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Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake

Chapter 12 Pt.1:

The Four Horsemen and /or The Return of the King Pt. 1

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake (11) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

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Chapter 12 Pt.1

Sasha and Cody now had the pieces to the puzzle that Sequoia and Nika had lead them to from their dream visits. But it was up to the two boys now to figure out just what they had and what they needed to do with them? They went back to the garden to sit down and talk after Nurse Lincoln had handed Sasha the penny and walked away. They made their way out to the garden and it wasn't quite mid morning yet. So they found a nice bench under a tree and sat down. Cody began to speak, “ Ok Sash, we figured out what the crescent moon riddle was and that somehow Shawnee is related or involved with Sequoia. And we now have both their belongings as well.”

Yah Cody, Nika's penny and Sequoia's necklace and rattle. So now what?”

I don't know Sash, but there's something we must be missing.”

Let's go back to the waiting room and see if there's anything happening or any new news.”
“Sure, maybe we can learn something there?”
The two amateur sleuths made their way back to the waiting room again and there was quite a bit of activity going on, as the whole posse and their parents were in there (minus Sequoia and Nika of course). Mr. Weiner had a friend drive him down as well to check on the boys seeing as he didn't quite feel comfortable driving that far any more due to the mountain roads and his advanced age. But none the less he was there speaking with Nika and Cody's parents.

The boys all ran up to the two little warriors, hugging them and asking how they felt? Even Tanner had his parents drive him down from South Lake.

After exchanging pleasantries Cody and Sasha told the other boys that they all needed to gather and talk privately. And that they would meet in the garden after they spoke to their mothers. They made their way over to their parents who were sitting and talking over cups of hospital coffee brought in by one of the nurses, compliments of Dr. Hart. Nadia said, “Hey boys, how are you two holding up?”

Pretty good considering I guess mom. Any word on Nika?”

Not yet sweetie, we just need to keep praying for now.”

Cody: “We still feel so bad about Sequoia.”

Marsha: “I know son, and then losing the body and all too. How disturbing.”

What do you mean losing the body mom?”

Marsha: “I mean when the van returned with Sequoia's body, it was not in the van.”
“It can't just vanish, can it?”

Golden Fawn (who was sitting with the parents): “Please do not worry yourselves about Sequoia, we need to keep our eye's on the ball and focus on Nika right now. Sequoia is at peace and is fine wherever he is.”

Nadia: “I know Golden Fawn, but it still gets under my skin that all that was left were his clothes and the fillings from his teeth. Even the trinket or whatever you were also talking to the Doctor about was missing as well.”

His snake charm necklace. Yes, that wasn't in the van either.”

Sasha, sounding very excited: “What exactly was it Golden Fawn?”

It was a leather necklace with a very large rattlesnake rattle at the end of it Sasha. Why?”

Just wondering. When did he get it, I recall he always had a necklace with an arrowhead on it?”

Just a couple of days ago. He was having some visions and went down to South Lake to speak with the tribes Medicine Man about them. The Medicine Man gave it to him before he left after their talk and told him not to take it off under any circumstances.”
Just then Cody grabbed Sasha and said, “That's it, let's go Sash!”

Sasha yelled at Blake, “Get everyone Blake, you know where to meet us!”

The boys ran to the garden and began to talk about the discovery of the necklace again and how it belonged to Sequoia. But where to go from there. After a few minutes Blake showed up with the posse, while Cody and Sasha briefed them all on what was going on. About what they had discovered since they last parted ways the previous afternoon. After discovering Shawnee in the hospital room where Sash had gone in to pee. They all accepted the explanations from the two boys about the night time visions and dreams and the discovery of the crescent moon birthmark on Shawnee. And the mysterious reappearance of the necklace in their room that morning, and Nurse Lincoln helping them out yet again with the recovery of the penny. The only skeptical one of the group was Tanner, who hadn't had as much contact with Sequoia as the other boys, so he wasn't as aware of the “Paranormal” happenings that seemed to surround him like the other kids were. But none the less, he went along with it seeing as he was the only dissenter.

Now that everyone was together, Cody and Sash were hatching a plan and explaining to the rest of the posse what was needed from them. Cody began to speak and explain that the first order of business had to be to get to Shawnee again and figure out what they needed to do to rescue him. Seeing as that's what they were told from their visions, and where they should begin. Cody added, “Ok, lets split up in two groups. I'll go to Shawnee's room again with Jace, K.C., and Tanner. Sash, you go up to where their keeping your big brother with Blake and Reiley. Stake it out, and see if you can figure anything out. And does everyone have their cell phones turned on?”

Blake: “Yah, we all do. And Travis and Wesley do as well. Their showering now, and then will be on their way over from the hotel as soon as they get a cab.”

Everybody else replied yes, so they all went on their way to start looking around. First, Sash told Blake and Reiley to follow him back to the waiting room before they head to the third floor because he had another question to ask Golden Fawn. Meanwhile Cody took his crew over towards Shawnee's room to scope it out so that he could sneak inside again. He also told them what the social worker looked like and to keep an eye open for her while they eavesdrop at the front desk for information.

We pick up things with Sash, Blake, and Reiley back at the waiting room where things have taken an emotional turn for the worse.

Sash and his group entered the room and everyone was in tears as Tasha was hysterical and crying into Abby's arms. When Abby said, “It's Sasha, Tash!” Tasha stood up and ran over to her baby brother. Sasha, sensing that something had gone very wrong said, “What, what's happened Tasha?”

She grabbed Sasha and held him tight to her and cried into his ear, “Mom and Dad are out looking for you Sash. Dr. Hudson came in a few minutes ago, and said Nika has taken a turn for the worse. He's now on life support and can't be taken off. Apparently, he is brain dead and will never wake up again!”

Oh No Tash, please no.”

I know Sash, they signed the DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) form, and Dr. Hudson is going to turn the machine off. Mom and Dad thought you and I would want to go up there before they do, so we can say goodbye.”

Sasha, crying hard, and with his friends gathered around him rubbing his back and sobbing themselves said, “Yes, Yes I do, but I have to do something first, please stall them Tash, stall them as long as you can. I'll be back in a little while.”
Tash hugged her baby brother again and nodded yes before letting him go.

Meanwhile, Jace and K.C. had been up at the desk listening to the nurse's talk with the social worker that they had spotted in the cafeteria. They had been talking about Shawnee and that Dr. Hart was on his way down to accompany them to Shawnee's room to turn off his life support as well. They quickly informed Cody of this and he told them all to go back up to the desk and see if they can start a diversion to preoccupy them as long as possible to give him time with Shawnee, to see what he can come up with. Sasha told Reiley and Blake to get up to Nika's intensive care floor and hang tight, but to keep an eye on his brother and not to let anyone in to turn off his life support. Then he made his way to the front desk. Once there, Jace and K.C. told him that Cody and Tanner had slipped back into Shawnee's room. They saw that Sasha had been crying hard and that his face was still red, but they knew things were happening fast and didn't ask him about it so as not to break his concentration. Jace and K.C. went up to the front desk to distract the nurses so that Sasha could sneak in undetected to join Tanner and Cody.

Once inside, Sasha ran to the curtain and slid beneath it where Cody and Tanner were(who was also shocked at the resemblance Shawnee bared to Sequoia. Hr was now beginning to believe something was up). They were looking over Shawnee's lifeless body. The boys were a little startled, and Cody asked what was the matter and why Sash was crying. Sasha explained what befell Nika and that he too, along with Shawnee, only had a matter of minutes possibly. Sasha asked Cody, “What do we do now. Were losing the battle Cody.”

Its not over yet Sash, I have an idea. Tanner, go watch the door.”

Tanner: “Yah, ok!”

Sasha: “Well you better make it fast then Cody.”

Ok, let's just see what happens with this Sash. Give me the necklace.”

Sasha pulled the leather necklace with the rattle snake rattle attached to it out of his pocket and let it dangle from his fingertips. Then he handed it to Cody, who said, “This is the necklace that Golden Fawn said the Medicine Man from the Native American tribe in South Lake gave him. She said he was told never to take it off.”

Yah, ok, soo.”

Soo, this boy was bite by a rattle snake.....right?”

Ok, I see where your going with this.”

Well, if this is really Sequoia....then?”

Sash: “Ok, I'm with you.”

Just then Tanner came running back from the door and pulled the curtains surrounding the bed open and said, “Oh Shit you guys, there's a nurse and an orderly on their way over here right now.”

Just then the door opened and the nurse was shocked to see Tanner standing alongside Shawnee's bed with the sheets pulled down. Sash and Cody were still behind the curtains out of their view. She said, “Your not supposed to be in her girl, this is a private room.”

Tanner: “I'm not a girl ya stinky ho!”

Well then Boy, this room is off limits. Get out now!”

Tanner responding in Tanner like fashion replied, “He's my friend you drippy gash, fuck you I ain't goin nowhere!”

You're coming with me and leaving this room right now.”

I said I ain't going nowhere you ugly skank. You'd make a freight train take a dirt road on a rainy night lady!”

The nurse became agitated and told the orderly, “Lets go to the front desk and summon security. They can deal with the rude little fucker!”

They both hurried along and Tanner said, “Whatever your gonna do you guys, you better do it fast, cause you have maybe a couple minutes.”

Sasha: “Tanner go back over by the door and keep a look out!”

Yah, ok.”

And Cody, whatever your gonna do, you better do it now!”
“Ok sash, here it goes. Hope my vision was right.”

Cody took the necklace and opened Shawnee's hand and placed it inside the boys hand and closed his hand around it and squeezed. Sure enough when he did that, the machine monitoring Shawnee's heart and vitals began to speed up and you could see the boys comatose head begin to shake a little, and there was eye movement under his eyelids.

Sash said{ “Ok, I think were close Cody, but no cigar.”

What are we missing Sasha?”

Duhhh Cody, Golden Fawn said the Medicine Man told Sequoia not to ever take it off. So put it around his neck Cody, not in his hand!”

Just then Tanner yelled, “Ok Guys, We Got Company!”

Cody: “We're Kinda Busy At The Moment Tanner....Just Handle It OK!”

Yah sure, and just what am I supposed to do?”

Sasha: “I Don't Know Tanner, Just be yourself I guess.”

Tanner: “Alrighty Then, Good Luck Guys! Lock The Door Behind Me Sasha!”

Sasha ran over and locked the door, as Tanner ran out of the room with two security guards coming toward him, approximately 20 feet away. They immediately spotted Tanner, as the nurse following behind them said, “Yes, that's him. He's the one that was in the room!”

One of the guards shouted, “You, Boy, Stop, Come Over Here Right Now!”

At to which Tanner replied, “Fuck You, Ya Fat Sausage Chewing Butt Sniffers! Why Don't You Two Cornholers Come And Get Me! Fat Lazy Fuckers!”

The two men looked at each other with faces turning red and “Awayyyy they went,” as the saying goes.”

Tanner being small and wiry thin, took off like a bat outta hell, with the two guards right on his tail.

Meanwhile the nurse shouted, “Get him you guys. I'm going back to get Dr. Hart so we can turn the boys life support off and let him have some peace at last.”

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Chapter 12 Pt. 2:

The Four Horsemen and /or The Return of the King Pt. 2