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Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake

Chapter 12 Pt. 3:

The Four Horsemen and /or The Return of the King Pt. 3

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake (12.3) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

Copyright is to me, and this story may not be reproduced anywhere without my prior permission.

Chapter 12 Pt. 3

Jace and Sash walked down the hall to the ICU and looked inside. People were running around past them and there was turmoil everywhere. The fire alarm had done the trick, and there was a line at the two elevators as security guards were loading them to the capacity limit stated by the fire Marshall's sign, and evacuating them downstairs. There was one nurse left in the ICU. So Jace told Sasha, “wait here, I'll take care of her.”

He walked inside and called out to the nurse and she turned to look at him. She gave him an odd look and said, “You can't be in here little guy.”

He replied sounding out of breath, “Nurse, Dr. Hudson said to tell you he needs you downstairs at the front desk right now. I'm with the Von Heflin family and it has something to do with the paperwork on Nikita.”

Nurse: “Thats odd. They sent you?”

They tried to page you, but no one can hear it over this alarm. Since I'm the smallest and quickest, they knew I could fly up the stairs.”

Well, ok. Thank you...what's your name?”

Heywood, Heywood Jabloughmey!”

Ok, well thanks Heywood.”

With that the nurse made a dash to the elevator as Jace, always the instigator (along with Tanner and the twins) laughed at the ficticious name he came up with.... “haha, Hey-Would Ya-Blow-Me.” The Nurse spoke to the guard and he put her at the front of the line at the elevator so she could get down to see Dr. Hudson. Jace, got on his cell and let K.C know that the coast was clear. K.C. rounded up the other three and Cody and KC grabbed Shawnee, each taking hold of an arm, and ran to the ICU. Once inside they looked across the room, to see Blake running in on the other side from the doors on the opposite side of the room. Blake spotted them and ran up to Sash and Cody with a giant grin on his face, looking at Shawnee. “So, looks like you two brought some life back to the dead. Huh guys?”

Sash: “Yah, long story, but here he is. Of course he doesn't know just who he is yet, but that's what were here to see about. And I see you managed to create a diversion and clear this room out...huh?”

Yah, I'll say. But you gotta give it up for Trav and Wes this time. This is their handy work.”

Yah, just like them to kill a fly with a shotgun Blake!”

What do you mean Sash?”

Jace: “He means they didn't havta evacuate the whole fucking Hospital Blake!”

Just then the alarms and lights stopped blaring, and everybody looked around the room. Blake spoke, “Well, maybe not you guys, but it did work. And you can't argue with success!”

Reiley: “I guess not Blake, but now we have an even bigger problem.”

And what's that?”

They've obviously figured out it's a false alarm. So everyone's gonna be on their way back up here now.”

Sash: “Fuck, he's right, what do we do now?”

Blake: “We lock the doors is what we do now.”

Cody: There aren't any locks Blake.”

Ok, then we figure a way to jam them from inside. Reiley, get that end, I'll get this side.”

Yah, Ok. I'm on it!”

Reiley ran down to the other end of the room and looked around. He grabbed a mop from the corner and stuck the handle through the two handles on each side of the door. Then he yelled to the others, “This sides sealed, no ones coming through here unless the blast this mop handle to pieces with a shotgun or something.”

Blake: “Good work Reiley.”

Thanks, but what about your side?”

Yah, I'm working on it.”
“You want something to stick through the handles over there?”
“No, it won't work on this side, the handles are on the other side.”
“What are you gonna do then?”
“This!” And with that everybody jumped as they heard a thunderous crash against the floor. They all turned around, and saw a giant metal locker on the floor laying sideways, blocking the entry. Then Blake walked to the other side of the doors, and pushed over a large refrigeration unit on top of the lockers. “Ain't nobody coming through this side either. Not is it only hella-heavy, but it's between the doors and the table here, that's bolted to the floor. They can't be pushed out of the way now.”

With that done, all five boys walked over to where Nika's body was laying in one of the beds and looked down. What was to come next is the things that dreams are made of.

Shawnee: “Wow, he's very beautiful. Is this your brother Sasha?”

Yah, his names Nikita, but everyone calls him Nika.”

He doesn't look any older than you do.”

I know, he's a year and a half older, but he's only maybe an inch taller and a few pounds heavier. But I love him more than anything.”

Reiley: “He looks so peaceful. Just like he's sleeping.”

Jace: “Well, I just wish that was the case. His head is wrapped in bandages, did they shave it for the surgery?”

Blake: “Yah, probably, or at least where they had to cut anyway.”

Cody: “I'll bet they wore out a couple razors on that head of hair. So what now Sash?”

We two as one Cody. I think it all comes down to Shawnee at this point.”

Shawnee (still in his hospital gown): “Ok friends, then what do you want me to do?”

Sash: “Shawnee, I'm gonna have Blake move my brother over on the bed a little. When he does, would you please get in and lay down beside him?”

Ok, I hope I can help somehow. But I still don't know who I am. Everything's blank.”

Cody: “It's ok Shawnee, just keep your mind and thoughts clear, and follow our instructions.”

Sasha: “Ok Blake, go for it.”

Blake gently lifted Nika up off the bed slightly and to one side and little Shawnee was helped up onto the bed by Jace and Reiley. Meanwhile, a couple nurses could be heard trying to get in the door. First on one side, then down to the other. The boys heard what was happening. But kept their minds on the job at hand. Then they heard some knocking and tapping on the windows by several nurses, but ignored that as well.

Sasha: “Cody, lets start by giving Nika the penny.”

Ok, let me get it.”
Cody reached into his pocket, and then the other. Then a confused panicked look went across his face as everyone could tell what was happening. Cody looked and felt like the best man at a wedding that had lost the wedding ring at the alter.

Jace: “Ahh fuck you cock-knocker. Tell us you didn't lose the penny Cody?”

No, No, it was here earlier. What the fuck could have happened to it?”

Shawnee, as he held out his closed hand and opened his fingers to expose his palm: “Is this what your looking for guys?”

Sasha: “Oh Fuck, thank goodness. How did you get it?”

You asked me to hold it earlier in my room to see if anything would happen. You never took it back, so I just continued to hold onto it. I'm sorry if I did something wrong.”

Cody, looking very relieved: “No, no you didn't do anything wrong Shawnee. It was my fault. Thank God you still have it.”

Sasha: “Shawnee, put the penny into my brothers hand. And close his hand around it.”

Ok Sasha, as you wish.”

Shawnee lifted Nika's hand off the bed, tubes and all, and placed the penny into his palm. Just as he did, the banging on the doors and windows increased as a group of Doctors, nurses, family members and friends were all outside looking in and screaming for the boys to open the doors. The parents were yelling that it was the best thing to do for Nika, and they can't change or prevent the inevitable from happening and to surrender and open the doors. A phone inside the room began to ring also, with all the boys knowing it was either security, or one of the Doctors or parents trying to communicate with them to speak reason. Blake walked over as the group watched from outside through the windows, reached down for the phone, and ripped the cord out of the wall. As he walked back to the group who was watching him, he turned towards the window with an angry look, glaring at the guards and Doctors. Jace said, “Way to go Blake.”

Once back to the bed, everyone watched Nika, looking for some kind of sign or movement from him to indicate that he was feeling the effects of the penny and that he might be waking up. But he seemed to be having the same reaction that Shawnee had downstairs when Sasha and Cody put the necklace in his hand. The activity on the machine picked up and his head shook a little, as his eyes were moving under the lids, but he still wouldn't come to.

Sasha said, “It's not working Cody. It's just like with Shawnee.”

Cody: “Remember we had to put the necklace around his neck Sash? Same thing with the penny. Were close, but were missing something.”

We can't slip a penny around his neck Cody, it's not a necklace.”

Yah, I know that, but it was probably in his pocket.”

He doesn't have a pocket Cody, he's wearing a gown.”

We two as one Sasha, we two as one. That's got to be it Sash.”

Yah, your right. Shawnee, take Nika's hand, and hold it with the penny in between both your hands....ok?”

Yes, I will try.”
Shawnee did as he was told, and almost immediately Nika's eyes flew open and he shot up off the mattress arching his back and let out a deep seated moan and scream. He fell back down onto the mattress and began to squirm around in the bed talking gibberish and making all sorts of noises. You could tell the boy was no longer in a coma, but was in somewhat of a vegetative state.

Blake, in a very shallow and emotional tone: “Well, we may have saved his life guys, and he no longer requires life support, but it looks as if he's never going to be the Nika we recognize again.”

Just then, as everyone was feeling at their lowest, and as the hospital staff and guards began cutting into the doors with a saw, the most unlikeliest of things occurred. As everyone was focusing on Nika, no one seemed to see what the union of the two boys had bestowed unto the other. What miracle had occurred and what was to restore order in their universe. Sequoia's eyes as everyone recalls were a deep emerald green, and the same is true of Shawnee. But as Nika was brought back in a vegetative state when the boys joined hands with the magical penny between them. Shawnee began feeding off what was left of Nika's mind, taking back what they had exchanged after their walk into the woods that day but a few short days ago. Shawnee's eye's were alive and bright and glowing green as if there was a 200 watt bulb behind them. As everyone began to tear up and cry, with their heads held low and failure in theirs voices and hearts, a young innocent voice of hope and happiness rang out above all the others. “Hello Blake, it's nice to see you again. It's nice to see you all again my friends. And don't be too fast to believe Blake, that this wonderful gift from God laying before us will never be the Nika you recognize again. For I feel that is not true, and that he will be the Nika that we have all known and loved our whole lives. The boy with the special gifts that is adored by all. The peacemaker, the poet, and the healer. He shall so be back amongst us all.”

Everyone looked up from Nika to see Shawnee sitting up in bed still holding Nika's hand, and all five boys took a step back with a stunned expression at seeing the illumination of Shawnee's eyes.

Sasha, between sobs: “What is happening to you Shawnee, and what is wrong with your eye's?”

Shawnee? Ahh yes, Shawnee. That was my name. I was Shawnee the orphan. That is no longer the case thanks to all of you.”

Sasha: “What do you mean no longer the case. Who are you then?”

Blake, in a very cautious tone: “Welcome back Sequoia! It's true, you are Sequoia aren't you?”

Hello Blake, it's good to hear your voice and see your face. I was Shawnee the orphan. And yes, I am now Sequoia the son, the brother, the soul-mate, the blood-brother, and of course the friend.”

All the boys just looked at one another with dazed expressions on their faces. Meanwhile the hospital staff had almost finished cutting through the doors. And the Doctors, especially Dr. Hart and Dr. Hudson, who were waiting to get in and turn off Nika's life support were both watching from outside. As were the parents, family, and friends, not believing what was taking place in front of their eyes. Sasha was the first to run up to Sequoia and wrap his arms around him and kiss him hard on the lips and say, “I love you Sequoia, we all love you. Thank you for coming back!”

It's I who should be thanking you, as you all worked as a team, as family, to accomplish this rare feat. And I love you all as well.”

Sasha and Cody almost simultaneously: “Can you help Nika Sequoia, can you save him?”

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The Four Horsemen and /or The Return of the King Pt. 4