really don't like them either, just please don't put it on me.” Chris pouted.

“You know what we need. We have each one of you right where we want you, you cannot escape, you are our prisoners, and we will get the information we need. How much we have to torture you guys is entirely up to you. Ask Mike, he knows we mean what we say. You heard his screams, you heard how he suffered, do you really want to go through that as well?” AJ whispered.

“Fine, just off the path to the big clearing, there's a cave there, it's about two hundred meters past the clearing, and then there's a path leading from it to the right, down there a little ways is our home base, in the cave.” Chris caved in first.

“Thank you for that information, now you get to lead us there.” JJ smiled.

“What, no, I can't be seen by the others leading you there.” Chris panicked.

“Don't worry, all the others will be with you leading the way as well, they'll never know which one of you caved in first.” JJ said sweetly.

“Fine, remove our blindfolds then, and untie us.” Chris sighed.

“We'll untie you for sure, but we're going to tie your hands back up, and we'll remove your blindfolds in a minute. Simon, go get that disgusting spider away from me, it gives me the creeps, I can't stand the damned things either.” AJ laughed.

“Okay.” Simon said brightly. He crashed away loudly, and then came back a minute later, just as the captives were untied from the trees and then had their hands tied back up.

“Awesome, well, let's go then shall we.” JJ said, removing their four captives' blinders. They blinked a few times to get used to the bright light again, and then they were prodded into leading the three of them to their base. As they walked, they collected a few more of their team members, Nate and his guard.

“Didn't capture anyone else I take it?”

“No, but we supported the other teams in getting a few more, I think they have six now, and their torture sounded about as fun as yours did. So you taking these guys back to home base then?” Tom asked.

“Oh no, if we were, they'd be blind folded still, they're leading us to their base, the threat of a spider crawling over their nude bodies did it.” Simon said happily.

“Yeah, that would probably make me crack too.” Tom conceded.

“Me too.” More than a few of the others said as well.

“So, was any of our team captured, or do you know?” AJ asked.

“Last we saw, no, but I doubt it even now. The other team can barely see us moving, we're so well camouflaged.” Nate beamed.


The rest of the walk was in silence, but it was not all that long of a walk. Their prisoners led them straight to their home base, and JJ looked in the small cave, and sure enough, pulled out their red flag.

“Yahoo, we've won.” A few of the boys yelled. JJ blasted off a long whistle, telling the others to congregate back by the cabin.

The captives were left tied up and naked, letting everyone know just who was captured. The walk back to the cabin clearing was not very long either, but they made it first.

“We won, already?” The others asked.

“Well, it's been about two hours already, but yeah, we did, and it looks like none of our team actually got captured, except our easy target who lured in would be attackers, which worked beautifully I might add.” AJ laughed.

“You guys are good.” Alan laughed.

“No hard feelings guys, we never would have done any of that mean stuff to you, and we never went and found a cave, nor did Simon go and find a spider.” AJ offered, removing the binds from their arms.

“Oh man, I thought you were so serious, but it was well within the rules.” Sheldon said.

“Nah, we're friends, we would never do anything that would be outright mean. I mean tickling someone until they pee, what four times, is a little mean, but in good fun.”

“Actually it was more like five, and no worries. Just 'cause I'm ticklish, doesn't mean I hated it.” Mike laughed.


“So, where did you guys get ropes, blindfolds, and body paint?” Alan asked, just having to know.

“The ropes were hand braided out of grass, the blindfolds are bark that was worked on rocks to soften it up, and the body paint is simply mud.” JJ laughed.

“Man, you guys are really good at this.” Sheldon laughed.

“It was my first time ever playing anything like this actually.” AJ grinned.

“Mine to.” Almost everyone said.

“Come on, let's go get cleaned up, which I'm afraid means the lake.” AJ said.

They all ran down to the lake, removed their socks and shoes, and then they all dove into the water off the end of the dock, all of them going for a cool dip, or freaking cold, whichever you prefer. The boys who were not dirty, did of course remove their diapers first though. They swam and played in the water for a little while, until they were all just too cold to stay in any longer. Once they were well frozen, and also more than a little hungry, they all headed into the cabin to get dry and warm, and then fed.

Everyones diapers were deposited into their laundry bins, and clean diapers were put on, and then while one half the boys got lunch started, the other half got their laundry started. All the diapers were dirty, not only the mud encrusted ones either, because running around in the woods in just a white diaper tends to attract a lot of dirt. So bleach was added to both bins with all the hot water. They would be left to soak for a good hour or so, and then washed. Once they were finished that chore, the tables were set for lunch, while the others were still working on it.

“So, Tony, have you gotten your trip planned yet?” AJ asked during their lunch.

“No, not quite yet. We just have to try and get my parents some time off of work now, I want two weeks again, like I told you guys before. One for the trip, and then one for just at home to rest. I think that they're gonna really need it.”

“Yeah, I bet they will. They looked so much better, so much more relaxed at the wedding though, far better than you ever told us they looked. How do you feel they're doing?”

“If I had to guess, I would say nearly healed. I think that this trip is going to be very hard on all of us, but once it's done, then I think they will be as good as we can ever hope for.”

“That's really good to hear.” AJ said warmly.

“I don't know if I should ask or not, since you guys sound as if you are carefully skirting around an issue, but what are you talking about?” Alan asked politely.

“I can't really tell you the whole story, because it is very personal, but suffice it to say, my parents did not have a nice childhood, and they were, what you would call, scarred for life mentally. With a few of the guys' help, I was able to help my parents where no professionals could. The trip we're referring to is to take them back to the place where their childhoods were so bad, to have them destroy it in their minds.” Tony answered.

“Thank you. I know that there is more to it than that, but I appreciate that you told me anything, us anything.” Alan said gratefully.

“Thanks for not asking too many questions. Most of the swim team knows all about it, but only because they were there when it all started happening. It is pretty personal though, so I really don't want to tell too many people about it.” Tony said sincerely.

“I can understand that.”

“So, did anyone else notice anything odd when we put on our diapers?” AJ asked to change the subject.

“Yeah, now that you mention it, I think I did notice something odd, and still do.” TJ said.

“Yeah, me too, I see the same thing. We seem to have more people than normal wearing diapers. So you guys sorta liked wearing them all morning did you?” JJ asked.

“Yeah.” They all answered.

“Yeah, they are pretty comfortable, not to mention they do come in handy.” AJ grinned.

“Yeah.” They all said again.

“That's cool. Well I think I just sort of want to lay back and relax and play games for the rest of the day. How about you guys?” Ricky asked.

“Okay.” Everyone answered.

So for the rest of the evening the boys all sat back and relaxed, playing games, talking and laughing, just all being good friends and having fun together. They made and ate dinner, cleaned up the entire cabin, and even had to do another load of diapers to have enough for the next day.

The rest of the week seemed to both fly by and crawl by for the entire group of boys. They all had so much fun. They played all sorts of games; hide and seek, diaper tag, football, soccer, dodge ball, and anything else they could think to play. Each morning or evening, couples would disappear for a while, sometimes a short while, sometimes a long while, but when each couple came back, they always had a nice smile on their faces. They went boating and swimming, and even found an excellent diving area on the opposite side of the lake, so two trips it took to get everyone there and back, they dove for a few hours, having fun. They all also managed to sneak in a call or two home, just to say hi, we're still alive.


“I can't believe that it's been a week already, and that Max and Ted will be here soon.” TJ commented shortly after they all got their things packed and cleaned, ready to go.

“Me neither.” Everyone all chimed in together.

“But, it will feel good to get home too. It's been a lot of fun, but I think we all need to get home to relax.” AJ said.

“Too true.” JJ said.

“What time do you figure they will be here?” Simon asked.

“Max said that they should be here around noonish, and it's eleven thirty now, so pretty soon.” AJ answered.

“Unless I'm mistaken though, I think they might be here now, I here the low rumble of a diesel engine starting to get closer.” JJ added only seconds later.

AJ cocked his head and listened closely. “Yep, that's gotta be them then.”

A minute later the large bus pulled up. Everyone rushed outside to meet them, even the non diaper wearers that were now currently wearing, none of them even thinking about it, having gotten so used to wearing them.

“Well hello all our little diaper babies. I see you all finally broke down and tried them, or were you forced to?” Max laughed.

“Forced actually.” AJ giggled.

“Oh really, do tell!” Max said.

All of a sudden the tale began being told by the entire group, almost all at the same time, but amazingly enough it was done in such a way that both Max and Ted managed to get the entire story.

“Well, that's some story. I'm glad that you're all comfortable though. Now we really do need to get everything packed up, so that we can get you all home, we need to get the bus back some time today.” Max laughed.

With everyone helping out, as normal, they made very quick work of getting the bus loaded up with all their belongings and garbage. The loading was considerably faster, mostly because they were very nearly out of food. They would have had enough for a light dinner....maybe. They all went through the entire cabin together, making absolutely certain that there were no personal belongings or garbage left over, and surprise of surprises, there was nothing, it had all been packed.

“Okay, well boys, I do believe that that is everything, let's get going on our way then.” Ted called out.

“We had better get changed then I guess.” Sheldon said.

“No, that's one of your surprises boys, you get to keep the diaper that you are wearing. If however you do not feel comfortable taking it home, then you may feel free to leave it at our house, but one of them for sure is yours to keep.” Max said.

“Wicked.” Most of the boys breathed out.

“I would suggest though that you grab yourself a change of clothes so that you can get dressed before we reach your homes. We will drop most of you off in front of your homes.” Ted suggested.

“Good idea.” JJ grinned, thinking that they would all look pretty silly getting out at their homes in nothing but a very soaked cloth diaper. All the boys seemed to think that this was a really good idea as well, so they each grabbed the clothes that they would wear into their houses, climbed on the bus, and Ted closed up all the hatches.

They got underway only minutes later, and the boys excitedly told the adults all that they had done, how much fun they had all had, so on and so forth. It took the full time for them to get home for the stories to be told, and Ted and Max both had to laugh at some of the games and antics that the boys had gotten up to.

Once they reached town, and were almost home, all the boys got dressed. More than a few of the boys did not feel comfortable taking their diapers home with them, so they put them into a bag that was opened for them, while the rest said that they had no problem at all. This mostly coincided with the boys who either did their own laundry, and or their moms never checked their rooms, and of course the boys whose parents already knew about them. One by one, or sometimes in small groups, if they lived close enough to each other, the boys were dropped off at their homes. The general consensus all around though, was that everyone had had a great time, and would very much like to do it all over again. Max thought that this sounded like a good idea, and had started thinking he could arrange to take the boys back up for the end of summer as well.

Last, but not least, Max and his crew were dropped off at home, the only people left on the bus being Ted and Tom, because they were taking the bus back. They all said goodbye once again, and they all headed their own directions.

“So, how was it boys?” Alice asked as soon as they all walked in the door.

“It was awesome.” All four of the boys said at the same time.

“Glad to hear it. So what all did you boys get up to?”

The four boys once again told the story as to what they had all done, much the same as every other boy was telling their families their stories. The only difference was, that most of the other boys left out the sex and diaper bits, not that the boys told much about their sex fun, only that they had had to come up with some way to get some alone time with their partners.

Shortly after the story was told, all four boys went about the daunting chore of getting everything unpacked, put away, and or put in for cleaning. It took the better part of two hours to complete this chore, and four very hot, sweaty, and tired boys went and laid in the hot tub, all nearly falling asleep in the process.

“You boys look exhausted.” Alice laughed. They had come to join the boys shortly after they had climbed in, they had been doing other work themselves.

“We are.” AJ muttered.

“So much for getting some rest while you were on vacation.”

“Yeah, well we got plenty of rest, but we also played hard, and all the packing today sort of wore us out a bit.” JJ admitted.

“I can tell. Seeing as how I am pretty sure that none of you feels too terribly much like cooking, and we really don't either, mainly because I don't feel like it, and I don't want to suffer through any more of your moms cooking, I think I'm going to order food in tonight.”

“Ah, you finally let her cook did you?” AJ laughed.

“Yeah, but in all fairness, it wasn't that bad, just sorta plain.” Max smiled.

“Never said I was the worlds gift to cooking, and you said you were too tired.” Alice said.

“Well, some Chinese sounds good to me, if I have any say in the matter.” TJ offered.

“Well, great minds think alike, because that was exactly what we were going to have.” Max smiled warmly at his little boy.

They all sat back and relaxed for a little while longer before hopping out and hopping into the nice cool soothing water of the pool. After a week of jumping into nearly freezing water any time they wanted to swim, this felt incredible, and the boys all let out an audible sigh.

They swam lazily around for a short while, and then got out. The boys went and put some nice comfy diapers on, while Max ordered the food. When the food came, they sat down in the living room, ate their meal, and watched movies for the rest of the night. The boys all went to bed fairly early, but none of them went to sleep. Even Max and Alice went to bed pretty early, and for the next nearly two hours they all played, able to hear the others playing as well.