Date: Sun , 29 June 2008

From: Cody

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake

Chapter 1

Kindergarten Kaos and the Posse

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake (1) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or if you're too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

Copyright is to me, and this story may not be reproduced anywhere without my prior permission.

Chapter 1

As the bell rang out and woke me from my half sleep, I heard the sound of feet running past me. It took me but a few seconds to come back from where ever I was, and realize I was safe at my desk at my mountain lake middle school. All week I had been impatiently awaiting the last bell to sound out, freeing me from the 7th grade. Now I could finally get my summer under way, and here I almost sleep through the bell I had been painstakingly waiting on since
school started in September. Lucky for me we had a 70 something teacher (Mr. Weiner) who wasn't always aware of his surroundings and what we were up to. Not that he wasn’t a smart and interesting man, but you could see the years had caught up with him, and on more than one occasion, it was he who was asleep at his desk.
Years before he was voted best teacher in the state, on two different occasions, and was at the top of his game every year. Not to mention the many awards he had received over the years. Many days there were men and woman of all ages who would show up at the school to greet him and talk about their time here, come to find out they were previous students of his who credited him greatly for making a difference in their lives. But some time ago, before my time came to be, age had caught up to him. And from rumors occasionally overheard from some of the teachers talking, of an only son who had been killed in some gulf war years before I was born. I guess between that, and 40 something years of giving all of himself to his profession and students, he had little left. I had his history class as the last period, so I always saw the fatigue and exhaustion the poor man went through at the end of the day. I always wished him a good trip home and offered him my best smile before I left, which seemed to brighten up his spirits for a little while, as did some of his other caring students before he went on his way.
He was looked upon as an uncle or grandfather figure, and was very popular because of his kindness and compassion to all of us despite not being at the top of his game anymore. I always wanted to do more to make him feel appreciated and cared for, as did many others, and we often brought him lunch to his room while he graded papers he couldn’t stay awake to do the night before. It was ironic, but here we were....students, looking after a teacher instead of the other way around. And all those people and teachers who say kids today don’t care, and are obnoxious brats. Well, maybe they should just look at themselves and ask why? And look at Mr. Weiner and see the "right way" to reach these same kids. Boys and girls today, just like in their day recognize sincerity and kindness, and at the same time also recognize insincerity and being looked at as inconsequential. Just maybe, something more teachers should recognize before labeling "the kids of today.”
Oh hey, I’m sorry, here I am running on about what wonderful kids we are today and I haven’t even introduced myself. Guess I got sidetracked and had a momentary lapse of concentration (and
My names Nikita, but if you call me that in public, then you better start running. My friends all call me Nika. Nikita is only spoken by mom when I'm about to get a beat down (well not really, but a tongue lashing anyway) for not cleaning my room, tracking mud, water, or snow (in winter of course), in the house, or some other calamity that I cause (more than occasionally).
And my older sister will occasionally blare out "NIKITA" those times when I forget to "lift the seat" after too much Pepsi, when she goes to the bathroom at night in the dark, and yup, you guessed right.......sits in it. I always feel bad after that, and it’s always by accident......hahaha, yah right!
Anyway, I'm 13 years old, and kinda the runt of our group (or posse as we like to call ourselves). My friends all went through a growth spurt within the last year or two, but I'm still waiting. I wont be 14 for another 6 months or so, so I haven’t started to panic yet, but am getting impatient. I'm about 5 ft even (on a good day), weigh about 90 lbs, and have long bushy blonde hair. My dad is Austrian/Dutch and brought me here from Austria about 9 or 10 years ago when I was like 3 or 4. And my mom is Russian descent, that’s how I got the name. Along with my older sister Natasha (or Tasha as we call her) and my younger brother Sasha (now that gets confusing sometimes).
I live in the mountains in Nevada alongside a lake in a community called Clear Lake. It also borders California. This story is about my summer with my best friend Cody, who along with me, everyone calls "The Twinners"! And some of the discoveries I made about myself, and haha, luckily about Cody too! It also involves my other friends, but Cody more so, especially in chapter 1. Cody and I have been best friends since the third day of kindergarten. It was a long time ago, maybe 8 years, but I know it was the third day, cause we spent the first 2 days beating the Shit outta each other over him making fun of how I talked (I had just come from Austria a year or two earlier, so my accent was pretty profound). To this day we are still the only kindergarteners in the history of Clear Lake Elementary school suspended for two consecutive days to start the school year. A record I'm not sure whether to be proud, or ashamed of?
Well, on the 3rd day upon our return, we kinda became cult heroes to some degree. There was a civil war looming in Mrs. Cogburns class, with half the kids supporting me, and the other half lined up behind Cody. So we had a Munich style conference if you will to hash out
some type of cold war compromise before the shooting started. That, and the extreme pain we both would have been in for if our parents were pulled from work for a third straight day. We initially decided to break up the school into zones for us to occupy on lunch and breaks, with a demilitarized zone as a buffer so our forces wouldn’t drift into one anothers "airspace". But we were running into problems with the common areas like restrooms and lunch areas. The more we all worked on our little "cold war accord", the more we began to joke, laugh, and enjoy being around each other. We had a lot in common, as we were both little snow and water junkies, and loved sports such as wakeboarding and snowboarding, and lived a street away from one another with both our back yards diagonally connected. Here were trying to prevent elementary school open war, and we learn that our "home bases" were practically attached, albeit separated by a wooden fence. Well, by the end of the week the "Berlin wall" came down and the cold war was over. And by the next weekend, we were best friends, which we remain to this day. Needless to say, our troops were a little disappointed in the cease fire, but Mrs. Cogburn, the Principle, and the Vice Principle were polar opposites, not to mention our respective parents.
Now with that out of the way, we can get on to the present. As it turns out Cody is one month (minus a few days) older than me, so between our similarities and age, we couldn’t have been closer and more matched best friends if we were twins. Which sometimes with certain looks and unexplained feelings and a sixth like sense, we knew what each other are thinking and can almost communicate our thoughts at times. We heard the term "twinergy" once from our parents pertaining to our uncanny ability to communicate, and cover for one another, and have used it to describe our friendship ever since.
Oh, my manners again....duhhhh. Cody is my age within a month as I was saying, and is about 5'4 or 5'5...4 or 5 inches taller than me anyway. We were the same height about a year ago, but there was that growth spurt I was talking about. He has an olive complexion, lean and thin, short brown hair, and emerald green eyes. Irish, Scottish, and French according to his mom. Unlike the soft little blonde hairs that dust my arms and legs, his are medium brown like on his head, and a little more pronounced. Enough to show puberty has struck recently, but not all that much yet. From our frequent showers and naked swims in one of our back yard pools, it was revealed that some pubes have emerged on him mid year, which impressed the hell out of me, of
course till my fuzz began to turn into little hairs a couple months later. He still has the edge in the armpit department with like 10 or so little ones coming in under each arm, while mine are still bare.
It goes without saying that we are soul mates, twinners, best friends, ect, ect. So as close as we are there’s never been anything that’s come between us, and many have tried. Both girls with divide and conquer mentalities or mutual friends who had set their sights on moving in on one of us as their best friend. We are as loyal and protective as any best friends ever, almost Tom and Huckish, Spongebob and Patrickish, Clark Kent and Lex Lutherish..... well let’s skip that last one, ok.
So there were never any secrets or anything that we didn’t share. When we learned about boys and girls and sex, it was on his computer upstairs in his room in the middle of the night on a sleepover when we were ten. When we tried a cigarette for the first (and only) time, it was in my tree house in my back yard when we were 11. When we tried our first beers, that we stole from my sister and her friends, it was behind the boathouse at the lake last summer. When we both admitted to jacking off, it was a few minutes after finishing those same beers behind the boathouse last summer. Funny how that stuff makes you talk...huh? When we did it together it was....wait a minute, that hasn’t happened. What am I thinking? Although I have been doing some unusual, out of the norm thinking lately. And as for our psychic connection, there’s been some type of electrical interference lately that neither of us can explain, but it's real odd. I catch Cody looking at me sometimes with a blank stare, and have no idea what he's thinking? Is it cause I'm short? What a dick! Then other times its me having some random thoughts about him that doesn’t add up to the boy/girl stuff we see on our computers, and thank goodness he can't "tune in" on what I was thinking. So far I've chalked it up to puberty, and figure it'll pass.
My dad doesn’t talk to me much about sex, and being from Europe mom and dad are pretty open about it, but they just figure it's all taught in school now, like back home. Well guess again dad, this is America, so anything beyond the basics is a possible lawsuit and grounds for demonstrations by some religious organization or someone who believes kids should learn stuff by....I don’t know, accident I guess? But dad did know enough to tell me once about a year ago when he noticed little hairs beginning to grow on my arms and legs for the first time that I’m gonna start to have weird thoughts and feelings over the next couple years now that I'm going through
"changes". Even thoughts I wouldn’t expect, about people I wouldn’t expect. So not to stress, it'll probably pass. Good thing he went that far, cause it’s helping in a huge way right now....even if it’s just an excuse for me to use so I don't worry so much.
Now onto summer and good times. It all begins with the annual sleepover and bbq we have beginning the Friday night after the last day of school every year since 2nd grade. We stagger it every year between our home and Cody's, and since it was at Cody's last year, its our turn to host. And its not just me and Cody, I invite other friends, my sister invites friends, and so does my little brother. Its usually wraps up around midnight after everyone is stuffed with whatever food we pick for the years theme. And of course everyone is shriveled and pruned from splashing around in a pool and adjoining hot tubs for so many hours. And me, my sister, and brother each get to have one friend stay the night.....and yah, for me it always is, and always will be Cody. Sometimes Cody's sister will spend the night cause she's the same age and pretty tight with my older sister, but if not, she has a short walk home. As a mater of fact, me and Cody built wooden ladders we nailed to each side of our adjoining fence so were a mere seconds away from each others houses, instead of having to walk around the block. When Cody forgot his board shorts, a quick whistle from my dad and his mom was out tossing them balled up over the fence.
Now, I am very happy being who I am and love my long bushy blonde hair and light blue eyes, but I have at times just recently been on the fence as to whether I just admire Cody, or am jealous of him. We both have our strengths and weaknesses just like any other friends. I board a little better than him both snow and wake, and he is better at baseball, football, and the more conventional sports than I am. A lot of that has to do with his height and weight advantage. I'm more popular with the girls and boys at school, but he gets better grades. I seem to get along better with teachers and parents, and he with coaches and jocks. He is also more toned than I am, as perfectly as any boy I have ever seen. I am also thin, and no baby fat to speak of, but where my stomach is flat; he has the beginnings of a boy six pack, so to speak.
Once when we were in my tree fort talking after sharing a large bottle of beer my sister or his sister bestowed upon us (or we blackmailed them for...I really cant remember which), I opened up and talked to him about the awkward feelings I've had sometimes about him and if it was jealousy I felt. He didn’t say anything for a minute or two and I
wondered to myself if he was mad, but then just as I started to feel ashamed of what I said and if I had made a mistake, he came at me like a cobra strike and wrapped his arms around me and held me tighter than he ever had in our 8 or so years as best friends. I began breathing real hard and felt his nose and warm breath in my hair and on my neck. I was a little scarred, but hoped at the same time he'd never let go.
Then after a couple of minutes he spoke: "Nika, just let those feelings go when you have them. You never need to be jealous of me about anything. You always cheer for me at my games and in everything else I do. And it’s because of you a lot of times I excel at things, knowing you’re behind me. It wouldn’t be logical of you to want me to be my best and then feel jealous or envious when I am. Trust me on this and just go with what I tell you, because I guarantee I know what I'm talking about. I started feeling the same way about you when we were in third grade, and everyone wanted to be your friend. You were the cutest kid in school with your long blonde hair and huge smile. You taught me to do front and back flips off the dock at the lake, and at the pool. And helped me be a better snow and wake boarder. You were everything to everyone, and I was very envious. But you always made it clear to me, and everyone else, that its always the Cody and Nika show first and foremost".
With that said, I understood what he went through and how he had felt. And I was just now feeling for the first time what he had already been going and gone through for the past 4 or so years. It was the most important moment of this school year, and one that will stay with me for the rest of my life. If I never have to worry about anything the rest of my life, and there's something I can be 100% sure of 100% of the time, its my friendship, bond, and love we have for each other. And if there ever was a doubt before that, Cody made sure in those few moments, that there never will be again.
Now back to ground zero, or at least the time the bell had rang me outta the "zone" that I had been in at the end of the day in Mr. Weiners class. I was the last to leave the class, and walked by his desk to wish him a great summer. He sat there with his eyes closed not knowing I was even there. It looked like he had shed a tear.
"Mr. Weiner"!
I said again, "Mr. Weiner", a little bit louder! This time he opened his eyes and tried to focus on what was in front of him. I just wanted to wish you a great summer, and thank you for being such a great teacher
this year, .....Are you all right?”
He perked up a little and said "Nika, its you. Thank you, but we both know that I haven’t been that great a teacher to you kids."
I said, "are you kidding, we all love you."
"Because I don’t get on you guys and demand allot of work doesn't make me a great teacher Nika."
I looked at him and could see that he had all but given up. I said "Mr. Weiner, sometimes there’s more to a teacher than homework and lectures. More of us kids come to you with our problems than the school counselor. And you have never turned anyone away. Maybe if you look at it like that, it balances out for whatever shortcomings you feel you have in other areas. And besides, all kids feel they need to have an ally at school, and on behalf of all of us, you are it.”
He looked at my for a minute without saying a word, and this time there was a tear in his eye. "Nika, Nika, Nika, you always have a way of cheering me up at the end of the day whenever I’m not in a good place. When I know I have to go home to my empty house. You remind me of my Trevor sometimes."
"Thank you Mr. Weiner, but I see all your past students who come week in and week out to see you, and I feel you have to be something special for them to feel that way. And that goes for the rest of us as well. And who is Trevor Sir?”
"Trevor was my son Nika, who I lost long ago. The way you smile Nika, it brings him back to me sometimes. Even if just for a brief few seconds. He also had blonde locks, blue eyes, and that magical smile you flash when you’re happy.”
"I’m sorry Mr. Weiner, I heard rumors you had a son, but wasn’t sure.”
"Well, its true Nika, Marge and I lost our boy a good five or so years before you were born, and I lost my Margie a few years after that. She was never the same after we got the word on our boy. Now going home every night to that empty house is so painful. Sometimes I walk in and can hear my son running around the corner of the hallway on his little wooden pony wearing his cowboy hat, and smell Margie's Roast and biscuits in the oven. Then it all fades away and I realize that was all over long ago, and it’s just me standing there by myself. That’s why I'm still teaching, its not for the money, its so I have a purpose to my life. Without all of you, I would be a prisoner to that old house and those old memories all day, every day. And Nika, the grand ol home has faded in every way since my Margie's been gone.
The paint is peeling, the carpet worn, and the lawn, vegetation, and tree's are all overgrown. I lost the will to restore the old house long ago.”
"Well Mr. Weiner, We'll all be back for 8th grade next year, and you'll have a brand new batch of 7th graders to tame...huh? That should cheer you up a little...right?”
"I'm afraid not Nika, this is the end of the line for me. The school board has extended my tenure and given me a reprieve on mandatory retirement for quite some time because of the lack of teachers in this part of the state. But that is not the case anymore, and there are qualified youngsters to fill the openings and begin their cycle in the educational process. The board let me know at the beginning of this last quarter that today would be my last day.”
"But Mr. Weiner, you never told anyone, no one knew. We would have sent you off with a party and celebration, its not right for you to have to leave like this.”
"Its ok Nika, it's how I wanted it. I don’t think I could have handled a gathering on my behalf emotionally. Besides, It’s less painful this way.”
I understand how he felt, and felt helpless, angry, and betrayed by the school board. And I didn’t know what to do. I did sense that if he went back to that house, it would be to die. I don’t mean anything self inflicted, just alone with no purpose in life, and all those memories of friends and family all long gone, eating away at him. I had just began to tear up and was about to lose it and give this grandfather I never had a bear hug, when a thought flashed through my head.
"Hey Mr. Weiner, do you think since you have no plans over the summer (at least that was my impression) that we could help each other out?”
"What are you talking about Nika?”
"Well, I have a lot of time over the summer and need to get a job to occupy some of that time. And you sound like you need a renovation on your yard and house....right?”
"Well, yes.”
And unlike my friend Cody, my grades aren’t straight A's. I barley get by in some subjects, and I'm not alone.”
"What are you trying to say Nika?”
"We'll, the way I see it, we both could use some help. I need a job (according to my mom and dad anyway, not for the money), and in a way, so do you. If you would hire me to work on your house and yard
over the summer, I guarantee my parents would in turn hire you to tutor me, and pay quite well also. And I also guarantee there’s a lot more of me where I came from. There’s a bunch of us whose parents are looking for a qualified tutor, and many worse off than me who have to go to summer school. Up till now the trend is to pay our lazy older sisters and brothers to help us, and they just don't cut it. With your permission, Ill get Becky Slater to put an announcement on the school website. And I'm sure Principle Skinner won’t mind, he likes you allot. We'll create a schedule for times that are good for you, and the courses and subjects needed, and you can tutor us right from your home. What do you say?”
Mr. Weiner was silent for a good awkward couple of minutes, with a blank expression, and for a minute I thought he was gonna tear up again, or even maybe become angry that I was meddling in his affairs, and possibly lash out at me (nahh, not Mr. Weiner). But then, a broad, wonderful smile came across his face, like I remember at the start of the school year when he was fresh back from his "lonely" summer. He looked at me and said, "You would do that for me Trevor?”
I smiled and let out a little laugh, and said, "it's me Nika, Mr. Weiner, but you bet I would. And I guarantee everyone else will too. When they hear of what the board did, and that you are available to educate the slacker masses (my lazy friends and co-students), you'll be busy enough to keep things together, and doing the community a great service. And it's not just summer work Mr. Weiner, tutoring is an all year job.”
After a moment to think it over, he'd blurted out, "Well all right then, lets give it a go.”
I gave him my parents phone number and e-mail address and told him to give them a call tomorrow after I have a chance to talk to them, and asked when I could start earning money working on his house and yard. After all I was saving for a new wakeboard.
He said just as soon as my parents say it's ok. Just before I left I felt kinda bad and Mr. Weiner saw that and asked what was wrong.
I told him that it was important for me to help him and it wasn’t just about a new wake board.
He smiled, laughed, and said he knew that, and it meant a lot to him. With that said he ruffled my hair and said you need a haircut you little hippie, and gave me a push for the door.
I said, "hippie"? Wow, all this good news, and you regress to the 60's on me"! And with that I was out the door.
I grabbed my skateboard and made for the big pine tree in the middle of the school grounds to meet Cody. As I made my way there, the rain from the thunderstorm had just begun to let up.
Now, if you've never been to the mountains in the summer with a lake and pine trees during a thunderstorm, then its a piece of life that you're missing, and it cannot be explained to do it justice. Because of the humid feel and smells involved, its something you must experience first hand. But it is truly something to behold. As a kid I recognize that, so I stopped for a moment to breath it all in.
I am one of those kids that has a special awareness unlike the average teen that just barges through special moments. It’s a softer side that some kids and teens who are emotionally tuned in, and a little overly sensitive can comprehend. To others who don't take the time to marvel and appreciate what's happening around them, they'll miss out on a lot of the good things life and the world present for the taking. If only they would just open their eyes and look.
The water evaporates on the warm asphalt and kinda causes a ground fog so to speak. And the rain washes the dust off the pines. Between the rain, the warm asphalt, and the pine trees, it all comes together and attacks your senses through a rush of aroma's and warm wet air. Throw in the sound of the thunder and the sight of lightning strikes and it combines for a very emotional aura. Unless of course you are one of the unlucky few to be STRUCK by a wayward Bolt, then I guess the experience becomes a little less appreciated of course.
As I felt the heat on my face from the sun reappearing from behind some puffy thunderclouds, and turned the corner of the gymnasium to the front of the school, there was Cody in a pair of his red silky running shorts and a tank top. I stopped on a dime and just stared. He hadn’t spotted me yet, but I was dumbstruck. There were those stupid awkward feelings I had again that I didn’t ask for or understand. His skin was wet and slick and the sun began to shine of his limbs and reflect off the little hairs on his arms and legs. I had a funny feeling in my stomach, and something weird happened in my shorts as well. Not to mention my face which became hot and red. Whatever was happening to me was not explained to me by my dad, mom, the school, or anyone else for that matter. I realized I was stiff. And it was stuck between my leg and my boxers and sticking straight out. I panicked and looked around real fast, but no one was close so I relaxed just a bit. When I turned back, Cody had already spotted me and was smiling that big dumb Cody smile. What the Fuck was going
ON? Was I on drugs? And if not, should I be? As I looked up from Cody's face, a rainbow appeared directly behind him. Then a warm gust of air blew on me from his direction. It must have carried his smell, cause I got a nose full of his shampoo (green apple) and deodorant, and when I breathed in, that was it. That was all I remember except fade to black....THUD!
Next thing I remember I was opening my eyes and everything was kinda fuzzy. I was focusing in and out, and things started to clear up. It was Cody looking down at me holding up some fingers, with McFlanders, our schools Scottish Janitor. I could hear them both asking, "Are you OK?”
I said, "No thanks I already had one?”
They both looked at each other and said, "We better carry him over and lean him against the tree.”
I have no idea what I said or why, but one of the only kids still left there at school ran and got the nurse, Mrs. Manchek. I was clearing up at that point and the three of them almost simultaneously asked what happened. I explained I was walking to meet Cody, and everything slowly went to black. Mrs. Manchek asked if I had been sick and I replied no. She asked if I had eaten anything bad, and I said no, I hadn’t eaten anything at all. Not since breakfast except a couple of energy drinks..... Monsters. Cody looked strange and scratched his head kinda puzzled. She said, "Ahhh, he hasn’t had any nourishment, and he's dehydrated from too much caffeine.”
Now truth be told, I had eaten lunch, and I hate energy drinks. Probably explaining Cody's weird reaction, seeing as he knows me better than I know myself. But I had to give myself an "out" since I couldn’t tell the truth and explain that everything was fine, that I just had a revelation that I might be gay and in love with my best friend. But at any rate, she took the bait and sent the kid to her office for several bottles of water and some trail mix. Of course, Cody produced his own water bottle and a protein bar from his backpack (well, one of my backpacks seeing as he borrowed it the middle of last year, and never returned it. But, I still have some of his cloths, so touche). I drank the water as if I was really thirsty to dupe Mrs. Manchek, but declined the protein bar saying they make me fart and give me the shits. And with that Cody and McFlanders began to laugh hysterically seeing that I was still a little dazed. All the while Mrs. Mancheck picking grass and pine needles out of my bushy hair. But the nurse being the nurse insisted I eat it anyway, which I did.
Of course after Cody’s water and 2 of the 3 bottles the kid brought back from the nurses office, I was sufficiently re-hydrated in her eyes, and waterlogged as if I went down with the Titanic in mine. But I declined a ride home since I was feeling much better and was actually capable of accurately stating how many fingers they were holding up. So Mrs. Manchek let me walk home under Cody’s supervision, telling him to keep a close eye on me and for me not to take my eyes off of him. (Of course ironically speaking, she was unaware that was how this all occurred in the first place). We left the school ground, but not before she took my home phone number so she could call my parents, as she was obligated to do, and discuss my poor eating habits.
Now everyone is aware of the out of the frying pan into the fire analogy, so before Mrs. Manchek even agreed to release me to Cody's supervision for the walk home, I realized there was going to be some awkward questions I had no idea how to answer. Like for instance why I stared at him for so long while fully boned up with a big stupid smile on my face. At first I thought I might throw him off by deception, saying that it’s was because I realized he is more attractive to me than any girl on the planet, and I just wanna be his bitch! Augghhhh, wait a second, if I think real hard, I could probably come up with something better than that.....duhhhh!
Well, he knew I had lunch, cause I ate with him.... tuna on sourdough toast with onion rings and chocolate milk (one of my weaknesses). And that I don’t drink energy drinks, cause I'm hyper anyway. If I just take a sip of his coke or Pepsi, I wont shut up for two whole periods. So it’s milk, chocolate milk, juice, or water.
Well, we began to walk home and I acted tired and sore to buy some time, and he was fine with that but knew I was stalling and that something was up.
He's gonna want an explanation, so I better come up with something. I thought, well, he knows that I was friends with Rocco Bataglia a few years ago in like 3rd grade, the son of an Italian family that owns a plumbing business in town (and who also happens to be the school doper and drug doofus). So he saw me saying hi to him today after lunch.... he actually said hi to me, but wtf. So I could say I took something he gave me to pep me up since I didn’t sleep well last night, and this was the result.
Well maybe it was a way out, but there were several unattractive after effects. One, there was no telling what Cody would do or say to Rocco (or have our posse's ENFORCER Blake do to Rocco), two was Cody
would be pretty upset and disappointed in me, (we did have beers with our older sisters sometimes, but drugs? Nuh-uhhh, no sir re bub), and last was I'd be lying to my best friend for the first time in my life. So I didn't know what I was going to say, and began to fidget and sweat.
About 10, maybe 15 minutes later, most of the way home, Cody spoke. "Do you wanna talk about it, cause you look like you don’t, you’re kinda a mess. So if you don't, I understand and I don't wanna pressure you. We've never kept secrets, so I know you'll tell me when your ready. But just so you know, there's nothing you're gonna be able to tell me that can be that bad, and fer sure nothing that's gonna break up the Twinners! We're kinda way overdue for one of our talks anyway, and I've got some issues to go over with you too."
So he gave me the out that I deep down kinda figured he would. And I wasn’t afraid of rejection on a large scale, cause we'd talked about other guys who were "like that" and it really wasn’t a big deal to either of us. He wouldn’t hate me if I told him straight (haha) out what was up, we'd still be best friends. But what I feared after the, "Dork, you know I love you and don’t care about that", was the, "BUT, it's not how I am and I don’t feel the same way about you" part! So I knew the time was coming to come clean, but I also knew I needed a little more time to come up with a way to present it to him in the best light.
So I said, "Cody, I have a lot on my mind right now, and you're right, no secrets. But the thing is, I just can't think right now, and I'm really beat. So please just get me home and up to my room so I can nap for a couple hours; and we're hooking up for the BBQ tonight anyway, so that's the right time and right place to have this conversation, OK? Just like we do every year after everyone leaves and its just you and me. Besides, Tasha" - (that's my big tittyed 16-yr-old sister who most of my friends fantasize over) -"and her friends will be sucking down beer like always. So she usually takes care of us if were cool, and if not, we're the best little thieves in Clear Lake". - (Our shoplifting skills have been finely honed over the years and become the thing of legend. We once got an entire watermelon past the checker at our local grocery store). -" So either they put out or we use our stealth-like skills to acquire what we need when they're not looking."
"Ok Nika, we'll just wait till it gets late and things die down. Then when we go up to your room to krash, we can polish off the beer and talk, just like behind the boathouse last time."
"All right Cody, but if its OK with you, lets krash in the tree house over the pool tonight. It's a full moon, and should give us some syk
moonlight, and we won't have Sasha (my little brother) and his friend in the next room playing video games and screaming all night. Not to mention banging on my door."
Well, the rest of the way home went like a flash, now that I wasn't in the line of fire. We made our way down Elm Street (weird name for a street where there's nothing but pine trees? But whatever). And we ran into Travis and Wesley, one of our best friends Blake's, younger twin brothers (Blake is one of the 6 founding members of our posse....and the Enforcer). They make my out-of-control little brother Sasha look like a choir boy. They were in shorts and that's it. Covered from head to toe in mud playing with a football on their front lawn, taking full advantage of the Thunderstorms. I believe the goal of the game they were playing was to pound whichever one of them had the football at the time into the ground/mud, take the football, and then in turn get pounded into the ground/mud (smear the twin I guess). They were to preoccupied to see us as we were passing by and we were laughing at them pretty hard, as they are not only hella cute (opps, don't say that out loud dammit) but hella funny as well. If they aren't a tag team in the WWF in 10 years, then I'll be amazed. Even Blake gives them their space and he is the biggest and badest of all six of us. He can school them both if need be, but not without insult and injury to his own body. And with them getting bigger every day, you can see his strategy is to get closer with them, cause where they will never be able to take Blake one-on-one, his days of taking both of them on at once are trickling down to a precious few, and he knows it.
They are also best friends with my brother Sasha, and I was surprised he wasn't out there with them as his favorite things seem to be mud and bugs. With all the weird thoughts I had lately, it wasn't all that surprising to me that I couldn't take my eyes of them as I walked by (especially around their zipper area which makes mine and Cody's bulges look almost non-existent). They were my size, as they were big for 11 soon to 12-yr-olds, and look identical to Nat in the Naked Brothers Band. We've swam with them naked in our pool and occasionally at the lake, and just like Blake, they are HUNG. And they aren't shy about looking at ours and letting out a half laugh/smile letting the rest of us know that ours doesn't stack up compared to theirs.
Well, as we passed by unnoticed, Cody began to blurt something out, and I slapped my hand over his mouth as fast as I could, and gave him by best SHUSSSSSSHHHH, ARE YOU KRAZY? "If you shake a
tree, a leopard's gonna fall out"! ("My version of its best to let sleeping dogs lay")! But it was too late, we were spotted.
They looked at us and said, "Travis don't they look awfully clean to you?"
"Yah Wesley, too clean in fact!"
"I heard Cody gulp, and turn to look at me saying "Oppppsssss!”
Then like a couple of raptors from Jurassic Park, came two krazed, muddy, hyperactive, Psycho's making their way towards us like a corner blitz on an unsuspecting quarterback.
Right before the point of impact, were Cody and I wide-eyed and clinging to one another like Scooby and Shaggy when the monster appears in Scooby Doo. But just then we heard an ear piercing whistle from somewhere behind them and the two of them veered left and right of us kinda like the comet did when it missed the earth in the movie Armageddon.
Cody: "Phewwww, that was close!"
We looked up, and saw Blake coming out of the house eating a drumstick (and no, not the ice cream), (and not a chicken leg either). It was a turkey leg I think, cause they don't sell Ostrich legs in Clear least as I have seen, but it was big.
I was never more glad to see him in my life (cept maybe the time he came to Cody's with a porno dvd he swiped from his dad, but that's another story).
"What the fuck are you eating Blake"? Cody blurted out? "And what's that white shit all over it?"
"Its a turkey leg, and I dipped it in mayo and mashed potatoes."
Blake was never shy about his appetite, and being the elder of the 6-pak (our posse) at 14, almost 6 foot and about 175 lbs, it showed.
"Wat up fools? And what are you doing?"
The twins had turned around by now after slowing down from there charge, and we all met in the middle of the street.
"Hey, thanks for the save Blake", I said.
"We're heading back to Nika's house." Cody mumbled.
Then piped in "Yah, and Nika got sick and passed out at school, so we appreciate you calling off the hounds."
Wesley said "wow Nika, you really got sick and passed out, did you puke?”
"NO, I didn't puke, and shut up Cody, I just kinda fainted is all."
"Ha ha, wat a wuss dude! You need to eat more man, here you wanna bite?"

"NO, YUK, get that thing circumcised and outta my face Blake, that's nasty!”
The twins chuckled, and one of them said, "you just missed your brother, he went home to clean up before the BBQ, as a matter of fact,
your mom wouldn't let him in the house and you're sister was making him strip buck naked and spraying him off with the garden hose in the front yard."
Blake: "Yah, something your both gonna be doing as soon as I'm done eating this."
"Hey, you guys are all coming tonight....right?"
The twins simultaneously: "Hell yah, gotta check out your sisters tits in that bikini."
And Blake: "Well it is a BBQ and they'll be hella food everywhere....rite?"
"Yah to both of you guys, and is you mom and dad gonna stop by for a while?"
"Yah, they'll come by for a couple of drinks with the rest of the parents, and they made a turkey and potato salad, it is an annual pot luck BBQ...Duhhhhh!"
"Ahhh, so that's where the turkey leg came from, huh?"
"Yah, I just had to check and make sure it was done."
About that time we all froze as we heard a bone chilling shrill scream come from the kitchen side door, "BLAKEEEE, WTF did you do to my bird?”
So at that point, Blake said, "See you guys in a couple hours, I'm gonna take a walk around the block till mom kools down....And you two idiots, don't even think about going in the house till I get back and spray you guys off."
"Kool, see you guys tonight then.”
We made our way another 75 yards down the street to the end of our cul-de-sac, and the last house on the street, mine. There it stood, a large 3 story wooden house/cabin right along the shoreline of the lake, that resembled a rocky mountain ski lodge more than the average cabin/home.
My dad is an architect, and he and my mom planned on having more than the three of us kids when they had moved here some 9 or 10 years ago, so they bought the biggest house on the biggest piece of lakeside property they could find. Then after a year or two of going over renovations, add-on designs, blueprints, and landscape designs, they finally agreed on what they wanted, so construction got under
way. They sank a fortune into the project, and after all was said and done, it was featured in many magazines and even a cable television show. Of course since they over spent on the project, by more than a million dollars, so they have spent the ensuing years with noses to the grindstone to recoup their nest egg. Which by the way, kinda delayed their plans for more siblings, but not to worry, Sasha was more than enough most of the time, and Tasha was a handful as well. Besides, we had more kousins and friends hanging around on holidays and weekends than one would imagine, just the way mom an dad liked it.
So, it was a three story Mountain style ski lodge kinda a cross between what my dad grew up with in Austria, and what my mom remembers from her trips to Colorado, Montana, and Alaska. The best of both Europe and the United States. There were two guest houses, a pool house with showers a sauna room, pool table, kitchen, and bar. That's were the parents and my friends parents usually congregated during the BBQ's till everyone ate, then they would leave for the main living room/bar area in the main lodge and leave the pool room to us kids to pee, snack, and hang out in the sauna. For me, the steam was always too hot, so I preferred one of the two tile hot tubs connected to each end of the Olympic size pool in the back yard. It had a water-slide, diving board, and high dive. It also had a rocky cave type cavern with different color lights under the water so we could search for hidden treasure and other stupid things when we were young. Now its just a chill place to make out, and I'm sure some other things my sister and her friends find it useful for. Its not uncommon for me, Cody, Blake, the twins and the rest of our posse to be utilizing the high dive and see and smell some weird smoke and laughter coming out of the caverns.....horny idiot dopers!
In addition to the pool, we have a caretakers and chauffeurs quarters/house that we use mostly for storage, since we have neither, and a nice stream running through the yard I trout fish from when I'm feeling down or need some alone time. There are 11 bedrooms in the main house, each with a bathroom, or shared (14 bathrooms in all), 2 living rooms, a family room, a main kitchen in the house, and a catering kitchen attached to the side of the house by the main grounds and lawn area. And of course the small kitchen in the pool room. Then there's the two dining rooms, one main one that's large for crowds usually used on holidays, and the smaller family one for everyday use.
My room is on the top...the third floor. I have a view of the lake and our little street below, that I frequently survey with my telescope (yah,
I know everything that goes on in our neighborhood, and what windows to look in at what times). Especially a spectacular view of the twins (Blakes brothers) bedroom and bathroom....haha! And I know exactly what time shower time is. And those two take their hygiene very serious, as I've blown out the front of more than a few pairs of underoo's over the years watching them scrub each other clean (and there's not a square inch they miss......SO HOT). I've spent a lot of days and nights watching them shower or get involved in other activities behind the safety and privacy (or so they think) of their locked bathroom or bedroom doors, while I took care of business myself and empty my balls, squirting thin jets of my warm sperm over my balcony railing onto the plants below (my way of helping fertilize the yard)!
Oh yah, I also have a balcony and a fireplace that I use almost every night, and my bathroom, that separates my room from Sasha's.
Well we made it back to the house and the caterers truck were already there unloading the meat and serving trays for the BBQ. Mom catered the meat (prime rib and salmon this year) and hordevours for the party, plus all the drinks. The side dishes are all brought by the guests, giving it a more family/neighborhood feel as she says.
In any case, Cody walked with me past the caterers and front door, and I was kinda winded. That part about not sleeping last night was the truth. So I bypassed the stairs and pushed the button for the small wooden elevator that we had in the hall off the living room and entryway.
Cody said, "you must be tired Nika, you never use this thing".
I replied, "I just need a nap for an hour or two and I'll be fine. Its only 3:30 and people wont start showing up till 5:30 or 6:00pm."
With that the doors opened to the elevator, and we walked in. Just then I heard some loud footsteps on the hardwood floor and my Mom blurt out, "just a minute you two, we need to talk Nikita!"
Me and Cody looked at each other and I hit the button to close the door and start the ascent quickly. As the elevator made its way up, the caterer and the pool man approached my mom at the same time (perfect timing), as she looked at us rising in the elevator. She said "not so fast, I spoke with Mrs Manchek (the nurse at school), and I'll be up to talk with you as soon as I'm done down here", and turned her attention to the two individuals in front of her. I know its not a big deal, but she is a good mom and will press me a little just to make sure I'm really ok, but being a kid, It's instinct to put that stuff off as long a
We made our way down the hall past a couple of guestrooms and up another half floor of stairs (me and Sasha have the last two rooms on the 3rd and a half floor), and into my room. I went immediately to my bathroom and splashed some water on my face and Cody threw my backpack next to my bed and opened my balcony doors for some fresh air. The room had been shut all day and smelt stuffy, like knotty pine. The mountain breeze blew through and felt great on my wet face.
I came out and sat on the bed, and Cody lifted one of my feet up and took off my Nike high top, and then the other. He was smart enough to leave it at that and stay away from my wet damp socks that I had on all day...phewww! Then he helped me with my shirt and pants. He went to my dresser and pulled out a pair of shorts and a LeBron James basketball jersey (not my fave), but was a Christmas gift, and helped me into them. He spent so many nights over at our house he knew were everything was. Then he mushed both hands into my hair and took a big sniff.....I don't know why, but he always likes doing that. I was just about to lay down as he fluffed my pillow. Then he threw a small blanket over my legs and said, " "I'll see you in a couple hours fro-boy!"
I said "you can stay if you want, you're coming right back in an hour or two anyway....right?”
He said "yah, but your moms gonna be coming up to talk to you, and I wanna shower and get some clothes together since I'm spending the night. And my mom and dad will wanna ask about my last day of school today, and about what i think my grades will be."
I said "you get straight A's, so why do they even ask?"
"That's not true Nika, I have been known to get a B every couple years."
We both laughed at that. Then I started to close my eyes but they opened up wide when I felt something wet on my cheek.....Cody's lips? As best friends, we have been known to give each other a peck from time to time, but its always a surprise when it happens. And there's been many wet dreams staining more than a few pair of my underwear and sheets where his wet kisses didn't stop at my lips. But just before he pulled away to head home, he gave me a little hug and said "Nika, whatever it is stressing you out, put it out of your mind tonight and lets just have a good time". "When we go to your tree house after everyone leaves tonight we'll empty a few cans or bottles of whatever your sister scores for us and talk. And I think you know
as well as me that everything will be fine!"
I nodded and just as he pulled away to turn and leave for home, I grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled him onto my bed and held him tight in a bear hug for a couple minutes without saying anything. There was his awesome, incredible smell again as I had my nose in the part of his neck where his skin and hairline came together. I instantly became stiff as a nail. He knew not to let go and that I needed him for a couple more minutes as I sniffed more of his neck and breathed hard. Then when he asked "you ok Fro"? I pulled away enough so I could make eye contact and said, yah Codes, and I know you'll be cool with what I tell you tonight, cause like you say, nothing comes between the twinners.
But promise me after we talk tonight, if you find that you and I are on different paths and maybe it becomes clear that we don't see everything eye to eye, that you'll just take some time and chose you response carefully before you reply to what I say so it doesn't sound to harsh.
He looked at me kinda puzzled and said "Nika, I'll always do that anyway. And Just for the record, don't be to sure we're on different paths, and that I don't know you better than you know yourself sometimes."
Then he put his forehead to my forehead and his nose to mine and looking eye to eye said "we may not be all that different than you think". And as he made his way to the door, I coulda swore his shorts were pushed out in the front, and he was walking a little bent forward.
I asked "you need a ride home dork"? He said, "Why, I'm just gonna climb over the fence in the backyard.......dumbass!”
I started to laugh when my mom walked in and her and Cody almost hit head on.
"Whoaa Cody, slow down, don't knock me out before the party starts."
"Haha, sorry, I just wanted to get outta here before Nika gets the smack down about his poor eating habits.”
"As a matter a fact, I've been meaning to bring that to your attention for some time mam!”
"Traitor, feel free to take a short cut and jump off my balcony......Asshole!”
"HAHA, see you tonight Nika."
"Good bye Cody, thanks for walking Nika home, and I'm sure you have my son's interest at heart as usual."
"Why, Yes mam!”
"See you and your family here tonight then, and remember to bring your swimming shorts and a change of cloths as your spending the night, so you mom doesn't have to keep throwing her arm out tossing your cloths over the fence. You know, I should just get you your own dresser in here young man!"
"Haha', thanks Mrs V, I've actually thought about that".

"Well ok then, and make sure your sister comes along, Tasha's looking forward to seeing her."
"Yah Mrs. V, I'm sure they already talked today."
With that Cody was FINALLY on his way, and I closed my eyes as if to drift off to sleep.
"Not so fast young man. The I'm too tired to talk thing isn't going to work this time. You're going to get your nap in before the party, I guarantee that, but for the next 5 minutes were going to talk about what took place today and discuss your meal options for school next year so this doesn't happen again!"
Well, so as not to get bogged down with my diet, upon the end of the discussion, it was agreed that I have a school lunch pass for the entire year, and our house keeper would leave me lunch money and pack me a lunch as well (freeing me up to bank the lunch money for other interests of course)! Wow, maybe a little overboard, but no one can say my mom doesn't take my health seriously when it comes to my diet.
At last, my nap and hopefully some sweet, and even wet (please) dreams about a 13 year old boy named Cody who from day to day is not only cementing his place atop my list of all time masturbation fantasies. But also has my hormones so whacked out, i cant even think about him without getting painfully stiff. I may need to start dressing like a rapper at school, so the baggy clothes covers up my little secret. If not, the word on me is gonna be out fast, cause I cant keep coming up with ways to hide the "tent-pole" effect he has on me. Maybe if I go to the boys room and jerk it between every class it may help. But then again Mrs. Manchek may really have to deal with a dehydration problem on my behalf if I keep that up for too long.
Oh well, its June. So I have 3 months to think about it. And who knows, maybe I'll develop some self control and will-power over the summer? But being that most of the summer is gonna be with Cody, in shorts and sometimes in nothing at all. In the swimming pool or at the lake, sleeping over at his house or mine? Better not count on it!!!

That concludes this chapter of Twinergy and Boys of Clear Lake. This is my first attempt at writing so any feedback, direction, or comments are appreciated.

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