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Tween to Teen
(sequel to My 11th Summer)
By: Kewl Dad

Chapter Fifteen
   Walter's Secret


 The day of the sleepover finally came and Walter was a basket case all day at school. I mean I sort of understood since he was pretty new and all, but you'd have thought the kid had never been to a sleepover before. He kept asking me if I was sure his folks didn't care and if we'd have to be quiet and stuff like that, and no matter how much me and Johnny told him it would be okay, he still seemed nervous as a cat in a dog pound.

We'd rode our bikes that day, something we were doing more often since we'd met Walter, and as we rode home that day we talked about the weekend and what we were going to do. Despite it being fall the weather had been pretty warm and dry. 

I loved fall, with all the pretty leaves and the cooler temperatures, not to mention the Holidays, and I was in a pretty good mood that day. Donnie was still riding with his brother Larry, and the other Larry, the one our age had taken up with a kid named Rodney who lived across the street from Chrissy and Evelyn.

I thought Rodney was pretty cute and we'd hung out a few times when I was over at the girls' house, but we'd never become close friends. I wondered what Larry and him had in common and finally decided it might be girls, but as it turned out I was way off base. I learned later that they were messing around and swapping hand jobs and eventually blow jobs, but I don't think it was anything serious. Not like Johnny and me anyway.

Mom was home and Mikey was toddling around the living room and I scooped him up and introduced him to Walter who seemed shy at first, but soon warmed up to him. Who could resist those little arms reaching for you? And Walter soon melted and was talking baby talk to my little brother. It was kind of funny seeing that big old kid holding my little brother, but I can tell you it made a big impression on my mom who from that day on loved Walter like a son.

Mom fixed us a snack and poured us some apple juice and we sat at the dining room table and ate it while we talked some more about school and what was ahead for us. Mom had gone to the living room and was watching TV with Mikey on her lap, when she could corral him, and I noticed Walter had begun to relax some.

After the snack we went to my room and I changed out of my school clothes and into some old jeans and a striped pullover that was a little tight on me now, but still looked pretty good. Johnny always just wore some of my stuff, but Walter had brought a few things in a gym bag, but he didn't change clothes then.

We went out back and wound up in the clubhouse and sat down on the old sofa there and talked. Somehow we wound up talking about our friend Roger and suddenly Johnny jumped up and fell down on his knees and began pulling up the loose board that was our hiding place for the dirty books Roger had provided for us that summer we were friends.

I hadn't thought about those magazines for a long time, but suddenly that summer came flooding back into my mind and I was overcome with emotion. I missed Roger more than I would have thought possible and the fact that we never heard from him or knew what happened to him made it even worse.

"They're still there," Johnny laughed, "and...the rubber too."

Walter was watching with interest but when Johnny brought the items over and sat down he was blushing.

"Roger kiped these from his old man that summer we hung out and we wore those things out looking at em'," Johnny said holding them almost reverently, "and we all took turns trying this thing on. We were such goofs back then," he laughed loudly.

"You...guys looked at dirty books and tried on a..a rubber together?" Walter stammered.

"Yeah, we were just little kids then, we didn't' know any better. We were just learnin' about stuff and it was pretty exciting for us," Johnny said with less enthusiasm than before.

"That's neat. I mean you guys must've trusted each other a lot to do that stuff."

"Oh, that's not all we did," Johnny said encouraged by Walter's reaction.

"Uh, what else did you do?" Walter asked blushing bright red again.

"You know," Johnny said mysteriously as he made a jacking motion with his hand.

I don't think Walter's face could have gotten any redder, but he still managed to squeak out his next question, "Is that all you did?"

Johnny grinned, "Well...we were horny and those books got us hard as nails, so you figure it out."

Walter was quiet for a long time, and it was an uncomfortable silence for me and Johnny. What if that kind of stuff pissed him off and he beat crap out of us? What if he told everyone at school what a bunch of perverts we were? What if...

"Yeah, I could see that," Walter finally said smiling, "do you guys still do stuff?"

I looked at Johnny and he looked at me. From everything Walter  had said and the way he acted around us, I think he already had us figured out, but him knowing and us admitting it was two different things. It was something Johnny and I would both have to talk about and agree on and we sure couldn't do that with Walter right there.

"I need to go pee," I said winking at Johnny and hoping he'd take the  hint.

"Yeah, me too," Johnny said standing up quickly, "We'll be right back Walter. Just wait for us here, okay?"

Walter didn't seem to think there was anything unusual about the two of us going off to pee together, but maybe he already had that figured out too. After all he was pretty smart and we were pretty obvious.

We didn't make it to the bathroom however, once we were out of earshot of Walter we started debating what to do and what to say. I think we were already pretty much agreed on that already though and by the time we got back to the clubhouse we were ready to tell Walter the truth, or at least as much as he needed to know.

"We're back," I said lamely.

"Did you miss us?" Johnny teased.

"Did you boys shake it more than once?" Walter joked, "cause if you did that's playin' with it."

"Nothin' wrong with that, right Robert?"

I shook my head and sat back down beside Walter. I took a deep breath and I picked up where we left off, "You asked if we still did that stuff," I said nervously, "well...the answer is...yes. Does that seem weird to you?"

"Heck no," Walter said looking amused, "I figured that out right away," then the look on his face got serious as he continued, "I know cause...cause it was that way with me and Billy, the boy back home."

I looked over and Johnny, but I couldn't read the look on his face. I knew we were about to learn Walter's secret and I wasn't sure I was ready for it. The look of sadness on his face made me feel bad for him and I was tempted to change the subject and save him the ordeal of reliving...whatever had happened, but Johnny wasn't quite as understanding.

"Gosh,  what happened?" Johnny said looking morbidly interested.

"Sure you wanna know?"

I jumped in then, "Only if you wanna tell us, it don't matter none to us. We like you just the same."

"Ain't nothin' bad, well...not too bad anyway," Walter said lowering his head, "Billy was my cousin and he was two years youngern' me. His pa ran off and him and his maw moved in with  us when he was ten. I was twelve then and it was kinda nice having someone to play with all the time."

"Yeah, did you share a room?" Johnny asked looked excited.

"Yeah, we only had the three bedrooms at our house and there weren't even room for another bed in mine so we had to double up in my bed. At first I wasn't sure I liked it, I'd just learned how to jack off and did it most every night and with Billy there it was hard to find a place to do it.

Then one night, this was after I turned 13, I just couldn't wait no more and I figured he was asleep so I turned over on my side and went after it, trying to keep from jiggling the bed and stuff, but he woke up anyway. He asked me what I was doin' and course' I lied and said nothin', but he just laughed and said, uh uh I was playing with my peter, and he knew cause he did it too.

"Wow, did you do it together that  night?" I had to ask as my pecker plumped up in my jeans.

"Not then, I told him he was crazy and to go back to sleep and I was worried the next day that he'd tell  my maw or his maw and I'd get in trouble, but course' he didn't. After that I only did it in the bathroom or out in the woods by our house, but sometimes I'd wake up in the middle of the night and feel the bed moving and I was pretty sure Billy was doin' what I was afraid to.

Then when I turned 14 and Billy turned 12, something happened tween us that changed everything. It was right after his birthday and we was laying in bed talking that night and he started telling me stuff that made me embarrassed. He said he was getting hair down there, and wanted to know if I had  hair and how much, and  how big my pecker was, cause his was 3.5 inches now cause he'd measure it and I couldn't believe he was sayin' all this stuff."

"I bet he was horny, wasn't he?" Johnny said grinning.

"I guess so, but I told him he shouldn't be talkin' bout stuff like that to me and he sort of got quiet and seemed kind of sad after that. I guess he felt like I was someone he could talk to since he didn't' have no pa anymore and my pa wasn't that kind of pa you could talk to about stuff like that. Anyway he got over it and we talked about other stuff and then for some reason we got to joking and wrestling around and before we knew what was happenin' he was on top of me and had me pinned.

I know I could have easily thrown him off, he was a foot shorter than me and didn't weight but about 80 pounds soakin' wet, but for some reason I just let him win that time. As we was layin' there I looked up at him and he was grinning at me and then I noticed something else. I could feel his pecker pressing against mine and it was hard, heck mine was hard too. I felt like there wasn't enough air in the room and my head was spinning and then...then he did the craziest thing, he leaned down and....and kissed me."

Walter looked up to see what our reaction was to that bit of news and I guess what he saw encouraged him to go on.

"I gotta tell ya' I was shocked out of my skin, but it was sort of nice too and I didn't try to stop him. All the time he was kissing me he was rubbing his pecker against mine and it was bout' the best feelin' ever. I mean it was ten times bettern' jacking off and pretty soon we were both making a mess in our underwear. When that happened Billy sort of looked like he was scared and he rolled off me and turned his back to me. I felt awful, like I'd done something wrong, and then I heard him crying and I felt even worse. I didn't know what to do, but I guess I did the right thing. I reached over and hugged him and he sort of snuggled up to me and sighed real deep. He quit cryin' then and we fell asleep that way."

"Wow, what happened after that?" I had to know.

"Well, the next day it was like nothin' at all had happened and if it hadn't been for the crusty stains in my underwear I'd a thought I dreamt it. We went off to school and that afternoon we played ball in the back yard and after supper we took turns takin' a bath then went to bed. 

I was nervous as a hen in coup fulla roosters when we laid down, but Billy didn't seem to be nervous at all. As soon as the light was out though Billy started scooting closer and before I knew it he was cuddled up to my side and rubbing my chest. Now I know I shoulda' made him stop and told him it was wrong, but damn it felt so good and so right...." Walter shuddered a little and for a minute I thought he was going to cry, "then he sort of threw his leg over me and I realized his underwear was gone and he was nekkid. I could feel his hard pecker agin' my leg and then his lips found mine and he started kissing me and I was lost again. I couldn't stop him if I'd of wanted to and this time when we made our mess his was all over my leg and for some reason we both thought that was the funniest thing we'd ever seen and we both died laughing. I guess once you can laugh at that kind of thing you feel like it's okay, cause after that night we were never shy about doin' it again."

"Did you do more?" Johnny said pushing at his pecker which was tenting his jeans obscenely.

"Yeah, we did. Eventually we learned it all, suckin' and...the other thing...the butt stuff. It was like we were crazy for each other's body and we couldn't get enough. We did it every night in my bed and sometimes in the woods or the bathroom and even though we tried to be careful...eventually we got caught."

"Uh, oh...who caught you?"

"Billy's maw," Walter looking sick at his stomach," We thought we'd locked the door to our room but I guess we forgot and when Billy's maw peeked in all she saw was my ass as I was cornholin' Billy."

"Oh my God!" I said as my pecker shrank and tried to hide inside me.

"What did she do?"

"She hit me," Walter said sadly, "drug me off of Billy and called me all kinds of names and told me I was raping her boy and I was going to hell or worse and if she had a gun she'd kill me right there. Billy was bawling his eyes and out and tryin' to tell her we was in love and that I wasn't hurting him none and that he wanted it, but she wasn't listenin'. I got dressed and ran as far as I could cause I was sure I was gonna get beat or sent to jail or kilt, but eventually I decided I had to face the music and I came home."

"I'm so sorry," I said rubbing Walter's arm gently.

"Anyway Billy and his maw was gone, moved in with her sister, and my folks treated me like a leper for the next few days. I was so sad and upset that I couldn't eat and then I got sick. The doctor said it was an ulcer and put me on a special diet and my maw seemed to forget about me bein' a pervert and nursed me back to health. It was my paw I was most worried about, but one night after I was better  he came to my room and we talked. He said he didn't know what all went on with Billy, but that he thought Billy's maw had overreacted and after all, boys will be boys, but...he thought it was best if we didn't see each other again, except maybe at family get togethers. I was relieved, but sad too, knowing I wouldn't be able to see Billy again, but I figured I'd find a way to go on livin' without him. That's when I started working out and building up my body. Billy and his maw eventually got their own place and sometimes I'd see Billy at school, but we never talked so when my dad got this job offer here I was sort of glad to get away. I still miss him, but it's easier now that I don't gotta see him around."

"Gosh, that's sad. I guess you figured out that me and Robert are like that, huh?"

"Yeah, I sort of knew right from the start. I can see it in your eyes, cause it's the same thing I saw in Billy's eyes."

"Well, your secret is safe with us," I assured him, "and...I hope ours is safe with you."

"Oh sure, yeah...I think it's great. I hope I can find someone again...someday, but for now I'm fine working out and jacking off," he said the last with a grin.

I looked at Johnny and he smiled and nodded, "Well, Johnny and I have nothing against helping another guy out once in a while, so if you ever get tired of you hand..."

Walter smiled, "Awww...I don't want to mess up what you guys have, but...if it happens that way...well, I ain't gonna complain."

After that we walked over to the train tracks and threw rocks at the moving boxcars and by then it was getting dark and we walked back to my house. Dad was home and mom was cooking dinner and pretty soon she hollered for us to wash up and by the time we got back she had dinner on the table. Mom always tried to fix something special when we had company and that night we had fried chicken and all the fixings and for dessert coconut cream pie. Walter seemed shy at first but once he tasted mom's food he began  chowing down like the rest of us.

Dad helped mom with the dishes and so us boys went off to the living room and watched TV and entertained Mikey. Afterwards we sat in the floor watching TV with my folks till about 8:00 then decided to go to my room. When Johnny slept over we just shared my bed, but with Walter being as big as he was, there was no way the three of us could squeeze into my bed. 

"Wish it was warmer, we could sleep in your treehouse," Walter said looking around my room.

"It might be kind of cramped up there, but...the clubhouse is a lot bigger. Still it's pretty cool out there and there's no heater in there..."

"So...I guess we're just gonna have to sleep in the floor," Johnny said at last.

It was too early to even think about sleep so we laid around and read comic books and talked till we heard my folks go to bed. Mom had already laid out a bunch of quilts and blankets and extra pillows for us and we grabbed them and began making our nest in the floor. All of us had showered earlier and so we stripped down to our underwear as soon as we finished and then piled down on it.

I wound up in the middle and Johnny was next to my dresser while Walter was right against the side of my bed. It was cool outside but we  had central heat, even if we didn't have central air so it was warm in my room. 

As we lay atop the covers we talked about school and our interests but pretty soon the subject of sex came up, and being horny teenage boys we pursued it with zeal. Johnny and I found ourselves telling Walter all that had happened that summer we were 11 and the things that our friend Roger had introduced us to and it didn't take long for all three of us to be sporting boners.

"That must've been fun camping out and skinny dippin' and the other stuff too. Man I never had any fun like that, heck till me and Billy started messin' round I never even thought about that stuff."

"Yeah, it seems like we grew up a lot that summer and pretty soon that stuff just became natural to us," I said realizing that maybe we weren't quite like other boys our age.

"You seem like pretty nice fellas to me," Walter said sincerely, "just cause you like that stuff don't make ya' bad or nothin'."

"Well, one thing, ain't no going back now," Johnny laughed, "heck I couldn't stop if I tried."

"Me either," I confirmed, "in fact...I feel like doin' something right now, how bout you guys?"

"You know I do," Johnny said raising up on an elbow, how bout you Walter, wanna have some fun with us?"

"Well, if you guys are sure. My pecker is so hard it might break off if I don't do somethin' bout it soon"

"Okay, we don't have to do nothin' serious, but we can have us some fun. How bout we start by losing these undies," Johnny said skinning off his Fruits in one swift move.

I was next to get naked and eventually Walter slowly removed his underwear and let his huge pecker pop up. Again I was amazed at how big Walter's pecker was and I could smell his musky scent even stronger now. My first impulse was to reach over and grab it, but I decided we probably needed to go slow since this was our first time with Walter.

"Let's just jack for a while," Johnny suggested and I could feel Walter relax some.

Soon the sounds and scents of horny boys jacking off filled the air and I can still remember the excitement and anticipation I felt that night. There were no expectations from any of us, but I was sure things would progress as Walter became more comfortable with us.

Johnny took charge as usual and decided it was time to show Walter what kind of stuff we did together. Carefully crawling over Walter, Johnny landed on me and pinned me to the floor and began kissing me deeply as he pressed his hard pecker against mine.

Walter scooted over a bit to give us more room and rolled onto his side to watch, all the time working his big old pecker. I looked over at him and smiled and he smiled back, a far away look in his eyes, and I wondered if he was thinking of Billy and what they'd done back there in his own bed.

Sliding down my body Johnny kissed my tummy and then worked his way down to my middle and began licking my pecker head like it was a lollipop. I heard Walter laugh lowly then he scooted down a bit so he was eye to eye with the action.

"Want some?" Johnny asked softly and without replying Walter scooted over and suddenly I felt a second hot wet tongue on my pecker. Johnny moved down to my balls then and between the two of them they were working all the parts of me that made me a boy.

I sighed contentedly and just laid there and let them work me over and pretty soon Johnny pushed my legs up and began licking my taint and then his tongue found my butthole. I moaned lowly, and raised my legs higher and when I looked down Walter was sitting up and watching with interest.

When Johnny had me good and wet he moved up and placed his pecker head at my hole and pushed. We'd done that so many times that he slid in easily and as he began to move slowly inside me Walter let out a little moan of his own.

"You guys look so good doin' that," he said softly.

Johnny grunted out his agreement and continued to thrust in and out, but I could tell that he wasn't getting serious about it. I think he was just trying to prove something to Walter. Something like, my ass belonged to him, but the rest was up for grabs. At least that's how I took it cause without finishing Johnny pulled out and went back to sucking on my hard pecker.

He didn't do that very long though before he sat up and looked over at Walter, then at me. He raised his eyebrows and I nodded. We knew each other so well that sometimes we could communicate without words.

Johnny sat up then and looked over at Walter who had stopped working his pecker and was just staring at us sort of curious like.

"Lay down," Johnny said and without a word Walter did as he was told.

I got up on my knees then and scooted over to where Walter lay and reached out and grabbed his hard pecker and began working the loose skin on it. He moaned lowly and even louder when I lowered my face to it and began licking it playfully.

"Oh man..." he gasped.

"Keep it low," Johnny warned, "don't want his folks to hear us."

"Sorry," Walter whispered, "but it feels so good."

"Then you're gonna love this," Johnny said scooting over to join in. He took hold of Walter's hairy balls and just sort of rubbed them, but I could see the uncertainty in his eyes as he decided whether he wanted those things in his mouth. In the end I guess curiosity and lust won out and  he began to slowly lick them then as he got used to it, he began to mouth and suck on them just as he liked to do with my hairless nuts.

"Oh...shit," Walter squeaked as I took his pecker into my warm wet mouth. 

Sucking Johnny all those times, not to mention a few of our friends, had made me a seasoned cock sucker and I could take most of Walter's big old pecker into my throat without gagging. I didn't know if Billy had been as good at pecker sucking as I was, but one thing was for sure, Walter sure was enjoying what I was doing and I knew he wasn't gonna last too much longer.

I pulled up then and went back to just licking the head all around the thick helmet licking off his pre-cum and savoring the taste. His taste was so much more intense than Johnny's or any of the boys our age and I was looking forward to what his sperm would taste like when I finally got to that point.

"My turn," Johnny said then, giving up on Walter's balls. 

I thought I saw him pick a dark hair out of his teeth as he sat back on his heels but then he was nudging me out of the way and taking over. Johnny was a good cocksucker too and Walter seemed to appreciate his talent as well as mine.

I wasn't too keen on getting a mouth full of hairs so instead I just rubbed Walter's chest and when I rubbed against his nipples I discovered he was really sensitive there. I got this crazy idea then and lowered my face and began licking his hard nipples and biting at them playfully and he squirmed and moaned and finally grabbed my face and pulled it in to keep me there.

Meanwhile Johnny was slowly working Walter's dick with one hand wrapped around the shaft to keep from taking too much in. I knew Walter wasn't going to last much longer and I wanted to be down there when he blasted so I finally pulled free of his tits and scooted back down and Johnny and I began licking his pecker from both sides.

A few licks later Walter cried out and suddenly I felt his pecker expand and a geyser of white cum spewed forth. I managed to get a little in my mouth but most of it landed on his stomach and then what oozed out at the end ran into his thick bush.

Johnny licked some of it up, but he wasn't as hungry for it as I was and I wound up licking up what was left. His pubes were thick with it and I suggested he might want to go to the bathroom and wash up.

He said he needed to pee anyway and then slipped on his underwear and opened my bedroom door and peeked out to make sure the coast was clear before running across the hall. While he was gone Johnny and I snuggled up  and we made out a little and talked.

"I think old Walter enjoyed that," Johnny giggled, but now it's our turn.

When Walter returned a little while later Johnny was sucking my pecker and fingering my butthole and getting me ready for fucking. Walter laid down beside us and watched, but this time he kept his underwear on and his hands away from  his pecker.

Johnny brought me off with fireworks like the fourth of July and I had to rest a minute before returning the favor. I sucked him till he was good and wet then fell back and pulled my legs up as he moved up and eased into me. 

This time Johnny moved faster, almost desperately and even though he did lean down and kiss me toward the end, I knew he was mostly interested in his own pecker and getting off. When he was done he fell down on me and kissed me some more then let his pecker slip out and rolled onto his side and cuddled up to me. 

It was quiet then, the only sound our slow breathing and the sound of our own hearts in our ears. There were no crickets or outside sounds that time of  year, not even the sound of wind through the eaves, but the silence was sort of soothing.

Sleepily I snuggled up to Johnny, oblivious of Walter or the fact that I was leaking Johnny's seed, and soon fell asleep. I awoke sometime later and got up to go pee and wiped the dried cum off and somehow found my  underwear and slipped them back on.

Johnny barely stirred the whole time and when I snuggled back up to him he just sighed and snuggled back. I looked over at Walter and in the dim light I saw he was awake and watching us with a far away look in his eyes. I knew he missed Billy and I guess seeing me and Johnny together had stirred up his feelings some. There was no doubt he had enjoyed what we'd done for him, but now there was only sadness as he thought about Billy and what they'd shared.

I fell asleep cuddled up to Johnny and when I awoke around 8:30 the next morning Walter was gone. I stretched and pulled away from Johnny and he soon woke up and moaned lowly, stretching like a cat and pushing his morning wood to one side and sighing.

"Need to pee...bad."

"Me too, looks like Walter beat us to the bathroom though," I said yawning.

"Or he ran away," Johnny teased.

After fifteen minutes Walter still hadn't returned so we got up and got dressed and went out to see what happened to him. The bathroom door was open so we stopped in and peed and washed the sleep from our eyes then went looking for Walter.

We found him in the kitchen sitting at the table drinking coffee and talking to my dad. He looked so grown up sitting there and he and my dad seemed to be deep in discussion about something. When he saw us he looked up and smiled and said hi, then finished what he was saying to my dad.

"Well, didn't expect to see you two till around 10 or so," dad teased, "but Walter here is an early riser and we've been having a lively discussion about our esteemed President, Mr. Johnson."

"Boring," I said frowning. I couldn't see what all the fuss was over politics since we really didn't have any say in it anyway. Oh sure the people voted them in, but they were all crooks, that's what my dad said, so why worry about it?

"Are you boys up for good? Ready for breakfast?" Mom asked digging in the fridge.

"Yes, can we have pancakes and eggs?" I said realizing I was starving. 

"Give me a half hour and I'll have everything ready. For now would you go check on Mikey and keep him entertained?"

Mikey was awake, but being a good baby and he wasn't making a fuss...yet. He was just laying there staring up at the ceiling but when he saw us he sat up and grabbed the side of the crib and stood up and then reached his little arms out to me.

"Hello Mikey," I said kissing his little face and causing him to giggle, "are you hungry? Mommy is fixing us some breakfast, but you're gonna play with us till it's ready."

Walter wandered in a  little while later and Mikey reached for him and I gave him over willingly. I don't know what it was about Walter that Mikey liked so much, but just looking at the two of them together it was obvious they were bonding quickly. Maybe Mikey sensed what I did, that Walter was one of the good guys. Despite his threatening size he was a teddy bear at heart and an all around good person. Maybe he lacked a little in intelligence or social skills, but he made up for it in heart.

After breakfast we went outside for a while, but it was cold that day and we wound up in the clubhouse where it was a little warmer since it blocked the wind. Still bundled up in our coats we sat down on the couch as close as we could get to conserve heat and talked about working out.

Eventually we exhausted that subject and moved to other things, and finally to what had happened the night before. It was Johnny who first breached the subject, but once he got it out in the open I jumped in.

"So Walter, did you have fun last night?" Johnny asked rasing an eyebrow and enphasizing the fun part.

"Oh sure, truth was that was the most fun I've had since I moved here. It was sure nice of you guys to include me, but I know you guys really like each other and I don't want to take away from that."

"Well, we don't do it with other guys all the time, but we have friends that like that stuff too and sometimes we get together and have fun with them, like what we did last night."

"Oh, I know any of those boys?" Walter asked curiously.

"Well, yeah...Donnie and Gerald and Larry sometimes, but he really likes girls best and even had a girlfriend for a while."

"But she didn't put out," Johnny offered.

"I guess I'd like to try girls too," Walter said more for our benefit than  his own, "but right now I'd settle for a steady boy...uh friend," he said blushing.

I looked at Johnny and he was grinning. I wondered if he felt like I did, that Walter liked boys as much as we did, well at least as much as I did, and the girl thing was just for show.

"Well, we can't hook you up, but we can make sure you're over sometime when one of them is over here and playing. Maybe Donnie, he's a lot of fun."

"Yeah, Donnie seems pretty nice, kind of like me in some way...the way he talks and stuff," he said blushing.

"Yeah, I like the way he talks," I laughed,  "Hey, he only lives the next block over. Why don't we walk over to his house and see if he's home?"

"Well...if you really want to..." Walter said trying badly not to sound too excited by the idea.

"Sure, I bet he's home and if he's not we can go over to Allen's and get a pop, I got some money."

After checking with my mom we walked across the street and through Mr. Rudd's yard then crossed the alley and wound up in Donnie's back yard. He was nowhere to be seen but his dog (the puppy he'd gotten not long ago) was running around loose and came up running up to us all excited.

Johnny fell down on his knees and starting petting him while that excited hound licked his face all over. Walter bend down to take his turn and the doggy turned his attention to Walter. I was last to get my face licked and pat the dog and by then Donnie was at the back door and hollerin' at us.

He came running up with a huge grin on his face and looked at Walter sort of curiously. I was beginning to wonder if the two didn't already have some feelings for each other and maybe I'd missed it. After all I was pretty busy swooning over Johnny most of the time.

"Whatcha all doin'?" Donnie said grinning even wider.

"We were just bored and wondered if you wanted to hang out with us," I said slapping Donnie on the back and bumping against him playfully, "you want to go to Allen's with us,? I'm buying pop for everyone."

"Heck yeah, let me go tell maw and I'll be right back."

He was gone only a minute and as we started off to Allen's I noticed Donnie was walking beside Walter on the outside. We crossed the street and as we entered a little bell over the door sounded our arrival. The Allen's oldest son was behind the counter and he greeted us, but not as politely as his mom or dad did. His name was David and he was 16 or 17 and had his own car, a '65 Mustang and was one of the popular kids at school and a jock to boot. 

I figured he was bored and wishing he was out with his buddies or something instead of trapped here in this tiny store. Personally I thought it would be neat to work in a store like that, but then I wasn't as popular as this kid.

We picked out our pop and Walter had some money and bought us all a charm sucker. Mine had a star on the wrapper which meant I got a free one and I stuck the free one in my back pocket and concentrated on the cherry one I'd unwrapped.

David took our money and thanked us then went back to daydreaming or whatever he was doing before and we headed back across the street.

"Think he jacks off behind the counter?" Johnny joked.

"Looks like he needs to, he acted like he was constipated or somethin'," Walter laughed.

"I heard he has a girlfriend and they got caught fuckin' in his car out at the quarry," Donnie offered, "but the guy who caught em' just told em' to go fuck somewheres else."

"In that little car?" I laughed, "she musta been tied up in knots."

"I bet we could do it in a car that small," Johnny said jabbing me in the ribs.

"Maybe, but I like the bed better...or outside."

"You done it outside?" Walter asked sounding excited, and I told him about our little orgy at the swimming hole last summer.

"Yeah, I wasn't there," Johnny added, "but I heard all about it, and then there was the time at Salt Creek in the tent."

"You guys have lots of fun, don't ya?" Walter said eying Donnie as he spoke.

"Yeah, we're horny guys, right Donnie?" I said attacking him and almost causing him to spill his RC Cola.

"Yeah, it's lots of fun and someday when I find me a girl, I'll know just what to do," he said giggling. 

"So you never been with a girl?" Walter asked quietly.

"Nope, not really...but I sure want to," Donnie said grinning.

"Oh. Yeah, me too," Walter said sounding disappointed.

"But meanwhile I like to have fun," Donnie added quickly.

Walter seemed to perk up then and he started talking Donnie up.

By the time we got to Donnie's house Walter and Donnie seemed to be in a world of their own and I decided to try to help things along.

"Hey Donnie, can we go in your garage? That old couch still in there?"

"Sure, yeah...come on, it's cozy in there, but it might be a little cold."

"Oh, I bet we can warm each other up," Johnny joked and Walter seemed to perk up at that.

The garage had no inside lighting but there was enough light coming in through the cracks in the wall and around the big door that we could see just fine. It had that earthy smell that building with dirt floors have, mixed with the smell of oil and gas, and a dozen other odors, maybe even a little cum and boy sweat.

The couch was old and dusty but comfy enough and big enough for four teenage boys, even if it was a little tight, but cozy, as Donnie put it. Johnny was sitting on my right and I was next to Donnie then Walter at the far end, just like I planned.

We talked quietly for a while about school and the coming Holidays, but being horny teenage boys we soon came back to the subject we all liked best, sex.

"So, it's pretty private in here..." Johnny said running his hand up and down my leg and giving me goose bumps and a raging boner, "and we're all friends, why don't we all get our stuff out and see what happens?"

"I'm in," I said giggling as I unbuttoned my jeans and pushed the zipper down.

"Me too," Donnie said not hesitating a second before following my lead.

Johnny was next, but Walter still seemed unsure so I decided a little reassuring was in order.

"Except for Donnie's older brother Larry no one ever comes in here, and he's hornier than all of us put together," I said laughing, "so it's safe. Come on, haul that big old thing out."

Donnie's eyes were on Walter's crotch the whole time he was busy freeing his huge pecker and when it came into view he did a double take and was practically drooling. I knew he'd seen it in gym class just like we had, but this was the first time he'd seen it up close and at full mast and it was quite a sight to behold.

"Gosh Walter, that's the biggest pecker I ever seen on a boy. I think it's even bigger than Larry's."

"Thanks," Walter said grinning. 

"Kin I touch it?" Donnie asked looking fascinated?

"Sure if you wanna, kin I touch yours too?"

Well, that was all it took to get the party started. You touch mine, I'll touch yours is always a good way to get things going, and one thing always leads to another.

I watched Donnie and Walter for a minute, but Johnny was doing some things to my pecker and my balls that soon had be giving him all my attention. When he slid down on his knees and buried his face in my crotch I leaned back and let him have at it.

Donnie looked over and smiled but Walter seemed way too interested in what was going on his end of the couch to care what Johnny and I were up to. I wished I could see what they were doing, but from my position all I could see was Donnie's back and then suddenly he leaned down and then I really wished I could see better.

I heard Walter moan and Donnie gag a little then Johnny took all of my pecker down his throat and then it was my turn to moan. I looked over and locked eyes with Walter and he had this goofy grin on his face and I winked at him causing him to smile lewdly.

I turned my attention to Johnny and grabbed his ears and began thrusting up to bury my pecker in his throat. He'd gotten quite good at cock sucking since we'd first discovered it and his gag reflex, at least with my pecker, was nonexistent. He squeezed my balls gently as he sucked but eventually his finger slipped lower and snaked under me searching out my gooch and finally my squishy b-hole.

I pushed my pants down and spread my legs to give him better access and he found his target and plunged his middle finger into my rectum and began finger fucking me as he sucked my pecker for all it was worth. I wasn't as sensitive as when I was younger and I could hold out longer, but the way Johnny was going at it that day there was no holding back and when he stuck that long slender finger of his up a little further and hit that spot inside me...well that was all I could take. 

I cried out and Walter looked over at me and grinned, knowing full well what was happening, and then I was busy filling Johnny's mouth with my tasty pudding. By now Johnny and I had developed a real craving for each other's cum and Johnny was smacking his lips and licking my pecker like he was eating ice cream for the next couple minutes.

When he was finished he moved up and sat beside me and we kissed, sharing my cum while I cooled down. I knew what was next, but I was almost as anxious as Johnny was. Let's face it when it came to fucking I was way more comfortable on the receiving end of a pecker, and especially Johnny's. Not that I didn't enjoy burying my pecker in a warm hole on occasion, but with Johnny I really liked to be on bottom. I loved having him inside me, our bodies pressed together, his kisses on my lips and face, his breath in my ear, and the knowledge that I was making him feel so good, all combined to make it one of the most enjoyable parts of our relationship.

Meanwhile Donnie and Walter had switched and Walter was sucking on Donnie's much smaller, but just as hard pecker, and from the sounds coming from both of them they were enjoying it equally. I wondered if Walter had any designs on Donnie's ass, but I was sure if things went that way Donnie could handle it since he often obliged Larry back there, and I knew from experience that Larry's cock was nothing to sneeze at.

Johnny was nuzzling my neck now and tweaking my nipples, and I was putty in his hands. Without being asked I pulled free and shoved my pants to my feet and bent over the couch and wiggled my rear end at Johnny playfully.

He growled and pushed his own pants down and began playing with my hole, wetting his finger and lubing it up in preparation. Finally spitting on his pecker he lined it up with my hole as I arched my back and welcomed him home. 

He slid in easily as always and bottomed out quickly causing both of us to moan. Walter looked up and smiled then went back to work on Donnie's cock and I lost track of him as I buried my head in the musky couch and concentrated on the pure ecstasy of Johnny's pecker moving in and out of my well oiled hole.

We had long since stopped fucking and started making love, at least with each other, and what happened that day in that dusty garage was more like a dance than a sex act. I know it sounds corny to say he played my body like a fine instrument, but that's how I thought of it. His bow was resined up and my fiddle was squeaking as he played that tune older than time itself.

Johnny usually liked to take his time when we made love in bed, but when we were in less comfortable locations as we were then, he tended to speed things along. Bent over the couch as I was I was a little glad for that since my back was beginning to ache and my knees were getting chafed from the rough fabric of the couch.

But despite all that I was truly enjoying myself and I knew Johnny was too. His pecker was touching that place inside me that made me feel like I could come again and then suddenly I did and I guess my butthole tightened up and then Johnny cried out and began to spurt inside me. When I finally raised my head and looked at Walter and Donnie they were both watching us as if we were the most interesting thing they'd ever seen.

"Gosh, I just love watchin' you two go at it," Donnie said happily.

"They do make a good lookin' couple don't they?" Walter chuckled.

"Yeah, Robert's gotta nice butt too," Donnie chuckled.

"Aww...I bet yours is nice too," Walter said then blushed, smiling shyly.

"You wanna see it?" Donnie said sort of teasing like, only I think he really wanted Walter to say yes.

Walter craned his neck and looked behind Donnie and grinned, "It is nice," he said reaching down and rubbing it causing Donnie to purr like a kitten.

"Think you could handle that big old snake of Walter's?" I said as Johnny finally pulled away and I was able to stand up.

Donnie turned and grabbed Walter's hard pecker and inspected it like he was sizing it up for dinner or something then answered, "It's bigger than Larry's but I think I can handle it ifn' you take it slow."

"Really?" Walter asked looking a little shocked at his good luck.

"Yeah, but we're gonna need lots of slickem', let me suck on it and get it all wet."

"I'll help," I said moving over and wetting a finger to slick up Donnie's hole.

With Donnie you never knew how clean he'd be back there, but that day he was as clean as I'd been and there were no brown surprises when I pulled my finger out to rewet it. I got up to three fingers before Donnie was satisfied that Walter's pecker was wet enough and I barely got my fingers out before Donnie was spinning around and offering up his butt just like I had for Johnny.

It was sort of funny watching big old Walter moving up to Donnie's smaller body, but it was sort of pretty too. It was like they fit together just right despite their difference in size, and despite our worries Walter slid in rather easily.

Now I'm not saying Donnie didn't have some discomfort at first, I could see that on his face, but he wanted that big ole pecker and to his credit he just kept pushing back and grunting like he was taking a dump. I heard Donnie let out a breath, and moving closer to get a good look, I could see Walter was buried in Donnie's ass all the way. 

Walter's dark pubes were crushed against the white smooth cheeks of Donnie's ass and it looked so sexy my pecker went hard again just from the sight of it. Then when Walter leaned down and kissed Donnie on the neck I almost came again.

It looked so sexy and yet so sweet. I could tell for Walter this was more than just a fuck, but I wasn't sure how Donnie would feel about that. Donnie was a sweet boy but I wasn't sure if he was like Johnny and me. I mean sure he liked boy sex and all, but he always talked about girls and wanting to get with one even though that never slowed him down when it came time to play.

Johnny moved up behind me and snuggled his sticky pecker in my butt crack and pretty soon he was hard again and pushing against my cheeks, not trying to get in, but just enjoying the feel of his pecker against my smooth skin. I pulled his arms around me tight and snuggled back into him and watched Walter begin to move slowly and gently in an out of Donnie's tight hole.

"You okay?" Walter whispered softly.

"Uh huh, you kin go faster ifn' you want to," Donnie all but begged.

Walter was still doubtful, and I found out then just what a gentle boy Walter was, but when he finally figured out that Donnie was serious he gave it all he had. As he slammed into poor Donnie's smaller body he held on tight to the back of the sofa and with each forward thrust he exhaled noisily like Walter was forcing the air out of him.

It was quite a sight and soon I found my hand on my pecker beating my own meat as Walter beat his inside Donnie. I learned another thing about Walter that day, despite being able to fuck like a pro, he was gentle and kept rubbing and kissing on Donnie the whole time, making him purr like a kitten.

When Walter finally cried out and thrust forward he leaned down and literally picked Donnie up and pulled him onto his pecker as he filled him with was probably a gallon of boy juice, and then he whirled around and sat down with Donnie still impaled on his pecker and pulled him against him. 

It looked like a little kid sitting on  his daddy's lap and when Walter wrapped his arms around Donnie and pulled him even closer I saw something in Donnie's eyes that said he'd wanted and needed this kind of closeness for a long time.

I spilled my seed on the dirt floor and Johnny slimed by butt cheeks and then we cleaned up and pulled our pants up, but Walter and Donnie were still just sitting there and as far as I could tell Walter was still hard inside Donnie.

"You guys have fun?" Johnny giggled.

"I sure did," Walter said unashamedly nuzzling Donnie's ear.

Donnie blushed but nodded and began wiggling his butt around on Walter's lap like he was scratching an itch. Meanwhile Walter reached down and was playing with Donnie's pecker, which had never gone down the whole time he was getting fucked, and the dreamy look on Donnie's face said he was enjoying himself just fine.

"You want us to leave you two alone?" I offered. I guess I was more sensitive than Johnny and saw what he didn't, but when  he realized what was going on he backed me up.

"Yeah, you guys look kind of busy and I think me and Robert will go on back to his house. You can come back there Walter or otherwise we'll see ya at school."

Walter looked at Donnie questioningly and he smiled and nodded. God Donnie had a cute smile and I think big old Walter would have done anything for that boy at that moment.

We said our goodbyes and as we were leaving Walter had begun to bounce Donnie on his lap, going for nut number two. Aww..aint love sweet.

Donnie and Walter were all we could talk about as we walked back to my house and would be for days to come. I'm not saying they were as close and me and Johnny, but even at school they hung around and word got out that nobody better pick on Donnie cause Walter had his back...and his butt, though only us four knew that.


We continued to work at Walter's every chance we got and even started running on our own when we had time and the weather was good. By Thanksgiving we'd put on some muscle and Johnny was so hot looking that others had begun to notice, especially the girls.

One of those girls was my dear old friend Evelyn. Of course I really didn't worry too much about her, sure she was a girl, but she was just like us guys. We might play girl games with her and Chrissy sometimes but I didn't think of either one of them any differently than I did our boy friends. Unfortunately Johnny didn't feel the same way I did and come to find out, never had. 

The day it all came out was Thanksgiving day. As usual we'd eaten with our folks at our own houses then joined up to hang out. The plan was for Johnny  to eat supper at my house and Johnny then sleep over. The turkey wasn't the only thing going to get stuffed that day if we had anything to say about it.

We were actually headed to the park when we rode past the girls' house and as luck would have it they were out front. It was a typical Oklahoma Thanksgiving day, temps in the 70's and sunny, and we were even wearing shorts which showed off our muscular legs nicely, especially Johnny's.

He was wearing a tight tee shirt that was a little short and kept riding up showing his flat tummy and belly button and that was a real turn on for me, and apparently for the girls as well. As we rode up into their yard I noticed both of the girls were staring at us differently but I didn't give it much thought.

Our transformation had been gradual, and though I was aware of the changes, I had just come to accept them, and except for lusting after Johnny even more, I didn't give them much thought. But I guess to the girls we looked like two hunks or something and they were ogling us like we were something good to eat. Well, we were...but not for them.

When we came to a stop Evelyn was the first to reach us and she gave us a smile and shook her head as if to clear the cobwebs out.

"Hi you guys, gosh you look good. You guys are growing up fast and it looks good on ya'."

"Aww..well, we been working out with our friend Walter and running. I guess we built up some muscles," Johnny explained.

Then here's where it got weird. Reaching over as if it was her God given right to do it, Evelyn lifted Johnny's shirt and exposed his muscular chest and began rubbing it.

"Oh my God, Chrissy look at this and feel it..."

And then Chrissy was feeling up my boyfriend and I gotta tell you I was ready to scream "keep your hands off him", but of course I couldn't do that so I just sat there and watched. But Johnny wasn't their only target and pretty soon they turned their attention to me, but of course I wasn't as developed as Johnny even if they did make a big fuss over me.

We stood around a little while talking and then the girls suggested we go into the backyard. Their backyard was fenced and besides a free standing garage there was a swing set and on the back of their house a covered patio. Behind the garage the girls' grandpa had built them a little playhouse with a window and  little door and furnished it with a twin size bed, a chair, and some shelves, and they had a lot of dolls and stuff in there. It was too frilly for  us boys and we'd only been in there a few times, but that day the girls insisted we join them in there, and before I knew what was happening we were sitting on the little bed side by side and talking.

Evelyn was next to Johnny, then me and Chrissy, but it was Evelyn who seemed to be leading things that day. She kept looking at Johnny with those doe eyes that girls use and pretty soon I noticed she was holding his hand.

My heart sank to the bottom of my chest and I felt my lip quiver when I thought about what this might mean. Did Johnny like Evelyn and want to get with her now, or was he just going along with whatever she wanted to be polite?

"We, uh...should go," I said looking at Johnny and trying not to sound as upset as I was.

"In a minute," he said looking back at Evelyn.

What could I do? It was obvious he wanted to be holding Evelyn's hand and who knew what else. Sure she was cute and as far as girls went she had a curvy and soft body and I was sure she had all the right parts and knew how to use them, but she was our friend and had been since first grade and it seemed weird to think of her sexually.

Chrissy was a different story though. She was older and had always seemed softer and more feminine, sort of intriguing, but I had never thought of her sexually. Well, not till that day. As we sat there I became aware of two things, that I could feel the heat of her body against mine, and two, that I could smell her sweet girly smell and it was actually pleasant.

Then the most awful thing that could have happened, happened...I got a boner. I tried to hide it, but I was only wearing some thin shorts and all I did was bring more attention to it. No one said anything, but everyone knew I was hard and then I realized I wasn't alone. Johnny was hard too.

Suddenly Chrissy's hand was on my leg and moving dangerously close to my hard pecker and that was all it took to make me flee. Jumping up I grabbed Johnny's hand and pulled him out of there and we were out of that little playhouse door and on our bikes before the girls made it out front.

As we rode off Johnny was grumbling, wanting to know why we had to go, and what was the big deal? and stuff like that and I couldn't believe my ears. When we got to the park I lit into him and for once he didn't back down and we had our first really major fight.

"What's the big deal? So we were hard and they wanted to touch it, big deal. It wasn't like we were having sex, but would that be so bad if we did? I want to fuck a girl some day and those two girls have been after me since I was 10. Yeah, there I said it. Sometimes when I'd go over there and their grandparents were gone they'd take me to their bedroom and we'd play house and I was the dad. We'd kiss and hug, but that was all, but I knew they wanted more."

"Why didn't you just do it then?' I practically screamed, "Then maybe you wouldn't have done the stuff with me and made me love you and say you loved me back even though I don't think you do," I was practically bawling by then but this time Johnny wasn't as sympathetic as usual.

"What does that have to do with us? What we got is good, but we always said we wanted to try girls, well...I did anyway, so why are you so upset? I'm not saying we can't still be together or anything. I just want to try it, that's all..."

I looked at him with hurt eyes, but he wasn't buying it. "I just don't want to know about it or be there," I confessed, "and I don't want it to be with a girl I know. God Evelyn is more like a sister to me."

"I sort of get that, but she's pretty and sexy as hell and she wants me...I can tell," he said almost grinning.

"Then go get her," I said grabbing my bike, "and don't bother coming for supper. You can eat with her," I said riding off.

I expected him to come after me and to try to talk some sense into me, but when I looked back he was just staring at me and shaking his head. Tears stung my eyes as I rode home, but I knew I couldn't go inside...not yet, my mom and dad would see right through me. No, I had to stay gone a while and think up a good lie and then fake being okay and I knew it wouldn't be easy. Maybe I'd never be okay again. 

We'd had our share of disagreements and separations, but this time I feared that we wouldn't be able to patch things up quite so easily. Right now Johnny was probably back at Evelyn's house doing who knew what, maybe to both of them, and once he got a taste and feel of a female maybe he wouldn't want what I had to offer anymore.

It was so unfair. Why couldn't he feel like I do, that all we needed was each other? Why did he need to try girls to know he loved me? I sure didn't need to get with a girl to know that I loved him and that he was all I needed. Damn the luck anyway. If we'd rode a different direction we wouldn't have even seen them that day, but the truth was I knew if it wasn't now it would be later. This had been a long time coming and now it was here and I'd have to deal with it the best I could.

I wound up by the railroad tracks that warm November afternoon and sitting on the loading platform with my bike parked at my feet. I'd spent a lot of my childhood  here, thinking about things and having fun with my friends, and of course loving Johnny, so it seemed only fitting that I wind up here when my life was at it's worst.

All my life I'd believed that in the end things would work out okay,  but that day I couldn't see anyway that could happen. Even if Johnny didn't do anything with Evelyn or Chrissy, eventually he would find a girl and do something with her and whether I knew about it or not, it would affect our relationship somehow. 

Why did life have to be so complicated? Sometimes I wished I liked girls and not boys and that I was in love with some soft little doe-eyed cutie, but I wasn't and there was nothing I could do about it. I was in love all right, but the doe-eyed cutie I loved was anything but soft. He was  hard and muscled and more man than boy these days, and I craved those parts of him that made him male. I loved him, no was in love with him, there was not doubt in my mind about that, and because I loved him so much I knew what I must do. 

That song hadn't been written yet, but I'm sure the sentiment has existed forever, if you love someone you have to let them go, and that was exactly what I would have to do with Johnny.


End of Chapter 15


Walter and Donnie are getting close, while poor Robert and Johnny are heading in the opposite direction. A female has raised her lovely head and caused a rift between the two and things may never be the same. In fact things may be coming to an end. Next time we'll see what happens.

I will be taking a short rest during the rest of this month, posting my Christmas Stories and then in the New Year I'll go back to The Reynolds Twins, then Tween to Teen. '

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