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Tween to Teen
(sequel to My 11th Summer)

Chapter Four
Jingle Bells, winter smells
by: Kewl Dad

 Those last few weeks before Christmas flew by and Johnny and I got together a lot. His folks seemed to have forgotten his running away already and things were back to normal. We didn't mess around with Donnie or Larry any during that time, but we did hang around with them a school now. We talked about that day in Larry's clubhouse and popped boners, but we never really got a chance to mess around.

Then one day a few days before Christmas I walked home the long way past Larry's and then Donnie's house. Johnny had to go straight home that day for some reason and I was bored. As I passed Larry's house I guess I'd hope he would be outside or at least see his bike, but I didn't really want to go knocking on  his door or anything.

When nothing happened there I decided to go by Donnie's and see if he was home yet. As luck would have it Donnie was just getting home walking in from the opposite direction as I turned the corner onto his street. I hurried up and met him on the sidewalk in front of his house.

"Hi, can you play?" Donnie said as soon as I was close enough to hear him.

"Probably, but I need to go tell my mom."

"Can't ya' call er'?"

"Yeah, I could do that," I said easily. I knew she'd say yes and it would save me a little walking.

Donnie led me inside and as soon as we got in the door I saw his older brother Larry sitting on the couch in just his underwear. I knew it was rude to stare but I couldn't  help but look. He was older and a little bit of a mystery to me and the bulge in his tight white Fruit of the Loom briefs drew my eyes to his crotch. He was shirtless too and although not buff or anything he had a nice body and even had a little bit of hair around his nipples and a little just below his belly button disappearing into his briefs.

"He's sick," Donnie explained, "He got to stay home all day from school," Donnie explained as he led me to the kitchen where their phone was.

I nodded and tried to get Larry's teenage body out of my head as I called my mom. At first she wanted me to come home first and change clothes, but I promised not to get dirty or ruin my good school clothes and she finally gave in. I had to be home by 5:30 for dinner,  but that gave us plenty of time to hang out.

"Come on, let's go to my room," Donnie said looking eager to get away from him brother.

"Don't get on my bed numbnuts," Larry yelled.

"Don't worry it stinks over there," Donnie laughed, "Smells like your ass."

"Shut up, or I'll beat your sorry ass."

I remembered from being over at Donnie's when I was younger that they talked that way to each other a lot, but I really think deep down inside they liked each other and were closer than they let on. I remembered once when Donnie broke his arm how Larry had carried him all the way back to their house from mine with me tagging along crying as much as Donnie was and he was so nice to both of us. We must've been around 8 or 9 then, but even then Larry had been strong and impressive looking to my young eyes.

"Not you Robert," Larry said suddenly, "you're okay." He said giving me a nod and I felt so special all of a sudden. He'd never really paid that much attention to me before other than saying hi, but suddenly I wanted to talk him more than anything in the world. 

I wanted to sit down and stare at him and hear his voice as he told me about his world and his dreams and what he liked, but mostly I wanted to know what was in those briefs of his. 

As we closed the door to the room that he and Donnie shared I tried to forget about the hunky teenage boy sitting out there wearing nothing but his underwear and suddenly I realized I had a little boner going on in my pants.

I guess Donnie noticed too cause he giggled and pointed at the bulge in jeans, "You wanna do some stuff?" He said pulling at one ear nervously.

"With your brother right out there?" I asked in horror.

Donnie shrugged, "He won't bother us...sides if he does it's not big deal. We do stuff too."

What? They do stuff, what kind of stuff? Sex stuff? Oh man that was too much for my mind to wrap around.

"Whaaat, do you mean?" I stuttered.

"Never mind, but it's safe. Come on let's jack off."

I bit my lip and thought about it for like twenty seconds. We were hard and we were horny, so why not?"

"Okay, but I'm just gonna pull it out and do it and if I hear him coming I'm gonna stop."

Donnie nodded, "Come over here, let's lay on the bed and do it."

I stretched out beside him and waited for him to make the first move. To my surprise he unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and pushed them down to his knees along with his underwear. His dick was hard and standing straight up and he gave it a twang and giggled.

"Well..come on, let's do it."

I settled for opening my jeans and pulling down my undies just enough to fish my hard dick out and I had to admit it felt really good when it hit that air. There was a certain amount of danger involved with Larry sitting out there half naked maybe listening to us jack off, but that only made the whole thing that much hotter.

I could smell Donnie's ripe boy odor and his dick and it was making me even hornier. I grabbed my dick and started jerking it and I could tell from the way it felt that I wasn't going to last long. 

Beside me Donnie was slowly jerking his cock and his eyes seemed to be staring right at my crotch.

"Feels good...don't it?"

"Uh, yeah."

"You close?"

"Uh huh," and then unexpectedly I was no longer close, I was there. Grunting as my cock spat out my little wad of cum I was barely aware of anything else, not Donnie beside me or...or Larry peeking in the door.

When he spoke I nearly ripped my dick off trying to hide it.

"I thought so," he laughed, "it was awful quiet in here. I figured you were beatin' your meat. Is that cum" he asked moving closer and examining the wet spot on my underwear, "You got your sperm I didn't get mine till I was 13 ."

"Told ya' he was cool with it," Donnie said not missing a stroke as he battered his uncut dick headed toward his dry cum.

"Whoa, slow down, let me catch up," Larry said and suddenly he whipped out his pecker and my jaw dropped as I saw my first adult sized pecker. 

Looking back now I know it wasn't really all that big, maybe 6 inches, but to my 11year old eyes it looked huge. Like Donnie his brother was uncut and I remember the veins in his foreskin were blue and seemed to be puffed up. The head of his dick was mushroom shaped and wet with some kind of liquid that I would later learn was called precum, but my thought then was that he must've already came and was going to do it again.

"Wanna' help?" Larry said closing his eyes as he began to slowly jack his cock.

I wasn't sure who he was talking to, me or Donnie, but when Donnie spoke up I was glad I kept my mouth shut.

"Huh uh, do your own dick," Donnie muttered.

"Okay, okay....just feels better when someone else does it...right?"

"Get Robert to do it."

Larry looked my way and I froze. My pants were still open and my once shrunken cock was well on it's way to being hard again and Larry was not two feet from me jerking his huge teenage cock almost in my face. 

I could smell his cock and it was the most amazing aroma I had ever breathed in. It was musky and spicy and almost sweet to my nostrils and the aroma was causing my head to spin. My brain screamed, do it! Grab his pecker and jerk it like it's your own, but my body felt as if I were paralyzed.

"He don't want to," Larry huffed, and I felt like I'd let him down. 

"I...I guess....I could," I finally squeaked out and Larry didn't waste any time taking me up on my offer.

Moving over until he was leaning against the bed he thrust his huge teenage boner at me and with trembling hands I reached up and wrapped my hand around it. It seemed even bigger in my small hand and it felt hot but wonderful. I must've sighed or something cause both of em' laughed but I didn't care. I was suddenly lost in the smell and feel of my first almost adult dick and it was all I could do not to put my mouth on it and suck him till he shot his hot teenage cum.

Instead I jacked him as if I was jacking my own cock and he seemed to like it was much as I did. He was moaning and shaking by the time he finally came and when he shot his first volley it arched up over me and landed on Donnie's naked leg.

"Eww...asshole, you got cum on me," Donnie said but he didn't sound mad, then a few seconds later he groaned and had his own dry orgasm just as Larry fired his second shot which landed on the bed between Donnie and me. 

The next two or three shots were short ones and I caught them in my hand and just held them smearing it around Larry's cock as he came down from his orgasm. He finally pulled away leaving me with a handful of cum which I unconsciously brought to my nose and sniffed.

He laughed and dropped his underwear revealing all of his teenage body to me, as if I wasn't already horny enough, and then wiped off his dick and went over to the dresser and fished out another pair. In the process he bent over revealing his cute teenage ass and I almost came unglued.

I lost all reason at that point and with my cum filled hand I grabbed my hard cock and jerked it like a madman till I shot another load adding it to Larry's before finally falling back on the bed and moaning lowly.

"Well, seems like we got a new playmate," Larry laughed, and then  he was gone leaving me to recover with Donnie by my side.

"Told ya' he was okay with this stuff. Kind of fun...right?"

"Yeah," I said breathlessly, "I gotta go home now," I managed to squeak out.

"Oh, sure...okay. You might wanna' wash your hands first," he giggled.

I nodded and somehow managed to get my pants zipped and buttoned one-handed then slunk across the hall to the bathroom. As soon as the door was closed and locked behind me I sniffed my hand once more then  began licking it clean. A few months ago I would have been disgusted to think about such a thing, but after all that had happened since then it seemed as natural as breathing. 

Larry's cum was strong  tasting and grown up, just like I'd imagined it would be, and much thicker than the stuff Johnny and I produced. I wondered what it would taste like straight out of Larry's dick and I think at that moment I knew I wouldn't be happy till I found out. I didn't know how I could pull that one off, but I knew that I had to try and that meant I was going to have to spend more time at Donnie's house just like I used to.

I finally peed and washed up and made sure there were no cum stains on me and went out to tell Donnie goodbye. He surprised me by walking me home and we took our good slow time. Along the way we talked about old times, but not one word about what happened until we were almost to my house.

"If you don't want to do stuff with Larry that's okay, he told me to tell ya' that. He said he liked it just fine, but if you didn't like it that was fine too."

"No, I liked it," I said with a little too much enthusiasm maybe, "I mean it was fun, he has a big one and it felt really neat making him cum."

"Yeah, I like it too. Well, if you wanna' do it again sometime, we can. But ifn' you don't that's fine too."

"Okay, we are. Thanks for walking me home. I guess I'll see ya at school tomorrow."

"Yeah, only two more days then we're out for Christmas break and we'll have lots of time to play and stuff."

I grinned, "Yeah, maybe next time Johnny can come too."

"Yeah, well...see ya'."

I thought about Larry that night and how his big dick had felt in my hand, and how it had felt when he's shot his load, and most of all how his cum had tasted and I wound up jacking off twice. Exhausted I fell asleep and dreamed about sucking Larry and Donnie off and in my dream they both shot vanilla ice cream when they came.

At school I debated whether to tell Johnny about what had happened and was still trying to decide by lunch time. We ate fast like always and went out to the far end of the playground even though it was cold that day. Not many kids were outside and we had lots of privacy.

"I got something to telly ya'. I hope ya' don't get mad," I began wishing I'd waited till after school to drop this on him.

"What now?" he laughed, "Can't be that bad. Is Ricky back or somethin'?"

"No, not Ricky. It was Donnie," I said looking into his face to see how he reacted.

"What'd you do, suck each other?"

"No, just jacked off together...but, know his brother Larry?"

"Yeah, he jack off with ya or somethin'?"

"Yeah, and well...I jacked him off," I said quickly then added, "His dick is really big and he shoots a ton of sperm. It was rad."

Johnny laughed, "Sounds like fun. Nothin' to be mad about. I wouldn't mind seeing his big dick shoot sometime."

"Narly! Donnie said we could do it sometime...both of us. Maybe while we're on Christmas break."

"Yeah, sounds like fun. Hey, wanna go see if anyone's in the bathroom?"

Christmas was maybe the most exciting time of the year for us kids back then. I mean we basically waited all year for it and not only did we get gifts, and candy, and lots of good food,  but a 10 day break from school. That alone was enough to get a kid excited, but add in Christmas trees and twinkling lights and Santa Claus at the department stores and of course gifts beneath that tree and you had kid Heaven. Maybe that's why Johnny and I didn't think much about sex those last few days before Christmas, that is until Christmas Eve.

Another reason was that our families had their own plans for the holiday and being kids we had to honor them. Johnny was going to his grandma's Christmas Eve so that day we met at my house and exchanged our gifts to each other.

I wanted to get Johnny something really special and with my dad's help I picked out a really nice pocket knife with a bone handle. It cost 6.00 and I used some of my Christmas money from my grandparents and uncles and aunts to buy it and still had plenty of money for gifts for mom and dad and the rest of my family.

Johnny knew I liked models and there was this one kit that we'd looked at a hundred times, but I'd never got up the guts to put out that much money for it. It had real steering and metal parts and cost almost 10 dollars and when I unwrapped that car I bout' went crazy.

"Oh my God, you didn't. Oh this is so rad. I been wanting this forever," I said jumping Johnny and  hugging him. Fortunately we were in my room.

Johnny made just as big a fuss over his knife and said it was something he could really use. "I can take it camping when we go back to Salty next summer. We had some fun there, didn't we?"

"Yeah, lots of fun," I said then I think both of us were a little sad to think about Roger and that we hadn't heard from him.

"So when do you have to leave for your grandma's?"

"Not till 5. What do you wanna do till then?" he said looking hopeful.

"Wanna go over to the railroad tracks and see if there are any trains?"

"Okay, and maybe check out the boxcar?" He said grinning and I raised my eyebrows and made a funny face.

There was no train but there was some open boxcars parked over on the far tracks by the grain elevator. It was part of a block long complex back then that housed a lumber yard, feed store, and grain mill. In addition to sometimes having train cars to play on there was also a huge  enclosure filled with sand that we liked to play in. 

The sand pile, as we called it, was enclosed by a block wall about five feet high with an opening in the front about five or six feet wide and was probably ten foot by twenty total and held a lot of sand. Sometimes the piles were as high as the walls, but that day they were down to about three feet high on either end and a foot or so in the center near the opening.

Sometimes boxcars were packed between the elevator and the sand pile and I'd seen kids actually jump off of them and into the sand when it was deep enough. I'd never been that bold but my uncle Joe had done it a few times when he was younger and I was still a snot nosed kid and I thought it was the bravest thing I'd ever seen.

"Wanna' check out the boxcars?"

"Okay, but let's go to the back side, that way anyone driving by can't see us."

There was only a few feet of clearance between the boxcars and the tin building that ran the ran the length of the block and when we in that space we were out of sight unless someone was really looking close. 

Johnny climbed in first and offered me a hand up and I joined him inside. The boxcar was half full of bags of feed which were stacked up about four or five high on one side, but the other side was empty.

"Whoa, a built in bed," Johnny said running over and falling down on the nearest pile of bags, then patting the space beside him he added, "Come on lay down with me."

I laid down next to him and he rolled over on his side and put his arm over my chest and snuggled up close.

"I'm gonna miss you, but when I get back we can hang out..okay?"

"Sure, once we get through Christmas we'll have the whole rest of the week free and then New Year's Eve we can hang out and bring in the New Year."

"If we do it at my house we might get some wine. Last year my dad let me and my sister have a half glass. It was pretty good and I got drunk," he giggled.

"Oh yeah, I was sick that night...right?"

"Yep, so don't get sick this time," he said nuzzling my neck.

"I won't. Sooooo....what do you want to do?" I asked blushing. For some reason I felt shy all of a sudden.

"I don't know, maybe go build a sand castle," he teased.

"Oh, okay...come on then," I said calling his bluff.

He grabbed me and pulled me back down and kissed me hard and grabbed by dick through my pants, "Not so fast mister, first we gotta get off."

So right there on that sack of feed we made out and then sucked each other off. We were too nervous to get completely naked but by the time we got through our pants and underwear were down to our knees. We came hard and then just lay there touching each other for a long time. We eventually pulled up our pants and sat there talking a little while before we finally climbed out and went over to the sand pile.

We played for an hour or so, building tunnels and doing the normal stuff that boys do and had a really good time. I guess we were still just little boys at heart, but somewhere back there in the summer of our 11th year we'd uncorked a bottle and let out something that sometimes took control of us and made us do things that most boys our age didn't even think about. 

Oh sure we had buddies who jacked off, maybe even jacked each other, but I was pretty sure most of them weren't having real sex and saying the L word like me and Johnny were. It was kind of scary sometimes, but looking back on it now I couldn't have had a better partner to experience that stuff with.

Eventually we walked back to my house and mom fixed us some hot cocoa to warm us up. Around five I walked Johnny home and we said goodbye at his front step. I wanted to hug him and kiss him goodbye, but I knew that was out of the question so instead I popped him on the shoulder and wished him a Merry Christmas.

"Merry Christmas, see ya Monday...okay?"

"Yeah, I bet I have a new bike by then," I said forgetting my sadness and becoming excited again.

"Cool, you gotta let me ride it."

"You know I will," I said smiling, "Well..see ya, have fun."

On the way home I went by Larry's but the house was dark so I figured him and his folks were gone. As I got closer to Donnie's I could see there were a couple of strange cars there so I figured him and  his folks were having company for the Holiday. 

The temperature had dropped since I started out and the sky was grey now. Every year us kids hoped for a white Christmas, but we seldom ever got one. The way the sky was looking that night I figured there might be a chance for some snow, but I didn't get my hopes up. Anyway I figured it would be better if it didn't snow since I was pretty sure I'd be riding a new bike come Christmas day.

By the time I got home it was dark and the glow of our Christmas lights caused a warm tingly feeling inside. I stopped at the edge of the street and stared at the lights for a long time. Inside I knew my mom and dad were waiting dinner for me, but I wasn't in any big hurry to go in. Christmas was tomorrow and then it would all be over and that made me a little sad. Why couldn't Christmas last all year? I guess kids and adults had been asking themselves that question forever, but I would eventually come to understand that it wouldn't be the same if it did. Christmas season was a time for people to forget all the bad stuff and be a little nicer to each other.  It was hard enough for them to do it for a couple of weeks, so there was no way they could do it all year.

When I finally went inside I heard Christmas carols playing on the record player and I found mom and dad in the kitchen. Dad was sitting at the table drinking coffee and mom was stirring something on the stove that smelled delicious.

"Well, the prodigal son has returned," Dad chuckled, "Are you hungry boy?"

"Yes sir, starved. What smells so good mom?"

"Beef stew, and there's cornbread and for dessert German Chocolate cake with coconut frosting."

"Mmmmm...and then we get to open one present...right?"

Mom rolled her eyes, "Yes dear, same as always. It's a Christmas tradition and I suppose someday when you have a family of your own you'll pass along that tradition."

I thought about that for minute and the confusion in my face must've shown. My dad gave me an almost sympathetic look but my mom just smiled. 

"I know that's a long way off, but someday you'll meet a nice girl and want to settle down and have children of your own....grandkids for us," she said smiling at dad.

"I'm too young to be a grandpa," he said taking the heat off me and I loved him for it, "besides don't you think we should worry about our own kids before we start counting on grandkids?" he asked grinning.

Kids? There was only me, why would he say kids?

Mom gave dad a warning look and he sort of melted and changed the subject quickly. We talked about sports for a while, then school and his job and finally dinner was on the table and we shut up and started eating. Mom's stew was the best stew in the world and her cornbread would just melt in your mouth. I ate like I was starved but was careful to save room for mom's cake. She always served it with fruit cocktail, which she made herself, and it was about the most delicious thing on earth.

After dinner I offered to help clean up and mom and I talked while dad went in to see what was on TV. A few minutes later he yelled for us to hurry, "Miracle on 34th Street is on in fifteen minutes."

"Mom, what did dad mean about you taking care of your kids before you worried about grandkids, was he talking about me and Johnny?" I asked innocently.

"Well, I hadn't thought of that, but maybe. We'll talk about this later okay?" she said dismissing the subject and I knew not to nag her, especially on Christmas Eve.

We finished and joined dad in the living room just as the movie started. We watched it for a while and when the first commercial came on I wandered over to the tree and started looking through the gifts.

"Which one can I open?" I said rattling a small package with my name on it.

"That one or the square one with the red paper is fine."

I chose the bigger one and carried it over to where I'd been sitting on the couch, "Okay, now I'll get yours." 

I knew exactly which gift I wanted each of them to open and already had them set aside so they'd be easy to find. Handing dad his new tie and mom her new scarf I tore into my gift without waiting for them.

Mine was a new basketball and I loved it. My old one had gone flat and was a lost cause. I couldn't exactly bounce it on the carpet but I rolled it around then hopped up and  hugged my folks and thanked them.

"Now open yours," I said excitedly.

Dad loved his new tie, and said he'd wear it to work Monday. You know how moms are and she absolutely loved her scarf and to prove it she put it on and wore it all evening. She gave me a big hug and a smooch and then pulled me into her lap like I was a six year old.

"We need to talk to you son," she said pulling me against her and  hugging me like she used to do when I was a little kid. I guess you never get too old to like that sort of thing cause I know I sure loved it.

"Okay, what about?" I asked innocently.

Dad looked nervous and I could tell this one was on mom. He was shifting around uncomfortably and staring at the TV like he was really interested in the Alka-Seltzer commercial.

"Well, you know how you've always wanted a little brother or sister?"

"Yeah," I said still not getting it. Boy was I dense.

"Well, you're finally going to get your wish," she said blushing.

"Huh? OH! You mean, you're going to have....have a....a baby?" I said scooting off of my mom's lap and looking at her tummy to see if it was any bigger, but it just looked flat like always.

Dad covered his mouth to stifle a laugh. I guess he thought my embarrassment was funny. 

"Yes, about eight months you will have a new baby sister or brother," she said smiling, "How do you feel about that?"

"It's okay...I guess," I said not sure how I really felt about it. When I'd thought of a sibling I'd always thought of a brother, only one closer to my age, not a baby. I heard they cried a lot, and pooped  all the time, and were a real mess, and I didn't know how I'd feel about that. And mom would be spending all her time taking care of the baby and she wouldn't have as much time for me or dad, but dad didn't seem worried about it.

"Congratulations," I said lamely, "I mean...yeah...that's rad" Then I thought about what they had to do to make a baby and I blushed so red I must've looked like the devil himself, "I'm really happy...really happy."

Dad laughed, "I know this is a shock son, but you're getting older. In a few years you'll be in high school and have your friends and a life of your own and you won't need us as much and well...we wanted to have another kid so we could be parents a while longer, that's all."

And you wanted to fuck, I thought. Gross as that seemed, I sort of understood. I liked fucking with Johnny and I understood about love and intimacy better than any 11 year old boy I knew, besides Johnny.

"It will be cool, and it will be like Johnny's little brother or sister too. I hope it's a boy though."

"We'll see, we have a fifty fifty chance," mom chuckled, "but I bet you'll love it even if it's a girl. Think about it son, a little sister to love you and follow you around," she chuckled.

"Okay, but I'm not changing poopy diapers," I said making a face and we all laughed.

We talked about the baby some more that night, but after a while we settled down and watched the movie and enjoyed each other's company. I guessed a baby wouldn't be so bad. It would make mom happy for sure and dad seemed to be all for it, so who was I to stand in the way? And if  it was a boy, I'd have a little brother to idolize me and do my bidding. I laughed at the thought of having a little kid tagging along after me and I decided it was going to be all right after all. 
       I stretched out between my folks on the couch with my head in mom's lap and my feet in my dad's and eventually went to sleep. I guess dad carried me to bed cause when I woke up Christmas morning I was tucked into my bed all nice and warm. I was still in the clothes I'd worn the day before and I smelled a little ripe since I hadn't bathed the night before. 

I got up and peed and hit the shower then went in to wake my folks and got the surprise of my life. Usually I knock before I enter my folks room and they do the same with me, but gosh it was Christmas morning and I always came and jumped in bed with them and woke them up so we could go open presents, but this time was different.

As soon as I opened the door I knew I'd messed up. All I can say is at least they were still under the covers, but there was no mistaking what dad was doing to my mom. He was on the upstroke when I opened the door and as I watched and listened in horror he moaned and pushed back in. That was all I needed to see and I closed the door and high-tailed it out of there.

I'd heard stories from other kids about catching their folks fucking, but hearing it and seeing it was too very different things. I mean I knew they did it, heck they had to do it to get me, and now the new baby so they had to do it for that, but why were they still doing it? Didn't adults only do it to make babies?  I guess I didn't think about the good feeling or that they loved each other at that moment, but I was just too upset by what I'd seen so I wasn't thinking clearly.

Boy, seeing that really took the shine off Christmas morning. I didn't want them to think I'd been up wandering around so I went back to my room and sat down on my bed and waited for them to get done. I thought about the baby some more to take my mind off what was going on down the hall and I was more convinced than ever that it would actually be pretty cool to have a little brother or sister.

About fifteen or twenty minutes later mom knocked on my door and I jumped up and opened it. She was wearing her robe and slippers and dad was nowhere to be seen, probably in the bathroom cleaning up, so at least I didn't have to face him just yet.

"Good morning sweetie. I see you're already dressed. Are you ready to open gifts?"

Yeah mom, if you're done fucking. I wanted to say, but instead I said, "You bet. I can't wait to see what I got." And there better be a bike after what I just saw.

I ran into the living room and tried to act surprised when I saw what was under the tree. Sometime after I'd gone to bed or before they'd decided to have sex, they'd put my new bike under the tree. It was bright green with a white banana seat and even had colored streamers sticking out of the handlebars.  Mom had put a big red bow on it and there was a gift card hanging from the handlebars as if I wouldn't know it was for me.

"It's perfect. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you," I said hugging mom and then a dad showed up fortunately fully dressed and I gave him a hug too, but just a small one. After all I knew what he'd been doing a little while ago and I still felt kind of weird about it. "When did you guys get it? Where did you hide it all this time?"

"We didn't have to hide it very long, we only picked it up yesterday while you and Johnny were off running around. Dad hid it in the shed out back till you went to sleep last night. Is it that one you wanted dear?"

"Oh yeah, it's exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much," I said climbing on it and sitting there turning the front wheel back and forth, "After breakfast can I ride it around the block?"

"Of course dear, but you still have other gifts to open. Why don't you play Santa and pass out the gifts?"

"Oh yeah, right," I said hopping off my new bike and dropping to my knees beneath the tree. There were a bunch of gifts for me and four or five for each of my folks, one more from me and the rest from each other.

The bike was plenty and I would have been happy with just that, but my folks had gone all out that year. I wondered if it was because of dad's raise or because they weren't sure how I'd react to the news about the new baby, but for whatever reason it worked out well for me.

In addition to the bike I got a new 1/32 scale road race set with two cool cars and a figure 8 track with jumps and everything. It was so cool and I couldn't wait till Johnny and I could try it out. There was also a new model car, a board game called Life, a new watch, a chemistry set, and some army men and jeeps and stuff. There was also some new underwear and socks, and a new hairbrush since I'd lost mine, and my stocking had some stuff like a pencil box and pencils and candy and gum.

My other gift to dad was one mom helped me pick out, an electric drill, and he really seemed to love it. My other gift to mom was a pair of butterfly earrings and she jumped up and put them on and wore them the rest of the day and later when she got dressed she added the scarf I got her. 

I don't remember what they got each other but I do remember them kissing each other after the last gift was exchanged. I watched them as I sat in the middle of the floor surrounded by my Christmas treasures and I guess I thought I must be the luckiest boy in the world to have parents like mine, even if I did catch them fucking.

Mom fixed oatmeal for breakfast and as soon as we ate she got dressed and began working on Christmas dinner. My uncle Joe and my aunt were coming for dinner and I couldn't wait to tell them the news about our new baby, as if they didn't already know.

I set up my road race in my room since I didn't want to clutter up the living room or risk my little cousin messing it up and played with it while I waited for them to arrive. When I heard the front door open I went ripping into the living room and tackled my uncle Joe as he came in the door.

"Whoa, Merry Christmas Robert. Did Santa come see you?" he said hugging me.

"Yeah, see my new bike. And I got a neat road race set and bunch of other stuff."

"Well, you got one more to open, come on out to the car and help me carry the gifts in."

I followed uncle Joe out to his car, a cool 57' Chevy, and helped him carry in all the gifts. There was one each for mom and dad and two for me, and one of mine was pretty big. It wasn't very heavy though and I was really curious about what was inside.

My little cousin, Joe Jr. was asleep when they first got there but when we started opening gifts he woke up and smiled at me and held out his little arms for me. I  went over and took him and held him while I finished unwrapping my gift and even let him help me.

"Know what Joe Joe?"  I said in baby talk, "I'm gonna have a little baby at my house too." I looked up to see if my aunt and uncle caught that and they were both grinning.

"So you told him, good. And I'm guessing he's okay with it," Joe laughed.

"I think it's great, but I hope it's a brother, but a sister is okay too."

"You'll make a great big brother," my aunt said smiling, "Little Joe just loves you and  you're so good with him."

We finally got the gift unwrapped and it was a cool bow and arrow set, only instead of sharp points the arrows had suction cups on them. There were two bows and six arrows three with blue tips and three with red.

"Thanks, this is really neat and mom won't have to worry about me hurting myself," I said sticking one of the arrows on my forehead causing everyone to laugh.

"Yeah, I figured you and Johnny could have a shooting contest. There's a target on the back of the box. You can cut it out and hang it up."

My other gift from them was canteen, the kind that boy scouts use and uncle Joe said it would be handy if I went camping again next summer.

Little Joe hopped down after a few minutes and terrorized the Christmas tree until my aunt got to him and then we sat around and visited for a while. I'd gotten my uncle a new wallet for Christmas and my aunt some perfume and my little cousin a stuffed bear. My folks had helped me pick out the stuff and they paid for part of it. They'd got my aunt and  uncle a new electric blanket and  a toaster and a bunch of toys for the baby. 

I guess I suddenly realized how much my mom loved babies when I saw her with my little cousin that day. He was about 18 months old by then and getting pretty interesting. He was saying a few words and walking but he was still sweet and loved to cuddle and place little kisses on your face. I guess I had to admit I liked him a lot too, and the thought of us having our own baby around the house to love on and play with was sounding better and better.

"Our babies will only be a year or so apart," my aunt said, and they'll grow up together. It will be fun, won't it?"

"I'm as excited as I was when I was pregnant with this one. I can't wait till the big day. I've heard the second one is easier, but really I didn't have that hard a time with Robert. The day he was born I had a really bad backache then my water broke and we were off to the hospital and a few hours later there he was, our darling baby boy," she said looking at me warmly.

Of course next came out the photo album and I had to admit it was kind of interesting to see all the pictures of me growing up and really nice to be the center of attention. When we'd looked at all the pictures my mom and and my aunt went in to finish fixing dinner and us guys visited for a while.

"So Robert, you're gonna be a big brother now. How does that feel?"

"Oh, pretty good uncle Joe. I mean at first I was sort of surprised and all, but mom and dad really want a baby, so I guess I want one too. I mean if it's a boy I'll have a little brother to blame everything on," I joked.

"That's the right attitude. And you can torture him and make him do your dirty work," Uncle Joe laughed.

My dad just chuckled and shook his head, "I bet you'll love that kid just as much as we will and when the time comes you'll do right by him."

"You know I'm only kidding dad, I'll be the best big brother ever."

"I know you will. What say we go outside and try out those bows and arrows," dad suggested.

Uncle Joe put the baby's snow suit back on him and we went out front. We shot the arrows at the garage door taking turns watching my cousin and we had a lot of fun laughing and talking and hanging out. 

Finally about 1 o'clock my mom stuck her head out the door and called us in for dinner and we didn't waste any time getting inside. Mom had put the extra leaf in the table and put her white lace tablecloth on it and right in the middle was a centerpiece with pine cones and holly and lit candles. There were red napkins and she had set the table with our best china and silverware. 

There was turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes, yams, salad, green beans, corn, giblet gravy, home baked rolls and of course pumpkin and pecan pies, the left over German chocolate cake and fruit salad, and tea and punch to drink. 

Dad carved the turkey and filled a platter with slices of delicious moist turkey and my mouth was watering by the time the platter was on the table. Next we joined hands and dad said grace and then we began passing the food around.

I was always a meat and potatoes kind of boy, but that day I ate some of almost everything, and lots of turkey, and by the time we were finished I was too full for dessert. We sat for a while after we were done eating and just talked about things that families talk about and eventually we all chipped in and cleaned up the mess and mom put the leftovers away.

Afterwards we played my new board game Life and had a lot of fun. Along the way we managed to finally eat some dessert then we played Monopoly and my uncle Joe won the game hands down. 

After getting my butt kicked at Monopoly I finally decided to try out my new bike while my folks visited with my aunt and uncle. Little Joe was taking a nap and I think they had a lot to talk about so it was a perfect opportunity for me to scoot.

I rode up and down my street first just to get the hang of my new bike, but it was really easy to ride and not as tall as my old one so there was less danger of wrecking or racking myself. Eventually I ventured up the street and around the corner and up the sidewalk toward Larry's house.

His house was still dark and their car was gone so I figured he was still gone for the holidays. I could turn back and go by Donnie's house, I thought, but instead I rode on to the end of the block and turned left and rode up to Christine and Evelyn's house.

As luck would have it they were outside tossing a Frisbee back and forth and when I rode up they ran up to meet me.

"Oh hi Robert. I like your new bike," Evelyn said smiling at me like always.

"Yeah, I got it for Christmas. I'm just out trying it out. It's really neat. And I got a bunch of other cool stuff and guess mom is gonna have a baby so I'm gonna  have a new brother or sister."

"OH....a baby, that's so nice," Chrissy said sounding really excited, "Tell your mom is she ever needs a baby sitter we can do it. We love babysitting, don't we Evelyn?"

"Yeah, we babysit all the time for 25¢ an hour."

"That's cool. That way they don't stick me with doing it for free," I laughed.

"So, where's Johnny? I hardly ever see one of you without that other one," Chrissy said.

"Oh, he's at his grandma's. We're gonna hang out next week while we're on break."

"I'm going to go visit my mother in Chicago," Evelyn said excitedly, "I'm going to fly on a plane and everything. I leave Sunday night from Tulsa."

"Wow, really? That's so cool. Will you send me a postcard?"

"Yeah, I will. I'm going to stay all week so Chrissy will be home all alone."

"Maybe me and Johnny can come see  ya'," I offered.

"Yeah, maybe we can play house or something," she giggled.

"Well, I better go. My aunt and uncle are visiting and I told my folks I wouldn't be gone long."

"Okay, bye," Evelyn said touching my arm. Boy she never gave up. I was surprised she didn't try to kiss me, "I'll send you a postcard as soon as I get there. I'll pick one up in the airport."

"Great, well...gotta go. Bye Chrissy, bye Evelyn...oh and Merry Christmas.

"Merry Christmas," the both said and they went back to playing Frisbee as I rode off. I took the long way back and when I got to Donnie's street I turned down it instead of going on home. I didn't know if he'd be home or if he had company, but I really wanted to show off my bike only if for a minute.

I was almost there when I saw Donnie come out of his front door carrying what looked like a rifle and when he saw me he walked out to the sidewalk and waited for me. When I got closer I could see he was holding a BB gun and I figured it must've been a Christmas gift.

"Hi, you gotta new bike...neat. I got this here BB gun and it's pretty cool. Wanna come shoot it with me?"

"I don't' have much time, but you have a target or anything?"

"I gots some cans sit up behind the garage. We can shoot at them and if we miss the BB's just hit the garage and don't hurt nuthin'."

I walked my bike into his backyard and parked it far enough from the garage to be safe and we took turns shooting at a half dozen tin cans sitting on an old bench behind his garage. The few times I couldn't hit anything, but Donnie finally got behind me and showed me how to sight it as he leaned into me with his arms around me. 

He felt warm against me and smelled good, not like perfume or soap, but like boys smell and I'd come to like that smell a lot. My dick was starting to get a little hard and my mind wasn't exactly on shooting cans at the moment.

When he finally pulled away I tried again and surprisingly I hit two out of six cans. I got better each time it was my turn and by the time we were out of BB's I was a pretty good shot.

"Wanna'' go in the garage and play?" Donnie said suddenly as if he'd been reading my mind earlier.

I nodded and he led me through the side door and into the rickety old garage which sat at one edge of their yard. It wasn't really a garage in the sense that they parked a car in it, but I guess that's what it had been built for originally. It had two wide doors that opened in front and one regular door on the side and as we stepped inside it was almost pitch black in there.

After a few minutes our eyes adjusted and I was aware of light coming through all the cracks in the walls. There was a lot of junk in there, old furniture, rusty bikes, and an Radio Flyer wagon with one wheel missing, and a sagging old couch with a sheet thrown over it.

"Wanna jack off?"  Donnie said as soon as we were inside. Boy he sure didn't waste any time.

"Okay," I said easily. I hadn't done it all day, so why not?

"Let's sit on the couch," Donnie said standing up his new BB gun by the door and leading the way.

Stretched out with our pants around our knees and our legs stuck out in front of us we looked at each other and started. Jacking off with Donnie was cool, but I couldn't help but wonder where Larry was and if he'd like to join us.

We'd been going at it for maybe five minutes when Donnie reached over and grabbed my dick, "Let's do each other, it's better."

Well, I certainly didn't have any problem with that, even if I'd rather be jacking Larry's big cock off.

Donnie's dick felt good in my hand and we soon got a good rhythm going. Donnie really knew how to work a dick and pretty soon I was close to coming. I guess he was close too, but of course he didn't shoot cum yet so I didn't' have to worry about any mess. However since I did, I figured the polite thing to do to warn him, and so I squeaked out an "I'm coming," and he tightened his grip and gave my dick a few more jerks and then I began to shoot.

This time I shot a little bit more and it actually hit the dirt about a foot from the couch.

"Wow, that's so neat. I can't wait till I get my sperm. Damn, that's nice," he said squeezing the last few drops out.

Now it was time to finish him and for one minute I was tempted to lean down and put my mouth on his dick, but we hadn't discussed that or anything so I just kept on jacking. Suddenly he tensed up and grunted and starting shaking all over as his orgasm hit him. I kept jacking for a few more strokes then let go of his dick and he fell back panting like a dog.

"Good one. Hey, kin I ride your bike around the block?"

"Sure but not too far, I need to get home," I said as we pulled up our pants.

Once we were outside Donnie grabbed my bike and straddled it and sat down just getting the feel of it, "Oh man..this is nice. Is it okay if I ride to the school and back?"

"Uh, sure go ahead," I shrugged, "but be careful, okay?"

"I will, you don't gotta' worry," he said as he rode off. 

I watched him for a minute then started toward the front yard when suddenly the back door opened and out stepped Larry. Today he was wearing tight Levi's and a flannel shirt but no jacket and he still looked hot as the fourth of July.

"Hey Robert, Merry Christmas. I saw your new bike, it's neat. Hope Donnie don't wreck it."

"He won't," I said grinning as I shoved my hands in my pocket.

"I watched as he walked down the last step and headed my way but instead of stopping he kept on walking toward the garage. When he got to the door he opened it and stepped inside then turned to look at me and made a come here motion with his head.

Well, he didn't have to invite me more than once. Looking around to make sure no one was watching I headed to the garage and by the time I got there he was already inside sitting on the couch. 

"Close the door," he said in a husky voice that caused my me to shiver.

I closed the door and just stood there with my heart thumping in my chest and I was shaking like a leaf. 

He patted the couch and somehow I managed to walk the few feet there without falling down. When I got there I sat down a foot or so from him and he leaned back and looked at me with a sly grin on his face.

"So you liked what we did last time?" he said, but I didn't think it was a question, more like a statement and he didn't give me time to answer before going on, "Donnie will be gone a while. Scoot over here," he said patting the spot right by him.

I swallowed hard and slid over next to him and in the process bumping into his solid teenage body.

"Uh sorry," I said blushing.

"It's okay," he said sounding a little nervous now, "You guys already jack off?"

I nodded and blushed again.

"Yeah, Donnie's always horny. Me too though."

"Yeah, I know what you mean."

"So...think you can help me out?"

"Oh sure, yeah, absolutely," I said trembling with excitement. This was it, I was going to get to see and feel  his huge teenage dick again.

He stood suddenly and unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them down along with his briefs and sat back down. His cock was hard as a stick of wood and leaned back toward his body almost touching his flat stomach. His pubic hair was thick and dark and formed a V just above his cock, but there didn't appear to be very much hair on his big balls.

"All  yours," he said watching me closely.

I nodded again and reached over and grabbed his cock and pulled the foreskin back releasing his musky odor and I was lost in lust. I marveled at the size and feel and smell of his huge teenage cock as I worked it like it was my favorite toy. 

I leaned down closer to get a better look and smell after a little while and suddenly I aware of Larry's hand on the back of my neck. At first he just sort of massaged my neck which felt pretty good but after a few minutes of that he started rubbing the back of my head ruffling my hair and then before I could react he was pushing my head down toward his cock.

Now if I hadn't already sucked cock before I might have been freaked out or scared, but the truth was this was what I wanted and the fact that he was taking charge just made it easier for me. I figured if he was the one forcing me to suck him that he thought it was okay and I didn't have to worry about him telling anyone or making fun of me. I was suddenly the innocent young victim being forced to suck an older boys dick, only the truth was I wasn't innocent and I wanted it as much as he did.

I could tell he was surprised that I didn't resist and I felt him relax a little as my lips touched his cock head. At first I just kissed it and licked it, but then smiling evilly I put my hot little mouth over it and went to work.

He moaned really loud and thrust up forcing his big ole' dick into my mouth and I gagged at first, but this wasn't my first dick and I knew how to handle that problem. Wrapping my hand around his dick to control how far it could go into my mouth I jacked him as I slurped and sucked and used my little tongue to drive him out of his mind.

He didn't last long and when he started moaning even louder I knew he was almost there. Tensing up he cried out warning me that he was coming, but instead of pulling off I sucked harder and braced myself for the flood that was coming.

"Awwwwwwwww, shiiiit....oh fuck," he moaned as his dick expanded and began to shoot his hot thick teenage sperm into my little mouth.

I swallowed as fast as I could but there was just too much and some of his cum escaped and ran down my chin and dripped onto his cock, but I never let up for a minute. Swallowing and swirling and still sucking I finally drained his big teenage balls of every drop of his delicious cum.

When he finally pushed me away I gave his dick head one last lick then sat back up and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand.

"Wow, that was wild. Have you done that before?' he panted.

I shrugged, "Was it okay?"

"Okay? Hell was amazin', Damn  no girl ever made me feel that good."

I smiled, "I guess I liked it too," I said letting him know I was willing to do it again if he was.

"You need to come over here more often," he said squeezing a drop of cum off his dick and wiping it on the couch. 

"Okay, I will. Well...better get back out there. Donnie will be back any minute."

I  really cocky with a warm feeling in my tummy as I left him on his own to recover. I'd wondered what it would be like to suck Larry and swallow his cum and now I knew and I liked it a lot. Did that make me weird, or a slut, or a fag? I didn't know or care at the moment. All I knew was I had wanted something and I had got it and I was pretty smug. I think the fact that we'd snuck around and done it and even Donnie didn't know made it even better. Of course I figured it wouldn't be a secret for long. I figured Larry would be bragging about it to Donnie and maybe even trying to get him to do it, that is if he wasn't already.

I was standing out front on the sidewalk when Donnie returned and I supposed Larry had made his escape by then. We talked a few minutes and he told me how much fun my new bike was to ride and then we said goodbye and I rode back home.

Around six mom warmed up the leftovers and we ate again, but not quite as much that time. Around 7:30 or so my aunt and uncle left and it was just me and my mom and dad again.  I was tired after riding the bike and all that happened at Donnie's and by nine I was yawning and ready for bed. 

I gave mom and dad a kiss and a hug and thanked them again for everything and then went off to bed. I slipped on my pajamas and crawled under the covers and after a while I began to think about Larry and his big cock and I got hard again. I opened my fly and fished out my cock and grabbed a dirty sock and wrapped it up and began jacking. When I came I was exhausted and after tossing the sock in the floor I fell asleep.

Sunday I slept late and the rest of the day was pretty much a blur. I played with my road race set and rode my bike, but without any friends around it was pretty boring. I couldn't wait for Johnny to get back from his grandma's and to tell him all my news. 

I wondered how he'd feel about me sucking Larry, but he'd been cool about me jacking him off so I supposed he'd be cool with this too. At least I didn't let him put that big old dick up my butt.

Mom dug out some of my old baby stuff and we had a good laugh about it. I didn't know boys wore dresses, but mom swore this little white dress she had was mine. She called it a Christening gown and said I wore it to church when the preacher put some water on my head. It was sort of like baptizing, only baby style I guess.

There were blankets and booties and even some cloth diapers, a bassinet, and they still had the crib I slept in. Dad said he would refinish it for the new baby and it would be good as new. This brought up an interesting question, exactly where was the new baby going to sleep?

"Well, your dad is going to convert the sewing room to a nursery. At first the baby will sleep in his bassinett in our room. Then when he...or she is older in their crib in the nursery."

"That's cool." I said glad they weren't going to force me to shared a room with a bawling brat.

Sunday night Johnny called and said they were back and that he'd be down tomorrow morning to see me. I was floating on air when I hung up the phone. My boyfriend was back and boy did I have a lot to tell him.


End Chapter Four

Wow, what a horn dog Robert has become. Seducing onlder boys...tut, tut, tut. Let's hope Johnny is as cool with it as Robert thinks. After catching his mom and dad going at it like rabbits he has a whole new outlook on things, and now a baby is going to complicate their lives. 

In the next chapter we breeze through the rest of 1964 and enter lovely 1965.

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