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Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake

Chapter 15

Part 1

Blake & Tanner's Wild Ride or What Makes Tanner Tick?

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake (15.1) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

Copyright is to me, and this story may not be reproduced anywhere without my prior permission.

Chapter 15 Pt. 1

It was around 9:15 or 9:30 am when I awoke to the sounds of water running in the shower and sink in our bathroom. Tanner was still fast asleep. The door to the bathroom was open and I could see a little steam drifting into my room. I heard some talking and I thought I picked up Sequoia's voice. I just laid back and kinda rethought the conversation I had with Tanner earlier as I watched a stellar jay pecking on a nut of some kind with its beak, on the wooden table out on my balcony. And as I thought about Tanner, I thought that it might be a long haul and a lot of work and headache, but I was more than willing. Especially seeing as he needed help, and there was no one else for him to turn to. Besides, I liked the kid. Not just because he's funny (ok, in an obnoxious way), but I liked him before. I always kinda just saw through him. And when he broke down in my bed last night, I saw for real that his aggressive personality was just an iron curtain that he created for defensive purposes.

About five or ten minutes later, Sequoia and Jace entered my room from the bathroom wrapped in towels. They walked over to the bed and sat down which stirred Tanner. Jace said, “Mornin Nika, I think we need some clothes.”

I replied, “You know where all my stuff is Jace, were almost the same size, so take whatever you need.” Then I looked at Sequoia and said, “Hey Longhair, you need to go back into Sash's room and go through his bottom drawer. That's where he puts all the shit that doesn't fit him anymore. Some of the stuff should fit you pretty good till we can take you shopping for new clothes.”

Sequoia nodded and walked back into the bathroom towards Sasha's room. Tanner propped himself up on his elbows and looked at me and Jace with squinty morning eyes. Jace was bending down having picked out some underwear, shorts, and shirt from one of my lower drawers. He was in the process of stepping into a pair of my boxers, when Tanner said in his high pitched morning voice, “Hey Jace, the way your bent over, it looks like your ready to take it up the ass! You burnin coal Jace?”

Jace had one foot up in the air with a pair of boxers in his hands trying to slip them on under his towel when he shot a stare at Tanner who was smiling and sorta laughing. Jace who was initially annoyed and irritated at Tanners remark began to laugh while at the same time not being able to keep his balance. He hopped around on one foot a few times before he fell forward on his face. I began to laugh and looked at Tanner who was shaking his head and said, “What a fuckin retard!”

I didn't much care for the “retard” comment, but hell, that's Tanner for you. Tanner and I both got out of bed and I threw him some clean clothes and a pair of my Nike's seeing as he lost his somewhere yesterday while in transit from the back yard to my bedroom.

We started downstairs and left Jace and Sequoia in our rooms while they continued to get dressed. I stopped Tanner in the hall on the second floor, and I opened the door to one of the guestrooms and pushed him inside. He was surprised and nervous and said, “Wha, what are you doing Nika?” I pulled him in close to me and held him tight against me and said, “Don't be afraid Tanner, just chill for a minute.” Once he caught his breath, I leaned into him with my head and whispered in his ear, “I've been thinking about this all morning Tanner, and I want you to listen to me. But first I need to know something from you, and you have to be honest.....ok?”

Tanner: “Ok Nika, what do you want to know?”

As I strengthened my grip on him I whispered gently in his ear, “Do you trust me Tanner?”

Tanner: After a slight pause, where I could tell he was battling his “Wall”: “Yes Nika, I trust you.”

Ok then. You need a support group now, so I've decided that we're going to tell Cody about you this morning.”

Tanner: “No Nika, no, you promised you wouldn't say anything.”

And I won't unless you agree to it Tanner. But I'll be living a lie if we don't, and you won't have the support of someone like yourself in Cody.”

Tanner: “What if he gets mad Nika, what if he breaks up with you or something. Or tells about me. He's already out, what would he have to lose?”

Then you know nothing about Cody Tanner, and what's more, you don't have any trust and faith in me as well.”

Tanner: “No, no Nika, that's not what I said. I'm just scarred. And he might be mad about us and this morning?”

Trust me Tanner, he won't be mad. I did nothing premeditated, nor did I betray him in any way. And what's more, he'll like the fact I helped you and that some of your pain and discomfort was relieved.”

Tanner: “Are you sure Nika? How will you go about telling him?”

Relax Tanner, it'll be easy. I'll be very gentle, and everything will work out fine. You'll see. He'll probably be downstairs eating with the others. He comes over every morning. We'll just find a room no ones using and talk. Or maybe he'll already be by himself. In any case, just leave it all up to me. I know exactly how to handle Cody, I have for years.”

Tanner looked a little unsure, and I could tell that he was still struggling with his insecurity and was fighting off thoughts of betrayal and “what ifs”, or scenarios of what could go wrong. But in the end he looked up at me and said, “If you know in your heart that Cody won't be mad, and that he won't hurt or betray me Nika. Then I guess you can do what you need to do.”

No , it's what we need to do Tanner. It's what is right, and in the best interest of both of us.”

Tanner: “Alright Nika. You said that you know how to approach Cody about this. For the best reaction. I hope you're right and I hope your subtle.”

With a little laugh, “Don't worry Tanner, I have Cody in the palm of my hand. Have for years, as he doe's me. I got this one sooo covered it isn't even funny.”

Tanner: “Good, cause I don't want to be the reason you two break up. I didn't even know you two were “together” when I did what I did earlier this morning.”

Say that again Tanner.”

Tanner: “What, I didn't even know you two were together when I did what I did this morning?”

Exactly Tanner, exactly. And that's why Cody won't be mad. And because I wasn't even aware it was happening till it was over.”

Tanner: “Ok, I think I understand.”

Good, lets go eat. I'm fucking hungry. All I ate yesterday was breakfast.”

Tanner: “No shit, everything I ate yesterday is sitting on the base of your tree-house Nika!”

No shit, I watched it splash out. Oh, and one more thing Tanner.”

Oh shit, who the fuck do you wanna tell now?”

Haha, no one. I was just gonna say that I won't say anything to Sequoia, but he'll probably already know.”

Tanner: “How.”

Cause he always knows everything.”

Tanner: “Yah, cept maybe how much beer to drink?”

No shit....huh?”

Tanner: “I see how much you trust him Nika, but I don't want you to say anything just yet...ok?”

I won't be the one to tell him Tanner, you will. When you feel the times right of course.”

Tanner: “How do you know that Nika.”

I just do. It's a gift. I've already foreseen it.”

Tanner: “Alright, and thanks Nika.”

No worries. But I need to know one thing more before we go eat Tanner, and please be honest?”

Tanner: “Yah, anything.”

Ok then, everybody, gay or straight has a crush on someone. Was part of the reason you chose me, besides what you said about being able to trust me, is because your attracted to me or that you have a crush on me Tanner?”

Tanner, after pausing a few seconds, and some thought and reflection: “Ummm, no Nika. Not you.”

It's not me that you have a crush on Tanner? But it is someone then?”

Tanner: “I'm not ready to talk about that Nika. But as for you, you're way cute, and I find you attractive. But you're kinda a shrimp for your age. I mean your no bigger than me. But, but, I mean, don't be mad, I didn't mean it like that. Still, doing stuff with you would be hella-fun.”

I kinda just shrugged it off, and chalked it up to “It's just Tanner being Tanner”, no malice intended. But the “growth spurt” comes back to haunt me once again. So not wanting to ruin the moment, or take anything away from our conversation, I replied to Tanner the way that was best for both of us, “It's ok Tanner, I still got yah by half an inch and a couple pounds.”

Tanner: “Sorry Nika, I'm not to good with talking as you know.”

It's ok Tanner, until they make a filter for your mouth, I'll need to take you just the way you are.” And it's true, somehow after knowing Tanner for a while, you just accept that he's vocabularily challenged. And it doesn't faze you any longer. In fact, you usually just get a laugh out of it. Especially if your out in public or at a restaurant or supermarket or something. It's a blast watching peoples reaction who aren't used to his unintended verbal offenses. “Common Tanner, let's go eat before you start talking again.”

Once down stairs, we could smell food cooking. Bacon for sure, and either pancakes or waffles. We went into the kitchen and of course Blake was in the middle of shoveling larges forkfuls of food into his pie-hole. The rest of the posse was also in their, or the living room eating breakfast. Golden fawn was sitting drinking some hot tea, and Maria and Tasha were in at the stove and counter top cooking waffles, bacon, and German style breakfast potatoes. I asked Tash where Sasha was, as I poured me and Tanner each a big glass of orange juice, and handed Tanner a plate.

She replied, “He was watching cartoons, then he went down to the lake shore to feed his ducks and geese the old bread and sandwich rolls from the BBQ.”

We walked up to Tash and Maria, and they filled our plates with whatever it is we wanted. I thanked them and walked out to the outdoor patio overlooking the lake, and Cody was sitting out there having just finished his breakfast reading the sports page. We walked up to the table and set down our plates, sat down, and began eating. Tanner began drinking down big gulps of OJ, and I looked at Cody and said, “Cody the homo, meet Tanner the queer.”

Of course everything in Tanners mouth, minus his tongue and teeth went spraying all over the patio deck as he began to hack and cough. Cody looked at me like as if to say, “are you crazy?” So I began explaining to Cody the conversation I had last night and the incident this morning with Tanner. By then Tanner had recovered as Cody walked around the table to Tanner and leaned down and gave him a hug, saying “I won't say a thing Tanner, and any time you want to talk, just drop a hint and I'll help you all I can.”

Tanner said, “Wow, thanks!”

Cody: “No problem Tanner, welcome to the club.”

There, incident handled gently and very subtlety, just as I promised Tanner it would be. I do have to say looking at it now, that I did kinda enjoy in a mischievous way, watching Tanner squirm for a change at someone elses mouth self-destructing! But then again, I was never worried or stressed like he was. Cause to steal a line from earlier in the story, if there's anything I can be 100% sure of 100% of the time, it's Cody. Of course that's somewhat of an exaggeration, but I wasn't worried about a sticky little “puppy-luv” type encounter, being seen by Cody as anything more than just that. Especially when you consider the level of love and devotion we hold for one another. So summing it up, Tanner was outed to Cody safely, and our little “sin” was washed away clean.

Tanner: “What's that barking?”

Nika: “Sounds like the neighbors dog.”

Tanner replied, “Maybe it's in heat too....haha,” and smiled that beautiful smile that well, only Barbie can smile. We scarfed down our food and Tanner and I returned to the kitchen for seconds. When we returned to the patio, Blake was out there as well, and asked what we were doing today. I told him that Cody, Sequoia, Sasha, and I were gonna just hang by the pool and do nothing, just as Jace and Sequoia came out to the table with their plates and glasses. I told Blake it was gonna be an unwinding day. And that everyone was welcome to hang out. Then Travis and Wesley came out. They sat down and asked where Sasha was, and I told them about his pet (more like adopted) water-foul. Then I asked Blake what he was up to.

He said that he was gonna get that old jeep parked on their property running today and go for a little joyride and maybe some off-roading. He asked Trav and Wes if they wanted to come along, and they said, “Hell no, we don't wanna get stuck out in the middle of nowhere in that thing when it breaks down again.”

Tanner quickly said, “I'll go Blake!”

Blake replied, “Alright Tanner, at least someone around here has some balls” as he smirked at Trav and Wesley.

At which, one of them replied, “That still work anyway......huh Blake?” as they both laughed at Blakes expense, referring to his rupture from the day before.

I asked Blake, “You sure taking that thing out on the road is a good idea Blake? It hasn't been registered in over two years”

Blake: “So fuckin what, the Sheriffs around here don't do shit anyway. They won't bother us.”

So that's how it was. Blake jumped on my bike and rode off. His destination was to the lot by the old fence and red storage building on Blakes property to get the old gray jeep cruising. He told Tanner before he left to be ready, that he'll swing by here to get him as soon as he gets the battery charged and gets it started.

Tanner nodded just as Sasha walked up the stairs leading up from the lake. Tanner asked, “I thought you were feeding your geese Sash?”

Sasha: “I was, but stupid Max came by and chased them away.”

Cody: “So that's what the barking was.”

Sasha: “Yah.”

Tanner: “Who's Max?”

Cody: “He's the neighbors dog.”

Tanner: “And he chased the ducks and geese away?”

Nika: “Yah, he is a bird dog.”

Tanner: “What kind is he?”

Cody: “An Irish Setter I think.”

Nika: “No, I'm pretty sure he's a Golden Lab. We first found him over at scary tree one day when we went to be alone and talk. Right Sash?”

Sasha: “Yah, last year sometime.”

Tanner: “What the fuck is scary tree?”

Cody: “It's a weird tree along the lake that looks like it's reaching out to grab you. Nika and Sash go to it when they need to talk or be alone. Kinda like their private place. You know, like when one of them is down or something.”

Tanner: “Oh, kool. Bummer about your ducks and geese Sash. Why are the bottoms of your jeans all wet?”

Sasha: “Nah, no big deal. I already feed em, so I just played with Max for a little while and threw him his pine cone. That's why I'm wet.”

Tanner: “He fetches pine cones?”

Nika: “Yah, Sash throws it out in the lake, and Max swims out and gets it. That's how Sash gets wet. He usually stands in the water a couple feet out.”

After explaining Sash's goose and dog antics, we finished eating and went upstairs to change. And then back down and out to the back yard with our towels, and began swimming and sunning and splashing. Tasha's friends had spent the night as well, so it was fun having Garrett throw us around in the pool, just like old times, while Tash and Abby floated around on rafts sipping wine coolers and reading their magazines and books. Poor Sequoia came out a little while later still looking a little “green” and picked out a lounge chair, laid down, and didn't move for most of the day.

Tanner got a call on his cell and said goodbye as he jumped on Sash's bike and peddled off to Blakes.

Cody, Sash, KC, Reiley, the twins, and I continued to play blind tag, swim, dive, and just have fun in general. Around noon Cody and I went into the house and made a bunch of grilled cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We brought those, a couple bags of potato chips, a jar of dill pickles, and some soda's out for everyone to nosh on. Everyone ate except for Sequoia, who just nibbled on some bread and sipped a 7-up. He had a two-dayer going. Sequoia said, “Fuck, no wonder they say my people shouldn't drink.”

Nika: “Nah Longhair, I think being an eight year old has more to do with it than being Native American. And the fact that the rest of us had all drank before. You were the only “virgin” at the keg buddy!”

Sequoia: “I guess so. Funny, I didn't see this one coming.”

Cody: “Maybe you weren't supposed to Sequoia.”

Sequoia: “What do you mean?”

Sasha: “I think he means that maybe it's a learning experience. I mean, next time you drink, are you gonna guzzle that fast?”

Sequoia: “No, I get it now.”

Sash: “Good, cause next time you guys get like that, me and Cody are gonna charge all you dorks a fee for nurse-maiding you fools back to health. You all owe us one as it is.

KC: “Yah, and me and Blake are gonna charge you guys for cab fair for carrying you guys home, or up to your rooms anyway.”

Wesley: “Ahhhhh, Fuck Travis!”

Travis: “What?”

Wesley: “What idiots we are!”

Travis “Why?”

Wesley: “We had your backpack with us yesterday when we were drinking?”

Travis: “Yah, so?”

Wesley: “Our video cam was in it. We coulda recorded everything those idiots did all afternoon. We coulda had everything. The puking, carrying them up to the rooms, them passed out on the bed. And best of all, Nika passed out on the bathroom floor.”

Travis: “Fuck! Your right, we could have put it on youtube and our profiles and other shit!”

I can honestly say that Sequoia, Jace, (and Tanner if he had been there) all looked at me at the same time as Travis and Wesley were saying this, and we all knew we dodged a bullet.

About 1:00pm or so we heard a loud noise and some backfiring, and ran out front. Sure enough, it was Tanner and Blake in the old gray jeep looking like Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart, complete with aviator goggles and a pilots cap on, that they had found in the back seat. It was a funny fucking picture to say the least. I probably would have said the Wright brothers, but figured Tanner probably looked more like Amelia Earhart.

They asked if anyone wanted to “take flight” with them, but we all declined and went back to the pool as they sputtered away leaving thick smoke behind, as the old jeep continued to backfire. We continued to swim and sun and about 4:00pm Sasha came out from inside with my cell phone. I asked “Who is it?”

Sasha: “It's Blake. It's been ringing non-stop for like an hour now, all from the same Nevada number, so I answered it.”

I took the phone and answered, “Sup Blake, you and Amelia run out of fuel or something?”

Long Pause (while Blake talks).

I screamed into the phone, “YOU WHAT?”

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Blake & Tanner's Wild Ride or What Makes Tanner Tick?