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Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake

Chapter 11:

It takes a Tribe” and/or “Shawnee Moon, Coming of Age a Second Time”!

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake (11) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

Copyright is to me, and this story may not be reproduced anywhere without my prior permission.

Chapter 11

As Cody and Sasha Slept that afternoon and evening, they still shared a bed, as they were tucked in together by the Nurse and their mothers. They were put together just as they were found earlier. They were also re-sedated, and between the physical toll of the drugs and the emotional toll of the day, they were exhausted. Their moms decided if they slept through the afternoon and evening, then they would wait till the next morning to bring them up to date on Nika's condition. And that he made it through the surgery. Cody and Sasha slept together quit well, and seemed to be a calming influence on one another. Whenever one or the other was having a “vision” or dream so to speak, he seemed to sense the other was close, and would snuggle up to him. It was very therapeutic for both youngsters. And dream they did! There were a lot of “revelations” going on in their minds throughout the evening. And it was becoming very clear that in the traumatic state of both boys, something very special was happening that may have been accelerated or brought on by the “Battle”, or urgency of the situation.

One was that Cody's gift, that Sequoia spoke of to Nika, was beginning to grow in intensity tenfold. And secondly, the acorn doesn't usually fall far from the tree. Because Sasha was becoming very, very, spiritually powerful. It's to early to tell, but his gift may exceed that of Nika's. Or it could be that his gift is being amplified by somebody (or some bodies)to give him the power and presence to work with Cody. To solve a puzzle that may lead to his big brothers recovery. But either way, forces were at work trying to enable them to solve a series of events that have taken place. And discover an answer left behind by Sequoia. To restore order to their lives, and those of their family and friends. In addition to a leather necklace, they both kept having thoughts and dreams of a penny. A penny that has not yet finished playing a part in the drama that Nika and Sequoia had lived and died through. In any case, they had both awakened only a couple minutes apart early the next morning. It was light out, but the sun had not quite peeked over the horizon yet. Cody woke up and opened his eyes to see Sasha looking at him smiling. They were both facing each other nose to nose in a very strong embrace. Arms wrapped around each other as well as legs. They were also buck naked as they both had somehow lost or squirmed out of their loss, untied hospital gowns while tossing and turning throughout the night. Cody spoke first, “what are you doing little man?”

Sash: “Just watching you. I just woke up a few minutes ago.”

Why are you smiling and why are you watching me?”

Because watching you while you sleep, it became clear to me how gentle and beautiful you really are Cody. And why my brother loves you so much.”

Thanks Sasha. That's really sweet of you to say.”

It's just the truth Cody.”

But I'm surprised you can smile not knowing if Nika made it through the surgery. We've been asleep all night Sash.”

Don't worry Cody, he did.”

How do you know, did someone come in and tell you what happened?”


But you said he made it through the surgery.”

I did.”

I know, I just said that. But how do you know then.”

Because he told me he did Cody.”

Nika's been in here Sash?”

No, it was last night while we were sleeping, something weird is happening Cody.”

I know Sash, I had strange things going on last night too. But I still think I'd like to hear about Nika from our mom and dad or the Dr. before I start to relax a little.”

And what about that weird little Shawnee kid with the snake bite that looks identical to Sequoia?”

Yah, that was really fuckin eerie. I know there's something going on there that we need to check out.”


Yah Sasha, what up little man?”

Close your eyes, and put your forehead against mine.”


Now think of me like I'm Nika. You know, your Twinner, ok?”

Ok, sure Sash.”

Kool, hang on, this is gonna be a wild ride!”

Just then, still forehead to forehead, Sasha took the palm of his hand and put it over Cody's naked chest. Right where his heart is. And Sasha took Cody's hand and did the same thing to his naked chest, over his heart. Then he said, “now take in what I send out to you Cody, let me into your mind and soul.”
At that exact moment, Cody's eye's lit up and flashed open as he drew in a giant, deep breath. He began almost hyperventilating as he grew a big happy smile on his face. “I felt it Sash, he is still alive. And I heard him talk to you.”

Yes Cody, I told you so. Go ahead, repeat what he said.”

He said “don't show fear little brother. I've made it this far, but that's no guarantee that I'm out of the woods yet. Just work with my boyfriend, ok Sasha. I love you both, and the two of you need to work together. I'll try to help you as much as I can, for as long as I still draw breath. But you both need to find the keys that Sequoia and I left behind. You both need to find the clues and solve the mystery that awaits you both. Look to him for guidance. Look to him for strength and knowledge. And look to him for salvation. Also take strength and relief that I made it through the surgery Sash. But don't be to disappointed, or hate me if I stumble and fall. Please don't blame me or yourself if I pass on Sash. I'm sorry if I let you down, but I had to try to save Sequoia. It's what he would have done for both of us. Promise, no tears for right now little brother. This is a happy moment, and you and Cody both have work to do. As far as where you start, I am only allowed to give you a riddle. And here it is,

So that Sequoia and I are not laid to rest, seek out and retrieve what we possessed.”

Sasha: “That's it exactly Cody, but what is it they possessed? “

I think he means twinergy Sash. I think you have it too. And hell, Sequoia probably invented it he was soo gifted.”

I was thinking that too Cody, but there's got to be something more as well.”

Whatever it is, we need to just rest till the nurse checks on us and our family's come in later. And I think I'm hungry too.”

Yah, I haven't eaten since the day before yesterday. I think I need something.”

I gotta pee. Would you come in with me and hold me up Cody, I still feel kinda wobbly.”

Sure Squirt, let me help you up.”

Cody walked around to Sasha's side of the bed and lifted him out and to his feet and walked him to the bathroom standing and walking behind him with his hands on Sasha's hips. Both boys were still naked as the day they were born, and Sash was even sporting a three quarters full morning stiffie. They both stood there waiting for Sasha till his piece subsided enough that he could begin to spray. It was clear that it was very relieving to Sash, and way overdue. By now, Cody was completely hard, not being able but to watch what Sasha was doing and looking over his shoulder and down his body. Holding his skinny white hips, and also running his hands over Sasha's naked back and shoulders and smelling his hair. He thought he would speak before Sash said something about it.


Yah Cody,” (while still peeing).

Can I ask you about something? Or explain something?”

Is it about your boner Cody?”

How did you know that's what I was going to say?” (Being caught completely off guard).

Because I sensed it, I've been reading what people are thinking the last couple of days. And also the fact I can feel it against my back. I felt it getting hard, and it's real warm.”

I'm sorry Sasha. But I'm also happy your acquiring the gift too.”
“Thanks Cody, and It's ok, you don't have to be sorry. Nika and I had a long talk about how he is, and how you are, and I accept it. I don't completely understand it, but it's ok cause I love both of you. I know what makes you both get excited and I know you think I'm beautiful. And it's ok, you don't need to be embarrassed. In a way I think it's kool that you think so highly of me, and I can cause you to have one of those. You know, get hard....haha.”

Thanks Sasha, I've always known you were special, your the best.”

Just then Sasha finished peeing and turned around and wrapped Cody in a giant hug, boner and all as he said, “I love you Cody! And we'll get through this together.”

Cody lifted his head and took in a deep breath as his eye's began to water up and replied in a shaky voice, “Yah we will little man, and you have no idea how good what you just said makes me feel. I love you too Sasha, I always have. Your probably the only thing in my life that I've ever been jealous of Nika for having that I didn't. I love you buddy.”

Both boys stood there embracing and swaying back and forth. After another minute or so, Sasha leaned up on his toes and gave Cody a long soft kiss on the cheek and said, “Common, lets go back to bed and snuggle while we wait for breakfast.”

Good idea Sash.”

The boys walked back to the bed and Cody gently helped Sasha up and into the bed before he jumped in after him. Then as they laid back, getting comfortable, Cody asked, “Hey Sash?”

Yah, what's up?”

Are there any guys that you know that your attracted to? You know, like sex wise?”
“Haha. You mean anyone I'd have sex with?”

Yah, I guess.”

I don't think so Cody. I mean I've talked to Nika, and we've had this conversation before, so you being gay, I'm not surprised you asked it. I mean he said it's something about gay people believing for some reason that all guys, even straight ones secretly want to try gay sex. He thinks it probably makes them feel better about their situation.”

So no one then really?”

Umm, I don't wanna suck anyone's dick, or get fucked. So no, not really.”

So you've never thought anyone was even cute?”

I don't know. I can tell weather a guys ugly or cute I guess, everyone can. If I had to be honest, and this stays between us, I guess there is someone who's sorta cute. But like I said, I ain't interested in sex.”

Ok, who is he then? Don't be ashamed if it's Sequoia Sash, I thought he was beautiful too.”

That's not who I was going to say, but yah, he was very beautiful. So him too I guess.”

Then who were you going to say?”

Tanner, haha. He's pretty cute.”

Haha, you mean Barbie, fuck yah he is. But he's also the biggest smart-ass on the planet. He makes Jace look like a choirboy. Is it because he looks like a girl?”

Yah, totally. He fuckin hates being called that too Cody. Don't call him Barbie anymore, his new nickname is Badnews.”

Yah, no problem. What about him do you like?”

He has that long straight blonde hair. A totally soft, girl like face, and nice thin arms and legs. He's total queer bait! Come to think of it, he looks like a blonde version of Sequoia.”

Yup, he kinda does. Me and Nika have talked about wanting to do it with him. We've both jacked off to him before.”

Ok, too much info Cody. But yah, I can see that. He is a total hotty. The girls thinks he's a cutie, and the boys get caught looking at him as well sometimes. He'd probably get laid every day if they issued him a gag-order for his mouth and he just shut the fuck up once in a while.”

So you wouldn't do anything with him then?”

No, no way. It grosses me out even thinking about sucking a dick or getting something up my butt!”

What if he was willing to suck you or let you fuck him?”


Haha, so you would think about it then?”

Fuck you Cody, I didn't say that.”

Common Sasha, admit you were just unsure about it just now.”

Ok, I'd have to think about it. I don't think I could really stick my dick where he shits and cornhole him, but I guess if he sucked me it'd be ok. I mean looking down on him if he was giving me a blowjob, he'd look a lot like a girl.”

Is he straight?”

How the fuck do I know?”

He's one of your best friends Sash. If anyone would know, it's you.”

Well I've never caught him with a dick in his mouth, and never thought to ask, Hey Tanner, do you cornhole? I know we've cammed together with girls a few times and watch porn sometimes on sleepovers, and he does shot cum now. I guess he could be bi, but I know he likes straight porn and gets off when we cam with girls.”

Fuck, he should be on tv. He's probably the cutest boy on the planet. Why isn't he around more?”

He lives in South Lake, and just goes to school up there with us. He was supposed to spend the night the other night at Nika and your BBQ, but got sick so his mom made him go home with her. If he lived on our side of the lake, I have no doubt we'd be best friends. And not because he's good looking. It's because he's so much fun and such a funny fucker.”

Fuck yah he is. Man that kid gets in a lot of trouble.”

That's cause of his mouth. Every other word is a curse word and he's obnoxious to everyone. He spends one day a week in the principals office at our school, and he gets suspended four or five times every year.”

He's your grade and age, right?”

Yah, just finished sixth grade and he's eleven, two months older than me. We both start seventh at your and Nika's school next year.”

He's eleven and shots already, does he have pubes yet Sash?”

Yah, like ten or twelve of them maybe. There not many, or long at all. There so blonde it's easy to miss them.”

Do you shot too Sasha?”

No, but I still orgasm and it jerks and spams, just no liquid yet.”

Ok, I'm gonna go in the bathroom and get cleaned up. Can you reach around under the sheets and feel for our gowns, the nurse is probably gonna be in here any minute.”

Yah, sure. I soo fuckin want breakfast. I could eat a baby's butt through a park bench right now!”

Haha, that's fuckin funny. So could I. I could eat the asshole out of a skunk!”

Haha, that's kool. But I liked mine better.”

The boys retrieved their gowns and tied each other off in back so they weren't bare assed when the nurse came in, which she did about ten minutes after Cody blew his load. She told them that Dr. Semoni felt they could be released this morning after breakfast since they had both been sufficiently rehydrate, and in much better spirits. The boys told her how hungry they were and she said that was a very good sign. So she had a big breakfast of scrambled eggs, potatoes, toast, and a fruit cup brought in for them, along with orange juice and milk. They both dove in after mentioning the only thing missing was of course, Bacon! It only took five minutes to obliterate what was put in front of them, at which time they noticed that someone, perhaps a nurse, had brought in two bags containing their clothes, while they had been busy eating. The mystery deliverer took the pile of cloths in each bag and placed them on their beds. Then a nurse came in and explained to them that their family's had rented a couple hotel rooms at one of the local casino's last night. But that their fathers had spent the night in the private waiting room in case they needed them or there was any new developments regarding Nika. Also that their mothers, who had taken the kids to the hotel to eat and get some sleep last night. Both had arrived back at the hospital so that they could relieve their husbands who could now go to the hotel rooms to get some sleep themselves. The two boys then went into the bathroom, and together hopped in the shower to clean up before they got out and toweled off. Cody kept staring at Sasha the whole time and Sasha kept seeing it out of the corner of his eye and couldn't stop giggling and laughing at Cody. Cody finally apologized and told Sasha that he couldn't help it. And Sasha replied that it was ok, to look all he wants. So that maybe he'll get over it since they were going to be around each other for many more years to come. They both laughed and walked naked back into the room to put on their clothes. Once in the room both boys pulled on their boxers and shorts and then their tank tops. They sat on the edge of the bed together as they both pulled on their socks and then their high tops and tied the laces. “Kool, looks like we're outta here Cody.”

Yah, I can't wait to see our family and friends. I feel soo much better than yesterday.”

No shit, me too.”

Remember our talk Cody, we need to start putting pieces together and figure out what Sequoia and Nika need us to do.”
“Yah Sash, part of my dream last night was Sequoia came to me while I was fishing on the bank of the Truckee river. He said to me “Cody, I have set a series of events in motion so that this wouldn't happen, and Nika could rescue me if I survived my battle within the shadow world. But I didn't plan on Nika doing what he did, and now Nika isn't here to rectify the situation the way I had planned on him doing. I have since set up another chain of events to bring peace and stability to us all, but it is a long shot. And it's up to you and Sasha to bring Nika back now. I shall miss you all, and I hope peace and happiness find you Cody. And that you and Nika and Sasha all live long and peaceful lives. Be well my true friend!”

Sasha: “Cody, Nika came to me while I was watching a sunset on his balcony last night in my dream. He said “Sasha, I knew I would find you here watching our sunsets. You must listen and trust me now little brother. First thing is, Sequoia had sacrificed himself to save me. And my inner voice told me he had made a deal with the shadow world so that Cody and I would be left alone and not interfered with. I could not allow him to do that, so I sacrificed myself to save him. But at the last second, something went wrong. By doing what I did, I interfered with whatever he was planning to save me. Now we have been contacting each other from the other side in the same manner I am doing with you right now. We are both working on a plan, but cannot communicate effectively or make it come about, seeing as he is in the world of shadows and I am incapacitated. So we have worked out a desperate plan that is up to you and Cody to pull off. We have given both of you what you need and as much information as we are allowed to aide you in your journey. It is up to you two to use your brains and determination to resolve this situation. From what I understood of our spotty communication Sash, is that Sequoia is contacting Cody right now in the same manner I'm contacting you. You only have till tomorrow afternoon to achieve success or we will be lost to you both, our family, and friends forever. I will not survive in my state much longer, and Sequoia will also parish if you two do not act now, and act fast. Find out where I am in the hospital. And as for Sequoia, as to his whereabouts, I can only tell you “if you both look to the crescent moon, Sequoia will return real soon.” That will show you both the truth and the way, and remove any doubt. We will both leave this world together on our next journey at the same time if you should fail. And if you do, I want you to feel no blame. I love you both more than anything. Take comfort that I will have my brother Sequoia by my side for guidance as he will have me. And when you feel down, in the case the worst shall happen, take comfort on my balcony at sunset my little Sasha and I will always be there with you. It's our time and our space, and we will always be together there like I had taught you. And remember my words that I spoke that evening with my arms wrapped around you, awaiting the green flash, “No matter how bad the pain and hurt gets Sash, no matter how bad your day was, tomorrow's another day! Goodbye oh love of my life. I hope to see you again soon, but if that's not the way it is to be, then I will be waiting for you many, many years from now when your journey is complete. I promise I will be there to greet you at which time your road comes to an end.”

Sasha, that means we only have four or five hours or Nika dies and Sequoia is lost for good!”

Then we better get started Cody, but where the fuck do we begin? I'm clueless.”

Lets start with what we know Sash. The riddle Nika left said to seek out and covet what they possessed. What if it's not Twinergy that he was speaking of, what if it was their clothes or something they had with them?”

Yah, maybe, but what would they have had?”

That's what we have to find out Sash.”

And Cody, I need to take another look at the Indian boy in the room yesterday. Something about him just doesn't add up. I smell Sequoia's at work somehow, the resemblance is just to great.”

Ok, lets grab our sweatshirts and get over there.”

Just then, Sasha grabbed the two sweatshirts off the bed and threw one to Cody. As he did, something that was laying between them flew out from between them and onto the floor, escaping Sasha's view. “Common Cody, lets hurry!”

Wait Sash, what was that?”

Was what Cody, what are you talking about?”

I'm sure I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye fly out and under the bed when you threw me my sweatshirt.”

I don't know, hang on, I'll look.”

Sasha knelt down and reached out under the bed and felt around till his hand touched something. He grabbed onto it and stood up and opened his hand with Cody Standing right beside him. “Wow!”

Sash, I don't believe it even though I'm seeing it with my own eyes.”

How did it get here”?

It has to be Sequoia. This looks as if it were his handy-work.”

There they both stood, mouths open and eye's bugged out. And there dangling from Sasha's fingers was a leather neck chain with a snake rattle hanging from it. “Quick, lets get over to Shawnee's room Sash. Isn't that what Nurse Lincoln called him?”

Yah, Shawnee.”

The boys made it over to the nurses station and hung out there as the morning shift was reporting for duty and it was beginning to get busy. They looked over at the room, at each other, and around the lobby. Both communicating with each other via twinergy, trying to figure out how to slip inside the room without being spotted. Just then the Native American boys social worker approached the desk and began talking to one of the two nurses. Sasha communicated to Cody his plan. He looked at Cody and motioned towards the remaining nurse with his eyes, and then moved his eye's over to the boys room as Cody smiled and nodded. Then Sash rubbed his eyes real hard with his fists till they became red and watery and walked up to the remaining nurse. He asked in his best scarred little boys voice, “Mam, where do they have my big brother?”

She immediately looked down at the little boy and cocked her head to one side and said, “Ahh, don't cry little guy, I'll help you find him. What's his name?”

It's Nikita Nicoli Von Heflin mam.”

Let me find that for you, you little cutie-patutie!”

Cody with his back to the wall next to the boys room just smiled, and seeing as both nurses were pre-occupied, he pulled the door open, and slipped inside. He walked over to the curtains and slipped through the crease.

Meanwhile the nurse at the desk looked at the computer and said, “son, your big brother is upstairs on the third floor in intensive care. He's under the care of Doctors Hudson and Hart.

Can I see him now?”
“Oh no child, he's still in a coma. I'm sorry. I know what room your family's in. If one of the Doctors comes by, I'll send them in to see you. How does that sound?”

Thank you mam.”

I need to make my rounds now.”

The nurse grabbed a computer notepad and made her way around the counter and off down the aisle. That leaves only one left. The one with the social worker. Sasha edged closer to burglarize their conversation.

Nurse: “Yes, it really is sad. First being an orphan and now losing his life. And he's such a beautiful boy.”

Social Worker: “I know. Well, I have the court order that the judge signed. We just need to find Dr. Hart so we can serve the paper and he can take the boy off life support. What a shame, but at least he will be out of pain.”

I guess that's the best way to look at the whole thing.”

Sasha just about shit a brick when he heard that, and made his way over to the room before looking around to see he wasn't being watched, and then slipped inside. He then went over and slipped around the curtain and touched Cody on the shoulder. Cody let out a scream like he was being grabbed by the dead and jumped about 3 feet in the air. Before getting a red face and looking at Sasha quite angrily saying, “What The Fuck are you trying to do, give me a fuckin heart attack dip-shit!”

Sasha couldn't help but smile and said, “Sorry dude, I thought you heard me. We need to hurry up. That lady out there has a court order. Their going to turn off this kids life support any time now. Did you find anything? And by the way, Nika's on the third floor.”

Ok, good, you found him. And no I haven't found anything. Just what are we looking for Sash?”

I don't know, what was it Nika told us in his visit last night, look and find the crescent moon, and Sequoia will return real soon!”

Oh fuck Sash, it can't be that easy, can it?”

What Cody, what are you talking about?”

Sequoia. You've seen him naked before haven't you Sash?”
“Yah, so? Your not getting morbid on me, are you Cody?”
“No you fuckin idiot, and that's not funny.”

I wasn't trying to be funny. What doe's Sequoia being naked have to do with anything?”

Because, on the left side of his pelvic bone on his pubic area.”

And your point is?”

He had a purple birth mark Sash!”

Yah, he did, in the shape of a crescent moon. Holy fuck! I know they look alike, but what are the chances this kid has one? A billion to one?”

Yah, if that. But that has to be what Nika was talking about. If he does, this kid has to be Sequoia. That's how Nika's going to prove it to us.”

Well, here goes nothing Cody!”

Sasha, pulled back the sheet and grabbed the bottom of the boys hospital gown and began to lift it up. He pulled it up exposing the unconscious boys testicles and penis, and then he paused. “Are you ready for this Cody?”

Yah, do it!”

Sasha inched the fabric up a few more inches, and there coming into view was a bright purple birthmark in the shape of, yes, you guessed it, a crescent moon!”

That's it Sasha, this is Sequoia. But what now?”

Well, lets regroup. Pull his gown down and put his sheet back in place. We figured out the purple moon and found the necklace. And we know Nika meant their possessions in his riddle. We found Sequoia's, so now we need to find out what Cody had.”

And how are we going to do that?
“Nurse Lincoln will help us. Lets ask her. But first let's go back to the meeting room and check in with our parents.”

Yah, but we better hurry before they shut this kid down.”

The two youths made it back to the room and their worried mothers both dolled out hugs and kisses and sat them down and explained about Nika's condition. They both sat there and pretended to be surprised and excited and acted as if they knew nothing since yesterday morning. Other family members and friends also made their way to the room, arriving by taxi and car from the various hotels and casinos where they spent the night. The boys then said they were thirsty and were going to go to the cafeteria to get a soda. Once out of the room they darted off to the front desk in search of nurse Lincoln. They made it there and a young redheaded nurse walked up to the counter and said, “what can I do for two such handsome young men?”

Sasha, trying to look half embarrassed and half flattered replied, “May we speak to nurse Lincoln?”

Sure cutie, you said her name is Lincoln right?”

Yes Miss.”

Then I'll page her for you.”

With that said the nurse picked up the mic and said, “Nurse Lincoln to the front desk. Nurse Lincoln to the front desk Please,” as it echoed throughout the whole hospital. Then Sasha said, “Cody, what in the fuck are we gonna ask her for? We don't even know what where looking for.”

Just relax Sash, I have an idea about what we're looking for.”

Yah, are you gonna let me in on it?”

Yah, what have we kept seeing in our dreams and visions?”

Sequoia's necklace.”

Yas, which we've found. And what else?”

A Penny Cody, a Penny! We keep seeing a penny. A really old one!”

Yup, so just let me talk. You'll know what to say and do when the time is right.”
Just then burly ol Nurse Lincoln walked up and said, “OK boys, what is it I can do for you?” Then she recognized them from the hospital gowns inside the Indian boy Shawnee's room from the day before. “Oh it's you two, your all better I see?”

Cody: “Yes mam, and thank you. We have a favor to ask you mam.”

Well what is it son, speak up?”
“Well, my friend is here, and he's hurt real bad. He may not make it. And you see, he had a good luck charm when he was brought in. I'm sure it's amongst his belongings. I was wondering if you could retrieve it for us?”

Well, I don't know boys. That would be against Hospital Policy. I'm sorry.”

Please mam, it's really important to us. We need all the luck we can get.”

Well, whats your relation to him again?”

Just then Sasha, who was shielded behind Cody turned his back and did the eye rub thing with his fists again causing red watery eyes.

Well, you see he's my best friend. But more importantly it's for his baby brother Sasha.”

Cody stood aside and revealed Sasha standing there with tears running down his face. The nurse cocked her head sideways and said, “Oh my child, and quickly walked around the side of the counter and took Sasha in her arms pressing the side of his head against her large breasts. “Well, now-now dear. I guess one little exception isn't going to make a world of difference, as she released Sasha and made her way back behind the counter. Then she asked Cody, “What did you say his name was boy?”

Nikita Nicoli Von Heflin, mam.”
She looked up the name in the computer and a sad look was shown on her face as she read the boys condition to herself. Then she looked at Sasha again and winced and shook her head. She then said “you boy's stay here and I'll be right back.” She disappeared for a few minutes and came back with a bag of bloody clothes in one hand and she was holding something in her other hand. She walked up to the two boys and said, “This is all the poor child had on him.” She opened her fist and there beside a piece of bubble gum was a early 1900's Indian head penny.

Cody: “That's it mam, that's Nika and Sasha's good luck charm.”

Then she walked around the counter, placed it in Sasha's hand and closed his hand around it. Holding his hand at the same time. Then she leaned forward, kissing him on the forehead and said, “I hope it brings you the results and happiness you're looking for child.”

She walked away after that, shaking her head as if she felt sorry for Sasha, knowing full well of Nika's condition, and then she was gone.

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