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Tween to Teen
(sequel to My 11th Summer)

Chapter SIX
Time flies when you're having fun
by: Kewl Dad

 Not a lot happened those last few months of school. Johnny and I spent as much time together as we could, but we only saw Larry and Donnie a few times outside of school. It wasn't that we didn't want to, it just never seemed to work out. Donnie's older brother Larry was a frequent subject of discussion but it wasn't until late May till something interesting happened.

It was the last week of school and of course we were all looking forward to the end of the school year and summer vacation. We'd already made plans to go camping with Donnie and Larry, but so far we hadn't figured out exactly when or where. We just knew that was something we wanted to do.

Anyway like I said it was late may and the weather was warm and wonderful. Johnny and I were shirtless and riding our bikes down Taylor street when we heard a beep beep behind us and when we turned to look there was Donnie's brother Larry driving a beat up old Ford Fairlane. 

He pulled over and stopped and Johnny road up to the passenger side and I rode up to the driver's side and we  hung onto the door through the open window as we talked to him.

"Wow, is this yours?"

"Sure is Robert. Dad bought it for me from this guy he knows. He said if I'd get a job and pay for gas I could have it."

" you have a job?"

"Yeah, I'm working at the drive-in at the concession stand. It's just for the summer, but it's an easy job. I work nights so I got all day free."

The drive-in had just reopened and was only open on Friday and Saturday nights for now, but when school was out it would be open seven days a week. 

"Hey, maybe you can get us tickets," Johnny said grinning.

"Sure, no problem. Hey you guys wanna go for a ride?"

"Yeah, but what about our bikes?"

"How bout' you ride em to your house and leave em', then meet me at the end of the block."

I guess I should have wondered why Larry didn't just follow us to my house, but for some reason I wasn't anxious for my mom to know what we were doing so I figured that was probably best. We parked our bikes in my backyard and slipped out the back gate and down the block circling back around and meeting Larry who was idling at the curb.

We both slipped into the big wide bench seat and off we went. The car ran kind of rough and smoked a little, but it was still a car and we thought it was the greatest thing ever. The radio worked though and Larry had tuned in the local AM station and The Supremes were singing Stop in the Name of Love through the tinny speakers.

"Wow, this is so rad. Does it go fast?" Johnny wanted to know.

"Sure, wanna take it out on the highway and find out?"

We both gave our excited approval and Larry headed over to Mill and south toward the outskirts of town. Once we were out of the city limits the speed limit increased steadily until we were cruising along at 55, then 60, and finally 65. The old Ford rattled and shimmied but sailed along as we whooped and hollered and had the time of our lives.

Eventually we came to a turn off and Larry drove us toward Grand River. He couldn't drive quite as fast on 69-A but he still managed to drive over 50 most of the way. At Grand River just before the bridge Larry turned off into the trails that wound around by the river.

"I thought we'd see how it handles on the trails," Larry said sounding a little nervous.

I wondered what he was really up to, but I wasn't about to ask and Johnny seemed clueless. When we got near the river Larry turned  away from the river and onto the trials that led into the woods. One of trails wound around and behind an industrial area and  eventually doubled back to the river, but the other one just wound around through the woods behind the golf course and then out onto the road by the Indian Housing addition.

It was the last road that Larry took, but after a while he pulled onto a side trail I didn't even know existed which took us deeper into the woods and out of sight. Now if I hadn't known Larry and if I hadn't had Johnny with me, I might have been nervous, but I think by then I'd already figured out what Larry was up to.

When we finally came to a stop in a clearing Larry put the car in neutral and set the parking brake and turned off the engine.

"I don't know bout' you guys but I need to piss," Larry said opening his door with a rusty sounding squeak.

"Yeah, me too," Johnny said piling out on his side. 

I followed him out and stretched and looked around. The trees blocked most of the sun and it was cool in the clearing and the smell of fresh grass and foliage filled my head. I felt good, I felt alive, and....I felt horny all of a sudden.

Larry hadn't bothered to try to hide himself as he unzipped and pulled out that big ole' pecker that I remembered so well from my last time. Johnny was standing right beside him grinning like a opossum trying not to be too obvious but he was definitely checking Larry out.

I moved over to where they were and unzipped, but my pecker was already half hard and it took me a minute to get the flow started. Larry didn't try to hide his interest in our much smaller peckers and was grinning as he continued to piss.

"You guys got big dick for little guys. Do you guys shoot yet?" 

I knew Larry knew I could shoot, after all he'd seen it, but I guess he wasn't sure how much Johnny knew about what was going on.

"Yeah, we both can," Johnny offered, "but I bet you shoot a lot more than we do."

Larry laughed, "Wanna see?"

"Hell yeah," Johnny said enthusiastically.

"I might need some help," Larry said grinning.

Johnny shrugged, "We can help, right Robert?"

"Sure, we'll help all ya' want," I said shaking off the last few drops of pee.

Larry had finished and was slowly working his foreskin back and forth now bringing his pecker to it's full length. Either he'd grown or I'd forgotten how big his pecker was, cause' it sure looked big at that moment. I drop of creamy looking liquid formed at the slit and Larry reached down and dabbed his finger in it and brought it to his lips.

"Hmmm...good ole' precum," he said grinning.

I must've licked my lips or something because Larry moved closer and pushed his pecker my way, " wanna help me or not?"

"Oh, sure...yeah," I said reaching over and wrapping my hand around it as far as I could, "Wanna help me Johnny?"

Johnny shuffled over with his pants still undone and began rubbing Larry's nuts while I worked his cock. If Larry didn't know we were experienced before that day, he did now as we double-teamed his junk. Larry was breathing faster now and sort of panting and shaking.

"Aw....guys that feels great. Know what would feel even better though?"

"What?" I said softly, but I already knew the answer.

"A nice wet....soft...mouth," he hissed.

I shrugged and gave Johnny a move over look and dropped to my knees right there on the grass and gave his pecker a lick. It tasted salty and good just like I expected and I didn't see any need to beat around the bush so I just took it in my mouth and began sucking and licking and moving up and down on it, just like I did with Johnny.

Meanwhile Johnny had started jerking his own cock as he watched and then I got this really wicked idea.

"Hold on a minute," I said to both of them, and I started pulling off my shorts and  underwear. 

Both stared at me for a minute then they both joined me and pretty soon we were all three naked except for our socks. 

I was so horny I couldn't see straight and I knew what I wanted more than anything in the world at that moment was to have Johnny fuck me while I sucked Larry off. It took some maneuvering but we finally figured out that if Larry laid on the ground on top of our clothes and I knelt over him to suck his dick, Johnny could fuck me doggy style.

I thought Larry was going to come as soon as he saw what was happening, but he managed to keep it under control until Johnny unloaded in my butt. When he heard Johnny cry out he pulled me off his dick and looked at me with a pleading look and said, "Please, please....can I butt fuck you?"

I looked back at Johnny who was just coming down from his orgasm and in a weak state. "It's up to you. He's pretty big."

"I can handle it," I said shakily, "just go slow...okay?"

"So I wound up bent over the car seat while Larry used spit and precum to lube up his dick and then he pushed it in before I could tell him to take it slow again. It hurt like heck, but just for a minute and then it was awesome. He  rubbed that thing in me better than Johnny did and for the first time ever I came without even touching my dick. When I came my butthole clenched shut and that pushed Larry over the edge and he filled me with more cum than I ever knew existed.

When he finally pulled out I could feel the stuff running down my leg and drying in the cool breeze. Fortunately Larry had an old towel in the car and he and Johnny helped me get cleaned up. I felt kind of wobbly but good and now I knew for sure I could take a man-sized dick and live to tell about it. Not that I planned on making a habit of it, but it was good information to have.

It got kind of weird after that and we got dressed in silence and Larry drove us back home. We talked about everything except what happened and I was sort of glad. I didn't know if it would ever happen again, or if I wanted it to, but in a way I was glad it had. I also didn't know if I'd ever be able to tell Donnie, but I needn't have worried, Larry made sure he knew I'd got fucked and eventually talked Donnie into taking his big dick up his butt too.

Larry dropped us off on the street behind my house and we walked to my place and by then it was time for Johnny to head home. I walked him to the street and only then did I bring up what had happened.

"You okay with what happened?" I asked shyly

"Sure, are you?"

"Yeah, I guess, but I'm not sure I want to get fucked by Larry again."

"Then don't," Johnny said simply. "It's like we said, if it's not fun, or it doesn't feel good, why do it?"

"Yeah, well....I didn't really like it that much, I sort of fibbed, I like it better when it's  you fucking me."

He smiled, "Yeah, me  too. I don't mind the blow jobs so much, but fucking is our thing."

"God, I'm glad you said that. It's exactly how I feel. So...should we make an agreement that we don't let anyone else do that?"

"Let's think about it, okay?"

"Oh, okay," I said feeling a little confused now.

"I gotta go. I'll see ya' tomorrow at school. Only three more days," he said grinning.

"Yeah, three more days. love  you."

"I love you too...always," he said then turning he rode away leaving me to stare at his cute backside and muscular back. I smiled and forgot all about my confusion.

School finally ended and the summer lay ahead of us once more. At first we just slept late and caught up on our lazy time, but eventually the idea of the campout came up again. On a Saturday in Larry's cramped clubhouse, after a mutual jerk off session, we outlined our plans.

"Johnny's tent is too small or all four of us, does anyone have a bigger tent?"

"I do," Larry offered, "well, it's my dad's.....or my family's I mean. We went camping once at Sequoia. My mom didn't like it though so we  haven't gone since.

"Hey, maybe your dad would take us Sequoia? Donnie said excitedly.

"No, you goof. Then we couldn't mess around," Johnny reminded him.

"Oh, yeah...right. Well....maybe we could get him to leave us there."

"Right, like our folks would go for that," I said rolling my eyes.

"Okay, so what do we do then?"

"Well, Salt Creek was cool last year, but what I really wish is that we could go somewhere better, like Spavinaw."

"Spavinaw is cool. We could swim and play on the spillway and there's that fishing pond and park and everything," Larry said excitedly, then he frowned, "But how do we get there? Our folks aren't gonna let us go alone, even if we had a ride there.

Spavinaw was a good hour's drive, not because of the distance, but because of the winding curvy roads that had to be taken at low speed. It was carved out of the hills and was actually built just below the lake with a spillway that fed the creek that ran through it. There were camping spots, bathrooms and showers, and even utility hookups for campers and such. 

I'd never camped there, but I'd gone swimming there a few times with my family and it was a cool place. My dad had talked about renting one of the cabins there some year and staying a few days, but so far it had never happened, but that did give me an idea.

I didn't want to get the guys' hopes up so I decided to talk to my folks first just in case it didn't work out. But I had a few aces up my sleeve and I felt like I had a good chance of making this happen. 

Eventually we broke up the meeting and Johnny and I headed to my house. He was spending the night and we had a busy night planned, we were going to the drive-in with mom and dad thanks to Larry who had come through with free tickets for us.

We ate dinner early, but mom packed enough snacks and drinks to see us through the evening and around 8 we headed to the drive-in which was just outside of the city limits. Those of you who grew up in America in the 60s,70s, or even 80s will remember the drive-in theaters. They are pretty much dinosaurs now, extinct that is, but there are still a few around, though they will never be able to compete with the 16 screen mega-complexes of today.

Ours was small, the screen made of sheet metal and you could actually see the seams of the pieces of tin. The parking areas were grass-covered hills with speaker poles holding these detachable speakers that you hung on your window and hoped you didn't forget to remove before you drove off. The drive-ins today use broadcast sound through your car radio, but back then it was those speakers on a metal coated wired that piped in the sound.

The drive-in was busy that night, but fortunately we got a good spot just behind the snack bar which also held the projection booth. The movie didn't start till dark, which was roughly 8:30 so Johnny and I headed to the snack bar for popcorn.  Larry was there, but he was pretty busy and we only got to say hi before he was back at work though we did thank him for the tickets.

On the way back we stopped at the bathroom and learned something new that night. There were two stalls in the mens room and a long trough urinal, but for some reason that night we chose the stalls to do our pissing.

As soon as we were in the stalls with the door closed I noticed there was a hole carved in the wooden wall between the two stalls and I giggled and stuck my fingers through it and wiggled them at Johnny.

"Hey, little boy," I giggled, "see my pecker?"

Johnny laughed, "It's little. Mine's bigger...see," he said actually shoving his dick through the hole and pushing my fingers out.

I giggled so hard I almost peed myself then I had this sudden realization that that probably wasn't the first dick that had been shoved through that hole. Bending down I noticed that someone had written above the hole...Show hard for BJ.

"Oh my God, come over here...quick," I said to Johnny who pulled his dick back and was soon knocking on my door.

I let him in and pointed at the writing above the hole. "Do you think guys really give BJ's in  here?"

"Sure, why not? After all, we're not the only ones who do that stuff."

"Wow, that's crazy. Hey, do you think someone might come in here and do that stuff tonight?"

Johnny shrugged, "I don't know, but I do know I gotta piss and the movie's starting soon so....."

We pissed side by side and no one came in the whole time, but even when we got back to the car I couldn't stop thinking about that hole and that writing and what might be going on in there while we were watching the movie.

Back then they showed two movies, and then there was a brief intermission so people could hit the snack bar or use the bathroom. As soon as the first movie was over Johnny and I headed to the bathroom.

It was busy at first including a few boys, some of them we knew, some we didn't, and a few dads I guessed. Then it was just Johnny and me and I nudged him and we headed to the back stall. We hadn't been in there maybe a few seconds when someone came in and went into the other stall and closed the door. 

We could hear clothes rustling and I was thinking, "Yuck, someone's gonna poop and we're gonna have to smell it, but then we heard a soft cough and a sort of wet slapping noise that we knew all too well.

Jabbing Johnny I pointed at the hole and he bent down and looked through it. He came up smiling and motioned for me to give it a look and when I did I saw a hand working the skin on a hard uncut cock. It was hard to tell how old the person was, but the dick wasn't all that big, so I figured it was a kid or at least a teenager. 

We stood there for a minute taking turns peeking through the hole then suddenly things changed. First a finger came wiggling through the hole and there was a soft cough again, then the fingers were replaced by that uncut dick.

I looked at Johnny and he looked at me and we both giggled before reaching for it. We worked that cock like our lives depended on it and when it starting spitting up we milked it dry then bolted out of there while the guy was still pulling himself together. 

We high-tailed it to the car and slid into the back seat and tried to act normal but mom gave us a "what now" look, but didn't say anything.

We watched the second movie constantly glancing around wondering who the guy was in the bathroom, but of course we never found out. That was the day we learned about glory holes and anonymous sex, but we still preferred the kind of sex we had.

May passed, Johnny turned 12 and by June all of us boys were 12. They others  had birthday parties, but none as elaborate as mine and I felt sort of bad for them. I got them neat presents though and of course Johnny's was the he got me in bed that night.

We went back to spending our days roaming the city and having adventures, riding our bikes and drinking soda pop and eating candy and going to the Saturday afternoon matinees at the Alred Theater. We went skating and swimming and spent long hours playing sand lot baseball and by the end of June we were brown as biscuits and more than ready for our big campout.

I'd waited till just the right moment to spring my plan and even  if I'd planned a lifetime things couldn't have worked out better.

One evening when it was just my folks and I relaxing on our couch and watching TV I put my plan  in action. Mom was getting pretty big by then and the baby was due in August, and I knew that once that baby was born there wouldn't be much time for her or her family and  that was all part of my plan.

", you know how you are always talking about renting a cabin at Spavinaw and spending a few days on the lake?"

"Yes son...someday I'd like to do that," dad sighed.

" know...pretty soon the baby will be here," I let that sink in before going on, "and we might not get to do that for a long time," I said looking sad.

Dad laughed, but mom looked thoughtful, " think this would be the year to do that...before we find ourselves hip deep in diapers?"

Dad gave her a curious look, but I could tell he was starting to see what I was saying.

"So...what we, the guys...I mean were thinking was. You guys could rent a cabin at Spavinaw and us guys, me and Johnny and Larry and Donnie, well...we could camp out in Spavinaw park and you'd be right there to check on us," I said quickly, holding my breath hoping I didn't get shot down too soon.

Mom laughed, and dad shook his head. "I might have known there was more to this than a family outing. Did it occur to you that we might want our son with us?"

" have me all the time, but just think about'd have time alone together without me around....only I'd be close if you got lonesome for me," I said grinning.

Mom touched dad's hand and nodded, "Maybe we should give it some thought dear. It might be a long time before you and I have a moment's peace together....after the baby's born."

"I guess it won't hurt to think about it. Are you sure the other boys' parents will go along with this?"

" friend's folks trust you and mom and if you say it's okay they're in," I said grinning. I was trying to build him up without being a kiss ass.

"Well, don't say anything to them yet, but if we decide to do this we'll want to talk to the boys' parents first....just to make sure."

"Great, thanks, you're the greatest." I said hugging both of the quickly, "I'm gonna go take a bath and get ready for bed. "

Yesssss.....I said to myself as I trotted off to my bedroom to grab clean undies and a tee shirt. I couldn't wait to tell Johnny, but I wouldn't mention it to the other two until dad said it was okay. I bathed quickly and got ready for bed and went in say goodnight to my folks but they were already in their room and I didn't dare disturb them, not after what I'd witnessed Christmas day.

I laid awake for a while, too excited to sleep, and eventually jerked off just to release my tension. I was sure that things were going to work out for the campout and I just knew it was going to be the best time ever.

Then a couple of weeks later something else happened that changed things once again for us boys. Ricky came to visit. We'd kept in touch by mail almost weekly since Thanksgiving and the last letter said they might not get to come this summer, but one day I woke up find him standing on my front porch.

He's grown some, but I guess we all had. His birthday was in July, so he wasn't quite 12  yet, but you couldn't tell it by looking at him. He was still cute as could be, but he'd lost that baby face and now was just drop dead gorgeous. I was sure that if he'd been into girls that he could have had any girl he wanted, but like us, he seemed to prefer boys.

"What are you doing here?" I said jumping up and down and hugging him and making him jump with me.

"I came to visit, not just for a week, but all summer. My folks couldn't stay but I'm spending the summer at David's house."

"That's great. Oh man, this is so cool. Come in, I want to tell mom."

Mom gave Ricky a  hug and when she heard the news she gave me a raised eyebrow but didn't say anything. I knew what she was thinking: What would Johnny think about this?

I hadn't had breakfast yet and I talked Ricky into eating with me and we had pancakes and bacon while we talked. He said his folks were thinking about moving back to Oklahoma, and that there was an air force base only about 150 miles away near the capitol. If he did move, he said they'd be able to visit more often and even  though he said he hated leaving all his friends in Kansas he said it would be worth it.

I felt pretty special that he wanted to see me so much, but I had to admit I was sort of conflicted since I wasn't sure how Johnny would feel about all this. I mean he'd said he was cool with it, but that was when Ricky was hundreds of miles away and not sitting at my dining room table.

After breakfast we went outside to hang out and talk some more and the camping trip came up. I told him how I'd worked my folks and how they'd finally given in and now the trip was on for next weekend. We were going to leave Friday afternoon and stay till Sunday and suddenly I had this wonderful idea.

"Think you could come with us?" I blurted out, before I could stop myself.  I mean I was sure Donnie and Larry wouldn't care, but Johnny might not be so fond of having Ricky along considering what we had planned after the lights went out.

"I don't know. I'd have to ask my aunt and uncle, since they're in charge now. Are you sure it would be okay with...with the other guys?"

"Maybe I should ask them first, but I'm pretty sure they won't care."

"Even Johnny?"

I blushed, "Johnny is cool with you now," I said trying to convince myself as much as him.

He nodded, "Well, ask them first, then I'll see."

We played around most of the day, but nothing sexual happened, which I was sort of glad for. At least I didn't have anything to confess to Johnny when I brought up the subject of Ricky going on the campout.

Around four o'clock I walked Ricky to his cousin's house, which was just on the other side of the big park, near the duck pond. His  cousin David was a year younger but kind of a dork and I didn't really like hanging out with him that much. He pretty much had a life of his own and even while Ricky was visiting they only hung out when Ricky wasn't at my house.

I knew I couldn't just drop a bomb like that on Johnny all at once so I decided to feel him out on the subject first. After dinner I asked if I could ride down to Johnny's till it got dark. That gave me an hour or more to talk to him.

He was outside feeding his dog Peck.

"Hey, what are you doing?" he said grinning.

"Oh, just came to see ya', that's all. I can stay till dark."

"Aww..too bad you can't stay the night."

"Naw, I gotta get back. Can we talk?"

"Uh oh, now what?" he laughed, "Wanna walk over to the school and play on the monkey bars?"

So that's where we wound up that evening, sitting in the waning sun, smelling the clean earthy smell of fresh mown grass and flowers. It felt good to be 12, to be alive and in love, and suddenly I was tempted to forget the whole Ricky thing and leave things alone, but my mouth had other plans.

"Guess who showed up at my house today?"

"Ricky?" Johnny said surprising the hell out of me.

"Uh, how did you know?"

"I rode by today and saw you two going into the back yard," he said staring straight ahead.

"Why didn't you stop?"

He shrugged, "I dunno, he's your friend....."

"What? No, wait...I thought he was your friend too."

"After what I did," he huffed, "I doubt he likes me very much."

"That's old news. That's behind us now. He doesn't hold a grudge and neither do I."

He flicked his eyes my way and smirked, "So...what did you two do all day?"

"Not much, we did talk about the campout though."

He gave me what I thought was a warning look, but I was too stupid or two stubborn to heed it.

"I was wondering what you and the other guys thought about him going with us?"

If Johnny had been a cat, I'd been able to see his hackles sticking up on his back, but he was just a boy and I was too dense to see what was really going on.

"Sure, that sound fine,  if the others don't care, I don't."

"Are you sure....cause I won't ask him if you don't want him to come."

"Except you already asked him, didn't you?"

He had me there. "Well...sort of, but I told him I'd have to ask you first....and the other guys."

"But mostly me...right?"

I sighed, "Dammit Johnny, if you don't want him to come, just say it."

"I don't care, I really don't. It might be fun," he said putting on his best smiley face, "Yeah, and I'm sure Donnie and Larry won't care, they're just glad to be going anywhere."

"Well...if you're sure...."

"I'm sure, now....come with me. I want to show you something."

I followed Johnny down off the monkey bars and beside the cafeteria. There was a little wall there where they put the trash cans and once we got behind it Johnny grabbed me and pulled me into a kiss.

I melted into his arms and we kissed passionately for a long time. Then one think led to another and pretty soon I was on my knees and sucking Johnny's hard cock like a Hoover. He came hard and when his knees buckled I held him there till he calmed down.

When I stood up he pulled his pants up and kissed me again before returning the favor. A few minutes later, both sated, sweaty, and exhausted we walked back to his house and a few minutes later I rode on home.

The next day we all met at Larry's and Donnie and Larry agreed enthusiastically to have Ricky join us. We went over our plans one last time and then Johnny and I went to my house. After checking in with my mom we walked to the big park and met Ricky by the duck pond.

I should have known from the way they looked at each other what was really going on, but I was dumb and naive and believed what they said and not what they meant.


"Hey, how's it goin'?"

"Okay, you ever been camping before?"

"Yeah, my dad took me a couple of times," Ricky said looking at me questioningly.

"They said it was cool if you came," I explained, "the other guys wanna meet you tomorrow if that's cool."

"Oh, sure...yeah..definitely."

"Think you could spend the night tonight?" I said quickly. Johnny was already staying over and I thought this would give them a chance to really see if they could get along.

"I can ask," he said eying Johnny.

"Johnny's staying over too. It'd be us three."

"Oh, yeah..that would be cool," Ricky said actually sounding relieved, "I can go ask....if you want me to."

"Well...yeah, want us to come with ya.?"

"Naw, just wait here....okay?"

Johnny and I sat down on the grassy bank and pulled at the tufts of grass as we waited, the ducks ignoring us now that they were sure we weren't going to feed them.

"Where are we gonna sleep tonight?" Johnny asked suddenly, as if it had been bothering him all along.

I hadn't really thought of that, but I didn't think it was a big problem, "Well...we can make him a pallet on the floor or something."

"And sleep together right there with him in the room?"

"Sure, why not. It's not like he doesn't know we're together."

"What if we all slept in the floor?"

I shrugged, "Whatever, that's fine too. We can make a bed in the floor for all three of us."

"Yeah, that's best. I guess you can sleep in the middle," he added after a few minutes.

"Or you can, as long as you're next to me, that's all that matters," I said grinning.

"We can't mess around with him there....can we?"

"Why not? It's not like it's a secret or anything."

"Yeah, I guess not," Johnny said tossing a piece of grass at me.

"I get that you're not completely cool with this, but it will be'll see."

"Who says I'm not cool with it? I'm super cool with it."

"Okay, if you say so."

Ricky came running back a few minutes later carrying a gym bag and looking happy.

"I can stay the night and all day tomorrow, but I have to be back at my uncle's house by 5. And they said I could come on the campout, but they want to talk to your folks Robert."

"No problem my mom can drive you there and she can talk to them then. Come on, let's go back to my house and tell mom the good news," I chuckled.

The rest of the day we spent goofing around at my house and I had to admit Johnny seemed fine. He and Ricky were friendly and laughing and joking around like nothing had ever happened between them. I was glad. I hated that my two best friends couldn't get along, but not it looked like I had nothing to worry about.

Dad charcoaled hamburgers and hot dogs that night and we ate on the back porch. Mom had made potato salad and we had a huge watermelon in a wash tub full of ice that we cut up and ate later. 

When it got dark we played freeze tag in the light from the porch light and caught fireflies till it was time to go in.  We were dirty and sweaty and as we passed through the kitchen mom reminded us that we needed to take a shower before bed.

Of course Johnny and I usually took our shower together, but there was no way all three of us would fit in there at once so we decided to take our showers separately, but limit ourselves to five minutes each.

To do this all three of stood naked in the bathroom and while one of us showered the other two kept track of the time. We let Ricky go first since he was our guest and he finished in four minutes. 

Johnny jumped in next and I sort of helped Ricky dry off while still keeping track of the time. Like I said Ricky had grown some and it was really apparent once he was naked. His dick was at least a half inch longer and a little fatter and he had as much hair as Johnny now.  

I noticed he was chubbing up a little as he dried off his dick and he gave me a shy smile and I winked. 

"Time yet?" Johnny said suddenly surprising me.

"Uh, turn," I said handing the towel to Ricky.

My own cock was a little hard by then, but Johnny didn't seem to notice or at least he didn't say anything as I took his place in the shower.

I could hear Johnny and Ricky talking as I showered but I was too busy hurrying to get clean to really concentrate on what they were saying. I showered and washed my hair in record time and was just rinsing the last of the soap off when Johnny pulled the curtain open and announced my time was up.

I hopped out and dried off and we slipped on our underwear and ran off to my room. We spent the next twenty minutes or so pulling covers and pillows down to the floor and arranging things for sleeping. 

My floor was hardwood, but there was a nice throw rug on top of it and so with the quilts and stuff it was half-way comfortable. We piled down side by side and somehow I wound up in the middle just like Johnny had suggested.

"What shall we do?" Johnny said after a few minutes.

"Well, we could play cards? How about Rummy?"

I grabbed the cards and shuffled them and dealt them both five cards. The dealer doesn't actually get to play in three handed Rummy so I had to wait for one of them to loose then the loser would become the dealer.

Johnny won the first hand and Ricky wound up dealing. I was pretty darn good at Rummy, but Johnny was on a streak that night and he won that hand too. I dealt the next hand and decided to go get us a drink while they were playing.

There was left over soda from the cookout and I grabbed three plus some cookies and headed back to my room. I stood outside my bedroom door for a minute listening, but I don't know what I thought I'd hear besides the slap of cards.

I pushed the door open and Johnny looked up and saw what I was carrying and hurried over to help me with my load. We paused the game long enough to open our sodas and eat a cookie.

"This is lame, we should play something all three of us can play," Johnny said frowning.

"Like what?"

"How about hangman, or Life. You have that new game you got for Christmas."

"It takes too long to play Life. How about we just turn out the lights and tell ghost stories or something?"

"Okay, sure....that's fine, but be prepared to have the pants scared off ya'." Johnny laughed.

"Too late, my pants are already off," I giggled.

"Then better hold on to your underwear."

Johnny was pretty good at making up scary stories, plus his dad was always passing new ones along to him. It was the one thing him and his dad had in common I guess, and Johnny sucked up his stories like a sponge and could tell everyone of em' without blinking an eye.

This one was about a little kid falling in a well and instead of water at the bottom there was sand and tunnels running all over the place. The kid wasn't hurt so he decided to explore the tunnels and along the way he ran into all kinds of creepy things, like big spiders, and a rat the size of a dog, and eventually he came upon an old man who told him he was just dreaming the whole thing and when he woke up it would be okay.

Anyway the old man and the boy ran around some more in the tunnels and eventually the boy fell into a hole and when he woke up he was in his own bed, but...the kid was really the old man and the dream had been that he was young again.

It was a perfect story, scary at times, then a real mystery and finally that last part that made us laugh and pat Johnny on the shoulder for a job well done.

"Man you tell the best stories," Ricky said with genuine praise.

"Yeah, the best. That would make  a good Twilight Zone episode," I laughed.

"Yeah, think so? Maybe I should write it down and send it in."

We talked about that for a while but eventually our minds wandered to other things and somewhere along the way the subject of the club came up. I think it was Johnny who first mentioned it, but once I saw he was cool with Ricky knowing about it I jumped in.

"We call it the BAD Boys Club, that stands for Butts and Dicks," Johnny giggled, "No adult would ever figure that one out."

"Why do you call it that?" Ricky giggled, "Is it a dirty club?"

Johnny eyed me for my approval and I nodded.

"Yeah, we mess around sometimes and we're gonna mess around when we go camping. You okay with that?"

"Heck yeah, I love messing around," Ricky said sounding excited.

"How bout' now? You wanna' mess around now?"

Ricky looked at me to see what I thought. I'm sure he thought it might be a trap or something, and truthfully I wasn't so sure it wasn't.

"We could all just jack off," I suggested, "That way no one has to do anything to anyone else."

"That's cool, but not as much fun as messing around," Johnny said sighing.

"You guys can mess around if you want, and I could just watch and jack off," Ricky offered.

"That's not fair to you," Johnny said surprising the heck out of both of us, "how about we get in a sort of circle and jack each other off?"

I knew what he meant, we'd done that with Larry and Donnie before and I guessed it would work as well with three as four, but I was surprised Johnny was so eager to involve Ricky in our sex play.

First we all needed to pee and we slipped out of my room quietly and tip-toed across the hall and emptied our bladders and washed our hands. Back in my room the first thing Johnny did was strip off his underwear and so Ricky and I did too. Needless to say we were all three hard by then and I couldn't help but notice that Johnny seemed interested in what Ricky was packing between his legs.

"You got almost as much hair as me," he said staring at Ricky's crotch.

"Yeah, it just started growing a few months ago. I figure by the time I turn 12 next month I'll have lot more."

" know, pecker bigger too?"

"Yeah, a half inch," Ricky said proudly.

"Damn boy, it's gonna be a monster," Johnny laughed.

I guess that's when I really began to relax. Johnny seemed fine with Ricky and was interested in him so what could go wrong? As long as I didn't show Ricky too much attention or mess things up it would be cool.

We laid down in a sort of circle, curving our bodies in toward each other so we could reach each other's dicks and not surprisingly Johnny latched onto Ricky's. That left me to grab Johnny's and Ricky to grab mine, but that was fine with me. All I wanted to do was get off and get some sleep. I was just happy things were going so well and that Johnny wasn't acting all crazy like he did last time.

After a few minutes the sound and smell of boy dicks being slapped around was all we could hear above our own labored breathing. The smell was perfume to my nose now and it actually made me hornier, if that was possible. If Ricky hadn't been there I would have no doubt have jumped Johnny and swallowed his dick down, but since Johnny had suggested we just jack off I wasn't about to mess things up by going too far. 

As if reading my mind suddenly Johnny looked over at me and smiled. "This is fun, but know what would really be fun? Sucking dicks."

So there it was, it was his idea so who was I to refuse? "Okay, that sounds fine," I said leaning down to begin, but before I could reach my prize he pushed me away.

"How bout' we switch off? Ricky can suck me and I'll suck you and you can suck him."

Well, not what I'd hoped for, but at least there was some sucking going on. I couldn't help but wonder though, what was going through Johnny's head? What was this sudden switch all about? Was he making Ricky suck his dick as revenge for our being friends, or was he just horny for a new set of lips? I had to admit I didn't know, but at that moment I really didn't care. I had a dick to suck and Johnny's lips wrapped around my pecker felt pretty damn good too.

If Ricky was bothered by Johnny's request he didn't show it. The fact that Johnny had basically told us what to do and not ask us said something, but it would take a while for me to figure that one out.

I was eager to suck on Ricky's meat and from the look on Ricky's face so was he. I was already swallowing him down when Ricky picked up Johnny's cock and pulled the foreskin down and with a sly grin on his face he began licking it like a lollipop.

"Oh yeah, that's good. Just take the head in your mouth," Johnny said coming up off my cock long enough to moan.

Ricky did more than that, he slid down the length of Johnny's fat prick and buried his face in Johnny's pubes. I heard and felt Johnny groan around my dick and that felt great too. Meanwhile I reached up and grabbed Ricky's nuts and began massaging them gently as I sucked and swirled my tongue around his cock head and under the sensitive ridge.

The sound of sucking and heavy breathing filled the air and I could smell our sexy smells even stronger now. I reached down and rubbed Johnny's head with my free hand and he looked up at me and I thought he had never looked cuter than he did with my dick in his mouth. 

He surprised me a minute later by snaking his hand under me as he started trying to work his finger into my crack. I knew what he was doing, so I moved my legs and made it easier for him and eventually he managed to get his index finger in my butthole up to the first knuckle.

I groaned and Ricky shivered a little as he felt the echoes of my own shiver around his cock as Johnny fingered my hole. He knew I loved that and there was no way I'd last long if he kept that up, but Johnny had other plans for my butt.

Suddenly pulling up off of my dick he looked me square in the eye and said, " the lake with Larry?" 

How could I forget? I knew exactly what he wanted and I was more than ready to give it, but I could see that Ricky was a little confused. Fortunately since I was already sucking Ricky all I had to do was shift a bit to get into doggy position. 

So hovering over Ricky I continued to suck him while Johnny grabbed the lotion and got us both ready. I was so used to Johnny fucking me that it didn't take much to get me loosened up and as Ricky watched with excitement Johnny entered me and began to fuck me slowly.

"Wow," Ricky said, "but what about Robert? No one's sucking him or anything."

"It's okay, you'll see," I said coming up off him for a  minute.

I was pretty sure Ricky wasn't going to last much longer. Already he was shaking and sort of thrusting up into my mouth so to slow him down I came up off his dick and began to nuzzle and lick his nuts while he cooled down. I wanted to give Johnny time to catch up and hopefully bring Ricky to orgasm at the same time as Johnny.

If everything went as planned I hoped to come myself just from being fucked, but one way or another, we were all going to blow a load before the night was over.

Johnny had done a little maneuvering and had one leg straightened out and was holding me tight as he pounded my poor little hole like he was churning butter. I didn't mind though, with each thrust he was rubbing that place inside me and my cock was leaking like crazy. At this rate I knew I could come without touching myself as long as Johnny didn't come too soon and stop moving.

Meanwhile I'd gone back to sucking Ricky and he was whimpering and thrusting up to meet my mouth like he was desperate to come. Again I pulled off and attacked his nuts to slow him down and he really whimpered then.

"You close?" I asked Johnny between thrusts.

"Yeah, you wanna come first?"

"I was hoping...just from rubbing inside me," I grunted.

"Let my help you a little," Johnny said reaching under me and grabbing my cock and stroking it gently. 

Unfortunately I was closer than I thought and suddenly, without any real warning, my cock spasmed and began to spew. Meanwhile I increased my speed and suction on Ricky's dick and he was thrusting up like he was possessed and I knew he was going to come any minute.

As my orgasm hit and my asshole clinched shut it squeezed Johnny's cock and that sent him over the edge. Suddenly I had a mouthful of hot sperm from Ricky as Johnny started filling me up from the other end.

Boy, talk about being too busy to enjoy my own orgasm, well almost anyway. I did enjoy mine, but I was enjoying Ricky's taste and the feel of Johnny's cock throbbing in my guts way too much to dwell on it.

I managed to lick Ricky clean and eventually Johnny pulled out leaving a messy little trail down my leg, but he grabbed a towel and cleaned me up before it could drip onto the covers. 

A few minutes later we were laying side by side on our backs gazing up at the ceiling and thinking about what just happened.

"That was really rad, getting it at both ends," Ricky said at last, "Where'd you guys learn that?"

I wasn't going to volunteer the information, but Johnny evidently had no problem spilling his guts.

"We have this friend...Donnie, and he has this older brother named Larry."

"Wait, I thought Larry was the guy with the club."

"No, there's two Larry's, this Larry is 16 and has his own car and he's really cool and horny all the time," Johnny added laughing.

"So anyway he just got a car of his own and  he picked us up and took us for a ride, me and Robert. And see he took us to the river only we didn't go by the water, we went down on the trails and he parked the car and we got out to take a piss."

"Then we started messing around and Robert was sucking Larry. He's got a huge dick and he's really hairy and comes a lot, and then Robert wants me to fuck em' while he sucks Larry so we do that and then when we're done Larry's like "Please please, can I fuck you Robert?" Johnny said in a funny voice, "And he let him. Can you believe that? He had that big ole' pecker up his ass. I bet that hurt like heck."

"Did it hurt Robert?"

"At first, but Johnny had me loosened up so after a few minutes it was okay. Actually felt pretty good," I said proudly.

"Wow, so is this Larry guy going camping with us, or just the other Larry?"

"Just the other one. But...I bet if we'd thought of it we could have had him take us camping. Maybe next time. I bet he'd go for it if he got to fuck somebody or got a blow job."

"Wow, now I'm hard again," Ricky said reaching down to adjust himself.

"Me too actually," Johnny said rolling onto his side, "you ever been fucked Ricky?"

What? Why was Johnny asking him that?

"Yeah, a couple of times. Why?"

"Cause' I think you should let Robert and me fuck you."

Uh oh, was Johnny turning mean again?

"Johnny, maybe he doesn't want to be fucked twice in a row."

", it's okay," Ricky said shakily. I guess he was just eager to please Johnny and show he could fit in.

"I was just kidding," Johnny laughed. But was he?

"No, I wouldn't mind...really...if I got to fuck someone too," Ricky said throwing it back at Johnny.

Johnny laughed, "No one but Robert fucks me. But I don't care if you fuck long he doesn't care."

I was cringing, waiting for Johnny to explode if I said the wrong thing, but when he just smiled I relaxed a little. "I don't mind. But only if I get to suck you off at the same time."

"Hell yeah, that sounds hot. So first Ricky fucks you while you suck me then you can fuck him...okay?"

"I better go pee first," I laughed, or I might pee on you guys.

We all wound up peeing and getting another soda before settling back in. We took our time, working ourselves up till we were finally  so horny we couldn't wait any longer. So with my little rear up in the air and my lips wrapped around Johnny's hard cock I waited for Ricky to get into position.

Even though this wasn't Ricky's first time fucking he was pretty nervous and I could feel him shaking a little as he grabbed my hips and lined himself up. I think he was still worried about Johnny's intentions and what would happen when it was all over, but his dick was in charge at the moment and it had a appointment with my butthole that he wasn't about to cancel.

Even though he was nowhere near as big as Larry, Ricky's dick was still pretty fat and it took him a little while to get it pushed in all the way. There was a little discomfort at first, but as soon as he got the head in the rest was pretty easy.

Meanwhile I was busy giving Johnny as good a blow job as I'd even given. I was paying lots of attention to his balls and licking and sucking his cock like I was in love with it, which actually I was. In fact of all the cocks I'd ever seen, or sucked, or had up my butt, Johnny's was my favorite and would be for a long time to come. 

Maybe it was because it was attached to the boy I loved more than life itself or maybe it was just that it was so perfect. Of course at age 12 I wasn't exactly what you'd call a dick expert, but I'd seen my share this last year and yeah...Johnny's was awesome. 

Okay first let me tell you about how it looked. First it was the perfect size. When I say that I mean it was in perfect proportion to his body. It wasn't skinny like a lot of cocks I'd seen and it felt good in my hand, in my mouth, and my ass. Second it was pretty. By that I mean it was perfectly shaped and just the right shade and when that little pink head peeked out of his foreskin it was like it was teasing me and inviting me to come get it. And the veins running down that perfect piece of meat just made it look even more interesting and exciting.

Then there was his balls. What can I say about them that won't sound silly or prejudiced? First of all they were both exactly the same size unlike some guys I'd seen who had one bigger than the other. They were about the size of small plums and filled his hairless bag causing his sack to hang down just enough to lure me in. 

I could still remember when his nuts were pulled up tight to his body, but since he's started coming and entered puberty they were free hangers and the loveliest nuts I'd ever held in my mouth or nuzzle with my nose.

And his scent. Oh My God, he smelled good even when he was hadn't bathed. In fact his natural odor was so sexy and so strong that sometimes I was tempted to tell him not to shower before we made out. When I pulled back his foreskin releasing his sexy, musky smell it filled my head with so much lust that I couldn't think straight.

So there I was sucking the most perfect dick in the world and occasionally stopping to lick those equally perfect nuts and breathing in his sexy musky odor while getting my butt pounded by the second hottest boy I'd ever met.

Could life get any better?

"Uh, I'm close...slow down," Johnny moaned. 

So I worked on his nuts for a while and meanwhile Ricky was pounding my ass a little faster and I didn't think he was going to last much longer either. He didn't have quite the technique that Johnny did, but I think part of that was because he didn't love me like Johnny did. With Johnny it wasn't just about getting off, it was about making love and having a good time...both of us.

Then suddenly Ricky cried out, tensed up and began unloading into my ass. I could feel his dick spasming as he jammed it in all the way and fell down on my sweaty back. I grabbed Johnny's cock in my hand and gave the head a lick and he moaned softly.

"Man, wish I could fuck someone," Johnny sighed.

Oh no, here it comes. The real reason Johnny wanted to get Ricky to fuck me. Now he was going to fuck Ricky. It was no big deal really. I mean I didn't care if he fucked another boy, it was just that he was being so sneaky about it and kind of an asshole.

I looked up at him and frowned. "Who?"

"I already fucked you....."

Ricky had finished coming and was pulling out now, his dick leaking just a little sperm which I could feel running down my leg.

"What about Robert? So far he hasn't got to fuck anyone."

"So, he goes next, but then I want to fuck someone."

God, why was he being such a jack ass?

"I think we should just do what we said we were going to do and then get some sleep."

"Sure, okay...who cares anyway," he said moodily and suddenly I wanted to hit him for the first time since I'd met him. He was acting like a complete baby. Waaa...if I don't get my way I'm gonna pout.

"No, it's okay....he can fuck me after you do it," Ricky said quickly. 

I knew he was doing it for me and I loved him for it, but right then and there I didn't want to fuck anyone. In fact my dick had gone soft and I didn't feel horny in the least.

"I'm too tired to do anything anyway. So just do what you want. I'm going to sleep." I said angrily.

"Don't get mad," Johnny said sounding a little panicky. "We'll just do what we planned, that's fine."

"Well, I hope you can suck yourself cause I'm not gonna do it now." I couldn't believe I just said that and the worst part was I wasn't going to take it back. Something had snapped inside me and all the bullshit that Johnny had been piling up on me was suddenly too much to handle.

"Robert, calm down," Ricky said grabbing my arm gently.

"I'm sorry Ricky. I thought he was gonna be nice this time, but I was wrong. If I'd known I wouldn't have invited you. I just thought it was going to be different this time."

"Hey, I'm nice," Johnny whined.

"Shut up, you're not being nice. You're trying to get even for...for I don't even know what. Ricky has been nice to you and played along just like you wanted, but you just won't let things go...will you?"

"Hey, I don't know what you're talking about. I was just trying to have some fun," Johnny said defensively.

" you were trying to hurt him...for some crazy reason, and use me to do it. Right now I am so mad I don't even wanna' look at you," I said jumping up and finding my underwear. "I need to get out of here before I wake my folks up."

And like that I was out the door and down the hall and piled down on the couch before Johnny could react. I hated that I'd left Ricky in there alone with Johnny, but I was just so mad I wasn't thinking straight. Suddenly I'd become someone I didn't know, a stranger who was yelling and taking up for myself like I'd never done before. I wasn't just mad at Johnny I was mad at the world and mostly at myself. 

Of course it didn't take long for the mad to wear off and the terror of what I'd done to set in. Then the tears started. I hated myself for being so weak and letting my temper get the best of me, but there was still that little part of me deep down inside that felt cheated and wronged and it was trying to justify my behavior.

Ricky showed up first and just like the good friend I knew he was, he didn't judge me or try to calm me down. He just sat with me and shared my grief and my misery and when he finally put his arm around me I melted into him and cried even harder.

Johnny took his good slow time coming to look for me, but when he showed up he was fully dressed and I knew what was coming next. Truth was, I would have done the same thing. Heck, I hadn't given him any choice. What else could I expect after what I'd said and done? 

"I'm sorry," he said softly shifting from one foot to the other, "I'm gonna go on home. I hope you don't hate me too much....." he sniffed.

"I don't hate you," I managed to squeak out, "I'm just mad. You don't hafta' go."

"Yeah, I need to. I can't go home yet, but I need to go."

"Where will you go? Don't be silly," I said panicky. After the last time he'd run away I was scared to death he'd do the same thing again.

"I thought maybe I'd sleep in the treehouse...just till morning, then go on home."

"Don't be stupid, you can't do that. You'll get us all in trouble. Just come on back to my bedroom. You can sleep on the bed if you don't wanna' sleep by us."

I could see the indecision in his face, but he knew I was right. If my folks woke up and  he was gone they'd never let us go on the campout or  do anything else for a long time. He finally sighed and walked back to my room. I pulled myself together and after a few minutes we followed him.

I felt like a condemned man walking to the gallows as we shuffled down the hallway. At the door I paused for a minute and listened, though I had  no idea what I thought I might hear. It was quiet inside, very quiet, and I almost knocked first, but after all it was my room so instead I slowly opened the door and we stepped inside.

Johnny was piled down on the far side of the pallet facing the wall with the covers pulled up over his head. I could hear him breathing, but I knew he wasn't asleep. He was trying to fake it but I'd listened to him sleep a million nights and that was not how he sounded.

I turned off the lights and let darkness fall over us and fell down behind Johnny and Ricky fell down next to me. I gave Ricky an "I'm sorry shrug" and he touched me gently and nodded smiling weakly.

I wasn't sleepy now, all I could think about was how mad I was at Johnny and how bad I felt about what he'd done to poor Ricky. Why did we keep having this problem? Was Johnny really that jealous or was he just an asshole all along and I just couldn't see it? I was sort of proud about how I'd stood up to him though even though I was sure I would pay for it later.

You might have wondered how we were able to cause all that ruckus in a house as small as ours without waking my folks, but I found out later they'd heard most of it. Well, not the sex part thank God, but enough to know Johnny and I were fighting and Ricky was in the middle.

My dad told me later, much later, that mom had tried to convince him to go check on us, but he'd told her that we were old enough to work out our own problems and that they should give us a chance first before butting in. Thank God for dad's cool head. 

The tension in the air that night in my bedroom was so thick you could almost feel it, but still Johnny just laid there pretending he was asleep and leaving us to wonder what the hell was really going on. That pissed me off too. We should have been talking about this and trying to figure things out, but instead he was playing opossum.

Eventually I fell asleep and when I woke up a little while later I was snuggled up to Ricky's backside with my arm around him. He felt warm and soft and so good and for one minute I was tempted to wake him up and fuck him, but fortunately my big head won out over my little head. Still it would have been perfect revenge and after all, I'd been promised a fuck. Instead I rolled onto my back and when I looked over at Johnny he was staring right at me. 

Even in the dark I could see his deep brown eyes studying me and it gave me cold chills. I stared back for a minute hoping he'd look away but when he didn't I finally scooted closer so I wouldn't wake Ricky.

"Hi, you okay?"

"Huh, yeah. Are you?" he replied stiffly.

"No, not really," I said feeling my anger building again.

"I said I was sorry...."

"It might take more than that this time."

"Like what? What do you want me to do...kiss your ass?"

"I can see this is a waste of time," I said scooting away, but he grabbed my arm...tightly and held me there.

"I didn't do anything wrong, but I'm still willing to apologize. Why are you being such a jackass about this?"

"I'm not," I said jerking my arm away, "and you're hurting my arm."

"Oh, sorry. Well, just go snuggle back up with your new lover and forget me."

"What the hell are you talking about? He's not my new lover. He's my friend and I thought he was your friend too, but I bet after tonight we may both loose him as a friend."

"Why, just cause I wanted to have some fun?"

"I can't talk to you about this," I said shaking my head, "maybe tomorrow, but not now. Sleep on it and see if you understand how I feel. If you can't then maybe we don't know each other as well as we thought we did."

"Fine, goodnight," he said gruffly.

"Goodnight...I...still love you," I muttered.

"Sure," he said softly, but he didn't say it back and tears were stinging my eyes as I rolled onto my side.

I slept fitfully that night and when I woke up around 8 Johnny's spot was empty. I felt the covers and they were still warm so I figured he must've got up to pee or something. I yawned and stretched. I was stiff and tired and a still irritated, but I was willing to give him a chance if he would just admit how wrong he was and apologize and mean it.

Beside me Ricky was still snuggled under the covers asleep and I felt really sorry for him at that moment. He didn't deserve this shit. He was a nice boy and he'd been a good friend to me, even if we didn't get to see each other that much. Sometimes I wondered if it had been Ricky I'd met first and if he's lived close, if maybe Ricky would have been my lover and not Johnny.

While I was thinking Ricky woke up and stretched and rolled over and gave me a sleepy smile.

"Hi," he said softly then yawned.

"Hi. Sorry about...."

"It's okay. I shouldn't have spent the night..."

"No, don't blame yourself. It's his problem, not ours."

"Where is he?" 

I shrugged, "Bathroom maybe."

"Or....he went home," Ricky said frowning.

"I...don't think so, but maybe I'll go check."

I found him in the living room watching cartoons on TV. He looked up when I entered but didn't say anything at first.

"Morning," I said trying to pull him out.

"Hi, sorry I couldn't sleep."

" either. I feel like I laid on the railroad tracks all night."

"Sorry," he sighed.

"I know, so am I."

"Huh, what for?"

"For losing my temper like that."

"Naw, it's okay. You deserve to go crazy once in a while."

"I didn't go crazy....never mind," I said sighing.

"Sorry, I didn't mean that...."

" what?"

He shrugged, "Should I go home?"

"Johnny...running away won't help things."

"I'm not running away. I just figured you didn't want to be around me for a while."

I was about to speak, to tell him how much I loved him and how hard it was to be mad at him, but right about then my mom breezed in.

"Well, you boys are up early. Are you hungry? Where's the other one?" she said in her usual bubbly voice.

"Yeah, we're hungry. Ricky was a sleepy head, he's still in my room."

"Well, go get dressed and I'll start breakfast. I'm going to let your dad sleep a little longer. He didn't sleep very well last night."

Neither did we, I wanted to say, but of course she already knew that, even if we didn't.

Johnny was already dressed so I went in to slip on my shorts and a tee and get Ricky up. He was already uncovered and trying to wake up and when I walked in and saw him laying there in his tighty whities my pecker jerked. 

Maybe it was because our sex had go shot down the night before, or maybe it was just because Ricky was so sexy, but for whatever reason, I wanted to pile down with him and lick him all over.

"If Johnny wasn't out there waiting for us....." I growled causing Ricky to giggle. He even went so far as to adjust his morning wood and I grabbed for it causing him to giggle even louder.

"You must feel better today. Is everything okay?"

I sighed, boy talk about a mood killer. "Not really. He's full of himself that he can't see what he's done."

"Well, don't be too rough on him. If I had a boy like that, I'd be willing to put up with some shit just to keep him."

I stared at Ricky and smiled, "You know what? I bet if you looked hard enough you could find someone just as good...better maybe."

"I did, but he's already got a boyfriend," Ricky sighed.

"Oh, you didn't tell me about him....." I said then seeing the look in his eyes I knew what he meant, "Oh, me?"

He nodded, "Yeah," he sighed, "if I lived here Johnny would have to fight me for you."

"Oh man, no wonder he's jealous. He must know how you feel."

Ricky shrugged, "I try not to let it show...."

I sat down on my bed as I pulled on my tee shirt. "Even if he did know, he doesn't have to act like that."

"I guess we just can't all be together at once."

"But what about the campout?"

"I've decided not to go. I shouldn't have said yes. This is you guys thing and I'm just....intruding."

"No, we want you to come....I want you to come. Screw him. My other friends will like you and he won't start any crap with them along."

"I just don't want to cause you guys any more trouble...that's all."

"We'll work things out, you'll see. Come on, mom's fixing breakfast and I'm starved. After we eat we can all go outside and talk."

"Okay, I'll let you decide....but if it's going to be a problem, I won't go. But first I gotta pee like a race horse."

By the time we got to the kitchen breakfast was well underway and Johnny was helping mom with the cooking. Him and my mom had always got along well and I think my mom thought of him as her second son. She'd known him as long as I had of course. She'd bandaged his boo boos and kissed his pain away, wiped his bottom when he was too little to do it himself, and loved him when his own mom wasn't there. I guess that's one reason our friendship was so well accepted by her and my dad. 

We'd grown up together and we were closer than brothers. Was it any wonder that our friendship had grown into love? We'd always been together, but only in the last year or so had we really understood what that meant. Sex had been the big wake up moment for us and now at the age of 12 we were using sex to express our love, something even some adults couldn't do.

"I hope you boys are hungry. I'm fixing the works. Robert go see if you father is awake  yet and tell him breakfast is in fifteen minutes."

I hated to leave Ricky there with Johnny but I figured he'd be safe as long as mom was around so I went to check on dad. I found him just coming out of the bathroom. He was wearing an athletic shirt (wife-beater) and tighty whities and for the first time in my life I looked at my father and saw him for what he was, a sexy handsome man. 

I think that revelation that my father was more than just my dad shocked me more than anything else that had happened to me up to that point. I'm not saying I wanted to have sex with him or anything, but I was curious as hell as to what was inside those tighty whities. Did his pecker look like mine, was it big, was he really hairy down there? I guess I was staring a bit too long and too hard cause suddenly I was aware of my dad chuckling softly.

"Boy, are you okay?"

"What, oh  yeah. Mom says breakfast is in 15 minutes. You look tired dad," I added to try to take his mind off my staring.

He yawned, "I don't think anyone slept too good last night," he said causing me to blush. How much did he know?

"Well, you know how it is...." I laughed nervously. "When I have company."

He nodded, "Well, tell you mom I'll be there in a shake of a rabbit's tail."

I watched him walk down the hall unable to pull my eyes away and even his backside was sexy looking. Man, I thought, I have to quit thinking like that, it's not right. But then what was right, and what was wrong? I had to admit I didn't know anymore.

Breakfast was surprisingly pleasant. For one thing my dad kept the conversation light and for another Johnny seemed to be on his best behavior all of a sudden. Maybe it was my mother's influence or maybe he was just over whatever had caused him to be such a jerk. 

Ricky was polite and attentive as always and I could tell my folks really liked him, but of course they didn't know him as well as they knew Johnny. Johnny had sat at our table so many times he had his own place, his own glass and his own favorite bowl. When he was over he didn't even  have to ask before getting a drink or fixing a bowl of cereal. He was one of us, part of the family, and we all loved him, but that day I felt as if he was a stranger.

"Need some help clearing mom?"

"No, you boys run on outside and enjoy the fresh air. I'll take care of this."

This was the moment I'd been dreading all morning, it was time for the shit to hit the fan. But first we had to get as far away from the house as possible. Who knew how loud it might get and I sure didn't want my folks getting involved.

"We're gonna go for a walk, okay, maybe over to the railroad tracks."

"Okay, just be careful and be back by 2 or 3," mom said giving me a stern look. I wondered what that was all about, but of course I didn't know she knew about last night.

The first block or so none of said anything then as we approached the tracks we heard a train coming and started running that way. We got there just in time to see the engine start across the crossing and grabbing a handful of rocks we started lobbing them at the train. For the next five minutes we were just three boys doing what came natural to us, having fun.

When the train finally passed we waved at the guy in the caboose and he waved back and then the gloom descended over us again. 

"Let's go over to the sand pile," I said pointing that way and Ricky and Johnny fell into step beside me.

Once we got to the sand pile I waited for Johnny to begin, hoping he'd jump right in and apologize, but no such luck. I finally decided if this was going to happen I would have to take the lead. 

"Look Johnny. I don't want to make a bigger deal out of this than it is, but.....what happened last night was wrong."

Johnny stared at his feet for a minute before raising his head and staring into my eyes. "I don't see what was so bad about it. It's not like we didn't all want to do that stuff."

I frowned and blew out a breath. "It's not what you wanted to do, it's how you tricked us into doing it. We agreed to do one thing and then you change it and what's worse you practically order us to do it."

"I didn't order you," Johnny said crossing his arms and glaring at both of us.

I sighed and shook my head, "Damn it Johnny, why are you being so stubborn?"

"Maybe cause I'm tired of him," Johnny said hooking a finger at Ricky, "It's Ricky this and Ricky that. I'm so tired of hearing about him. Every time you get a letter you talk about it forever."

Ricky recoiled like he's been slapped and I was so shocked I just stood there with my mouth wide open for a few seconds. I hadn't been aware that my fists were clinched until I snapped out of my trance and started yelling.

"How can you say that? I don't talk about him all the time and you know it. Why are you so jealous? We have other friends and you don't treat them that way. I don't know you when you're like this."

"No, well...maybe I should just go and leave the two of you alone. I bet you'd like that...wouldn't you," he said suddenly swinging around and jabbing Ricky in the chest with his finger.

He didn't jab him very hard, but somehow Ricky lost his balance in the sand and fell backwards hitting the sand with a dull thud and an oomph sound.

"What the hell Johnny?" I said reaching down to give Ricky a hand up.

"I didn't mean to..." he said sounding as if he was crying, "I just get so mad when I think about the two of you together."

"What are you talking about? You've been with us the whole time. You're not making sense."

"Can I say something?" Ricky said meekly as he dusted off his backside.

"Sure," I said glaring at Johnny and daring him to say no.

"First of all, you don't have anything to worry about Johnny. Robert loves you, he talks about you all the time too. And second, I live 300 miles away so how could I possibly take him away from you? I'm sorry that you don't like me...that you think I'm gonna steal Robert away or something, because I really like you a lot and I was hoping we could be friends."

I could tell by the look in Johnny's eyes that Ricky's words had touched him, but would it be enough to get him to forget his stubborn pride?

"I....just....I couldn't stand it if I lost you," he said wiping at his eyes. Those damn pretty brown eyes that I loved so much.

"That's not gonna matter what. But I'm not gonna let you get away with shit just because I love you. You hurt me and you hurt Ricky and we don't deserve it."

"I better go...."

I sighed, "Damn it running away won't help Johnny."

"I'm not running away," Johnny said sounding angry again, "but I don't want to be here right now."

"Fine, go...go home and bury your head under the covers and pout. You still don't understand what you did wrong do you?" I said suddenly surprising myself with my anger. I was so tired of all his bullshit that I couldn't think straight.

"Fine, I will," he said pushing past me and practically knocking me down, "have fun you two," he said giving Ricky a go-to-hell look.

I watched him walk away for a few minutes, barely aware of Ricky standing behind me but when he suddenly yelled he nearly scared the shit out of me.

"Wait up Johnny," Ricky yelled as he took off running after Johnny.

Johnny stopped and spun around, his hands on his hips as he waited for Ricky to catch up. I couldn't hear anything they were saying but Johnny kept looking my way and shaking his head. They must've talked for a good five minutes or more but eventually Johnny shook his head one last time and started walking again as Ricky tagged after him and kept on talking.

Suddenly Johnny stopped, swirled around and punched Ricky in the face. I was running even as Ricky hit the ground. I expected Johnny to run off but instead he just stood there looking down at Ricky and shaking his fist as  he yelled at him.

"I hate you. Don't ever talk to me again."

"What the hell Johnny?" I said finally arriving. 

Ricky was holding his left cheek but at least he wasn't bleeding. He'd probably have a shiner, but at least Johnny didn't hit him in his cute nose.

I offered my hand but Ricky just sat there glaring at Johnny and holding his cheek, "Do you feel better now?"

"What? No...yes...I don't know...." Johnny said trailing off.

I glared at Johnny and he shrank under my stare then mumbled, "I really fucked up...didn't I?"

"Big time," I said sighing, "we're all gonna be in big trouble when the adults find out about this."

"I won't tell," Ricky said softly, "I'll say I fell, that's all."

"Huh, you won't tell on me...even though I punched you for no reason?"

"Nope, cause' I understand how you feel."

" do?"

"Yep, if Robert was my boyfriend I'd beat up every boy that looked at him."

Johnny laughed, he actually laughed and then he offered his hand to Ricky and Ricky took it and Johnny hauled him to his feet. For a long time they just stood there sizing each up, Johnny still holding his hand, then Johnny laughed again and patted Ricky on the back.

"You're okay kid. I'm sorry I hit ya'. If you want you can hit me back," he said offering his face as a target.

"Naw, I'm not much of a fighter. How about we just shake on it and be friends again?"

So they shook hands as I watched in complete shock. Even to this day I still don't understand what happened that afternoon on the railroad tracks, but after that day Johnny and Ricky were the best of friends. In fact they started writing to each other when Ricky got back to Kansas and we shared our letters with each other. 

I guess I should have felt jealous or worried, but I'm not like that. Johnny was the jealous one in our relationship and I never once worried that they were getting too close. I was just happy the silly feud was over even if it was kind of cool to have two boys fight over me. 

We eventually walked back to my house after getting our stories straight, and when we told my folks about Ricky falling off the rails and hitting his face no one disputed us. Well, to be honest I think my dad saw through the bullshit, but I knew he wasn't about to say anything. He was one of us and he knew how boys would be boys.

End Chapter Six

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