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Tween to Teen
(sequel to My 11th Summer)

Chapter Eleven
    Tragedy strikes
by: Kewl Dad


September turned to October and for Halloween we dressed up and went trick-or-treating with Gerald. One good thing about living in a small town was that we knew all the best neighborhoods to trick-or-treat and be guaranteed of getting the best haul of candy.

We visited Johnny's and my neighborhood first, then worked our way east toward the big park where there were some nice houses that were always good for lots of candy. One house even gave full size candy bars out, and several of them gave out little paper bags filled with candy.

By the time we made it to Gerald's side of town we already had half a bag of candy each and we were getting tired, but we had made our plan and we intended to follow it. 

The plan was simple: we met at my house and worked our way through town till we got to Gerald's house where we would part company and Johnny and I would head back to my house then he'd go on home since we had school the next day. Halloween was on a Sunday that year and we'd spent most of the weekend working on our costumes.

Johnny was a pirate, complete with eye patch and fake hook hand, Gerald was a ghost (I suspected because it was the easiest and cheapest costume he could come up with) and I was a robot. My body was made of cardboard and aluminum foil and unfortunately didn't hold up too well with all the walking.

Gerald's neighborhood was made of up of mostly older homes, but their was a nice mix of young families, older families, and old folks. The old folks, we'd learned over the years, were suckers for cute kids in costumes. Unfortunately 12 years olds weren't considered  as cute as little kids, and we were met with mixed reactions by the adults coming to the door. Still, all in all, we did okay and by the time we gave it up and walked Gerald home our bags were plenty full.

I could tell Gerald really didn't want us to go, but we all had school the next day and Johnny and I had a 9 o'clock curfew which meant we had to head for home by 8:30. We finally managed to get away and instead of heading through the neighborhood streets we walked up to Graham and went down main street. 

That time of night all the downtown businesses were closed, except for the Allred theater and a coffee shop nearby, but there was the glow of the neon lights and the passing cars and we felt plenty safe in our sleepy little town.

Once past the downtown section we walked across the tracks and down to my block. We stopped on the corner under the street light and I felt a little sad that the night was over. Soon we'd be too old to go trick-or-treating, and we certainly weren't the kind of boys who went out just to do mischief.

"Well, I'll see ya tomorrow," Johnny said as we stood there in the bluish white glow of the street light. 

Bats chasing insects in the air sailed overhead and sometimes we'd throw up small rocks to fool them.

"We had fun and we got tons of candy," I said grinning, "and I think Gerald really enjoyed it."

"Yeah, it was almost as good as when Roger went with us, remember that stupid costume he wore?" Johnny laughed.

"Yeah, good times. Well...I should get going. Don't wanna be late. I'll see ya at school tomorrow." 

"Yeah, see  ya. Don't beat off too much tonight," Johnny teased.

"Okay, I'll save it for you," I said grinning.

"God, I wish we had time..."

I knew we shouldn't, that I should go home and let Johnny go, but we hadn't done anything all weekend and the cool night air and just looking at Johnny made me so horny. Across the street from us was an APCO service station with this  huge billboard beside it that was almost as big as the building. Behind it was a house belonging to this old lady named Mathews with a detached garage and the billboard was only like three feet from the garage. 

Us kids played there a lot of times and even climbed the rails on the back of the billboard and onto the roof of the Mathews' garage. To make things even more private there were bushes at either end of the Billboard and once you were in that little space you were completely concealed.

"Come on," I said grabbing Johnny by the hook hand.

He didn't ask why or where we were going, but as soon as he saw where we were headed he took the lead.

"We have to hurry," he whispered as we pushed through the bushes and into the space behind the billboard.

My robot suit was just a sort of cardboard jacket covered in foil and below it I wore gray twill pants and grey rubber boots. I skinned the cardboard jacket off and had my pants down by the time Johnny got his pants unbuttoned with his one free hand. 

I was on my knees in a flash and I finished up opening his baggy black slacks and fished out his hard cock and swallowed it to the root. His few wiry pubes tickled a little but I didn't let it slow me down as I sucked him for dear life. I grabbed his ass in my hands and pulled him into me then pushed him away a few times and eventually he took over and began fucking my mouth as I rubbed his cute ass.

He lasted longer than I thought he would and when he came his knees buckled a little, but I had a good hold on him and held him up as I drank down his tasty cum. When he was completely spent I licked him clean and stood and kissed him. It was a short kiss, just to share his cum, and when he broke it off he pushed me against the side of the garage and went down on me. 

I lasted even less time than Johnny did, but it was very intense when I came and I could tell it was a pretty big load he was swallowing down. We kissed one last time, got dressed, and headed out the opposite end this time. 

We'd taken all of ten minutes to get off and I figured if Johnny ran part of the way home he'd have plenty of time to get home. As for me I was in no danger of missing curfew since all I had to do was walk half a block to my house.

We said our goodbyes again and Johnny took off running and I watched till he was out of sight before I headed on home.

When I walked in the front door my mom and dad were waiting for me, but the look on their faces said something was wrong. I knew it wasn't cause I was late, because the clock on the wall said it was 8:55, so I immediately began to fear the worst. 

"Where's Mikey?" I said as my heart beat out of my chest. Had something happened to my little brother?

"He's asleep dear, come on in and sit down. Here let me help you get that suit off," mom said looking sad.

I let her help me with the cardboard and foil suit which was mostly falling apart by then, and sat down heavily on the couch, my bag of candy at my feet like an anchor keeping me from floating away.

"Honey, is Johnny home yet?"

"Probably by now..." I reasoned since it was now 9 and he was fast on his feet.

"There's been an accident," my dad said looking very serious.

"It's Delores, her and her boyfriend had a car wreck," Mom said looking sick. 

Delores was Johnny's witch of a sister, but at that moment I felt bad about every mean thing I'd ever said about her, and I didn't even know the whole story yet.

"But they're okay....right?"

My dad frowned, "They were out on Elliott street, that boyfriend of hers was speeding and he hit the bridge that crosses Pryor Creek. 

That bridge was famous for accidents because there was a curve in the road just before you got to and it had been the scene of a couple of deaths, mostly from drownings when cars plunged into the river.

"That bridge is bad," I said frowning, but it still hadn't sunk when what they were trying to say.

"Honey, the car went into the river and...and...I'm afraid they both drowned before anyone could get to them."

"What? No, she's...she's dead?" I said as the tears started.

My mom hugged me to her and kissed my face, "I'm sorry son. I know it's hard for someone your age to understand, but death is a part of life. Accidents happen and we have to accept that. This is going to be very hard for Johnny and he and  his folks are going to need our prayers and help to get through this."

I hadn't thought about Johnny and suddenly I felt even worse. If I felt bad about all the mean things I'd said about his sister, I could only imagine how Johnny felt. And he was hearing all this right now, plus his mom was probably crying and his dad was probably half crazy, cause Delores was his favorite.

"When...when did it happen?"

"Around six o'clock. Johnny's folks found out around seven and called looking for Johnny. Since we weren't sure exactly where you boys were we decided to just wait till you got home.

"Are they sure it was her?" I asked grabbing at straws.

"I'm afraid so, the sheriff is a friend of Johnny's dad and he knew Delores. He went down and told them in person what happened."

"I feel so bad," I said sniffing back a few tears, "I never liked her and I don't think she liked me, but I didn't want anything bad to happen to her."

"It wasn't your fault honey. She had her problems, but her folks loved her just as she was, and I'm sure deep down inside Johnny loved her too."

I wasn't sure about that, but it was possible. After all until Mikey was born I had no experience when it came to sibling love. I did know at that moment that I loved Mikey with all my heart and I couldn't imagine anything that would ever change that.

"Can I call Johnny?"

Mom looked at dad and he nodded, "That might be a good idea, to let him know that you are thinking about him and that you care."

I nodded and grabbed the phone and dialed Johnny's number. Mom and dad migrated to the kitchen to give me some privacy and as I waited for someone to answer I felt a sudden wave of dread wash over me.

Johnny's mom answered in a sad husky voice. 

"Hi, it's me Robert. I'm really sorry about Delores," I said near tears again, "can I talk to Johnny"

"Yes, he is."

"Hi, sorry about you sister," I said trying to keep it together.

"Hi, thanks. I can't believe's crazy. I mean I knew she was going out with that guy tonight, but I never thought this kind of thing could happen." I could tell he was trying to be strong, but that tears were only one wrong word away and I didn't want to be the one to utter that word.

"I wish I was there with you," I said sniffing back a few tears of my own. 

Unfortunately those were the words that caused the avalanche of tears on the other end of the phone. For a minute the only sounds I could hear were soft sniffling and sobbing then in a husky voice Johnny said, "Me too. I have to go now...I probably won't be at school tomorrow but I might come see you later."

"I'll stop by after school, how's that?"

"Yeah, that's good. Well...goodnight and uh, thanks."

Making sure mom and dad were out of earshot I whispered, "I love you and I'm gonna help you get through this...okay?"

"I...the same," he said and I knew his folks must've been close by.

"I'll see ya tomorrow, I'm really sorry. Goodnight."

"Goodnight, see ya."

I was wiping tears from my eyes as mom and dad returned and mom had a cup of warm cocoa for me...with marshmallows. I hadn't realized until that moment how cold I was, but the cocoa warmed me up nicely.

"What will happen now?"

"Well, there will be funeral arrangements to make, and there will be a viewing. I think Johnny's mom said they were using Green's Funeral home, and then a church service and the burial."

"You've never been to a funeral, have you son?" my dad said looking thoughtful.

"No sir. I never knew anyone who died before," I said wiping my nose with the back of my  hand.

"It's a part of life, but I had hoped you'd be spared a while longer. The important thing is to know that we are here for you to help you get through this...just like you'll be there for Johnny."

My dad was making it sound like it was all about me and suddenly I felt very guilty, as if I was taking away from Johnny's grief.

"I'll be fine dad. Johnny needs me now and I'll be strong for him."

My dad smiled, "Robert, you never cease to amaze me. You are growing up to be a fine young man and we are very proud of you."

I blushed a little, but I was happy that my dad thought so highly of me. I wondered if he would think as highly of me if he knew I was a queer, but that was something I hoped to keep a secret for a very long time.

I slept fitfully that night and woke up all stuffed up and with a cough and thankfully mom kept me home from school. No way did I want to face the other kids and talk about Johnny's sister. I had no doubt that everyone at school from the teachers clear up to the seniors would know by now. After all it was a small town and news traveled fast.

I felt better by lunch time and mom decided I was well enough to get up and have some lunch and after some hot soup and a sandwich I felt fine. I called Johnny after lunch and found out he was home alone and talked mom into taking me to his house so he wouldn't be alone while his folks were out making the arrangements or whatever.

Mom walked me to the door and when Johnny appeared looking red-eyed and all mussed up mom opened her arms and he swarmed into them and cried like a baby. My mom had always had a soft spot for Johnny and Johnny loved her like a second mom, so it was only natural that he should find comfort in her arms.

Eventually Johnny pulled away and wiped his eyes and mom patted him and kissed his forehead.

"I'm gonna leave Robert with you. When your folks get home if they want to send him home just call me and I'll come get him. He had a little cold this morning and missed school but I think he's fine now."

"Thank you Mrs...uh, mom," Johnny said smiling sadly.

"You're welcome sweety. Robert call me if  you need a ride home."

"Yes mom. Thanks for bringing me."

We never once worried that Johnny's folks would care that I was there, that was just the way our families worked, and we always felt welcome in each other's house.

"You look awful," I said grinning, "and you smell. Did you take a shower last night?"

He shook his head, "I was getting ready to take one when you called. I thought I'd wait till  you got here. You can talk to me while I shower."

"Uh huh," I said grinning wider. Maybe some sex would take his mind of things.

"Just talk," he said as if reading my mind, "I don't want to do that stuff till...till this is all over with."

I understood, but I still felt hurt. Sex wasn't just sex for me, it was making love and a way to get closer to Johnny and I craved that closeness. I was pretty sure he did too, but the death of his sister had thrown him a loop and who knew how long it would take for him to recover.

He grabbed clean undies and I followed him to the bathroom and put the stool lid down and sat there watching as he undressed. When he got down to his white Fruit of the Looms I admired the way they fit his lean muscled body. His butt was so cute I just wanted to reach out and squeeze it, but I kept my hands to myself. When he dropped his briefs and his floppy pecker appeared I thought about last night and the blow job I'd given him there behind the billboard. It was funny how life worked, one minute you were getting head in a dark space and the next minute you were being told your sister was dead.

Without a word Johnny started the shower and stepped in, closing the curtain behind him, and for the next few minutes all I could hear was the water running as I studied his outline through the milky white translucence of the shower curtain.

When the water stopped I looked away just as the curtain opened and Johnny stepped out, but soon my eyes darted back to his naked form. He was struggling with a towel now and I jumped up and grabbed it from him.

"Hold on, let me do that," I said softly and I began drying his sexy body from head to toe. 

As I was bending down to dry his middle he spread his legs instinctively and as I rubbed the soft cotton towel between his legs, drying off his balls and pecker, he started to get hard. I tried to ignore it, but it just kept growing till he was at his full almost 6" of uncut cock.

"Sorry," I said blushing.

"It's okay, it has a mind of it's own," Johnny said looking away, "Dry my butt."

I gladly turned my attention to those twin globes of brown bouncing joy and took my time with them, finally running the towel up his crack. He shuddered as the the towel rubbed against his pucker and he drew in a deep breath and blew it out.

"Oh shit, who am I kidding?" he said sounded defeated, "my pecker won't be happy till it spits."

"Are you sure?" I asked moving around and looking into his eyes.

He nodded, "But not here, in my room."

I followed him to his room, staring at his cute behind the whole time and once we were there I closed the door behind us and slid the barrel bolt closed. No way was I going to risk getting caught by his folks. I mean I felt sick enough as it was, what with Johnny's sister being dead and all.

"Lay down," I said softly and he stretched out on his back. 

I quickly undressed and laid down beside him and we kissed for a long time. He seemed tense at first but soon relaxed and melted into me, rolling over on me and pressing his hard body against mine. 

Our peckers were pressed together and it felt wonder as they rubbed against each other and I was quite sure I could come just like that. What happened next surprised the holy heck out of me, but I will never forget it as long as I live.

Suddenly Johnny raised up and got on his knees pushing my legs apart as he looked down at me with lust in his eyes. Grabbing my legs he pushed them up to expose my little white butt and with a little spit and pre-cum he quickly pushed into me, balls deep.

It hurt a little at first, but then that good feeling started and as Johnny fucked me I worked my own pecker. The look on Johnny's face was scary, but exciting at the same time. He looked a little sad, but angry at the same time as he was pounding me like crazy.

I knew that sometimes when  he fucked me there was a place inside me that he rubbed against that felt really good and that day he was hitting it with every downward thrust. I felt like I could come without touching myself, but I kept jerking off the whole time anyway.

I loved having Johnny on top of me like this and when he leaned down and kissed me my dick erupted and my asshole clenched and that was all it took to finish him off. He grunted into my mouth as he began to fill my bowels with his hot boy cum and I moaned as my own orgasm wound down. I felt as if I was coming inside and outside and I never wanted it to end.

Unfortunately it did end, and when Johnny pulled off and trotted off to the bathroom I felt a little panicky and afraid. I felt as if I'd forced him to have sex, by stirring him up, but he'd been the one to take charge. It was all so confusing. I was still laying there worrying about what to do when Johnny reappeared this time dressed in his clean undies.

What had just happened? I wondered. One minute he was telling me no sex till things settled down and the next he was fucking me like crazy. Of course as I got older I would learn that sometimes sex was a part of the healing process of grieving. Nothing makes a person feel more alive then sharing their body with another human being in the dance of love that is as old as time itself.

"Get up and go clean up before my folks get home," he said taking charge once again.

I jumped up and grabbed my clothes and headed to the bathroom and sat down and pooped out Johnny's sperm then peed and used the washcloth he'd used to wash my privates. I dressed and went back out to find Johnny in the living room watching TV as if nothing had ever happened.

We watched TV for a long time, not really saying much at all, but it was a comfortable silence. I guess I understood that Johnny just needed me there by his side, but he wasn't ready to talk about what had happened yet. When he was though, I'd be there and ready to listen.

"Are you hungry?"

"A little, are you?"

"A little, I'll go fix us a sandwich or something."

"I can help."

He nodded and I followed him the kitchen. It was as big a mess as Johnny's room with dirty dishes in the sink and some still on the table, but I guessed dishes weren't very important when your daughter was dead.

Johnny scraped out a spot and laid out a loaf of bread and grabbed some baloney and cheese from the fridge and made up two sandwiches. 

"Ketchup, mustard, or...this sandwich spread stuff," he said holding up a little jar of that brownish creamy sweet sandwich spread that sort of tasted like the special sauce on McDonald's Big Macs. I always wondered years later if that wasn't what they  used.

"Mustard...and ketchup," I said grabbing the bottle of ketchup and shaking it.

He fixed us a glass of Kool-Ade and we went back into the living room and ate our sandwiches. The Kool-Ade was grape and after a few drinks our lips were purple and I smiled at Johnny and smacked my lips and he grinned.

"Your lips are blue, are you cold?"

"Nope, it's lip stick," I said smacking  my lips and cracking up.

"Are mine purple?"

"Yep, come over here," I said patting the couch beside me and when he scooted over I placed my purple lips on his and kissed him quickly.

"Ummm...tastes good," he said pulling back than going back in for another taste.

We kissed for a long time, and that was better than any talking we could have done. Johnny knew I loved him and that I was there for him no matter what, and that was all that mattered at that moment.

Eventually we finished our sandwiches and carried our stuff back into the kitchen. Johnny looked around and sighed then I saw a little light go on in his eyes.

"Want to help me clean this up?"

How could I say no? I mean doing dishes wasn't really my idea of fun, but if it helped Johnny and his folks I was all for it.

"Yeah, you wash...I'll dry. Then we can both put away, since you know where stuff goes."

We talked a little while we cleaned up, mostly about school, sports, TV, last summer, anything but what was  happening, and eventually we had the kitchen cleaned up and everything dried and put away. Johnny even swept the floor, but he didn't mop it, even though it sure could have used it.

We went back to his room then and he piled down on his bed and put his hands behind his head and just stared at the ceiling. It was almost 3 and school would be out soon. It felt weird  not to be in school and to be at Johnny's all alone with him, but it also felt sort of good to know I was important enough to Johnny to be there for him.

"I didn't hate her," he said softly, "She...just wasn't very nice to me...and I guess I wasn't very nice to her. I could've tried harder."

"I know," I said sympathetically, "I felt the same way. I didn't hate  her I just didn't understand why she was so...mean to us."

"I think she was a little jealous...that we were so close. I..I think she knew...that we were doin' stuff, but she never ratted us out, so I guess she wasn't so bad after all."

"Why do you think that...that she knew?"

"Just stuff she said. I mean she didn't come right out and say it, but she always called you my boyfriend and I think she knew that was how it was, and I think she wished she had someone that close to her."

"This guy she was dating..."

"Was a loser," Johnny said quickly, "he drank all the time and fucked any girl that came along and he killed my sister," he added angrily, "I'm glad he's dead too."

"Johnny," I said sitting down and putting my hand on his stomach. It was knotted up and he was breathing hard, fighting back tears, fighting back anger, fighting to stay alive in a world that had suddenly been turned upside down for him.

"I...miss her," he said breaking down at last and sobbing like a little child.

It didn't take long to get me to crying too and I laid down and held him and we cried for a long time. We cried for his sister, and we cried for our loss of innocence, and we cried for the world and for everyone who had ever lost someone and didn't know how to deal with it.

We were still laying there snuggled up crying when we heard a soft knock on the door. We pulled apart and wiped our eyes and Johnny got up to answer the door. It was Johnny's mom.

"Are you okay son?" she asked, then seeing me she nodded, "Oh, I'm glad you're here Robert. I worried about leaving Johnny alone."

"I'm okay," Johnny said sniffing back snot and trying to sound brave.

"Are you boys hungry?"

"No ma'am we ate already," I offered, "My mom said I should call her to come get me when you want me to go home."

"You can stay as long as you like," she said smiling sadly, "I'm going to go in and lay down for awhile. Your daddy is going over to your uncle Fred's house to talk to him." She said to Johnny.

Johnny nodded and I thanked her. I wondered if she'd seen the kitchen yet, but I didn't want to bring it up and make her think I was bragging about our good deed. 

The sun was shining and it was in the 50's outside so we decided to go outside and get some fresh air. As soon as got outside Ronnie came running down, bouncing like a puppy and looking a little older but just as cute as before.

He was wearing a pair of those boxer style jeans and a baggy sweatshirt and  his cheeks were red as if he'd been outside for a while.

"Hi Johnny, hi Robert. Sorry about your sister," he said looking at Johnny sadly.

"Thanks," Johnny said shoving his hands in his pockets.

"My dad got killed."

"Yeah, I remember you telling me that."

"It's okay to be sad," he said touching Johnny's arm affectionately and I was about ready to bawl myself. 

The kid was 11 now and he'd been through a lot, but  he seemed to care about other people and that made him seem older inside, even if he still acted like a little kid on the outside.

"I know. I'm okay. What are you up to?"

"Nothing, just got out of school a while ago and mom's not home. Been riding my bike, then I saw you guys."

Johnny wiped at his nose with a fist and stuck it back in his pocket. "Want to walk over to the park with us?"

I was surprised at Johnny's offer, but he was definitely in charge and if he wanted Ronnie's company that was fine with me. Ronnie took our hands and and walked between us singing our arms like he was a little kid and I had to laugh.

At the park there were a few kids hanging around but no one approached us and that was fine by me. I didn't want Johnny having to explain his feelings to a bunch of kids who were only interested because it was gruesome.

We sat on the merry-go-round and Johnny and I used our feet to get it going and pretty soon we were spinning around pretty fast. Ronnie sat between us holding onto the bars and squealing with delight and for a while we forgot all about our sadness and just became three kids having fun.

Eventually the merry-go-round slowed down and we got bored and moved on to the monkey bars, our favorite place to come and think. Ronnie was like a little monkey as he scampered up the monkey bars and stood at the top balancing on his little feet, his hands held high.

"Careful," I warned, "don't fall."

"I won't," he said, but he sat down next to me anyway.

"These monkey bars," Johnny said almost to himself.

"Yeah, they've been here ever since we were little kids," I said understanding exactly.

"Remember that time we had our first fight?"

"Yeah, I knew you'd be here."

Ronnie watched us with interest but he didn't interrupt us as we talked about all the times we wound up right there talking things out or thinking.

"Do you think it hurt?" Johnny said suddenly looking pale.

"I...don't think so," I said shakily. What did I know? Maybe she was unconscious before they hit the water or maybe she was screaming as the car filled with water. No one would ever know so it was better if I just pretended I knew more than I did. "I think it's like going to sleep or something."

"Yeah, probably," he said accepting my little white lie. He took in a deep breath and stared out at the kids on the basketball court, "We didn't always fight. When she was younger and I was a little kid, she was nice. She used to read to me and we played paper dolls. I never told you that cause I didn't want you to think I was doing girly stuff," he chuckled.

"I wouldn't have cared. I used to play Barbies and paper dolls with Evelyn and Chrissy. It was fun...and sometimes they'd play cars with me."

"Yeah, I guess it's just kid stuff, no big deal."

"I like to play with my bears and my rabbit," Ronnie offered, "I tend' they are my sons and I'm the daddy."

I smiled, "I used to do that with Zippy, my stuffed monkey. And I had a stuffed panda bear too named  Teddy."

Johnny gave me a gentle shove, "What else don't I know about you?"

"Nothing important. You know most of my stuff and I know yours," I said winking.

"Hey, I gotta piss. Let's walk over to the bathrooms."

Ronnie led the way running ahead then doubling back, his arms held out like wings as he pretended to be an airplane. He was such a silly kid, but cute.

Once in the bathroom Ronnie moved up to the urinal trough and pushed his pants and undies down to his feet exposing his little white butt. I watched him for a minute, thinking how cute his little butt was then moved up beside him and pulled out my pecker and let loose.

"Wow, your pee pee is big," Ronnie said giggling, "but Johnny's is bigger....aint it?' he said looking over at Johnny who was pissing on the other side of him.

"You oughta know," Johnny laughed.

"I never seen Robert's before..."

"Careful Robert, he might grab it," Johnny teased.

Ronnie looked up at me grinning, "Want me to?"

"Naw, that's okay," I said blushing.

Ronnie looked hurt and he looked up at Johnny who just shrugged. What was that all about, I wondered. Had they messed around more than that one time?

"My pecker is sort of tired," I said hoping Ronnie would understand.

"Oh, cause you been playin' hot dog games with Johnny?" he giggled.

"Yeah, we played with our hot dogs earlier and they're tired,"  Johnny said sounding amused.

"Okay, so did I," he giggled, "when I got home from school and it felt good."

I wondered if Ronnie got orgasms, or if he knew about that stuff, but I supposed if he didn't know before, Johnny would have filled him in by now.

We finished peeing and went back outside. The sun had gone behind the clouds and it was a lot cooler. The days were shorter now and it would be dark by 6 or so and with the darkness would come dread and sadness for our little families.

Ronnie seemed to understand Johnny's sadness as he hung onto his hand and gazed up at him with his big eyes. I felt sort of left out, but I knew Johnny needed me and I wasn't going anywhere until I had to.

We walked back to Johnny's house and Ronnie's mom yelled for Ronnie to come  home as soon as she saw us. We waved at her and she waved back as Ronnie ran bouncing down the block to meet her. We watched as he jumped her and hugged her tight, then we went inside.

Johnny's mom was up and as we came in she stepped out of the kitchen looking teary eyed.

"Bless you boys for cleaning up the mess in here. You're both such good boys," she said wiping her eyes on her apron tail.

"I'm going to fix some dinner, will you eat with us Robert?"

"I'll need to call my mom..."

"I'll call her if you want."

"Okay, thank you ma'am."

"Come here Robert," she said holding out her arms. 

Johnny's mom wasn't as big at hugging as my mom, but I was pretty comfortable being hugged by her, especially under the circumstances.

"Thank you for being there for Johnny. You're just like a brother to him and we love you for it."

"It's no big deal ma'am," I said as we broke the hug, "we've always been there for each other our whole lives."

"Yes, I remember when you were just a little thing tagging along after my Johnny. I said right then and there that you two were going to be friends forever and I was right."

"Yes ma'am I reckon me and Johnny will be friends forever."

Johnny's mom called mine and they talked for a long time, but there was never really any doubt about whether I'd be staying for dinner. Johnny and I helped his mom set the table when it was time and eventually Johnny's dad made it home and joined us for dinner.

There were fried pork chops, mashed potatoes and gravy, and string beans, but none of us had much appetite. I managed to eat one chop and few spoonfuls of potatoes, but I left the string beans alone. 

For dessert there was some left over lemon meringue pie which I happily accepted. What kid didn't like dessert?

The conversation was light at the dinner table but I did manage to learn a few things just by listening and not interrupting. The viewing was Wednesday at Green's Funeral Home and the funeral the following day at the Baptist Church just up the street from our old grade school. After the burial at Rose Hill Cemetery there would be a wake at Johnny's house...whatever that was.

Johnny's dad seemed very calm and unemotional all through dinner, but I suspected he was just holding on by a thread and at any moment that thread might break and his world would come tumbling down around him.

Johnny and I volunteered to do clean up and Johnny's mom seemed relieved. She and Johnny's dad went off to the living room and we could hear then talking quietly, but couldn't make out what they were saying.

"I heard them talking last night," Johnny said in a near whisper, "they're having a hard time paying for the funeral and all that stuff," he said looking worried.

"I...I never really thought about that stuff before. Is it expensive?"

"Yeah, like three hundred dollars."

"Wow, that is a lot."

"I know, that was why he was talking to my uncle, he has his own business and I think he was trying to borrow some money from him."

Borrow? I thought, it was his family too, why didn't the uncle just give him the money if he had it?

"I wish I could help."

"You are, trust me. I'd be going crazy if you weren't  here."

I leaned into him and we bumped foreheads, "I wish I could spend the night, but I have school tomorrow."

"So, I bet mom would take you to school or I could get you up a little early if you had to walk."

"What about clothes?"

"I could lend you some...we wear the same size in most stuff."

I laughed, "You been thinking about this all day haven't you?"

"Not till you got here," he said grinning.

"You know I'd like to, but I don't know if our folks would go for it."

"I bet they would if I ask," Johnny said raising his eyebrows.

"Oh well...yeah, maybe," I sighed, "It's up to you. I'd like to stay, but I'm not sure I can."

"Leave it to me," he said looking thoughtful.

I felt sort of strange then, it was like Johnny was kind of using his sadness to get his way, but I guessed that if he really did need me to stay, that anything was fair. 

When we finished the dishes Johnny led me to his room and closed the door behind us. He fell down on the bed and stared at the ceiling for a long time. I didn't know what to do, but eventually I came over and sat beside him.

He raised his knee and started rubbing it gently against my back and I closed my eyes and  just sat there enjoying the good feeling. Suddenly I was very tired and all I wanted to do was stretch out and fall asleep.

"Move over," I said spinning around.

Johnny smiled and made room for me and I laid down next to him. He rolled onto this side and began rubbing my tummy and pretty soon I was asleep.

I woke up a little while later and Johnny was gone. I stretched and realized I needed to pee and slowly got up and went to the bathroom. As I was coming out Johnny met me in the hall.

"You need to call your folks," Johnny said grinning.

"Okay, what time is it anyway?"

"8:30. Come on...go call em."

I figured I already knew what was going on, but I didn't expect my mom to be so understanding. She was practically pushing me on Johnny and even offered to bring me some clothes if I wanted her too. I told her I'd just wear some of Johnny's and she was fine with that. Dad even talked to me and told me what a good thing I was doing and that felt good, but I was still a little confused. It seemed like I was being rewarded because of Johnny's situation. Still if my spending the night helped Johnny then that was a good thing and I would do my best to make everyone proud of me.

When I hung up Johnny's mom thanked me for staying with Johnny and after talking a little while we went off to Johnny's room again. Johnny dug out clean undies for me and told me to go take a shower. I felt like Johnny was being a little bossy, but I wasn't about to say anything. I grabbed the undies and went off to the bathroom.

I was just getting ready to step into the shower when the door opened and in stepped Johnny. I was afraid it was his dad at first and I had covered my privates and was backed up against the wall.

"Relax, it's just me. I thought I'd keep ya company. Mom and dad went to my uncle's house to talk to him about the funeral."

"You should get nekkid and join me then. I need someone to wash my back," I said grinning.

He smiled and began undressing and I started the water and pretty soon we were soaping each other up and washing those hard to reach places. His hands felt good all over my body, but I don't think either of us was much in the mood for sex. Instead we just washed each other and cuddled a little before rinsing off. 

We dried each other's backs and got dressed in clean undies and carried our clothes back to Johnny's room. It was after 9 and after my little nap earlier I wasn't that tired, but Johnny was yawning and looking sleepy-eyed.

"Why don't we go to bed and I'll rub your back till you fall asleep?"

"Just my back?"

"I think that's enough for now."

"Okay," he said yawning again, "I am pretty tired. I hardly slept last night. I up once and went to her room. I just stood in the doorway. I couldn't even go in..."

"Don't Johnny, you'll just make yourself sad again."

"I know," he sighed and crawled into bed and I climbed in beside him and snuggled up to his back. 

He felt warm and soft, but there was a hardness beneath his skin, muscle and bone, and it made him seem older somehow. I think Johnny's grief was aging him, heck it was aging both of us. Oh, maybe our bodies weren't any different, but inside we were changing. We'd lost something when Johnny's sister died, and it would take us a while to figure out exactly what it was and what to do about it.

Johnny didn't last long. He purred like a kitten as I rubbed his back and shoulders and pretty soon he was snoring softly. I snuggled into him and put my arm around him and just held him and pretty soon I joined him in slumber.

The viewing was probably the awfullest thing I had ever had to go through in my life and if it hadn't been for Johnny I would have skipped it all together. I didn't understand why everyone kept saying how natural she looked, like she was sleeping or something. To me she looked dead and creepy and I was too shocked to even feel sad. 

Johnny on the other hand lost it when he saw her. He had to be carried out by this dad and I sat with him and held his hand while his folks went back to look at her again. I guess people handle grief in different ways. That day Johnny's mom seemed calm, almost like it was some business deal, and not her dead child she was looking at. Johnny's dad seemed to be in some kind of trance and had a far away look in his eyes. I figured he was just trying to be strong for his family, but I had this feeling that eventually he was going to explode into a million pieces.

After the viewing we all went back to Johnny's house and had some cake and iced tea then I went home with my mom and dad. Tomorrow I was being excused from school to go to the funeral and a lot of other kids from the school were going too, including Donnie and Larry. Both of them had been by a few times to talk to Johnny, but of course neither of them were as close to him as I was, and I don't think he opened up to them like he did to me.

Johnny walked us to the car and we said goodbye. The funeral was at 1:00 in the little Baptist church where we'd gone to Vacation Bible School for the first four or five years we'd known each other. Cookies and Kool-Ade and crafts and learning about God and Jesus and look what we'd turned out to be...queers.

I barely slept that night thinking about what was going to happen the next day, but nothing I could have imagined would have ever come close to what took place that day.

It rained that night and I wondered if that would mess things up, but apparently funerals were rain or shine type of things and it went on just as planned.

The service at the Baptist church was actually pretty nice. The preacher talked about Johnny's sister like he knew her and rambled on about how none of us knew God's plan and that she was in his arms now and stuff like that. I guess it was comforting for Johnny's folks, but for me it was just confusing. I mean if God loved her so much, why did he let her drown?

There was a lot of crying at the service especially when everyone passed by the coffin and said their goodbyes, but I managed to skip that part, and no one seemed to notice or care. Johnny was calmer today, but I could see that he was holding back and I figured later he'd need me more than ever. 

Johnny rode with his folks in a black Limo to the cometary and I rode with my folks in the Chevy. There was a long line of cars all the way there and a cop on a motorcycle led the way. The cemetery was just at the outskirts of town and you guessed it, Rose Hill Cemetery was on a hill. The road cut between the two sides of the cemetery and Johnny's sister's grave was on the left side. 

We parked and gathered around the grave site where the casket was already sitting on this sort of winch thing that lowered it into the ground. The preacher said some more words while everyone stood around looking sad and most of them were crying. Johnny and his mom and dad had been given a single rose and as the casket was lowered they each threw their rose on top of the casket.

People were crying, especially Johnny's family and close friends. A few of the kids I knew from school were crying, but most of them just looked confused and shocked. I don't think funerals and burials are very good for young kids, even if they are a part of life.

Through all of it Johnny's dad remained calm and like I said he had a far away look in his eyes like he was in a trance, but as the casket got lower I guess he finally realized his daughter was gone and being put in the cold wet ground.

At first the sound coming form him was just a little whimper but as I watched he bawled up his fists and fell down on his knees and began to wail so loud that he caused a lot of people to jump. He had lost his only daughter, and despite all her problems he had loved her, and now the pain in his heart was too much for even a strong man like him to hold in any longer.

Johnny's mom went to  him, but Johnny held back. I could see the indecision in his eyes, his hero, a man who had always been so strong, had fallen apart and Johnny didn't know what to do about it. I was afraid Johnny would break down just as his father had and even I couldn't console him, but suddenly he looked around like a trapped animal and bolted. I was too stunned at first to move but as soon as I got my wits about me I took off after him. 

Johnny was faster than me and a much stronger runner, but I was fueled with adrenalin that day and it didn't take me long to catch up with him. He was running deeper into the cemetery, dodging headstones and running across graves of people long dead, but I don't think he really knew where he was or what he was doing.

I think he might have ran all the way back to Pryor if the fence surrounding the cemetery hadn't stopped him and once he saw he couldn't go any further he just sat down with his back against the wall and fell to pieces.

By the time I got to him he was wailing almost as loud as his dad had been, and as I slid down next to him he buried his head in his hands and ignored me. Even when I put my arm around him he still didn't respond and that worried me a little. I mean I'd heard of people going crazy with grief, but until that day I'd never understood what that meant.

"Johnny," I said softly, "I'm so sorry," I said through tears. I was trying to be strong but it was hard not to leak some tears with all that had happened.

"My dad went cr...azy," Johnny stuttered, "I never seen him...him like that before."

"I know. He was her dad...I guess that's how dad's feel about their kids. I mean I know my dad would be really sad if I died."

"He loved her best," Johnny said wiping at his eyes, "I don't think he'd care if I died."

"No...that's not true," I said pulling him against me, "He loves you too, but it's different with sons and daughters." How I knew that, I have no idea, but as I got older I would learn it was true.

"He..he, used to take me places and teach me fishing and hunting...and working on the truck, stuff like that."

"Maybe that's my fault...that he don't do that stuff no more. Maybe I'm taking too much of your time away from him."

"No, I want to spend time with you, but he could still do that stuff."

"You need to talk to him Johnny, tell him how  you feel."

"I can't. he's never gonna be the same again."

"Sure he will. He'll get over this. He'll always miss her I guess, but eventually he'll learn how to live with things like they are."

"I can't go home," Johnny said scaring me a little with the look in his eyes.

"Why not?"

"Cause I can't...I can't stand to see him like that," he said in a shaky voice.

"Maybe you can come home with me...just till things get better."

"Yeah, for a while..." he said pleadingly, "Will...will you ask em' for me?"

I nodded, "Yeah, but you gotta come back with me...okay?"

Johnny nodded and stood on shaky legs and I snaked my arm around him and we slowly made our way back to the grave site. Most of the mourners were gone by then and it had begun to rain a little. Our parents stood in a little knot beneath umbrellas furnished by the funeral home and when they saw us they waited for us to approach with worried looks. 

Johnny's dad seemed better now, but still looked shell shocked and ready to break down again at any moment, and I figured Johnny really would be better off at my house.

I don't know how I found the words or the strength and courage to tell them what we wanted, but to my relief everyone seemed to understand and without a lot of discussion Johnny wound up going back with us.

There was a wake at Johnny's house but Johnny and I didn't go. Mom and dad went for a while and took some food, and while they were gone Johnny and I took a nap in my bed. When they got back around 5 or so mom fixed some soup and sandwiches for supper and we ate without saying much. 

After dinner Johnny and I went to my room and read comic books and worked on one of my models, but we didn't talk much. It sort of worried me that Johnny was so quiet, but after all that had happened I wasn't about to try to get him to open up about how he felt.

Around 8 we showered and got ready for bed. Tomorrow was a school day and Johnny had decided he was ready to go back. I was hoping he'd want to stay home and that I could talk my folks into letting me stay home too, but I guessed maybe this was best. The sooner we got back into the swing of things the better.

I didn't know what to expect when we went to bed, but other than a little snuggling we didn't do much. We did kiss, but it was more of a sweet kiss than a sexy one and then he rolled onto his side and I spooned into him and just held him till he was asleep. It was nice really, I mean I loved sex and all, but sometimes just being with Johnny was all I needed.

Johnny seemed fine the next morning and after some toast and oatmeal we headed off to school. As we started out for school we saw Donnie and Larry just ahead and I yelled for them to wait. 

"Hey, we didn't think you'd be going to school today," Donnie said, "You okay Johnny?"

"Yeah, fine. Life goes on," he said shrugging.

"Too bad about your sister," Larry said looking uncomfortable.

"Yeah, thanks."

We talked a little on the way, but it was sort of uncomfortable for Donnie and Larry. They didn't know what to say and Johnny wasn't exactly helping them. Mostly he just stared ahead and listened and when we got to school Larry and Donnie headed inside while we hung around outside. We had plenty of time before the bell and pretty soon Gerald came wandering up.

I was sort of glad to see Gerald and Johnny seemed to perk up some too. Donnie and Larry were really good friends, but somehow we felt closer to Gerald. I think Gerald was sort of a replacement for Roger, who had changed our lives forever.

"Hey guys. I'm glad you're here," Gerald said giving Johnny a playful bump with his hip.

Johnny actually smiled a little, "Good to be back. I missed the place and the smell," he laughed.

"Yeah, smells like dirty socks and old books," I laughed, and pretty soon we were cutting up and laughing like nothing had happened.

The day passed quickly and Johnny seemed to be okay, but by the time we got home that day I could tell he was tired and maybe starting to think about things again. Mom suggested he take a nap and he didn't argue. I wanted to lay down with him, but instead I helped mom in the kitchen.

"How was school today?"

"Fine, Johnny seemed okay and everyone was really nice to him, even the teachers."

"I called his mom today. Johnny's dad has taken some time off work and he's gone up to the lake with his brother. His brother has a little cabin there and they're doing some fishing and hunting."

I frowned. How could he go off and leave Johnny and his mom to face all this stuff by themselves. With Johnny gone his mom was really alone now and I couldn't imagine how she must feel.

"I don't understand. How can he go off and leave them alone?"

Mom laid down her dishtowel and put her hand on my shoulder and leaned down so we were eye to eye.

"You have to understand that Johnny's dad is not like your father. He isn't open with his feelings. What happened at the cemetery shows that. He feels like he's supposed to be strong and be a man, but inside he's all torn up and doesn't know what to do. Everyone needs time to heal, and this is his way of doing that. Johnny's is being with you...with us."

"What about his mom?"

"That's the other thing I wanted to talk to you about. Johnny's mom is going to stay with her mother for a while...just till Johnny's dad gets back."

" Johnny going away too?" I knew Johnny's grandma lived about 40 miles away in the country somewhere because he talked about visiting her before.

"No, Johnny will be staying with us for a while."

I relaxed and let go of the breath I wasn't even aware I'd been holding until then. As long as Johnny and I could be together I was convinced everything would be okay, of course I wasn't thinking about how Johnny would feel about being abandoned.

"What about clothes and stuff..."

"His mother is bringing some clothes and Johnny has a key so we can take him back to get anything he needs."

"How long will he be here?"

"Oh, I don't know exactly. Not long. Why, aren't you happy to have him here?"

"Oh sure...he can stay forever as far as I'm concerned."

Mom laughed, "I figured that. I know Johnny likes it here, but I worry about how he'll feel about all this."

"I never thought of that, but he was the one who wanted to come home with us."

"That was his choice, now he's being forced to stay...that's different."

"Yeah, well...he knows we him," I said blushing and mom smiled.

"Yes, he does know that. I think he'll be fine, but we need to give him some time to adjust and get used to things."

The way mom was talking you'd have thought Johnny was coming to live with us forever.

"When is his mom coming?"

"Around five. Don't say anything to Johnny. I think his mother should be the one to tell him  what's happening."

"Okay, but he's gonna know I knew. I can't keep secrets from him worth a darn."

Mom smiled, "That's good in a way, but you can explain that his mother wanted it that way."

I nodded, "Okay, well...I'm gonna go see if he's awake. We  have some  homework to do."

Johnny was staring at the ceiling when I came in and when I came over and sat down beside him he rolled onto his side and started rubbing my back.

"Did you sleep at all?"

"A little, mostly just rested and thought about things."

"Feel like doing our homework? We can do it together."

He got up and took a piss and we grabbed our books and went out to the dining room table to work. Mom was baking a cake and the smell was making our mouths water, and I was looking forward to supper.

We knocked out the homework pretty quick and were just putting our books and stuff away when Johnny's mom showed up. Johnny ran in and hugged her and after we talked a while she told Johnny she needed to talk to him alone.

Mom and I took the hint and went off to the kitchen and left the two of them alone in the living room to talk, but I was on pins and needles the whole time. I leaned against the counter and gnawed on a thumbnail and waited, and waited, for what seemed like forever.

My dad came home about half way through their talk, but he came through the door from the garage and mom quickly took him off to their bedroom to explain things. I was left alone to worry and start gnawing on the next nail.

Eventually my mom returned, but my dad had remained behind to take a shower and get ready for dinner. When Johnny and his mom finally wandered into the kitchen I couldn't tell what Johnny thought by the look on his face. 

"Well, I better be going. Johnny...son, you have your key and I've brought enough clothes for the next few days. 

After thinking us and saying goodbye, Johnny's mom left. Johnny walked her to the truck and grabbed the clothes his mom had packed and when he came back in he went straight to my room without saying a word.

I looked at mom and she nodded and I took off after him.

"Hey, I'll make some room in my dresser for your stuff and there's plenty of room in the closet for your hanging stuff."

"Thanks. Sorry I'm being pushed off on you guys."

"What are you talking about? This is great. How many times have we said we wished we lived together. No one is pushing you off on us. We want you here. Besides it will help your folks to figure things out and get know, all this stuff."

"We could have figured it out together, as a family," he pouted.

"But you wanted to come here....after the funeral. I thought you wanted to be with me," I said feeling confused.

"I did...I do, but I wasn't gonna stay forever."

"You're not staying forever, even though I wouldn't mind it. You're just staying for a while...just till your folks figure things out."

"I guess. Well, nothing I can do about it. If I gotta be dumped somewhere this is the best place."

"Thanks...I guess," I said giving him a playful shove, "Are you hungry?"


We had fried ham and baked sweet potatoes and of course mom's chocolate cake for dinner and Johnny seemed to have a pretty good appetite. Afterwards Johnny and I helped clear then went in to watch TV with dad. We sat on either side of him and it was pretty cozy. My dad treated Johnny like part of the family and always had, and I knew Johnny felt at home with us. The problem was that he didn't know what was going on with his folks and as much as he might like living with us, like most  kids, he needed his own family too.

But for better or worse, Johnny and I were going to be living together for a while and only time would tell how well things worked out.

End Chapter Eleven

Now that Johnny's sister is dead and his family is scattered, Johnny finds himself living with Robert. Will it be a dream come true, or a nightmare? In the next chapter we'll see how the boys adjust to their new living arrangements.


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