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Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake

Chapter 14

Part 4

Who Says You Can't Go Home Again!

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake (14.4) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

Copyright is to me, and this story may not be reproduced anywhere without my prior permission.

Chapter 14 Pt. 4

I awoke the early the next morning breathing hard and in a sweat as my hips were bucking hard back and forth with an urgency I hadn't felt in some time. I was slamming my groin forward with forceful thrusts. I was still half asleep and was lost as to weather I was dreaming or if this was real. I felt a warm wetness envelop my boner and sack that set off my own release. It felt wonderful, and I was in heaven. As the last of my stickiness splashed from my tip, I came to. I was in my room and my alarm read 6:25 am. What a perfect time for a wet dream I thought to myself as I just began catching my breath.

Then a couple of things happened to snap me out of my clueless zone, and back to reality. One was that someone had their arms around me. Two was that it wasn't a wet dream that I had. Because there in my bed, sharing my same pillow, with both our heads on it, was Tanner looking directly at me. His eyes were open and he wasn't moving a muscle. And as I was just about to push the panic button, I looked at him again and could tell he was scarred. In fact, he looked terrified. But I wasn't sure why. Was it cause I just came on him? Or that he wasn't sure where he was? Or what exactly? Only one way to find out. “Hey Tanner.”

Tanner: “Hey Nika.”

Nika: “What's up man?”

Then, after pausing for five or ten seconds, I could see that Tanner didn't have the words to speak. In fact, he just began to cry. I wasn't sure what exactly was going on, but I knew it was my mess (literally) and up to me to straighten it all out. I did remember our conversation and kiss the night before.

Whatever it is, it's ok Tanner. Your safe here, and you don't need to cry.” as I continued to hug him and stroke his face.

Strange, whatever it was, was it a wet dream? Whatever it was, it was on him, and now he's crying. Then I remembered, as I was waking up, that it wasn't just me grinding. And that I felt warm liquid on my package before I released.

I reached down under the covers and felt my underwear were pushed down just below my balls, and I was covered in, well, you know. Then I reached forward a little, and Tanners undies were down, and he was still half hard and soiled as well. So I looked back into his eye's and said, “Whatever happened between us Tanner, it's ok. You don't need to feel afraid or ashamed.”

Tanner: “You won't tell anyone Nika?”

No, of course not.”

Tanner: “I'm sorry.”

For what Tanner?”

Tanner: “Doing that to you.”

What did you do Tanner?”

Tanner: “You promise not to get mad?”

Yah Tanner, of course I promise.”

Tanner: “Well, I woke up a little while ago. And I was really boned up. And we were clung together, and it felt like you were too. And we were both kinda just gently pushing against each other. Are you sure this is ok Nika?”

Yes Tanner, it's ok.”

Tanner: “Well, ok, so I hadta know for sure, so I reached down and felt the front of your boxers and you were as hard as I was. And after I touched it, you really started to grind real hard. So I hadta see it.”

So you pulled my boxers down a little Tanner?”

Tanner: “Yah, and then I pulled mine down a little to and started doing what you were doing. But I never did anything with anyone before. I've never touched or been touched by anyone. So after only like ten or twenty seconds I squirted. I tried not to, but I couldn't stop. I tried to pull back and separate from you, but we had each other kinda locked up together. Then when I squirted on you, I felt you start squirting too.”

Hey, it's all good Tanner. Shit like this just happens sometimes. How do you feel about it?”

Tanner: “I'm not sure. Like really guilty and ashamed right now. Like I made you dirty and gay like me. I was afraid you'd tell Jace and everyone else Nika.”

Remember we talked last night? And you said you wanted to talk to me about something, and that I said I'd never tell anyone what we talk about.”

Tanner: “Haha, yah.”

I meant it Tanner.”

Tanner: “Sasha said you wouldn't judge me.”

I won't Tanner. I have a feeling you have a lot to get off your chest.”

Tanner: “Yah, I guess I do. I'm so confused all the time about things. And I'm a fucking sticky mess right now. I feel like the inside of a fuckin used condom!”

Yah, what do you say we hit the shower and clean up. We can talk in the bathroom.”

I wanted to change the scene for Tanner because I know for a fact he's hyperactive. And laying in my bed and having to look me in the eyes and talk, I know it is uncomfortable for him. So getting up and cleaning up would provide a distraction for him, and allow him to open up more.

Tanner: “Sounds good Nika.”

So we climbed out of bed and I took off my undies and wiped myself dry. Then I threw my soiled boxers in my hamper. Tanner took his off as well, but stood there holding his dirty boxers not knowing what to do with them. I looked at him and said, “Go ahead Tanner, throw them in my hamper with the rest of your clothes you left on the bathroom floor yesterday. After we shower, you can change into some more of my clothes. We're about the same size.”

Tanner: “Yah, ok.”

We went to the sink, and I reached into one of the drawers and pulled out a brand new toothbrush, still in the wrapper. I handed it to Tanner and then grabbed my own. I spooged some toothpaste onto my brush as Tanner held his out having disposed of the plastic wrapper, and I dispensed some out for him too. I handed him Sasha's rinsing cup and we began to brush the previous days and nights stink off our teeth, and out of our mouth. Then I set the temperature in the showers to a comfortable setting, and we stepped inside together, hand in hand. I love the fact our shower has two heads, one on each wall opposite each other, so it's never a fight for water. Once inside, I could visibly see he was more relaxed, so I said “What's on your mind Tanner?”

Tanner: “A lot of family shit, and personal stuff too. I just need to talk to someone I can trust,”

What made you pick me?”

Tanner: “Cause I see how close you and Sasha are and how you protect each other. And because of how close you and Cody are, and I heard that he's gay. And well, you don't seem to care. So I figure if your ok with that, then you're probably ok with anything. And besides, Sasha said it was safe to talk to you, cause he knows about my family and my brother hitting me and stuff.”

Doe's he hurt you real bad Tanner.”

Tanner: “No, It'd probably be better if he did. He just doesn't want anything to do with me. And my younger brother has his own friends too. My mom and dad never do much with any of us. And I'm like the odd one out. The middle kid with no one to turn to.”

Is that why you spend so much time up here instead of South Lake?”

Tanner: “Yah, and that's why I asked Sasha if I could stay up here this week while my parents are in Hawaii. Cause most of my other friends parents don't want me around.”

Your always welcome here Tanner. My Mom and Dad have very long fuses.”

Tanner: “Yah, I know my mouth doesn't get me a lot of invites.”

So it's more of being ignored by your brother than abuse?”

Tanner: “Yah, I mean he punches me a lot but it's usually just to get rid of me so he and his friends can do what they want.”

And what about the personal stuff you wanted to talk about?” as I handed Tanner the Shampoo and we both began to lather up.”

Tanner: “Well, you saw what just happened in your room, and what I told you I did.”

So you think you gay then Tanner?” as nonchalantly as I could.

Tanner: “I don't know, but it's on my mind a lot. I know I think about boys more than I probably should. And when I had the chance to see and touch yours when we were in bed, I did it. I figured since your friends with Cody, then you'd be friends with me too.”

We are friends Tanner, but just so you know that your safe with me, and that I won't betray you, Cody is my boyfriend.”

Tanner: “So your gay too Nika?”

I don't know what I am Tanner. Gay, bi, whatever. I just know that I love Cody. So if your gay, then your secret is safe with me.”

Tanner: “Kool!”

But don't be two quick to paint yourself into a corner Tanner. You won't even be 12 for another month, so the confusing feelings your having right now, your supposed to have. And as far as touching me and wanting to be touched. That's normal too. Your supposed to be as horny as hell the next couple years.”

Tanner: “So what the fuck am I supposed to do about it then?”

Jack off as much as you can I guess!”

Tanner: “Hahaha, I already do that.”

And as far as your brother and family, just start hanging out here as much as you can. I'll be here to talk whenever your around. So just keep venting your feelings to me so it doesn't stay all bottled up. And as for the gay thing, maybe your not and maybe you are. But we have plenty of time to figure that out as you grow and get a little older.”

Tanner: “I wish I could see like three years ahead so I knew what I was.”

Nah, the best part is finding out for yourself. So me and Cody will be here to help you through it. And I'll be right beside you trying to figure out what I am as well. So no labeling yourself till you grow more and begin to understand who you are........ok?”

Tanner: “Yah, ok Nika. And thanks.”

Your welcome Tanner. Oh, and Tanner?”

Tanner: “Yah Nika?”

I'm telling you this for your own good, but if Cody and I aren't around, and you havta talk to someone, then you can always talk to Sequoia. That's who helps me.”

Tanner:“Ok, I'll remember that.”

Common, let's get out of this shower, dry off, and get back in bed for a couple more hours. It's still early.”

Tanner: “I hear that.”

We got out of the shower and begin to dry off. And I realized that Tanner wasn't so bad after all. He was just like me and all boys his age. The majority, like Tanner, feel abandoned and isolated. And build a “wall” around themselves, that keeps them in, as well as other people out. Tanner's defense was to be as rude and obnoxious as he could possibly be. Not let anyone get even a glimmer of the truth of what he's all about. A simple kid whom no one in his own home gives him the time of day.

And all the while, just wanting someone like himself, that he can open up to. Without getting punched in the arm and sent away. We dried our hair as best we could, and headed back to the warmth and safety of my bed. It wasn't even seven o'clock in the morning yet. I threw him a new pair of boxers and he slipped them on as we slid into bed, first him, and me right behind. Then I spooned up into him, wrapped my arms around him, kissed him on the neck and cheek, as we went back to sleep.

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