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Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake

Chapter 13 Pt. 1:

Chapter 13

Part 1

The New Centurions!

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake (13.1) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

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Chapter 13 Pt. 1

***Note: This Chapter is told through Sasha and Cody's eyes as Nika and Sequoia are still in the Hospital!

I leaned against Cody in the back seat as Sis pulled the SUV out onto the highway to start up the mountain and on our way back to Clear Lake. She knew we were both tired, and told us it would be better if we got in the back seat since there was more room for us to spread out and stretch. I was tired and just closed my eyes for a few seconds before I felt my head fall over and hit Cody's shoulder bringing me back to my senses. I looked up at him and he smiled seeing I could not keep my eyes open as I was desperately blinking, trying to keep awake. He just laughed at me and told me to lay down and folded up his sweatshirt and placed it in his lap as a pillow, motioning me to lay down and place my head there to get some shut-eye. I did as he suggested and curled up into a comfortable position as I immediately drifted off.

Tasha: So you guys ok back there Sash?”

Cody: He's zonked Tash, his lights went out as soon as he laid his head in my lap.”

I'm not surprised Cody, he looked pretty beat. And he hasn't had the same energy over the last couple weeks that he normally has. He's been sleeping a lot and not eating for some reason. You must be bushed too?”

Not as much as you would think. I did manage to get some good sleep last night....somehow. And now that you bring it up, Sash has been kinda lethargic lately compared to usual.”

Well maybe when we get home he'll snap out of it and rebound into the usual Sash. Pretty crazy couple of days, huh Cody?”

Yah they were, I've never felt such emotional lows and highs in my life. Especially since they were so close together.”

Me neither. Here I thought I lost one of my baby brothers, and instead I gained one and a little sister thrown in for good measure.”

What do you mean Tash?”

Sequoia and Cheyenne, didn't you hear, there moving in with us.”

That's awesome, but weren't they saying that Sequoia has to stay in the orphanage in South Lake cause they still see him as Shawnee?”

Yah, but his social worker is working on getting my mom and dad certified as foster parents so they can take him in temporarily as a foster child until the adoption can be worked out. And Golden Fawn is going to be working with my dad from now on.”

That's great, but it's gonna be weird for a while. I still gotta get used to Sequoia being eight again.”

Yah, me too, but when you talk to him, you can't tell there's any difference.”

Yah, he's mentally the same, just physically a kid again.”

What about you Cody, no one seems to have asked if your ok, and how this has affected you. Are you ok, sweetheart?”

Yah, just really relieved not to lose my best friend Tash.”

Best friend? He means more to you than that, doesn't he Cody?”

Yah, he's like my soulmate and brother Tash.”

Keep going Cody, there's more than that isn't there?”

I don't know, what do you mean Tasha?”

Your boyfriend Cody?”

Oh, umm, that.”

It's ok Cody, Nika and I had a long talk the other day.”

That explains a lot then. Yah Tash, I was scarred to death to lose my boyfriend. I just got one and I'm almost a widow. Or widower, or whatever.”

Haha, that's funny. We talked a long time Cody, and I can tell he loves you very much. I guess I just want to say I'm happy for you two, and I love you both. And Abby feels the same way.”

Thanks Tash. And I love Nika more than anything, and I promise I'll make him happy.”

I know you will Cody, as he will you. I still feel it would be easier and safer for both of you if you were straight, and wish you both were. But seeing as it is what it is, then I'm just thankful you're both that way, so you have each other. I wouldn't know what Abby and I would have done if one of you was straight and the other gay. How in the hell would we go about finding just one of you a boyfriend?”

Haha, I don't know Tasha, we seemed to do pretty good on our own....didn't we?”

Well yah, but you gotta admit, you did kinda just stumble into one another seeing as our back yards are diagonally connected at the fence line. It's not like you had to cross a sea or get on a plane to search out one another.”

Yah, you gotta love the simplicity of it all and how it kinda just unfolded huh?”

I guess. But on the downside, as gorgeous as you both are, I kinda feel bad for all the cute girls out their that wanted to pick over your bones...haha.”

Oh Well, I don't. Their loss is our gain!”

Have you guys told anyone yet?”

Not many other than Blake, Sasha, and you. After the boatride back the other day, I'm pretty sure Jace knows, and Blake may have told the twins. And the rest of the Posse know I'm gay, but they don't know about Nika and I yet. And I haven't said anything to Abby yet, but I plan to when I get home.”

Please don't be mad at me Cody, but I have already spoken to Abby about you and Nika. And truth be told, she already knew about you being the way you are sweetheart.”

I guess that's ok Tasha, you probably just saved me some stress and an awkward conversation.”

I'm just gonna be glad to get back to a normal routine. Summer is supposed to be a time of fun. Parties and BBQ's and happiness. I think we need to plan a party.”

That sounds good. Everyone's gonna wanna celebrate over Nika and Sequoia anyway. But how on earth are we gonna explain to all our friends, let alone everybody else in town how we have a juvenile Sequoia back from the dead?”

Shit Cody, I'm not even gonna take that one on myself or even be concerned about it. I imagine our parents will just explain that it's logical. Shawnee is Native American, as was, or I mean is Sequoia, So maybe it just makes sense that Golden Fawn would want to arrange a home for him after supposedly losing Sequoia.”

Yah, I guess so, but they can't explain away that it's physically the same kid, albeit removed by a few years.”

Yah, that's gonna be a hard one. But looking on the bright side, I'm stoked to have Sequoia back.”

Touche Tash!”

Did you guys get to say your goodbyes to that nurse that was so helpful to you and Sash?”

In a manner of speaking Tash, in a manner of speaking!”

Good, we should be home before dark, and if everything goes well, then Nika should be home by late morning tomorrow. And by the way, Sasha and I bumped into Tanner a few days ago. The morning after the BBQ, when we went into South Lake with Sequoia. He said his parents are in Hawaii for their wedding Anniversary. So he plans on having a party.”

Awesome, I'm surprised he's having another party. Remember his last party?”

Oh fuck yah I remember their last party. It was actually Dakotas. But it was like a street scene. The Sheriff had to call in the Highway Patrol for help. Garrett and the football team brought kegs, and Tanner found the keys to the big locker that his parents keep all the alcohol in. The Sheriffs confiscated everything and arrested him and Dakota. He still hates that fat sweaty Sheriff in South Lake that busted up the party and sent everybody home.”

Yah, the ones that weren't arrested anyway. Didn't your dad havta bail him out?”

Yah, and probably won't be the last time either.”

That was the biggest party in South Lake history. Blakes parents are leaving tomorrow too for a week. Ben left some guardianship paperwork with your mom and dad in case anything happens to him or the twins while their gone.”

I wasn't aware of that. But I know mom and dad are responsible for Tanner while his parents are gone as well.”

Your family is like a kennel when parents go on vacation Tash. How did your mom and dad become godparents to all of your guys friends?”

I dont know Cody, they just did. Besides, with Tanner it was probably by default. As their the only parents amongst your guys friends that can tolerate his personality.”

Tanner was at the hospital all day. And I knew his parents were gone, but he didn't mention the party.”

Probably occupied with other things today, just like the rest of us.”

Yah, I guess you can't relay plans being trapped in a helicopter for several hours....haha.”

Ohh, I heard about that. Knew it was Tanner before they ever said his name.”

He's got a huge back yard with a pool and a big brick BBQ. Do you know when he's planning the party?”

I spoke to him at the hospital before we left. You know, after they talked him down from the roof....haha. And he said anytime this week.”

That was pretty fucking funny wasn't it? I'm surprised he didn't try to fire the thing up and fly it back to South Lake.”

Nothing he does would have surprised me a bit.”

Fuck, he is a little cutie. He's gonna be a heart breaker in a few years. His big brother already is.”

You mean Dakota? Why don't you go out with him Tasha, he's your age?”

I can't Cody. He's best friends with my ex Garrett. They both attend Cedar Falls High, and play football.”

But you broke up with Garrett Tash.”

Yah Cody, but you just don't do that. You'll understand in a couple years. It's just an unwritten rule.”

I guess.”

I know you don't understand, but think of it like you and/or Nika broke up with each other next month. And Reiley started dating Nika. How would you feel?”

Yah, ok. Reileys one of my best friends, and Nika's my best friend and boyfriend. I guess I'd be pretty hurt or pissed-off!”


Are you gonna drop me off first Tash?”

No Cody, our parents said to take you to our house. They want you to sleep over with Sash tonight so you two aren't alone. So we're going straight home.”

That's kool, but what about food, I'm hungry.”

We have a ton of stuff left over from the BBQ, not to mention sandwich stuff too. So we can go on a rampage when we get back. And there always delivery if we don't wanna hassle making something. Pizza and Lasagne sound pretty good to me along with some garlic bread?”

Yah, I'm down with whatever. Maybe we can all go for a swim and watch a movie or two before we crash tonight?”

Yah, that's the spirit Cody. Let's just celebrate tonight, and we'll have Nika back tomorrow. I wouldn't be surprised if some of your gang stops by later tonight as well.”

What about Abby?”

She left earlier with your folks. Along with Cheyenne, and Tricia I think. They were gonna drop off Abby and Cheyenne at our house on the way home. She's gonna stay and help settle them in and wait for me.”

Kool. Sounds like we have a little party going.”

Well, not quite a party Cody, but a nice little family gathering anyway.”

You think Sequoia's gonna share a room with Sasha when they straighten out his adoption?”

That's up to him and Sash I guess. Sasha would probably like that, but he'll probably get his own room. There's one left up there in the crows nest.”

Haha, the crows nest, that's kool, I like that.”

Your soo funny Cody.”

Well it is the top of the third floor, so it doe's kinda fit.”

Yah, that's why I said it.”

You sound like you don't want Sequoia and Sasha to share a room, how come?”

I don't know. I guess cause he's had hand-me-downs his whole life and has never had anything of his own. I think it'd be nice for him to finally have something that's his.”

Yah, even his clothes are usually Nika or Sashs.”

Then you kinda know what I mean, huh?”

Yah, totally.”

Well close your eyes Cody and get some sleep. It's almost dark, and maybe you can get an hour or so of sleep in before we get home.”

I think your right. Thanks Tash.”

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