Chapter 9

JJ was going to be staying the weekend at AJ's house this weekend, it had already been arranged, so after another long day at school, the boys headed to AJ's house. School had become a little easier on the boys, they were not stopped nearly as often anymore by passing kids, they no longer had to tell the story to everyone, they all already knew it by then, and the whispering had almost entirely ceased. The swim team was good about that, any whispering around AJ brought such mean looks from the entire team, and barking orders at the offenders to either say what they wanted to say out load, or not to say anything at all. A few girls thought this very rude, but none of them really cared too much, a few of them just came outright and said that they were whispering to each other that it sure was a shame that such a cute and smart boy as AJ was gay. AJ of course blushed and said thanks, but said nothing else. And of course AJ took a little ribbing from his fellow team members for those few occasions, all while they were all naked in the change room of course, but AJ just zinged them right back, and they all laughed heartily.

“You know something, we both got our report cards in the mail a couple weeks ago probably right? I haven't even looked at mine yet, and I never asked about yours, I just totally forgot about it with everything that has been happening lately. Did you get yours and did you look at it yet?” AJ asked.

“Yeah, I got it and my mom and dad wanted me to open it right away and show them.”

“And?” AJ asked impatiently.

“Well I got an A in gym as normal.” And JJ paused for effect for a minute, AJ clearly showing his disapproval at the pause. “And I got a B+ in math and B in English, and then C+'s in everything else.” JJ said proudly.

“Wow, already, that's incredible. By year end we might be able to get you up to A's in everything. What did your mom and dad think of it?” AJ asked excitedly.

“They were speechless, they had never seen such a good report card, and then they nearly screamed in joy and hugged me so tightly I think my dad nearly dislocated a couple of my ribs.”

“I bet they were happy, even happier than me. How come you didn't tell me?”

“Well it's like you said, we had other things happening at the time, I got it on the Monday before the shooting, and I was going to tell you that afternoon, well I kinda didn't get a chance now did I!”

“No, I guess you didn't, I wonder where mine is, mom hasn't said anything about it, she usually makes a big deal about it, checking to make sure I have all A's.”

“More than likely slipped her mind as well.”

“Yeah.” AJ said simply.

They walked in the house only a few seconds later, and as much as they both wanted to go try out the new workout equipment and go for a swim, they had to do their school work first, so they got right to it, and worked hard to get it done quickly. AJ still checked over all of JJ's work as he finished, but as had been becoming normal, AJ found no errors. They both smiled to each other as they finished, and with nary a word, they started stripping and ran out to the pool, barely remembering to wash off before hopping in the pool.

They swam lightly for a few minutes to get a good warm up, and then hopped out of the pool and went to the fitness equipment and started working out. For an hour they went on the various machines and they really worked out. Finally they hopped back into the pool and did a few good strong laps. Finally they started their cool down phase and then hopped out to go relax in the hot tub.

“Man, that was a good workout, if we can do that every day we will be in awesome shape.” JJ said.

“You are of course always welcome to come workout with me, and it's safer anyways. I do agree with you though, come on, lets go turn on the sauna and give each other a massage and then sit in there for a while.”

“Okay.” JJ said with a smile.

Friday's of course Alice went almost straight from school to work, so the boys had the entire house to themselves for the entire night, and they planned to really use all the features of the new pool that they could. As they walked past the sauna AJ turned it on, and then they headed to the massage table, JJ motioning AJ on first to enjoy the first of many massages on the table. JJ did his best, giving AJ a nice massage to every place on his back side, including his backside, and when AJ was turned over, his erection was standing tall and proud. JJ of course ignored it for the time being and massaged AJ's entire front side, excluding his groin. But that came last, JJ poured a good helping of the peppermint oil he had been using into the palm of his hand and rubbed it into AJ's dick and balls, and even down into the crack of his fine ass, really working the oil in, and then he started stroking. AJ had been moaning lowly before, but now he was panting and grunting as well. It had been a few days since the last time they had played around, and they both no longer helped themselves any more, preferring the much better feel of their boyfriends hands, so AJ was well beyond ready to explode in a fantastic orgasm. And a fantastic orgasm it was, in less than five minutes of JJ stroking him, AJ let out a strangled cry and sprayed a healthy young load of cum up to his navel. His cum was still thin and watery, but it was getting whiter now. AJ collapsed down in the throes of his cum, and JJ massaged his meager load into his quivering tummy, waiting for him to come down.

“That was so nice, thanks.” AJ sighed a few minutes later.

“Glad you liked it baby.”

“Your turn now, come on and hop up.” AJ smiled warmly.

They traded places, and for the next half an hour AJ massaged JJ's back and front, also skipping his groin until last. And doing the exact same thing, AJ massaged a good helping of the peppermint oil into JJ's crotch, his ample erection waving to the beat of his rapidly beating heart. AJ did not want to torture JJ any further, so latched on and started stroking. If anything JJ lasted less time than AJ had, and he sprayed a much healthier load all the way up to his chest with a near scream, and then collapsed. AJ did the same thing and massaged the good sized load into JJ's soft skin while he came down.

“Thank you so much, you sure know how to give a good massage.” JJ grinned.

“What can I say, I've been getting lots of practice. Come on, lets go sit in the sauna, we'll probably have to turn it back on, but it should still be nice and hot in there.” AJ smiled.

JJ just smiled and hopped down and they walked hand in hand to the sauna and sat down all cuddled together. They managed to stay in the sauna for fifteen minutes, really sweating a lot.

“Come on baby, let's get out, get cleaned up, and then go get diapered and make some dinner.” AJ said.

“Okay, sounds good to me.” JJ said and they climbed out, AJ shutting the sauna off on their way out. They went and turned the showers on and then washed each other off.

“You know, I think we need to buy a few of those liquid soap dispensers to make this easier.” AJ said.

“Maybe we can do that tomorrow, go for a bike ride and look for things that we want to get for in here.” JJ said.

“Sounds like a plan to me.” AJ said.

They finished washing up and then dried each other off. They clasped hands, shut off the lights, and walked back in the house and to their bedroom. AJ motioned for JJ to lay down to be diapered first, so he did as he was asked, and AJ went to his closet to get their diapers and came back. He opened up one of the nice thick diapers and put it under JJ's upraised bum, and then found a protrusion that would make it difficult to tape the diaper up.

“My my, what do we have here, seems we have a horny little baby boy. Whatever should we do about that?” AJ teased, JJ just smiled.

AJ took JJ into his soft warm hand and started stroking him softly, not giving near enough pressure to bring him off with, but giving him all sorts of pleasure. JJ was moaning lowly. AJ smiled and thought that he wanted to try something new this weekend, so without JJ even noticing, his eyes were closed while enjoying the immense pleasures rippling through his awesome body, AJ got down onto his knees while keeping up the stroking. AJ was not really in the right position to do what he was thinking, so he had to get up more and bend over a bit more than he wanted, he figured it would be more uncomfortable that way, but he dealt with it. In one swift movement AJ replaced his hand with his mouth, taking only the first six to eight centimeters of JJ's hard dick into his mouth, and using his tongue to really play with him.

“Oh shit, AJ what are you doing to me?” JJ gasped out suddenly as AJ sucked his dick in for the first time.

“I wanted to taste you right from the source today, what does it feel like?” AJ disengaged long enough to say, and then started up again right away.

“It feels fantastic is what it feels like.” JJ panted out.

Neither boy had ever done this before, they were complete and total virgins in every sense of the word, but they had both read enough about it to know a few key things. They knew to keep their teeth out of the way, use their tongue a lot, give a nice amount of suction, and take it easy, but this was all things they figured they would have figured out on their own easily enough. And for his first time ever, JJ thought that AJ was doing an exceptional job, not that he had any more experience of course. JJ was very quickly losing the battle with fighting off the impending orgasm, he wanted this to never end, he wanted to prolong it for as long as humanly possible, but he was losing. AJ felt that JJ was getting very close, and then his body started tensing up, like a large spring was coiling up in him, and he even held his breath for nearly thirty seconds, trying to hold off. And then with a scream that had to have alerted the neighbors, JJ came like he had never came before. Even AJ was surprised with the force and the volume of the explosion, but he kept right on sucking, slurping back the entire tasty treat without losing so much as one small drop.

“Oh god, stop, you have to stop.” JJ squealed out, getting too sensitive now after the massive cum.

AJ detached from his new favorite soother, with a grin so wide it nearly split his face. JJ was panting something fierce, he never even sounded like this after going non stop for an hour in the pool at full force.

“Did you like it, how was it?” AJ asked a minute later.

“Wow, that was incredible, I can't wait to try that on you in a few minutes.”

“I'm glad you liked it, but you don't have to do it back just because I did it for you, I was just ready to try it.” AJ said sincerely.

“Liked it is not quite strong enough for how that felt. I am not going to do it for you because you did it for me, I am going to do it because I have wanted to for a long time and I love you.”

“Then if you had wanted to try it, you should have, I have been wanting to for a while now as well.”

“I didn't think there was any rush, forever is how I feel about you, so if we waited a few weeks, a few months, or even a few years, it would not matter to me, just being with you is all I'll ever need.” JJ said lovingly.

“It feels like you read my mind, because that is exactly how I feel too.” AJ smiled and then crawled up onto the bed and they kissed deeply and passionately for quite a few minutes.

AJ broke the kiss and crawled down JJ's body, grabbed the diaper that had pretty much been thrown aside, and put it on JJ, this time being able to tape it up.

“Lay down in the middle of the bed please, I want to lay down and touch your body when I suck you?” JJ asked softly.

AJ just smiled warmly and did as he was asked, instinctively spreading his legs to give JJ more room to lay and work. JJ laid on his stomach, his face centimeters from AJ's young pulsing rod. He slowly brought his hand up AJ's right leg, tickling lightly the entire way up, bringing it right into AJ's soft hairless groin and grasping the base of AJ's hard cock. He bent it a little so that it was pointing almost straight up, and only a fraction of a centimeter from his mouth, then stick his tongue out and licked the bared tip, AJ's foreskin having peeled back in his hardened state. AJ had started moaning lightly the second JJ started lightly touching his skin, but when JJ started licking the tip of his dick, he nearly screamed out it felt so incredibly good. JJ then put just the head of AJ's dick into his mouth and used only his tongue to give his baby pleasure. While AJ's dick was in his mouth, JJ's hands started roaming AJ's soft, smooth, and hairless young body, one hand paying close attention to the sagging balls beneath, and the other stroking AJ's firm little chest, paying close attention to his even more firm little nipples. AJ was now letting out a near continuous string of grunts and moans, and sounds that sounded suspiciously like oh god, but JJ was not quite sure. AJ managed to last a little longer than JJ had, maybe a whole second, and JJ felt the same things in AJ as AJ had felt in JJ, even down to the holding of the breath to try to prolong the feelings. But the end result was unavoidable, AJ exploded in his most intense orgasm to date, and JJ savored the warm fresh baby milk, drinking greedily from the source.

“Pull off, I can't take anymore.” AJ gasped out in much the same way as JJ had. Eventually they would get used to it and would be able to suck each other a few times in a row, but right now it was still too new and raw. JJ pulled off as he was requested, savoring the last drop of AJ's essence that he could get, and then swallowing it down. JJ did not crawl up AJ's body just yet, he first grabbed the diaper that had been thrown clear off the bed, opened it up, and then taped it onto his young boyfriend. JJ then crawled up AJ's firm body, kissing and licking a few places on his way up, until they were laying side by side and kissing.

“Wow, and I thought your hand felt good, but that was incredible.” AJ sighed out once the kiss broke.

“Oh yeah, definitely.” JJ sighed as well.

“We should probably go get some dinner huh?” AJ asked, not really wanting to move, but knowing they really had to.

“I'd rather stay in bed with you.”

“I know baby, but I am getting really hungry, and as much as I'd love to do so, spending hours laying in bed is probably not a good idea.”

“I know. Come on, let's get up then, on the count of three we both do it at the same time.” JJ sighed.

He counted down, and when he reached three, neither one moved.

“I thought you were going to get up.” They both giggled out at the same time.

“I was waiting for you.” They both said at the same time again.

“Come on.” JJ sighed, got out of bed, grabbed AJ's hand and pulled him up and out as well, and then holding hands again, they headed to the kitchen to make dinner.

For the rest of the evening the boys cuddled up on the couch and watched a couple movies, JJ having brought over one of his binders of movies. After the movies they went to bed and slept the night through.

“Good morning my little babies, how did you sleep last night?” Alice asked the pair of still groggy, and very wet diaper boys as they walked in the kitchen.

“Good morning mom, we slept real good, how about you? I didn't expect to see you up yet, what time do you start work today?”

“I slept well as well thanks. I start at the normal time today, but you guys are up late, not me up early I hate to say, it's already after ten.”

“Oh, well in that case then, what would you like for breakfast and we will get it?” AJ asked.

“Just some oatmeal and toast sounds good to me please?”

“You got it mom.”

The boys made the requested breakfast and then they all sat down to eat together. Once breakfast was done they all cleaned up and then went to clean up. Alice went to her bathroom and the boys to the other, and they all got showered and ready for the day. Not long after they were all showered and dressed, Alice gave both boys a kiss goodbye and headed to work. As soon as Alice was gone to work, the boys hopped on their bikes and headed into town, laughing and talking the whole way.

Their first stop was the local Wal-Mart, where they looked around for over an hour, picking out a few things here and there. The main things they bought though were; four wall hanging triple soap dispensers, one for shampoo, one for conditioner, and one for body wash, a few dozen nice big towels, soaps to fill the dispensers with, and a couple dozen smaller hand towels to keep by the workout equipment. They saw a lot of other things that they would love to get, namely a couple folding tables and some chairs, and some pool floaty things. After they paid for their purchases that they were taking home with them today, they headed out.

“Let's go to that fitness store and see if they have any more of those weights, I want a set for at home as well.”

“Okay.” JJ said, and off they set for that store.

They got there a few minutes later and went in, found the weights they wanted, and then looked around to see if there was anything else that they wanted to buy today. They didn't find anything else that they really needed or had any use for, so AJ paid for two sets of weights and they were out of there. They looked around a few other stores in the area and didn't see anything else they wanted, so JJ treated them to lunch. After lunch they headed back to AJ's place and then to JJ's to ask for the use of a vehicle to head back to the Wal-Mart to grab the tables and chairs and some of the pool toys. Frank was more than happy to help the boys, so the three of them went to the store while Sarah stayed home with the girls. They went and bought all that they came back to buy, and then Frank took them back to AJ's and helped them unload and take everything inside.

“Wow, look at this place, this is incredible.” Frank said when AJ and JJ led him through to the pool.

“Thanks, we like it.” AJ grinned.

“I bet you do, and I bet that massage table over there gets some interesting use too huh?” Frank grinned.

“Not yet.” JJ grinned.

“Yeah, not yet for sure.” Frank said with a mile wide grin.

“Why don't you and mom bring the girls over this evening, we will make dinner and we can all sit by the pool and relax for the night?” JJ asked after taking a second to whisper in AJ's ear.

“I don't see any reason why not. What time's dinner gonna be at?”

“Let's say about fiveish.” JJ answered.

“Okay, well I will get out of your hair then and we will see you in a little while, love you.” Frank said happily.

“Love you too dad.” JJ said and they watched him head back into the house and then out to go home.

“I guess that means we need to go shopping then huh?” AJ smiled warmly.

“Yep, but I'm buying that. Question is what are we going to have for dinner?” JJ asked.

“Let's decide when we get there, we can take our bikes and our backpacks and we should be able to get everything we need.”

“Okay.” JJ said and they headed to AJ's room to grab two backpacks and then out to their bikes.

They got to the store quickly and went inside and looked around for quite a while, talking amongst themselves what they should cook for dinner. They finally decided upon steaks, baked potatoes, corn, tossed salad, and garlic toast. They found everything that they would need and paid for it, and barely fit it all into their packs.

“Well should we get comfortable?” AJ asked when they finally made it home and had the groceries put away.

“Lead the way my love.” JJ smiled warmly.

AJ led the way to his room where they both stripped naked and diapered each other thickly. For the next half an hour they cleaned up the house, not that it was dirty, making sure that everything was perfectly clean.

“So you figure we eat out by the pool?” JJ asked once they were sure the house could not get any cleaner if they wanted.

“Sounds great to me. I will get a couple table cloths and then we can go get set up out there.” AJ said and then ran off to the linen closet to grab a couple nice tablecloths.

They went out and set one of the tables up and got the chairs around it.

“You know what's missing out here, music!” JJ said all of a sudden just as they were finishing up.

“I have a stereo in my room I hardly ever use, I usually use the stereo in the living room, why don't we go get it and bring it out here?”

“Sure, lets go.”

They both went to AJ's room and grabbed the stereo. It was nothing terribly special, but it would be more than sufficient for the job, but when they got back out they realized they had nothing to set it on. AJ then remember an old table out in the garage they could use, so he went and grabbed it as well. It was quite old and ratty looking, so AJ grabbed another table cloth from the closet and then went back out to the pool.

“That should be perfect. I take it the table cloth is to hide the fact that it is an ugly table?” JJ grinned.

“Yep. It should be big enough for the job, barely, I hope the table cloth covers it all.”

“I'm sure it'll be just fine, it's only temporary anyways.”

“No, I think I'll keep it out here, it'll be nice to have music while working out.”

“Okay, that sounds good. We can always check out the thrift stores and whatnot later and see if we can find something better, or we can even just paint that one one of these days.”

“I don't think that painting this will even help it, it's on its last leg already, and that's just barely. The only reason I never threw it away was because mom told me not to, not even sure why, I wouldn't have kept it.”

“She must have had her reasons. Well I think it is getting close enough to the time that my family will be here, so should we go get dinner started?”


They went and got dinner started, getting the potatoes all prepared first of course and getting them in the oven to cook. The steaks were next, getting them out and letting them sit at room temperature for a while before they seasoned them. The corn was prepared and set aside for cooking and then the salad was made and set in the fridge. The garlic toast was buttered generously with a good helping of garlic butter and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and then set aside for later. The potatoes were turned and then the boys sat back and relaxed for about ten minutes before Sarah, Frank, and the girls all showed up. JJ went to the door and peeked out to make sure it was them, and then hid behind the door to let them in.

“Welcome to my home, please feel free to get comfortable. You may pile your things on my bed.” AJ said in his best snooty voice and attitude, even throwing in a bow for effect, and everyone burst into a fit of giggles, except the two youngest girls.

“You sir are horrid, no wonder JJ loves you so much.” Sarah said with a huge smile and patting AJ's cute little diapered bum.

“Yeah well, the feelings mutual you know!” AJ smiled back.

“Yeah, we know.”

JJ led his family back to AJ's bedroom where they all stripped down to just their underwear, except the two youngest who were in diapers as well. They all then gathered in the kitchen and talked for a while longer, while the boys made themselves busy in the kitchen, getting drinks for everyone and getting the final preparations to dinner done. Once the potatoes were nearly done AJ turned on the flame grill on the stove, it was a real nice commercial gas stove with the grill in the middle.

“Wow, I want one of those stoves, where'd you get it?” Sarah asked enviously.

“No idea. It was my dad that built this house many years ago, and he must have loved to cook, because even now this is one of the very best stoves you can get.” AJ grinned.

“I'm so gonna have to find me one of them, maybe a nice birthday present, hint hint, you know it's coming up real quick.” Sarah said while elbowing Frank lightly.

“Yes dear.” Frank said in the whiniest voice imaginable.

“Would you quit calling me that, you know how much I hate it!” Sarah said, sounding exasperated.

“Fine, yes moose, that any better?” Frank said perfectly straight faced.

The elbow that Sarah threw at Frank next was possibly the most vicious thing AJ had ever seen done. Frank let out an oomph as first the elbow connected, and then another one as he landed on the floor from the force of the hit knocking him clean off the stool he was sitting on.

“No, I guess it wasn't any better.” Frank grunted as he picked himself up off the floor, the boys trying their best to hold in the laughter, but the tears were pouring down their cheeks from the pain it was causing to hold it in, and finally they couldn't. JJ burst out the word moose, and they both screamed in laughter.

“Frank dear, you know I love you right, but I am a doctor and I could kill you right now and no one would ever know it was murder. Just look what you started.” Sarah said barely loud enough for the laughing Frank to hear, he too had burst into laughter.

“Too many witnesses my love, too many witnesses, but next time I suggest you deal with me calling you dear.” Frank said, still laughing and rubbing his sore ribs.

“And I suggest you never call me either again.” Sarah said calmly, but the fit of giggles the boys had going was making her start to laugh as well.

“Moose.” JJ gasped out again.

“I have no problem putting you over my knee and spanking that baby diapered bum of yours young man, one more word about that, ever, and I swear I'll do it, I don't care how old you are, I will do it.” Sarah threatened.

“Yes moose, I mean mom.” JJ giggled and then took off running, Sarah in hot pursuit.

“Now he's done it. I think I said a bad thing huh?” Frank laughed and spoke to AJ who was still standing there with tears of laughter running down his cheeks.

The poor young girls were just standing there laughing as well, but not really having any idea what was really happening, but enjoying the gaiety none the less.

All of a sudden AJ realized he had steaks on still, so he checked them and flipped them, almost too late. He then threw the bread in the oven amongst peels of screams of laughter, apparently Sarah had caught JJ in the living room, and was giving him the promised diapered bum spanking. AJ then put the corn on to heat up, and then grabbed the largest platter and serving bowl they had.

A few seconds later Sarah and JJ walked in, both with large smiles on their faces and panting.

“Sounded like it was a good thing you had lots of padding on your backside huh?” AJ asked, trying his damnedest not to laugh.

“Oh yeah, but mom still knows how to hit a diapered bum and make it hurt. I would suggest you don't accidentally call her that word again.” JJ said.

“You bet I do.”

“Well serves you right. Now would you take the drinks and salad out and get them on the table please?” AJ asked.

“Sure.” JJ said.

Sarah got up to help as well, but JJ waved her off, saying he had it under control, and that they were guests and did not have to help. When JJ came back after that AJ had the potatoes and bread ready to go, so those went next, just as the steaks were being piled onto the platter.

“Please go on out now and we can sit down to eat?” AJ asked the others, and he followed them with the last tray.

“Wow, this is very nice.” Sarah said as soon as they walked in.

All four girls had to be stopped from going and jumping straight into the pool, and they were taken to the table to sit down.

“Thanks.” AJ said.

“Wow, that was some good meal. You sure know how to cook a good steak AJ.” Frank said, leaning back and patting his belly.

“Thanks, glad you guys enjoyed it.” AJ said shyly.

“No, thank you. How did you get them so tender, it was not one of the normally more tender cuts?” Sarah asked.

“Few things; first is to let it sit at room temperature for a while, and then I like to pound the crap out of it with a tenderizer, and then I season it, rubbing the seasoning into it. Rubbing the seasoning in doesn't necessarily tenderize it more, but it makes it taste better.” AJ said simply.

“Never knew the trick about letting it sit for a while, I'll have to try that one, thanks. Now I do not want to hear one word about it, but we will help you boys get all this cleaned up.” Sarah said firmly.

The boys had to concede, they knew they could not win, so everyone chipped in to help bring in all the dirty dishes and then getting them cleaned and put away, all the extra food being put in the fridge. It was almost half an hour later that they were all done and heading back out to the pool to go swimming. Everyone peeled off their last remaining pieces of clothing, and AJ and JJ let the others go to the shower first, and while they were cleaning up, AJ put on some party type music, and turning it up a little, but not too loud. JJ went and turned the sauna on and set the timer for the highest time it allowed, so that it was nice and hot, should anyone desire to use it.

Once the others were finished in the shower, AJ and JJ went and cleaned themselves up and joined the others in playing around. The pool toys were being totally enjoyed by the girls, the two youngest wearing life jackets, but the older two doing very well in swimming on their own. For the next few hours everyone had a blast, playing and splashing and laughing. Every so often someone would climb out and either go and sit in the hot tub or the sauna, and once Sarah and Frank even got out together and tried out the massage table, giving each other nice back and shoulder massages and then washing off the excess oil. It was the falling asleep of the youngest while laying in the water, floating on her life jacket, that signified that maybe they should be going, so everyone climbed out of the pool and got cleaned and dried off, AJ and JJ going last again of course.

“Thank you so much boys for the wonderful evening, and we will see you tomorrow afternoon JJ, love you boys.” Sarah said and then gave them both kisses and hugs goodnight. Frank also gave them both a hug and a kiss goodnight and then they headed home for the night.

“Well, we should get everything cleaned up and shut down, and then I think it is bedtime baby.” AJ said, yawning quite largely.

“Yeah, I guess you're right.” JJ said, also with a large yawn.

It took almost twenty minutes for them to get everything cleaned up and shut down for the night, then they went in and diapered each other up nice and snug, and then curled up, kissed and cuddled for a few minutes in bed, and passed out.


“Mmmm, good morning baby, how did you sleep last night?” AJ asked as he came awake to find JJ watching him and stroking his chest softly.

“I always sleep wonderful when I'm all nice and cuddled up to my baby, how about you?”

“Me too.”

“I suppose we should get up and go get some breakfast huh.” JJ sighed, not really wanting to.

“Yeah, because as soon as we do and you leave I have to go get the yard work done, and although they kept it as clean as they could, the pool guys made a mess of the backyard, it'll take me all day to clean it up.”

“Why don't I stay with you and help out then, it will go faster with the both of us doing it?” JJ asked.

“If you don't mind, I'd love the help. We will do the front yard first, because there is not much to do up there, just the lawn and weed the two small flower beds up there, but the back yard will take a while.” AJ sighed.

“Of course I don't mind. I don't mind doing yard work, just don't tell my dad, if he thinks it's a chore, he pays good.” JJ grinned.

“Stinker.” AJ snickered.

“Am not, I don't poop in my diapers, ick.” JJ giggled.

“No kidding ick. Well let's get up then and we can go make breakfast.”

AJ crawled out of bed and then offered his hand to JJ who took it and pulled himself out of bed as well. The boys headed to the kitchen to find that it was too early to find Alice sitting there drinking her morning coffee, so AJ put some on for her, and then they started getting a nice Sunday breakfast going.

“Mmm, I don't know what smells better, the breakfast you boys are making, or the fresh coffee!” Alice said as she walked in the kitchen about twenty minutes after they started, and were very nearly done.

“Well grab yourself a coffee and wait for breakfast, it will be ready in a few minutes, and then you can enjoy both.” AJ smiled.

“Thanks.” Alice said and JJ handed her a full mug of coffee.

“What time do you start today mom?” AJ asked as she was sipping her first coffee.

“One today, and I only work until nine. But I think I am going to ask to start at three and work until nine on Sundays so that we at least have a little time together on the weekends.

“Oh, okay then, that would be nice. Right after breakfast JJ and I are going to go out and see what we can do about the rather large mess in the back yard. I think I am going to need more grass seed, I'm pretty sure I don't have enough left for as much as I will need, plus I want a bunch more flowers and rose bushes to put against the pool house. I think I still have a bunch of seeds left, so I will use those up, but I want some others as well.”

“Why don't I go get that stuff while you boys get started, and then when I get back I will come and help, the house is already impeccably clean.”

“Sure, that would be great, I will give you my card so that you can buy it then, it's for the yard, so I will buy that stuff from now on.” AJ said.

“It's always been your yard really, well it was, but that's not what I meant. You have been doing it since you were what five, planting all the gardens and everything.”

“Yeah, I just liked to make it look nice.” AJ smiled.

“And you have always done a nice job on it too.”

“Thanks, you've never told me that before.”

“Yeah, I know and I'm sorry for that. It's still a little hard for me to say nice things even now sometimes, but I'm getter better.” Alice smiled warmly.

“You're doing fine. Here you go.” AJ said as he passed her a plate and JJ brought his and AJ's over to the table.


They sat and ate in near silence, devouring the delicious meal the boys had cooked up.

Once breakfast was finished, the three of them went to their rooms to get changed, the boys slipping out of their soggy diapers and into nice dry ones, and all getting into some grubby work clothes. It was lucky that JJ had a pair of sweat pants and a tank top in his bag to work in, because there was no way he would have fit into anything AJ had. They all met back out in the living room, and when AJ passed his mom his card, he asked her if she still remembered the number, to which she replied that she did. She asked what all AJ wanted her to buy, and he gave her the list. Thirty climbing rose vines of various colors, one twenty kilogram bag of grass seed, two twenty kilogram bags of fertilizer, and a wide assortment of sun loving four inch pot flowers, about fifty or so, and another two one hundred foot soaker hoses and a new six spout branch.

“You sure you have enough for all of that?” Alice asked skeptically.

“As long as it does not go over eight hundred I'll be fine, but it should only be a few hundred all together. Make sure to get help with all that, it will be heavy.” AJ warned.

“I'll be fine, I'm a lot stronger than I look remember. If you need anything else, call my cell.”

“Okay, will do, thanks mom.”

Alice just nodded and headed out, and the boys headed out the back door to go out to the storage shed to get what they would need.

“My god, you have everything in here that you could ever hope to have to do any sort of landscaping, well except a tractor.” JJ said in awe when AJ opened the main door.

“Yeah, I guess my dad liked to do all this stuff as well, and he must have left it all, I can't see my mom having bought it all. Up until recently I had figured that she had bought it with the house, but that was not the reason after all.”

JJ grabbed the wheelbarrow and pulled it out, and JJ grabbed the lawnmower, then AJ went back in and grabbed the trimmer and a few other things they would need, and piled them in the wheelbarrow. They went up to the front yard and started working up there, JJ saying he would get the mowing done while AJ got to work on the weeding and then the trimming. They finished up at the same time, so using the rakes AJ had brought with them, they quickly cleaned up the mess, and headed to the back yard. Their first stop was one of the four large compost bins in the corner. They dumped all the grass and weed waste into one of them and then turned and looked around, trying to figure out just where to start.

“Well the way I figure it, it would be easier to just start by making the raised flower beds along the pool house first. There is an edger in the shop so it will make it easy to make nice clean edges. There is still a tonne, literally, of the same edging stones as were used in the other beds behind the shop, courtesy of my dad. I can only guess that was what he had planned for it. And for the extra dirt there will hopefully be enough in the composters, if not then we will take it from the side of the house where the grass there was torn up. I think it might take all day today and at least part of next Sunday to complete everything, but I wanted to have the pool party next weekend.”

“And you only thought of doing this today, and you planned to get it all done today?” JJ asked in awe.

“Well no, I had not planned on doing it all today, but with you and mom helping me, it will make it easier, and we might get done.”

“Well even if we don't get it all done today, it doesn't mean that we can't have the pool party next weekend, most everyone will leave by noon anyways and we can get right to work afterwards. We can just get as much done today as possible is all. Have you even asked your mom yet about the party?”

“No, I sorta haven't really seen her that much, I was going to ask today, and I still will. I will go get the edger and get started on that, can you go and get soil from the composters please, just not the one we dumped into today, the others should be ready?”

“Sure.” JJ answered and they both headed in different directions.

AJ went and grabbed the motorized edger, filled it with gas, and went and started edging the lawn as best he could to make it look nice and make a decent flower bed all around the pool house. He was fortunate that the guys dug as little into that lawn as they could, but there were still places that would need to be reseeded no matter what.

JJ had gotten probably all the dirt that was in the composters and it was piled in three strategic locations surrounding the pool house, in areas of course that were already ruined so as not to damage the lawn any further. Once they were both done those chores, they piled in all the sod that was cut away by the edger and piled it into the wheelbarrow and took it over and filled the one composter up and started on another new one. AJ was great about bringing all food waste out to the composters, so that he always had a good supply of rich soil for his gardens, so they were always used.

“Well now the real hard work. I will grab the other wheelbarrow and we can start getting the stones and bringing them out. Remember not to over load them though, they will be bloody heavy.” AJ warned.

Both boys already had a good sheen of sweat built up, but by the time they finished bringing out all the stone they thought they'd need, they were dripping wet. They went to the outside tap and they each drank long and hard from the hose, and sprayed their heads with the cold water, just as Alice was walking into the back yard with a bag on either shoulder.

“Well you boys have been busy, you have lots done already.” She said as she dropped the two bags down.

“Yeah, but we still have tonnes more to do before we are finished, and I'd like to have it all done today if possible.” AJ said.

“Why, you can always finish up next weekend?”

“Because next weekend I need to talk to you about yet. Why don't you take one of the wheelbarrows and get the rest of the stuff and then we can all start working and I will ask you then?” AJ asked.

“Okay, we can do that, no point in standing around doing nothing I suppose.” Alice said, grabbed one of the wheelbarrows, and headed off, while the boys got to work stacking the rocks in the same way as they were in all the other flower beds. In half an hour, when Alice finished bringing everything to the back yard, she started helping and AJ told her his hopeful plans for the following weekend.

“Well I'm not sure how I feel about having fifteen boys in the house for the weekend.”

“Well you will pretty much be at work when we are up, and we will go to bed when you do, so that we won't keep you up, and everyone will be gone by noon on Sunday. We will all sleep on the living room floor, I will just have to have everyone bring sleeping bags and pillows, we don't have enough for everyone like Matt did. I will also get all the needed food and other supplies, and no worries, no one drinks, smokes, or does any drugs at all, and I would kick them out if they even tried here.”

“Okay, I will say yes on one condition.”

“What's that?”

“You come over here and give me a hug.”

“Well you don't have to bribe me for those, you can just ask any time.” AJ smiled huge, and went and gave his mom a big hug, and even JJ went and joined in for extra points.

“You two should probably go in and change your diapers, they look pretty droopy, and if any of our nosy neighbors were to look over, I'm sure they would notice.” Alice said with a large smile.

“You're probably right. And it's probably getting close to time for you to get ready for work too.” AJ said.

“Yeah, I suppose I should.” Alice said and all three headed into the house.

The boys changed each others diapers quickly and then went back out and continued their hard work. Alice came out and said goodbye to them a little while later and left for work. Finally all the stones were put into place and the boys started filling up the beds with the dirt, and as AJ had feared, there was not enough compost to do the job fully, so they went and dug the last bit needed from the side yard, to be fixed another day. The rose bushes were put in next, and they were simple enough to do, just time consuming with the amount that they had. There was one every meter and a bit, where the aluminum risers for the pool house were, AJ wanted the rose vines to climb them and hide them, so it was perfect. The small potted flowers went in next, but these went a little faster, because they were smaller and did not have thorns, one in between each rose bush. Finally the hoses were laid out and connected to the water timer that AJ had bought a few years back to make watering his gardens easier.

“Wow, we got a lot more done today then I expected, it's only just a little after four.”

“Want to fix the side yard real quick and then seed and fertilize everything?” JJ asked.

“May as well, it will only take a few minutes. I have a seed spreader and a fertilizer spreader in the shop, we can each take one. I will just reseed the entire yard again and you can follow behind me and fertilize. Then we can put the sprinklers out so that it all gets watered.”

“Okay.” JJ said and they both went and grabbed a couple rakes and went and fixed the damage in the side yard where they borrowed the dirt from, and then went and fixed the few areas in the yard that needed it. Next came the two spreaders and they each loaded them up as full as they could. It took only half an hour for them to complete those tasks. The sprinklers were set out next and the water to everything turned on for half an hour and then the rest of the program would continue as normal.

“I never thought we'd be able to do it all so quickly, but man am I tired now.” JJ said.

“Why don't you call your mom and ask her to come and pick you up, it's been a long day.”

“Yeah, I probably should, it is getting hard to walk even, I'm so sore. We sure have gotten a lot of real good exercise today, no wonder you were in such good shape before if you did that every so often.” JJ grinned.

“Yeah, I tried.”

They put everything away quickly and then went in the house. JJ grabbed the phone and called home.

“Hi mom, we just finished doing some gardening at AJ's house to make the back yard look better, but now I'm pretty tired and sore, can you come pick me up please?”

“Hi JJ, we just sat down to dinner, so I can come and get you in a little while, or I can just bring you clean clothes for tomorrow and you can just spend the night.” Sarah said, knowing full well what the response would be.

“Oh, that would be awesome, thanks mom, I'll stay. See you in a while then.” JJ said excitedly.

“Okay, see you in a bit as well.” Sarah said and hung up.

“Mom said that she'd just bring me a clean change of clothes for tomorrow and I can just stay the night. They just sat down to dinner.”

“That's cool. Let's go have a shower and then sit in the hot tub for a little while then, and then get some food, I'm hungry, but food can wait.” AJ said.

“Okay.” JJ said and they grasped hands and walked out to the pool and straight to the showers where they stripped each other.

They washed each other quickly, but lovingly, and then headed over to the hot tub and slipped into its hot relaxing water. They were cuddled right up to each other for quite a few minutes before AJ got an idea he thought JJ might enjoy.

“Sit up on the edge of the hot tub please, I want to try something?” AJ asked.

JJ did as he was asked, but wondered what AJ had in mind. He did not have very long to wait at all. AJ floated up in front of JJ, spread his legs, and then moved between them. JJ was still soft, until he started to realize just what AJ had in mind, and as AJ took his first lick of JJ's dick, he was nearly half hard. AJ continued to just tease JJ's dick as it rose to full mast, and as soon as it was, AJ sucked in as much as he was able to, and gave JJ an excellent blowjob. AJ used every trick that he knew of to pleasure his boyfriend, and it worked, JJ was moaning and groaning, and his hands were gently playing in AJ's hair. And then with a big grunt, JJ gave AJ the treat that he was searching for.

“Mmm, so tasty, but I suppose now that I have had dessert I won't have any room for dinner.” AJ said with a straight face.

“Oh man that was nice, but as good a load as I am sure that was, I doubt it would ruin your appetite any. I however would like to have some dessert now too please?” JJ sighed out, hopping down into the water, and AJ climbed up to sit on the edge.

JJ wasted no time in engulfing AJ's entire erection into his mouth, unlike when AJ started on JJ, AJ was already fully hard, so JJ started sucking on him feverishly. AJ lasted less time than JJ had before he was quaking in his powerful orgasm, giving JJ a nice tasty treat, albeit smaller, but just as tasty none the less.

“Oh yeah that was nice and tasty all right.” JJ said, smacking his lips.

“And it felt so good too.” AJ sighed and slipped back into the hot water.

They cuddled back up again for nearly ten minutes longer before deciding that they should get out and get cleaned up, to get themselves some much needed dinner. They went back to the showers, rinsed off, dried each other off, and then grabbed their dirty clothes and soggy diapers and went into the house. They grabbed the leftover dinner from the night before, heated it up, and then ate that, eating every last bit that was left. Just as they were finishing up, and were about to clean up the mess, the doorbell rang.

“That'll be my mom.” JJ said and went and checked and hid behind the door as he opened it.

“Hi mom, thanks for bringing this over.”

“No problem, can I see what you guys did today?”

“Sure.” JJ said and then led her to the dining room where she could easily see out.

“Looks nice, I should get you boys to do our yard, I've always wanted to do something nice out there, but I haven't got a clue when it comes to that kind of stuff.”

“That's AJ's area of expertise, I just did what he told me to do, he has done all the gardens in his yard himself since he was about five his mom said.”


“I'd be happy to come and do something in your yard, all you would have to do is buy and transport everything that you wanted.” AJ said.

“I just might have to do that then one of these days.”

“Just not next weekend, we are having a pool party here for the swim team, the pool will be a surprise to them, they know nothing of it yet, well assuming of course you let me come.” JJ grinned.

“Sure you can come, I'm sure it's as much your party as AJ's.”

“Yep, and he would probably not even have it if I couldn't come.”

“Nope.” AJ answered.

“I will talk it over with your dad and we can see about doing something to the front yard for sure, and maybe even the back yard. I should head home though, the girls all need their baths yet, so you boys have a good night, love you.”

“Love you too mom.” JJ said and gave her a hug and a kiss.

Once Sarah left, the boys went and diapered each other and then curled up on the couch and watched TV for the rest of the evening. The rest of the evening being only an hour and a half, as neither boy could keep their eyes open any more, so they headed to bed and passed right out, nearly not even getting a chance to say good night and I love you to each other.