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Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake

Chapter 12 Pt. 4:

The Four Horsemen and /or The Return of the King Pt. 4

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake (12.4) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

Copyright is to me, and this story may not be reproduced anywhere without my prior permission.

Chapter 12 Pt. 4

Yes, I believe I can. Now step back and let me work. He had enough activity left in his brain for me to retrieve what I left him. And take back who I am. So now, I can restore from my mind who he is.”

Jace: “What do you mean what you left him Sequoia?”

I mean after our walk the other day we became blood brothers. And when I knew I was going on this journey, I melded minds with Nika, just in case I were to make it back somehow. So when that occurred, I left my life and my identity inside his mind. And in so, he left his consciousness, personality, and lifetime memories within me as well.”

Reiley: “This is fuckin incredible. We thought we lost you both. Now your telling us we'll have you both back?”

Yes Reiley, it appears that way. But Nika has some severe brain damage, so there may be some lapses in some of his memories after I bring him back. But from holding his hand just now, there was enough for me to regain my consciousness just by that limited touch.”

Blake: “Hurry up Sequoia, there almost through the door. You have like a minute or two left!”
“Yes, of course.”

With that, Sequoia turned to Nika and placed his forehead to Nika's forehead and took the three fingers from his right hand and placed them on Nika's temple. Then he leaned forward speaking silently to himself as Nika began a low humming. Nika began breathing heavily and his back arched again as he began gasping for air. After about thirty seconds Nika fell backwards onto the mattress as his eyes closed. Sequoia stood up just as the doors that Reiley bolted earlier with the mop burst open and a group of security, police, and Doctors ran over to the bed and grabbed the five boys. Of course Nika and Shawnee (Sequoia) who was still in his hospital gown sitting in the bed with Nika were left alone.

Doctors Hart and Hudson approached the boys reading them the riot act and explaining that their feelings for Nika didn't give them the right to take the ICU hostage and that there are other patients in there as well. Patients besides Nika, that may have had complications and needed help while they were in there. The parents also walked up, but seeing as they were no longer needed to turn off Nika's life support, they restrained from chastising the boys any more.

It was then that Dr. Hart looked down upon Shawnee (Sequoia) and had to take a step back. Dr. Hudson seeing his reaction asked him what was the matter. “This was the orphan boy that disappeared earlier from his room.”

Dr. Hudson: You mean the brain dead boy with the snake bite?”

Yes, that would be the one.”
“That's impossible, he was comatose and on life support.”

Impossible or not, it is what it is.”

Then he looking directly at the boy, Dr. Hart inquired, “Are you Shawnee?”

To which Sequoia replied, “Sure, you may call me that if you like.”
The Doctor replied, “Well what would you like us to call you then?”
“I prefer Sequoia.”
With that said aloud in the room of parents, they all looked down upon him, unable to ignore the resemblance any longer. Golden Fawn and Cheyenne made there way through the crowd and past Nika and Cody's mother and father and walked up to the beautiful, long, dark haired boy with the angelic face. They both took him in their arms and said, “Welcome home son/big brother. We missed you and love you, but never doubted for a second that you'd return back to us.”

As the family hugged and kissed, the two Doctors had the nurses and orderly's remove Sequoia from Nika's bed and instructed the family and friends to stand back, so they could examine Nika. As all of Nika's friends, including Jace, Travis, and Wesley who had now appeared at the scene objected loudly. Even over the noise of the orderly's who were busy lifting the locker and refrigeration unit that Blake had toppled over earlier to seal the entryway. Sequoia pulled free of his mother and little sister (well not so little as before...when he was eleven, not eight as he is now), and walked up to Dr. Hudson, who was standing beside Dr. Hart. He looked at the two gentlemen, and said, “that will no longer be necessary. You may both go now so we can celebrate with our family and friends.” The two Doctors looked at one another before Dr. Hart said, “Look son, whatever happened to you earlier is a one in a million shot, and neither of us are sure why, or how you are still standing, or alive at all for that matter. But it won't change the fact that Nika here is beyond help, and is brain dead. So please step back.”
“I assure you Nika is fine. I saw to it before you all broke in here.”

And what makes you so sure son that you can bring the dead back to life, when all the equipment and surgical skills that we posses can't achieve that outcome?”

Because your gift is medicine, whereas my gift is love!”

Sequoia walked over to Nika and looked down at his face and closed eyes. Then he held the palm of his hand over Nika's eye's and lifted his hand up over Nika's forehead uncovering Nika's eye's, that were now open, alive, and bright blue. Everybody in the room gasped including the Doctors. Some of the women screamed. And all of the posse smiled and laughed. Sequoia said, “Welcome back traveler, it's much better to meet back up with you on this side, and not the other.”

Nika, just smiled, as he had a tube down his throat. But he did sit up, as he took Sequoia in his arms for a very long heartfelt hug. As that was happening, Nika's entire family, and friends all gathered around his bed for a giant embrace. Dr Hudson looked at Dr. Hart and said, well old friend, you can't hate a happy ending. Looks like we have some papers to write.”

Dr. Hart replied, “Yah, the impossible happening twice in one day. And at the same hospital. You must really give me credit, I must be a genius for bringing you in on this. I knew you could do it.”

Haha, you know damn well it wasn't me old friend, but I won't decline any credit that comes my way.”

Well alright then. Let's get these nurses to get Mr. Von Heflin here free from all these tubes, and get some new cat scans and ex-rays taken. And we might as well re-examine Shawnee, er, I mean Sequoia. So we have some before and after evidence that's sure to rock the medical world.”

Indeed. And we'll need to find the boys case worker to rescind the court order and to clear the boy so he can return back to his friends at the orphanage up in South Clear lake. He's a nice boy, too bad he doesn't have a home.”

I'm not so sure he won't have a home soon. I have a feeling that there's a family close by, very close by that want's to take in a stray.”

I think your right,” as both men looked back at the scene around Nika's bed and the emotional reunion taking place.

The staff let the family and friends visit Nika for another twenty minutes or so before the nurses came in and told everyone they would have to go back down stairs and vacate the ICU. And return to their waiting room so that order could be restored in the ICU. And that Nika needed to have his breathing tube removed along with all the sensors and IV's. And sent to ex-ray. And that he'd be transferred to the room downstairs that Shawnee had been staying in. And no need to mention the happiness both boys felt learning that they would be sharing a room till they could both be discharged the next day or so.

Once down stairs the family's and kids approached Dr. Hart and Dr. Hudson to thank them for all their help. When the desk clerk called out to Dr. Hart. Dr. Hart replied, “Ok Maggie, what's the emergency?”

Maggie replied, “A security team is upstairs on the roof, and they have a long haired blonde kid who's locked himself in one of the Medevac Helicopters. What should they do?” As all the kids broke out in laughter.

Sasha, walked up to his dad and the two Doctors, and said, “Umm, maybe I can help you guys.”

Mr. V (Niklas): “What is it son?”

Uhh, that would be Tanner. He made the diversion so we could break Sequoia out of his room.”

Dr. Hart laughed and said, “Ok you two. Up to the roof with me so you can talk this Tanner out of the chopper.”

The three of them went off to the elevator, and out of site. Meanwhile Golden Fawn approached Mrs. V (Nadia), and said, “There not going to let me take Sequoia home, are they Nadia?”

No, there not Golden Fawn. Not right away anyway. He's a ward of the state. To them he's still Shawnee, so he must go back to the orphanage.”

I thought so. I guess it's enough knowing he's alive and well.”

Nonsense, I'll have Niklas contact our attorney tomorrow and we'll see to it that you legally adopt him.”

That won't happen. I do not have the means to afford an adoption. Nor do I have steady work, or a place to live. I will not meet the guidelines they set for adopting a child.”

Let us worry about that Golden Fawn. Me and Niklas have decided that you and your family are just that. Our family as well. And you are all moving into the main house, and we will form one big family with your consent. And you will be working for us now. Niklas needs an assistant in doing his architecture, and we would like to hire you with a salary. And as for the adoption, if they find any reason to turn you down, then we will adopt him ourselves and leave it to you to raise him.”

I don't know what to say Nadia.”

Just say yes, and make our wish come true. To have you and your family as part of our lives.”

I wish to, and I am honored to have friends such as you and your family Nadia.”

Thank you for accepting our offer, and just think, you gained three or four years.”

What do you mean?”

Well yesterday you were raising a five and eleven year old. Now you'll be raising a five and seven or eight year old. You pick up three or four more years with Sequoia somehow.”

I see you point.”

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Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake

Chapter 12 Pt. 4:

The Four Horsemen and /or The Return of the King Pt. 4