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Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake

Chapter 13 Pt. 3:

The New Centurions!

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake (13.3) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

Copyright is to me, and this story may not be reproduced anywhere without my prior permission.

Chapter 13 Pt. 3

I awoke the next morning, and it was still early. But I think with the excitement of going home, I just couldn't sleep in. I looked over to Sequoia's bed, and it was empty. I thought it odd, but maybe he got up early to take a walk. I mean he was usually up before the dawn and didn't have a powerful sleep mechanism like most other teens and tweens anyway. I heard the toilet flush and my riddle was solved. I watched as “little Sequoia” walked from the bathroom in his little hospital gown with his bare red-brown hairless legs plodding along. He looked at me as he walked by (my bed was closer to the bathroom) and said, “Phew, it stinks in here Nika. What have you been doing?”

Yah, I've been farting like krazy Sequoia.”

No shit. How is it you hardly touched that food that has no taste Nika, and then fart something out that stinks that bad?”

I don't know Sequoia, but maybe that's how the food is designed. You know, to keep you from moving or lifting the covers.”


Besides, your not without guilt in any of this. I got up around four to take a leak, and you tore one off that sounded more like an eighteen year old than an eight year old.”

Really, I did that?”
“Yah, did you think you were too spiritual to fart, oh gifted one? You started to stir right after, but went back to sleep again. Hell, you almost woke yourself up.”

That's ok Nika, I am allowed to fart just as everyone else is.”

Oh, and why is that Sequoia?”

Because mine don't stink....hahaha!”

Whatever, what time is it?”


Where's the clock?”

Don't have one.”

Fuck Sequoia, you can tell the time too? That's fuckin incredible!”

Well, it's really nothing.”

No really, will I be able to do that too?”

That depends Nika.”
“On what Sequoia?”

On weather the Nurse comes in before you go in to take a piss and you ask her what time it is like I did.....haha!”

You little fucker. So she said it was 8:03?”

No she said it was a couple minutes to eight, but that was about five or six minutes ago....haha.”

Kool, did you ask her what time the Doctors coming in?”

Kinda, she asked if we were hungry and were ready to eat something?”

What did you say?”

I told her not if they were serving the pot-roast for breakfast.”

Haha, no shit. What did she say after that?”

That not to worry, that they can't screw up breakfast. She asked if we wanted eggs, potatoes, fruit, and toast. Or cereal?”


I told her all of the above since we didn't eat much of our dinner.”


Then I asked her about the Doctor, and she said Dr. Hudson is back at his own Hospital and that Dr. Hart would be in to check on us in about a half hour.”

Excellent. Let's eat it and then beat it. I want to go home.”

Yes, me too Nika.”

Wonder when mom and dad are coming by?”

There gone.”

What do you mean gone?”

I mean the nurse told me that Dr. Hart explained to them last night to go back to their family and he'd take us back up the hill in the morning.”

That's fine with me. As long as we get to go home.”


Just then a cafeteria worker came in with a cart with the food piled on it. He help set the trays up for the two boys and dolled out the vittles. Just as the nurse had promised, eggs, potatoes, toast, fruit, OJ, milk, and cereal (frosted flakes). A breakfast that even Tony the Tiger would approve of.

Just as the last of the OJ was being washed down, Dr. Hart and a Nurse with a handful of clothes walked in and asked us how we were doing. I said, “other than the pot-roast doc, were ready for anything!”

And when the Dr. looked at Sequoia he chirped in, “Yah, except for Nika's pot-roast farts, I'm ready for anything!”

I turned his head real fast to Sequoia's direction, “Jerk!”

The Dr. laughed as the nurse took our blood pressure and other readings and when she was done, Dr. Hart checked our eyes with the flashlight and checked some other precautionary motor skills. Then he said, “hit the showers in your bathroom boys. Your going home.”

The Nurse added in, “your fresh clothes were left by your parents and I'll lay them out on your beds. There's towels, soap, and shampoo on the sink for you to use.”

Nika: “Ahhh, common Doc, do we havta? I wanna go home!”

Dr. Hart: “Nikita, I hate to say this to anyone, but you smell ripe. You've been in that gown for a couple of days now. And your family and friends are gonna be waiting for you when you get home.”

Sequoia: “Yah Nika, let's just jump in and get it over with. I wanna go.”

Yah, ok.”

Me and Sequoia (Traveler and Longhair) ran into the bathroom slamming the door behind us, and in a fit of giggles, untied each others gowns in the back and jumped into the shower with the soap and shampoo. We both danced around each other for access to the water as we needed to wash off one extremity and appendage, or another. The laughing and giggling didn't stop throughout the whole process. And all through it, we continued to talk about the stupid shit that only tweeners and young teens can come up with. Shit that to anyone older, is as priceless as platinum or diamonds. On second thought, it's just plain priceless because you just can't find a fair market value for that kind of witty banter! “Hey Sequoia, who do you think has more hair?”

Hahaha, seeing as I don't have any, I'd have to say you (giggle-giggle)!”

Hahaha. Not that kind of hair. I mean on our head (giggle-giggle)?”

I'd say mine is longer so I do. But I'm not the same me so it's not quite as long as it was before. It's down to my waist, but it was past my butt before (giggle-giggle). But you make up for in bushy blonde volume what I have in length, so maybe you (giggle-giggle). But seeing as a good portion of yours is shaved off, and you look like one of those bald men that tries to do the comb-over from one side to the other, I'd have to say me (giggle-giggle)!”

Haha, no shit, I hope mom and dad left a cap with my clothes!”

They did.”

Kool, the nurse told you again?”

No, this time I just know. Sasha took care of it (giggle-giggle)!”

Haha, Sequoia, your a lot happier than you used to be. Not as serious. I don't remember you being this playful since.....”

I was eight? It's ok Nika, you can say it. Somehow a lot of the hurt of my dad being taken away and me having to work so hard with my mom, is now gone. I feel sooo happy and alive right now Nika!”

Good, Sequoia. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise. Your finally going to get the childhood that you should have had, and that we all wanted for you.”

Thank you Nika. And you know what else?”

What Sequoia?”

That part about my farts not stinking.”

Yah Sequoia?”

RRRFFFPPPTTTTTTT! “Well, I lied (giggle-giggle-giggle-giggle-giggle)!”

Ahhhhhhh, Aghhhhh! Holy Fuck, that fuckin stinks! Oh shit, stall bland pot-roast fart. Let me out of here, move Sequoia.”

I picked up little Sequoia by the waist and placed him behind me so I could quickly exit the shower stall as I was holding my breath and my face was turning red. I scurried across the tile to the sink where I turned on the cold water and wretched a couple times just short of coughing up my Tony the Tigers. Sequoia was still in the shower stall laughing like he'd been sniffing nitrous. Then sticking his head around the shower curtain pointing at me and laughing. What a site it would have made. An eight year old Native American boy with straight black wet hair down to his waste with nothing but his finger and head sticking out from behind a shower curtain, pointing and laughing at a cute half bald headed bushy haired blonde thirteen year old trying his best not to cough up his frosted flakes into a sink, inside a steamy hospital bathroom. “Hey Nika?”

Yah, Chief Buffalo Farts!”

Thereeeeee Great.....hahahahaha!”

Sequoia turned off the water and exited the shower and walked over to me at the sink. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my little charge. Sequoia looked up at me, not as a mentor. But as a child. As a little brother that had finally found a home and a family. Someone that for once in his life he could look up to to be strong, and wipe his tears away when it was his turn at bat with the boogie man. Someone that would now be a permanent part of his life. Not that I wasn't before. But instead, someone who wouldn't have to go downstairs, out the door, and across the yard anymore to protect his little brother. Someone who was now where he should be......across the hall!

I took one of the other towels and walked behind Sequoia and began wringing the water out of his hair and drying it as best I could. Sequoia turned to look up at me while I was doing this, and asked, “is this what it's like to have a big brother to look out after you and love you Nika. Will it always be like this?”

Yes, yes it is Sequoia. And yes it will.”

Good, cause this feels real good, I like this a lot.”

If you like this a lot Sequoia, then multiple it by two, cause you have two big brothers now. One of them is waiting for you at home.”


That's right Sequoia, Sasha.”

After I was done I paused a second and waited. It only took Sequoia a few seconds to realize what I was waiting on, and that he will need to learn by his brothers example. So Sequoia grabbed another of the dry towels and walked behind me and began drying my uneven head of hair. As I stood there letting Sequoia dry my hair and back, I had a revelation. I felt my eye's begin to moisten up thinking about the rough life Sequoia has had, and never having had a real childhood. Having to assume the role of father to Cheyenne as soon as their father disappeared. And here a boy that young had to assume such a responsibility at such a young age, and never getting to take part in the activities of friends his own age. Except but for a few sporadic BBQ's over the years. And this had gone on for years, until he was finally saved, by a monster truck that crushed his tiny body and set his spirit free from his tormented life. And all those years, and not ever one complaint.

Instead, what did he do? He went beyond what he should have been capable of, and helped others as he himself was suffering. How sad, to have to die to be set free of such a burden. At any rate, I needed something to fixate on to clear my “mechanism” and look upbeat for Sequoia's sake. Then out of the blue, it came to me. As my head wobbled back and forth as Sequoia dabbed and dried my hair, I smiled from ear to ear. And what mischievous thought gave me such happiness and such a shit eating grin? Nothing mischievous whatsoever. But instead one that simply made me happy. I had a family that was well off, and me, Tash, and Sasha for the most part had everything we ever wanted. And we were never ungrateful, we were not snobs, or brats. We were actually very giving and very well grounded. But none the less we were never in a position to want. And now, I was in a position to improve someone elses life. A someone else whom I have loved as far back as I remember. It never crossed my mind that I could have done this long before, because I had, and so had my family. But Golden Fawn would only take so much. She would accept some clothes, and occasionally some food that my mom would have to lie about. And say she ordered too much, and that it wouldn't fit in the freezer. But other than that, they are a very proud people and wouldn't be shamed by excepting charity when the could scrape by on their own.

But now, things were different. A terrible, brutal accident brought these friends and our families together in a way that was beyond friendship. Mom and Dad were there for Golden Fawn and insisted on moving her and Cheyenne into the main house, and stay on as family after Sequoia's passing. And Golden Fawn was there to console Mom when it was I who looked like I wasn't going to make it. And she never left Moms side, even after being informed that her beloved son had perished. Even after his body went missing. Even after she was left with a young daughter, whom with Sequoia gone, she no longer had the means to support.

They say from ruins, Cathedrals are built. And from the ashes flies the Phoenix that rises. National parks are destroyed by fires, only to see them bloom and blossom with new life come spring. Hope does answer the door sometimes, if you only have the courage to knock.

And now, thanks to love and loyalty, trust and giving of oneself, two families are now joined as one. And blessed with each other. And in the end, it was once again the love of two boys for each other that brought this about. Not the love that Cody and I now share. But just the love us two boys have had for each other for years now, that led to the self sacrifice required to make all of our lives better, and merge two content families into one perfect family.


What, what Sequoia?”

Do I need to get the Dr? I been talking to you for over a minute and calling your name. Where you back in some kind of coma?”

No, I'm ok.”

Then why are you crying?”
“I'm fine little brother, sometimes when you cry Sequoia, it isn't always because of pain.”

Little brother? I like that a lot!”

Then you better get used to it Sequoia, cause you're gonna be hearing an awful lot of it.”

That's so kool. I'm going to be so happy. No more loneliness, no more isolation. Haha, and you know what else Nika?”

What Longhair?”
“Cheyenne's finally gonna get that big sister she always wanted.”

Yup, and luckily for me Tasha is gonna get a little sister. And just in time too, because she's be driving me fuckin krazy lately.”


Oh yah, she doesn't have a boyfriend right now, and it seems her favorite past-time the last couple weeks has been to rake me over the coals.”

The Cody thing I can only guess?”

Exactly. Hey, haha, Sequoia. Looks like you got your other wish as well.”

What's that?”

Look Down.”

Wow, I got a boner. Fuck it's little. Looks kinda like a stick of chalk....huh.”

Yah, brown chalk though. Don't worry, it'll grow.”

I guess so. But I just got like two or three hairs that sprouted last month. I was kinda proud of those.”

They'll, grow back before you know it Sequoia, and if they don't, I'll draw some on with a black scripto marker. You know, like bald men do sometimes on their bald spot.”

That's totally lame Nika.”

Well then, you can use your powers and conjure up some kind of puberty spell.....haha!”

What are we talking about, let's get the fuck out of here. I finally have a home and were standing naked in a foggy bathroom.”

We two brothers walked out to our room and began to get dressed, It was summer and already warm outside. When we finished dressing we started towards the door so we could head to the nurses station to page the Dr. and depart for home. But before we left the room Sequoia whistled to me so I spun around. “What's up Sequoia?”

Sequoia just looked at me smiling trying to hold back a laugh, and pointed to my head. “Oh yah, my hat.”

I reached into the bag and pulled out my last remaining article of clothing. Looked at it, and then said very loudly, “The Little Mermaid!”

Sequoia: Giggle-giggle-giggle-giggle-giggle!

Sasha, that little Mother Fucker!”

I wore the pink hat anyway because it was better than the punk rocker look with half a shaved head. And we walked out to the Nurses station just as a Nurse walked up to us. I began to say “Hi were....”

Nurse: “Your Nikita, and he's Shawnee, I know. Then two more nurses pulled up with two wheelchairs. The nurse behind the counter said, “Hospital policy boys. Sit down and these two Nurses will take you out front. Your ride is waiting for you.”

Nika: “But is Dr. Hart out there?”

Nurse: “You'll just have to wait and see.”

We did as instructed and were wheeled through the front doors as our eye's just about bugged out of our head. Sequoia looked at me and said, “What The Fuck?”

It's gotta be a mistake.” I replied.

The driver: “No mistake boys,” as he opened the door to the stretch limo, “Dr. Hart arranged this for you.”

Sequoia: “Wow!”

Well are you two gonna just sit there?”

We two brothers smiled at each other and jumped out of the wheel chairs and through the open doors of the big black automobile, as the driver closed the door behind us. Then he proceeded to step into the drivers door of the vehicle to drive us north up the mountain.....towards our lake, towards our friends, towards our new family, towards our new home!

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