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Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake

Chapter 14

Part 1

Who Says You Can't Go Home Again!

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake (14.1) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

Copyright is to me, and this story may not be reproduced anywhere without my prior permission.

Chapter 14 Pt. 1

Nika: “What the fuck Longhair? Talking about getting clothes-lined!” as friends and family charged the two boys and began to gather around the chair Nika was resting on.

Sequoia: “Oh common Traveler, you mean you bought that line of bullshit from our moms out in the garden?”

Nika: “I guess you didn't then?”

Sequoia: “Hell no, not for a second. You really think everyone's not gonna be here for our return?”

Nika: “Ok, just call me naive.”

Sequoia: “Alright, naive, naive, naive!”

Just then everyone began slapping the kids on the shoulders and asking them questions and jockeying for position to get to the front of the crowd. Mr. Weiner even walked up and gave Nika a gift wrapped in plain brown paper. Nika accepted it gladly and stood up to give his old teacher a hug.

The DJ over the loud speaker: “Alright, what do you two boys want to hear first to get this party started?”

Sequoia, looking at Nika: “I don't know, I don't much listen to your guys music. What do you think Nika?”

Nika: I don't know Sequoia, this is all happening soo fast.”

Sequoia: “Well, quick, everybody's staring, pick something.”

Nika shouting loudly: “You Shook Me All Night AC/DC!”

Blake: “Good choice Nika. I was thinking more like comfortable Numb by Pink Floyd?”

Nika: “Haha, no way Blake, had enough of being comfortably numb the last couple'er Blake, gimme a hug ya big dork!”

The entire posse was there, as was their families, and just about everyone else the families knew. Even the Sheriff, Firemen, and emergency workers from the accident were along for the ride too. But the clincher was after the song was over, a large man who's eye's were filled with tears walked up to the large group of boys who were laughing and joking. The crowd immediately parted giving him access to Sequoia and Nika, who looked up at him as tears streamed down his face. Nika looked up at the man and over to Sequoia and asked, “do we know him Sequoia?”

Sequoia very quietly: “Yes Nika, I believe we do, in an odd, roundabout sort of way.”

The two boys stood up as the man stepped closer to them before breaking down. Sequoia clung onto him and whispered to him that it was ok, and not to feel any pain. That all has been righted. Nika let the man hug him as well, before asking, “I'm sorry, have we met?”

The large man looked down at the small boy and replied, “We've never meet. I drove the truck that almost killed you.”
With that, Nika broke down himself and began crying as Sequoia tried to calm both of them down. After 5 minutes or so as everyone watched and looked on, the three broke apart and Nika said, “Thank you for coming, you are most welcome.”

And Sequoia chimed in, “Feel no pain from this moment on. That was the past, and this is the now. You have nothing to be ashamed of or feel sorrow over. Enjoy yourself and have a good time. The DJ began the music again playing Viva la Vida by Coldplay as Sasha grabbed Traveler and Longhair by the hands and dragged them both out back to the lawn area by the pool along with the rest of the posse.

Sequoia: “Wow, your parents got a keg Sasha.”

Sasha: “Hugs first Sequoia. You know we're neighbors now, don't you Sequoia?”
The two gave each other a long hard hug as Sequoia replied, “What do you mean Sash?”

Sash said, “Your new room is right next to mine. I helped decorate it and everything. Can we go up later and you can check it out?”

Sequoia: “I'd be happy too Sash, and thank you. How do you feel by the way? Are you ok?”

Sasha: “I don't know Sequoia, I was sad at first, I mean when you guys were hit. Then the more that shit got piled on like Nika's coma, and surgery, I just got really angry Sequoia.”

Sequoia: “I understand Sasha.”

Sasha: “No Sequoia, I don't think you do. I felt like something or someone was making bad things happen, and I wanted to hurt them Sequoia. I mean I felt like really hurting someone.”

Sequoia: “But you didn't Sasha, you controlled your temper. Those are normal feelings sometimes after suffering loss. That's when you need to show the most patience. But you are still very young.”

Sasha: “I don't know about control and patience. I mean who knows what I would have done if we lost Nika too, after you. I think I mighta lost it Sequoia. I felt like I was being manipulated or controlled by some evil force.”

Sequoia: “There is a saying in my culture Sasha, it would pay for you to remember it, “There is a Devil, there is no doubt. But is it trying to get inside us, or is it trying to get out!”

Sasha: “I think I understand Sequoia. I am always in control of my own actions....right?”

Sequoia: “Yes Sasha, yes indeed.”

Nika just then grabbed Sash away from Sequoia and said, “I can't wait any longer as the two embraced for the first time.”

Sasha began to cry and whispered in Nika's ear as Nika could feel Sasha's tears dripping down his neck: “I thought I lost you Nika. I thought I was gonna haf ta go thru life alone Nika. I thought you ditched me big brother!”

That was all Nika could take as the water-works started all over again as both boys held on and let go. Held on to each other that is, and let go of their emotions. It took a few moments before the boys began to separate and wipe their eyes dry as the rest of the posse all stood and watched, some of them with watery eyes as well. Nika looked at Sash and said, “Man, I need a beer little brother!”

Sasha: “Let's hook you up then Nika.”

Nika: “But first things first Sasha,” as I gently slapped the back of his head.”

Sasha: “Heyyy, what was that for?”

Nika: “It's thanking you for the pink little mermaid hat for the drive home.”

Sasha: “Oh yah, hahahaha!”

Nika: “Now how about that beer Sasha?”

Sash: “Haha, that's kool Nika, Dad and Mr. McFlanders set up 3 kegs around the house and yard before you guys got here. And mom said we can all have some today if we don't abuse it. McFlanders insisted on helping set up, and dad said he never saw anyone so masterfully handle tapping a keg in his life.”

That's Mr. McFlanders for you Sash, bet he didn't wait long to sample it either.”
“Haha, nope, dad gave him a red plastic cup, but he pulled out his own mug. It had a Scottish flag on it.”

Blake: “Well common cry baby's, let's go get a beer and celebrate! And if your hungry, there's tables set up around the yard. Nika, your mom and dad had the Mexican Restaurant in town cater with Burritos and Tacos. I've already eaten two or three Burritos!”

The whole gang, Blake, Nika, Sasha, Sequoia, KC, Reiley, Travis, Wesley, Jace,and even Tanner (the soon to be 11th member of the Posse) were all in tow. But Nika stood there not moving. Sequoia turned back and said, “You coming to get some firewater, haha, with us paleface?”

Nika looked scared, frightened, and said, “I can't.”
Sequoia: “What is it Nika?”

Nika looked over at him and said, “Where's Cody?”

Sasha: “Oh, I forgot. He's up in your room waiting for you. He's was too nervous to come down. I was supposed to tell you when you first got here, but I forgot.”

Sequoia: “Go Nika, I will get you guys a beer and we'll be here when you two come down.”
Nika burst across the lawn and through the back door ignoring everyone inside who was trying to stop him for conversation, and lit up the stairs like a lightning bug, as the rest of the posse made their way to the keg.

He made it up to the third floor and ran up to his door and stopped. He caught his breath and breathed in deep and slowly opened the door. Cody was sitting on the bed with his head down looking at his feet. Nika slowly walked up to him and stood in front of him, and neither boy said anything for a couple minutes. Nika then held out his hand. Cody lifted his hand and took Nika's into his own, and then kissed it. Both boys were already teared-up and Nika sat down on the bed next to Cody. Then he leaned in and kissed Cody on the neck and whispered in his ear, “So how are you holding up boyfriend?”

Cody lost it the moment Nika spoke those words, and Nika did as well. Both broke down uncontrollably as Nika crawled over Cody onto his bed and laid on his back. Then he pulled Cody's hand as Cody climbed on top of him at Nika's urging. They buried their faces in one anothers neck as they cried and cried (poor Nika's 3rd or 4th breakdown since getting home).

A few minutes later, as the crying began to stop, it was somehow immediately replaced by passion. As the gentle sniffing and kissing of the neck got a little heavier. Then the kissing turned into tounging and licking. Which dominoed into outright french kissing as both boys were close to lighting the fuse to a powder keg that was bound to go off sooner or later. As they made out on the bed, never having spoken a word, but at the same time, not needing to as their unification had been complete. The kissing continued as the hands began to rub and explore each other bodies. First both boys hands gently caressing the soft downy hairs on each others arms. Then roaming up the shirts to pet each others smooth young backs. Then in tandem the grinding of their ultra-hard members into one anothers mid-sections. Then as things were about to get completely out of control, as the boys went from dripping tears to dripping sweat, a voice called out from the doorway, “Ugmmm-ugmnnnn!”

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Who Says You Can't Go Home Again!