Chapter 7

Both AJ and JJ woke the next morning feeling far more relaxed and at ease than they had for quite some time, the weekend being very good for both of them. They both got ready for school, and headed out, meeting at their normal meeting place to walk the rest of the way to school together.

“Want to skip out on tutoring right after school and do it after we do something else?” AJ asked.

“Sure, as long as we still get it done. What were you thinking?”

“The coach gave me a few business cards to places that do pool installs, so I stayed up a little late last night looking them up and seeing if they had websites, and two of them did, and one of them does all the stuff I want done, so I was hoping to go there after school to get quotes.” AJ said excitedly.

“Cool, that shouldn't take too terribly long, maybe an hour, and we can still get some good study in. I hope the report cards make it this week, I am kind of anxious. I don't expect much yet, but any improvement would be great.”

“Yeah, it might have been too late, but we know that a few of your teachers have already increased your grades, we just don't know all, and to what.”

They talked for the rest of the way to school, and then saw each other only at breaks and in two classes today, but finally the day ended, and they headed out to the place AJ wanted to go to. For that they would need their bikes, so they headed home and grabbed them, and then headed out on their way. The ride took almost half an hour, and they finally made it and went inside.

“Good afternoon gentlemen, how can I help you today?” The receptionist asked.

“Well I want to install a pool at my house, and my mom said if I wanted to pay for it, I had to do all the work and get all the quotes, so I would like to talk to someone to see about what I want please?” AJ asked her.

“Okay handsome, give me a few minutes and I will go get the boss, he will be happy to help you.”

“Thanks.” Both boys said and she was off.

“You know, if I weren't a raging homo, I would be tempted to say she was pretty hot.” JJ giggled into AJ's ear.

“Pervert.” AJ giggled back.

“Only for you baby, only for you.” JJ whispered back, giving AJ's ear a quick nibble, that is until someone coughed right behind them.

“And how can I help you gentlemen today, I hear you want a pool installed, my name is Max?” Max asked AJ, the receptionist obviously telling him which one was doing the talking.

“Yes, thanks Max, I want an in ground pool, twenty by forty meters, six meter deep end, low and high dives at Olympic standard, five to eight meter hot tub, smoked glass enclosure, six to eight person sauna, air to air heat exchanger heating system, and workout equipment, of which I would need to pick out.”

“You want exactly what Matt has then?” JJ asked in awe.

“Yeah, if I am going to dig into my trust fund to pay for it, I may as well get exactly what I want, and these guys do it all.”

“Yes, we do do all that, but I will warn you that all that is going to be very expensive. If that is not of any concern though, then come with me to my office and I will show you everything, and I will get some information from you.”

“Thanks, and I will have no problems with money, I just have to let my mom think it over and decide whether or not she wants to say yes. Coach Phil said you were one of the best, so that's why I'm here, and from what I saw of your website, you have lots of installs in the area, and they all look very nice.”

“Ah yes, I should have guessed you would be on the swim team with Phil, that's the only reason a young man such as you would be needing such a pool, he wants you for his Olympics hopefuls doesn't he, and I can see why.”

“Let me guess, I have the perfect swimmers body right.” AJ said, rolling his eyes and making Max laugh.

“Heard that a few times have you?” He said, still laughing.

“Yeah, just a few, I had to join the swim team to prove them wrong, but it was me that was proven wrong I am happy to say, so now I want a pool to really practice in.”

“Sometimes we are our biggest critic, and it is always so refreshing to shut that critic up and do what is good for you huh?” Max grinned.

“Yeah, I guess it is.” Both boys said.

“Now, as for everything you want, here are some catalogs, go ahead and browse through them, write it all down, and call me when you are ready, and I will come back, look it over, and go over some other things with you.”


The boys poured over the multiple books, looking at everything from exercise equipment, to pool accessories, to hot tub options and saunas, and even what heat options there were for everything. They finally decided on almost everything, and JJ went and found Max and called him back in.

“Made some decisions have you? Well let's take a look then shall we?” Max said and took the offered paper.

“Ah, made some real good choices here, didn't go the most expensive for the workout equipment, but you went with probably the best stuff I have ever carried. I will suggest a change in the heat exchanger though, go with the larger size. For the size of pool you want, you will need its higher performance rating, and I would add the vent fan with heat extractor as well, so as to use all the heat that would normally escape through your vents. Everything for the pool looks great though, excellent choice on the sauna, I love my far infrared sauna. So how does the lot look, how big is it, how is everything situated, and how do you want the pool, oh and do you use gas or electric heat?”

“Thanks, we tried to find mostly the best stuff, it has to last a long time. I have a drawing of my yard and how I want the pool, and it is gas.” AJ said and passed over a paper.

“Perfect, this makes life a whole lot easier, and how accurate are these measurements, and is your house septic field or city sewer?”

“Thanks, I figured it would be easier that way, and it is no more than plus or minus sixty centimeters. We are on city sewer, but there is an old septic field in the back corner, opposite of where the pool is to go, that's why the pool will go there, that way you don't have to worry about it, and it actually works better there anyways.”

“Ah perfect, that does make life easier. Okay, give me a few minutes to crunch the numbers and figure things out, you may either stay or go and wander around the show room to see if there was anything else you wanted added to the quote.”

“We will go and look around, call us when you're ready.” AJ offered.

“Will do.” Max said and the boys left the office.

They wandered around the showroom for nearly half an hour before they were called back, and they did find a few things that they liked and would add, and a few things they forgot about.

“So did you see anything you like out there?” Max asked with a smile.

“Yeah, I totally forgot the filtration system and the cleaning stuff, and I want to add a massage table, didn't see any of those in the catalog, so forgot about it, and I need racing lane dividers.”

“Oh no problem, all pool installs come with your choice of filtration and cleaning systems, I suggest the ozone purification system though to go with your cleaner, so that you do not have to use as much chlorine. The rest of the stuff I can very quickly add, so give me just a minute.”

“Okay, and go for the ozone system for sure, that way it's not so hard on our skin.”

“Okay, here is the total cost, and this will include everything that you asked for, including labor. If you can get the money situation figured out, I can have a crew out there on Monday to start, and it will take roughly three weeks to complete.”

“I don't know if I can get it by then, but this looks better than I thought it would. How long will it take to start once I do get the money figured out, and how much of a chance is there that this total will go up?”

“Take your time, the quote is good for thirty days, just in case of discontinuances, price variations and the like, but that quote as you see it will be the total, we never go higher. If I made a mistake somewhere, than oops on my part, if however I screwed up and it should be cheaper for you, then that would be all you have to pay, my prices are always set. I would of course require twenty five percent down when the deal is made, twenty five percent at the half way point, and the remainder when the job is finished to your satisfaction.”

“Sounds great to me, thanks a lot for all of your help. I will come back as soon as I get the go ahead then.”

“You're very welcome, and call me or stop by to set up the times.”

“Thanks.” They both said and headed out.

“Wow, I think he gave you a real good deal. I thought it was going to be way higher than that, it would be so cool if you can do it, I hope your mom says yes.” JJ said excitedly as they hopped on their bikes.

“Yeah, he gave us a good deal, I can tell, and I won't go anywhere else, he was too nice and honest, and he treated us like people, not just some dumb kids in there to waste his time, I like that. As for my mom, I think she will say yes, she just needs time to think it over, she didn't say no out right, so that's a good thing. It took us a lot longer there though than I anticipated, you should call your mom and tell her we are just going to stop for dinner somewhere and then do our school work.”

“Yeah, you're right, let me call mom now.” JJ said and then reached into his bag and grabbed his phone, and called home. He took a few minutes to explain things to his mom, and she said that that was fine with her. They hit the nearest fast food place to grab a bite to eat, and then headed out.

“Man, the way I have been eating the past few days, I am surely going to get fat, good thing we have swimming tomorrow.” AJ said as they were riding back.

“Yeah, me too.” JJ said.

When they got back to AJ's place they got right to work on their school work, well not right to work, they took a few minutes to kiss gently. The thought of removing their pants and giving each other a helping hand was also great, but they ignored that desire and got to work. They worked for a little over an hour, getting everything done, and then they gave each other a hand, but just snaking their hands in each others pants and pleasuring each other while they laid on their sides and kissed. With gasps and grunts, they each came into the others hands, and at the same time they both extracted their hands to their mouths and ate deeply of their treat.

“No one could make me feel as good as you do.” JJ sighed out.

“Yeah, ditto.” AJ sighed and giggled.

“Yeah, ditto, right. Do you have any idea how much I love you baby?”

“Couldn't possibly be more than I love you.” AJ smiled warmly and kissed JJ.

“I don't know about that, you can't possibly love me more than I love you, but I should be going now, it's starting to get late, and I should get to bed early, I am really tired.”

“I don't know either, but we love each other, that's all that counts. I am tired too and will probably be going to bed real soon as well.”

“Yes, it is all that counts. Well bye bye baby, I love you.” JJ said, grabbing his bag and heading out, AJ walking him to the door, and sneaking one more kiss before his boyfriend left.

As they had both said, they went to bed pretty much right away, cleaning up and diapering themselves, and then climbing into bed, only just a little before eight, and at much the same time, because AJ took the time to write his mom a letter stating the quote, but not giving her the quote sheet, he didn't really want her seeing what all was included, at least not yet.

Both boys woke the next morning, a lot more alert and awake, and at much the same time. They were both very wet, neither having gone to the bathroom before bed at all. They got ready for the day, having a shower and brushing what needed to be brushed, then ate a quick breakfast, and then walked to their meeting point to walk to school together. They talked and laughed the whole way to school, having a good time, neither realizing just how bad a day it was going to turn out to be.

Their morning classes and break went perfectly fine, nothing out of the ordinary, and whenever possible, as many of the swim team were together, all laughing and joking around. When lunch hour came around though, they had all met up and were all walking to the cafeteria when AJ was called, by a voice he had hoped to never hear again.

“Hey you little shit, you're gonna pay for getting me kicked out of school.” Brad yelled at AJ.

“I thought you weren't allowed back in the school, so why are you here?” AJ asked calmly. The rest of the swim team surrounding them so as to make sure there was no trouble, but they would do nothing as long as it was just words.

“I'm not, thanks to you, and my parents were furious with me beating up a smaller kid and getting kicked out of school, they kicked me out, and it's all your fault.”

“I'm sorry, maybe I don't understand something here, but how exactly is it my fault that you tried and failed to beat me up, and then got kicked out for that, the logic just does not fit there I hate to tell you. It was your actions, and yours alone that got you kicked out, if you are too dense to realize that, then there is no point in me talking any further with you, because you won't understand a thing I say.” AJ said, and then turned and started to walk away. The next second seemed to slow down to nearly nothing, AJ not seeing any of this, but everyone else did.

Brad pulled out a gun, took aim, and fired at AJ, the yell of gun, and then the ringing out of the single shot, and then the screams all around could be heard. AJ heard the yell of gun and went to dive, but not in time, he was hit. JJ seeing this, went absolutely insane, screaming incoherently and dove for Brad, and before Brad could even think to aim and fire again, JJ nailed him with as vicious a punch as he could mange to the side of Brad's head.

“You killed my baby.” JJ just kept repeating as he kept hitting and hitting Brad, all blows landing on the older teens face, rendering him unconscious, and finally he was pulled off by his friends, everyone panicking and still screaming, the entire elapsed time being maybe twenty seconds or so. As soon as JJ was pulled off of Brads bloody body, he ran to AJ, and cradled him in his arms.

“Oh god, please don't die on me baby, I can't live without you.” JJ just kept wailing.

There was blood coming from the side of AJ's head, and there was lots of it.

“AJ, baby, you can hear me, don't die on me please, I can't handle life without you, you are my one and only, my other half.” JJ was sobbing now.

Everyone around them was stricken with grief, most of them kneeling on the floor and crying, all of them hearing exactly what JJ was saying, and knowing exactly what he was saying, but they didn't care, they all felt so bad for him right then. There were teachers there finally, and they surveyed the scene, the police and ambulances were on the way, and as much as the teachers wanted to try and get JJ away, they knew they couldn't, they wouldn't do that to him. Mrs. Berry was amongst them, and she could be heard crying just as loudly as JJ and the swim team were. Finally what felt like hours later, the pools of blood growing under both boys, the police and ambulances arrived and rushed in to help.

“He still has a pulse, but he's bleeding heavily, we have to get him out of here.” One of the paramedics said as he checked AJ out.

“Same with this one.”

“Son, you have to get up, I am going to take your boyfriend and get him all better for you, you hear, you go with this paramedic, we need to take you as well.” He said as gently as he could. JJ of course heard all this, but was still reluctant to let go, but he finally did when Coach Phil came up and grabbed him and pulled him into a tight hug, and then walked him out with the others, JJ's paramedic following behind, being trailed by the rest of the swim team, who were all still crying fiercely.

The paramedics got both Brad and AJ loaded up and took off for the hospital right away.

“What's his name sir?”

“It's Coach Phil, and this is JJ, that was his boyfriend there, so make sure you tell them to do everything they can please.” Coach Phil said, sounding a lot worse than he had ever sounded before.

“Thanks coach. JJ, can you tell me if you're hurt, you don't seem to be?”

“No sir, except my fists are real sore.” JJ said so quietly that it was a strain to hear.

“Okay, do you think you can tell me what happened in there so that we know what we're doing.”

“Yeah, Brad shot my baby, and I beat the living shit out of him. If AJ doesn't make it, he had better not, because I will come back to finish the job.” JJ said with so much venom in his voice that the paramedic did not doubt it in the least.

“Okay, I need to take you in as well, come on.” He said and led JJ into the back of the waiting ambulance.

“Come on boys, those who have cars drive those who don't, let's follow them.” Coach Phil said as soon as JJ was on his way. The paramedic obviously feeling that JJ was in shock at the moment.

They all ran to the parking lot and dove into four cars, the coach taking as many as he could hold, and the rest coming as well. The principal was running after them, trying to find out what the hell just happened. The coach rolled down his window as he was backing up.

“I will call you in a few minutes to explain.” The coach said and then smoked his tires as he sped out of the parking lot.

As soon as they made it to the hospital, they all ran into the emergency waiting room, and the coach pulled out his organizer and pulled a couple of numbers up. He tried AJ's home first, and Alice was just walking out the door to head to work, but she heard the phone and ran to get it.

“Mrs. Jacobson please.” Coach Phil called out harshly as Alice picked up the phone.

“This is Alice Jacobson.” Alice said, sounding curt at the harsh way the man asked for her.

“Mrs. Jacobson, this is Coach Phil, AJ's swim coach, there's been a shooting at school and AJ was hit, he was rushed to the hospital and that is where we all are, you need to get here now.”

“Oh god no, is he okay, is he alive?”

“I don't know, just get here please, I have to go.” He said and then hung up.

Alice called work real quick and asked for the boss right away, crying hard.

“Alice, Mary said you sounded upset, what's wrong?”

“Martin, I can't come in tonight, my son was just shot at school.”

“Then what the hell are you doing talking to me, go.” Martin said and hung up.

Alice did not need further prompting, she dropped the phone, not even bothering to hang it up, and ran out the door, not even bothering to lock it, and started her car and jammed it into gear, and peeled rubber out of the driveway, speeding to the hospital.

“Mrs. Johnson please?” Coach Phil asked, a little more politely this time, not so rushed, JJ was going to be fine, unless AJ died, in which case he felt JJ would snap.

“This is she, who's speaking please?”

“Mrs. Johnson, this is Coach Phil, JJ's swim coach. There was a shooting at school today and AJ was hit, we don't know what shape he's in right now, but the paramedics took JJ as well because he was clearly in shock.”

“Oh shit, no, that can't be.”

“I'm sorry to say that it is, I am sure that JJ needs his parents here as soon as possible, if AJ were to die, I think JJ will snap, and I can only do so much to pick up the pieces.”

“We'll be right there.” Sarah said and hung up.

She started crying right away, and then called her husband and explained what was happening, telling him to meet her at the hospital. She then called one of her friends from down the street and explained what was happening, and asked for her to come and watch the girls for her, and of course her friend said that she'd be right there. The five minutes for Sarah's friend to arrive were pure torture for her, and as soon as she walked in the door, Sarah walked out, yelling thanks as they passed. And she too rushed to the hospital.

“Phil, what the hell just happened at my school?” The principal yelled as soon as Coach Phil called.

“You remember the little tussle between Brad and AJ last week, well from what I can tell, Brad was very upset about it and came back to settle the score with AJ, and he shot him. I have the swim team with me at the hospital, they are all very close, as my teams usually are. As far as we know, he is still alive, and JJ is in real bad shock, plus the beating that he gave to Brad when he thought he had killed his boyfriend was quite severe, the paramedics actually looked worse from the damage they saw on Brad than on AJ.” Coach Phil said.

“Oh no, I hoped that this would never happen in one of my schools, but sadly I thought it could be Brad that just might be capable of it. Why didn't security get him on his way in though, he was banned from the school?”

“Sorry sir, that is a question you will have to ask of them. Listen, I have a team of hysterical boys here, I should go. I will keep you posted as soon as I know anything.”

“Thanks.” The principal said and hung up.

Alice walked in right then, saw the boys of the swim team, and rushed over to them, they were all still crying and they all looked horrible.

“Have you boys heard anything yet, how is he?” Alice asked, tears pouring down her face.

“No, ma'am, we haven't heard anything yet.”

“You must be AJ's mom, I am Coach Phil, I am sorry to have had to call you with this information, I am certain that no parent wants to receive that call, and I always hoped I would never have to make it, but sadly I did. We have not heard anything yet, which I believe to be a very good sign.”

“Please call me Alice. And from the way the boys talk about you, it sounds as if you think of them as sons, so this must not have been easy on you either. I thank you though, I know it can't have been easy to make the call. I hope you're right though.”

They stood around waiting for a few minutes, just pacing and crying, all of them, all the boys coming up to Alice and giving her big hugs, none of them knowing whether it was supposed to comfort Alice or the boys, but it worked universally. At almost the exact same time, JJ's mom and dad walked in from different entrances, and they both recognized the coach and the swim team boys, so headed over to them.

“You must be Alice, I am Sarah, and this is my husband Frank, and we are JJ's parents, have you heard anything yet?”

“Yes, I am Alice, and it's good to finally meet you, I just wish that it wasn't here. We haven't heard anything yet, we hope that's a good sign.”

“Well I used to be a pediatrician in this very hospital, and I am still on friendly terms with everyone here, let me see if I can get anything.” Sarah said and then bolted, leaving everyone else there to continue pacing.

“Hi Martha, the boys that were brought in, any word on them yet?”

“Nothing that I have been told, go on in, scrub up and and see if you can get any information yet.” Martha said lovingly, she knew her son was back there, but not injured.

“Thanks Martha, you're a gem, always have been.” Sarah said and then took off.

She went back, grabbed all that she needed and scrubbed up and went into the emergency room to see what was happening.

“Hey Sarah, what are you doing here?” Dr. Richardson asked.

“I came to check in on the three boys that were brought in, one of them is my son.”

“Oh god, I'm sorry to hear that.”

“My son was the one that was not injured, but it was his boyfriend that was shot. Any word yet as to how things are going?”

“I was in working on the boy who had been savagely beaten, from what I know it was by your son, and he was sent up to surgery to do some reconstruction of his face, there were multiple broken bones, and he has to have heavy bleeding in his head cleared. There may be some brain damage to him, but only time will tell. As for your son, his hands were checked out and they are just very bruised, but nothing is broken. He is in shock though, and the psychiatrist is in there with him right now, but the last time I went in to check on him, he just kept saying please save my baby, he sounds very sad. As for the boy that was shot, they are working on him down here, he was lucky, it was a clean shot, only grazed his head just above his ear, but it took some bone with it. They're busy filling in the gouge in his skull and stitching him up, he was not actually in critical condition when he came in, so they only just started working on him. He is unconscious though, and he will probably have a hell of a concussion and one wicked headache, but he should be just fine. I don't see any problems with taking you in to see your son though, maybe you will be able to get him to talk.”

“Thanks Dr. Richardson, have the police said anything about the beating that JJ gave to the other boy?”

“No, they said that there was no way on earth they would even think of pressing charges, and seemed to think that JJ was too nice to him. When he calms down though, he might not see it that way, he very nearly killed the other boy, and he could still die.”

“Okay, thanks, let's hope he doesn't then, that would be very hard on him for sure, even if he did try to kill his boyfriend.”

“Yes, it would be very hard indeed.” Dr. Richardson smiled warmly.

“JJ, are you all right?” Sarah asked as she walked in the examining room.

“Mommy, Brad killed my baby, what am I going to do?” JJ wailed and jumped into his moms arms.

“Shh baby, your baby is going to be just fine, he is alive, and they see no reason why he won't stay that way, he is sleeping at the moment and they are cleaning him up, because the bullet only grazed his head. He is going to have a concussion and a very bad headache, and he will probably have to stay here for a few days, but he is just fine.” Sarah said, while patting his back gently. She had of course noticed right away that his pants were soaked, he had probably peed a couple times.

“Hi Dr. Samson, sorry to barge in like that, but Dr. Richardson said that you were getting nowhere with him.”

“No problem, as soon as I found out who he was, I hoped you would get here soon. We sure do miss you around here, when you coming back?”

“As soon as my youngest is in grade one, so a few more years to go I'm afraid. Listen, you think you could go get me a gown, a diaper, and some wipes so I can clean JJ up please?”

“I guess we will just have to wait patiently then, and of course.”

Dr. Samson left right away and came back moments later with the requested supplies and handed them to Sarah, and then he left again right away, saying to call him when she was done.

“Now baby, I am going to get you into a nice thick diaper and a gown real quick and then I have to go tell AJ's mom and the rest of your team, they all want to know what's happening too.”

JJ just nodded his consent, glad that his mommy was there to take care of him now. She worked very quickly to strip JJ of his pee and blood soaked clothes, throwing them all in the trash, and then she wiped JJ down as best she could, diapered him, and then coaxed him into one of the silly hospital gowns.

“Mommy, do you think that I could go with you to tell the others?”

“I don't think that will be a problem, let me ask your doctors and I will be right back.”

JJ just nodded again and Sarah left, coming back two minutes later with a wheelchair, and then got JJ situated in it, with a blanket over him because he was cold. As soon as they walked out, and the others saw them, they all stood up and marched over to meet them.

“How is he?” Alice asked.

“He's going to be just fine. Thankfully he was only grazed, they are patching up the gouge and stitching him up right now. He is asleep right now and will have a concussion and a headache something fierce when he does wake up, but he should be just fine.” Sarah told everyone, and one gigantic sigh erupted from the entire group.

“What about the other boy?” Coach Phil asked.

“Well he had to be moved up to surgery. It seems the beating that JJ laid on him when he thought that the boy had killed his boyfriend was very severe, he has to have facial reconstruction done, and he has multiple bleeds on his brain that they need to fix as well. He is not in good shape and could die, or he could be brain damaged as well.”

“Oh god, I did that!” JJ said and then started crying further.

“Listen to me son, it was not your fault, it was his fault, you were acting on emotions at the time, you thought your boyfriend had been murdered and you snapped. It happens, and no matter what happens to him, you must not blame yourself. Do you even remember doing it?” Frank said very gently.

“Yes, no, well sort of. It's all kind of hazy, but I know I beat him up, that's why my hands hurt so bad.”

“Yes, you did beat him up, and you would have killed him had your team mates not pulled you off of him in time, but again, this is not your fault at all.” Coach Phil added this time.

“And the police will not be pressing charges either, and I doubt they would allow the parents to do so either, they feel that he got as good as he gave, and maybe came out of it in better shape than he should have.” Sarah added.

“But what if he dies, then I am a murderer.” JJ asked, looking very sick.

“No, while it will be true that you caused the injuries, you are not the one who did this to him. What did he expect, he had to have known he was going to his death as well, and I am willing to bet that had he have been allowed to do so, the second shot would have been destined for himself. You have to realize that that boy was not stable, and he caused all this, not you, and AJ will not want to hear that you have been beating yourself up over this.” Sarah said gently.

“Now JJ, I can see that you are about to say something again, but you have to know that the principal and I had suspected that Brad could have been capable of doing something like this. He came into the school with a gun to shoot AJ, that makes it premeditated murder on his part, if he survives, he is old enough to be sent to prison for a very long time. What you did to him is nothing compared to what he intended to do, and anyone who even thinks that you should get in trouble for that, will have to come through me first.” Coach Phil said.

“And me.” The entire swim team said, joined as well by all three parents.

“I better take you back in, Dr. Samson needs to talk to you some more okay. You talk to him, he's a good guy, and he will help you understand your feelings and show you that you're not as bad as you currently feel.” Sarah said gently.

“Bye JJ, get better for AJ, he will need you, we all need you both.” Matt said as they were wheeling away.

They all went and slumped down into chairs, the emotional drain that was put on them was almost too much, and they were suddenly very drained. Coach Phil did take the time though to call the school and tell the principal everything that he currently knew, and he sounded relieved as well. They all started talking quietly, all very much thankful they were not going to lose AJ.

Sarah had taken JJ back into the room that he had been in earlier, and they sat and talked quietly while they waited for Dr. Samson or Richardson to come in to talk to them. They only had to wait a minute longer, Dr. Richardson came in.

“Ah there you two are. I have a arranged a two bed room for AJ and JJ. AJ has been patched up, and he was starting to wake up, so we sedated him, we were sure he would not want to be awake quite yet. Anyways, AJ has already been taken upstairs to his new home for a few days, and we are ready to take JJ up there as well, and Dr. Samson will meet you guys up there in a little while. I understand that the boys have a whole host of visitors waiting out there, but I am afraid that for the rest of today it is going to have to be family only, and I expect AJ to sleep until tomorrow morning, I am pretty sure that that is what was planned. I told the doctor in charge of AJ that I had already talked to the family, so he will not be in to talk to anyone, I'm better at it anyways, brilliant doctor, but no sense of how to talk to people.” Dr. Richardson said.

“Ah, you must be referring to dear old Dr. Zacharias, he used to make me laugh at how bad he was at talking to people. Anyways, thanks a lot for all the help and information, everyone out there was going insane with no details. If you tell me which room they are in, I will go out and tell everyone what's happening, and then take JJ up for you guys.”

“Yes, that is the one, I figured you'd remember him. They are in room 410 and it is right across from the nurses station. I will send Dr. Samson up, and the doctor on call on that floor will be taking over, so we should not need to talk any more JJ, so have a good stay.”

“Thanks for all your help doctor.” JJ said, very quietly.

“You're very welcome JJ, it has been a pleasure to help you out.” The doctor said and then turned to go help his other patients.

Sarah wheeled JJ back out to the waiting room and this time everyone stayed seated, so she wheeled JJ up to them.

“Okay guys, here's the scoop. AJ has been patched up and has been sedated and moved up to his room, JJ is sharing it as well. AJ will be kept asleep until tomorrow to help with the pain he will be in, let him heal a little before he wakes up they figure. So what that means for now is, that it is only family for the rest of today, but I am certain that both boys would very much like to see all of you here tomorrow after school.” Sarah said.

“Well then, we should head out then boys, and we can come back tomorrow and visit together okay.” Coach Phil said.

“Thanks for coming guys, and we will see you tomorrow afternoon.” JJ said.

“You're going to be just fine JJ, but just so that you know, your blanket is slipping and your diaper is showing, not that we care, but you might be embarrassed for anyone else to see it. We will all see you tomorrow.” Matt said, patting JJ on the shoulder.

“Thanks a lot guys, it means a lot to us that you're here for us.” JJ said and pulled the blanket up and tucked it in better, Matt was right, he didn't care about them seeing him in a diaper, but others he would not care so much for seeing him.

“You're welcome.” Everyone said and Sarah, Frank, and Alice turned and walked to the elevators while the rest of the swim team turned and headed for the exit.

“Oh, he looks so pitiful laying there like that, he's so pale, and all those tubes, are you sure he's going to be fine mommy, he looks real bad?” JJ started crying as soon as he saw AJ laying there.

“Yes sweety, he's going to be just fine. The tube in his head is to drain any excess fluid that may build up, so that it does not cause any pressure in his head. The tubes going to his nose are just air to help him breath. The wires are just monitoring his heart and other vital stats. The IV in his wrist is putting liquid into him as well as nutrients and medications, all to help him get better faster. And the tube going under the blanket is a catheter so that he can pee freely. He actually looks in real good shape, other than being pale, and he will be just fine in a few days.” Sarah said soothingly.

Alice had of course gone right to AJ and was stroking his bared chest, still crying, she had seen the same thing as JJ had, but he was faster in saying it, but she appreciated the things that Sarah had said as well. He did look very pale and frail at the moment though. The four of them sat around and talked for a while, and the main topic of conversation was what had happened, JJ knew the entire story word for word, as he was there, and he told it to the three adults, even telling them what all he remembered from after the gun went off, which was not much. JJ was brought some food by a nurse around dinner time, and as hungry as he was, he was not interested in eating, it had been a very long and tiring day, and all JJ really wanted at the moment was to sleep. He did eat though when all three of the adults coaxed him into doing it, but Sarah had to feed it to him. Dr. Samson had stopped by, but saw that JJ was talking about the ordeal, which was what he wanted him to do, so he left them alone, only Sarah seeing him and his nod of approval. Finally JJ looked as if he was going to pass out, he was so tired, so Sarah went and got a clean diaper for him and came back and quickly changed him and tucked him in.

“We will be back first thing in the morning, hopefully before they allow AJ to wake up, I want you to have a good sleep baby, we all love you very much.” Sarah said once she was finished.

“Thanks mommy and daddy.”

Alice went over to AJ's bed and gave him a kiss on the forehead and whispered that she loved him and that she would see him in the morning, and then stood up, turned around and left with Sarah and Frank.

“I thought I was going to lose the only person in the world that was holding me together.” Alice said and burst into tears again when they got in the elevator.

“Alice, I want you to come stay the night at our house, you are in no shape to go home and be by yourself tonight, and we won't accept an answer of no. We will drive and we can all come back in the morning. We were scared too though, AJ was all that was holding JJ together as well, and I don't know what would have happened if AJ had have died. We don't have to worry about that now though, he's going to be just fine.”

“Thanks, I will accept, and not because you're making me either, I know what you mean, I can't go home to that empty house.” Alice smiled warmly, still with tears though.

They all got into the two cars, Alice going with Sarah, and drove to their house. Sarah went and got the spare bedroom situated real quick, offered Alice one of her robes and pointed her to the bathroom so that she could have a nice hot shower to try and relax. Once Alice was on her way, Sarah called her friend that had the girls and explained all that was going on and asked her to keep the girls over night, she had no problems with that at all. Alice came down looking far more composed and relaxed, and they all sat around the kitchen table, talking to each other about their sons over a bottle of wine. They talked quite late into the night, telling each other all about their kids, Alice unfortunately not being able to add all that much, because she honestly hardly knew her son, but she was trying her best to change that already. Finally though, they all went to bed, totally exhausted from the very long day.

The next morning all the adults woke at six and met in the kitchen for some much needed coffee, and talking for a few minutes before deciding to get dressed and head to the hospital for seven. At just a few minutes to the hour they hopped in one car this time, and headed to the hospital to see their babies.

“Good morning sweety, how do you feel today?” Sarah asked when they walked in and found JJ sitting in the chair next to AJ's bed and stroking AJ's once again bared chest.

“I feel a bit better this morning, happy that AJ is looking a bit better. The nurse just came in and removed his catheter and put a diaper on him, I told her she should, and she removed the sedative as well. She said he should be waking up soon, and I wanted to be right here when he did. She also said that there had been no fluid out of his head line all night, so the doctor would probably take that out as well this afternoon. He looks a lot more normal now, not so pale.” JJ answered, sounding a lot better after a good sleep.

“Yes, he looks a lot better, but how about you, do you still feel real bad about hurting the other boy so badly, how are your hands?” Sarah asked.

“I am better if my baby is better, I don't care about the rest of the stuff. My hands still hurt though, not real bad, but they're just sore, and they're all bruised. As for brad, I just hope I didn't kill him, I know it wasn't my fault and all, but I will still feel real horrible.”

“And that is what makes you a good person, you would never mean to do that to anyone, even for what he did, but I think you'll be just fine.” Frank said, giving his son a nice tight hug.

“Look, he's waking up.” JJ said happily.

The others looked, and it certainly looked like he was waking up. They sat there and watched him for a few minutes as he came to, and as soon as he did, he opened his eyes, looked at them, blinked a couple times to get them in focus, and then smiled tiredly at them.

“You guys look like shit!” AJ said quietly.

Well that was all it took, the tension in the air dissipated instantly, and they all laughed.

“What did I say?” AJ croaked.

“Well baby, it is us that should be saying that to you, you gave us one hell of a scare there.”

“Don't blame me for that, blame the asshole who shot me.” AJ said bitterly.

“You remember what happened?” Sarah asked.

“Yeah, I even remember hearing JJ telling me that I couldn't die on him, I was real scared, and I was yelling, but no sound came out.” AJ said.

“No, I suppose not, you passed out from a combination of pain and shock. You're going to be just fine now though, but how does your head feel?” Sarah asked.

“My head hurts, but not too bad, and I am real thirsty. Where was I shot?”

“Thirsty we might be able to help with in a minute, and the other two are one and the same. You were shot in the head, but you only got grazed by the bullet, so other than giving you a good gouge in the head and causing you to bleed a lot, there was no damage. You will have a good scar right above your ear, and I am afraid that you are going to have to go get your hair cut, because they had to shave the area, and it will look pretty bad for a while.” Sarah answered.

“He was gonna shoot me in the head, he really wanted to kill me, for his own stupid mistake.” AJ said in shock.

“I'm afraid that's how it looks baby, he was very sick in the head, but you're okay now, and that's all that matters.” Alice said soothingly.

“Well, if he wasn't sick in the head before, and if he doesn't die, he is sure likely to be very sick in the head now, after what I did to him.” JJ said somberly.

“What did you do baby?” AJ asked gently.

“When he shot you, I'm afraid I went a little crazy, and beat Brad up very badly. They had to take him up to surgery to do facial reconstruction and to drain the fluid and blood on his brain from the damage I caused to him. The doctor thinks that if he lives he could be brain damaged, and I did it to him.” JJ said, a new round of tears escaping, but his parents just hugged him tightly to them and decided to let AJ have a go at him.

“And do you think you're to blame for that?” AJ asked softly.

“Yes.” JJ said meekly.

“Okay, then I guess it was my fault that he shot me!” AJ said simply.

“What, no, how can it it be your fault, you know that's not true, he shot you.” JJ said in defense.

“That's right, it was not my fault, any of that, he shot me. Same as it is not your fault, you reacted to protect someone close to you, a little late granted, but I'm still here. I doubt there is a person around that would disagree to the fact that you were not to blame, except maybe him and his family and a few friends, but they would be wrong. And furthermore, I don't ever want to hear you blame yourself for something that Brad caused, he's not worth that much grief, if he does die, or is brain damaged at all, then it is because of his own doing. Ask anyone and I bet they tell you that they would have done the exact same thing in a heartbeat without even thinking it.” AJ said so calmly it was scary, especially considering he had just waken up after being shot in the head.

“He's right JJ, and you know it.” Dr. Samson said, sneaking up behind the lot of them, causing most of them to jump a bit.

“How the hell do you always do that.” Sarah turned around and smacked him in the shoulder.

“Learned martial arts very well, and most people think I make as much sound as a shadow.” He grinned.

“Yeah, I think I agree with them.”

“How you boys feeling this morning?”

“Fine, I guess.” JJ said.

“Pretty good, but a bit of a headache.” AJ said.

“I guess I should introduce myself, I am Doctor Samson, and while I am a doctor, I am not the one to talk about for physical pain, more emotional pain, if you know what I mean. So how do you feel about being shot?”

“Ah, a head shrinker, gotcha. I don't know, I guess I feel fine, mad that he shot me I guess, but not really surprised.”

“Yeah, that's me. Anger at the person for shooting you is normal, I would say I would be worried if you weren't mad at him, I mean look at what he did to you and your loved ones. How about fear, do you fear he will come back and try again. How about sadness, depression or anything. Happiness, that you know he is badly injured himself and may not survive. Any other feelings about this I should know about? If you want the others to leave us I can ask them to?”

“No no, they can stay. Fear I guess a bit, but not so much about Brad, he's in no condition to do anything at the moment, but he had some pretty tough friends, but I can't let that control me. I don't feel any sadness or depression since I started dating the most perfect boy in the world. As for happiness, no, I don't feel happy that Brad could die, that would be mean. Yes I hate him for what he tried to do to me, but that does not mean I would want him dead as well.”

“Very good. I would like for you to see a therapist a few more times, but as long as your feelings all stay the same, I would say you have nothing to worry about. JJ, how about you, same questions?”

“I don't know, I am scared to death that someone could come and do the same thing again and take my baby away from me, I just don't know what I'd do without him. I hate what I did to Brad though, even though I think he deserved it, but I don't want to be a murderer. I am not happy or proud of what I did, it makes me sick to think about it really.”

“Okay, that is all very understandable as well, and I would like for you to talk to a therapist for a while too, I think you were far more affected by this than anyone, and it is going to take some time to heal the scars this caused you. Well, I think that this will be the last time that I talk to you boys, I think you will be gone before I get back from holidays, or at least you better be, I'm going away for a month.”

“No kidding we better be, I'm already bored and want to get up.” AJ said.

“Like hell you will.” JJ said.

“Gotcha.” AJ grinned.

“Why you little brat.” JJ smiled.

“Thanks. Just the thought of standing up makes me nauseous, and I doubt I could right now. I am also getting very thirsty, could someone get me a drink please?”

“Oh, so sorry AJ, totally forgot, let me check your chart, but I am certain that water will be allowed.” Sarah said and then grabbed the file and looked and nodded, and then grabbed a pitcher by the sink, a clean glass and filled them with water.

“Here you go sweety, doctor wants you to drink as much as you can, so drink up, if you want ice in it I can go get some right now.” Sarah said while passing the glass over.

“Honestly, right now as long as it's wet and kills the thirst, I'd drink pee, and all this talking wasn't helping.” AJ said with a smile.

“Eww, that's gross.” JJ said while wrinkling his nose cutely.

“I was just kidding, but man that felt good.” AJ said after draining the glass with a sigh.

“I would hope so. Pass me the glass please, I could use some as well.” JJ said and AJ passed the glass and JJ poured himself some water from the jug and then drank it down.

“I'm also really hungry, hungry enough to willingly eat hospital food, any chance of that?” AJ asked hopefully.

“It said light solids and all the liquids you want, so I am sure that when breakfast comes, which should be any time now, you will get something.” Sarah said.


“And even I am hungry enough to eat the food here.” JJ said.

“I'm sure you can wait a little while longer baby.” AJ said soothingly.

Just then the doctor came in to see how everything was going, he said hi quickly and then grabbed the chart, gave it a quick look over, and looked up and smiled.

“Well I am Dr. Fraser and I will be your doctor for the day, but where is my other patient?” He asked, looking over at the other bed.

“Right here.” JJ said, putting his hand up.

“And how come you're over here?” He asked, sounding puzzled.

“Because AJ is my boyfriend and these are our parents and we were all talking.” JJ answered.

“Oh, okay, well then, I will get to you in a minute. So AJ, how does your head feel this morning?”


“I bet! Is it a throbbing pain, or is it an all over ache, can you explain the pain to me?”

“Well my head hurts all over, not throbbing or anything, but right above my ear it sort of throbs a bit.”

“Okay, that sounds about normal. Now that you are awake though, we can give you some stuff that will help. I see the nurse took your catheter out, do you have to go to the bathroom?”

“Not any more, just peed a few minutes ago.”

“Ah, okay then, must be padded then. I see in your charts that you have not drained any fluid from your head, so that means there is no excessive swelling in there, so we can take the tube out, but I will do that a little later. We are also going to put you on a portable IV, so that we can get you up and walking around, it might hurt a bit more at first, but it will be painful whether you are laying or standing, so it is better to stand and get your blood flowing. I think we can also take your air line away, you don't seem to need it any more either.”

“That would be great Dr. Fraser.”

“No problem.” He said and put AJ's file back and then grabbed JJ's.

“So that would make you JJ, man that must get confusing for your families and friends huh! Well, I see that you were mainly being held for evaluation from the shock of the whole situation, and only your hands were injured, but nothing cracked or broken. How do your hands feel this morning, any tenderness, stiffness, inability to move any of your digits?”

“No sir, my hands work perfectly fine, and they are in hardly any pain at all now.” JJ said.

“Okay, it says here that your psych evaluation was fine and that you are free to go whenever you want to.”

“I don't sir, I won't leave until AJ does.” JJ said immediately.

“Which might even be today, depending on how the tests go when I remove his head tube later, but will probably be tomorrow.”

“Okay, I'm fine with that.”

“Well breakfast is here now, so I will let you boys eat, and AJ, I want you to drink as much as you can, but take it easy on the food for now, just light solids.”

“Thanks.” Everyone said.

Both boys had a bowl of oatmeal and a cup of tea, but JJ had toast and a boiled egg as well, whereas AJ had a bowl of jello instead. Neither one complained at all, and slowly ate their food, enjoying it as much as if it were a good home cooked meal, amazing what hunger can do to a teen boy.

“Ah, much better.” AJ sighed a few minutes later when he finished.

“Yeah, could do with more, but I guess that will have to do for now.” JJ smirked.

“Yes it will.” Sarah said sternly.

“I know mommy.” JJ sighed while rolling his eyes.

They all sat around talking for quite some time, so long in fact they were surprised by the fact that lunch was being served, and the adults realized that they too were very hungry. So once the boys were eating at their beds, the adults excused themselves for an hour or so to go get some lunch.

“I'm kinda tired, I think I should have a bit of a sleep.” AJ said once his lunch was finished, almost the same except it was soup instead of oatmeal, JJ had had a piece of chicken and some mashed potatoes.

“Yeah, me too. Do you think it would be okay if we curled up together on your bed, I can crawl in on this side and not have to worry about bumping your head or tangling in any of your tubes?”

“I don't know if we're allowed to or not, but I would like it very much, I also need a kiss from you.” AJ whispered.

JJ crawled up into the bed, and they kissed gently for a minute, and then they laid down, AJ on his back, JJ on his side with his head resting on AJ's shoulder, and his hand stroking his babies smooth chest. They took less than two minutes to fall fast asleep together, and they were in the same position when the three adults came back almost an hour and a half later.

“Isn't that just so adorable.” Alice sighed as they caught sight of the intimate sleepy embrace.

“Yeah, but I doubt the nurses would like it any.” Sarah said.

“Probably not, and even though they probably knew that, I don't think they cared too much at the time, they needed each other more than rules.” Frank said lovingly.

“You're probably right. We should probably wake them up though, just in case.” Alice said.

“Yeah, and we don't want them sleeping too much.” Sarah said and went over to wake them up.

“Come on babies, wake up.” Sarah said, shaking both their shoulders gently.

They both quickly woke up and smiled at their parents.

“Fancied a little sleep together did you?” Sarah asked in an amused tone.

“Yeah, we needed to cuddle up.”

“You're lucky the nurses didn't see you though, they probably wouldn't have liked it any.”

“We know, but we could just plead ignorance couldn't we.” JJ grinned.

“You could, but we all know you both knew better. Try and wait until you get out of here next time okay, we don't want them to split you up, now do we?” Sarah said seriously.

“Never thought about that.” JJ admitted.

A short time later Dr. Fraser came in and said that he was ready to take the tube out of AJ's head now, so got him situated in a wheelchair, hooked the bags of IV solution up to the pole on the chair, told the others he would be back shortly, and then took AJ out.

“Okay AJ, this might be a little uncomfortable, but it is not normally painful, so I am just going to go ahead and pull the tube out and then put a bandage over it to stop any bleeding, which it should do very little of. The hole is small enough that it should close up quite quickly on its own just fine. Next we are going to take some blood and urine samples so that we can make sure there is no infections starting up in you, and to make sure everything else is good. You ready for this?”

“Okay, thanks for telling me all that doctor, and yeah, I'm ready I guess.” AJ said and then gritted his teeth, waiting for the pain that never came. He felt a little tug, and a weird sensation as the tube came out, but nothing else.

“There, not so bad, now was it?”

“No, it felt weird actually, but no pain.”

“That's normally how it is, about the only time it hurts, is if it is left in too long and the skin starts growing around it, but we try and prevent that for obvious reasons. Next is blood and urine. Do you have to go pee?”

“I can probably give you a little bit, but you should have told me on our way here, because I peed just as we were leaving. In fact I am about due for a change.”

“Okay, give me what you can, and I will leave you out of the diapers now because you can get up to go to the washroom from now on.”

“I'd rather you put another diaper on me though please?” AJ blushed.

“A young diaper lover huh, no worries, we can get you set up no problem, one thing this place always has lots of, are diapers. Go on into the bathroom there with this cup, dispose of your wet diaper, and pee as much as you can in the cup.”

“Yeah, I am, thanks.” AJ said, taking the offered cup and going to do as he was asked.

AJ squeezed as hard as he could, getting as much pee in the cup as he could, but there was not really all that much in there, a few tablespoons at best, but he figured that it would have to do. He took it out and handed it to Dr. Fraser, who affixed a label to it and set it aside. He already had all the blood work equipment ready for when AJ came back, so he quickly took the blood, and then did a full physical on AJ as well, just to be sure.

“Well AJ, I must say you are a resilient young man, you are in near perfect shape, and as long as the blood and urine tests come back okay, I see no reason why we would need to keep you here. I have an IV stand here that you can use to walk around with now, I would like for you to walk around some. I will change you first and then get you situated, and I will get you a better gown for walking around in as well.”

The doctor went and grabbed a clean diaper and then quickly put it on AJ, and then moved the IV bags to the pole and then got AJ to stand up.

“Oh, that didn't feel nice.” AJ said as he stood up.

“A little dizzy?”

“Yeah, but it's fading now.” AJ said, grabbing the pole for support.

“It's not uncommon, and it will get better. It should only happen a few times at first, but should weaken quickly.”

“Okay, thanks, I think I am ready to walk now.”

“Let's get this better gown on first, so that you do not flash everyone that diapered bum of yours.” Dr. Fraser grinned, secretly liking the cute diapered bum.

“Right, good idea.” AJ said and then allowed the doctor to help him put the new gown on.

They walked back to the room, and everyone was happy to see that AJ now had only one line going into him, and it was a simple IV for his pain medications.

“Now, I want him to walk as much as possible without tiring him out too much, and keep him drinking lots. Take frequent short rests if he needs to, and I will hopefully be back shortly with the results to the blood and urine tests.”

“Thanks doctor.” Everyone said.

“So how does it feel to be almost totally unplugged and back on your own feet?” Alice asked.

“Much better thanks. I hope the test results come back quickly and they spring me from here, I want to get out of here.”

“I don't doubt it, now the question is, are you even going to bother asking for JJ to spend the night, or are you assuming it is a given?” Alice asked with a grin.

“It's a given of course.” AJ grinned back.

“Figured as much. You guys okay with it?” Alice asked.

“Of course they are.” JJ piped up before they could say anything.

“I suppose it's okay with us.” Frank sighed as if it were hard to allow it.

“Anyone want to go for a walk with me?” AJ asked, smiling widely.

“Sure.” Everyone said.

“JJ, you better get a better gown so that your cute little diapered bum is not being shown off to everyone, I would prefer it if only I got to admire that.” AJ said.

“Okay. Mom, can you find me one please?” JJ asked, batting his eyelashes at his mom.

She just nodded and headed out and did that, as well as stopped at the nursing station for a second. She brought the new gown back and helped JJ to change into it, and then she slapped his cute padded bum.

“I stopped at the nursing station and told them that if anyone comes by, to tell them we were on the roof walking in the garden, and she said they would.” Sarah said as they were walking out the door.

“Good idea mom, the guys will probably be coming soon.” JJ said.

They all headed to the bank of elevators and took it all the way up to the roof and walked out into the nice garden they had there. There were wide paved walkways, smooth enough for any rolling equipment to ride over it, lots of pretty flowering plants, and many different types of trees. There was even a very nice water feature with rolling creek and benches situated all around it. They all strolled around in the garden for a couple hours, resting when needed, but all enjoying the movement. Probably not even ten minutes after school let out for the day, a whole troop of people came out to the garden, saw AJ and they started yelling. The entire swim team, the coach, and even Mrs. Berry were there.

“Hey AJ, you're walking around, wow, not even being shot in the head can stop you.” Matt called out, and the whole team agreed.

“I was hardly grazed, but thanks, and it's good to see you guys again.”

“It's really good to see you too kiddo, you gave us all a pretty good scare there.” Coach Phil said, giving him a friendly pat to the shoulder.

“I had nothing to do with it I'm afraid.”

“I know, it's an expression.” Coach Phil said with a sigh.

“Should we all go sit down, we can pull a couple tables together and all sit?” Frank asked.

“Sure.” Everyone said.

They went and pulled a couple of the picnic tables together and all sat down, AJ and JJ right in the middle of all the attention.

“Well guys, I hate to tell you this, but your little secret is out, the entire school knows that you are a couple.” Matt said, putting it out there.

“So what, at least now we don't have to hide.” AJ said simply.

“True, and while there were a lot of shocked people, most of them seem happy enough. There were a couple grade eight girls that thought it was an utter shame that such a cutie as AJ was gay, and thought he'd be a fun challenge to convert though, I nearly pissed my pants laughing when I heard that.” Matt said. The entire table burst out laughing as well.

“They can try all they want, but it's not gonna happen.” AJ said, smiling widely.

“How did the football team seem to be taking it?” JJ asked.

“A few of them were upset, and one of them even said that the only reason you were probably on the team was to look at them while naked. Kind of what we suspected they might say. The coach though apparently stepped in and told them all that talk like that would have them kicked off his team so fast and hard they would not be able to fathom it. There were some upset girls for you as well, but I ever heard of any saying what they did about AJ though, sorry.”

“Yeah, I figured as much, and I don't care what the girls think. None of them ever looked at me before anyways, so why should I care.” JJ shrugged.

“So how did Brad even get in the school if he was banned from the place?” AJ asked.

“I was with the principal when he got the report from the security officers, and I have to admit, he had some valid points. The principal was so mad and was yelling so loud at the poor guy, I had to calm him down before he had an aneurysm. Like I said though, the head of security had some good points. He said that the school has two thousand plus students, two security people, the school has sixteen entrances, two people, and at the time they were both dealing with other situations, and as good as he is, he cannot be in a hundred places at the same time. He never lost his calm once, as if he were used to that, but an ex army major probably would be. The guy even scares the shit out of me. The principal of course saw this as being true and reasonable, and that he could not blame them for it, and then apologized, and the guy just waved it off, saying that he fully understood, and was upset about the whole thing himself.”

“You know AJ, it's a shame, my son just goes and gives you that beautiful hair cut and dye job, and now you'll have to go back and get him to fix what Brad did to it.” Mrs. Berry said.

“You know something, I never even thought of that, I haven't even looked in a mirror to see how bad it is.”

“It's not actually that bad, but they only shaved enough to get it out of the way, so there is a large bare spot around the wound.” Sarah said.

“Oh, oh well, nothing that can be done about it, I bet Marcos can do something with it though. So has anyone even heard how Brad is doing?” AJ asked.

“No, but I can go and check if you'd like?” Sarah asked.

“Yes please.” Both AJ and JJ said.

“I'll be back as quick as I can then.” Sarah got up and left them all to their talking.

They all talked for a while until AJ said that he should get back up and continue walking like he was supposed to. They all said they would walk with him, and when AJ stood up and got a bit dizzy again, he had to wave them all off, saying it was normal and would disappear quickly, and then he started walking. Sarah joined them nearly half an hour later, and they all went and sat back down again to talk.

“So, brad is alive and he is expected to stay that way. He is in a coma though, but they feel that is due mainly to the bruising of his brain. They fixed all the damage to his face, but he will have some scars that will need to be taken care of later by a plastic surgeon. They feel that he may have some slight brain damage, but the extent of which will only be known when he wakes up and the swelling goes down, but it already has a lot. I saw his room, his parents were there, and there were two police officers in there questioning them as well, so when he wakes up he will be in serious trouble.”

“Well I'm glad he's not going to die.” JJ said.

“Me too.” AJ said.

Just then Dr. Franklin walked out to find them, and he scooted in between AJ and JJ and gave them the news.

“Well boys, you are free to go any time you want. All I have to do is remove your IV AJ, and give you some prescriptions to help aid in your recuperation, and then you're good to go. I want you to check your temperature every few hours, and if it changes any at all, or if you feel more pain than you have now, then I want you to come back right away, okay.”

“Thank you doctor, I will.”

“Good, then follow me and we will get that needle out of your arm.”

The entire group got up, AJ dizzying a little again, but getting his bearings straight in only a few seconds, and they all walked to the elevator. They had to take two down, AJ and JJ of course in the first car with their parents and the doctor. As soon as they made it to the room the doctor removed the IV and bandaged the tiny hole.

“We never thought to bring you boys any clothes, we didn't expect you to be coming home today.” Sarah all of a sudden realized.

“They can wear the gowns home, just bring them back later if you would. Now JJ, you can go back to school for the rest of this week if you feel up to it, but AJ, you are not to go back to school until next week. Nothing strenuous for a few days at least, and only go as far as you feel comfortable with. There is no risk of injuring yourself, but you will get tired a little more quickly right now, but some good exercise is good for you. You should be good to eat anything that you wish now as well, but keep drinking lots of fluids, you need to make sure to wash anything out of your body that doesn't need to be there.” Dr. Fraser said.

“Okay doctor, thank you so much.” AJ said and hugged the doctor.

“You're welcome.” He said and turned to leave.

Everyone else gathered their belongings and then went out as well. The swim team and teachers excusing themselves to head home as well.

“I would like to invite you guys over to our house to have dinner this evening, and JJ may of course spend the night?” Alice asked.

“We would like that very much, JJ, you can go with them, we will go get your sisters and some clothes for you, and then meet you there.” Frank said.

Alice gave them their address and then they all headed out. Alice stopped at the pharmacy quickly to get the three medications the doctor had given AJ, and then they went to the grocery store to get things for dinner, the boys staying in the car for both stops. When they got back to AJ's place, they all got out of the car, AJ very carefully, and went inside.

“You boys go on and sit down for a bit and rest, I am going to go get dinner started.” Alice said when they made it in the house.

“Okay.” Both boys said.

“I need a change, how about you?” JJ asked.

“I could probably stand to be changed as well, I'm feeling pretty wet.” AJ said.

JJ just nodded and went off in search of a pair of diapers and a pair of warm wash cloths. He came back and lovingly changed his boyfriends diaper, cleaning him up so gently and then taping him into a nice dry diaper. AJ then got up on his knees and JJ laid down, and AJ proceeded to change his boyfriend in the same loving fashion. Once they were both changed, the gowns being left off, since they were uncomfortable anyways, they laid on the couch and cuddled up, turning the country music channel on at a low volume. They actually fell asleep like that, and when Alice came to check on them, she thought it very sweet, she grabbed the quilt from AJ's bed and covered the pair of very loving boys up, and watched them sleep for a few minutes.

About a half an hour later the doorbell rang and Alice went to answer it, and found Sarah, Frank, and their daughters there, Frank carrying a bottle of wine, and Sarah a large bouquet of flowers. Each of the girls had a small gift for the boys as well.

“Welcome, come on in. You guys didn't need to get anything though.” Alice said.

“The wine is for dinner, and the rest are for the boys. Speaking of whom, where are they?” Frank asked.

“They passed out on the couch, it was a very sweet picture, them curled up together in just their diapers and sleeping. I covered them up though. You girls can set your gifts on the coffee table and change the channel if you'd like, and watch something else.” Alice said.

“Okay.” The girls all said brightly.

The oldest girl found the remote and figured out how to change the channel, and then found a cartoon for them all to watch, and then they sat on the floor and watched, while the adults went to the kitchen to sit and talk. Alice got up every so often to check on dinner, and said that it would be ready soon after her last check, asking for someone to go wake the boys up. Alice set the table and got the food out just as the boys came sleepily walking in, huge yawns coming from the both of them, but both sniffing the smells of dinner.

After dinner everyone helped to clean up, no matter how much Alice argued that they didn't have to help, and then they went to the living room to sit back and talk a while longer.

“We all brought a couple things for you boys, these flowers are for you to brighten up your room, and the girls all wanted to get you something.” Sarah said.

“Thanks, you didn't need to do that though.” AJ said with a warm smile on his face, he had thought the flowers were for his mom.

The girls gave the boys two gifts each, and they opened then, they each got a small teddy bear with a card on them, written by the girls, not one word could be made out, but they didn't care, and they both got a book, JJ a Harry Potter one, and AJ a good mystery he had never read.

“Thanks girls, this was very nice of you.” JJ said, and gave them each a nice hug, AJ saying the same and giving them all hugs as well.

“Well I think we should be getting home now, and we will see you both tomorrow afternoon.” Sarah said.

“Why both of us?” JJ asked.

“Well Alice feels she should go back to work tomorrow, so AJ is going to come spend the night at our place so that he doesn't have to be alone, and he will stay for a couple days as well.”

“Oh, that makes sense. Love you guys.” JJ said and gave his parents hugs and kisses goodbye, and then they left.

For the rest of the evening the three of them laid on the couch and cuddled up, watching TV until the boys said they were tired and wanted to go to bed. Alice went in and helped them to get ready for bed, even changing both boys' diapers, and then tucking them in to bed, giving them both a kiss on the forehead as she did so. She was pretty certain that they were both asleep before she shut off the light.