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Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake

Chapter 15

Part 3

Blake & Tanner's Wild Ride or What Makes Tanner Tick?

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake (15.3) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

Copyright is to me, and this story may not be reproduced anywhere without my prior permission.

Chapter 15 Pt. 3

We journeyed on home this lazy day as Bonnie and Clyde continued to snooze in the back seat. I had turned some music on so me and dad could relax a little and put Blake and Tanner out of our minds for a little while. Dad turned off my progressive music and flipped on an “oldies channel” that he preferred, and that was fine with me. A little mellow music was probably a better choice at the time, and besides, it was kinda nice. I mean it brought back a lot of nice memories of me, Tash, and Sasha in the back seat over the years on road trips with mom and dad. And we all liked the music, not because it was our generation, cause it wasn't. But it was still heartfelt and reminded us kids of good times with the family over the years. It was the music mom and dad listened too, so therefore we did as well, by default.

Then a song came on that I had heard before, and always felt somehow it was a magical least to me. It always seemed mysterious to me, and had an important message, and dad began humming along to it as he knew it well. I'm not sure who sang it, but it was definitely his generation, and it was definitely the perfect song for this particular moment. And somehow I became lost in it as the words sang to me. I somehow felt that they related to my life recently.

I began to think of my family, Cody, all my friends, and even the two idiots in the back seat. And I felt the message it conveyed and knew that it was Sequoia's message as well. And now it was Sasha, Cody, and my message too. And it was up to us to live that message and make a difference, much the way my family and I made a difference for Sequoia, and Sequoia made a difference for me and Cody.

And that now, I'm making a difference for Tanner, and not standing idly by. And my dad is making a difference for Blake and Tanner. It wasn't that hard sitting there and realizing that half of “Making a difference” is just making up your mind that you will, and not sit and do nothing. After all, complacency is the real enemy!

As I was sitting there, I was in a zone. It's one of those moments that we have all had at certain times in our lives, that you remember forever. A time when you're soo deep in thought, that you are beyond daydreaming, and lose sight of of the scenery right in front of your eyes. I was for all intents and purposes awake and alert, but I was so focused on the visions in my mind in conjunction with the song, that I was somewhere else mentally. I was with Cody in my tree-house. Then a few seconds later, I was with Sasha in the bathtub playing with little plastic boats on top of the bubbles. Then I was with Tasha and Garrett at the football game eating popcorn, and routing for my hero in his blue and white helmet and uniform. The next moment I was on top of the Summit at Incline with the whole gang teaching most of them how to snowboard, we must have been in second grade. Wow, I thought. We've come a long way since then, and have done quite a bit of growing-up. And somehow I thought, we have made it this far together, and I'll be damned if we don't make it the rest of the way that way as well.

I guess what I'm talking about, is that I look at a lot of our other friends outside our main group, and see the changes they've gone through socially over the years. And how they switch, or jump, from one friend or one group to another every couple years. Never making a concrete connection with a group of friends like we have. And somehow we have all avoided that. Through all the fights and many arguments, we have prospered and persevered over the years.

And whatever did not separate us, only made us stronger. I mean, even the terrible fights that Blake and Jace have had, and Cody's recent admittance, have only strengthened and cemented our bond. And as the magic song ended, and I began to come out of my stupor, I looked up and readjusted the rear-view mirror (something that greatly annoys my dad to no end). And looked at two of my soul-mates in the back seat, and couldn't help but smile, seeing Tanners head tucked into Blake chest and shoulder. Here they were just ten minutes before ready to toss each other out onto the highway (with the vehicle still moving), and now Tanners safely planted into Blake, with Blakes arms firmly wrapped around him, holding him close.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it's always been like that. Even after one of Blake and Jace's title bouts, they were closer afterward then they were before. It's as if some kind of safety valve blew and let all the shit flow up to the surface and escape, so that they could clear the air and release their respective frustrations. Kinda like when a Doctor lances a boil to get the poison or infection out. The more I thought of it, maybe that's how we all survived as friends whereas other groups did not.

Maybe we were all brave enough to know our places amongst the group, and except our roles. And just maybe we were also brave enough to recognize what we all had in one another, and not afraid to take a stand, much the way Reiley did for Cody in the boat. And risk a verbal or physical confrontation to keep the collective “hive” together, so as preserving our unit, or posse if you will.

Maybe that was our secret and the reason for our success. Maybe we, somewhere deep down inside ourselves, in out hearts, know how important our group was to each and every one of us. And how terrified we all were of it ever coming undone or unraveling. And maybe that's what gave us the courage to remain united? Maybe fear WAS the motivation. Fear of losing each other. Fear that if just one of us walked, them maybe it would lead to a “domino effect” that would eventually doom us all, to the great unknown of starting all over again in a search for a support group.

It was all so simple if you analyzed us, or any boy for that matter. Somehow, we were all individuals, and all so different, personality wise. But deep down, where you keep you private feelings and fears contained, in that place you don't talk about, we were all the same. All boys, trying to grow up to be men, and find some meaning in our lives. All trying to fit in and gain acceptance. All wanting to be somewhere where we were comfortable, and with others we were comfortable with. Deep down, we all had in each other what we really needed. What all boys deep down really need. A someone or someones that would accept us unconditionally, and never walk away from us.

Someone that you could turn to and count on, especially when things got dicey. Maybe that's what it's all about. Maybe that's what separated us from other groups or posse's. The fact that none of us would run when things got scary. Even of the situation was us being undersized and over-matched, we knew we'd sacrifice our bodies for one another and take an ass-kicking if necessary. And what's more, we would never walk, let alone, run away.

The answer lied in all of us. Inside all of us was the desire to fight for each other, even physically, to fight for one another. We weren't willing to let any one of us individuals go. We were unwilling to let a single one of us walk away. It wouldn't be stood for. Whereas we would stand firm on a sticky situation, like standing up to Jace on the boat. Other individuals in other groups would just as easily say, “Fuck it, Fuck you guys, I'm outta here.” And walk away from his friends to find other friends in another group to hang with.

How stupid and selfish. Of both that individual, and the group as a whole for letting him go. And maybe that's why we are so admired at school, and others recognize us and our unity, and loyalty towards each other. And maybe that's why everyone leaves us alone. Cause they know if they disturb just one of us, then they're taking on the Pride as a whole. It's pretty simple really. You may have the nerve to swat a wasp, but do you have the nerve to disturb the hive?

And not to say that there's not some tough groups at school. And the size and strength of some of the jocks on the football team that have their clicks. And to be honest, we aren't known as thugs or toughs, but we don't need or want that reputation anyway.

Part of the reason we're left alone, is that there's no doubt in anyone's mind, down to a single student, that if you dare touch one of us, then you better be willing to take us all on. And the fact that Blake and KC have both served up a few good ass-beatings over the years doesn't hurt. And the fact that Trav and Wesley have a reputation in our middle school as well, having not even stepped a foot in there yet. Having just finished up sixth grade with Sash, Sequoia, and Tanner.

Back to Blake and Tanner, I have reached a decision amongst all this soul-searching and reminiscing. And that is that Tanner is an Island no more. I realized after today, that no matter how much I am willing to help him, and how much patience and love I show him, that he is beyond my tutelage and skills. But with that being said, I am in no ways abandoning him either. All to the contrary that is. Instead, I'll bring him into the pack, a lone wolf he is not, beyond today. It takes a village, or it takes a tribe as Sequoia would say. And I'm calling in the big guns now. I, of course will take the lead, but one thing is certain after today. The boy needs companionship and love beyond what I as and individual can give him. He needs the posse, and may not survive middle school without it.

I know just by looking in the mirror at the two of them hunched together in the back seat, that their little spat is over. And whats more, that Blake will support me on this inclusion. Sasha will second that emphatically, as will Jace and Sequoia. Cody has already “pledged his allegiance” to Tanner. And as for Reiley and KC, Tanner gets on both their nerves sometimes. But all I need to do to gain Reileys support is to frame the situation so as Tanner is the victim (which he is), and no doubt Reiley would step toe to toe with anyone that would dare think to ostracize him. That's just the guardian and mother hen that is Reiley.

And as for KC, he's never shown any malice towards anyone as long as I've known him. And whereas Blake is the “bad-ass” of the group, KC is a close second, but only when he has to be. His dad began teaching him to box when he was just 5. And has commented many times that with KC's skill, he could be a very dangerous competitor in the sport when he is older. If he only had the aggressiveness and attitude to go along with it....aka Blake. But that's just KC's lot in life. He's fun, easy going, and lax, but just not an aggressor.

Not to say he won't kick someone's ass if the need arises, and he's put into a situation where his “fight or flight” instinct kicks in. But he just honestly doesn't like hurting people and would probably prefer the “flight” response if he could avoid a fight. But if it were one of us, or the rest of us involved, then make no mistake, he will quickly drop one or more agitators before they knew what hit them. And pair him and Blake together, and you have a real life dynamic-duo on your hands, as many have found out over the years at their own expense. Cementing Blake and KC's reputation as “proceed at your own risk” to the rest of the school.

Even the jocks and the thugs give them their space, yet are not afraid to verbally engage them, or any of us. Because as the rest of the student body know that there's fire under the ice, the fuse is quite long, and their personalities are one of acceptance and friendship. And that they are the way all kids should be, uniters that will defend themselves and their own, but only when the need arises.

Maybe I do underestimate the strength of our group, especially now that the twins are attending our school. Cause with them in the mix, it defiantly tilts the balance of power amongst the middle school groups. As we now stand out amongst the younger of the student body. But as stated before. If our posse had a motto, like a political campaign, it would have to be “Peace Through Strength”, because that's what we're all about. And what's more, everyone knows it.

That's why we all get along with everyone so well. And that everyone knows us, and for the most part, likes us. I mean there have been a few bad apples over the years the found out the hard way what will happen if you mistake our kindness for weakness. Like Rocco Bataglia and his goons for example. The four or five of them found out the hard way what happens to the unfortunate, when they jumped Blake and KC one day on the baseball field after KC protected a smaller kid from them the day before. They are a tough group, and had surprise on their side and landed the first few punches. But in a matter of a minute or so, it was over. And what's more, it was a quite a while before they were able to shake it off and get back to their feet. But when they eventually did, it was Blake and KC that were there to help them up.

Needless to say, that they have a great respect for us now, not to mention a lack of any desire to cross any of the rest of us. If Blake could fight as well as KC, and I'm by no means implying that he cant fight, cause all to the contrary. But if he had a father that was able to train him like KC's father had, then there's no telling what he'd be capable of. I think the one, and only thing that separates him from KC, and gives Blake the edge, is the twenty five or so extra pounds, and the two or three inches in height, and the reach advantage as well. But with that said, maybe it's not just that. It's attitude as well. I said before how much patience Blake has. And how he's used it to benefit the twins, in helping raise them. And it's been a blessing in dealing with Jace over the years as well. And it's something KC has too. But I think it goes beyond patience, and goes to attitude. Blake has one, and KC does not.

And it's not something you can learn or develop. It's who you are and how you relate to things. In watching Blake and KC over the years, there's one thing that separates them in an obvious manner. And it's attitude. Both would prefer to negotiate as opposed to fight. But with that said, Blake will quickly determine if that will work or not. And if he concludes it will not, then he immediately takes the gloves off and begins dishing out punishment. He shows the patience, but doesn't doddle when he knows what the inevitable is gonna entail.

Whereas KC will try to “talk his way” out of an altercation and wait till the very last moment to scrap. Thereby giving away some advantage. It's just fortunate for him that he has the skills to make up for it. And the incredible advantage of having such a baby face and pleasant personality. So if the aggressor isn't already aware of his reputation, and that of the posse, then he assumes to his own detriment that KC is a cream-puff!

Two different ways of dealing with an unpleasant situation, because of two completely different attitudes and personalities. But, with that being said, also two individuals preferring to give peace a chance. In their own way determining that the peace option will not work, and only then resorting to a more “extreme” method of resolving the outcome.

Anyways, I snapped out of my little “stroll down memory lane” as the traffic backed up in town and we turned onto the bridge and over the dam at the edge of town where our accident had occurred. I knew we were a mere minutes from home. It was about six o'clock, and my stomach was beginning to growl. I adjusted the mirror again and looked into it (sorry dad), as he mumbled “verrcktes Kind, mich geisteskrank bildend,” under his breath, and I saw that Blake and Tanner were waking....probably from the traffic noise. I was about to ask them if they were hungry, when Blake said, “Hey, I'm hungry.” Wow, what a surprise.

Tanner replied, “Yah, how bout a steak Blake?”

Blake: “Whatever Tanner, I'm not biting. Rant all you want.”

Tanner: “Fuck's no fun that way.”

Dad turned onto our street and when we reached the end, he pulled into the driveway. The whole group was out there, probably because Tasha and Garrett and their friends were out there. Cause that's where they liked to drink their beer. And they rest of our gang liked to hang around them, especially KC and Reiley. Also, the blonde Social Worker was out there with Sequoia and his family. I forgot all about him leaving today and having to go back to the orphanage.

Dad parked and we jumped out of the car as Trav and Wesley ran up to us and and Trav said, “Looks like we were wrong Blake, you didn't break down after all!”

Blake: “Fuck you Travis!”

Then Wesley said, “That's ok Blake, we'll drive you around till you get your Drivers license in like 2020.”

Blake: “Fuck you too Wes! You both better just stay out of my face for a little while. I'm not in the mood!”

Dad saw what was going on and quickly and smartly said, “Ok boys, that's enough. Leave your brother be. Let's go inside the house and see about getting something to eat. And that includes the rest of you boys as well. Leave Blake hear me now?”

Everyone replied, “yes sir,” or something like that as we all started for the door.

But before we got there we heard someone clearing their throat, and when we turned around it was the blonde social worker standing beside Sequoia, Golden Fawn, Cheyenne, and mom.

Mom said, “Alright everyone, gather round here so you can say goodbye. It may be a few days before we get down to visit.”

Everyone ran up to the group expressing anger and frustration that he was being taken away, when the social worker said, “It's alright boys, you'll all see him again soon, and you'll be coming down to visit until the certification goes through. Shawnee's only twenty or so miles away.”

Tanner: “His names Sequoia lady, Don't call him Shawnee again!”

Jace: “Damn straight lady.”

Mom: “Be nice you two. She didn't mean anything by it.”

Social worker: “Until he's adopted, he's in the system as Shawnee. But around his family and friends I'll address him as Sequoia.”

Tanner approached the Social Worker and asked if he could catch a ride back down to South Lake with her to get home, when my mom walked up and said, “Not so fast There Tanner. You aren't going anywhere. Either are Blake and his brothers. You won't be left alone to get into any more trouble this week. You're all staying right here till your parents get home.”

Everyone stood still and were quiet, waiting for Tanner to respond. And leary of what kind of verbal rampage would ensue. But to all our surprise, Tanner looked up at her and said, “Kool!”

Well, apparently Tanner had found a home away from home, and in some way, that is exactly what he wanted, no, he needed to hear. We all gathered around Sequoia and gave him hugs and kisses and pats on the back, and he was very appreciative of it all and seemed unconcerned about it, opposite of the rest of us. I tried to look at him closely and see any sign of fear, and even looked to my “twinergy” as well, to see if I could detect some sort of apprehension or unrest on his part. And he must have sensed it too, because he broke away from the rest of the group and walked over to me. First leaning up to give me a kiss on the lips, then whispering in my ear, “It's ok Traveler. It's only temporary and I'll be home soon. And I know you'll all be down to visit me throughout the week till things are back to normal. Don't fear, or let it even concern you one bit. I'll be back! And who knows, all things happen for a reason. Maybe I can do some good while I'm there?”

I did the only thing I could as he pulled away and I began to cry. She opened the back door to her Lincoln town car, and as Sequoia leaned down to step inside, he looked over to me and said laughing, “Stop it Nika, it's really ok. You'll see.”

I replied, “Sorry Sequoia, I'll see you soon.”

Sequoia: “Yes you will, so stop crying and start living dummy!”

Sasha came over to me and I could see he was a little emotional as well. But Sequoia had just the right attitude in mind when he was mocking us a little and laughing, cause we both kinda felt “dumb” and looked at each other and kinda let out a laugh as well. As the car started and drove towards the highway, to carry “Shawnee” to his temporary home. An orphanage for unclaimed boys.

The very though puzzles me when I thought about it. As I looked around at each and every one of my friends, including Sasha, I saw the magic, love, individuality, and treasure in each and every one of them, that makes them who they are. Makes them unique, makes them individuals, makes them venerable, makes them needy, and makes them someone that should not be left alone and ignored. And just one thought kept coming back to me, haunting me. Unclaimed boys? How could anyone not want any one of them? A strange world in which we live......a strange world indeed!

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Blake & Tanner's Wild Ride or What Makes Tanner Tick?