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Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake

Chapter 16

Part 3

Protecting the Sheep or Patience with Tanner is a Virtue?

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake (16.3) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

Copyright is to me, and this story may not be reproduced anywhere without my prior permission.

Chapter 16 Pt. 3

I said, “I'm not telling you that you can or can't Sash, I'm just not gonna be the first one to hand it to you. I wanna be able to look back someday and make sure it wasn't me who was the first to break you in on something that you may or may not regret doing. Do you understand a little?”

Yah, I guess so Nika,” as he took the other joint from Tanner, who began to cough up a storm, seeing as he took his first hit the same way he took in everything else, jumping feet first before looking. Everyone laughed as he paced around the garage coughing and hitting his chest with his fist. I was waiting with apprehension for a minute or two, waiting on some incredible rush that I thought for sure was gonna overcome me, as I wasn't quite sure what I was supposed to feel. I wasn't feeling anything yet as it came around again and I took my turn. Everyone began looking around at each other to see if there was any change of behavior and if any of the others looked or acted any differently. As everyone took their second hits, Tash and Garrett looked at each other and Tash whispered something to him. Garrett nodded at her and looked up and said to everyone, “Ok, after number three everyone, that's it for you first timers for right now. Blake, you your brothers, and Jace, probably know your limit, so you guys do as you want to.”

I was breathing out and releasing my third hit as Garrett was saying that, and I immediately replied, “Hey, wait a minute, I'm not really even feeling anything yet. We can hang in there with the rest of you guys.”

Tasha: “Sorry little brother, you gonna havta trust me on this.”

Nika: “But it might not be enough to feel anything Tash?”

Tash: “Nika, do you remember the other day when you were drinking?”

Nika: “Yah, kinda....hahaha!”

Tasha: “Exactly, and did you feel the same way a half hour later that you did after you took your last drink?”

Nika: “Hell no, I was puking all over the the place! Ohhh, ok, I see.”

Tasha: “Good boy.”

Jace: “Hell Yah, keep smoking Nika! I'd be great to see you all fucked up and puking, just like last time.”

Nika: “How the fuck would you know Jace? You went down like the Titanic half hour before I puked at all!”

Tanner: “Hahaha, yah Jace, at least we made it up from the table. You puked all over the top of it featherweight!”

Jace: “Oh Yeah.”

That's the way it was for the next five minutes or so. Garrett, Tasha, Blake, and the twins passed them around a few more times, as Jace just took one more hit and retired like the rest of us. We all sat there watching the rest of them talk and pass it around, and it dawned on me how silent it had gotten, as I watched a fly buzz around in circles in the middle of the garage as Tarv and Wesley blew smoke at it. Then I began to rub my eyes as they itched like crazy. And I looked around at everyone and they were all off in distant thought and smiling.

My chest seemed a little “heavy” when I breathed, and then it dawned on me, we were indeed all stoned. I heard Tash and her friends talk about a creeper effect before, but till now, I didn't know what they meant. We were all silent, and Sasha was sitting on one of the chairs in the middle of the garage making giggling sounds that caught everyone's attention. Everyone was red-eyed and smiling as we all simultaneously looked at Sasha who was unaware of this. He was just looking up above him, staring at the fly circling above through the smoke, and following it along and tracing it's path with his finger. He had a shit-eating grin on his face, lost in time and space. We all looked back and forth at one another smiling even wider as he was still completely ignorant to his giggling, and still gazing upward at the fly, finger tracing its path. Then what came next from his lips is the thing that memories are made of. To no one in particular, and unaware he was even saying it aloud he whispered, “Buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz, went the fly-iyy-iyyy! Buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz, went the fly-iyy-iyyy!”

~Long Pause~

Everyone: “AHAAHAAAHAAAHAAAA! Hahahaha, hahaha, hahaha, haha!

Sasha, was brought back to full attention as everyone was doubled over laughing and pointing at him, “What, what did I say?” as everyone continued to laugh and roll around on the ground. It went on for four or five more minutes as everyone, including Garrett and Tasha continued to laugh and repeat what Sasha had said. Even Sasha was laughing as Tanner was knelt over hitting his fist against the dirty, dusty, carpet laid down in there.

Then, just as everyone was catching their breath and wiping the tears that had been falling down some of our faces from laughing so hard, Tanner said, “Hey Nika, can I borrow another pair of your shorts?”

I replied, “What's wrong with the ones you already have on Tanner?”

Still laughing Tanner stood up from the garage floor, “I couldn't help it, I was laughing so fuckin hard!” And appearing there on the front of his, er my shorts, was one of the biggest wet-spots I have ever seen. You could actually see where some of the pee dripped down his legs. Everyone focused on it, and then.......

~Long Pause~

Everyone: “AHAAHAAAHAAAHAAAA! Hahahaha, hahaha, hahaha, haha!

Everyone began to double over again as everyone either hit the ground, or, as Tasha and Garrett were leaning over the hood of dad's Jaguar with there faces in their arms shaking and laughing uncontrollably. I had to lay down on my back for a couple minutes laughing and pointing at Tanners wet-spot, as he continued to laugh as the spot grew even bigger. It took a few more minutes before calm again overtook the garage, as I said, “Yah, go upstairs Tanner and take what you need. Just throw those in the hamper.”

Tanner: “Kool.” As he trotted off to the door.”

Nika: “And Tanner?”

Tanner: “Yah, what?”

Nika: “You might wanna take a pee while your up there too!”

Tanner: “I don't think I need to anymore.”

Everyone: “Hahahahaha, hahaha, hahaha!”

He disappeared behind the door and Tasha walked over and gave me a hug and said,” Thanks you guys for thinking of him and taking him in. Garrett and I really like him a lot.”

We all said, your welcome, and yah, it was the right thing to do. Each in our own way. Then Tasha said, “Hey you guys. Lets go to the beach tomorrow and celebrate Tanner's inclusion. Besides, his birthday is in a couple weeks anyway, so it'll be like a beach party for Tanner for him joining the group, and his birthday all in one.
Reiley: “Yah, that sounds like fun.”

Nika: “Kool, but what brought that on sis?”

Tasha: “Well, he asked me earlier if I could drive him home tomorrow so he could check on the house, and get some clothes and things for while he's up here. So I figured we can hit one of the nice beaches in South Lake and make a day of it.”

Blake: “Yah, It'll be a total surprise to him, and we can bring food and drinks and stay all day.”

KC: “How we all gonna get down there?”

Garrett: “It'll be easy. I can take four or five of you in my truck, and Tasha can fit the rest in the SUV.”

Wesley: “Awesome, can Trav and I take our beach chairs and footballs and volleyball stuff.”

Garrett: “Hell yah, we can fit everything in the bed of my truck and the back of the SUV.”

Nika: “Ok then, don't say anything to Tanner, we'll just tell him that we're all just going along for the ride.”

Garrett: “Perfect. Me and Your sister will pack the vehicles later tonight and I'll through a tarp over the back so he doesn't see all the stuff in there.”

Tasha: “And Sash, will you be a little trooper and help me make sandwiches in the morning, and pack the ice chests?”

Sasha: “Yah, sure.”

Garrett: “Good, it's settled then. Tomorrow we hit South Lake with a vengeance and have a wild time!”

Blake: “I'm fucking hungry again you guys.”

Jace: “What the fuck, we only ate an hour or two ago Blake!”

Nika: “He's right Jace, I'm Hungry too.”

Reiley: “Yah, so am I.”
Travis and Wesley simultaneously: “Food!”

Speaking real slowley and sluring a little, KC: “Yah, I want another burger. With bacon and avocado. And more potato salad, with hot sauce. And some really crunchy potato chips.”

Sasha: “Yah, and a big dill pickle and some bleu cheese dressing for dipping the chips.”

Reiley: “Hey Tash, you guys got any ice cream?”

Jace: “I could go for some fish sticks and french fries.”

Garrett: “Yah, I saw a couple bags Ore Ida Crinkle fries in the freeze Jace.”

Jace: “And they always have beer battered fish fillets here too.”

Nika: “I want the fudge brownies. You know, the ones from the corner of the pan that are little harder, and kinda chewy. And a glass of cold milk......fuckin awesome.”

Tasha: “Holy shit, a third degree munchy alert!”

Garrett: “Yah, and you know what usually comes after that Tash?”

Tash: “Yah, a third degree burn alert!”

I said, “ Kitchen guys,” as we all, stoned and tipsy, looking through red squinty eyes walked through the door only to see Tanner sitting on the counter with a double cheeseburger in hand dipping it in a pool of mustard he squirted right directly on the tile counter as he was feeding his face. Dipping, biting, handful of Frito's. Then repeat, dipping, biting, handful of Frito's. “This is sooo fuckin good you guys!”

We all just looked at him and began laughing again as we all scrambled for the refrigerator, freezer, pantry, and wherever else or desired food-drug was stashed. I'm a matter of a minute or two, there was a fight over the microwave and toaster oven as everyone began eating their food cold until at which time they got their turn to warm it.

Once we finished our stoned rampage of the kitchen, we all returned to the garage as Tasha lit up another one, and began passing it around. Soon we were all stoned again as we began to point and laugh just like before. Jace was so high you couldn't see his eye's they were squinted so closed. And he had a smile on his face that stretched from ear to ear. Tanner looked at him and said, “Jace, you look like a gay guy with that smile on your face like that.”

Wesley: “Yah, you kinda do Jace.”

Cody: “Do I look gay too you guys?”

Wesley: “No, not like Jace.”

Tanner: “Wow, that's soo weird. Jace isn't gay, but he looks gay. And Cody's gay, but he doesn't look gay?”

Jace: “Wild.....huh?”

Travis: “What about Tanner, doe's he look gay?”

Jace: “Nah, he just looks like Barbie!”

Everyone: “Hahahahaha, hahaha!”

Tanner, total wasted: “Fuck all of you!”

Wesley: “Doe's Nika look gay stoned?”

Jace, confused on the discussion, still totally wasted: “Nah, Nika's not sure, he's just Cody's boyfriend.”

Reiley: “Hahaha, what Jace?”

Jace, real slowly slurring: “Boyfriend, Nika's Cody's boyfriend.”

Cody: “Jace, stop. Shut-up Jace!”

Reiley, turning to Nika: “Really Nika, you and Cody?”

Nika, just giving Reiley a quick, discreet nod.

KC: “Is he just kidding Nika?”

Cody: “Yah, he's just kidding around you guys. So drop it.”

Nika: “Ahhh, fuck it Cody. Half of the guys in here know anyway. Who are we kidding. No, he's not kidding KC.”

Garrett: “I knew something like this would happen. It always doe's when people get stoned for the first time.”

Tasha: “Yah, it defiantly catches people with their guard down.”

KC: “That's kool Nika. At least we know we don't need to worry bout Cody anymore, haha. Just kidding Cody.”

Cody: “No worries KC.”

Nika: “You have anything to add Trav? You Wes?”

Wesley: “Nah, we already knew.”

Nika: “Yah, and how. Sasha told me you two said so.”

Travis: “Hahaha, your telescope Nika.”

I just about shit when he said it, and my face instantly turned red as I took a deep breath. Everyone else noticed and began to laugh as Wesley added, “yah Nika, we saw the reflection from the lense quite a few times. It didn't take too long to figure out what it was and what you were doing.”

Nika: “Oh fuck!”

Travis: “Don't sweat it, we thought it was kinda funny. Surprised you didn't figure it out. Did you think it was a accident we opened our shades every time we changed or took a shower?”

I just sat there with a smile being “busted” big time, and outed by Jace. As everyone sat around laughing, included Cody. Jace started coming too, and pieced together what just too place. And walked up to me and said, “Sorry Nika, I didn't mean to do that. I'm just fucking wasted. I know I've done some mean shit in the past. But I was just thinking out loud about when me and Blake walked in on you and Cody earlier.”

I replied with heartfelt sentiments, as I already knew that what Jace said was truthful, and that in some way, he was doing me a favor. So I gave him a hug and said, “It's ok Jace. I know it was an accident. So don't sweat it buddy.”

After that everyone walked up to me and gave me a hug and there best wishes, before we returned to the kitchen for much needed water, juice, and Gatorade. Then out to the living room for some TV. Then, one by one everybody began to head off to their respective rooms to pass out. Before they lost their battle with their eyelids, and threw in the towel. Passing out right there on the beanbags or couches that they were on. That's when Cody, Tanner, and I headed upstairs to the my room, right behind Sasha, and Jace, who were headed off to his.

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Protecting the Sheep or Patience with Tanner is a Virtue?