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Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake

Chapter 13 Pt. 4:

The New Centurions!

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake (13.4) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

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Chapter 13 Pt. 4

The limo glided up the rocky tree lined highway as the two rambunctious boys crawled around in the back seats. Watching through the tinted windows towards the scenic views and vistas laid out around them. All the while either wrestling, or making assumptions about the drivers and passengers in the other vehicles. Taking notice of course of the drivers and their kids looking at the large limo and speculating about who might be inside? Sequoia and Nika wondered what the people might be thinking? Who was that behind the tinted glass? Was it a sports star on holiday heading up to the lake from Reno Airport? Or perhaps a celebrity on his or her way to South Lake to appear for their show in one of the four large Casinos?

Whatever the two boys were thinking, the thought they both had on the top of their minds was getting back home to their friends and family and having the time of their lives.

It would be hard to say who was more excited at the time, but the butterflies that both boys were feeling was red-lining the butterflyometer! It was a warm early summer day a little on the breezy side, and their was a hint of adventure and discovery in the air. I think everyone at one time or another in their lives has woken up and walked outside, and for one reason or another, just looked around them and somehow the world felt different. Nothing in particular that you can put your finger on. Just a feeling, or maybe a perception that the world has changed somehow. That maybe they were a part of that world, a little more-so than others that particular day. That the world was signaling them, reaching out to them and saying, “hey you two, yes you, pay attention to what I'm telling you. This is your day, this is your time, this sunny, warm and breezy day, and all these funny feelings are all for you. So make the most of it, cause I don't know when it'll be your turn again!”

As they reached the top of Mt. Rose Highway, Nika and Sequoia looked at each other and smiled. They both nodded at each other without saying a word. Then they asked the driver to pull over to the scenic pullout alongside the highway. The driver did so and the two boys stepped out of the vehicle and stood at the scenic viewpoint. The breeze was more of a gust at that altitude, and the air was thin and cool. They walked over to the edge of the railing and Nika took a position directly behind Sequoia and wrapped his arms around the middle of young boys chest, and held him tightly, pulling the child's back firm to his chest and stomach. Then he pushed his nose into Sequoia's long silky hair directly over his ear and breathed in as much of Sequoia as his young lungs could take in. Sequoia lifted both of his hands to Nika's hands on his chest and grasped on tight to his big brother, as if to say, “thank you for holding me, and I'm not letting go of you.”

They could now look out at the view, without being in the back of the car, and having to look back behind them. They could see the Owens Valley down below, from their 9,000 foot viewpoint. And at the same time, realized in all it's symbolism, that it is exactly what they are doing, looking behind them. Looking down. Looking at, well......the past. Noting that now it was time to do the correct thing. To do what they were supposed to do. To do exactly what they were given that second chance for in the first place. To turn around, face forward, and look at what's in front of them. Look to what's ahead of them. Look to the horizon. Look to what lie's at their feet. Look to the future. Look to friendship. Look to love. Look to companionship. And most of all, look to happiness.

Sequoia: “promise that you'll never let me go Nika.”

Never Sequoia.”

Sequoia wasn't just talking about the hold that Nika had on him at that moment, as he squeezed harder on Nika's hands. Nika rested his chin on the top of Sequoia's head and felt his heart beat in sync with that of Sequoia's. He didn't think or feel that odd. He felt somehow, that even though they were two separate entities, that with the oath they took the day of their walk, and what they both had been through, that somehow they were both conjoined at the soul. That somehow, even though they were two individuals, that they were in many ways one.

The two brothers stayed like that for a good fifteen or twenty minutes taking in the view. The new day. The new life. The new chance. Then, just as natural as can be, and not rehearsed in any way. They both leaned their heads, one forward, and the other back, to look each other in the eye at exactly the same time. As the two smiled those sweet, innocent, smiles of purity, smiles of innocence, they leaned into each other as their lips met for a reassuring, heartfelt kiss. Not a wet kiss, or a sloppy kiss. Not a kiss to exchange tounges, or one to arouse the other, or achieve some sort of physical reaction. But instead, one to simply let the other know, in no uncertain terms the unquestionable heartfelt love that they felt for one another. A kiss that lacked any sexual or physical desire. But instead only held an intimacy brokered on love and unquestionable loyalty.

After the two broke the kiss, Nika turned Sequoia around to face him and to kiss him again. This time on the cheeks and on the forehead, as Sequoia held tightly onto Nika's hands. They gave each other their best “I'm happy and there's no stopping me” smiles, before they walked hand in hand back to the limo.

The driver was doing his best to pretend he was reading his newspaper and not paying attention to them as he leaned against the car. But he was well aware of the two boys ordeal, explained to him by Dr. Hart. And as hard as he tried to hide it, the two boys could see him taking off his sun glasses and wiping his eyes.

As the two boys approached the car, Sequoia walked up to the man and took his hand, “Do not be ashamed or embarrassed to show your feelings. For I feel you have a good heart, and it's ok to feel something, and for others to see. It is but a flaw in humans to hide what they feel.”

The driver just nodded his head as he let out a sigh and placed his hand at the back of Sequoia's head and rubbed his hair a little. Then he walked back and opened the door for the two boys who jumped back inside for the final stage of their journey home.

The driver, back behind the wheel, started the car, carefully pulled back onto the highway, recognizing he had precious cargo on board, and started down into the Clear Lake Basin.

Nika found a position in the back of the limo laying back with his legs spread out, that was comfortable for him. He looked at Sequoia and patted his belly signaling Sequoia to lay back against him, so that Nika could hold him close to himself for the remainder of the drive. Sequoia didn't hesitate one split second, and was immediately in his big brothers lap, with Nika's blonde dusted tanned arms around his skinny chest. The rest of the drive was tranquil and wholesome, as the trees and water cascaded past the windows, reminding the boys they were but mere minutes of their home, their friends, their family, and their destiny.

The limo pulled up the pine needle covered driveway, and came to rest under the carport in front of the house. The boys jumped out to look around and take in the smell of the pines. They looked out to the garden and saw their two mothers, Nadia and Golden Fawn standing up as they had been down on their knees planting flowers. They both ran to their mothers, jumping up and just about knocking them both down, as the two mothers kissed and hugged their two sons.

With that done Nika and Sequoia practically dancing around on their tip-i-toes. As excited as two five year olds on Christmas morning, asking “where is everyone/everybody?”

Nadia: “Well, Sasha is over at Travis and Wesley's doing something with Blake. Tasha went shopping down in South Lake, and your fathers golfing with some of his friends at Alpine.”

Golden Fawn: “Yes, and some of the guys called this morning and said for you two to let them know when you get back. Oh, and Cheyenne is in the house reading.”

Nika sounding disappointed: “Oh, ok, I thought they might have been here to welcome us back.”

Nadia: “Oh, there's plenty of time for that boys. We were thinking of maybe having a BBQ some time this week for you. But with what you both have went through, maybe it's best not to overdue it so soon, just getting home and all.”

Sequoia smiling and patting Nika on the butt: “Yah, it's ok Nika, we have plenty of time to catch up.”

Nika: “Yah, I guess so.”

Golden Fawn: “Why don't you two go on inside. I made some Carne and Pollo Asada a little while ago, and there's fresh corn and flour tortillas on the counter. Along with rice, beans, and salsa.”

Nika: “Ok, thanks Golden Fawn.”

Looking a little dejected, Nika, along with Sequoia walked over to say goodbye to the driver and thank him for the ride up the hill. The driver shook Nika's hand but instead, hugged Sequoia and simply said “Thank you.”

Sequoia: “Your welcome, and who knows, maybe we will see you again some day. What is your name by the way?”

Driver: “It's Barney, Barney Buckins.”

Sequoia: “Then Be safe, and be happy Barney. And remember, do not be ashamed of showing your feelings. And open up to the world a little. I have a feeling your life will change soon and happiness is just around the corner.”

Barney: “Thank you boy, and here are my cards for you two with my number if you ever need anything. Can I carry your bags in for you two?”

Nika: “Nah, that's ok, all we have is two grocery bags with some dirty, blood-soaked clothes.”

The driver nodded as he stepped back into the vehicle and started back down the driveway. The two boys waved as the car pulled back out onto the highway and out of sight.

Nika: “What was that all about Sequoia?”

Just a good soul that needed a helping hand to redirect him back to the good light. He will be fine now Nika.”

Nadia: “Why don't you two go put your things away and get some lunch.”

Golden Fawn: “Yes, don't let all my cooking go to waste you two.”

The boys did as they were told and walked off towards their rooms.

Sequoia began to head to the guest house and Nika shouted: “Where in the hell are you going Sequoia?”

Back to my room Nika.”

Nika began to laugh at him as Nadia pointed to the main residence: “Your home is over here, with us Sequoia.”

Golden Fawn smiling as well: “Your room is on the top floor across the hall from Nika and Sasha's.”

Sequoia: “I guess I forgot.”

Nika: “Common Sequoia, let's go check your room out.”

They excitedly made a dash for the Sheetrock steps at the entryway at full gallop anxious to check out Sequoia's new digs, and burst through the front door.


As music started up, balloons flew around the room, along with confetti, banners, streamers, and all sorts of other decorations hanging from the ceiling and walls. The two boys looked on, Nika wide-eyed in disbelief and Sequoia with a big smile on his face looking at Nika. It was a thought that entered both of their minds simultaneously. How in the hell did they get soo many people into the main living room and entryway. From the voices and the noise, even over the music, Nika could only guess that there were more people inside than there was the night of the BBQ. As a huge smile went across his face, his knee's became a little wobbly. Sequoia noticing this, let out a little laugh, and took his big brother by the arm and led him to a comfy leather recliner in the living room. To sit him down so he could catch his breath and rest for a second. Needless to say, the two boys were in for one hell of a party. All on their behalf to celebrate their lives. Yes, life! After all, how many parties have you attended to celebrate a friend or family member coming back from the dead?

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