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Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake

Chapter 13 Pt. 2:

The New Centurions!

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake (13.2) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

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Chapter 13 Pt. 2

With all the visitors gone and the excitement over, Nika and Sequoia were at last alone and had some time to talk. The sun had gone down and they had left on their trays the meager portions of bland hospital food that was brought in to them. “Kinda funny how they can make pot-roast, potatoes, green beans, and a roll all taste the same.....huh Sequoia?”

You mean taste like nothing at all Nika?”

Yah, even salt or pepper would be an improvement.”
“It's a hospital, so they can't put that stuff in the food. I guess it's just to keep people alive, not to impress a food critique.”

Good thing then, cause I'm not so sure the black bears you play with that raid our garbage bin would eat this stuff.”

Yah, funny thing too. I mean they love baby diapers like if it were pudding, but they probably wouldn't touch this stuff.”

That's cause they can smell food miles away, but this doesn't smell like anything, especially food.”

You get to go home in the morning.....don't you Nika?”

Yah, I think so. If I check out with the Doctors.”

Good, it will be nice for you to be back with your friends and family.”

You mean our friends, don't you Sequoia?”

Yes, I just hope they'll accept me like this though.”

Were you friends with them when you were eight Sequoia?”

Of course I was Nika, you were there, you remember.”

Then what's the problem. You already were friends with them the way you are now. Nothings can change that. It's already happened once around.”

But they were eight thru ten themselves too Nika.”

Are you mentally eight Sequoia?”

You know I'm not Nika, nothing has changed as far as that's concerned. If anything, I'm wiser than I was before.”

Then it's not a problem Sequoia.”

I hope you're right.”

Of course I am. The only fucked up thing is you were this close to getting laid. Even Tash and Abby and their friends talked about giving you a dry run...haha.”

Oh well, at least I have something to look forward to.”

What's it like being eight again Sequoia?”

I don't know, I don't feel any different. Except when I pee and stuff. My thingy is a lot smaller than before. And I haven't got a boner yet today and I use to get them all the time.”

I guess that makes sense. Anything else?”

My hair isn't as long, and I didn't seem to eat as much at dinner.”

Yah, well that could be the food.”

Do I look different Nika.”

No Sequoia, I mean shorter. But other than that, you look just the same as you used to. Just smaller. Like when you were eight.”

Is it gonna make a difference in how you feel about me and will it affect our friendship?”

No, I can promise you it won't Sequoia. After all, we're still blood brothers....aren't we?”
“That will never change Nika. That will remain for the rest of our lives, the lives after that, and long after that as well.”


Yes Nika?”
“I, well I, this is hard.”

Just say it Nika. With what we've been through, and as close as we are, we can say anything to each other about anything. There's no need to fear. We have to have a completely open, honest line of communication now Nika. Especially after what we've been through, and what we might come across in the future.”

Ok, so no fear of hurt feelings or angering you Sequoia?”

No Nika, none of that. You have proven yourself now. You have to stop thinking like that, and have more confidence in yourself. You can't be afraid of what people think. Even me.”

But you've taught me so much sequoia, and I soo look up to you. Even if I am physically looking down at you now....haha.”

Yah, well maybe my physical regression will take your mind off that ridiculous growth spurt that you've been waiting on for the last year. After all, would you rather be where I'm at?”

I see your point. But somehow I see you as a teacher and me still as the student Sequoia.”

That's ok to see that, because you still have much to learn. But try thinking of yourself as now being a player on a team, and not the bat-boy, or water-boy anymore. Maybe that will help. That way I'm a player on that team just as you are. But your just a young player that's still picking up on the major leagues and learning each and every day.”

Yah, so I'm just learning from the experience of the teams star, right Sequoia?”

Something like that Nika, and teammates get on each other every now and then in the heat of the moment. But it's healthy and keeps things from boiling over Traveler.”

You called me Traveler before Sequoia, and I remember when we communicated with each other while I was in the coma you calling me that as well. What does it mean?”

It's part of your gift Nika. Not only were you able to see me in your mind and get to me quickly when you sensed I was in danger. But you saw things in your mind exactly the way they were. Things that you, or anybody else couldn't have seen with their eyes.”

Yes, when I was running through the woods trying to catch up to you on the night of the accident. I saw in pitch black, like a cat. And my eye's were closed a lot of the time, but I saw every pebble on the ground and you walking miles ahead.”

Yes, and you were able to roam free from your body in the hospital and visit Sasha in his room and deliver him a message all whilst still in a coma. Like a traveler.”

Is it like the night of the broken limb in the tree house Sequoia? The way you pushed me so I would get to Cody in time?”

Yes Nika, it's one and the same.”

So I did what only you could do Sequoia.”

We are not alone Nika, but there are very few. I told you to work on your gift and improve it, or just turn your back, walk away and leave it alone.”

Yes, and I remember that night chasing you. I was learning and saying to myself, it's as much mental as it is physical.”

It's even more so Nika, and sometimes all it takes to start developing a gift is to recognize it and achieve something. That gives you confidence. And any player on any team anywhere will tell you that if you get up to bat with no confidence, you may as well just go back and sit on the bench.”

So in a sense I am a traveler. I can communicate with Cody, and at the same time contact him or Sasha in their dreams like you did me. Will I get as good as you Sequoia?”

You may already be in some ways, and I sense that you may surpass me as well in others.”

You mean become more powerful than you Sequoia, no way?”
“Never use the term power or powerful when referring to your gift. You never want to go there, or look on our gifts as power. Shy away from that dark light and stay in the sunlight Nika. The other will only make you something you do not want to be. Trust me. Instead say enlightened or gifted. And to answer your question, it would take you many lifetimes to get to where I am now. And I will have moved further on by then as well. So to use a poor choice of words Nika, you will never “catch-up” or reach the plateau that I have come to. But that doesn't mean that some of your individual gifts can't be more finely honed than some of mine.”

You mean like a team again. Even the third string catcher can still throw a runner out at second base from home plate better than the star first baseman could.....right?”

Very good again Nika. You have come a long way since our last talk when we took our walk in the woods. When I was in limbo, I had no fear and knew I would see you again in one form or another at some point. But I hoped it was sooner as I do so much enjoy our talks.”

Yah Sequoia, with what we know, it makes me feel much less alone in the world.”

Exactly Nika, you are not alone.”

I have a lot of questions Sequoia.”

I know you do, but remember, it's not a race. Make them steady and learn from them, but do not rush them. Why don't you start with what you were afraid to ask me earlier?”

Ok Sequoia, I'm not afraid now.”

Than what is it?”
“When our friends were in here earlier, we all caught up and talked, but some of them were a little apprehensive about approaching you Sequoia.”

I know that, it will take some of them time to get used to all of this and my changes.”

But there was more to it than that Sequoia. A couple of them were a little worried, even though they love you and are so happy your back.”

I know Nika, and it's alright. It will pass very soon.”

I don't know Sequoia. Maybe not. While you were talking to some of the others, Sasha and Blake explained some of their feelings to me, and what they all had discussed between them. And they, as do I, now have reason to be concerned.”

I will explain it all to them when the time is right Nika. We will approach them together after we have time to speak to each other.”

Yah Sequoia, but there's an issue that you need to resolve with me first that concerns them, before we can get anywhere. You know I love you and trust you Sequoia. And whereas I am sure there is a logical explanation because I know you would never hurt an innocent person, they don't yet know that. Because they can only see the picture that was painted for them to see.”

I can understand that, maybe you should just ask what you need to ask, I will not be offended.”

Alright, but it's not easy accusing you of anything Sequoia. I mean I want to put this in a way....”

Shawnee was not harmed Nika. You still hesitate and wait too long. I still have work to do with you yet, and confidence to build.”

How did you know I was going to.....”

Because it is the first question I would have asked as well, being a child of conscience. Did you take something from someone else to save yourself that was not yours to take? Or bring yourself back at anothers expense?”

That's right Sequoia.”
“No Nika. Your right, you do know me better than that. And I understand that the others may not because they do not understand at the level we do. Nor have they seen what we have. So I do appreciate you trying to protect my feelings and bring the matter up as gently as you could. Now with that said, I'll try to instill into you that if it is the truth you are speaking, and a matter that needs to be brought up, you need to do so without regard to my feelings so it can be resolved. I am not offended Nika. And again, it is a question that needed to be asked. If you did not bring it up, I would have been disappointed in you and that would be the real disappointment.”

Ok then, so what's the story there, because we all need to know Sequoia?”

The story is, that Shawnee was not harmed or taken advantage of in any way Nika.”

But how Sequoia, I mean he died!”

Did he?”

Well, there was two of you. And now one of you is gone. You do the math. So how can that be if one of you isn't dead?”

Because before a couple days ago Nika, Shawnee didn't exist!”

But how could that be Sequoia, he was an orphan that lived in South Lake. He was a living, breathing person. We all saw him, and he was real.”

Sequoia: “He had no mother, no father, no friends, and no family. He also had no memory. And that was the way it was meant to be Nika.”

Sooo your telling me he just magically appeared the minute you died and your body disappeared in the van Sequoia?”

That's not too far from the truth Nika.”

How Sequoia?”
“You have a little ways to go and more to learn before you will completely understand. But for now, the best I can give you is that Shawnee and I shared an existence for a short time Nika.”

So you made this happen somehow Sequoia?”

Yes, it's something that I had to do.”
“So you knew this was going to happen ahead of time and you were already working to resolve it then?”


But how and why? And how did it all happen Sequoia?”

Ok, Nika, I''ll do my best to explain that as well. I foresaw our walk in the woods and the incident on the highway weeks before they happened. It was a type of punishment I had to face for involving myself in your and Cody's affairs. I knew that I would be involved in an accident. But that you would need to have the wisdom and knowledge to revive me when the time was right, provided you were up to it. You would also need my conscience and life-force as well. So that's why I exchanged those with you the day of our walk. I slipped the Indian head penny into your pocket, as a reminder when the time was right. And we traded minds and souls that day we became blood brothers. I saw to it you had the tools you needed. I gave you the wisdom and knowledge, but I never was concerned about the courage. That, I knew you had. Only problem was, I wasn't aware that you may have had too much.”

What does that mean Sequoia?”

It means, you were never supposed to try and save me from the truck Nika. Just at the hospital when I was in the coma.”

But you weren't in a coma Sequoia, you were dead!”

I was dead because I was forced to save you Nika.”

“Because I underestimated your ability and the speed at which you were developing. I never assumed that you would see the visions of me and the truck. Or that you would get up at four in the morning and follow me to town. I saw the truck in my mind as well. And would have jumped when the time was right. The truck would have grazed me and It would have been I that hit the pavement and had the head fracture and coma. But you caught up to me and jumped to push me out of the way. I would have been spared any injury, but only at your expense. Had you been successful Nika, you would have perished.”

Did I hesitate again Sequoia, did I fail? I guess I didn't get to you in time after all then?”

No Nika, you didn't fail. You did jump in time and you sacrificed your life for mine, just as you stated you would when you were running to catch me.”

Then why did you get hit and killed and me only the coma?”

Because if I allowed you to do what you did Nika, it would not have been possible to bring you and I both back.”

Then how did you bring us both back then Sequoia?”

When you leaped to push me Nika, I sensed it and stood firm. You bounced off me and hit your head on the pavement. I took on the full impact of the truck.”

So that is how you saved us Sequoia?”

No, that is how you saved us Nika!”
“Me, what did I do?”
“You made the ultimate sacrifice Nika. As did I. You willingly gave your life to save another. And intended to do it the whole time. And whats more important, you never wavered or showed fear. And, I in return did the same for you. It was because of both our sacrifices and love that I was granted permission to bring us both back.”

Granted permission Sequoia? Someone can tell you what to do?”

Yes Nika, my Father, so to speak.”

I thought he was picked up years ago by Immigration, and went missing?”

I don't think you understand Nika, and it's ok.”

I'm just glad your back Sequoia. But what about Shawnee?”

It goes back to our conversation about time, and being in two places at once Nika. It's a dimensional thing that you will get to understanding better as the years progress.”

Ok Sequoia. So what's next for us?”
“Summer, and being kids Nika. I don't want to deal with anymore of this stuff for a long, long time to come. We've been through enough already and it's time to start having fun and being boys again. We'll pick things up every so often as need be. To learn a quick lesson as the need arises, and the opportunity presents itself as part of our daily lives. But for now, we've been granted the right to come back and live Nika. So let's do just that and make the most of second chances. We can deal with your gift in the future, like when I said, the need arises.”

That sounds just fine to me Sequoia. I think I'd like to take a break from the cloak and dagger stuff for as long as we can. But tell me one thing?”

What Nika?”

I'm still curious about the “second chance” and the “permission” you discussed with me. Why were we given it and by who?”
“Again, it's complicated Nika, but without getting into an hours or days long discussion and philosophy, I'll give it another stab.”

I can tell this is gonna be good.”

We were granted a second chance by, I don't know, I'll just say the overseer.”

Like God Sequoia?”
“Not exactly Nika, and yes all at the same time. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and all the others have diverted the attention over the years to themselves and away from the goal. If they all just quit their petty bickering and realized their messages for the most part were the same, mankind wouldn't be in the mess that they are in. You made the ultimate sacrifice, and forfeited your life for another. That is the worlds lost message. You did what you did without thought to yourself or personal gain. And for that you were given your wish.”

I got it Sequoia. Give to others and save lives instead of taking them?”

Yes Nika, doesn't seem like that hard a lesson to learn, doe's it?”

No, not really. Not really at all.”

It's a shame that others don't see it that easily.”

The worlds just a fucked up place Sequoia. Where only kids but we know the people in charge have their heads up their asses.”

That's why it's up to us, to grow up and make a difference. Change things for the better.”

Good luck on that Sequoia!”

I know. The best advice I can give you is to hold your ground. And hang on to your ideals and beliefs, and don't cave in on them for as long as you can. Cause once you do, it'll never be the same.”

Third times a charm Sequoia?”

Haha, we'll see Nika!”

Lets change subjects Sequoia.”

Thank you. To what though?”
“How about weather you're gonna be alright down at the orphanage by yourself? Are you scared?”

No, and it won't be long. I'm coming home with you and our family's tomorrow for a couple days to get acclimated.”

Who said that?”

That blonde social worker that Jace and Tanner locked in the closet.”

Haha, I didn't know about that part. But I saw her in here earlier.”

Yah, she knows Dr. Hart real good and he gave your dad and mom a good word.”


So it's up the hill with you guys for a couple days, and then back to South Lake till she gets your family set up for foster care. Then I get adopted.”

We'll come and visit you Sequoia. Still wish you were 11 though. But I mean it's ok though.”

Don't worry Nika. I have a feeling I'm gonna have a few very special growth spurts over the next year or so.”

Haha, it wouldn't surprise me one little bit Sequoia.”

Goodnight Traveler.”

Goodnight Longhair.”

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