Chapter 5

“How you feeling today?” Was what JJ and every member of the swim team asked AJ as soon as they saw him, and he answered them all the same way, “Really good, thanks.”

And he did feel real good, AJ woke up feeling better than he had in years. He had a very caring and loving boyfriend, a team that stuck up for each other no matter what, and he thought of them all as friends, even though he hardly knew any of them, and he took care of one of the worst bullies in the school, one who had picked on him ever since he came to high school in fact, AJ felt that nothing could make him feel better.

They day flew by, and AJ was amazed at how many people knew his name, so many people had stopped and congratulated him, and told him that they thought he was real brave, that it started to get annoying. More than a few girls even tried to catch his eye, and once when a girl nearly gave him her panties and promised to bear his first born, JJ nearly chocked he was laughing so hard. AJ just pretty much told them that he did what he had to do and really was just lucky to still be alive, because if he had have gotten hit, he would have been dead meat. One thing that AJ did notice, was that at all times when he was in the halls, he had a contingent of body guards at all times, there was at least two to three of the swim team around him and JJ at all times, although no one else would have noticed. Finally the day was over, and they all headed out to the pool to start their practice.

“So how come it felt like I was famous all day with body guards surrounding me?” AJ asked as they were all getting undressed.

“Because we don't trust Brad's friends to not come and try and punish you for getting their boss kicked out of school.” He was told simply.

“Ah, good reason. And you think they're stupid enough to do so?”

“For sure, they've done it before when one of them was kicked out for bullying.”

“Oh, I see. Should I be worried outside of school as well?”

“Probably not, but for the next week or so, I wouldn't go anywhere alone, let things calm down a bit.” Matt answered.

Just then JJ walked in, he had had to go tell his football coach he was quitting, he had not had time to do so during the day, and then he had to talk to Coach Phil, so by the time he made it into the change room, everyone else was already heading for the showers.

“What are you doing here?” Matt asked in surprise.

“I decided that football was no longer what I wanted, and that I wanted to come back to the swim team, assuming of course you'll take me back!” JJ grinned.

“Hell yeah we will. You knew about this didn't you AJ, and you didn't say anything, for that we will have to get you.” Matt grinned.

“Ah you ain't got nothing I'm afraid of.” AJ said as tough as possible, puffing out his chest.

“Boy, your body would fit inside of one of my legs, you best be scared.” Matt growled as best he could.

“Oh please, the boy would probably pound you to a pulp you pussy, now everyone hurry up and get those dirty asses washed and in the pool.” Coach Phil yelled as he walked in the change room.

JJ rushed to get undressed and get his clothes stuffed in the locker, while the others quickly ran to the showers and washed off, JJ joining them in just a few seconds. They all got themselves washed and rinsed and then rushed to the change room to get their suits on, and as they walked out of the showers a new suit was flung across the room and smacked JJ right in the face.

“Thanks coach.” JJ said with a grin once he realized what had hit him, and everyone else was laughing.

“You're welcome, now everyone in the pool, I want you swimming underwater today, I would like to see each and every one of you swim the length of the pool under water at least once today without coming up for a breath, we need to work on your breathing. Matt, what the hell are you doing?” Coach Phil looked over at Matt who was bending down and putting something on his ankles and already had something on his wrist and waist.

“A little idea that AJ gave to me to help improve my times coach, I am wearing weights to make it harder for me so that when I am at a meet I won't wear them, and then I might be a bit faster.”

The coach looked a little shocked at this, but then got a wondrous look on his face. “Where did you hear about that AJ? I have never heard of anyone doing that before.”

“Just figured that it would add a lot of resistance to his swimming, which would help increase his speed in the long run.” AJ answered.

“And where did you buy those weights Matt, and are they safe in the pool?”

“Yes, I made sure they were safe first sir, they are rubber coated steel and are water proof, and I found them at the fitness store. The whole set only cost me twenty dollars, they were on sale this week.”

“Well then, anyone else who wants to add extra resistance has my endorsement to buy those as well, I might even go pick up a set for myself and see how well they work.”

They all nodded and then dove into the pool and started their underwater swimming, most of the boys not even making it half way before they had to come up for air. Matt was the only one to reach the other end, and a few people came pretty close, and for almost an hour they swam like that. Once the one hour mark closed the coach blew his whistle and everyone got out and came and gathered around.

“Swimmers, I want you doing your leg and butt exercises in the shallow end, divers, you're with me.” Coach called out and everyone split up, JJ going with the swimmers.

“Okay boys, you're doing back dives today, and I don't want to see any splashing, and again, critique each other. AJ, you're on the low board today.”

For the rest of their time there, the swimmers did exercises in the water that strengthened their butts and legs, the divers did their back dives, and Coach Phil had AJ up on the board teaching him first how to stand, then how to do a stationary jump, and then a spring jump. Next he had AJ doing these again, but in a simple dive this time. They worked long and hard, and AJ was doing very well, as he usually mastered things very quickly.

“Well AJ, I think that that is enough for today, if you continue to learn as fast as you have been, and doing as well as you have, you are going to make an excellent addition to the team, and I expect great things from you.”

“Thanks sir, I was actually thinking about having a pool installed at my house, I just have to see if I am even allowed to do it, I think I need more practice than what I can get here.”

“It's a good idea, and I have some cards I can give you for people who do real good work.”

“I was about to ask you who you would suggest, so thanks.”

Coach Phil then gave out a long hard blast on his whistle and all swimming and diving ceased. All the boys jumped out of the pool and ran to join their coach.

“Okay boys, that's it for this week. Remember, we have a meet in two weeks time and want you to get in some good workouts this weekend and really get your blood pumping. Next two weeks we will dedicate solely to swimming, because this is not a diving competition, and I want you all at your absolute best. Now get out of my face, you're all so ugly you're hurting my eyes.” Coach called out, and the boys all burst out laughing and ran off to get showered and got dressed.

“So how did the football coach take you quitting the team?” Matt called out as they were all undressing and heading to the showers.

“ 'Bout how I expected, he nearly cried, then he started yelling that I couldn't leave the team half way through the season, and how I was a quitter. I told him I had to go where loyalty, team spirit, and companionship was more important, that I was sick of being on a supposed team where every player felt they were the best and did not play as a team. Then I turned and walked away and he was yelling at me until I was out of ear shot, for all I know he could be out there still yelling.”

“Yikes, you think the football team will retaliate?” AJ asked.

“Nah, they won't care anyways, the only reason they liked me on the team was because I could play well. I had a few so called friends on the team, but as soon as I started hanging out with you AJ, and doing better in school, they stopped hanging around me, they hardly ever talk to me any more.”

“Well that sucks for them, obviously they weren't real friends after all then, were they.” Matt said.

“Apparently not.” JJ said happily, he had real friends now, that's all he cared about.

“I was thinking about having a weekend sleepover swim party at my house this weekend, parents are going away and told me I could if I wanted to, you guys all want to come? It will be absolutely no alcohol, and if you bring drugs in my house I will kill you myself, not that I fear any of you actually does either. We can all workout in my gym and get some good swim practice in as well, I don't have a high dive, but the low dive is real good.”

Yells of awesome, or cool rang through the shower room, all saying they would love to. The only two to not respond were AJ and JJ.

“AJ and I would love to come, however we both have a problem, we wet the bed and wear diapers to bed, will that be a problem?” JJ asked simply.

“Course not, hell I was a bed wetter until I was AJ's age, and I think Jase and Rory are still bed wetters right, at least you still were at the last party.”

“Yeah, I still am.” They both answered at the same time.

“Well it's settled then, tomorrow right after school we go right to my place and we have some real fun. Oh and please do not invite anyone else, it's just us. Just get permission tonight and tell me tomorrow if you can't make it, though I hope you all do.” Matt said.

They all finished washing a minute later and grabbed towels on their way out and dried off and continued chatting as they all got dressed.

“JJ, I want to head over to where my mom works to ask her, plus I want to stop at the fitness supply place and buy a set of those weights for myself.” AJ said as they were about to leave the change room.

“AJ, here's those cards, have a good weekend.” Coach Phil said as they exited and handed him five different cards.

“Thanks coach, and you too.”

“Will do.” The coach said and they walked out of the swim hall.

“As for your question, sure, and I will go with you. How do your muscles feel today?”

“Very sore, but I will be fine until we get back to my place. I do not hurt as much as I did the past couple days though.”

“I'll give you a nice massage for sure then, we kinda forgot to give you one yesterday though huh, with all the excitement and all.”

“Oh well, I'll survive.”

They continued walking along, heading in the opposite direction as their houses, heading into town. The walk would take about fifteen minutes, and they hoped the fitness store did not close before they got there. As they were walking along though nearly all the swim team met up with them, saying they too were heading to the fitness shop to get the weights, because it sounded like a great idea. They all talked and laughed the entire way there, having a good time.

When they got to the store, they were all happy to see that it was still open, and they all went in and looked around. They found the display with the sale weights that Matt had bought, and they all picked up a set, leaving only two left. The total weight of the pack was nearly twenty pounds, so it would add a lot of resistance for their swimming. They then looked around and saw all sorts of great things they thought they would love to have.

“Man, I would love to get some of this equipment and put it in the spare bedroom, it's not used for anything anyways.” AJ said as they were looking around.

“Ah why bother, I have all this stuff, and you can come over any time and workout with me, it's nicer to workout with someone else anyways, the time goes by faster, and it is safer really anyways, not like my parents aren't around, but they aren't usually down there with me.” JJ said simply.

“Yeah, I suppose you're right for now, but later on I probably will anyways.”

They looked around more and they did both see a couple things they wanted. They both grabbed a large bottle of the liniment muscle massage oil, and AJ saw a swim cap he liked, it was the same color as their speedos, so he picked one of those up as well. They all went up as a group and paid for their purchases and then left as a group.

“Guys, my mom works just up the street and I won't see her unless I go there, so we are going to head there and I am going to ask now, so we'll see you later.”

“Why don't we all go with you, we all called our parents before leaving, saying we were going to be late and that we were going to catch dinner out anyways, so why don't we just all go there and eat together.” Rory asked.

“I have no problems with that.” AJ said.

So they all walked the few blocks up the street to AJ's moms restaurant and went in. Alice was not to be seen in the front, but one of the other waitresses came up to them, and AJ stepped forward.

“Hi, is my mom around here anywhere?”

“Oh hi AJ, I almost didn't recognize you, you have grown so much since I saw you last, and I really like your hair like that. Just a minute, she should be just about finished her break, I'll go get her for you.” She said and ran off, and a minute later Alice came out.

“Well isn't this a pleasant surprise, what are you guys up to?”

“Well I have a question for you, and we are all going to have dinner here, since we were down this way anyways. We all went to the fitness supply place to get some swimming weights.” AJ said while holding up the heavy bag.

“Well let's get you guys out of the entrance and seated then, and then you can ask.”

Alice took all the boys to the back and put a few tables together, well they all helped, and then they sat down. Another waitress was already busy pouring them all a glass of water.

“So what was the question AJ?”

“Well I had asked you if JJ could spend the weekend, but Matt, he's the captain of our swim team, asked us all over for the weekend for a swim party sleepover. It will be just us guys from the swim team, and before you can ask, there will be no alcohol or drugs allowed, Matt says he would personally kill the person to bring that stuff on his property. His parents will not be home, but they have given permission. So I would like to go please?”

“And these are all the boys that you wrote about in that long letter you left for me yesterday, the ones that helped you after your little incident?” Alice asked, looking a bit skeptical, and looking at the boys.

“Yes mom, these are most of my swim team, a few of them, including Matt, are not with us right now, but they all helped out.”

“Let me think about it for a few minutes okay, but what do you all want to drink?”

“Okay mom, we'll be right here for a while.” AJ said and then everyone called out their drink orders.

They were all talking loudly and having fun, the main reason Alice put them in the back in one of the more private rooms, she knew how loud teens could be. When their drinks were brought out by Alice and the other waitress, Alice looked at AJ and started to speak, but it didn't come out at first, finally she managed.

“Well I have thought about it, and I will allow it, but you guys have to swear to me that nothing will happen there. I am trusting you a far deal more than I normally would, but I know AJ would never do anything stupid.”

“No problem ma'am, he will be as safe as, or probably safer than, if he were at home, we stick together us swimmers, it's either that or we get beaten up.” Rory said.

They then placed their orders and continued laughing and talking until their meals came, and then it was total silence while they ate. When they finished their food, they all sat back and talked some more until the bill came out.

“I'll take that thanks!” Rory said.

“Hey what, no, you don't have to pay for everyone.” A few of the guys said.

“I got it guys, no biggie.” Rory said and grabbed the bill. He looked at the total at the bottom, it had been broken up into twelve sections, one for each of them, but it had the full cost at the bottom, and he removed his wallet and took out the money.

“What the hell were you thinking carrying that kind of cash at school Rory?” JJ asked.

“I don't normally, but I had to go to the bank to deposit this, I got it from my grandpa last night, he gives me a few hundred every month. I guess it's his way of saying they're sorry for not being able to care for me, the reason I am in foster care. I keep telling him not to, but he refuses to listen. My grandparents live in the care home on Elm St.”

“Oh, I wasn't even aware that you were in foster care.” JJ said.

“Not something that is spread around too much, only the swim team and the teachers know. They are really nice though, have had me since I was five and have never once complained about my bed wetting or anything, almost as good as real parents, and I really like them.”

“How old are you Rory?” Alice asked.

“Sixteen ma'am.”

“Oh, and you have been in foster care that long and with the same family, that's lucky. If you don't mind my asking, what happened to your parents?”

“Plane crash, they went away for business for the weekend and never came back. The airline of course paid me a large settlement and their life insurance was paid to me, and it all went into a trust account for me, but I'd rather have them here, but I guess there is nothing that can be done about it.”

“That's too bad, and you're right, nothing can bring them back, and the money is nice, but it really doesn't help all that much, but it will do you good later on in life. May I ask, did you start wetting the bed after the accident, or did you before as well?”

“No no, nothing like that, I always have wet the bed, a genetic disorder, my dad was still a bed wetter when he died, and I likely will be till the day I die as well. It seems our kidneys do not shut down at night like they're supposed to, it is a rare disorder, but not unheard of.”

“Oh, I wonder if that is your problem too AJ.”

“Gee thanks mom, had I not already told them that I wet, you would have just embarrassed me in front of the entire swim team.” AJ said in a huff, but was smiling.

“Oh nonsense, if Rory can talk about it like that in front of the rest of the team, I am sure they don't mind, and I figured you had probably already told them if you were asking to stay the weekend with all of them.”

“Yeah, I know, I was trying to tease you.”

“Yeah, I know, and I was trying to tease you too.”

“Well we should probably be heading out then mom, love you and see you Sunday afternoon.”

“Love you too, and have fun.”

And they were off, heading back home. They all walked most of the way together, but as they got closer to home, the crowd started to thin off, until AJ and JJ were alone and heading to AJ's house. When they got there, they headed right to AJ's room, where AJ was instructed to strip, and JJ proceeded to give him a nice massage to work out the kinks.

The last muscle to be massaged was the one that was pulsing the most, and with a sly grin, JJ grabbed AJ's erection with such a light touch that AJ could barely feel the sensations, but there was enough to give him pleasure. AJ was moaning and groaning, begging for JJ to let him cum, and JJ just kept torturing him. AJ was also trying to use his own hands to try and increase the pressure to increase the pleasure, but JJ would smack them away. Finally after nearly ten minutes of toying with AJ, JJ sped up and squeezed harder and brought his boyfriend off.

“Oh god, I'm gonna explode, ahhhhhhhhhhhh.” AJ gasped and then squealed out.

A thin watery jet of clear fluid erupted from AJ's violently red dick head and splashed down onto his quivering stomach, and then a further three squirts leaked down over JJ's fingers. He was only too happy to lick the tasty treat off them. JJ then crawled up AJ's still quaking body, licked the small puddle of cum from his belly button, and then kissed his way up and landed on AJ's parted lips, and they kissed.

“Oh you're so mean and so good.” AJ sighed out a minute after their kiss ended.

“I know.” JJ grinned.

“You realize that paybacks a bitch right?”

“Oh I know, and I am ready, willing, and able to be paid back right now.”

“What if I were to pay you back by making you do it yourself?” AJ grinned evilly.

“I don't think you really want to do that, now do you?” JJ smirked.

“No, but to teach you a lesson I would.” AJ said with a straight face.

“But you know you liked it as much as I did.” JJ said in a last ditch effort.

“Yes I did, now lay back you whining baby.” AJ said.

“Wah wah.” JJ said with a grin and laid on his back, waiting for his turn.

He did not have to wait long though, AJ took JJ's hard meat in his hands lightly and started doing the same thing to JJ, just very lightly touching him, and the outcome was the same. It was killing JJ, and he was grunting and begging to let him cum, and AJ made him suffer for a while longer before he tightened his grasp and gave JJ the release he desperately needed.

“Oh fuck, I'm cummmmmmmmmmiiiinnnnnnnnngggggggggg.” JJ started to say, but ended in more of a wail.

The first shot of nice sticky white cum sprayed so far it landed on JJ's chin, and then a further two shots landed on his chest and stomach, and then the rest dribbled out over AJ's fingers. Once the load was completed, AJ brought his fingers up and made a slow show of licking off the cum, truly enjoying his boyfriends offering. He then bent down and licked the mess from JJ's stomach first, then chest, and then finally his chin, and of course ending with sharing the load in a deep kiss with his boyfriend.

“Oh god that was so amazing, it's surprising just how much better it can be when you hold off for more than twenty four hours.” JJ grinned.

“Especially when you're used to jacking off three or four times a day right?”

“For sure. Well baby, I hate to say it, but I best be heading home.”

“I know, but I will see you tomorrow.” AJ said and then helped JJ to get dressed, AJ of course just stayed naked..

“Oh, did you notice the two bags of diapers by your closet door, your mom must have went and bought them for you this morning. Don't forget to bring a few for this weekend, I suggest hiding them well at the bottom of your bag under your clothes, pretty sure we don't want anyone seeing those huh?” JJ grinned.

“Definitely not. I love you, and I will see you tomorrow.” AJ said and they leaned in for one more kiss before JJ had to go. AJ walked him to the door and let him out, saying goodbye one final time, AJ of course hidden behind the door so no one could see his naked state.

AJ went to bed a short time later, diapering himself, and finding it a bit awkward to do so, but managing just fine for his first time, and then he fell asleep, once again happy with the world.