Chapter 40

“Hey Grant, I hope I'm not bothering you?” Tony asked as Grant picked up his personal line.

“No problem kiddo. My secretary tells me that you have something that you need to talk to me about. I take it that it is about your parents!”

“Yeah, that's right. If I were to come down there right now, do you think you'd have time to sit and talk for a few minutes?”

“Sure, most of the rest of my day is free. I have a few things that needed to be done, but if they don't get done today, then so be it, it won't be the end of the world.”

“Cool, thanks Grant, I'll be right there.” Tony said and hung up.

Grant was the Vice CEO of Tony's parents' company, and the only person that would have any problem with his parents taking another two weeks off. That's why Tony wanted to go and see him, in person. Tony went out and hopped on his bike, started riding into town, and got to the office building in a little over half an hour. As soon as he walked in, Grant's secretary informed Tony to just go right on in, that Grant was expecting him, and that they would not be disturbed at all.

“Good to see you again Tony, it's been so long. I must say you look so much happier and better looking than the last time I saw you. Same as your parents mind you, they look great.”

“It's good to see you too Grant, you look better as well. You lost a lot of weight, congratulations.”

“Wasn't really my decision, I was happy being able to eat what I wanted, but now my doctor says I can't, apparently I have really bad diabetes. I guess it's good in one way though, I haven't fit into size thirty four pants since I was your age, and I was the same height as you are now.” Grant grinned.

“Oh, wow. My pants are still children's size extra large.” Tony gulped.

“Yeah, I wasn't exactly a small kid, to put it politely. However, I'm quite certain that you didn't come here to talk about my weight problems. So, how can I help you today?”

“Well, I want to get another two weeks of holidays for my parents. They don't know it yet, and they won't know until the day that we fly out. Also, I'd really appreciate it if you didn't tell them I was here.”

“Oh, I wish I could say I understood, but quite frankly, you have me as confused as a blind man in a maze. The time off though won't be a problem at all though, they have what some fifteen years of unused vacation time, so they could take the entire next year off with pay if they desired, which I seriously doubt.”

“Well, you actually do know the reason, or at least part of it, and you said so yourself a few minutes ago. This all has to do with how much happier my parents are now.”

“Okay, so you want to take them on a surprise vacation, because they are happier now!” Grant said, still clearly confused.

“No, not really. I can't really explain everything to you, because much of it is very private, but I will tell you what I can, however, you must swear to me that it is in the strictest of confidence.”

“Okay, I swear that no word you speak to me will ever be uttered to another soul for as long as I live.”

“Good enough for me. The trip that I am about to take my parents on will probably be one of the hardest things they could possibly do. You see, they are well on the road to healing from pains of past, pains that no person could really truly ever conceive of. I am taking them back to the place where all the atrocities of their past occurred. I am hoping that seeing it as adults, and destroying a few things while there, may actually help them to finally heal their minds.” Tony said.

“I see. The atrocities, as you call them, they happened when they were children I take it, and that either their parents or guardians horribly abused them?”

“That is correct, and it was not only just simple abuse, it was pure torture, they completely lost their ability to love. They did not love themselves, they did not truly love each other, although they loved each other more than anyone or anything they had ever loved before, and they had no idea how to love me. It has been a long hard road for them to travel, a lot of tears on all our parts, but they now know what love is again, and most importantly, they can love again.” Tony said, a few tears streaking down his cheeks.

“That sounds so horrible, and it really does go a long way towards explaining the way they were, and the way they are. I just finished reading a book that was all about that sort of thing, a boy and a girl, in an orphanage, suffering horrible rape and physical abuse, and how they totally lost all their love. It was a very well written book, it was sickening to read, but I couldn't put it down either. Oh shit, it's them, isn't it?”

“Oh, I had hoped you wouldn't have read my book, and put the pieces together, but yes, it is them. So that now also means you know more about my parents than any other living person, so I really must ask that you never breath a word of this to anyone, especially them.”

“No, I would never spread that around, it was so horrible what they went through, and how they coped with it on their own, by regressing themselves like that. I guess it was the only thing that kept them sane. I can understand that. Now, you said your book, what exactly did you mean by that?”

“My book, as in I wrote it for and about my parents. They told me the story, and I wrote it down. The original manuscripts are some of what we are taking with us to destroy.”

“Oh my god, you're the writer of that brutal story, you did amazing on it. It just hit the best seller list under true stories as well, and has already sold a million copies, that's an incredible feat for a boy your age.” Grant said in awe.

“Thanks. A good friend of mine did the main editing on it, and he changed a few things, but most of it is mine. I never thought that it would actually sell, let alone that well, but it has. I only hope that it helps a few people to open their eyes as to what happened, and may still be happening, to some of those poor innocent children.”

“What are you doing with all the money, because you must be making tonnes of it? I have a friend who does all my money stuff, I'd be happy to give you his card, he can make certain that you have that money for a long time.”

“Thanks, I'd appreciate that, but my parents financial advisor is already working on it for me. Half the money though is being routed directly to the children's hospital, because I didn't want it all. Although I am getting far more money than I ever dreamed that I would get from the book.”

“That's very good. A good financial advisor is worth their weight in gold, listen to him or her, and you will never have to worry about money.”

“I know, that's why I have one, but in all honesty, I wouldn't have to worry anyways. With all the money my parents have, and now I have, we could spend frivolously for years, and still probably never run out. You know my parents though, very plain and boring, nothing really fancy, they drive simple economical cars, we own a nice, but modest house, nothing much. Over ninety percent of my mom and dads income goes straight to their bank account, and they each make over two hundred thousand dollars a year, so they are well set.”

“I sorta figured that about them. I mean I drive a luxury car compared to theirs, and it's a bloody mini van. Best on the market granted, but still, it's a mini van.” Grant grinned.

“Yeah, they never had anything growing up, so they never got used to having much of anything, and they still don't really like to show off at all. They don't really care about the money at all, the only reason they kept it, was because they wanted it for me. The only reason that they have stayed working is because it is all they know, and this place has made them the happiest that they had ever felt, it felt normal.”

“I see. That makes a lot of sense I suppose. Hey listen, have you bought the tickets yet?”

“No, I have to find out when it would be okay to go. I know exactly where we need to go though, and I even have a nice hotel picked out, all I have to do is book everything.”

“I see, and is it just you and your parents going?”

“No, my boyfriend will also be going with us.”

“Oh, I'm quite surprised you told me that, most young boys would never tell anyone that they were gay.”

“Well, if you were straight, I would have just said friend, but you're gay too, so you're safe.” Tony grinned.


“I'm getting pretty good at reading people, but I've sort of always known you were gay. That boy that you said was your son, he's not really your son, is he?”

“Seeing as how I have a deep dark secret about you, then I will answer that, yes. However, please also keep that strictly confidential. To everyone else, though, he is my son. I did adopt him, but he's also my boyfriend.” Grant smiled warmly.

“If you don't mind my asking, how did it all happen?”

“A friend of mine passed away, and I was the boys godfather, so he was left in my care. I legally adopted him a year later, that was when he was five. Right about the time he was eight, he started coming and sleeping in my bed, claiming to have bad dreams. It started slowly, innocently enough, but soon he had me wrapped around his....well you know what. He's now almost fourteen, and we really love each other.” Grant smiled warmly again.

“That's very nice. So why were you wanting to know about my booking the flight?”

“Because I am going to book it all for you. Your parents have been very good to me, they are the reason that I am where I am today. Any time I need time off, or if I need anything, they have always been there to help, so I am going to try and pay them back just a bit, even if they will never know it.”

“Thank you very much. I was going to use my own money for that, but I appreciate the gesture, and you're right, if they ever knew, they would appreciate it as well.”

“Okay, tell me all the details, including your boyfriends name.”

Tony took a few minutes to tell Grant everything that he would need to know, and Grant wrote it all down, told Tony to go grab himself a drink, then turned to his computer and started working. He spent maybe thirty minutes getting the flight and hotel booked, having called the hotel, and then turned to Tony when he was finished, he had just walked back in.

“There you go. You have four seats reserved in first class, two rooms at your chosen hotel are booked, they are the presidential suites on the very top floor, and you have two weeks there. I have also booked a car, with unlimited mileage and driver, for your stay there.”

“Oh, thanks. I was only going to do one week there though, and one week at home. That way they can unwind a bit, and for me to treat them the way they like for an entire week.”

“In other words you want to baby them. Well, it's all already booked, so we can't easily change it, so just take three weeks instead. You leave on Monday.”

“Yes, that's correct, and okay, I guess we can work with that.” Tony grinned widely.

“Good. This will also give you plenty of time to do some good sightseeing on your trip. I know that some parts are going to be very tough, but the rest needn't be, and this way they can see the beautiful parts of the country they were born in.”

“Thanks. I had already planned that very thing anyways, but two weeks will make it nicer I suppose.”

“Good, and you're welcome.”

“Well, I should get going, and let you get back to your work. When do you suppose the tickets will arrive?”

“They will be waiting at the airport for you, sorry, should have mentioned that. Your car will be there and waiting for you as well, and the hotel will have your suites ready for you when you get there. All you all have to do is have your passports and ID ready when you get to the airport, and everything will be taken care of.”

“Oh shit, I wonder if Tom has a passport, hell, I don't even have one?”

“You had better get that taken care of right away then. I'll give you the card to the place that does all of our passports for the company, see Marcel there, and he will get you boys taken care of right away.”

“Thanks Grant.”

“No problem kiddo, you just take care of your parents, you've done an excellent job so far.”

“Thanks. Have a good day.”

“You too.”


“Tom, can you meet me somewhere in just a few minutes with all the ID that you have?” Tony asked as he was descending in the elevator from the office.

“Sure baby, where would you like to meet?”

Tony gave Tom the address and he said that he could be there in under twenty minutes. Tony was nearly a ten minute ride from there himself, so he'd only have to wait a few minutes. They both took off, Tony rode gently, and Tom rode hard, and Tom made it there only a couple minutes after Tony had.

“Hey baby, what's up?”

“We need to get our passports, unless you already have one. We leave on Monday and we have two weeks there, and one week home.”

“No. I haven't already got a passport, and why two weeks, I thought it was only going to be one?” Tom asked in confusion.

Tom told the story quickly, telling Tom all the details that he needed, including that Grant had figured it out, but he did not tell Tom about Grant's younger boyfriend, he didn't need to know that. They headed into the office they were told to go to, and Tony asked to speak to Marcel, who came out a moment later.

“Good afternoon gentlemen, you must be Tony and Tom, I was asked to help you out as if I were helping out his office people. My name is Marcel, so how can I help you?”

“Yes, we're Tony and Tom, and all we need is a couple passports, and real quick. We need them for Monday.”

“Oh, that gives me five days, that's gonna be tight, but I've had bigger challenges. Come with me and we will get everything done. Normally we need adults signatures, but Grant told me to use the signatures on file for the company.” Marcel said, mostly as they were walking.

They went to his office and he did up all the required paperwork, it took almost an hour to do, and then he faxed it all off. Next he got their pictures and emailed those as well. Marcel told them all about what he was doing as he was doing it, and he said that he had to fax the main page, because they wanted the actual copies of the signatures, and that they'd freak if they knew they were on file, but that the pictures could be emailed, that way they got a better picture. He then told them that he would call as soon as they were in, and that he hoped that they would be in by Friday at the latest. The boys said their goodbyes, and they were off.

“So, how exactly are you going to get your parents to the airport then, or have you actually figured that part out yet?” Tom asked as they were riding back to Tony's place.

“Yeah, just tell them first thing Monday morning when they wake up that they don't have work for the next three weeks, and that we need to go to the airport. They'll know instantly what for, so that is why I am going to wait on telling them until the morning that we actually leave.”

“Do you really think that they're ready for this, it's gonna be really hard on them?” Tom asked cautiously.

“Yes, even if they don't quite think so yet, I know that they are. If we wait too much longer, it won't work as well. They need this.”

“Oh I know they need this, for sure. I'm just hoping we're not doing it too soon.”

“I know what you mean, but I think the time is perfect.”

They reached the house and had lunch together, and then started making plans. They pretty much worked out where they would go each day, and what they would do. The orphanage was to be the very first place that they went the day after they arrived, and then they would have one whole day at the hotel. Then from there they were going to tour as many of the beautiful sights that they could see, including a couple very nice old museums.


“Mommy and Daddy, you're not going to work today, we have something else that we need to do.” Tony told his parents Monday morning.

All the plans had gone smoothly. Denise and Dieter never once suspected a thing. The boys both received their passports on Thursday, actually surprising Marcel. Deanna and Carter had of course whole heartedly allowed Tom to go on the trip, and they gave him some money to spend. Tom spent the night at Tony's house, a common occurrence, so no one thought anything of it, and the boys got everything packed that night after Denise and Dieter were put to bed. All they had to do was put the luggage into the car, and then they were off.

“Oh, and what is that, we can't just take the time off without letting anyone know?” Denise asked curiously, but not really surprised. Both she and Dieter both had a sneaking suspicion where exactly they were going. They had been wondering when Tony would spring this on them, and they were both smart enough to know that he would arrange everything right under their noses, and then they would be off, and they appreciated that as well.

“I talked to Grant and he arranged everything for us, he even paid for the trip, saying that he felt that he owed you guys at least that. I also know from both of your eyes that you know exactly where we're going, and I know you're scared. We'll be right there with you, and I think you're strong enough now to do it.”

“What about passports for the two of you. I know that you haven't got one Tony, and I'm pretty sure that you don't either Tom?” Dieter asked.

“Like I said, Grant arranged everything for us. Apparently Marcel at the company that you guys use is really good at that, because he got them for us in just a few days.”

“Are you really sure that we're ready for this though Tony, I'm really not sure.” Dieter asked again.

“Yes daddy, now is the right time. It's going to be hard, no matter when we do it, but now is the right time to go and face your fears to destroy them.”

“Okay baby, we trust you. You've done so well already, made us feel alive again, or really for the first time I guess, we'll do it for you.” Denise said warmly.

“No, this is not for me, not at all, this is all for you two, you're the ones who really need this. I'm so happy to have the two of you so happy and loving, that life is perfect for me. You two however have not quite let go of the past, you still need to do that before you can truly live for the future. The past is gone, it can't hurt you any more, but it is still hurting you both, because you have not let it go yet. I know that you will always remember it, and I know that you will never forgive the monsters that did what they did to you, and no one expects that you would, but until you face your demons and lay them to rest, you cannot truly live for the future.” Tony said softly.

“Thank you Tony, and you too Tom. We love you two more than you could ever possibly realize. It is because of the two of you that we now know what it is like to live and love, and for that you will forever be loved by us.” Dieter said, crushing the two boys in a hug that nearly popped a couple ribs out. Denise joined in as well, only a second later, and she hugged nearly as tight. There was not one dry eye.

“Okay, enough of the mushy stuff, there's going to be lots of time for that. Right now we need to get us all into some diapers and traveling clothes, get all of our stuff packed into the car, and head off to the airport.” Tony said, stepping back and wiping his eyes, with a nice smile plastered on his face.

“Yes daddy.” All three of the others said as one, causing them all to start giggling like little children.

It took next to no time for them to all get changed and dressed, and get everything loaded into the car, so before they knew it, they were off to the airport. The drive there was not very long, mostly because they talked and laughed the entire way there, as well the traffic was surprisingly light. Neither Denise or Dieter made any mention of where exactly it was that they were going, the boys figuring that they just didn't really want to think about it yet.

When they arrived to the airport, they parked in the long term parking, paid the outrageous fee, and headed into the belly of the beast, found the counter they were supposed to go to, and Tony got their tickets, because it was all under his name.

“First class tickets, I've never flown in anything more than coach before.” Denise said as she looked at the ticket.

“Yeah, Grant paid, said that he was paying you back. You're not really supposed to know that though. I think that he really appreciates all that you guys have done for him. He says that it is only you guys that got him to where he is today.”

“Well then, I guess that we are just going to have to make sure he and his young boyfriend have a little extra vacation time this year then.” Dieter smiled warmly.

“You knew about his boyfriend?” Tony asked.

“Of course we did, anyone who is smart enough to actually look at them knows it. Jonathon can't hide his emotions quite as well as he probably should, and even Grant has a hard time when they're near each other. They both smile so brightly whenever they see each other. To everyone else though they are simply father and son, because they sort of are as well.”

“When would you guys have seen them together though?”

“Same time you would have, at every company picnic. We actually know every one of our employees, and we do consider Grant a close friend.”

“Oh, I never realized that you guys paid that close of attention, it never really showed that you did. Sure you talked to your people, but mostly it was short and sweet.”

“One thing that we learned young was that we had to watch closely, but look as if you weren't looking at all. It was a bit of a defense mechanism I suppose. We always had to watch our backs, and those around us. Didn't help more often than not, but that's really besides the point.”

“Ah, good trick to have in business I suppose.”

“Yes, one of the very few things that came good of our past I guess. Also, even though our conversations may have been fairly short and sweet, as you put it, we did talk, and because we never forget, we were able to ask how everyones families were, all their kids were talked about by name. We are after all a family business, funny considering that we had no real concept of a loving family, but we at least knew how to be nice.” Dieter said.

They said all this as they were walking to their gate, and just as Dieter finished what he was saying, the lady at the security check point was asking to check their luggage and ID, so on and so forth. They were passed through with hardly a word, and the lady never even flinched when she saw that each of the four large suitcases was half full of diapers. They all figured that she had seen it more than a few times. They headed to their boarding gate pretty quietly, mostly because the noise level here was near to deafening, and they wouldn't have really heard each other anyways. A minute later the lady at the gate was asking for their tickets, they were then told where they were to be seated, then they went in. They found their seats easy enough, and they were in two sets of seats, across the aisle from each other. Once they were all buckled in, they started chatting again, this time about nothing in particular, mostly because they had no real privacy. It took nearly half an hour for the plane to be boarded, loaded, and taxied out, before they finally took off. The boys had never experienced this before, so it was quite thrilling for them. Denise and Dieter however, well they just went to sleep. The boys excitedly watched everything for a while, had a few drinks and snacks, and then fell fast asleep as well. The flight would last nearly fourteen hours, so it was quite long. They did have to make two landings to refuel, as well as some passengers got on, and others got off, but they never bothered to get off. In fact Denise and Dieter both slept right through one of the landings and takeoffs. Finally though, they were there.

“Oh man, it's about time we got off that plane. I don't think I could have sat there for any longer.” Tony moaned as they walked out of the plane after the long grueling flight. Thankfully it had been a nice smooth flight the entire way.

“I know what you mean kiddo, but at least it was a good flight. I slept better on that flight than I ever have before.” Dieter smiled.

“Yeah, some flights you are thrown about so much you might think you are on one of those fair rides we tried out. I tell you that you do not sleep all that well when your plane is bouncing around like that.” Denise smiled warmly, but looked a little green around the gills from the memories of those flights.

“Yikes, no thanks. I think I will stick to not flying as much as possible then in the future.” Tony admitted.

“Yeah, me too.” Tom smiled.

It took them a little over half an hour to collect their baggage, amazingly enough it was all there, and get through security. As soon as they were through though, there was a gentlemen in a suit and tie waiting there with a card with their name on it, patiently waiting for them to arrive.

“Hello, we're Denise and Dieter.” Dieter said, in Romanian, as he approached the man.

“Good evening sir, I trust your flight was well?” The man said with a perfect English diction.

“Yes, thank you, it was a very nice flight, managed to sleep through a good portion of it. The boys though sure are glad to be on the ground.” Dieter smiled and said in English as well.

“Ah, then it was a very good flight. Been on a few myself where I could have sworn the pilot was running a roller coaster instead of a jumbo jet.” He smiled.

“Sadly, so have we, but this was the boys' very first flight, so it was a good one for them.” Denise said.

“Oh, how very rude of my, my name is Mikael, and I have been hired to drive you folks anywhere that you would like, as well as to be your tour guide. I understand that you two used to live here many years ago, however did not get to see any of our beautiful country, as well as it is the boys' first time visiting at all.” Mikael introduced.

“Thanks Mikael, it's very good to meet you. As you already know I am Dieter, this is my wife Denise, our son Tony, and his friend Tom. Yes, this will be our very first time back since we left, very many years ago now. The boys though, they have never been anywhere, so your assistance as a tour guide will be very much appreciated. I must ask, however, that anything you hear, or see, must be held in the strictest of confidentiality, we will be visiting a place that will be very difficult for us to cope with.”

“I understand sir, and you have nothing to fear there at all. I have driven many high profile people around, and part of my contract is complete and total secrecy.”

“I am happy to hear that. Please tell me, where did you go to school, you speak English very well, as if it were your native language, yet I don't think it is?” Denise asked.

“You are correct, it is not my native language, however my father was in the military all through my childhood, so with moving around so much, I had to learn English well. I also went to University in England to study the English language, as well as history.”

“Oh, such skills and yet you drive people around!” Dieter said in some amount of shock.

“This is only my summer job sir. I teach at the local boys boarding school during the school year, but during the summer, to keep busy, I drive for a friend. To tell you quite honestly though, I actually make more money doing this, but I prefer teaching the boys.” Mikael smiled tenderly when he talked about the boys, and both Tony and Tom knew why instantly.

“I see. It sounds like you love the boys very much, you almost glow when you talk about teaching them.” Denise said warmly.

“I really do love to teach them, yes.”

“But there's more to it than that, you love boys in general, yet you would never harm one.” Tony said softly.

“Very astute observation. I have a boyfriend my age, and while I love boys, it is not a sexual thing. I love to help them, to mentor them, to be there for them.”

“I can see that. They must really love you for that as well.” Tom said.

“Yes, they do. Now, I really do have a job to do, and that is first to get you to your hotel, so please, let me take your bags, and then follow me please.”

“Yes, of course, no sense in standing around chatting in a noisy airport when we can get to know each other in a much more friendly place later.” Dieter said.

Mikael quickly grabbed all their luggage, stacked it on a nearby cart, and then led the four tourists to the car. It was a beautiful old and stately looking limousine, black, and very comfortable looking. Mikael spent a few minutes stuffing their luggage into the trunk of the car, after letting his passengers in of course, and then started them on their way for the half hour drive to their hotel.

They arrived to their hotel, to find that it was a beautiful old style hotel. It was all large stone blocks and glass, large stone gargoyles in strategic locations, and almost castle like in its beauty. It was only about twelve stories high, but it was quite large. Mikael grabbed a cart from the front entrance and loaded all the luggage onto it, let his charges out, and then led them up to the front desk. If anything, the lobby of the hotel was even more impressive than the exterior had been. It was beautiful; marble and other assorted stones everywhere. There were many statues around, a gorgeous stone fountain splashed water onto a pair of naked boys. There were also many large plants around to add more color to the large grand entry way.

“Wow, this is beautiful.” Tom whistled out.

“Why thank you young sir. This hotel has been in my family for four generations now, my great great great grandfather built it over two hundred years ago now, but I added a number of new features to bring it sort of up to date, without losing the feeling.” A grand looking man approached and said.

“And I must say that you have done a beautiful job. I don't think that I have ever seen a building so nice as this before.” Tom smiled.

“Why thank you. Wait until you see your rooms though, because you have my two very best suites on the very top floor.”

“How do you know that sir?” Tony asked.

“Because we are fully booked, and your party was the only one scheduled to arrive today, so you must be in the Denise and Dieter group, which I also know was to include two young men.” He smiled.

“Oh, I didn't think that the owner would know all that, I thought that you'd be far too busy to worry about guests.” Tom said.

“Oh no, never, my guests are the most important thing, without them where would I be? I try and greet each and every one of my guests when possible. We're not what you would really consider a large or busy hotel anyways, I only have forty two rooms. Four per floor, except the top, which only has two, plus the entire lobby and kitchens are down here. So anyways, as you can see, I would have a little time every day to greet my guests. Sadly though, I do not have a pool for you gentlemen, I understand you are swimmers, but I just didn't have anywhere to put one. You will find the bath in your room nearly as large though, so hopefully that will suffice.”

“Oh, wow, but how did you know that sir?” Tony asked.

“The gentlemen that booked the rooms asked about that, saying that the two boys were swimmers, but he decided that you would be fine without, that he wanted you to stay here anyways.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Is this man bothering you boys?” Dieter came up, asking them, staring suspiciously at the man that had been talking and laughing with the boys, as he and Denise were getting the rooms all settled up.

“Oh, no daddy, he's the owner of the hotel, and we were just talking. He tries to greet all the guests every day, and he actually remembers things. I guess Grant told him, when he booked the rooms, that we were swimmers. This hotel has been in his family for four generations now, his great great great grandfather built it over two hundred years ago. He came up to us as we were admiring the beauty of it.” Tony smiled.

“Oh, okay. Good to meet you sir.”

“And good to meet you as well Denise and Dieter, it will be our pleasure to serve you during your stay here. If you need anything at all, please call our front desk, and we will do whatever we can to help, and almost any food you would like, can also be ordered twenty four hours a day.”

“That would be most appreciated right about now.” Denise smiled.

“Then please, allow Mikael to show you up to your room with your luggage, he knows the way.”


“Please, follow me.” Mikael said. He had been over talking to some friends, and had joined them as they were talking with the owner.

“Why would you show us to our rooms, and not one of the hotel personnel?” Dieter asked.

“Because I worked here for a while in my teens, so I know almost everyone here, and I bring guests here so often anyways. I just pretty much do it automatically.” Mikael grinned.

“I see.”

Mikael led them to the single elevator in the lobby and hit the up button. The elevator came clanking down, and when they entered, they saw an actual elevator operator, who actually had to control an actual lever to take them to their desired floor. The boys watched in awe at this, thinking that this was the sort of thing you only saw in the movies. He declared their floor, the twelfth, when they arrived, and Mikael led them out. There were only two doors on the entire floor, other than the elevator, and they both belonged to them. Mikael led them first to Denise and Dieter's room.

“Oh my goodness, would you look at the size of this room.” Denise gasped.

“Yes, it is possibly the largest and nicest in the entire city.” Mikael smiled warmly. The rest were just staring around with their chins touching their knees, gaping in awe.

“How much does this cost?” Tom gasped out.

“Not sure the exact exchange, but it would probably work out to about six hundred dollars American, each night, for each room, and that includes your food.” Mikael shrugged. He knew that for them it was probably not very expensive at all, but to him, it was huge, that was more than his entire monthly earnings.

“Wow, that's really expensive. I can't believe that Grant paid that much for this, but I must say that it is well worth every penny of it.” Dieter said.

“Yes, it is probably the most expensive rooms in the country, but we do make it worth the price.” Mikael said, in shock that they would think it expensive, he knew that they were very rich, especially by his standards, and he had met many rich people. What he did not know was that Denise and Dieter had never spent more than a hundred dollars on a room in their life, and that was expensive to them.

“Here, let me remove your luggage, and then I will take the boys to their rooms.”

Denise and Dieters bags were removed in short order, and then they all went over to the boys' room. The room was nearly identical in almost every way, except it had different paintings and statues. All of them noticed right away though, that this room too had only male statues, most of them were young, and all nude.

“Mikael, I can't help but notice, all the statues that I have seen are all young naked boys, any idea why that is?” Tony asked curiously.

“Yes, I believe that the original builder of this hotel was what you would now call a boy lover.”

“I can see that. I'm willing to bet that you get a lot of gay guests here!” Tom chuckled.

“Yes, that we do, but not only. We have some of the nicest artwork and statues here, and most are very artistic, only a very few are what you would consider sexual in nature, and that is why you boys have this room, and not the other. I guess they figured that two young boys such as yourselves would not mind the statues in your bathroom.”

“No, we certainly don't mind them, that's for sure, and I for one can't wait to see the ones in the bathroom now.” Tony grinned.

“Well, I really should be heading out for the evening now. You folks will probably want to get some food, and may I suggest you try their fillet mignon, it is some of the very best I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. Now, what time would you like me to pick you up in the morning?”

“Thanks, that sounds very nice. Let's make it around noon, so that we can all get a bit more rested please.” Dieter suggested.

“Excellent sir, I shall see you tomorrow afternoon then, have a good evening.”

Mikael took his leave then, deftly ignoring the tip that Dieter had attempted to hand to him, pretending to not have seen it. Dieter just grinned and shook his head.

“Well boys, I'm certain that you want to get your things unpacked and tour your room, among other things I'm sure, so your mom and I are going to leave you for the night. Order yourselves some dinner, and have a good night.” Dieter said.

“Thanks mom and dad, and you too, and try and have a good night as well.” Tony smiled warmly to his parents. They left seconds later.

“Want to find out if this two bit hotel knows how to burn up a good burger and fries?” Tony asked with a silly grin on his face.

“Sure, that sounds really good. I can't even tell you the last time I had a burger and fries. Being around AJ and the others has a tendency to make you feel bad about eating horrible food, but I still love it.” Tom smiled.

“Yeah, I know what you mean, but they still enjoy it occasionally as well.”

Tom headed to the phone and called the number for the kitchen, it was on a card next to the phone, and ordered them both a burger with the works, and a large plate of fries to share. He was told that the meal would be delivered to them within half an hour. Once that was done, the boys went about looking through their suite. Of course the room that they had been in was just the sitting room, it was very large and open, a large set of French doors leading onto a simply gorgeous balcony, with an even better view. The sitting room had a small couch and a few chairs around, and hidden inside an armoire, was a large TV, satellite receiver, and DVD player. There was also a very nice looking carved mahogany dining table with four chairs around it.

Their next stop was their bedroom for the next two weeks. If they had been impressed by the sitting room, it was nothing in comparison to the sheer beauty and opulence of the bedroom. In there they found an incredibly huge four post bed with silk canopy, it was bright red, matching silk sheets and pillows, and some very nice hand made patchwork quilts. There were matching dressers, end tables, display shelves, and assorted other pieces made of mahogany. Then there was the artwork. It was awe inspiring to say the least, true works of art. Although the boys were aware that there was no way they could be original works, because a few they recognized from very famous painters that had all their work very well secured in museums, but they were exceptionally well done copies. Also there were a number of incredible statues, all of boys, all naked, and more than a few of them appeared to be very happy.

The boys quickly got all their belongings unpacked into the dressers, just to get it away.

Their next stop was the bathroom, and this room paled the other two rooms like nothing they ever thought could. It was as large as the bedroom was, all in stone tiles and mirrors. Even the huge jetted tub was all stone. The ceiling was one very large skylight, looking much like a pyramid, letting in the last of the dying light of day. In one corner stood an almost glowing white toilet and bidet, and along another wall was a counter with two sinks in it. It was also almost like a tropical rain forest with all the large beautiful plants in it. Then there were the statues. If they thought any of the statues that they had yet seen were beautiful or erotic, they were nothing in comparison to these. In one statue in particular, there were a pair of stone boys, coupled only in a way boys can be. The looks of intense pleasure chiseled into their beautiful faces, with such loving care, that it truly showed how much the artist loved boys. To be able to capture such love and beauty, in such a difficult form, showed just how much the artist loved boys. All throughout their tour, the boys had not said one single word, there were no words needed.

“Wow, I can't believe this place. I can't imagine how the sculptor of all this was able to do it, and so perfectly, without being hanged.” Tony said in awe once they finished their tour.

“Yeah, he, or they more likely, were very good, but it was very different back then. Long ago, in many countries, it was widely accepted that boy love was good for the boys, that they learned to truly love, making them better lovers once they got married. I read all about it a little while ago one night when I couldn't sleep.” Tom admitted.

“Wow, well he or they were very good, and this whole place is just amazing. I can't wait to try out this bathtub later.” Tony smiled warmly, and before Tom could reply, there was a knock upon their main door.

The boys both headed to the door and opened it to find a waiter with their food.

“Good evening gentlemen, I have here your dinner, would you care for me to set it upon your dinner table?” The waiter said in a thick, but easily understood accent.

“Yes, please, that would be very nice.” Tom answered.

The waiter led the way then and laid their food out onto the table for them, setting out place settings first, and then pulled out their seats for them so that they could be seated.

“Please enjoy your meal, and just ring when you are finished, and we will send someone up to clean up the mess for you.”

“Thank you so much, this smells amazing.” Tom said, and it really did. Both boys were drooling from the incredible scents they were smelling.

As soon as their waiter left them, they dug in, and they really were the very best burgers that they had ever had in their young lives, or ever would have in their entire lives. The fries were also very good. They had been coated in flour and seasoning, and then fried to perfection, and while different, both boys thought they were the very best they had ever had as well.

“Oh man, I don't think I'll ever be able to eat another burger and fries and not compare it to this, that was amazing.” Tom sighed, patting his very full belly.

“Yeah, me too. I'll call to get the dishes right now.” Tony said back, then hopped up and waddled over to the phone, and made the call.

Only minutes later someone came up and cleaned up their dishes, and then before the boys even realized it, she was gone, leaving the boys to themselves for the rest of the evening.

“Want to go for a bath baby?” Tony asked.

“I'd love that baby, let's go.”

They walked hand in hand to the large bathroom and got the water started. On the counter had been a basket that they had seen earlier, but really didn't look into, so they did now. In it they found an assortment of bath soaps and oils, as well as some nice incense. They chose one of the soaps and oils, and a relaxation incense, and went and got that all prepared. Towels and cloths were found next, and then the lights were dimmed. They stripped each other slowly, lovingly, and then slipped into the very hot water. Tom took the honor of hitting the switch for the jets, and the tub came alive, blasting them with strong jets of water. Both boys sighed as they laid back and just relaxed for a bit, not saying anything.

For the longest time, they sat there in silence, cuddled up to each others sides, not really even moving at all, just relaxing in the hot turbulent water, enjoying the loving feeling of their boyfriend laying there with them. After a long time though, and without once saying a word, they washed each other. Tony had gotten up first and knelt down in front of Tom, who took the invitation, and began tenderly washing his boyfriend. Once Tony was finished, they switched places, and Tom got washed down as well. Even though they had washed each others groins and backsides well, they both remained almost totally soft, although they were a slight bit larger than normal at the moment. The plug was pulled and the water started draining, as they exited the tub, and started drying each other off.

“Come on baby, I want to go try out that nice bed and those silk sheets.” Tony said, leading his boyfriend by the penis towards the bedroom.

“Well, who am I to complain, so lead the way.” Tom smiled warmly, following his boyfriend like a lost puppy.

They arrived to the bedroom only seconds later, both falling into bed together, and before their heads even hit the pillows, they were kissing. Deep, passionate, strong, and loving were their kisses. As they kissed, their hands roamed each others soft, smooth bodies, feeling each other, touching each other, rubbing each other, making sure to lightly stimulate each others sensitive, erogenous zones. They were moaning into each others mouths as they kissed and caressed each other.

Tom was on top, and he was the first to break the kiss, or more accurately, the incredible lip lock. He went straight to Tony's tender neck and began licking and biting softly, kissing every part of it, leaving scarcely one area untouched. From there, Tom worked his way down, visiting every place his hands had just vacated. Tony's armpits, nipples, belly button, the crease in his groin, the backs of his knees, and virtually every area in between, all except his genitalia.

Tony was panting and gasping from all that Tom was doing to him, he wanted to cum, yet he wanted this to last forever. His mind was lost in a sex filled haze, where everything and nothing mattered. By the time that Tom made it back up to Tony's lips, to continue the kiss, Tony was very nearly vibrating to break concrete. In fact it actually took nearly a minute before Tony was able to understand what was happening at his lips, to join in on the kiss.

Tom thought it quite comical when he began kissing Tony, that he hardly seemed to notice, and almost a minute later it seemed to click in, and then he joined in with a vigorous passion that almost shocked Tom.

Although Tony was very close to the edge, he was now trying to fight back the impending orgasm, wanting to save it for a few minutes longer, so he pushed back the intense feelings, rolled Tom onto his back, and then began torturing Tom the same way he had been tortured.

It was now Tom's turn to gasp and pant, vibrate all over, everything that Tony had went through, he was now making certain that Tom was going through now as well. Tom also both wanted it to end and to continue on for forever. It did not take quite as long for Tom to realize that Tony was kissing him though, maybe just a few seconds, but it was still a bit of a wait.

“I have to cum baby, I can't wait any longer, turn around so we can suck this first load out, and then I want you to make love to me.” Tom gasped, pulling away from their kiss to do so.

Tony didn't bother to answer, for he too was still dangerously close, and his poor battered balls were actually starting to ache from holding it for so long. He quickly spun around, laying face down on Tom, and they sucked each others pulsing erections into their mouths at the same time. From the second that they took each other into their mouths, to the time of incredible explosion, could not have been more than a minute in total, but boy was it ever intense. As soon as they both finished pumping a fair sized load into their boyfriends greedy mouths, they both collapsed where and how they were, for more than a few minutes.

“Shit that was good. Now make love to me.” Tom sighed many minutes later.

Tony didn't feel that any words were necessary, so just rolled over, on top of his lover, and gave him a deep and tender kiss that lasted only a few seconds, and then worked his way down. Tony kissed and licked all the fun spots on Tom's torso, slowly working his way down. All too soon Tony was giving the head of Tom's once again hard dick a lick, and then skipped by it.

Tom lifted his legs when he was prompted to, and grabbed them with his hands and moved into prime position for a good ole lickin, something they were both more than happy to do.

Once the way was clear for him, Tony began licking and tonguing the entire area, working in concentric circles, getting closer and closer with each pass to the small hole that gave them both so much pleasure.

Tom gave a deep sigh when Tony finally reached the center and jabbed his tongue in, in one swift stabbing motion. He had been moaning and groaning the entire time of course, but this had been what he was waiting for, what he needed with every fiber of his being.

Tony worked his tongue for only a couple minutes, before also adding a finger from each of his two hands. Now with two fingers, and his tongue buried deeply in his lover, Tony really started working Tom, wanting to actually bring him off in a fantastic orgasm in this way. He was working hard, absolutely no pun intended of course, rubbing and prodding Tom's very sensitive little prostate every second or so, with either one of his fingers or his tongue, he was relentless.

The volume and intensity of the moans and groans coming out of Tom, after only five minutes, were almost too much, at least it sure seemed so for poor Tom. He was sweating and vibrating something fierce. His body was getting so tight from holding off the impending orgasm, trying with his every might to hold his legs, because he knew that if he let his legs go during his peak, that he could hurt his baby. It was lucky that Tom was even thinking at all, because his dick was so hard, since all the blood was obviously in the wrong head at that time. He was also leaking like the average faucet. It became way too much for Tom, way too soon for his liking, and with a screech that was surely heard in the lobby, he came. It had to have been his most powerful one to date. Tom's cum flew from his dick in no less than five good healthy squirts, the first of which painted the headboard above his head, and the rest liberally coated his heaving belly and chest. Neither one of them had once touched his dick.

Tony could feel Tom getting very close, could feel his every muscle tense up, and knew that it was not going to be very long now at all. So what would any other loving boyfriend do in such a situation? Why, quickly insert two more fingers and triple the torture on his boyfriends prostate of course. And that was what exactly Tony did right near the end. Tony was very happy to hear and feel what exactly his boyfriend was going through at the time, every jet of cum being expelled from his dick, pulsed in his ass, and Tony could feel it.

All of a sudden, as soon as the massive orgasm ended, Tom went totally limp. He let his legs fall down, they landed on Tony's shoulders, and the rest of his body just went dead, as if somebody pulled the plug from an electronic device. Tony wasn't worried though, he knew Tom was still breathing, mostly because it was impossible to miss the great heaving gasps for breath. He finally broke free of his bonds and looked up, and found that Tom had actually passed out totally. Tony of course grinned wickedly. Starting from the large pool that had collected under Tom's still leaking dick, Tony licked up all the tasty treat that Tom had expelled.

Tony though had no desire to let his passed out boyfriend slow his desire to make love to him, no, he just rolled Tom over onto his stomach, and climbed on. Tom's hole was more that lubricated well enough, and with his still smaller girth, Tony wasn't worried. He spread Tom's legs a bit, crawled into position, and then inserted himself fully in one long slow push. Tony sighed deeply as soon as he was buried as deep inside Tom as he could be, and then just laid there for a few moments enjoying the feelings.

Tom was starting to come to, his mind was still hazy, lost in the bliss of the awesome orgasm that he had just had. The first thing that he realized when his mind did clear a bit, was that he was now on his stomach, and he was certain that he had been on his back. The next realization came only a fraction of a second later, when he noticed that his baby boyfriend was laying on top of him, thrusting slowly, deeply. He sighed his contentment, enjoying waking back up like this.

Tony had started moving slowly, deeply, really just making love to his baby. He felt Tom come awake only a few seconds after he started, heard the sigh, and knew that all was good in his world. Of course Tony was not going to last very long at all, he had been so very close when Tom came, that he was surprised that he hadn't. It was then no surprise that he lasted scarcely two minutes after Tom woke up, with deep guttural grunts, he came almost as powerfully as Tom had.

Tom could tell that Tony was getting close, his movements were getting spastic, he was losing his rhythm, and he was holding his breath. All of a sudden Tom gasped for breath and came, and Tom swore he felt each of the shots that Tony was spraying into him, even though he knew that Tony was not going to be spraying that powerfully yet. How wrong he was though, it really was that strong. It only surprised Tom a little when Tony didn't get off right away, and started thrusting again.

“No baby, I want to roll over so that I can see your beautiful face this time.” Tom whispered.

“Okay baby.”

Tony got up on his hands and knees, plopping free, and Tom rolled over and brought his knees back up. Tony wasted no time in inserting himself again, and within barely a second, he was firmly seated deep inside his lover. Tony continued the same slow and deep pace, as if he had not even stopped for a few seconds, he gently made love to Tom.

Now with a good sized load well out of the way, Tony was able to hold off for a good long time. For nearly ten minutes Tony held the same pace, slowly working them both up to yet another cum. For ten long minutes they rose higher and higher towards the precipice of their orgasm, until they both just exploded. And still Tony did not disengage.

It took him a few minutes to catch his breath, but as soon as he did, Tony started thrusting yet again. This of course surprised Tom more than a little bit, but he too was happy to continue on, if he had the energy to that was. Tony though was not worried, he knew that he had a another one, or maybe even two orgasms in him before he would be empty, and he was more than willing to drain himself in and for his boyfriend.

This time it took nearly fifteen minutes for them both to cum again, but when they did, Tom knew that he was about as dry as he had ever been. The final shot felt like sand being ejected. Tom slumped back, totally drained, but he didn't pass out this time. Tony knew this as well, and would not continue on, that would be for later.

“Oh god, what did you do to me baby?” Tom gasped out a few minutes later when he was able to talk again.

“Just made love to the most perfect and beautiful boy in the world, until he was drained.” Tony admitted with a grin.

“Wow, that you did. I wanted to make love to you too tonight though.”

“My turn will be next, and I look forward to being drained.” Tony smiled warmly.

“It's a date then.” Tom smiled back.

“I'll grab the diapers, you fix the sheets.” Tony instructed, because the sheets were almost totally ripped off the bed, only one corner at the foot of the bed was still holding, and all the blankets were very nearly thrown off as well.

They both did just that, and in a few seconds Tony was laying down to be babied by his baby, and when he was done, they switched places. They then crawled into bed, cuddled up, and kissed tenderly for a few minutes.

“I love you so much.” Tom whispered so quietly that it was almost too quiet to hear, but Tony heard it loud and clear, especially in his heart.

“And I love you too, so much I can't begin to measure how much.” Tony whispered back, just the same way.

They then cuddled up even tighter yet, and both passed out.

It was almost exactly four hours later that Tom woke all of a sudden from a dream that just felt too real to be a dream, and he was right. It was too dark to truly see what was happening, but all his other senses were still working perfectly. He could hear Tony above him, moaning and groaning away. He could feel that his dick was sticking straight up out of a hole in the front of his wet diaper, sticking inside Tony's also wet diaper, straight into his bum. He could feel Tony bouncing away merrily on his erection. He could feel that he was getting dangerously close to his orgasm, again, so knew that Tony had been working for at least a little while.

It had almost been divine intervention when Tony woke up, with one of the very rare times to go pee. He laid there in bed, and with a smile upon his face, proceeded to wet his already wet diaper. As he peed, he had his hand on the front of his diaper, because he loved the feel of it getting wetter and warmer, but this always caused him to get hard as well. So, as soon as he stopped peeing, he got hard. Tony figured that he would never get back to sleep with a hardon, so got an evil smirk on his face, and decided that it was his turn to be loved.

'Ah perfect.' Tony thought, Tom was on his back, hands behind his head. Tony started rubbing the front of Tom's diaper, feeling the stirring of little Tom beneath the thick soggy material underneath. Once Tom was hard, Tony poked a hole in the front of his diaper, and fished out his boner. Tony leaned down and gave it a few licks to get it nice and wet, while his hands went behind himself to get his own ass prepared for invasion.

He tore a large enough hole in the seat of his diaper, and then started working two fingers in, then three, and finally four. He had added lots of spit to his fingers as he went, because he couldn't find the lube, and soon his ass was as ready as he needed it to be. He climbed aboard his ride for the night, and very slowly started working his ass up and down, and then side to side. He made certain to keep all the motions slow and gentle, because he wanted to get Tom as close as he possibly could, before he woke up. He knew Tom was a deep sleeper, but he doubted that even Tom would be able to sleep through this for very long. He was happy though to find that Tom slept considerably longer than he had anticipated.

It was not even a full minute later that Tom gave up the first load of this session, and Tony followed mere seconds later. They both gasped and panted as they gave up their loads. Tony had to fight to keep awake, he was already tired when he started, and he was now worn out from the sex, but he wanted to continue. Once their orgasms were complete, and Tony could see straight again, he started up his motions yet again.

Tom gasped once again, amazed that Tony wanted to continue. He guessed, accurately, that Tony wanted the earlier session to now continue, and it was his turn this time. He too was very tired, his dick was almost stinging now from the friction, the pleasure was almost getting to be too much, but he didn't want to stop any more than Tony did.

Tony kept up the pace, just as slow as every other time that night, and for almost ten minutes they panted and sighed. It was ten torturous minutes, the pain in both their balls now getting almost unbearable, and they both knew that there was no way that they would have anything left in them to give up, and they were both right. When they came, at almost the exact same time, they nearly screamed it almost hurt so much. They both collapsed, Tony on top of Tom of course. Their breath was coming in uneven ragged gasps.

“Oh my god baby, what is up with you tonight? I mean, not that I am complaining of course, but you've never been this insatiable before.”

“I don't know. Just feels right for some reason, this whole place feels like gay sex.”

“True, I do know what you mean there, but now we have to change our ruined diapers and go back to bed, because I'm about ready to pass out.”

“Yeah, me too.” Tony admitted, punctuating it most effectively with a huge yawn.

Tom got out of bed this time and grabbed the diapers, while Tony fixed the sheets. They were not torn off so much as they had been earlier, but they still were. Tom waited for Tony to finish, then diapered him snugly, and then they traded places. Once they were both diapered, they curled back up together and passed out, not even able to say good night, or I love you again.

The sun was now shining through the curtains in their bedroom, so it was morning, but it was still pretty early morning. Tom was first to wake up this time, and although his balls still ached a bit, he was a bit horny. He was also wanting to pay Tony back a little for the night before. So with a smile on his face, he gently released the tapes on Tony's diaper and rolled it out of the way. He then pushed Tony's legs up and back, enough to give him the access that he needed, and then dove in.

He began licking and kissing Tony's awesome ass in the exact same way Tony had done to him the night before. It only took a few seconds before Tom was also adding the first of his two fingers that he would be adding for the beginning. Tony was already starting to thrash around on the bed. Tom slipped his second finger in and really started working Tony now, really pushing his button, literally. With his tongue still in there with his two fingers, he was able to touch and play with every hot spot inside Tony's ass, and there were a few, and it was no surprise that with this onslaught, that Tony would wake up.

Tony woke with a deep gasp, his dream too had been far too vivid and real to not be real, and when he came to, it was to the best possible feeling that he could think of. Tom was doing to him exactly what he himself had done to Tom the night before. To say that he enjoyed it, would be the understatement of the year. He was close though, too close, so he forced himself to pull back from the impending orgasm. It worked, but only barely.

Tom felt Tony wake up, felt his approaching orgasm, and then felt Tony's pushing back of said orgasm. Tom smiled evilly to himself and decided that no, Tony was going to come, and now. He tripled his efforts, jabbed another finger from each hand into the sloppy hole, and repeatedly tortured the little button in there. It worked just as well as when Tony had done this to him the night before.

Tony was happy that he was able to push the orgasm back a little so that he could enjoy the rest of the ass play, but he realized almost as soon as he had done this, that Tom had other plans, and worked even harder to bring him off. It then became a bit of a fight, Tony was trying to hold off as best he could to enjoy it, and Tom was trying his best to bring Tony off, to torture him just a little more. Tom won of course, there was just no way that Tony could hold back the inevitable orgasm, he could only just barely keep it at bay, and with a scream that really had to have been heard outside their room, Tony came. Six shots exploded from the tip of his dick. They were not very big shots, but they were powerful. So powerful in fact, that the first two shots hit the wall above the headboard, two shots hit his face, and the other two shots got his belly. It was by far, without a single doubt in either of their minds, that it was the most insanely powerful orgasm that either of them had ever had. The intensity of it though was just too much for poor Tony's battered mind to cope with, and he shut down almost as soon as he slumped down.

“Wow, and I thought mine was powerful last night.” Tom chuckled, looking up and witnessing the carnage. His shot was still showing on the headboard from the night before, and Tony's two new small shots were slowly running down the wall.

Tom licked up the mess on Tony's body, and then slipped his still aching erection inside Tony's more than well prepared tunnel. He started a nice slow pace, wondering just how long he could keep it up before Tony woke back up.

As it turned out, Tony was out of it completely. He never once, during that session, stirred, got hard, sighed, moaned, anything. The only thing he did was breath heavily, and that was because he was till catching his breath. It of course did not take Tom long to cum, probably only three minutes at most, because he too had been close.

“Wow, that was awesome.” Tom gasped after he came down.

He hopped out of bed, grabbed two new diapers, because the other two were useless now anyways, and then came and gently diapered his baby. Once he too was diapered back up, he pulled the blankets back up, curled into his baby, and then fell asleep again.

“Good grief boys, you sure were hard to wake up this morning, and it sure smells in here.” Denise chuckled. She had been standing over the boys, shaking them and calling their names for almost ten minutes, a few hours after their last session.

“Morning mommy. What time is it?”

“Almost ten am local time. You sure slept in. Come on over to our suite as soon as you wake up, breakfast will be there any minute now.”

“Okay.” Both boys said.

It took nearly ten minutes for them to manage to get up out of bed, to the bathroom to brush their teeth, and then to their parents suite for breakfast.

“What took you so long?” Dieter asked as soon as Denise finally showed up, breakfast was already on the table.

“The boys were impossible to wake up. I think they had a long night, the room stank of sex something fierce, and there were cum stains on the headboard and the wall above it, almost a foot up. There were also four diapers laying on the floor, two of them with holes in rather interesting locations.” Denise laughed.

“As interesting as the holes that sometimes end up in ours?” Dieter grinned.

“For sure. You have never hit the wall a foot above the headboard though.”

“No, can't say as I have, that's for sure.” Dieter laughed, trying to imagine what kind of steam you would have to build up to achieve such a feat.

Once the boys brushed their teeth, they went back to their room and grabbed their robes.

“Oh shit, the diapers are still on the floor, your mom will have seen them.” Tom gasped.

“Oh well, not much we can do about it now. We should probably clean them up though, wouldn't want to give housekeeping a heart attack, now would we?” Tony smiled wickedly.

“Yeah, for sure.”

If only they had known that that would not have been the first time the house cleaning in that hotel had something of that nature, and worse, they wouldn't have bothered. Once they were presentable, and so was their room, they headed over to the parents suite to eat breakfast.

“My god, you boys don't look as if you slept at all. I'm almost afraid to ask, but why?”

“Was a long night is all.” Tony smiled.

“I'll say. Four used diapers on the floor, two with odd holes in them, and Tom's cum running down the wall and headboard, I'll say it was a long night.” Denise chuckled.

“Um, the wall shots were actually Tony's, mine was the headboard.” Tom said with only a hint of a blush.

“What, really! I wouldn't have thought that that was possible.” Dieter exclaimed.

“Me neither. In all fairness though, he was really really trying to hold back, and I was really really trying to make him cum. I won.” Tom grinned.

“Wow, I'll have to try that one of these days then. And don't worry about the holey diapers, you're not the first, or the last to have ever thought of that.”

“We know that daddy, AJ was the one who told us about that.” Tony grinned.

“Should have known. Well, I'm starving boys, so let's eat.” Dieter said.

They all dug in and ate every last crumb of the delicious breakfast they had.

“Well boys, let's get cleaned up, and then wait for Mikael in the lobby. I would also suggest that you both wear diapers today.” Denise offered.

“Okay.” Both boys said at the same time, but having already figured as much anyways.

They all headed to their bathrooms and got cleaned up for the day. In the boys' shower there was much petting and kissing as they washed, and they each shot a meager load before they were cleaned. Once cleaned and dried off, they lovingly diapered each other and then got dressed. The weather here was a considerable amount chillier than they were used to, so both boys were donned in nice pants and a hoody sweater over a long sleeve shirt. They would probably get weird looks from the locals, because it was actually a very nice day out, but the temperature was still a good ten degrees Celsius lower than they were used to.

Denise and Dieter also got themselves diapered and then dressed, and they too were in warmer clothing, again because they were used to much warmer climates now, even if they had been born and raised here.

They all met in the lobby, Tom and Tony being the first to arrive, something that actually surprised the boys. When they arrived, they saw the owner again, and he came over.

“Good morning Tom and Tony, how was your sleep last night?”

“It probably would have been excellent had we have had any!” Tony grinned.

“I see, the beautiful artwork gave you other ideas I trust?”

“No doubt. Whomever did the artwork were incredible in their work, and some of it is so sexual. I never would have thought that you could make stone look and seem so real, so sexual.” Tom admitted.

“Actually it was one man, over a great many years, that did all the artwork in the hotel, and you are most certainly correct, he was the very best.”

“Wow, really! He must have had no time to do anything else at all.” Tom gasped.

“Oh, he still had plenty of time to enjoy his preferred models, as well as find time to run this hotel. It was my grandfather that did all the artwork, most of the paintings as well.”

“Wow, I can't believe that he did all this himself, as well as build this place and run it.” Tony said.

“Well, my grandfather was a unique man. He had a birth defect that would not allow him to sleep. All he could do was rest for a few minutes at a time, sort of like a trance. So he had plenty of time to be with his boys, run the hotel, and carve stone, as well as do the odd painting.”

“That would be kinda cool, not having to sleep.” Tony said.

“No, not so cool as you would think. It is very hard for your body to not sleep, and he died quite young because of it. He was only a little over forty. He had plenty of time though to live his life fully, and trust me, he lived it very fully.”

“I'll say. Did he ever teach his son the art that he did, and then pass it down to you?” Tom asked.

“Sadly no. You see, my grandfather realized that he was dying, and that he wanted a child to carry on the business. So he found a woman, slept with her, apparently this took a long time, he was totally gay, could never keep it up long enough I guess. Anyways she finally became pregnant, and his son was born only five days before he died. His son was then raised in the hotel by his mother, learning from the staff how to run the hotel, and he took over when he was fourteen. Ever since then the business has been passed down to the eldest son, not that there were ever any more than one child, and there has not been a girl born to our family name in two centuries. I however have been learning the fine art of stone carving from a local craftsman, so as to get it back in the family. I have been training for almost ten years now, and I am doing pretty good. I doubt that I will ever be as good as my grandfather was though.”

“We'd love to see what you have done yourself, some time before we leave, if you would allow it of course!” Tom asked.

“I would love to allow that, but your parents have been waiting patiently over there for some minutes now, so you should probably join them, Mikael should be here any minute now as well.”

“Thank you sir, it is nice to talk to you” Tony said in Romanian, not very well, but respectable.

“And you too young sir.” Tony was answered back in flawless Romanian.

Denise and Dieter had entered the lobby only minutes after the boys had done so, and they saw them talking to the owner again, so just stood off to the side and let them talk. They knew, just as well as the boys did, that the owner was a boylover, but they knew that the boys could handle themselves. They just let them all talk in peace, because there was no harm in that, and they could tell the man posed no threat. A few minutes later the boys joined them, and then Mikael walked in only seconds after that.

“Ah, Mikael, excellent timing.” Dieter said, and they all shook hands.

“So, where may I take you folks today?” Mikael asked politely after their greetings were over with.

“Not a clue, Tony, this is your game, so you get to lead.” Dieter answered.

“Today I would just like for you to drive us around and show us this beautiful city, show us the sights, so really it is all you today.” Tony said.

“That I can do. I will take your bags for you then, and then follow me please.”

Each couple had a bag between them, mainly their diaper bags, but they had a few extra things in there as well. Denise had her camera hung around her neck already, but she kept that. They headed out to the car and Mikael opened the door for them, and as soon as they were in, he took off.

For the next several hours Mikael toured the entire grand city, showing them the most beautiful places he knew of, and taking them into a great many of them as well. They also saw much of the surrounding areas as well, and they were no less impressed. They were all aware that many areas of the country were quite poor, and that in outlying areas they might see the not so nice things, but the city they were in was an incredible exception. They stopped for lunch, and Mikael was asked to join them, even though he protested heavily, saying that it was against the rules, but eventually he joined them, and they all enjoyed a good meal. They finally arrived back to the hotel just in time to have dinner.

They said goodbye to Mikael, asking him to meet them at the same time the next day, and then the four of them headed up to the adults room, ordered dinner, and sat back and talked about the day that they had had. The boys excused themselves after dinner, saying that they wanted to go for a walk around the hotel and enjoy the artwork. Denise and Dieter decided to just stay in.

“Ah, Tony, Tom, good to see you again!” The owner exclaimed happily upon seeing them walk into the lobby.

“Good to see you too sir. Would it be okay to see your carvings now?” Tony asked.

“Of course. My home and workshop are just next door to the hotel, so it is only but a short walk. Let me just go and tell the others that I will be gone for the rest of the evening.” He smiled brightly.

He was back only a couple minutes later, and then they all walked out of the lobby and onto the evening lit street. The walk was very short, but then again, like he had said, his house was really only just next door. It was on a nice secluded and large lot, tall hedges growing around the entirety of the property, and inside it stood a nice simple house. The shop could be seen in the back, and truth be told, it looked larger than the house did.

“Welcome to my home. Please come to the shop with me and I will show you my work.”

“Thanks.” They both said.

“Wow, nice shop, it's huge.” Tony whistled.

“Thanks. Well, it's not much, but this is what I have done so far.” He pointed out to three small to medium sized pieces. They were all of boys, angels to be exact, and the boys both thought they were quite well done. Not quite as perfect as some of the ones in the hotel, but very close in many aspects.

“I like them, they're very nice. You have become very talented. You said though that you have been training for ten years, how come there are not more?” Tom asked curiously.

“Well, during training, and even at other times, accidents happen and you break a piece when you hit it too hard in the wrong place. These are the only ones that have been kept, because I was satisfied with them. I have also made a few others that turned out nicely, and they were sold. Not many though. I'm not quite as good as my grandfather was yet, but I'm getting better.” he said far too humbly.

“Sir, you are very good, every bit as good as your grandfather was, because these are as nice as some of the ones in the hotel are.” Tom said firmly.

“Well, yes, I have gotten as good as my grandfather was at some time, because much of his stuff is rough like this as well, but he got so much better, and that will just take me more time. I have learned about all I can though, now it is just working the stone.”

“I would agree, and I know nothing about working with stone, it just needs to be smoothed out.” Tom said.

“These pieces though are about as good as I can do on them, I need to start something new. Problem is that I have no inspiration to work from.”

“Ah yes, you want the same inspiration that your grandfather had, but in these days and ages you dare not go out and ask a boy, or boys, to pose for you. Don't worry, we know you are a boylover as well.” Tony smiled warmly, surprising the older man with his insight.

“Yes, that is true, and I see there is little point in denying it. Back then it was perfectly normal, but nowadays, even here, it is a dangerous thing to do. I'd love a pair of boys to pose for me, but I could never ask anyone to do it.” He said sadly.

“Then we will save you the hassle, and you won't even have to ask us.” Tony said after asking Tom with a look.

“Sorry, what?”

“We will pose for you so that you have some inspiration to go by to help you in your work.” Tony spelled it out.

“But, I simply couldn't. If your parents ever found out, if anyone ever found out, I would be in so much trouble.” He gasped.

“You won't have to worry about our parents, and we won't ever tell, and besides, it's not illegal to take photographs of boys, even if they are naked, as long as it is not forced.”

“You would pose naked for me as well?”

“Of course, you want real inspiration to carve, then we will give you everything that you need to carve for a few years.” Tom added.

“Do you have a camera, it will probably be easier that way?” Tony asked.

“Yes, of course. It would be more comfortable in my home then, so please follow me.” He said with an obviously dry mouth.

The boys followed the man into his house. He grabbed his camera, and then led them to his bedroom. Tom and Tony then started a slow tender kiss, still clothed, then started peeling their clothes off, totally forgetting that their pictures were being taken at that moment. They did make sure to not get at all hard, because they wanted these nudes to at least be legal. When they got down to their underwear, which were soaking wet diapers, they heard the hotel owner gasp, and the shutter on the camera going at full tilt. It seems he likes young boys in diapers as well, but had not even noticed it before then. The tapes were released, and the diapers fell to the floor with a splat.

Once they were fully naked, the true posing was to start. Tom put his hands on Tony's shoulders, and he did likewise, and then Tony got right up on his tip toes and they kissed so very tenderly, the camera snapping every possible angle. Tom then picked Tony up in his arms, cradling him under his knees and neck, gazing into each others eyes lovingly. Tom then carried Tony to a chair in the bedroom and sat down with Tony on his lap, Tony's legs on either side of his own. Tony instinctively reached his hands up and wrapped them behind Tom's neck, they looked at each other longingly, and then reached in for another tender kiss, the camera still whirring away. Next Tony led Tom towards the bed. Tom laid down on his back, and Tony got on top of him. Tony was laying right on top of Tom, their soft penises positioned perfectly so that Tony's was laying right on top of Tom's, pointing towards their faces, and Tony was pushing himself up so that he was looking down on Tom. Tom next got up onto his knees and Tony sort of climbed on facing Tom, as if he were sitting on Tom's bent knees. Tom supported Tony by putting his hands on each of Tony's tender rear cheeks, and then they reached in for another kiss. Next they stayed in the same position, but they hugged each other tenderly. Tom then got out of bed and picked Tony up, who wrapped his arms and legs around his lover, and Tom once again cupped Tony's cheeks lovingly, and Tony laid his head on Tom's shoulder. Tony was set down and they grasped hands, staring at each other with adoring smiles on their faces, and then for their final pose, they stood side by side and they had their arms wrapped around each other.

“I'm done, I filled an entire one gig memory card, and I have over a thousand photos. I really cannot thank you two enough. You really are very beautiful, and I have a feeling that your love will flow through me to the stone and I will produce my finest works yet.”

“I'm glad you're done, because we couldn't think of any other poses to do.” Tony grinned.

“Do you think we can get those pictures saved to a DVD please? We'd love to keep them, also we would ask that you do not distribute those pictures, but keep them for as long as you like. Anything that you carve though, you may of course display or sell wherever you like.” Tom offered.

“That's very nice, thanks, and of course, I was going to offer that anyways.”

They headed to the computer, the camera was loaded up, and the pictures downloaded. It took quite a few minutes, since there were so many of them. While the download was working, a fresh disk was put in the drive to have that ready and waiting. The boys also had more than enough time to ball up and tape their used diapers and throw them away, and then get dressed. Neither boy cared for wearing no underwear under their pants, but it would not be for long anyways.

“Here you boys go. I really must thank you again. I would like your email or mail address so that I can send you pictures of the finished pieces when I finish them though.”

“Of course.” Tony piped up and gave the addresses right away.

“Well, I know that you two probably want to get back to your room to complete what you started here, and I all of a sudden feel like doing some carving, so we should probably say goodnight.”

“Yes, that we do, and have fun, but try not to stay up all night. Your grandfather had an excuse, you don't.” Tom admonished with a grin.

“Thanks for the warning, but I'll probably still do that anyways, or at least a good portion of the night.” He smiled back, because he knew Tom was right.

The boys walked the short distance back to their hotel, Tony with the precious disk in hand, and back up to their room. Once they arrived, they stripped, and they did finish off what they had started, and they finished each other three times in rapid succession, and then passed out, forgetting their diapers.