Chapter 4

The following morning the boys woke up at much the same time and smiled warmly to each other, and then kissed gently. They were covered up, so they both figured that Sarah had come in to check on them, and had covered them up again, which she had. JJ threw off the covers and they climbed out of bed and headed downstairs to eat the breakfast that was starting to smell very good.

“Good morning boys, I was wondering if the smell of bacon would wake you up, go ahead and sit down and it will be ready in just a few minutes.” Sarah greeted the boys.

“Morning mom, and yeah, you know it always does.” JJ grinned.

“Morning boys, you looked so peaceful sleeping this morning, but you threw your covers off throughout the night, so I covered you back up.” Frank greeted them.

“Morning dad, I figured it was mom who did that.”

“Nah, we share the duties around here.” Frank grinned.

A few minutes later breakfast was served and they all ate the big Sunday morning breakfast, enjoying the small feast. Of course after breakfast was finished they all helped to clean up, and then the boys went outside to play for a while. They ended up playing right up until eleven thirty, when Sarah called out saying what time it was, AJ having told them when he was supposed to go home.

“Well I suppose I should be going home now, but I really don't want to.” AJ sighed.

“Yeah, but I'll see you tomorrow. Come on, I will get you cleaned up and then you can clean me up, and then we can both get dressed.” JJ offered.

“Okay.” AJ said brightly, at least he would get just a little more intimacy before he had to go home.

They went in the house and up to JJ's room, and as promised, JJ removed AJ's very wet diaper, it had not been changed that morning, so was very wet from the night, and cleaned him up gently with a warm cloth he had grabbed from the bathroom. AJ then removed JJ's equally soggy diaper, then cleaned him up as well, and they both stood and got dressed, JJ stopping at his underwear, not wanting to put anything else on. AJ put on some of the new clothes they had just bought yesterday, and then made sure all his stuff was packed. AJ then stood up with his bag by his side, and reached in for a kiss, which JJ gave to him immediately, and they kissed deeply.

“I love you baby, see you tomorrow.” AJ said pulling away.

“I love you too.” JJ said and AJ headed out, JJ following right behind.

A minute later AJ hopped on his bike and headed home, making it there just in time. He went in to find his mom to say hi, and she came out of the kitchen, took one look at him, and shook her head.

“What did you do that to your hair for?” She remarked.

“Because I wanted to, and everyone else thinks it looks really nice, and so do I.”

“Well it was a waste of money if you ask me.”

“Making yourself look and feel good is never a waste of money, and it only cost me twenty dollars, so it was not even expensive.”

“That's a matter of opinion.” She remarked rudely.

“It normally costs you sixteen dollars just to get my hair cut at the lady you normally take me to, so what's the big deal?” AJ asked incredulously.

“I don't like it, is what's the big deal, and there is no need to make yourself look or feel good, you were fine just the way you were.”

“Yeah, I was, but I wanted to try something different, and there's nothing wrong with that.”

“What's gotten into you lately, first painting your bedroom those awful colors, now dyeing your hair, what next, body piercings and tattoos?”

“I was sort of thinking of getting my ear pierced, but never tattoos, I don't like them.” AJ admitted.

“Over my dead body.”

“Yeah, but it's not your body, you have always told me that our bodies are our own, and that we have to take care of them and keep them looking good. If I think that an ear ring or dyeing my hair makes me look good, then it should be my decision.” AJ said calmly.

“But it doesn't look good, it looks tacky, fake.”

“That's your opinion mom, same as my room, you may hate it, that's fine, but I wanted something with more color, more lively for my room, not so boring white like the rest of the house, and I don't think that it looks tacky or fake, I think it looks nice.”

“Obviously I should have never sent you to high school, that's where all this is coming from, I know it.”

“No, you shouldn't have, I fought you hard on that didn't I, I told you repeatedly what would happen if I went there, didn't I, I told you I'd be picked on and teased and bullied even more than I was in my old school, didn't I, but you wouldn't listen to me, kept saying it was for my own good, that I was too smart to stay there, and that I needed to be in high school, didn't you? Now that I am happy and learning to really be me, instead of your scared little boy who was always being picked on and forever miserable, now you want to back out, it's too late mom, I am happy now, and I am not scared of you any more either, and you can go ahead and hit me if you want, I can see you want to, but I am not even going to give you the satisfaction of crying.” AJ said calmly again, he could see the anger flowing through his mom at his rather harsh statements, but he meant every word, and it was all true, and the problem was, she knew it too.

It took a few minutes for everything to really sink in, and for AJ's mom to calm down, the statement that AJ was scared of her kind of scared her a bit, and she never really realized it before. Suddenly she sat down and started crying. AJ left her for a minute just watching her, large pitiful sobs came pouring out of her, he had never seen her cry before, she always acted so damned strong, so strict, and he knew he had caused it, but he didn't feel bad about it, why should he. Finally he went up to his mom and gave her a hug, and held her tight. She just cried into his shoulder for a long time, soaking his shirt. Finally her crying stopped and she pushed AJ away and looked at him.

“You know mom, I do love you, and I did not mean to hurt you, but I did mean everything I said. Did you know that I was so shy and miserable at school that I was thinking of doing something drastic? I was actually going to run away, or something, because I was starting to think you didn't love me.” AJ whispered.

“You wouldn't have, would you?” She gasped out in surprise.

“Yes, I was going to, but something happened at school that changed everything. I now have a real good friend and we have helped each other out a lot.”

“AJ, I do love you, truly I do, and I thought I was being strict to help you, to make sure you were not getting into trouble, making sure your work was always done, I'm sorry that I have made you so miserable that you were so willing to run away to escape me. I know it's a lot to ask, but can you forgive me?”

“I can forgive you mom, it might take a while, but I will never forget it either though. I know it can't have been easy on you all these years after dad left you for his secretary, and I know you have had to work very hard to give me everything you can, and I thank you for all that too.”

“There's something you should know about your dad, he didn't just leave with his secretary as I told you, well he did, he was his secretary, but what I mean to say is his secretary was a guy, your dad was gay. He admitted it to me, said he had tried to play the straight life, and failed, and the only really good thing that came from it was you. Another thing I never told you, is that your dad died when you were four, two years after he left us, and everything he had was left to you. I was going to tell you all this when you were about to inherit everything on your eighteenth birthday, because you really didn't even need to know, you never really knew your dad at all, you were too young when he left.”

“Thanks for telling me this mom, I think you were probably right to not have told me this before, I would not have understood, but I do now. I bet that was a bit of a shock though, learning all that?” AJ grinned, not really caring one way or the other, like she said, he never knew his father.

“Actually not as much as you'd think, I sort of suspected that he might be bi at the very least when we got together, but I didn't care, I had a few gay friends and I was okay with that, but it did hurt when he said he had to leave me, that he was hurting inside from lying to himself so much, and not giving me what I needed. While I admit that he was not great in the sack, he was not bad either, for a gay guy.” She said, and then realized just what she said and blushed furiously, not believing she had just said that to her innocent twelve year old, if only she knew how not innocent he really was.

“Don't be embarrassed mom, remember I am in high school now, and the conversations I hear there would make you blush even more.”

“Well that makes me feel a whole lot better for forcing you into high school then.” She sighed.

“Don't feel bad, it's done and I am happy now and don't want to move back, can't really move back now. I do have something to tell you though, since we're getting everything off our chests, I'm gay too.” AJ admitted quietly.

“I know, have known for a while, you are so much like your dad it's scary sometimes. He was small and adorable just like you, barely over five feet tall, very thin but muscular, just like you're becoming, and he was bright as can be as well, he was the top of all his classes, and in under five years had become the highest paid lawyer in town. I met him near the end of university and we got together, and then four years later we got married and had you, and the rest you know.”

“Why is it everyone knew I was gay before even I did, even Ewan said he was happy I had finally found myself a boyfriend.” AJ said, but then realized he had not told his mom that part yet, her eyes snapping to his at that, and he blushed too.

“The boy you've been tutoring, and whose house you spent the weekend at?” She asked.

“Yeah, but we didn't have sex, we both want to wait a while for that yet.” AJ said defensively.

“Well I'm glad your thinking with the right head at any rate. I guess we will have to sit down and have the talk then huh?”

“Um no, I don't think so. I will ask JJ's dad if I have any questions, if you don't mind, but sex ed class told me everything I need to know already.” AJ stammered and blushed.

“Good, because I know nothing about boys bodies and what you're going through.” She said with a certain amount of relief.

“So tell me about your boyfriend, you said his name is JJ?”

“Yeah, that's his name. Well he is fifteen and in grade eight, he had to be held back a couple times because he did so poorly in school, and when Mrs. Berry asked me to help her, she asked him to help me overcome my shyness as well, and he has a lot. He is not shy at all, probably comes from the fact that his family vacations at nude beaches and resorts, and walks around their house in underwear or less most of the time. Well on our first tutoring lesson I realized what his problem was, when he was reading he kept getting everything wrong, like he was almost guessing from what he could make out. Well I remembered an article I had read on dyslexia, and about a rare form of it that is almost undetectable unless you know what to look for, and I remembered an easy way to almost fix it, I gave him a blue sheet of paper, and now he can read perfectly fine, is doing way better in school, and I almost have him caught up already, but he has been working very hard.” AJ said.

“Met a few naturists once a few years back, nice people, very relaxed, I have no problem with that. I guess if you're going to have a boyfriend in high school he's going to be older than you, but that's not too bad. He sounds like he must be very smart if he's been able to catch up that quickly.”

“He is a lot smarter than he thinks he is, that's for sure. He memorizes things nearly as quickly as I do, but until I found out what his problem was, he couldn't read worth crap, so he had no way to pass. Well I am going to go start on the yard work, oh and by the way, my goodnites are almost out, but I'd like you to buy a different style, the ones Sarah buys for JJ are much more comfortable and hold a lot more, I will get you the name of the place that carries them.” AJ said and then turned and grabbed his bag and headed to his room.

“Okay.” She called after him.

AJ went and got changed into his work clothes and then went straight out back to get started, while his mom just sat in the same chair and thought about everything that had been said, and a lot about the past. She ended up sitting there and pondering for the entire three hours it took for AJ to finish his yard work, and when he came in, he went for his shower and got dressed again. When he came out of his room he found his mom sitting in the same position that he had left her in.

“What's the matter mom?”

“I've just had a lot to think about, you made me see a few things that I had tried to bury, see things about the way I have treated you and made you feel. I feel very bad about it all, and am glad that you found someone that makes you happy, you deserve that, even if I'm not. I guess I really didn't have the right to make you miserable just because I was, and again, for that I am sorry.”

“I am happy, but why are you so miserable?”

“Well when your dad left, it was a big blow to me. I had quit university when we got married and he got his big job, I still had two years left to get my accounting degree, and when he left I could not take the time to go back and finish it, I had a baby to raise. He gave me child support of course to help, but when he died that ended, and I was forced to go get a job, and I took the only thing that I could get that paid decent, waitressing. It did help though that your dad had bought this house, and it of course passed to me to keep for you until you were older, so we did not have to worry about rent or anything. It also helped when you turned ten and I could leave you by yourself for the nights, so that I could work the better paying night shift. But still money is tight, and I yearn for better.”

“I never knew that, why didn't you look into going back to school, they have child care and all that at universities, and you could have gotten a loan for the schooling and all that, you would have done just fine?”

“Because I wasn't thinking straight, and by the time I got my head back in order, it was really too late to go back. All my schooling would have been very outdated, so I would have had to start all over again.”

“Well now is as good a time as any to start all over, and I am not going to accept an answer of no, but you are going to march yourself into the university tomorrow morning and find out everything that you need to know, and then you are going to the bank and get the money. You can still work part time at the restaurant, and we will be just fine. My allowance can be removed and I can just ask for money if I need it for anything, or we can see about my trust fund, usually the trustee is allowed a small amount for living, so you would not have to worry about that any more. Just like you forced me into high school for my own good, I am going to do the same to you.”

The look of shock on his moms face was priceless, and then she burst out laughing at the absurdity of it. She reached out and grabbed AJ in a hug and held him tight.

“Thank you AJ, you are just the person who has every right to push me into it, and I will do it, just for you. You know what, I am not cooking tonight, let's do something we have not done in more years than even I can remember, let's go out for dinner.”

“Okay mom. Go grab a shower and get changed then, and I will wait for you.”

She just nodded and headed out. AJ wanted to call JJ and tell him all about what had happened, and what all he had learned, so he did just that. JJ was very excited to hear from his boyfriend, and then AJ told him the reason for the call and told him everything, and JJ was very happy for him. They talked for more than half an hour, until AJ's mom came out, all dressed and ready to go.

“I gotta go baby, mom's ready for dinner, I will see you tomorrow, love you.” AJ whispered, knowing his mom was listening.

“Love you too baby, see you tomorrow.”

“Just had to call your baby and tell him all the good news huh?” AJ's mom grinned.

“Yeah, he was very happy for us.”

“Me too.”

They headed out to dinner to a nice fancy restaurant, nothing extremely expensive, but nowhere near cheap either. They had a very nice evening together, just talking and learning a lot about each other, finally getting to know each other. By the time they made it home, it was quite late, and AJ had to go to bed so that he would wake up in time for school the next morning.

The next day went quickly for the boys, and as is normal for them, English was their last class of the day, and just as the bell rang, Mrs. Berry called out and said that she wanted AJ and JJ to stay for a few minutes. They stayed sitting in their seats and waited until all the others had filed out. Mrs. Berry came over and sat down next to them, they had long ago been reassigned to sit next to each other.

“Well boys, I am happy to report a few things to you. First is the improvements you have both made are incredible, and you both deserve praise. AJ you are not nearly as shy as you once were, and by the way I really like your hair that way, and JJ you are doing incredible in your school work all around, all the teachers are saying so. As you know, your mid term report cards are coming out in two weeks, and I asked to see the results for you, and I am happy to say that the lowest grade I have seen was a C+, so that is one hell of a good increase, and in only two months. I fully expect that if you two keep it up, that by the time the end of the year comes, you will be an A honors student, just like AJ is. And another thing I am happy to hear is, that you two are boyfriends, you make a cute couple.” She smiled warmly at them.

“Thanks, and I have been trying real hard, and I couldn't have done it without you and AJ, but how exactly did you hear that we're boyfriends?”

“Well Mark is my son, sorry, he goes by Marcos, and Ewan is pretty much my son in law. They both knew that you JJ were one of my students, and they asked me at dinner yesterday about you, because they noticed the changes in both of you. I can tell you that it was a little bit of a shock when I caught them together when they were right in between your ages, and Mark was pretty much forced to confess that he was gay. But I know he's happy, and I'm happy for you two as well.”

“Man does everyone we know, know each other or what!” AJ grinned.

“Seems that way.” Mrs. Berry grinned.

“Was there anything else Mrs. Berry, I want to get AJ over to the swim coach to get him on the swim team, I think he needs an organized sport to help his confidence a bit more?” JJ asked.

“No, that was everything, you boys go see the coach, I know he'd love to have you AJ, you look like a swimmer.”

“Why does everyone say that?” AJ asked in an exasperated tone.

“Because you have the perfect build for swimming.” They both answered him.

“Right.” AJ said.

JJ and Mrs. Berry grinned and then the boys turned and walked out and headed to the schools indoor pool and to the coaches office.

“Hi coach Phil, I have a new swimmer or diver here for you, he's still kinda shy, but I think he needs your help to get him some more confidence and build up his muscles a bit more.” JJ greeted and AJ just gave him a look that said lots.

“Hi JJ, I'd prefer if you'd give up that damned useless sport and come back to swimming, but if you found someone as good as you were, then I'll take him. What's your name?”

“AJ sir.” AJ said quietly.

“See what you mean.” He said to JJ, and then turned back to AJ. “Look at me when you talk please, and try talking louder so that I can hear you. When we are in the pool you will need to yell to get my attention, it will be so loud in there.”

“Sorry coach.” AJ said, looking up and speaking a bit louder.

“Better. Well let's have a look at you, nice and small, very trim, good shape, I bet you could make my star diver with some work, and I bet you're a damned fast swimmer. Take off your clothes and let me see your body, and don't be shy, I see all my swimmers naked, and you will have to wear a speedo, so whatever underwear you're wearing, assuming of course you are, will likely not be as revealing as they are.” Coach Phil said.

This time AJ had no problem stripping down to his underwear, being in underwear in front of the coach did not seem like a big deal any more, but a couple weeks ago he would have refused to do so.

“I could be wrong though, your underwear are more revealing than most speedos are.” He grinned, and so did both the boys. “Okay, nice tight bum, should give you great power for your kicks, great shaped legs, plenty of muscle there, you must do some decent workouts. Your arms are a little small still, but we will work on that, nice chest and stomach muscles though, nice and tight as well. I think you're perfect, practice starts tomorrow as soon as you can get here after your last class. I guess I should probably ask you, can you even swim?” Coach Phil said and then asked, getting a little ahead of himself. Poor AJ though felt as if he were being appraised for sale or something.

“Yes sir, of course I can swim, or I wouldn't even be here, but I don't know how to dive at all, never even been on a diving board before.”

“Perfect, that actually makes my job of teaching you to dive easier, that way I don't have to tear apart all your bad habits first, I am likely going to have to do so with your swimming technique as it is, I always do with newcomers. Can I count on you being here tomorrow then?” He asked with a big smile.

“Sure, I guess so. What do I need to bring?”

“Well a signed permission slip from your parent or guardian, and yourself, we provide the suits, what size are you, you look like a size 8?”

“Size ten actually.”

“Size eight it is then, they need to fit snug or they will fall off during a dive, wouldn't want that, now would we?” Coach Phil grinned.

“Yeah, like it did with Robert. He forgot to tie his and he never even noticed until everyone started laughing when he climbed out of the pool, thankfully it was only a practice and not a meet.” JJ laughed.

“Yeah, but he never forgot again did he?” The coach grinned.


“Here's the permission slip, all costs are paid for unless we have to go on an out of town swim meet, and in most cases you have to pay only twenty dollars or so extra. That won't be for a while though for you, because you're so new, but we will go over that at that time.”

“Thanks. I imagine I have to have this signed before tomorrow then?”

“Yes please, or I can't let you on the diving board, but we could get started on the swimming. Why do you ask?”

“Because my mom works nights, so I don't normally see her until the weekends, I can go and see her at work tonight though, and get her to sign it there.”

“Okay, it's not a big deal if you don't get it tonight, just get it when you can and we can start you on diving at that time.”

“How long is practice anyways?”

“Two hours, one for swimming and one for diving, sorry should have said that before. Of course for those on my team that do not dive, they stay swimming for the two hours.”

“Okay, that should be just fine.”

“See, I told you he would love you, he nearly had a heart attack while he was appraising you, and I have seen him appraise a few boys, and he never looked so excited before.” JJ said after AJ had dressed and they were on their way home.

“Ever thought he could be gay and just liked me?” AJ grinned.

“God, coach Phil is as straight as they come, he's married and has six kids, he said his wife finally had to demand he went in to get fixed, because she couldn't keep him off her. No, he's about as gay as I am straight, he just gets very excited about swimming, he swam in the Olympics once and got bronze, so he's really into it.” JJ chuckled, more than a few boys had asked that before.

They made it to AJ's house and AJ was very surprised to see his mom's car in the driveway.

“Wonder what mom's doing home, that's not normal?” AJ asked to no one in particular.

“Hi sweety, guess what I did, I took the day off work so that I could tell you the good news.”

“Hi mom, I thought something was wrong when I saw your car in the drive. What's the good news?”

“Well first of all, don't be rude and introduce me to your boyfriend.”

“Oh yeah, sorry, mom, this is JJ, JJ this is mom.” AJ said, clearly impatient.

“Nice to meet you JJ, my name is Alice, not mom, but from the way AJ talks about you, it may as well be mom.” Alice said and both boys blushed.

“Mom, must you do that?”

“Like I have ever done it to you before, and it is my right to embarrass you in front of your first boyfriend, and at your wedding, it is a mothers god given right.”

“What's the good news?” AJ asked, now embarrassed and exasperated.

“I was accepted, I only have to do the two years I missed plus a refresher course to start, and they gave me student loans to cover everything. I also talked to my boss, and he said he would be happy to work around my schooling, I will work the weekends and two evenings a week. It will be a bit tight for the next couple years, but we will be fine. I also called the bank and asked about your trust fund, and they said all they need is my signature and you can have up to a hundred dollars a month, unless you need more, in which case I have to write a letter explaining what it's for. So I will go set that up for you tomorrow, how do you feel about a raise?”

“I don't really need that much, just keep it at the twenty for now, I am used to it. Like you said, I can always get more if I need it, and in case you're wondering, I don't even want to know how much is in there.”

“That's good, because I wasn't going to tell you anyways.”

“So when do you start then?”

“I start in three weeks, the start of their new term, and the rest of this year is for the refresher, and then I get started on the rest next year, so I have under six months to catch up and relearn everything.”

“Cool, you'll do just fine. Oh, I almost forgot with your good news that I have joined the swim team at school, and need you to sign a permission slip for me.” AJ said suddenly, just as he was about to excuse them.

“I didn't know you liked swimming.”

“Don't know if I will like being on a swim team or not, but I'll give it a try. I can't be a total disgrace in every sport I try, or at least I hope I can't be, but I love to swim when I get a chance. I taught myself quite a few years ago, and go whenever I can.” AJ grinned.

“Your dad was the same way, completely hopeless, I could catch and throw better than he could, used to piss him off something fierce, but he was a good swimmer, was the only sport he enjoyed.” Alice said warmly and signed the offered paper quickly.

“Thanks mom, we're going to go do some work now.” AJ said and grabbed JJ's hand and led him to his room.

“Your mom's quite nice, I can't imagine how she could have been so harsh before with how nice she is being to you now.”

“Yeah, it was pretty horrible, but I said a lot of really mean things to her that I think really snapped her out of her funk, and made her see what she was being like. And like I told her, I was sorry for saying it and making her cry, but I still meant every word of it, because it was true.”

“Yeah I told my mom and dad last night everything you told me, and what you were making her do and all that. They agreed that you did the right thing, and that you were the only person who had any right to make that demand of her. She seems a lot happier now, a lot like you after you snapped out of your depression.”

“Yeah, that's for sure, both of us.” AJ said with a warm smile on his face for his boyfriend, and then they got to work.

AJ had very little to do today, and was mostly concentrating on JJ's work, because he was having difficulties with math word problems, he was having a hard time trying to see the math in the words, so AJ had to explain it four times before he finally realized what AJ had been telling him, and then he flew through it as if it were nothing. They worked on the rest of their work and spent nearly two hours doing it, and finally they were finished.

“Well baby, I am probably going to be late for dinner, so I better be going home.” JJ said as he packed up his books.

“Yeah, and I should probably go make dinner as well, I'm getting pretty hungry, and I can't imagine how hungry I'll be after swim practice for two hours tomorrow.” AJ grinned.

“Oh, I was meaning to tell you something about that. When you are in the changing room, just whip your clothes off as if it is the most normal thing to do, don't be afraid to talk to the guy next to you, even if you're both naked, and for gods sake, don't act all shy, the guys will pick up on it and tear you to pieces. They of course do it for fun and mean no harm by it, but they figure they had to go through it, so why should they not torture the new boys. As for the coach, he's a real hard ass and will push you to do your best, but he is the best, so listen to him. Oh and don't forget to really get yourself clean before getting in his pool, he will freak out on you with a capital F if you get in his pool dirty, and don't forget to clean up real well afterwards either.”

“And I'm going through with this because?”

“Because it will be real good for you, and let's face it, you need more of a hobby than school work and house work, kind of boring really. And besides, what else do you have to do those days while I'm at my football practice?” JJ grinned.

“True, I would rather spend it with you though, even if we are doing school work.” AJ smiled warmly.

“Me too, but we can't always be wrapped up in each other either though, although an entire weekend might not be such a bad thing. Well baby, I really have to go.” JJ said and bent down for a nice gentle kiss.

They parted a minute later and AJ walked JJ to the door hand in hand and JJ was gone, heading home. AJ swung around and blushed furiously when he heard a cough behind him.

“You two really make a cute couple, you know that right?” Alice grinned lovingly.

“Thanks, I guess. I am going to go start dinner, what would you like?”

“I already have a meat loaf and potatoes in the oven, they will be ready in half an hour.”

“Oh, okay then.”

“Come sit down and cuddle up to me and we can talk for a while.” Alice said and patted the couch cushion next to her.

AJ went and sat down and cuddled into his mom. They talked and talked, and then ate dinner, and talked and talked even more. They both got tonnes more off their chests, telling each other so much they did not know about the other, and AJ even confessed that although he did still legitimately wet the bed, he actually liked diapers as well. If Alice was surprised at this confession, she did not let it show, just said 'really, not a big deal.' They talked clear through until it was well past AJ's normal bedtime, and for the first time in forever, they gave each other a good night kiss and said love you to each other as AJ headed to his room to go to bed.

“Now remember, don't act shy, hold your head up high, talk to people, and listen.” JJ advised once their last class of the day was completed and they were about to both go to their after school sports.

“I'll do my best.” AJ said, sounding just a little nervous.

“I know you will, and I will come get you once my practice is over, I want to hear how it went.”

“Okay, I will wait for you then if I am out first.”

“Or I will wait for you if I am out first, good luck, and remember to have fun.”

They had to break off once they left the class, because their lockers were in different directions, and so were the field and the pool, so they both headed off.

“AJ, glad to see you came, and is that a signed permission slip I see in your hand?”

“Yes sir it is.”

“Excellent, I was hoping to be able to get you started on diving today. We just have to wait for a few more, and then I will give you your new swim suit and then you all go get showered. Make sure you clean yourself real well, and then get into your suit. Once you're ready, then you are out here and ready for a hell of a workout.”

“Okay sir, JJ warned me about all that already.”

“Let me guess, he said I was a real stickler for pool cleanliness, or that I am an asshole when it comes to pushing my swimmers to do their best.”

“Yeah, along those lines, just not quite so blunt.” AJ grinned.

“Either way you say it, it's still true, I am both, and before the end of the practice, you will either want to kill me or yourself, but don't worry, I will never push you beyond your limits.” Coach Phil grinned.

“If my mom couldn't push that hard, I doubt you could.” AJ said simply.

“That we will have to see about. Finally, I thought he'd never get here, every bloody day that damned boy is late.” Coach said in frustration. “Williams, why is it you are always the last here, and always two or three minutes after the next last, and you're the bloody closest.” He yelled out at the boy.

“Sir, you know that's not true, my last class is the closest, but my locker is clear on the other side of the building. Quit riding me will you.” The boy said in exasperation, but had a wide smile.

“I'll show you riding when I jump on your back and make you swim, and not even allow you to get my feet wet.”

“Sir, you may be small, and I may be a damn good swimmer, but it ain't never gonna happen.”

“Everyone in the change room now, let's quit wasting precious time. And in case you bunch of blind bone heads has not already noticed, we have fresh meat, try not to kill him on his first day please. The last boy I had to drag out of here bleeding and crying, it was a shame, I liked him.” Coach Phil called out, tossing AJ a speedo, all the boys cracking up laughing.

“What's your name?” One of the others called out.

“AJ.” He called back, showing an amazing amount of confidence.

“You any good?” Another called out as they started heading towards the change room.

“No idea, I can swim pretty good, but this is my first time on a team or anything, and coach wants to train me for the boards, and I have never even stood on one before.” AJ said, holding the boys' eyes and smiling.

“Yeah, figured he'd want you up there, your the perfect....”

“Yeah yeah, the perfect build to swim and dive, everyone keeps telling me that. I finally gave up and came here to either prove them wrong, or me wrong.” AJ shrugged, pulling his shirts off and removing his pants during this.

“So how old are you anyways, I have seen you around, and people say your real young, that you got moved up two grades cuz you're real smart.” This from another of the boys this time.

“I'm twelve, honest, even though everyone thinks I'm only ten, but my dad apparently was real small too, and he was a great swimmer.” AJ said, removing his underwear and socks by then, same as all the other boys.

“Well to be honest with you, until you were down to your underwear, I would have called you a liar saying your twelve, but damn kid, your as big as I was when I was fourteen.” The mouthy boy who came late said, his last name obviously being Williams, but no one had been introduced yet.

“What are you talking about Matt, he's still bigger than you probably, but then so is my little brother, and he's only three.”

“You wish, I'm bigger than you are.” He said, cupping his firmly packed underwear.

“It's a good thing JJ warned me about you guys or this might have come as a bit of a shock.” AJ giggled.

“That's right, you're tutoring JJ the football kid right, he's real good on the field, but apparently you have done wonders with him on his school work. I heard a teacher say that he has never seen such an improvement before, F to an A in one semester.” Another of the boys said, and as one they all headed to the showers to scrub down real well, using lots of soap from the dispensers on the wall.

“Yeah, I am, but he had a rare form of dyslexia that prevented him from reading properly, so once that issue was fixed, we have been able to get him almost totally caught up.” AJ nearly shouted above the sounds of the showers.

They talked above the noise of the shower for another couple minutes as they continued to wash off thoroughly, then rinse off, and they all headed back to the change room and skinned themselves into their speedos.

“Good grief these are tight, way tighter than my underwear.” AJ said, just barely packing himself inside the tight garment.

“Maybe you need the next size up, I mean coach likes them snug, but that's obscene.” Matt said.

“What was that Matt? I was starting to think you boys all drowned or something, not a good thing for a swim team, I assure you.”

“New boy, AJ you said right, says his suit is real tight, and I think it looks a little obscene myself, the poor boy is gonna crush his stuff if you keep him in those.”

“Hmm, no kidding, I guess I underestimated your endowment yesterday, give me a minute and I will get the next size up for you.” Coach Phil said and left the room.

“Damn boy, he's never ever misjudged a size before, he musta just thought you were half hard or something, and were not normally that big.” Matt laughed.

“Man, you are a pervert.” One of the other guys laughed. AJ was already skinning out of the really tight speedo and was standing naked in front of the other guys while waiting for the coach.

“You wish I was, you just want me. And besides, you have to admit for a short shit, the boy's pretty big.”

“No, you wish you were to my standards.” He said back.

“I guess I should at least thank you for the compliment.” AJ grinned at Matt.

“Name's Matt, and you're welcome. We get to know each other real well around here, kinda hard to be shy when your naked together so much.” Matt grinned.

“Yeah, and I bet you don't even harass anyone when they get a bone in the showers either. I don't think I'd believe that for a second.” AJ grinned.

“Oh no, you will get harassed something fierce, but then you will be harassing the next poor guy it happens to, and it has happened to us all.”

“I don't doubt it, I just don't want any of you thinking I'll be your boyfriend when it happens to me, you're all too ugly for me.” AJ said with a perfectly straight face.

“Oh, he's a quick little bugger, got all of you on his first day. Here kid, get in these, and then I want all your fat asses in that pool and doing laps.” Coach Phil said amidst fits of laughter at AJ's remark.

AJ quickly slipped on the new suit and it was still snug, but was not painfully so this time, and he quickly joined all the others who had already dove in the pool to do laps. He queued up behind someone and started swimming behind him in a standard breast stroke, and was actually keeping up to him. For half an hour Coach Phil stood on the side and yelled at the various boys to correct certain things, to do this, to do that. Even AJ was surprised that he was able to keep up for the entire time, although his muscles were already starting to burn in protest, he just ignored it and continued on. Finally the coach blew his whistle and had the guys line up at the starting platforms. Six boys climbed up, and as soon as the coach blew his whistle, the six boys dove in and swam to the far end, hopped out and ran back to join the line of boys. The next six had already climbed up and were ready for the whistle, and when they heard it, they dove in and swam to the far side.

AJ had to watch very closely what they were doing, as he had never done this before, and his turn was next. Being there were only fourteen boys on the team there would only be two in this round who had not already gone, but the boys all went again anyways. AJ climbed up and poised himself in the same position the others had done, and as soon as he heard the whistle, he too dove in. Considering it was his very first attempt, it was not too bad, a little clumsy, something the coach noticed, but it was nowhere near as bad than he had seen before. What did surprise the coach though, was how quick AJ really was, he was the first out of the water on the other side and running back. For fifteen minutes they kept doing this, and AJ did get a little better at his entries, but he got even better on his speed, and routinely beat the others.

“Gather round boys.” The coach called out after giving a long blast to his whistle.

“AJ, I thought you said you had never swam with a club before?”

“I haven't sir.” AJ said, clearly confused.

“Then how the hell do you swim so well?”

“No idea sir, I just watched how they did it in the Olympics and copied it, I taught myself how to swim by watching others.” AJ admitted.

“No shit!”

“Yes shit sir.” AJ smiled.

“And you said you had never been on a diving board, did you also mean a starting platform?”

“That's right sir, I had seen it done before, but never even stepped foot on one until now, I had to watch the others to see how to stand properly.” AJ admitted.

“And do you know how to turn at the end to come back in a lane?”

“No sir, never could see well enough how they do it, and never could figure out how to do it on my own without nearly concussing myself.”

“We can teach you that no problem. You afraid of heights?”

“No idea sir, highest I have ever been was the top of a two step ladder.” AJ admitted, wondering what this had to do with swimming.

“Let's find out then if you are or not then, climb to the very top of the diving platform and jump in, just feet first, don't try anything stupid.” The coach said and then pointed up.

“Wow, that's high.” AJ gulped.

“Yeah, but we have to know what we're dealing with, go ahead and give it a shot.”

Everyone stood there and watched as AJ climbed the ladder steadily, and when he finally reached the top he went out to the edge, looked down at the calm water, counted to three, and then jumped, pointing his toes down and his fingers up. He entered the water nice and smoothly with very little splash, and then came up a second later. AJ shook out the water from his face and then swam to the edge and pulled himself up and joined the others.

“Well, how was it?” The coach asked.

“Really neat.” AJ grinned.

“Excellent, and you made almost no splash, if you can do that when you go hands first, then you will be perfect. I of course will teach you those dives on the lower board, and that's where we're going now. Divers with me, swimmers in the shallow end doing your back and forths.”

Ten boys headed off to the shallow end of the pool to swim back and forth, and four boys, including AJ, stayed where they were with the coach.

“K boys, up on the high dive platform to practice your dives, I won't be watching as much today for obvious reasons, so I want you to critique each other, and no being lazy, if I see any of you playing around you will stay afterwards and swim until I think you're about to drown.”

“Yes sir.” They called out and the three of them headed to the high dive platform and climbed up. One by one they each dove in the water, and AJ watched them as they did so. They were not doing anything insanely crazy yet, just doing single flips or doing back dives. The coach let him watch for a minute, and then got his attention.

“Okay, for you, since you have never dove before, we will have to start with the basics, how to stand, how to jump, how to spring. Have you ever experienced a flip before?”

“No sir, can't say as I have.”

“Not a problem, we will teach you how to keep your head while everything is spinning around.”

For the rest of the time they stayed on the deck of the pool, coach Phil going over the correct stances and posture, teaching AJ how to bend and move, and he even taught AJ how to jump and spring, without once doing so into the water. When their two hours was nearly over, the coach blew his whistle long and hard, and everyone climbed out of the pool and came and gathered round.

“Good practice today boys. We have a meet coming up in three weeks and I want you to all work extra hard to prepare for it, I want you to all win, so that means you're all going to have to push hard for it. Now go get cleaned up and I will see you on Thursday.” The coach called out.

AJ slowly followed all the others into the change room and to the showers, everyone removing their speedo and tossing them in a bin on their way passed it, so AJ followed suit. He was starting to hurt already, and he knew tomorrow it was going to be worse.

“You did real good today AJ, the coach was very happy today, he hardly yelled at all.” Matt said, clapping him on the back as they were heading into the shower.

“Thanks, but boy am I already getting sore, I don't know how I am going to survive on Thursday.” AJ grinned tiredly.

“You'll be fine, the thing to remember is that even though you are going to be sore, don't relax too much or your muscles will cease up, so keep moving as much as possible over the next few days.”

“Thanks, I'll try and remember that.”

Everyone was soaping up by then, and because they were so tired, there was not quite so much talking. AJ did look around and saw each of the guys' dicks and balls, seeing how much they all had, and he was surprised that even though he was the youngest, he was not what appeared to be the smallest. The next youngest boy, who seemed to be fourteen, was just a bit smaller than he was, but he had some hair, and a few of the others were not really that much bigger than he was, yet their bodies were all a lot bigger than his. A few of the boys saw that he was checking out the competition, but no one said anything, especially since he did not get an erection. They all knew that he was curious, given that he was so much younger than they were. They all finished washing and rinsing, and exited the showers. AJ followed the others out of the showers and as they passed a stack of towels, they each took one to dry off with. They all went to their lockers and dried off and got dressed, everyone chatting amongst themselves, but everyone quite tired now, so it was fairly tame, especially in comparison to when they came in.

“AJ, don't go yet.” Matt called out just as AJ was about to head out.

“Huh, what.”

“Let me finish first, I will walk out with you.”

“Okay.” AJ said and waited the few seconds longer for Matt to finish and then they walked out together.

“That was a real good practice for you, you did real good, especially if you weren't lying and this really was your first time.” He grinned at AJ.

“No lying, it really was my first time, and thanks. So how long have you swam for the team?”

“Started on this team when I came to the school, and this is my last year on it, I graduate soon. I started swimming for a club when I was five, and when I finish high school I am going to go train for the Olympics, coach says I have it in me to do real well, maybe not gold, unless I find a way to push myself just that little extra, but he says I will do well, and his praise is the highest there is. Once I am too old for that, I will probably go and coach the next generation of swimmers.”

“Wow, that's really cool. So how would you push yourself like that then?”

“Don't know, I haven't been able to figure it out yet, I do all sorts of weight training to help improve my muscles, I do deep breathing exercises so that I do not have to come up for air as often so that I can reduce drag, I swim every day for at least an hour, I have a pool at home as well, I do it all, but the coach says I still need to shave off a full second to be gold. I even shave every hair on my body off, except my head, I wear a cap at meets, and I have not one extra ounce on me, and next to no fat, I am as trim as I can be.”

“Wow, no wonder you're so good, and no wonder the coach harasses you so much, but I can tell you both love it. Have you tried swimming with weights on to increase your performance in the pool?”

“No, actually I haven't tried that before, but you know what, it just might help, thanks. Coach and I have been going on like that since I started, and we love to do it, lots of fun. As for how good I am, you are better than I was when I started on this team, and I had years of actual team practice already, you keep it up and you will get gold. You have the best coach there is, and he will help you along the way, but trust me, he will push you so hard some days you will feel like telling him to go fuck himself, and you probably will actually say it, more than a few of us have before, but he just smiles and tells us to get our fat lazy asses back to work, but he has never let one of us ever push so hard that we would hurt ourselves, even though I have tried.” Matt said sincerely.

“You really think so, I am only here to help boost my confidence and get some more muscle tone.”

“I can't see you needing a confidence boost, you handled yourself in there real well today, and no new kid has ever managed to make the entire room burst out laughing like you did. Plus you did not even act a little embarrassed about being naked, and talking while being so. Most people that come here for their first time are so embarrassed about being naked, that their entire bodies blush, and they look at their feet, like looking up will cause them to burst into flames, but not you. Also from what I saw, for such a skinny little rat, you have some pretty good muscles on you, but swimming will sure define them even better.” Matt grinned.

“Faking it I'm afraid, I was so scared and nervous the entire time I was trying not to pee myself, and thanks for the back handed compliment.” AJ smirked.

“Ah, your boyfriend warned you before hand, and told you to just do it huh, and you're welcome?”

“Yeah, he did, but how did you know?”

“I'm gay too, but obviously we don't spread that news around the school, and I could tell that JJ was gay, and I even suspected you were from the times I saw you around, but since you started working with JJ, I knew you were both gay. I can tell you're boyfriends now as well, and speaking of him, here he comes.”

“Yeah, I sort of knew you were gay too, and I think more than a few of the boys on the swim team are too.” AJ said, looking over his shoulder to see JJ walking up to them.

“Yeah, over half the team is gay, but I will never say which ones.” Matt grinned.

“And I would never ask you to either, but I am pretty certain on three of them already myself. Well I should be going, I'll see you on Thursday, and thanks for all the info.”

“You're welcome and see you as well.” Matt said and AJ walked off to meet JJ.

“Hi baby, how was your first day?” JJ asked as they met up with each other and turned to walk back towards their houses.

“I did like you said, I held my head high and talked and got naked, and I even made a joke and made everyone laugh, but I was so scared the entire time that I felt like I was going to start peeing. The practice was really intense though, and I hurt so much already.”

“It'll get worse before it gets better, trust me. You are going to be kept so sore over the next couple weeks, but very soon you'll get used to the new routine, and then you'll be fine. At least you have something I did not have when I first started and was so sore.” JJ smiled.

“Thanks for the encouragement, but what exactly do I have that you didn't?” AJ asked curiously.

“Well me of course. You have a warm loving boyfriend who has a bottle of massage oil here and is going to take you back to your place, and massage all your sore muscles to help make you feel better.”

“Wow, thanks, that would feel great.”

They walked the rest of the way in silence, and when they got in the house and their stuff was dropped to the floor, they embraced each other in a tender kiss.

“Strip and lay down and I will massage all your sore muscles now.” JJ pulled away and instructed.

AJ quickly stripped out of all of his clothes, then laid down on the floor on his front, naked. JJ grabbed the massage oil out of his bag, got naked as well, and then sat down on top of AJ, legs either side of his, and sitting on his bum gently. JJ poured a generous helping of the heating oil onto AJ's shoulder blades and started a slow deep massage, working the sore muscles in AJ's tense shoulders. Slowly he worked his way down, getting AJ's mid and lower back, and then massaging his cute bum cheeks, and moving down further got his thighs and calf muscles.

“Turn over now baby.”

AJ did as he was asked, and neither boy was at all surprised to see their boyfriend very hard, and in JJ's case leaking. JJ just ignored their hard dicks and poured more oil on AJ's sore chest and started working the muscles there as well, and then did each of his arms, and then his stomach, and then moved down and did his legs next.

“Now, we have just one muscle left to take care of.” JJ grinned and reached for AJ's proud boner and started stroking it gently.

“So what did you think of all the naked boys today?” JJ whispered.

“Some of them were really big, but I wasn't even the smallest there.” AJ moaned out.

“Did you like what you saw?” JJ grinned.

“No, none of them were as gorgeous as you.” AJ moaned even deeper now.

“Good answer, did you or anyone get hard today?”

“Oh god no, stop talking and just stroke me dammit.” AJ groaned out, because every time JJ asked a question, he would stop stroking.

“Oh want me to keep stroking your nice(long stroke up and down) big(another long stroke) hard(another nice long stroke) baby(a real slow stroke) boner(the slowest longest stroke yet).

“Oh god, you're killing me, it hurts so good, you gotta let me cum.” AJ pleaded.

“Okay baby, let me take care of you.” JJ smiled, he knew AJ was very close to exploding.

JJ sped up his motions, which up until then had been very slow and methodical, and worked swiftly to bring his lover the release he needed. In just a few more strokes, AJ exploded, three watery jets of cum spraying onto his heaving belly, and then another load oozing out of the tip of his ultra sensitive dick head and down JJ's fingers. With a gasp and a sigh, AJ slumped down, having had the most incredible orgasm of his young life. JJ, not caring that AJ was covered in oil, licked the mess off his fingers and then bent down to lick the mess from AJ's still heaving stomach. Once the mess was all cleaned up, JJ moved in for a kiss, and naked they lay on the living room floor, kissing deeply. After nearly three minutes of kissing, AJ snuck his hand down and grasped the erection that was seriously poking his leg, JJ moaning deeply into their kiss. It took only thirty seconds worth of stroking from AJ to bring his boyfriend to a very large satisfying orgasm, and with loud grunts, JJ sprayed his load onto AJ. They separated and rolled onto their backs and AJ swiped his fingers through the sticky mess and brought it to his lips and savored the taste of JJ.

“Mmm, thank you so much, that was real nice.” AJ sighed out a minute later as they were laying in the middle of the living room, still very naked, and cuddling.

“Was my pleasure, and besides, you paid me back as well.” JJ sighed as well.

“Well yeah, the helping hand was great, but I was referring to the massage, I feel so much better now, much more relaxed and not so sore.”

“Oh right, forgot about the first part of the massage, but you're very welcome for that. I will also give you another massage each day over the next few days, it will really help. So what were you and Matt talking about when I came to get you? I really like him, he was even more upset that I left the swim team than the coach was, he said I had as much or more skill than he had, and hated to see me waste it on football.”

“Yeah, I like him as well, really funny. He's a real good swimmer, but he said that I am even better than he was when he started at this school and he had been swimming for quite a few years. He said that if I went as far as the Olympics myself, he was certain I could get gold. We also talked about a few other things, about how I was so unfazed by being naked like I was, how great I did with talking to the guys, all that. Matt even knows we're boyfriends, he said he knew, because he's gay too, but I told him I knew that already as well, because I did.”

“Yeah, I figured he was gay a long time ago too, I joined the swim team as soon as I got here in grade eight, so almost three years ago now, and I swam with him for two years, he's really nice though. I think he has an older boyfriend or something though, don't know why, just a feeling I always had about him.”

“That would be cool. Does the coach let us use the pool at other times so that we can exercise and keep up, like on Saturdays?”

“No, unless he is there, but he's never there on weekends, and usually he is busy with other things on other days. Why do you ask?”

“Well because if I want to do well on the team, I think I am going to need access to a pool on other days as well.”

“True, I found that tricky too, but you can use my home gym at any time to help with muscle development, which will help a lot as well.”

“Yeah, we can definitely do that too, I wonder how much a pool costs to put in, and if my mom would even think of allowing me to use some of the money that my dad left for me to put one in.”

“Don't know, to either, but it doesn't hurt to ask, does it?”

“I mean I have always loved swimming, and it would be great to have one, but would it really be worth it?” AJ asked, having second thoughts about it.

“Well if you stay on the swim team, then it would be very worth it, not to mention summertime gets bloody hot around here, and a pool would be real nice. It would however be a lot of money to put one in, and your mom might just say no though. I would hold off on asking your mom until you have decided whether or not you're going to stay on the team or not, and start asking around, I bet the coach knows a few places who install pools.”

“I'm not going to quit, I'm not a quitter, I told the coach I would be there, so I will be there, besides, I think I like it already.” AJ smiled warmly.

“That's the spirit. Well seeing as how I am here anyways, want to get our homework done? I told my mom I would be late because I'd be coming here after your first practice.”

“Sure, may as well, although you're getting to the point you don't actually need my help that much any more.”

“I'm getting better, I admit that, but it's going to take a long time before I can really master this stuff, and I want you there right along side me to help.”

“You can count on it.” AJ smiled warmly.

They grabbed their clothes and bags and headed to AJ's bedroom and got down to their home work, getting it done in only half an hour. Once it was done, JJ got dressed, and AJ knew that it was time for him to go, so he threw on a pair of underwear as well, and walked JJ to the door.

“I'll see you tomorrow baby, love you.” JJ said and bent down for a kiss.

“Love you too baby, have a good night.” AJ said, leaning up for another kiss.


“Hey you, puny twerp, get over here!” AJ heard called after him as he was heading to lunch to meet up with JJ, and probably a few of the swim team.

“Hey you, you brainy little runt, I said come here!” AJ heard again, this time knowing it was he that had been called.

“Hey you, fuck wad, you answer me when I call you!” He now demanded.

“When you call me by either my name, or something respectable, then maybe I will answer you, as it is, I can only assume you are talking to me, as I appear to be the smallest person here, now I am going for lunch, if you wish to talk to me, do so in a manner that would not look at home on a troll.” AJ turned, said very calmly to the older, and much bigger, boy, and then turned and started walking away again.

AJ heard the sounds of foot steps running at him, and instead of turning to do anything, he kept walking, and as soon as he heard the steps close in within just a meter of him, he suddenly sidestepped, and his would be attacker flew right passed him. In his confusion, his attacker did not pay close enough attention to how close he was to a wall, and crashed right into it, bounced back, and landed with a sickening thud on the ground. AJ just walked over to where he was laying and looked down at him.

“Now, I have no idea what I must have done to have insulted you, it would however be prudent to not try and pick a fight with someone who is obviously way smarter than you are, now give me your hand, you will live, you're just dazed.” AJ said, lending the boy his hand.

The few students who had been in the hall and had heard and saw everything, thought that what they saw was incredible, they thought the young shy boy was going to be toast, and it looked like the other one was instead. The older boy used AJ's offered hand to stand up, and then as soon as he was up, roughly spun AJ and held him very tightly.

“Next time I want your lunch money, it would be wise to give it to me, you may be smarter, but I am way stronger than you are, and you will give me your money.”

“If you want to fight with him, you will have to fight with the entire swim team, now let him go Brad.” Matt said through clenched teeth.

“I've got this big muscle bound moron guys, just give me a second.” AJ called out.

“Oh think you're a big man and am going to take me all on your own, do you?” He sneered right into AJ's ear.

“Eww yuck, man you ever hear of a tooth brush and mouth wash, your breath is horrible. And no, they will stay as back up, but I am not scared of you, and you might even hurt me, but one thing you're wrong about is, that you are not walking away from here with my money, now let go before I do ask my friends for help, and in case you haven't already noticed, they look to be itchin for a fight.” AJ said calmly.

Brad gave AJ a vicious shake while snarling in his ear that he was going to pay or else. Well the shake kind of pissed AJ off. His back was to the bigger boy, and his feet were off the ground, so he had no other choice but to use whatever force he felt necessary, so he kicked up and backwards, and all anyone heard was a squeal of pain. AJ was dropped and fell forward, and Brad collapsed to his knees, cupping his family jewels and gasping in pain.

“Nice move buddy.” Matt said as he and the rest of the team came forward.

“Thanks, I almost panicked when he first called me, but I kept my cool and I actually beat a bully, man that felt so good.” AJ grinned.

“I bet it did. Jase was in the crowd in the hall and ran and found us right away, that's how we came to be here, just in case you needed help. Brad's too damn dense to realize what he just got himself into though.” Matt said loudly enough for the crying Brad to hear.

“What the hell is going on here?” Coach Phil asked, running down the hall.

“Well sir, it's like this, I just came out of class when this guy started trying to call me to him by using trollish names, and when I refused to answer him, he ran at me, just as he was about to hit me, I sidestepped and he crashed into the wall. I told him not to mess with me and offered a hand up, because he was only dazed, but as soon as he was up, he grabbed me in a bear hug and was squeezing me very tightly, and told me that he wanted my money, and that next time it would be less painful just to give it to him. What the idiot fails to realize is that I learned a long time ago to never carry money in this place, because of things like him. Anyways, when I refused him, he shook me enough to make me see stars, so I decided that that was more than enough, and brought my foot up in a way that caused him a little discomfort. Also I guess Jase was in the original crowd and went to find the rest of the team, and they came to rescue me if needed, but I told them to stay back.”

“Thanks AJ.” Coach said simply, and then he turned to the crowd. “Is this exactly what happened?” He called out loudly.

“Yes sir.” The entire crowd said as one.

“Brad, you have been warned twice about bullying and extortion, I fear this was your last chance, and you will no longer be coming to school here, and here I thought you might have been smarter than to attack a student with twenty people as witnesses. Stop crying like a baby and get up and follow me, oh and don't even think of taking off, I am still way faster than you any day of the week.”

Brad got up on shaky legs and walked sullenly behind the coach who was undoubtedly leading him to the principals office.

“Oh god, I have to go to the bathroom.” AJ said, the previous few minutes all of a sudden coming down on him, and he wasn't sure if he needed to pee or puke more.

Matt knew what was happening and grabbed him and nearly carried him to the nearest boys bathroom, the entire swim team surrounding them and telling people to bug off and go about their own business. By the time they made it to the washroom, AJ was nearly sobbing, had peed quite a bit, and was starting to feel decidedly sick to his stomach. There were a couple boys in the bathroom standing at the sinks, and a few of the swim team made it very clear that they needed to vacate the premises immediately. A few of them stood guard outside the door to make sure that Matt and AJ were not bothered, while the rest were inside to help out where needed.

“Ken, go find JJ and bring him here please, and stop by AJ's locker and grab his gym shorts, he's in shock and has peed. AJ, what's our combo?”

AJ muttered it out, Matt only heard because he was right there, and then called it out to Ken, who tore off.

“Do you need to pee more, be sick, or do you just need to sit for a few minutes?” Matt asked gently.

“Pee.” AJ muttered.

Matt carried AJ to a stall, kicked the door open, fumbled with AJ's pants for a second and then pulled them and his underwear down, and then sat him on the toilet. As AJ was peeing, Matt worked to remove AJ's shoes, and then his pants and underwear.

“Shit, shoulda had Ken grab a bag for his clothes, can one of you go please?” Matt called out.

One of them just nodded and took off as well. Matt heard one mutter that sounded like sick, and in a second he picked AJ up, spun him around, and set him on the floor and aimed his face at the toilet, and just in time too. It was probably for the best that AJ had just been on his way to lunch, and not his way back, because his stomach did not have much in it. Poor AJ was sobbing now, but the retching had stopped after only a minute, and he kept muttering, 'he coulda killed me.'

“You did beautifully AJ, we were there to help you out if he decided to get violent. We may be a small team, but we stick together real tight, we are after all the second most ridiculed team in the school, so we have to. No one will mess with one of us once they know we are on the swim team. And Coach Phil protects us even more so. You however handled Brad so well that by the end of school today I bet that the entire place knows how you single handedly toppled one of the biggest bullies in the school, and never even got so much as a scratch from it.” Matt whispered.

“But everyone is going to know I peed my pants at school, I feared it would happen eventually, but I hoped it wouldn't.” AJ sobbed more.

“No one saw, we were too tight around you, they could not have noticed, and we will take that info to the grave, no one here will ever tell that you peed your pants, and besides, it's not like anyone would blame you either. We all know how scary it is to stand up to a bully. I was not always this big and built, and I had to put up with bullies too, and it is very scary, we have all been in the same boat. Hell late last year we had to rescue Jase from a tormentor, and everyone saw that he was crying miserably afterwards, and no one ever said a word to him about it.” Matt whispered more, trying to calm AJ down.

“I need to pee again.” AJ said wearily.

Matt helped him to stand up, and he turned around and sat down on his own this time, and peed even more. AJ just sat there for a few minutes, trying to calm himself down. He had acted so calm and cool on the outside, so self assured, but inside his entire body was trembling and he wanted to cry, so much so that it made him that sick, so that when the adrenalin wore off, he crashed. Another minute later and the door crashed open and four people came in. JJ ran forward to console his baby, but Matt jumped up and held him back to tell him what had happened. Coach Phil came in, and both boys with AJ's gym clothes and the bag for his wet clothes.

“What happened, who beat him up, I'll kill him?” JJ bellowed into Matt's ear who was still trying to calm him down.

“Calm down, he did the beating, he never even got a scratch, but he is in shock and is coming down, and he does not need you barging in here and being all excited, just calm down and I will explain everything to you.” Matt said calmly.

“He beat up a bully?” JJ asked, sounding both surprised and proud.

“Well he was the only one to hit, but it wasn't much of a fight.” Matt said and then told the story as he had just heard AJ tell it a few minutes before, the coach listening to it all over again.

“Give me his shorts please?” Coach Phil asked.

He was passed the shorts and then walked to the stall where AJ was sitting and looking worse for wear, considering he had not been hit once. He bent down and slipped the shorts over AJ's feet and then pulled them up as far as he could, and then put his shoes back on and then pulled AJ up to a standing position and then pulled his shorts up properly.

“AJ, look at me please? You did the right thing, you handled the situation very well, and I am proud to say that you are one of mine. As you have obviously already found out, the swim team sticks together very closely, they are better than friends or family, they are your team, and you all stick up for each other. You have been officially adopted by the team, congratulations. Now, I know you are still in a little shock from what just happened, go wash up and let's go get you and JJ signed out for the rest of the day.”

“Thanks sir, it means a lot to me, and I will not quit the team, no matter how much you push me.” AJ said, sounding like he was getting better already.

“Here, I put your wet clothes in the bag for you.” Matt said, handing over the bag.

The whole time this went on JJ just stood on the side, watching everything going on, and wondering why if the swim team sticks this close together, that they will even clean up pee soaked clothing for each other, that he was not still on the team as well. He knew in a heart beat that no one on the football team would do any of this for their fellow team mates. Guards at the door, boys running to get people and things, even cleaning each other up, it just would never happen. He actually decided there and then that he was going to quit football and go back to the swim team, this time permanently.

“Hey coach, got a second?” JJ asked as Matt was taking AJ over to the sinks.

“Sure, what is it?”

“Got any room on your team for a half way decent swimmer?” JJ asked.

“It would interfere with your football practices though.” Coach Phil said incredulously.

“Yes, it would if I stayed on the team. I just saw a few things that make me think I might be on the wrong team. Do you honestly think anyone on the football team would stand guard over one of their fellow team mates while the others were cleaning him up after he beat up a bully, and then crashed and peed his pants, and probably puked all over, and then clean up that mess afterwards, because I know they wouldn't. I like football, sure, but I have always loved swimming, and I think this team is better.”

“You know I'd love to have you again, what do you think your football coach is going to say about losing his star quarterback though.”

“He will probably shriek like a banshee and yell and berate me for half an hour, but I will tell him that being on a team that I know sticks together is more important to me.”

“It'll be good to have you back, and I'm sure everyone, especially your boyfriend, will love to have you on the team.”

“Thanks sir, it's good to be back.”

“Let's just leave this as a bit of a surprise until the next practice okay, although I am sure you will tell AJ.” He grinned.

“Yes sir.”

By the time they walked back up to the front area of the washroom, AJ was looking far more composed and ready to face the school. He was chewing some gum, someone obviously had some in their pocket, and he had a little bit of a smile showing now, but it increased when he saw JJ.

“Okay boys, let's go visit the office shall we.” Coach Phil said. They all exited the bathroom, and their guard detail joined them and the entire group of sixteen headed to the office, the coach, AJ, and JJ in the middle, and the others surrounding them. There were already whispers floating around as to what AJ had done, and they intensified as they all passed. As soon as they reached the office, the coach had the early out forms passed to him, and he filled in the information and signed two of them. The entire group then led the boys to their lockers where they collected their books, and then led them out to the main entrance of the school, so that they could walk home.

“Bye guys, see you at practice tomorrow.” The coach called out, and the boys all assumed that the coach meant they'd see AJ at practice, not even thinking of JJ.

“So you had a bit of an interesting afternoon I hear, beating up bullies and all, and your first pants wetting accident at school, and no one will ever know.” JJ smiled warmly at his boyfriend.

“Yeah, it was real scary, but I just did what you keep telling me, keep my head high, talk calmly and clearly, and don't let people intimidate me. Well that was what I showed on the outside, but my insides were burning.” AJ said, and then told the story from the beginning, what was said and everything, even everything that had happened in the bathroom.

JJ led them to his house so that they could have lunch and they could hide in his bedroom and do their school work in there.

“Hi mom, we're home.” JJ called out as soon as they walked in.

“What do you mean your home, what did you do to get sent home?” She came charging into the living room looking very upset, having thought all this was finally over.

“Who says I did anything?” JJ said sounding hurt.

“Sorry, I um, well it wouldn't be the first time after all, sorry, but why are you boys here?” She said in apology.

JJ told her the entire story, and her face was a cross between scared, surprised, and impressed.

“And when I found out all this, about how they stick together like that, it got me to thinking. I asked myself would there be a snowballs chance in hell anyone on the football team would show that type of team loyalty, and I had to answer no, so I have decided that I would rather be where the team sticks together, and tomorrow I will be on the swim team again instead.”

“A very wise decision, and football is such a horrid sport anyways, never understood why you played it.” Sarah said, actually sounding relieved about it.

“Actually the reason why was because it gave me a really good reason to hit people, and work out some of my frustrations.”

“I see, makes sense, sometimes just hitting something does make you feel better, I prefer to hit the punching bag myself, it doesn't normally hit back.” Sarah grinned.

“You haven't said anything, what do you think about it?” JJ asked AJ.

“I think it's great, except one minor detail you may have neglected to realize, HOW THE HELL AM I GOING TO STAY SOFT WHEN YOUR IN THE CHANGE ROOM WITH ME?” AJ said with a huge smile on his face.

“That's why being a girl is sometimes easier, harder to tell when we're aroused.” Sarah grinned.

“Why do you think I'm gay.” JJ quipped.

“And you'll be just fine AJ, I expect that a lot of the boys get hard in the change room.”

“Well that's not really the point, I know it'll happen, but I wasn't really expecting it to happen every day, now was I?”

“He's got a point there, maybe you better stay on the football team JJ.” Sarah said with a straight face.

“Oh I'll be fine, besides it will probably be JJ that's always getting hard in the change room first.” AJ stated.

“You're probably right.” Sarah said.

“How would you know?”

“Oh come on, you probably jack off what four times a day, AJ is probably not yet at two times a day, your in the peak of puberty and get hard if the breeze blows in your ear, remember I am a doctor and know all about this.”

“I remember, and did you hear me deny it, and yes he is.” JJ grinned.

“Three yesterday.” AJ grinned shyly.

“You've corrupted him.” Sarah said in disgust.

“Actually it wasn't me that corrupted him, it was him that first corrupted me.” JJ said with a straight face.

“I did not, I think we corrupted each other at pretty much the same time.” AJ said defensively.

“Of that I have little doubt.” Sarah said.

“Come on, lets go get our school work done.” JJ said, shaking his head at his mom.

“I can't believe we just had that conversation with your mom, not too long ago talking like that would have made me burn up in embarrassment, but that was fun.” AJ said once they reached the bedroom.

“Yeah, well we have always been very open in this house. I knew more about both male and female bodies when I was in kindergarten, than most of the teachers did, mom and dad held nothing back, and taught me everything.”

“Guess what happened to me this morning as well, didn't want to say it at school, for obvious reasons. I woke up dry, first morning I can ever remember waking up dry. Well I took care of that little problem right away, I had to pee so bad I flooded the goodnite I was wearing, and it actually leaked on my floor as I was standing in front of the mirror watching.”

“And guess what, I woke up wet, I didn't wake up to go pee, but in all fairness I didn't go to the bathroom before bed, and I had to take a cold pill because I couldn't stop blowing my nose for some reason, so it probably knocked me out cold. It was nice.” JJ grinned.

They talked for a few minutes more about nothing much, stripped down and diapered each other up with no playing, and then got to work on their daily school work. Sarah brought them up some lunch a little while later, and they sat and ate while they did their work. They finished all their work at just a little bit before five, and they went down to get a drink and Sarah told AJ just to stay for dinner, seeing as how there was no point in going home to make dinner for one when she had it already ready. AJ of course agreed and then a little while later they all sat down to eat.

“Sarah, where did you buy JJ's diapers? I told my mom about them, and she wanted to know where you got them so she could get me some.”

“That small medical supply shop right on main street just down from the theater.” Sarah replied.

“Thanks, she'll know where that is for sure, she works not far from there.”

Once dinner was all cleaned up the boys went up to JJ's room and watched a movie, figuring there was no point in sending AJ home yet. They curled up and watched the movie and then kissed and cuddled for a few minutes before AJ whispered that he had best be getting home, as it was getting late. JJ went and grabbed a pair of cloths and came back and they changed each other, JJ putting a clean diaper on AJ, and lending him an old pair of sweat pants to wear instead of the shorts he had, which would hide nothing. They kissed for another few minutes and then AJ headed out, saying goodbye to everyone else and walking home.

AJ stayed to the less lit back streets, not really wanting anyone to see him so heavily diapered. He knew that if anyone cared to look close enough, they would see that he was heavily diapered. Thankfully there was no one out and about in the early dusk, and only a few cars passed him, but they would have been going too fast to get a real good look at him anyways. He made it home with no surprises and no sightings, went to his room, stripped off his clothes, and then went to the kitchen to write his mom a note, telling her where to get the diapers and what to get. He also wrote a long section on what had happened at school so that she'd know, because he would not see her until the weekend. He also asked if it would be okay for JJ to spend the weekend. Once the letter was written, he set it where his mom was sure to see it, and then went to bed. Given the mentally exhausting day that AJ had had, it was no surprise that he passed out right away, and slept straight through the night.