Chapter 6

Friday morning AJ woke up and carefully packed his bag, putting a dozen of his diapers into two shopping bags and burying them on the bottom, and then piling his clothes that he would need for the weekend on top of that, making sure of course to not forget his shorts. AJ barely had room for his school books in his bag, and he only managed to fit everything because he did not have all his classes today, allowing him to leave some behind. Once he was packed and ready to go, he headed off to school to wait for the day to end.

At lunch time the entire swim team sat together and everyone excitedly said that they had been given permission, and that they'd all be there, and everyone was very pleased. The day did not go nearly fast enough for any of them, but it did eventually end, and fifteen rambunctious teen boys were bounding their way towards Matt's house. The conversation was just the normal boyish fun, and they were laughing the entire way there, and when they made it, both JJ and AJ were surprised with the size of the house, it was massive. They all lived in a nice neighborhood of course, most of the families being quite well off, but the sheer size of the house and the double sized lot said that Matt's family must be quite a bit better off than most. The nice thing with Matt of course was that unless you saw his house, you would never even know his parents were rich, he did not rub it in peoples faces, in fact he almost always acted like he had no money, but he usually did.

“Okay, everyone will be sleeping in the rec room as always, and I already have all the sleeping bags and pillows down there, so we can take our stuff down and throw it in there, and then raid the kitchen and get some snacks, oh and as always it is clothing optional.” Matt called out as soon as they walked in the door, both AJ and JJ stopping and looking at the beautiful place.

Not one of the boys hesitated when they got downstairs and they all stripped off their clothes, all getting comfortable. The rec room was huge, it had a nice carpeted floor, a very nice entertainment center with two couches facing it, a really nice pool table, an air hockey table, two pinball machines, another TV with two different game systems hooked up to it, and there was even a bar in one corner.

“Wow, nice rec room.” AJ said when they were all undressed.

“Thanks, we like it a lot, and it actually gets used more than the rest of the house, with the exception of maybe our bedrooms and the kitchen. There is a bar in the corner as you can see, and you are free to help yourself to anything there, my parents do not drink, so we never have alcohol in the house.”

“That's cool, I won't ever touch the stuff either, same with drugs, too much bad happens with them.” AJ admitted.

“While I agree with you over all, a little alcohol is not bad, and although my parents do not drink, they do occasionally have a glass of wine with dinner, and even I have had some as well, don't care for it much though.”

“I don't see a reason to try it either, never even thought of it, even when I was really depressed, I was never driven to think of drinking or drugs.” JJ admitted.

“That's good, all too many people think of it is a great way to release their problems, but it doesn't work, on anyone, and it takes a strong person to realize that.” Matt said.

“What do your parents do Matt?” AJ asked, almost suspecting the answer.

“They are doctors, why?”

“Just thought you sounded a lot like a doctor, so I kind of suspected that one or both of your parents might be.”

“Well should we go join the others before they get all the best food?” Matt asked, the others had already gone upstairs, all feeling well at home.

AJ and JJ nodded and they headed upstairs and when they made it to the kitchen, they found that Matt's mom must have spent the entire past few days baking all sorts of treats for the boys. The rest of the team was busy picking through the trays of goodies, and the three of them joined the feeding frenzy.

“My mom is a really good baker, but she does not bake that often, mainly because I stay on a fairly strict diet. But it's like she says, every now and then we have to treat ourselves, and she figures a sleepover weekend is just the time to do it, and besides, we will probably work all this off anyways.”

“Your parents sound pretty cool to allow you to do this, have fourteen friends stay the weekend with no adult supervision.” AJ said, almost in awe, he had no delusions that his mom would not even think of allowing such a thing to happen, but then again he thought she would say no to this weekend as it was.

“They are very cool, but they trust me a great deal. I am happy to say that I have never given them a reason to not trust me, they know almost all my friends, and all of them are on the swim team, and they know how close we stick together. Plus they still remember how important it is to kids to have their freedom as well, so every so often they allow me to do this, usually once or twice a year.” Matt smiled.

“Yeah, and it is always awesome.” Jase said with a mouthful of cake.

“Come on, let me show you the pool, you guys will love this.” Matt said to AJ and JJ, they had of course never been there before. They each grabbed a handful of cookies and Matt led the way.

Matt led them down a hall, just off the kitchen, that had glass walls and roof, but the glass was tinted, so they could not see clearly out it. There was a door at the end, Matt opened that, and they entered into a pool area that was just as nice as the school pool. It had a full sized pool, nicely tiled floors, a low dive, and an open shower area. There was also a hot tub that looked to be large enough to fit the whole team, and a fair sized sauna as well. This was also where all the exercise equipment was, and they had everything from treadmills, to stationary bikes, and free weights to a full weight gym. There was even a massage table with a shelf beside it that appeared to hold a large assortment of oils. The pool was in a large glass house as well, but the glass in here was just lightly smoked for privacy, but allowed good light in still.

“Wow, this is amazing, I would love to have this at my house.” AJ said.

“Thanks, the pool was a gift for my eighth birthday, because I was so good at swimming, and my coach at the time told my parents that I would do well, so they did this. It has really paid off as well being able to practice at home as well as at school, and I swim for two hours every day, and do weights every second day for another hour.” Matt said.

“I was thinking about putting a pool in at my place for that reason as well, because if I am going to do this, I may as well do it right, and I think this is what I want to do, except I might want the high dive as well, because the coach wants me doing that.” AJ admitted.

“It's real expensive though, especially if you want it enclosed, will your mom be able to afford it, because you can always come over here?”

“Well if I do it, it would have to be with my own money, if I have enough of course, but I'm pretty sure that the way my mom made it sound, that I would not need to worry about that. The house we live in is mine as soon as I turn eighteen, so realistically I can do whatever I want to it.”

“Really, but you're only twelve!”

“I only just found this out, but my dad died when I was young, the house was left to me, and all his life insurance and savings was left to me as well. The way my mom made it sound, he was quite well off. His house had been pretty small by the standards of the neighborhood, but it's still pretty big actually, but the lot size, if your front yard is any indication, is the same size as ours is. All the money of course is in a trust fund for me, but from what I know, I am allowed to withdraw for things like that, things for my future, so the bank will not have any problems with it, the biggest problem will be convincing my mom, who must be my trust holder.”

“Too bad about your dad bud, but the way it sounds, he left you well off.”

“It's nothing, I never knew my dad, he left with his boyfriend when I was two, so I don't even remember him at all, and then he died two years later. Another great thing though is that I will not have to use a penny of my money for my education, because I already have enough in scholarships to get me through university.”

“Already, how, I thought you usually got those in grade twelve?”

“Not sure how or why, but I was told that if I was able to keep my grades as high as they were right through grade twelve, that everything would be taken care of, so technically I don't have them yet, but they are guaranteed to me if I keep my performance up.”

“So what are you going to take in university then, and are you going to swim then as well?”

“Haven't entirely decided yet, I am undecided between a pediatrician and a child psychologist.”

“Wow, so you are looking at at least another seven to ten years in school once you finish high school then.”

“Yeah, but not a big deal. At least I would not have to move, because the university here has excellent programs in both, and they even have a swim club as well, and yes I will probably stay in right through then as well. The coach wants me to think Olympics, but I am not sure I will have the time to put in for that kind of training, because I will not sacrifice my future for swimming, it's not that important.”

“Yeah, I will be more focused on my studies as well, but I will be training hard for the Olympics as well, but I'm not sure I have it in me to go quite that far, whereas I think you do. You can have both though, if you want it, the only problem is of course money, because you would not be able to work to support yourself. I don't think either one of us will have to worry about that though.”

“No, you're right about most of that for sure, but I think you are better positioned to do well.”

“If you can keep up as you are, you will be better than I am, trust me. Well it's about time they finished filling their faces.” Matt said and then grinned as the others finally joined them.

“Hi guys, showing off your pool are you?” Rory asked.

“Who wouldn't, this pool is awesome!” AJ said.

“True, I would if I had one like this.” Rory smiled.

“Let's go get showered and jump in the pool boys.” Matt said and ran to the showers.

There were only four shower heads, so they had to take it in turns getting washed and ready to go in the pool, but soon enough, they were all in the pool swimming and playing, and just having a lot of fun. They all splashed and played for three hours, diving from the board, having fun races, and they even had an underwater game of tag, and when they finally dragged themselves out of the pool, they were all well worn.

“My mom made a huge lasagna for us, and all I have to do is put it in the oven for about an hour, so if you guys want to go in the hot tub, I will go get that in, and then I will be right out, and turn on the sauna as well please.” Matt said and then skipped into the house to do just that. By the time he made it back out, the boys were all laying back in the hot bubbling water and relaxing, just chatting quietly.

“There, now all we have to do is make some garlic bread and salad and then dinner will be perfect.” Matt said as he was slipping into the nice hot soothing water.

The sauna was only large enough to fit six at a time, so a few boys here and there would hop out of the water, once the heat light went off, saying it was ready, and go into the sauna for a while, and then they would come and sit in the hot tub again with the others. They all had a really nice time, just talking and getting to know each other better, telling everyone all sorts of things about themselves. The swim team had known all before, but AJ and JJ knew nothing, and the others knew nothing about them really. Just before an hour was up from the time that Matt had put the lasagna in the oven, they all hopped out of the hot tub and headed to the showers. Again they had to go in groups, and Matt was of course in the lead group, as were Jase, AJ, and JJ, and they washed and rinsed off, grabbing towels on their way to the kitchen drying off as they went.

“Would you guys get the salad ready please, everything is in the bottom drawer of the fridge, and knives are on the holder on the island?” Matt asked the three boys.

“Sure.” They all said and went and grabbed everything they wanted.

In just a few minutes they had a nice large salad ready, it had everything in it, and Matt was getting two full loaves of French bread buttered with some garlic butter, and he tossed them in the oven as he took the huge tray of lasagna out. The next group came in at that time, and they were asked to set the table, so they grabbed everything and did that as well. And by the time the two final groups made it in, dinner was set and waiting on the table, and they all dug in heartily.

“Wow, your mom is a real good cook too.” JJ said, patting his belly.

“Yeah, she is, it's truly amazing that I haven't gotten fat.” Matt grinned.

“No kidding. Let's get this all cleaned up then.” AJ said.

They all agreed and the mess was cleaned up in a short time.

“Let's go downstairs and play games for a while and then I have a few new movies to watch.” Matt said to everyone, and that was met with loud approvals all around.

They all rushed down the stairs to the rec room and teams were called out for playing pool, air hockey, darts, games, so on and so forth, and a few of the boys played the pinball machines. Until nearly eleven pm they all played and had a blast, switching teams, switching games, just keeping everything nice and relaxed and fun. Finally Matt called a stop to the fun.

“I'm starting to get a bit tired guys, why don't we push the couches back out of the way, get the sleeping bags out, get our bed wetters, and anyone else who wants to be diapered, all nice and diapered, and then lay back and watch the movie, I have Eragon, I have been waiting to see it until everyone was here.”

“You mean there are others here that just like to wear diapers?” JJ accidentally said.

“Yeah, you think you were the only diaper lover around.” Matt grinned.

“You too?” JJ asked.

“Yeah, I wet the bed for so long I just became attached to them I guess, and now every so often I wear them for the comfort and the pleasure, and a few of the boys here are like that, except there are legitimate wetters here as well.” Matt grinned.

“Wicked, well then, let's get to it.” AJ said.

They did just that too, the couches were moved, the bags laid out, and then eight boys laid back after getting their diapers out and the remaining seven diapered them. Everyone looked around and smiled at everyone, and then Matt got up, grabbed the movie and put it in, turning the systems on, and going to join the others to lay down. The lights had been dimmed, and the volume cranked right up, and each and every one of the boys loved the movie, more than a few of them falling in love with the gorgeous Eragon. As soon as the movie was over, they all talked excitedly about how great it was and how they couldn't wait for the next one, all certain that there would be. They stayed up talking for probably an hour after the movie ended, but a few of the boys falling asleep, including AJ. He had never in his entire life stayed up past ten, so he was wiped out after the movie. JJ just smiled warmly at his little lover and covered him up gently, and then shortly after, the rest of the boys all went to sleep as well.

The following morning everyone woke up well past their normal times, but all close to the same time, at nearly eleven in the morning. They all stretched and got up and out of their sleeping bags, and eight boys all with nice wet diapers on. Again everyone looked around and everyone smiled.

“Well no point in removing these until after we have breakfast, and then we can all go out for a good workout.” Matt said while stretching to reach the ceiling, but missing the extra high ceiling height.

They all gave their affirmative to this, and then went upstairs to make a large pancake breakfast for them all. Amazingly enough the fifteen of them were able to fit in the nice large kitchen and work together, and with amazing speed they had huge breakfast ready, and then they ate. After breakfast was all cleaned up, they all went out to the pool, and those who were wearing, removed their diapers, and then they started working on the exercise equipment. There was enough equipment so that they could all be doing something at the same time thankfully, and every ten minutes time was called, and they rotated, until each person had done three full reps on each piece.

“Oh god, now I really hurt.” AJ moaned.

“Then you will love what comes next, let's show them boys.”

AJ's hand was taken by one of them and led over to the massage table, and he was laid out on the contraption he had never been on before. A bottle of hot liniment oil was brought out and a liberal amount was squirted on every area of his back side. Then fourteen pairs of hands started massaging, JJ, realizing just what was happening, took AJ's bum, or at least one cheek, Jase had the other. For five minutes AJ had a full body massage that no professional could hope to perform, unless they too had twenty eight hands roaming over his entire body at the same time. AJ was then rolled over, and not one person was surprised to see that he was rock hard, and although there were some appreciative looks at his size, no one said a thing, they all knew their turns were coming, and each and every one of them would look the same before long. Of course the massage to AJ's front did not, and would not, include his groin area, and for five more blissful minutes he was massaged.

JJ was instructed to hop up next, and then he was given the very same treatment, and more appreciative looks were given when JJ was turned over so that his front could be done as well. One by one they all got their turns, Matt going last of course, and they each got five minutes per side, so it took them a little more than two hours for the massage session to take place, and all their hands were sore, but the rest of their bodies felt wonderful.

“That was quite possibly the most wonderful thing I have ever felt in my life.” JJ said once they had finished.

“No kidding.” AJ agreed.

“And now you know why we like to do that, it is great after a good hard workout, problem is of course once we are finished the bathrooms have a tendency to get occupied for a while.” Matt grinned, pointing at everyones still obvious erections.

“Gee, why would that be?” JJ asked innocently.

“If you haven't figured that out yet, I'm not gonna tell you, maybe your boyfriend will tell you though.” Matt said with an evil grin.

JJ looked around, shocked that Matt would say that, but everyone seemed completely unfazed by the information, and he guessed correctly that they all already had known.

“Don't worry, we all knew anyways, I would never spill your secrets to anyone outside this group, but trust me, everyone here is one hundred percent trustworthy. Not one of us here is straight, but not all of us are gay either, but we all have our boyfriends, and these parties are for friends, although there are three couples here, and not for sex.” Matt said.

“Oh, I was certain that most everyone was gay, and I am pretty sure I even know who the other two couples are.” AJ said.

“Yet you don't ask who they are?” Matt asked.

“Not my business, if they want to tell us, then I will not stop them, nor would anyone ever find out from me, but that is up to them.” AJ said and JJ nodded his agreement.

“Okay guys, hands, Gay(and nine of the boys raised their hands), bi(and the rest raised their hands), with boy friends(everyone raised their hands), and our other two couples(Jase and Rory clasped hands and so did Matt and Orin, one of the other grade twelve boys on the team). And you two I know are totally gay and totally into each other.” Matt grinned.

“That we are.” They both said at the same time, and then started giggling.

“Yeah, problem is you two need to be more careful at school, you two look at each other in a way sometimes that says that you are more than just friends, and there are too many gay bashers at school to be labeled as gay, although for the most part it's pretty open. No point in giving anyone any sort of ammunition against you.” Matt cautioned.

“Um yeah, that would be a bad thing, the entire football team would hate me, and think I was only there to look at them, and that might be real bad.” JJ said.

“You weren't, what the hell would you want to play football for if not that then, all those big beefy ball players!” Matt said, raising his eyebrows in lecherous manner.

“Are you kidding, AJ is bigger than some of them are, and some of them have bodies bigger than I do.” JJ laughed, and everyone joined him.

“Besides, you weren't even the only gay boy on the team, there are at least two others, one of them being a boyfriend to one of our group. He hates swimming though, can't as far as we know, so we were unable to get him to the side of the light, he preferred to stay on the dark side.” Orin said with a shy smile, one of the first times AJ or JJ had even heard him talk, he was always so quiet.

“Actually, I might even know who you're talking about, not that it's important though.” JJ responded.

“No, isn't really. Well lets go get cleaned up then, and then we can go swimming for a while and play around some.” Matt said.

AJ and JJ though were in the next to last group to enter the showers, and although they were watching, they never noticed anything unusual, and although they had both used liniment oil before, it was quite weak, but this stuff they had on was not, and it was quite hot on their skin still. When they climbed in the showers though to start getting clean, the scream of pain that spilled out of them made all the others burst out laughing. Most of the boys already in the pool, Matt explained to them, because he was with them, what had happened.

“When liniment oil gets wet, it gets even hotter, but you get used to it quickly, and none of us even flinch anymore, but it is still real hot. Just be thankful that you are not allowed in the pool without showering off first, because cold water is actually worse.” Matt said, still chuckling.

“That was mean, least you could have done was warn us.” AJ said with his best possible pout.

“Oh don't cry baby, it was all in good fun, and besides, we all learned the hard way, why should we make it any easier on the poor fools we bring in here?” Matt asked with a positively evil grin.

“You sir, are cruel.” JJ said with a smile, the burning sensation already having started to wear off, leaving a pleasant tingling all over his body.

They all played in the water and dove off the board for a couple more hours, and by the time they crawled out, they were once again very tired, and now also very very hungry. Three loaves of bread were used to make an assortment of sandwiches, of which they all ate every crumb. For the rest of the day the boys all went and played in the rec room, playing all the games and having a lot of fun, and all the diaper lovers were of course diapered, all enjoying the freedom of being themselves around their friends. As night time rolled around, and the boys were all getting tired, they all got changed, well the diapered boys anyways, and then they laid down and watched a pair of movies, almost half the boys falling asleep half way through the second one, and the rest very ready for bed by the end of it. By the time they all woke up the next morning, they all only had enough time to get themselves a bite to eat before heading home, as most of them had to be home by noon as well.

“Guys, thank you so much for everything, I have had one of the best weekends ever.” AJ said sincerely.

“You're welcome, and you're welcome here any time remember.” Matt said.

Everyone else said their goodbyes and then headed out. JJ walked AJ home, snuck a quick kiss just inside the door to AJ's place, and they whispered I love you to each other, and then JJ was off for home to spend the evening with his family.

“Hey there, that was sweet.” Alice said as AJ turned around, having not seen or heard her come in the room.

“Oh, you saw that.” AJ blushed.

“Well if you hadn't have been kissing for ten minutes, maybe I wouldn't have wondered what was taking you so long to say hi.”

“It was a quick kiss, probably only a few seconds long.” AJ said, still with a blush, and defiantly.

“I know, but I love teasing you, I never realized how much fun it could be until you made me take a good hard long look at my life, did you know that you probably saved me from a nervous breakdown.”

“Yeah, I know, and when I was kicked out of mine, I saw that you were having one as well, and I like teasing you too.” AJ smiled.

Alice grabbed her little boy in a nice tight hug, and they hugged for a few minutes.

“So how was your weekend?” Alice asked as she released the hug.

“It was awesome, Matt has an incredible house with this awesome rec room, with tonnes of games and stuff, and he has an awesome pool and weight room as well, and we spent a lot of time in the pool, and we even all worked out real good yesterday, and then we had a mass massage afterwards. That actually brings up something I would like to ask you.”

“Sounds like you had fun, and what were you wanting to ask me?”

“Well, I think that the way you said it, my dad left me pretty well off, and I was thinking that I would like to have a pool, and if there is more than enough money to do so, I would like to put a pool in so that I can keep practicing, I know that I would like to keep it up, and I like to swim, but you would have to approve it.”

“Yes, your dad did leave you very well off, and while I am certain you would have way more than enough to put in any size of pool that you want, I am hesitant to do it. I just have the fear that you will change your mind in a few months and the pool will not get used, and then it would be a huge waste of money.”

“Okay, I can see your point, and I understand, but I am not going to quit, and the pool will come to good use. And think of it, even you can get good use of it. Look, I will get the quotes and everything, and then we can talk about it again later once we know how much it will cost, but I really would like you to think about it, I am not going to quit swimming, not after all they have done for me.”

“I know that you have more dedication than that, and when you set your mind to something, no one can stop you, I will think about it, honestly I will, and you do that as well, no harm in being prepared in case I do say yes.” Alice smiled warmly.

“Thanks mom. Well I better go get started on the yard then.” AJ said and ran to his room to put his things away and to get changed to work in the yard.

On a whim AJ decided that he would put a diaper on, no one would ever notice, and this way he would not have to come in every thirty minutes to an hour to go to the bathroom as was normal for him. He put on a loose pair of shorts with a drawstring, cinched them up nice and tight, and decided to go without a shirt as it was so nice outside anyways, a little extra tan would not be bad. He loved living in an area where it was practically summer all year long, and it was only just a couple months past Christmas. The nights of course were still cold, and the days were nowhere near so hot as they were during the summers, but still nice. If his mom noticed that he was wearing a diaper as he walked past, she didn't say anything, and then he was outside.

AJ mowed and raked the front yard first, it always took the least amount of time, weeded the flower beds up there, cleaned up that mess, and then headed to the backyard, which would take up much more of his time. As he was mowing the lawn, AJ was calculating out in the yard where the best location for the new pool would be, he wanted it enclosed as well with the smoked glass for privacy, just like Matt had. Unlike JJ's yard, he did not have a high fence for privacy, and he would very much love to be able to come out and swim in the nude, he had enjoyed that this weekend, something he of course did not tell his mom. AJ was also thinking about how he would be able to get the exercise equipment as well, if he could figure out a way to get it in the quote and get it all at the same time, it would be best. He wondered though if there was a pool place that could do all the work, so that he only had to make one request for money, it would be easier that way in the end, and far easier to convince his mom. As he was pondering all this information, he worked hard at getting the yard done, and before he knew it, he was finished, preliminary plans already in his head.

“So how come you wore a diaper out to do your yard work?” Alice asked curiously as AJ came in after putting all the equipment away.

“How did you know, it doesn't even show?” AJ asked.

“Well it didn't when you went out, but your lack of coming in every so often alerted me to the fact that you must be wearing one, and it does show a lot more now that you are wet.”

“You're not mad are you?”

“No, I can tell that you like them, and I can see how they are helpful in some cases. You got done a lot faster than normal, because you didn't have to keep stopping to come in to pee.”

“Thanks mom, you're the best. I will pay for them though from now on, because I know you will not be able to really afford them. I would ask though that you go and buy them for me, kind of embarrassing if you know what I mean.”

“That would probably be for the best, but I will have the bank give you the full twenty five a week then so that you still have some money for yourself as well. I will buy them for you for now as well, but eventually, if you want to keep wearing them, you will have to do it yourself though.”

“I know mom, but I can worry about that later.”

“Yes you can. Do you have any school work?”

“No mom, used my free period to make sure it was all done on Friday so that I had my weekend clear.”

“Thought so. I got us a movie to watch tonight, want to come curl up on the couch and watch the movie with me, I can't even remember the last time we did that?”

“Sure, that sounds good, but I need to go get changed first.”

“Okay, I will get some popcorn going then, and you can meet me in the living room.”

After telling his mom that was good for him, AJ went and grabbed a cloth and wiped himself down, wet it again and went to his bedroom to get out of his very wet diaper. AJ automatically put another one on after washing his groin, and he went to grab a pair of pants, and then thought 'nah, I don't want to' and just went out to the living room in just his diaper. He was there first of course and found the movie, and smiled to see that it was Eragon, and put it in the player and got it started so that as soon as his mom was back with the popcorn, they could start watching. AJ was of course thinking that there was no way he was going to tell his mom he just watched it, he did not want to hurt her feelings, she did this for him after all, he doubted she even liked this type of movie, and besides it was really good.

“I see you decided to just be comfortable.” Alice said as she walked in the room with the large bowl of popcorn, a bottle of pop, and two glasses on a tray.

“Yeah, I hope you don't mind, it's just more comfortable this way.”

“No, I guess I don't mind, still a bit of a shock though.”

“Whys that?”

“Well you act and sound so much older than you are, and then you like to wear diapers, which I guess might even be my fault. I pushed you too hard and fast from such a young age. Oh well, like diapers are the worst thing you could like.”

“Yeah, that's what JJ's parents say as well. Movie is ready to go, all we have to do is hit play now.”

“They sound smart, so does JJ actually wet the bed, or does he just like them?”

“Mostly just likes, but he does have genuine need of them sometimes, just not all the time.”

“I'm glad you found someone with so much in common with yourself, it makes life so much easier when you have someone you can share your inner most desires with, I never did, and I doubt I ever will.”

“I know it is rude to ask, and you don't have to tell me if you don't want to, but what desire do you have?”

“I'm not so sure I am ready to tell you that just yet, and I still see you as being too young for that type of thing, even though I know you probably know more about sex stuff than you will ever tell me, not to mention what I am certain you and your boyfriend do behind closed doors, which I hope is not much.”

“No worries there mom, we are taking it very slow, we are in no rush, but we give each other a helping hand every so often, if you know what I mean. As for not being ready to tell me, that's fine, I was just kinda curious, but you never have to tell me if you don't want to, but like I could say anything, look at me, I like diapers.”

“I'd actually be more worried if you didn't have a friend who you gave a helping hand to and got back in return, I remember when I was your age, we all had friends that we gave each other a hand, all a part of growing up. And trust me, diapers is normal compared to what I like.” Alice smiled shyly.

“Well now, that just makes me more curious.”

“Fine, I will tell you, but you have to swear not to breath a word of it to anyone. I like leather and S&M, I love to wear leather outfits and use toys to punish bad boys.” Alice said, blushing furiously now from admitting this to a twelve year old, her son no less.

“That's not weird, S&M is very popular, and I bet there is an S&M club in town here, it's kind of weird though, I still can't figure out why anyone would want to get hit or to hit someone else for pleasure. I accidentally found a website on it once, and I read all about it.” AJ shrugged at the incredulous look his mom was giving him.

“Let's watch the movie.” Alice said, trying to change the subject.

“You can't change the subject like that on me, I am too smart for that. You should see some of the fetishes that are out there, trust me, that is one of the more normal ones, and wearing and liking diapers is actually far less popular, just not as painful. There are even people that like to be treated completely as a baby, but I don't want that, although some of the clothes are cute. I even saw a fetish where people like to have sex in dangerous places, public places you know, elevators, public bathrooms, change rooms in stores, I could never do anything like that, I'd die if anyone caught me.”

“I thought I had a parental control on your internet connection, how is it you found out all this, when I never find anything like that at all?”

“Well you have to know where to look and how to search for things, and trust me, a parental control is only good for little kids, I cracked that one almost as soon as I got the new computer.”

“Then I guess I may as well remove it then.”

“May as well, just using up system resources on my computer. Well I think I am finished embarrassing you, we can watch the movie now.” AJ said with a grin and turned the movie on.

They sat together, AJ cuddled up to his mom, and watched the movie while drinking the entire two liter bottle of pop and eating the whole bowl of popcorn. And be damned if Alice didn't enjoy the movie as well.

“That was a really good movie, and here I thought I was renting it just for you. I hope there is a continuation of it.”

“Yeah, and it was even better the second time around while cuddling with my mom.” AJ smiled warmly at his mom.

“When did you watch it? Had I have known that, I would have chosen a different one.”

“Friday night, but don't worry, I wanted to watch it again because it was so good, and I really enjoyed watching it with you. I sort of thought that you had got it just for me, because I didn't think you liked movies like that, but I'm glad you liked it too.”

“Would you disagree to me ordering pizza for dinner, I don't feel like cooking tonight?”

“I have no problems with that, and then we can lay back and watch another movie, I borrowed a few from JJ, and there are a few in there I think you will like as well.”

“Okay, that sounds nice. What do you want on yours?”

“Pepperoni, bacon, onions, mushrooms, peppers, and three cheese blend please.”

“Sounds good to me as well. I remember once when your dad and I were dating, we ordered a meat lovers, a veggie lovers, and a cheese lovers all on one pizza, can you say heart attack in a box.”

“It had to have been huge, and expensive as well.”

“It was, but we didn't care, back then we could both eat lots. Well give me a few minutes to order the pizza, and then we can pick a movie.”

AJ just nodded and ran to his room to grab the case with all the movies in it and went back out to meet his mom. They sat down and went through the selection of movies and finally they picked one that they both thought sounded good. They put it in the player and started it, waiting for their pizza to arrive.

“There's the pizza, you go on into the kitchen so that you can't be seen, may as well grab a couple plates and a knife while you're in there.”

“Okay.” AJ said brightly and ran to do that, while Alice went and grabbed the pizza. They met back in the living room a few moments later and resumed the paused movie, and dug into the pizza. Between the two of them the large pizza didn't stand a chance, and the new two liter bottle of pop that Alice had ordered with the food, was also polished off. They cuddled back up after eating and finished watching the movie.

“Well mom, I have to get to bed, it was a couple late nights this weekend, and I have school tomorrow, so have a good night, love you.”

“Love you too kiddo, I really enjoyed today, it was very nice.” Alice smiled warmly.

“Yeah, it was, thanks.” AJ said and then went and gave his mom a nice big hug, and then headed off to bed, changing his diaper first.