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Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake

Chapter 16

Part 4

Protecting the Sheep or Patience with Tanner is a Virtue?

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake (16.4) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

Copyright is to me, and this story may not be reproduced anywhere without my prior permission.

Chapter 16 Pt. 4

So now that the mystery that was last night is solved, I can safely let my brain power-down and go back to sleep like the others. The human psychy is indeed very odd. There's just something that I'm sure what, makes young teen-boys and cats somehow related as far as curiosity. Once they discover, or latch-on to something, their like pit-bulls, they just can't let it go until they get an answer. That's the way it is for me and going back to sleep, when I'm curious.

And I remember the morning Cody and I woke up in my tree-house. And Sequoia and Sash came up to check out the damage, and Sasha smelled the musky odor of me and Cody's first physical experience with one another. I remember he didn't want to let it go, and Sequoia had to tell him to drop it. I saw in his face the curiosity, and that he had stumbled onto something, and he wasn't about to just forget it all completely. He indeed stashed it away till another time, when he's able to put the pieces together and figure out what took place that morning. And what it was that everyone else knew, that he did not.

And I could, from day to day, and week to week, see Sasha growing-up before my very eyes, and changing. Both physically, and mentally. I can see his personality beginning to be a little more aggressive. And Travis, Wesley, and Tanner's influence starting to take hold of him a little. That's why I need, no, we need Sequoia back here as soon as possible. He is some sort of a countermeasure to the other three in regards to Sasha, and manages to balance him out a bit and stabilize his attitude and persona. Without him, there's no telling just how far off the radar Sasha may drift. But one thing is sure, and that is Sasha has reached the early stages of puberty, and his hunger for knowledge on that subject has become blatantly apparent as of late. As has his desire for physical satisfaction.

He seems to not only wake with a stiffy every morning (which is pretty common for all boys of our age), but it's been increasingly obvious throughout the day as well. And when checking his computer, he's been spending a lot of time on research as well. And I don't mean the typical porn like jack-off sites. But he's been spending a lot of time on sites that describe the “changes” boys go through during puberty, and what signs to look for. He's been on a cyber-quest in a search for answers in his thirst for knowledge, trying to understand who he is, what is happening to him, and what he will become. He is aware of the changes beginning with regards to his body, and his thoughts. And he 's yearning for some kind of answers to his recent physical changes, and increased physical desires.

I know from what I have seen in him over the past couple of months, that it's about time to have “the talk” with him. And as uncomfortable as it may be, I can't continue to put it off for much longer. But when I think, or maybe focus more on my relationship with Sasha, I somehow feel that maybe that sort of awkward conversation may be sort of embarrassing for others. But he and I have always had a pretty open and accepting relationship. So with regards to that, perhaps it may not be to uncomfortable after all.

As a matter of fact, I know it won't. And I can tell on several occasions, he has hinted around. And was on the cusp of bringing up some related questions, but somehow he dallied around till the moment was interrupted. I myself, as his older sibling, will need to “set-up” a thirty or forty five minute stretch of alone time with him, to bring it up in a comfortable setting, in a comfortable manner. So as he can safely and confidently explain the sensitive feelings, and urgent needs he has been experiencing as of late. And get some of the answers that may make the transition into adolescence much more bearable for him. I think it is definitely time for another journey and pow-wow, at Scary-tree!

But for now, its another hour or so of sleep so I have some energy stored for our day ahead.

~Later that morning~

Hey, wake-up lite weights! Get your lazy, stoned asses out of bed and into the shower you three! Get the fuck up NOW....we have places to go and things to see!”

Waking up suddenly and lifting my head to focus on who was standing at the foot of my bed: “Huh? What the fuck, what time is it Blake?” As I could feel Cody's body directly to my right, spooned up to me with his arm over my side pulling into my chest.

Travis: “It's a little after 9:30 Nika, get up! Get em outta bed Wesley!”

Just then, as Cody and Tanner began to stir, Wesley grabbed the comforter covering us on the bed. Blake said, “You're not physically connected to Cody under there or vice-versa.....are you Nika?”

I yelled, “No Wesley,” as he yanked on the comforter pulling it off the bed and onto the floor. All three of us quickly flipped over onto our stomachs as we became aware that none of us were wearing a stitch of clothing.

Blake: “WHOOOPS!” As Travis and Wesley began to laugh hardily and point at our midsections. As Travis yelled, “Haha, those are three of the whitest asses I've ever seen Blake!”

Blake: “No shit. Common guys, lets let em get up and into the shower so we can get Tanner home this morning.”

Wesley: “Yah, ok. You two haven't been corrupting poor Tanner.....have you Nika?”

Tanner: “Fuck you Wes, you red-neck imbecile! Get the fuck outta here before I piss on you......bitch!”

Blake: “Common you guys, lets give them some space, I think we hit a nerve.”

Travis: “Sorry guys, we had no idea you were bare under there....really.”

Nika: “Yah, don't worry about it man.”

Tanner, standing up and walking to the bathroom, having no concern he was buck-naked, and still half hard, “what do you mean “we” can get me home this morning Blake....I thought Tash was driving me down?”

Blake: “She is, but they opened up a new Troutburger down in South Lake. So since Garrett's still here, we'll all drive down and maybe have lunch, after you get your cloths and check on the house.”

Tanner: “Yah, ok, I haven't been in there yet.”

Blake and the twins exited the bedroom, as Cody and I joined Tanner in the bathroom, each grabbing our own toothbrush. Then after rinsing and spitting, I set the temperature in the shower as all three of us piled in to clean up. We were very business like as we knew the rest of the house was up, demonstrated by Blake and the twins. So without conversation or delay, we scrubbed up and exited to dry off. Once that was done, we re-entered my room and began to scramble through my dresser drawers looking for what we liked from what was left of my over-extended clothing. Once we were all presentable, we headed downstairs and towards the kitchen.

When we entered, everyone was snacking on pop-tarts and other “fast” breakfast food. Tasha and Garrett were at the table, so I approached them as Tanner stood at the toaster oven on the other side of the kitchen. I asked Tash, “Is everything packed, and ready to go?”

Tasha: “Yah, we're good to go. I woke Sash up at 8:30, so we could make sandwiches and pack the ice chests.”

Kool, did you put bacon.....”

Garrett: “Yah, yah, Sasha made sure we put lots of bacon and avocado on yours. And you wouldn't believe what he did with his.”

Nika: “Massive mayo?”

Garrett: “Yah, like half a jar. He'll probably need a spoon to to eat it.”

Nika: “Yah, we know full well how to make each other sandwiches. Just hope he made mine.....”

Tasha: “Big enough. Yah, yah, you taught him well Oh Master of Sandwiches!”

Nika: Kool, so are we good to go?”

Garrett: “Oh yah, everything's packed and covered up. Let's hit the highway.”

Tasha, whistling and yelling at everyone, “Ok you guys, out to the garage, were leaving.”

Everyone grabbed their pop-tarts or toast and headed for the garage and piled into the two vehicles. Tanner none the wiser that this was a day to celebrate many individual things. For he and the Posse to celebrate his inclusion. For all of us, including Tasha and Garrett, to celebrate his upcoming birthday. And for he to celebrate in a private manner, his inclusion into another very special club. One he now shared with only three members......the one he shared with me and Cody.

We started down the winding switch-back highway towards South Clear Lake and chatted and talked amongst ourselves about what we were gonna do, and how much fun we were gonna have, in only the way young teen boys can. Voices filled with emotion, and excitement. And each one of us trying to top the other with what outrageous story of something we had done in the past, or what we planned on doing today once we got down there.

Once near town the highway widened from two lanes to four, and we pulled up alongside the left of Tasha, who had half of us in the SUV with her, as the other half were with me and Garrett. As we pulled up to them we opened the passenger side front and back windows. And we all “flipped them the bird” as Tanner dropped his board-shorts and plastered them with a wicked bare-ass. Just as me, Jace, Cody, and Reiley all continued with the middle fingers and screaming “Yah Bunch of Ugly Fuckin Masturbators!”

Of course that brought on a bunch of screams of displeasure and profanities from them as their windows came down and Blake, Trav, Wes, KC, and Sash all returned the middle fingers and began throwing gummy bears and potato chips at us. We of course, returned fire with whatever we had at hand, which just happened to be ice chips and Cheetos. Luckily for Tash and Garrett, the light changed color and they were able to drive on before we elevated the fun to the next level. Which who knows once that occurred what would be tossed from the vehicle. Knowing Blake, Trav, and Wes, with their competitive nature, upon running out of ammunition, it may well have been Sasha!

We made it to Tanner's house, and all jumped out, trading stories about the pirate style assault and insults of each other at the stop light, and proceeded inside the house. Garret knew the layout as having been over there so many times, as did Tash. For that matter, most of us knew it well. Everyone wandered around checking things out, and making themselves right at home, seeing as no one was about. Tanners parents in Hawaii for their anniversary, and Duncan at summer camp. Tanner grabbed a soda out of the fridge, and told everyone to help themselves while he checks on a few things and packs a bag. And if anyone wanted they could hit the giant pool and hot-tub in the back yard. Blake said, “So this is the infamous Tucker Manor, from the notorious party that Dakota through this year....huh?”

Tanner: “Yah, this is it. And it was my party too, my friends were here as well.”

Trav: “Yah, it's a local legend. We even heard about it up in West Shore.”

Wesley: “Yah, it was in all the newspapers and the Sheriffs had to call in back-up from the highway patrol. They said it was an illegal gathering, and blocked off the streets and set up checkpoints trying to catch kids who were drinking.”

Garrett: “No shit, me and tash were there, and barely got out in time. I had to take my truck back roads to get us all out.”

Tash: “Yah, that was a night alright. We musta had fifteen people in the bed of your truck hon.”

Garrett: “Yah, and another six in the cab.”

Tanner: “Yup, that Sheriff was pissed. Confiscated the kegs and all my parents booze. And they had some expensive stuff that went with the Sheriffs. Fuckers.”

Garrett: “Yah, your dad was pissed Tanner. Dakota was busted bigtime. Arrested and Suspended from school too. Where is he by the way?”

Tanner: “He's at the river, white-water rafting this week with his friends. That's why I have the house to myself, and was gonna have a party.”

Tasha: “Yah, till our mom put her foot down and decided to keep you with us this week.”

Tanner: “Probably for the better anyway. This place is a red-flag to the Sheriffs now. And If I got busted again, I may well be put up for adoption.”

Tasha: “How did you get away scott-free last time sweetie?”

Tanner: “Cause dad threw the book at Garrett, he didn't believe him when he tried to pin it all on me....cause of my age.”

Tasha: “And what about the Sheriff?”

Tanner: “Oh, him. He was fucking pissed. But he was more concerned about Dakota at the time. We went at it for quite a while. I had his face pretty red and he had his men sit me down and cuff me. But it's probably cause I look so young and their cars were overloaded as it was, they cut me loose.”

Garrett: “Was it your party or his?”

Tanner: “Both of our idea, so it was joint. But it was nice. For once him getting the shaft and not being able to lie and blame it all on me.”

Garrett: “Yah, he hated you for that.”

Tanner: “So what's new. He's hated me my entire life.”

Garrett: “Yah Tanner, sorry buddy. He was impressed you were able to find the key to your parents giant liquor cabinet through. How did you manage that. He said you told him you could pull it off, and then you did.”

Tanner: “Easy, I was doing homework in his study. At least that's what I told dad I was doing. Then when he was stocking it I told him I was going into the kitchen to get some lunch. But I left my web-cam going. When he shut the door and hid the key, well, when I came back a while later and played it back, it was alllll mine.”

Tasha: “Tricky little bastard Tanner.”

Tanner: “Yup. I'm gonna grab some stuff and check the messages. I'll be back in a few and we can hit Troutburger.”

Tanner went to his room as we all explored around his house. It had a great back yard edged up against a pine forest, with a giant pool and hot tub. And not too far past that was the river. I grabbed a carton of chocolate milk from the fridge and sat in the living room with Tash and Garrett. About ten minutes later, Tanner came back out with a bag and some other things and said, “That's it, let's go guys.”

We all went back out to the driveway and piled back into the vehicles and headed towards the highway. As we made our way to the beach, we passed the new Troutburger and Tanner yelled to Garrett, “Hey, you missed it, you missed it Garrett.”

We all kinda laughed as Tanner looked around and said, “Ok, what am I missing now?”

Garrett: “We declared today Tanner Day buddy. Were going to the beach for the day and we already packed the food and everything else last night and this morning.”

I said, “Yah, Happy Birthday Tanner!”

Tanner: “Thanks, it's for my birthday?”

Cody: “It's for that and your becoming part of the posse.”

And then I leaned into Tanners ear and whispered, “And it's for becoming part of that other club that you now belong to, the one with me and Cody.”

Tanner smiled and laughed a little, and there it was. You could see that spark again in his eye's and body language. The one that was never there, or just missing. The one that may have come along a couple times a year, but for the most part was on permanent vacation. The one that was generated by being singled out, in a good way, for being loved, cared for, and being needed. It was a feeling of being popular, and the rush a boy can get from that. It was a feeling that was new to him, and may take some getting used to. Just think, for the first time actually feeling popular, and not just tolerated?

In any case, we pulled into the parking lot, after paying the fee to the attendant at the gate. We found a couple spaces next to one another which was kinda lucky, cause from the few vacant spaces that were available, it looked like it was a busy day. We all jumped out as Tash and Garrett began to open the back of the SUV and untie the tarp over the back of Garrett's truck. Then we all filled our hands and arms with as much stuff as we could carry, and made a long line as we walked out onto the beach.

We luckily found a nice large spot, with soft sand near a picnic table. It only took us a matter of ten minutes or so to set up our volleyball net and lay out our towels. And then we began to swim and splash and throw the football around. And have what would be a a fun-filled, uneventful, peaceful day at the beach.....or would it?

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Protecting the Sheep or Patience with Tanner is a Virtue?