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Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake

Chapter 12 Pt. 2:

The Four Horsemen and /or The Return of the King Pt. 2

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake (12.2) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

Copyright is to me, and this story may not be reproduced anywhere without my prior permission.

Chapter 12 Pt. 2

Back in the room Cody was saying to Sasha, “I guess Tanner's mouth did come in handy this time....huh?”

Yah, a first time for everything. But the necklace?”

Ok, around his neck, I get it. Lift his head quick!”

Sasha lifted Shawnee's head and Cody slipped the leather loop with the snake rattle around the boys neck, and waited for a reaction. The machine that showed no brain activity at all, all of a sudden showed the exact polar opposite as the beautiful seven or eight year olds emerald green eye's opened as clear as the afternoon sky. Cody and Sasha both looked at him and each other and swallowed hard as they hi-fived one another and shouted, “Fuck ya, we did it!” Not believing what they had done.

The boy sat up in the bed, and looked around the room not aware of where he was, as you could tell the surroundings seemed foreign to him. Then Sasha looked at him and said, “Is that you Sequoia?”

Cody: He's got a tube in his mouth doofus!”

Sasha: Then pull it out Cody.”

Ok, he it goes,” Cody pulled the tube up and out of Shawnee's mouth as the boy began to cough and spit up, before wiping his mouth.

Cody: Aghh, fuck, that's gross.”

Sasha: He's trying to say something Cody.”

The boy looked at Sasha confused, and then at Cody. Cody looked at Sasha and said, “I guess not Sash.”

Then Cody looked at the boy again and said, “Are you Shawnee?”

The boy looked up at both of them and said, “I'm, I'm not really sure who I am. What am I doing here?”

Sasha looked at Cody, and said, “Ok Cody, I guess this is like the end of phase one, what's next?” Then looked at the boy and said, “We're trying to figure that out right now kid!”

Cody: “I guess back to what Nika and Sequoia told us in their visits Sash. But what exactly do they want us to do?”

I can give him the penny Cody, and see if that helps?”

We can try it, but that was Nika's possession.”

Sasha took the Indian head penny from his pocket and handed it to the boy, “here, hold this kid.”

The kid took the penny, grabbed onto it, and said, “Ok, what now?”
Sasha said, “That's not it Cody.”

Cody was in deep thought, and his eyes lit up a moment later and he said to Sasha, “We two shall be as one! That's what Nika and Sequoia kept saying Sasha. That's it little buddy! You know what that means?”

Yah Cody, it means we need to get him upstairs to Nika's room!”

Just then, Cody's phone went off and he looked at the front. Sasha said, “Who is it?”

It's Reiley. Should I answer it?”

Yah, he and Blake are up at Nika's room, maybe they have some news.”

Ok”, as Cody answered the cell. “Hey Reiley, what's up?”

Doctors and nurses and your and Nika's mom and dad, that's what's up. Everyone's crying and it looks like there gonna shut Nika's life support off Cody. If you guys know something, you better act on it fast, cause we only have a few minutes after the goodbye's are said.”

Oh fuck, ok. Just stall them as long as you can.”


I don't know. Get whoever hasn't said goodbye up there along with Abby, Tasha, and Trisha, and tell Nadia and Niklas that everyone wants to say goodbye, and drag it out as long as possible.”

Yah, ok. I can do that.”

Kool, Jace and KC are just outside the room were in, so we'll send them up as soon as we get outta here.”

Just then someone or someones tried to open the locked door of the room they were in with Shawnee, and Sash heard it, “Better hurry up Cody, we got company again! We better do something before they get a key from the front desk.”

Cody, on the phone still: “Ok, I gotta go Reiley, we'll be up as soon as we can.”

Sasha: “Common Cody, get this kid outta bed now.”

Ok, what are you gonna do Sash?”

I'm gonna make the bed back up with some pillows from the other bed and pull the blankets over them. It'll look like he's still in here. Then I'll pull the curtains shut again and we can hide in the bathroom. When they unlock the door and walk over to the bed and go behind the curtains, we can sneak out of the bathroom and out the door.”

Ok, let's get er done.”

Sasha did make up the bed and pulled the curtain shut after Cody was finished pulling all the wires and tubes out of Shawnee, who was trembling with fear. Then he got the boy to his feet. Luckily, Cody had a revelation, seeing that the boy was frightened and confused as to who he was, and what was happening to him. So he immediately grabbed the boy to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek and a big hug. He looked at Shawnee and said, “I know you're scarred little guy, and I can see that your shaking. But I'm Cody, and this is Sasha. Where here to save you and protect you, so don't be afraid. Everything's gonna be alright for you no matter what happens from this point on. We believe you are the answer to saving Sasha's big brother, and we'll explain things to you as they happen. But if we together can't save Nika, then you will still be ok. Your suffering is over and you are no longer sick or in a coma. So just stick by us, and hold onto one of our hands if something happens to scare you. Ok?”

The boy smiled and nodded as he looked at Cody like he had just made a friend for the very first time. And Cody smiled back seeing the happiness in the boys eyes.

Sasha watched all this unfold, as a feeling of guilt overcame him. Feeling as if he had been callous or shallow, being wrapped up in his own wants and needs and ignoring the fact that this boy was a living, breathing human being. And most likely his best friend Sequoia. So he let out a breath, the kind you sigh out when you become emotionally deflated after feeling genuine remorse. He too walked up to Shawnee and kissed his cheek, and gave him a big hug. Then he said, “Cody's right. I'm sorry we didn't take your feelings into consideration and explain everything to you as soon as you woke up Shawnee. But believe it or not, we both love you very much and are going to be a giant part of your life from now on no matter what else happens.”

With that said and the boy visibly more at ease, Cody pulled Shawnee over to the bathroom and explained to him (the short version of course) about what was going on with Nika. Sasha finished up with the bed and met them in the bathroom. Shawnee had no recollection of who he was or where he was from, so he went along with what he was told. Sasha suggested they all get behind the shower curtain in the shower and left the bathroom door open so they could hear what was happening in the room. No sooner where they behind the curtain when they heard a key being inserted into the lock, and the door squeak open. Then they heard the nurse say, “Sorry Dr. Hudson, but the guards probably locked it as a precaution after they chased that foul mouthed kid out of here. He's just over here.”

Then they heard footsteps and an orderly say, “Yah, there's no one in the bathroom Nurse Brittle.”

Then they heard some footsteps moving away from them towards the bed, and the three seized the opportunity to make a mad dash for the door, and out into the lobby they went. Jace and K.C. spotted them up near the nurses station and K.C. whistled to get their attention. The three made it over near the elevator where Jace and K.C. had started to make a bee-line for. They both seemed generally shocked to see the brain-dead, comatose boy(Shawnee) up and walking around as if nothing had ever happened. Jace said, “Fuck, you guys have been in there forever. What were you doing, teaching him to play chess?”

Cody: “No, we're not exactly in the resurrection business Jace. Plus we had a few Imperial entanglements along the way.”

K.C. “Yah, we saw the security guards and that femi-nazi nurse Brittle. She even hassled us for hanging around the lobby.”

Sash: “Speaking of security guards, what happened to Tanner?”

Jace: “Let's go into the stairwell”, as he motioned all five of them into the stairwell to hide from the Nurses and security seeing as Nurse Brittle, the Dr., and the orderly all just ran out of the room after discovering that Shawnee was missing.

Jace: “We can talk in here without having to worry, no one has come in here the whole time we've been out here. Everyone takes the elevator. Cept Tanner of course. The last we saw of him he was on his way through these doors and up the stairs. And God only knows where too. He had two big guards chasing him!”

Cody: “Think they caught him?”

K.C. “I don't think so, we haven't seen anyone come downstairs yet. And Tanners pretty wily. I've seen him get chased shop lifting a bunch of times and he ain't never been caught. He runs like the wind. You remember how many bases he stole in little league?”

Sash: “Ok, enough of this shit, what else is going on you guys? We need to get this kid upstairs into Nika's room. My big brother is still with us, isn't he?”

K.C. “Yah, Blake called a little while ago and said the goodbyes are getting thin. So since Travis and Wesley were on their way over from the hotel in a cab, he asked them to...”

Just then an ear piercing whistle and alarm rang throughout the whole hospital and red lights began to flash inside the stairwells. The boys all looked around, and the only one who didn't seem to be startled was Shawnee.

Cody: Practically Screaming over the alarm, “What The Fuck Is That, And What Now?”

Sash: “Who Fuckin Knows. What Were You Saying About Travis And Wesley, K.C.?”

K.C.: Haha, Oh, That. I Was Saying That Blake Asked Them To Create Some Kind Of Diversion To Get Everyone Out Of Nika's ICU For You Guys.”

Jace: “Haha, Looks Like The Fuckers Tripped The Fire Alarm!”

Cody: “Well Then Let's Get This Kid Up To The Third Floor!”

The five boys made their way up the stairs towards the third floor as others were making their way down. Jace stuck his head out the stairwell and peeked around. He said, “Ok guys, I'm gonna go to the ICU and your coming with me Sash. K.C., you and Cody stay here with, umm, what's his name again?”


Yah, Shawnee, and I'll call you on the cell as soon as things are clear.”

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