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Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake

Chapter 14

Part 3

Who Says You Can't Go Home Again!

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake (14.3) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

Copyright is to me, and this story may not be reproduced anywhere without my prior permission.

Chapter 14 Pt. 3

Now that Blakes nuts were out of traction, we all headed back to the keg. My one beer wasn't enough to calm me down even one little bit. Mostly because like the rest of the posse, I was wearing most of it, as were they after our free-for-all on the lawn. So off to the keg for all of us, and even better, no line as everyone else seemed to have had the time to fill up. I looked around and no Blake, but I soon spotted him over at the buffet table replacing the burritos he had just coughed up. Fuck man, he is just a fucking eating machine. I was put at the front of the line, and seeing as I was in full celebration mode, I downed my cup while everyone else was filling theirs up. So I did a refill before we left the kegger to a picnic table at the edge of the pool under my tree house.

We all sat and talked and rehashed the events of the last couple days, and enjoyed our time with one another. I don't recall a time where I remember seeing everyone so happy. The whole time we sat there everyone was laughing and carrying on as if they just hit the lotto. And somehow, I realized that they had. Not wanting to sound self-important of arrogant in any way, but it dawned on me just how miserable everyone would be right now, at their own homes grieving over me and/or Sequoia if things hadn't unfolded the way they did. So in a sense, we all hit the lotto, and had in each other something much more valuable than money. We had the love and unquestionable loyalty of each other, and the friendship that went with it.

More friends, family, and others involved at the accident scene continued to approach me and Sequoia at the table and say their hellos and bring up their take on the events of the past few days. And Blake continued to eat and drink, and as the afternoon wore on, Travis and Wesley carried the keg over to the table so we didn't have to keep getting up to get a refill. After all, there were two more kegs around the property somewhere. I lost count of how many cups I had, but one thing is for sure. I was feeling no pain.

Blake suggested we play a drinking game that's played with dice. He explained the rules and we all caught on pretty fast. Looking back at it now, I think some of our big mistake, was not eating before drinking. Before we knew what happened, everyone was ripped with a capital “R”!

I was certainly feeling the effects, as everyone else was as well. As I looked around the table at everyone, nobody could keep a straight face. Everyone was laughing at everything that everyone else said. I noticed Sequoia wasn't at the table, and when I looked around the yard, I saw him throwing up onto the base of the tree. He stumbled back to the table, and said something no one understood as he smiled and laughed at everyone, at which time Sasha said, “Hey Blake, it's bedtime for Sequoia.”

Blake picked him up and followed Sasha up into the house to carry him to Sasha's room, and toss him on the bed where he quickly passed out.

The next two ta call it quits were Tanner and Jace, who both threw-up almost simultaneously. Tanner over at the tree to deposit his used beer on top of that which Sequoia had left behind about 30 minutes prior. Jace on the other hand, never made it up from the table, splashing beer all over the table top as it dripped down to the ground from between and through the wooden planks on the table. Once again, Blake, along with KC. Carried the two of them up to me and Sasha's rooms and threw them on the beds where Sequoia was already passed out cold.

It occurred to me that the reason Sequoia went down so fast, was because he's physically eight years old again. And between that, his lite body weight, and the fact that I don't recall if before that day he had ever drank a beer before. In any case, I quit the game, cause I was starting to feel kinda funny. I remember getting up from the table to take a walk and get some air, when Reiley asked, “Hey Nika, are you alright?”

Then Cody said, “No Reil's, he's fuckin shitfaced!”

I turned to answer them and went down hard on the ground. I remember everyone laughing, as was I. Then I stood up and remember dropping right back down again. I again tried to stand, but my legs felt like rubber, as my head was really dizzy and starting to spin.

All I remember after that was watching from my butt, on the ground, and Blake and KC telling Travis and Wesley it was their turn. And to take care of me and bring me up to my room. That was when, as far as what I can piece together, the twins picked me up, one on each side with my arms around their shoulders. They began walking me across the yard to the back door with Cody following behind saying, “I'm calling it quits to guys. I'll stay with Nika.” I do recall asking them to stop before we went inside, as I fell to my knees and barfed three or four times into a planter. Travis and Wesley were laughing and saying, “way to go Nika, get it all out before you go inside,” and one of them patting me on the back, as the other held me up.

Once they were satisfied that I was done, they whisked me through the house. The crowd parted as we made our way towards the stairs. We passed my father who looked at the twins and said, “Put him upstairs with the others you two.”

And then, “maybe you boys should start slowing it down a little out there,” with a chuckle.

Travis fired back, as he was laughing, “we'll be alright now that all that lightweights are put to bed.”

We made it up the stairs and to my room, but the door was locked. So Cody went in through Sash's room and through the bathroom into mine to unlock the door. Trav and Wes carried me over to my bed, where Tanner was passed out cold. They laid me on my back where I immediately began to “spin”, as I shot back up and burped, as my face felt real hot and began to sweat like crazy.

Wesley said, “Whoppps, I think he might be ready for round two.”

My mouth began to water like really bad, and Travis said, “Hurry, get him to the toilet.” No sooner was I pulled into the bathroom and pushed down onto my knees, that the remaining contents of my stomach began to splash out into the toilet. Before I even began barfing, I could smell, and even see stale, flat, beer on the floor in front of the toilet, and knew that I was taking the place of one of the others who must have preceded me up here. I heard Travis ask Cody and Wesley where Sequoia and Jace were. And Cody reply that there were both on Sasha's bed.

I sat back down on the cold tile for a minute to rest as I looked up with my head wobbling around a little as I couldn't keep it steady. And I saw Travis, Wesley, and Cody all looking down at me smiling and laughing. I couldn't make out what they were saying, and everything seemed like it was in slow motion. I tried to speak a couple times, but the words came out in what sounded like another language, as it just made the others laugh even more. I did make out Wesley saying, “He's fuckin wasted you guys.”

Just then I shot my head back to the toilet and began throwing up again, and nothing was coming out, and whats more, it hurt like hell. Travis said, “dry heaves, he's hate-in it!”

Cody replied, “Yah, it's gonna be a long afternoon. I'm gonna grab a blanket and a couple pillows, and sack out in here with him. You guys can go back down to Blake, Reiley, and KC if you want.”

Travis and Wesley did just that, but not before waiting for Cody to get back with the pillows and blanket, so that they were there to prop me up. Then the twins departed downstairs and Cody laid me down on a blanket and my head on a pillow, as I fought the spins for the next couple hours. Sometimes successful for a little while, and sometimes back up and over the toilet to wretch a little more. I do remember passing out for a little while and catching a glimpse of either Tanner or Jace knelling down and throwing up a few time before getting up and going back to bed.

I also vaguely remember Tasha and Garrett coming in to check on me and asking Cody how we all were doing. At which he replied, “It's pretty obvious by the looks of the others on the beds and Nika on the floor, that the picture speaks for itself.” Tash and Garrett did ask if they could bring us anything and Cody did say that about a dozen bottle's of water would be nice as me, Tanner, and Jace, and Sequoia were bound to be dehydrated. And that it would help with my dry heaves.

No sooner had they brought back the water and Cody had poured some into my mouth, than I began splashing it up and into the toilet again. The only good thing was that I did manage to fight off the spins and get to sleep after that for a good couple hours.

I woke up about four in the afternoon, under a blanket with Cody laying behind me and his arms wrapped around me. It felt good, like something that had been missing, and was found again. But at the same time, I felt like shit. My head hurt, my mouth was dry, and I stunk. I turned and tapped on Codys head a couple times till he woke up.

Cody: “How do you feel Nika.”

I replied with my best “Are you stupid look” and asked, “How do I look Cody?”

Cody: “Ok, got it.”

He stood up and walked me to the sink where I filled my water cup up and rinsed out my mouth three or four times. Then he handed me a bottle of arrowhead water (a brand coincidentally, that Sequoia endorses whole-heatedly), and I began to drink it down in earnest. Cody grabbed my hand and brought it down a little bit and said, “Slow down Nika, not so fast.”

I complied, and began drinking slowly. Once I polished off the bottle, we walked into my room and I slid onto my bed, being careful not to disturb Tanner, who was still crashed out cold. Cody said that he would be back in a little while, that he was going into Sash's room where Sequoia and Jace were held up, to check on them and see about getting some water into them. I immediately went back to sleep, and didn't wake up till about eight thirty that evening. Tanner was still there, but I could tell he had been up cause he had changed into some of my clothes. I went into the bathroom to take what turned out to be a bright yellow, almost orange piss, and picked up Tanners clothes and took a sniff. And just as I figured, they smelled like barf and stale beer. I took another bottle of water off the sink counter and began drinking it down as I walked into Sasha's room to see Sequoia and Jace still laying on the bed. Sequoia was out cold still and Jace was on his back. Awake though, as he turned his head to look at me. He said, “Kinda made an ass outta myself, huh Nika? Is everyone pissed at me for getting this fucked up and puking?”

I started to laugh, but it hurt my head to much. I walked over and sat on the bed next to him and said, “Are you kidding me Jace. I don't think anyone except for Blake, Reiley, and KC, and the twins are going to remember much of anything.”

Jace: “what do you mean?”

I said, “I mean that after you and Sequoia went down for the count, Tanner and I were right behind you. We all puked and passed out. Tanners asleep in my bed still and you can see for yourself who's camped next to you,” pointing at Sequoia.

Jace: “What about Cody and Sasha?”

Sasha wasn't drinking, and Cody didn't have much to drink either. He was here earlier taking care of the rest of us.”

Just then, Sasha walked out from the bathroom, having obviously come through my room. Then he sat on the bed next to me and said, “Fuck, you guys are a train-wreck!”

I replied, “Yah Sasha, I guess we did get a little carried away buddy.”

It was so fucking funny Nika, you guys were all complete dorks. You should have seen how drunk you guys were.”

Jace: “Where is everyone Sash, did they go home?”

Sasha: “No, everyone's spending the night. The party ended about six, and all that's left are the posse and Tash's friends. Oh, and mom and dad.”

Nika: “What's everyone doing?”

Sasha: “Mom and Golden Fawn are in the kitchen setting up the table with food, and everyone else is watching tv in the living room.”

Jace: “Blake?”

Sasha: “Yah, Blake, Travis, Wesley, Reiley, KC, Tasha and Garrett, Abby, and dad.”

Nika: “What about Cody.”

Sasha: “He checked in on you about a half hour ago Nika, and then said he was going home to get some sleep. It's been a rough couple days on him too.”

I said: “That's cool, where is everyone gonna sleep?”

Sasha: “Well, Sequoia and Jace can just bunk in here in my room, seeing as they already are. And you and Tanner are set in your room. And I'll bunk in Sequoia's new room with Trav and Wes. And we'll put Blake, KC, and Reiley in one of the guest rooms on the second floor.”

Jace: “Shit, you outta be an inn-keeper Sash.”

Sash: “I kinda am this week. With Blake and the twins parents gone all next week, their gonna be staying mostly over here.”

Nika: “Yah, that's because Blake doesn't have anyone over there to cook for him, and we have Golden Fawn and mom always putting good stuff together. And let's not forget Tanners mom and dad are gone all this week in Hawaii too.”

Jace: “No shit, huh?”

Nika: “I feel like fuckin shit you guys. I'm going back to my room and crashing for the night. Oh, and here's a bottle of water Jace, there's about a dozen more on the counter in the bathroom.”

Jace: “Alright Nika, thanks. And goodnight.”

I walked over to Sash and gave him a kiss goodnight, and he said, “Ahhh Nika, your breath smells like shit!” But gave me a hug anyway.

Sasha: “Jace, you wanna come downstairs and eat something before you crash for the night?”

Jace: “I don't know if I can eat anything Sash. But I'll come down with you for a few minutes, and maybe look for some Gatorade or something before I come back up and crash with Tonto here.”

Sasha: “Kool.”

I walked back in my room and opened the doors to the balcony a little to let the breeze in. The air smelled good and immediately replaced the stall stinky smell of beer and vomit that wafted through the room. I reached down to my little fridge to get an ice cold bottle of water to replace the warm bottle from the bathroom. Then I changed into a pair of silk bowers, no shirt and crawled under the covers. It was barley nine o'clock. I tried to be as quiet as I could, and as hard as I tried not to, I could not help but put my arm around Tanner. I have always wondered about this kid, and curiosity got the best of me. I pulled him close to me, and smelled his hair. It smelled good, in spite of our rough day. A combination of beer and shampoo. Tanner was always at the back of my mind, as Cody and I had just recently admitted to one another our attraction towards him.

As I put my arm around him, and pulled him towards me, he began to stir a little and shifted his position in the bed and turned over to face me. As I began to stroke his hair and run my finger down over his nose, he opened his eye's.

Tanner, just coming to: “What the fuck are you doing Nika?”

Nika: “Just taking the rare opportunity to look you over a little Tanner.”

Tanner: “Oh. What the fuck happened to me, and how did I get up here?”

Nika: “You drank to much and got sick. Blake or KC carried you up here. I can't remember which one.”

Tanner: “My mouth tastes like a dogs asshole!”

Nika: “Here, drink this,” as I handed him my cold bottle of water, which he quickly downed.”

Tanner: “That was good. Is there more?”

Nika: “Yah,” I reached into the little fridge next to the bed and grabbed another one. “Here Tanner,” as I handed it to him.

He said, “Thanks.”

He polished that one off too and laid back on his back and said, “What's everyone doing, and what time is it?”

It's about nine o'clock, and Sequoia and Jace are hung over and in the same position as we are, in Sasha's room. And everyone else is down stairs watching tv and eating. Are you hungry?”

Tanner: “Hell no! Just thirsty as fuck. So I wasn't the only one to yak?”

Nika: “Haha, hell no. You, me, Sequoia, and Jace. Oh, and Blake, but that was because he got kneed in the nads”!

Tanner: “Oh yah, that's right. I told him to rub mud on it.”

Nika: “Haha, that's right. I almost forgot. Here, here's another bottle”

Tanner: “Thanks Nika. If it's cool with you, I'm ready to crash. Can I stay in here tonight?”

Nika: “Yah, of course you can,”

Tanner: “Kool, I just need to take a leak and finish this bottle off.”

Nika: “Go ahead, and turn the light out on your way back.”

Tanner slowly drug himself out of bed and made his way to the bathroom where he peed. I heard him rinse his mouth out in the sink and then he returned to the room, flipped off the light, and striped off his sweats and his tee-shirt (that he borrowed from me), and returned to bed in just his me. He pulled the covers over us and said, “Nika?”

Nika: “Yah Tanner?”

Tanner: “If you wanna put your arms around me and hold me like you were doing before, I guess it'd be ok.”

Nika: “Are you sure Tanner?”

Tanner: “Yah, Sasha says you do that with him all the time, and it feels nice.”

Nika: “Yah, we do. Doesn't Dakota ever do that for you Tanner?”

Tanner: “No, the only time he touches me is to punch me or push me outta the way.”

Nika: “I'm sorry Tanner, com'er buddy,'” as I pulled his body into mine, and dug my nose in the back of his long blonde hair at the neckline. I felt embarrassed as I was fully erect, even feeling as physically shitty as I was. The soft downy blond hairs on his legs felt insane. And I'm convinced to this day that he was one of the 5 or 10 best looking boys on the planet. I knew Tanner, and knew his temper, and his mouth, and figured it better to say something now than for him to go off. So I bit the bullet, and said, “Sorry Tanner, but the physical contact with our legs together and my chest against your back, well, I got a boner.” There, I said it. Was he gonna go on the warpath (opps, no offense Sequoia), or what?

Tanner in a whisper: “That's ok Nika, so do I! Maybe we can talk sometime privately, just you and I?”

Nika: “Yah Tanner, any time you'd like. You just say the word.”

Tanner: “Sasha says your easy to talk to and he can tell you anything.”

Nika: “Sure Tanner. And it'll be just between us....ok?”

Tanner, as he turned around to face me nose to nose with our arms around one another: “Thanks Nika, and goodnight.”

Much to my surprise, he kissed me lightly on the lips and closed his eyes. His breath smelled like shit, but hey, after coughing up beer all afternoon, join the club. I didn't care one little bit, and my head was reeling, in a state of confusion bordering on shock and arousal.

Then, it all began to come together for me. I began to put the pieces in place. Somehow as I laid there thinking about all the years we've known Tanner, and how obnoxious he was, it began to make sense. Tanner never showed any emotion about anything, and was outwardly belligerent towards everyone. He always pushed others away before they could do that same to him. Dakota always talked down to Tanner and pushed him around. No one at home paid any attention to him, and he lacked any emotional outlet. This is what he was looking for and what he yearned for. And whats more, the look he gave me, the look in his eyes when he kissed me. I know for a fact there's more to him than just being emotionally needy. I believe in my heart now, that Tanners hiding something else as well. I held him even tighter and could sense his happiness, as I drifted off to sleep holding a beautiful blonde boy, whom the others call barbie behind his back. And whats more, a boy who picked me to confide in as he begins breaking down his wall, and opening up a window into his pain, into his little corner of the world.

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