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Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake

Chapter 15

Part 4

Blake & Tanner's Wild Ride or What Makes Tanner Tick?

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake (15.4) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

Copyright is to me, and this story may not be reproduced anywhere without my prior permission.

Chapter 15 Pt. 4

Well, after waving goodbye Tasha and Garrett drove to town for a “beer run”, and we all headed into the house as everyone mobbed Blake and Tanner and grilled them about their adventure in the jeep. Everyone was curious and began asking all sorts of silly questions like, “Doe's the jeep still run?” and “Did you guys try to get away?” and my personal favorite, “Did the Sheriffs chase you?”

Everyone piled into the living room jumping on beanbags and couches as dad just made for his study and shut the door, well in need of a rest and break from the incessant onslaught of tween and teen energy. Cody and I headed to the kitchen as my mom and Golden Fawn were pouring a thermos of coffee. As we walked in and I opened the fridge to look inside mom said, “Cody, Nika, Dearhearts, what are you two up too?”

I replied, “Just looking for something to eat.”

Nadia: “Oh, I defrosted burger patties and polish sausages for you and the boys to eat tonight. There's buns and chips in the pantry, and you know where the sodas are.”

Nika: “Well, what are you guys doing? I mean are you gonna eat with us?”

Nadia: “No Babushka, Golden Fawn and I are going into town to catch a double feature at the theater. You and Tasha can BBQ tonight, and you boys can just relax and catch up a little. Everyone's all set up in their rooms, and Maria changed the sheets and did laundry today. Stay up as late as you'd like, and you can watch movies, or swim out at the pool. It's a nice warm night tonight. That's why were catching a couple movies.”

Nika: “Ok, thanks mom. Maybe I'll have Blake BBQ, he is king of the grill.”

Cody: “'Yah, good idea Nika. And maybe that'll keep him from eating raw meat until the burgers are cooked.”

Nadia: “You be nice to him Cody, he's had a rough enough day as it is.”As she and Golden Fawn picked up their purses and thermos and headed for the door to the garage.

Nika: “Haha, yah, that's twice now today that he'll have a run in with “ground beef!”

Cody: “No shit, I'm surprised he didn't try to bring the cow back with him?”

Nika: “Don't even go there tonight Cody. Tanner did try, it was an absolute nightmare. Whatever you do, don't bring it up. I don't wanna get him started again!”

Cody: “Was it that bad? Like graduation or the pizza place?”

Nika: “It was worse the the pizza place, but nowhere near as bad as graduation!”

Cody: “How did you get him to stop? Did he start hyperventilating?”

Nika: “No, dad had to pick him up and carry him to the car. I think he was starting to lose his voice, and he finally just fell asleep with Blake in the back seat.”

Cody: “Good, maybe he'll be good for the next couple days then.”

Nika: “We'll see.”

Cody: “Comer Nika, I need a hug.” As Cody pulled me in tight to him and our lips finally met for a long passionate kiss.

He, get a room you two,” as Blake and Jace entered the room.

Nika, caught by surprise: “Blake, Jace, what's up?”

Jace: “Haha, so your gay too then Nika?”

Nika: “I'm not sure Jace, but yah, Cody and I are boyfriends.”

Jace: “That's fine Nika, I kinda suspected that on the way home in the boat. It sounded like you two were doing more under the towel than just sitting.”

Cody: “So your kool with it then Jace?”

Jace: “I was never not kool with it Cody. Like I said all along, I just felt since we've all been best friends for this many years, that it shouldn't have been kept from the rest of us. Maybe looking back, I was wrong, and it wasn't my “right” to know. But I'm happy for you two if your happy. Besides, two less guys I have to compete with for the ladies!”

Nika: “Thanks Jace.”

Cody: “Yah Jace, Thanks.” As Cody walked up, and he and Jace exchanged a long emotional hug signaling that the scene in the boat was now officially laid to rest.

Blake: “Why don't you two let go before Nika starts to get jealous guys.”

Nika: “Naw Blake, watching this kinda gives me an idea. Hey you wanna stay in my room tonight Jace, with me and Cody?” As I looked at him and raised my eyebrows a few times. Blake immediately cracked up, as did Cody. Whereas Jace went beet red and shook his head.

Blake: “That's fuckin funny shit Nika.”

Jace: “Ughhh Nika, I just got a visual. You suck dude.” Still bright red and shaking his head.

Cody: “He does have a cute butt Nika.”

Jace: “Ok, ok guys.....enough please.”

Nika: “Just be happy Tanner isn't in here to see you Jace. He'd be making jokes all night comparing your face to a apple or tomato.”

Blake: “That was some funny shit Nika. And pretty ballsy too. Kudos dude.”

Nika: Thanks Blake.”

Blake: “Now what's there to eat, I'm fucking starved! Wish we were at Troutburger.”

Jace: “When aren't you hungry Blake? And you shoulda said something to Tash and Garrett, they are driving right past it.”

Blake: “Shush lobster-face.”

Nikas: “Mom left us burgers and polish sausages, and you're BBQ'ing. So get started, I'll go out on the deck and preheat the grill.”

Blake: “Ahhh common Nika. Do we havta use the gas grill, can't we use the tastes way better that way.”

Cody: “Whatever you want Blake, you're grilling. As long as you don't mind waiting another half hour on the coals before we eat?”

Blake: “Yah, ok. Gas it is!”

Just then Tanner and Reiley walked into the kitchen to see what was happening. Tanner took one look at Jace and said, “What the fuck happened to your face Jace, you look like a fuckin pomegranate!”

Jace: “Nothing Tanner, drop-it.”

Tanner: “Yah-huh, you look more Indian than Sequoia, Redskin. We smokum peace-pipe pilgram?” As Tanner put on a cardboard pilgrim hat that mom has laying on a china cabinet left from thanksgiving.

Jace: “I just did some push-ups Tanner, so let it go.”

Nika: “Yah, please Tanner, just let it go. Don't get started again. The Sheriffs station was enough for one day, er, one week anyway.”

Tanner: “Alright, whatever. I'm gonna grab some of your board-shorts and go for a swim Nika.”

Nika: “There's two or three pair hanging over my shower. And some of Sash's too, so whatever fits you better.”

Jace: “Hang on Tanner, I'll go with you.”

Tanner: “Yah Jace, your face looks like it could use some cooling off.”

Jace: “Diccckkkk!”

As the two demon-seeds made for the stairs and walked out of sight, I told Cody, “Hey Cody, go out in the living room and get KC, Reiley, Sasha, Trav, and Wesly.”

Cody: “How come?”

Blake: “We doing this now Nika?”

Nika: “Yah, lets get it over with before Tanner pisses anybody else off and they change their mind.”

Cody: “About what Blake?”

Blake: “I'm not sure Codes, but I have a feeling we have a Posse Parlay coming up.”

Cody: “Alrighty then, this outta be good.”

Cody walked out to the living room and game room to round everyone up as Blake asked, “Are you seriously consider doing what I think your are Nika?”

Nika: “It's the right thing to do Blake.”

Blake: “Are you out of your mind?”

Nika: “Common Blake, he's no worse than Jace, and you know it!”

Blake: “He's ten times worse than Jace with his mouth Nika!”

Nika: “Yah Blake, but it's only his mouth, he's not physical or hurtful like Jace has been in the past.”

Blake: “How do you know that Nika?”

Niks: “ Because Blake.”

Blake: “Because of twinergy?”

Nika: “No Blake. Just one question.”

Blake: “Ok, what?”

Nika: “How many fights, actual fights have you and Tanner been in over the years?”

Blake: “None, why?”

Nika: “Exactly, none! Now how many fights have you and Jace been in at that same time?”

Blake: “Alright, I see your point, but he's a loose canon, and you know it. This might turn out ugly. Have you thought about it?”

Nika: “Yah Blake, I have. But think of this, he's already around us all the time anyway, and he's gonna be around us from now on as well.....right?”

Blake: “Yah, true enough. So maybe this way as a member we'll have more control over him. And his is kinda funny sometimes.”

Nika: “So, I can count on you then Blake. I mean you can sway a lot of votes?”
Blake: “Yah, I guess so Nika, if you think it's right. But remember school and stuff. People are gonna know, and we'll be responsible for him?”

Nika: “I thought of that, and that's one of the main reasons I'm asking this of you. Of all of you. He won't get away with stuff in middle school that he's gotten away with up till now.”

Blake: “No he won't, and that's what I'm talking about. We're gonna be forced to put ourselves on the line for him now.”

Nika: “Yah Blake, but if something went down at school or anywhere else, and we didn't bring him on board, then you'd leave him hanging out and dry?”

Blake: “I didn't say that?”

Nika: “Then?”

Blake: “I guess not.”

Nika: “Then there you go Blake. Let's face it, he chose us and we in turn chose him. We're stuck with him now no matter how you look at it. There's an emotional attachment now,”

Just then Cody returned with the rest of the gang as they all walked in the kitchen asking what the problem was and why we interrupted their game of pool and movie?

Blake: “Ok everyone, grab a chair, bar-stool, or jump up on the counter and sit down. We have some Posse business to attend to.”

Sasha to Trav and Wesley: “Kool, our first meeting guys!”

Blake: “This is your albatross Nika, you preside.”

Nika: “Ok, you sure Blake?”

Blake: “Yah, I'll be right here with you.”

Nika: “Kool, ok then. Listen-up everyone, I called us all together to discuss and vote on a new member today.”

Reiley: “Who Nika, Garrett? He's a little old. And I know you guys are close, but he doesn't hang out with us really.”

Blake: “No Reils, not Garrett, please let him finish.”

I was just about to talk, and everybody had been looking around at each other wondering what was going on. Then KC said, “Hey, where's Jace, we're supposed to have the whole group together to vote on a newbie. Otherwise we can't do it.”

Blake: “He'll be down any second KC, he went upstairs with Tanner to put some board shorts on.”

Just then everyone heard the T-word and everyone began to say, “Uh-ohh”, or “Oh No” or “No way, you can't be serious!” I didn't need to say another word, as the cat was definitely out of the bag.”

Travis, smiling evilly: “Kool, I could use some company in the dog-house!”

Reiley: “Are You Shitting Me Nika? You Gotta Be Outta Your Fuckin Mind!”

Blake: “Just hear him out Reiles.”

Reiley: “Yah, I intend to, I always do. But do you honestly believe that he's gonna convince me, or all of us that we'd be willing to take responsibility for that, that, that fuckin booby-trap he calls a mouth? You gotta be on fucking crack!”

Nika: “It's not that bad Reiley.....really.”

Just then the door to the garage opened and Tasha and Garrett walked into the kitchen with a couple twelve packs of beer. They both looked at us congregated around the center counter and asked what was up and whats for dinner.

Blake: “Hey guys, just some Posse business, and I'm BBQ'ing burgers and sausages.”

Garrett: “Awesome.....they go good with beer.”

Just then Tanner and Jace were entering the room as well, as Blake was saying to Reiley, “He's not that bad Reiley. And what took you and Tasha so long in town Garrett?”

Garrett: “Oh, my truck, on the way home I blew a tire.”

Tanner: “Fuck Garrett, how did you manage to get your mouth around a whole tire?”

Garrett: “Huh?”

Reiley, sarcastically: “As you were saying Blake?”

Jace: “Hahaha, haha, blew a tire, I get it. Haha, that's fucking some funny shit Tanner!”

Nika: “Ahh, Fuck!”

Jace: “Haha, we'll be at the pool guys, hahaha!”

Nika: “Yah, ok guys. Blake will start the burgers while your out there.”

Blake let them get out towards the sliding door in the living room that leads to the back yard and pool, and then blew a loud whistle and yelled, “Hey Jace, you got a quick second, you can go along Tanner, I just need to ask Jace a question.”

Tanner shrugged and ran out to the pool, jumping in, formed as a cannonball, as Jace entered the room again and asked, “Yah, what's up Blake?”

Blake: “This is a Posse meeting dumb-ass, we needed you alone, away from Tanner for a few minutes.”

Jace: “Oh yah, kool. This is my first meeting.”

Blake: “Ok, but we have a few questions for you. Then we need you to go out and distract Tanner.”

Jace: “Yah, ok, shot!”

Blake: “Nika?”

Nika: “Yah, ok. Jace, you and Tanner are close? I mean pretty good friends....right?”

Jace: “Yah, he's one of my best friends, why?”

Nika: “And your the same age and grade....right?”

Jace: “Yah Nika, what's your point?”

Nika: “Ok, straight to the point. Do you approve of him joining the posse and affording him the protection that goes along with it? And remember Jace, once it's done, it's done. There's no changing your mind later. Once he's in, only he can opt out. It's carved in stone.”

Jace: “What did everyone else do? How did they vote?”

Blake: “It doesn't matter Jace, that's not the point.”

Jace: “So am I last? Am I the deciding vote?”

Nika: “No Jace, you're the first vote. We needed your vote first so we can all discuss it while you distract Tanner out at the pool.”

Blake: “Yah Jace, so you need to decide for yourself. Not base your decision on what everyone else does.”

Reiley: “Fuck you Guys, and this is like his best friend here. Is this any indication on what the rest of us think when he can't even decide.”

Blake: “Let him talk Reiley.”

Reiley; “Yah, sure.”

Jace: “Then. I say take him in. I know you guys just see what you wanna see. You don't know the real Tanner. Me and Sasha are down at his house sometimes. I see how he's treated and what goes on. Maybe he needs us more than any of the rest of us need each other.”

Nika: “And you're aware of what his inclusion means Jace? Your aware that he'll be your brother now, and if it's his life and limb, then it's yours too?”

Jace: “Yah, I know. It'll be no different than what me, Sash, Travis, and Wes have already dealt with at our old school.”

Blake: “Yah Jace, just that the opponents are gonna be bigger now.”

Jace: “Yah Blake, but so are you and KC and Reiley!”

Reiley: “See Blake? That's exactly what I'm talking about. Hope we don't regret this if we go there.”

Nika: “Ok Jace, go out back, I hear Tanner calling you from the pool.”

Jace: “Yah ok, You'll call us when the burgers are done, and let me know how it went?”

Blake: “Yah Jace, and one more thing. Don't......”

Jace: “Yah, I know, I know, don't say a thing to him. I won't!”

Nika: “Ok then, go. We'll call you guys in a bit when it's time to eat.”

Blake: “Ok, one down Nika.”
KC: “We can't have this vote Blake.”

Blake: “Why KC?”

KC: “Cause we're still one shy of a full Posse.”

Blake: “Who, Jace voted, and we're all still here?”

Nika: “Wrong twice Blake.”

Blake: “How so?”

Nika: “First, that we're all here. Sequoia is not. And second that it's one down. It's two down.”

Blake: “Shit I forgot Sequoia. And two down? Are you counting your vote with Jace's?”

Nika: “No, you asked me to head this meeting, so I havta vote last. I'm counting Sequoia's vote.”

KC: Sequoia has to be here for the meeting for this to count, doesn't he?”

Nika: “No. he just has to have his vote counted. And It has been, I've already spoken to him.”

Reiley: “He's right KC. If Nika has communicated with Sequoia, and I don't want to know how. But if Sequoia has told Nika he approves, then it's a done deal.”

Blake: “Ok, then that's three down you guys!”

KC: “You mean two don't you Blake?”

Blake: “No, I mean three....I'm voting Yes!”

Reiley: “Oh shit, I feel a nightmare coming on!”

Blake: “Yah, and last or not, I think we all know how Nika's gonna vote.”

Nika: “Yah, and Cody as well. Well Cody?”

Cody: “Yah, 100%, yah fully!”

Nika: “Four guys!”

Blake: “Ok, let's go out on the patio and sit down a debate the rest of you guys while I start the meat on the BBQ.”

Reiley: “Yah, I wanna take this slow so we get it right you guys. And remember, it's all or nothing. We have to agree 100%, or he's not in.”

Blake: “They all know as do you Reiley, that if any one of us don't agree he's out. So lets go talk while I get dinner started.”

So that's where we're at, but it's a good start for sure. Now it's time to begin using the skills I've developed over the years in dealing with all of my friends. Pitching each of them in my own way so as to push just the right buttons for the correct response. It may not be easy. But I know each and every one of them as well as I know myself, and that counts for quite a lot. And besides, I have a couple of very important allies. One in Blake, which carries a lot of weight. And the other in my conscience.

Because after all, to me it's not just a vote about friendship and Tanner's inclusion into the posse. To me it's something much, much, more. It's about providing him a safe refuge that he can hold up in when the wind blows cold. And it's a warm, secure, place he can feel happy and safe. And most of all, it's a ways and means of building back up his self esteem. And fulfilling his need for love, attention, acceptance, and a feeling of family that's been missing since birth!

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Blake & Tanner's Wild Ride or What Makes Tanner Tick?