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Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake

Chapter 12 Pt. 5:

The Four Horsemen and /or The Return of the King Pt. 5

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake (12.5) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

Copyright is to me, and this story may not be reproduced anywhere without my prior permission.

Chapter 12 Pt. 5

Just then the Nurse walked up to the women and asked, “Can I bring you in some coffee or refreshments for all of you?”

Nadia: “That would be wonderful, maybe some soda's, water, and snacks for all of these hungry kids. Thank you.”

Cody who was watching the conversation take place approached them and tugged on the Nurses sweater. She looked down and said, “What is it child.”

Cody replied, “We were just wondering if you could find out who brought the clothes into me and Sasha's room this morning. If its not to much trouble.”

Why is that.”

Well, whoever it was helped us find an important necklace we were looking for.”

Oh, ok, I'll check.” As she walked away.

Just then, at the edge of the door, another nurse, heavy set, walked up to the entrance, and said, “By the way boy, did that penny bring you what you were looking for child?”

Yes mam. Yes, indeed it did!”

Good for you son!” as she reached the door and turned around. And child?”

Yes Nurse Lincoln?”

I brought you boys your clothes in this morning. Among other things!” And with that she gave Cody a wink, and was gone.”

They all enjoyed the snacks and cold-cuts that were sent to them along with the drinks. And now with the series of events that had taken place, there was laughter and joy that filled the room replacing the tears and pain of the last couple days. After a couple hours they were informed that Nika and Sequoia were returned to their rooms and all the new tests were complete. The Doctors still looked over the data, and couldn't believe that all the damage to Nika's skull was somehow repaired. And even though the scar was still there on his scalp, there was no signs of any damage to the skull itself. And he also had no apparent loss of memory or deviated speech. He appeared to be a very normal thirteen year old boy. Even though we all know there's nothing normal about Nika.

And as for Shawnee, his heart and vitals were all fine as well. And you couldn't tell he was ever injured. The family and friends were told they could visit the boys in their room as long as no more than five at a time, and not past eight O'clock.

Dr. Hudson, with the help of Sasha and Mr. V were able to finally convince Tanner to unlock the door to the helicopter and come back down with them. But the two guards from earlier....well, let's just say, if looks could kill!”

They made their way downstairs and were told about the two boys and the rules concerning visiting them. And the two boys were already talking up a storm telling each other about their adventures, Sequoia in the Shadow World he had been held captive, and Nika, in his comatose state. They did both agree that they did indeed possess a very powerful gift, and that now Cody was beginning to develop his, and that Sasha had the power as well. Sequoia very seriously let Nika know, in no uncertain terms, that they were now initiated, and would have many more adventures helping others. And that they were also now a team, and referred to the four of them as the “Four Horseman!”

Some of the posse immediately made for the room as soon as the visiting rules were laid down and the parents just let them, knowing they would be along later. Cody pulled Sasha aside and told him about his chat with Nurse Lincoln, and they both agreed to thank her before they left back for Clear Lake that evening. Dr. Hart and Dr. Hudson came back in and told Niklas and Nadia that after re-examining Nika in the morning, that if he has a clean bill of health he would be released at that time. The lost Social Worker also came in to speak to Dr. Hart regarding Shawnee, and she was brought current on the happenings of the afternoon. He asked what had happened to her and inquired where she was all morning and afternoon. She replied very agitated, that someone had shoved her in a broom closet and locked the door. At which time Tanner and Jace just kinda gave each other a weird look and retreated to the back of the crowd, away from the Social Worker. The only reason she wasn't more perturbed was because Shawnee had fully recovered.

Niklas, Nadia, and Golden Fawn did approach her and stated their intent to file for adoption and asked her advice which she heartfeltly gave them. She said she would love for them to do that under any circumstances and commended them for wanting to provide the boy a permanent home. Dr. Hart, also standing there said, “I figured as much Niklas.” and turned to the the Social worker and said, “I've known this man for ten years and if you would like my support as a character witness or referral, than you have it.” She replied that getting that from the Chief of Staff of a major Hospital would in all likelihood advance the timetable.

Dr. Hart and Dr. Semoni did speak privately to Niklas and Nadia, instructing them that they were to make a follow-up appointment for the next week for Sasha because of something irregular in his blood test, and they wanted to take a closer look at that and him as well.

As afternoon turned into evening, and after all the boys and family talked themselves out of their own voices with Nika and Sequoia, it was agreed everyone would head home. Abby would take the SUV and only Golden Fawn, Nadia, and Niklas would stay the night back at the hotel/casino, and would bring Nika back the next morning after his release. The last act of the day was for Golden Fawn, Nadia, and Niklas to go see their sons, and inform Sequoia not to panic. That they would be visiting him at the orphanage regularly till the adoption procedure was complete. He was happy with that, and even agreed to have his name changed back to Sequoia, but wanted to keep Shawnee as a middle name seeing as he did not have one.

When all the goodbyes were said and done, everyone was making their way to the parking lot, Cody and Sasha ran up to Abby and told her to please wait. That they had to personally thank Nurse Lincoln for all of her help, and say goodbye. Abby agreed to wait and off the boys went to the front desk. They had a shift change and Maggie was gone, but the cute red head from the day before asked if she could help them. The boys asked for Nurse Lincoln, and so the nurse had her paged. After 5 minutes or so there was no reply, so the boys asked again. The nurse paged her again, and said, “let me check the duty roster. You said her name was Lincoln?”

Yes, she's African American, and kinda heavy set.”

Are you sure, that doesn't ring a bell.”

Of course we're sure she's the head nurse, and she's been helping us the last couple days.”

Well, I'm not doubting you boys, but if she works here, she's not the head nurse We only have three, one for each shift. And I know all of them.”

Sasha, “But that can't be, I know she's here.”

No one by that name in the computers boys.”

Just then Dr. Hart saw the commotion going on and said, “What's wrong you guys. I thought you already headed home with your sister?”

Sasha: “We were, but we wanted to thank nurse Lincoln, and this lady said she doesn't work here and she's not a head nurse. We saw her name tag, and what it said. We're not stupid.”

Maybe you just got the name wrong Boys. Can you describe her to me, I am the chief of staff you know so I know everyone.”

Yah, she's heavy set, African American, and black and gray hair. About fifty to sixty or so.”

No one like that works here Sasha, I'm sorry.”

It can't be.”

Well, I must be on my way Sasha.”

Ok, thanks Dr. Hart.”

The Nurse: “Did he call you Sasha?”

Yes, that's my name.”

Oh, well there's an envelope back here with your name on it that someone left for you.”

Oh, thank you mam.”

Sasha and Cody walked away both shaking their heads. Cody said, “Don't worry about it Sash, it's been a weird couple of days. What's in the envelope?”

I don't know.” As Sasha tore the end of the envelope off and looked inside. He said, “No letter or anything.” Then he turned it on it's side as something fell out and into the palm of his hand. He and Cody both looked at it and then at each other. Sasha spoke first, “But why Cody? Why?”

Think about it Sash.”

But it's dated this year. It doesn't make any sense?”

Yah Sash, and who's on the front of it buddy?”

Abraham Linc...............Ohhhhh!”

Yah Sash, as pennies go, lets just say a prayer tonight and thank Nurse Lincoln for her help, whomever she was.”

As they slowly made there way for the door, Cody tripped over his shoelace that had become untied. He knelt down to tie it while Sasha looked at the picture on the wall. It was of the hospitals grand opening in 1911. Cody got back up and started to walk again and saw Sasha still standing there looking at the picture. He said, “You coming dummy, or what?”

Sasha didn't say a word. So Cody walked over to him and saw goosebumps on his neck, arms, and legs. He looked at Sash and said, “What's the Matter?”

Sasha just looked over at him and pointed back up to the picture on the wall. Cody stepped closer trying to focus. Then looked quickly back at Sasha, and then back to the picture again. There at the bottom, in the middle of the picture was the Hospitals Staff, gathered around the front steps for its grand opening in 1911. And there in the front row, was none other than, Nurse Lincoln!

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