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Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake

Chapter 16

Part 5

Protecting the Sheep or Patience with Tanner is a Virtue?

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake (16.5) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

Copyright is to me, and this story may not be reproduced anywhere without my prior permission.

Chapter 16 Pt. 5

We continued to play football, volleyball, and sun and swim. And Tash went around to each and every one of us and rubbed us down with sunscreen, making sure our beautiful bodies weren't damaged by the UV rays that were raining down upon us. She wisely put two coats on Jace, as he is the fair-skinned one of the bunch that burns the easiest. Usually he bitches when we try to apply sunscreen to him, but today he made sure Tash hit him twice with the sunscreen as I could see him adjusting the erection through his board-shorts, while Tasha was lathering him up. And before she moved onto the next one of my friends, who were lined-up and eagerly awaiting their turn at bat, Jace made sure to remind her that it only lasts 80 to 90 minutes before reapplication is required.....horny little bastard.

Me, Cody, Tanner, and Sasha just shook our heads and did each other while all our friends sucked up as much physical contact and attention as they could from Tash. She of course knew what was going on, as she wasn't stupid or anything. And was well aware of the desires and urges of the eleven to fourteen year old boy. But none the less, she loved every one of us. And whats more, was not willing to see any of us damaged, or suffer. So she basically let everyone get their turn at a good old fashioned rub down by a mature sixteen year old, that all our friends have been eying now for about three years.

She even decided to play devils advocate and have a little fun with Jace. After getting his back a second time, she asked him, “would you like me to get your legs and thighs sweetie?” As she rubbed her hand on the soft inside of one of his thighs. Of course everyone was watching and Jace immediately let out a yelp, and turned beet red as everyone else laughed. While he walked toward the cold water, bent over just a bit, with his hands in his crotch.

After that was done, Garrett and Tasha said they had seen the cars of some of their friends from Garrett's high school, while driving through the parking lot. And that they were down the beach about a quarter mile. So they were gonna walk down there for about an hour or so and hang out.

The rest of us said ok, and we continued to play games and swim around. Tanner wanted some more gummy bears, as Sasha had taken his, and had thrown them out the window earlier at the stop light. So he asked KC if he wanted anything, as he was playing catch with Reiley. He declined but said to Jace that he should go along with him. Jace wanted to hit the snack bar as well and quickly agreed, as the two of them walked down the sandy beach.

I laid there on the warm beach, squishing my feet and toes into the hot sand laughing and joking with Cody and Sash. Playing tic-tac-toe in the sand and drinking Pepsi's. What a perfect fuckin day. KC and Reiley were still throwing the football. And Blake and the twins were gone, having spotted a volleyball game a hundred or so yards up the beach. The three of us went for a swim and came back and laid on our towels and began to nap for a little while. Not completely asleep, but not one hundred percent awake either.

About a half hour later I awoke to a most unwelcome sensation as did Cody and Sash. We all let out a high pitched scream, as we shot back up from the sand shaking off. Blake had returned with Trav and Wes, and decided to get some ice cold bottles of water from the ice chest. And each of them decided to pour half of the contents of each of their bottles onto one of us, in a most well coordinated attack. That was not too much fun at all, as goosebumps appeared on all of our chests and stomachs. We of course shouted in unison, “WHAT THE FUCK!” As we danced around shaking off the water while the three of them laughed and high-fived.

I guess KC and Reiley were witness to the whole attack as they approached looking a little tired from their game of catch. KC walked up smiling and said, “Nice Blake.”

Blake: “Yah, we've been just waiting for these cock-knockers to fall asleep.”

Trav: “Yah, that was sweet.”

Blake: “Where's Tanner? I thought he'd be here laying with you guys?”

Sash: “I don't know. We've been laying here for a while.”

Reiley: “He went to the snack bar about a half hour ago.”

Blake: “You didn't let him go alone, did you Reiley?”

Reiley: “I didn't talk to him Blake, KC did.”

Blake: “Well KC?”

KC: “No, I asked Jace to go along with him.”

Blake: “You What?”

KC: “You said to never leave him unattended or let him go anywhere by himself! What's wrong with that?

Blake: “What do you think is wrong? It's like sending The Riddler to keep an eye on The Joker?”

Nika: “It's just a snack bar Blake, relax.”

Cody: “Yah, were at the beach. And we just made Tanner a member. I'm sure he's on his best behavior.”

Wesley: “Still, maybe you shoulda had that talk with him before we came down here guys.”

Trav: “Yah, but were in South Lake. Tanner's home turf. He probably knows most of the people down here.”

Blake: “And your point? Is that supposed to make me feel better somehow?”

Nika: “What was that?”

KC: What was what Nika?”

Nika: I thought I heard someone yelling.”

Blake: “I didn't hear anything.”

Nika: “There, I heard it again.”

Sasha: “Yah, I heard it too.”

We all looked down the beach, and sure enough we heard some screaming. And as we continued to look down the beach, there was Tanner and Jace at full gallop, running as fast as they could with about nine or ten teenage boys hot on their tail. And boy were these kids big, and boy did they look pissed. It didn't take a genius to figure out who probably lit the fuse, as we're dealing with the biggest smart-ass in Clear Lake (any shore) and his smart-ass sidekick for the day, Jace. I mean just one of them was bad enough, but put them together and it's like a lab experiment gone bad.

Blake told the boys to get ready for an old fashioned shit disturbance and to spread out, cause some of these boys looked pretty big and mean. And it was more than a match-up I would of wanted. Blake told the twins to look after the others and render support whenever they could if someone gets in trouble, or in over their head. Travis said, “Blake, we're outnumbered and their bigger than us. That redhead is huge, and three of those other fuckers look pretty big too.”

Wesley: “He's right Blake, what do you want us to do?”

Blake: “Your off the leash you two. Do what you have to ta take that redhead out of the picture.”

Travis: “Fight Dirty?”

Blake: “Whatever!”

Wesley: “Excellent!”

KC, who's a pretty big fucker himself, threw down his towel and stretched out ready for a fight, then asked Blake, “Shouldn't we make a run for it Blake? This is a mismatch.”

Blake: “Sorry KC, no time now, it's too late for that. I know you're nervous. Just like last time buddy. Take it as it comes and don't let your anxiety get the best of you. You know once the shit starts, you always do fine!”

KC: “Lovely!”

Meanwhile Reiley just shook his head like, "Why do I hang around with these guys?"

Tanner and Jace reached us about twenty yards ahead of the pursuing gang and abruptly stopped and turned around as if to draw a line in the sand and say, ok boys, these are my guys. It looked as if it were around nine on ten or so, as I didn't have time to take an exact count of how many per side. I did yell to Blake, “Blake, What About Sash?”

Blake: “SASHA?”

Sasha, looking like he'd just received the death sentence: “Yah Blake?”

Sasha: I'm Gone!” As he turned and headed for the parking lot at full speed.

And once the gang approached, they never stopped to talk. Fists began to fly and boys began pummeling the shit out of one another as everyone paired off and it was a wicked brawl. Boys were rolling around in the sand and dirty names were being called and it was a mess. Women were grabbing their children and sunbathers were running for cover. Other boys and onlookers began forming a circle around us all to watch as black eyes, split lips, cut chins, and bloody noses began to appear on the combatants.

I saw Cody getting beaten pretty good by two of them, as the big red head kid just about knocked Reiley out. I was fighting off the smallest kid I could find, and was just about holding my own and keeping my head above water, when I saw the big red headed thug take a swing at Travis. But Wesley grabbed his arm with both hands just in time before he could connect, and Travis threw his elbow down hard into the middle of the big thugs forearm, causing it to buckle. We all heard a sharp “snapping” sound, that no doubt meant 3 months in a cast awaiting the bigger boy. He was one of the two biggest, and the one I was really concerned about. And he had done quite a bit of damage to our posse up till then. But leave it to the twins to take the low road and sideline him the rest of the brawl. He may have been a lot bigger than Trav and Wes, but this time the two raptors won out.

Meanwhile Blake and their other giant, and leader of their pack were going at it furiously. That is before Blake faked a left and threw an upper cut that caught the monster on the chin, completely by surprise. Blake followed with another left that was a bulls-eye on the bigger teens nose. Blood was everywhere and running all down his bare chest. We had been taking a beating up to that point, but between KC sidelining two of the thugs with ultra-fast, ring style, lethal combinations. And Trav and Wes taking out Red-zilla, and Blakes temporary knockdown of their leader, we began to get the upper hand.

About three or four minutes into it, as everyone was beginning to tire just a little, the lifeguards pulled up in a jeep followed by the local Sheriffs department.

As we were pulled off each other and sat down, the authorities began easily running out of hand cuffs. So plastic zip ties were pulled from one of the trunks of one of the Sheriffs cruisers. And a couple Sheriffs vans were called in as we were read our rights and taken to the station.

An ambulance pulled up as the paramedics were tending to big-red and his broken arm, as he was screaming out in pain. But soon enough he was loaded up and carried away to South Lake General.

Upon reaching the Sheriffs Station they put us in a big room, sitting them on the floor on one side and us on the other. Then a really fat Sheriff came in chewing tobacco with a skinny sidekick. He was hotter than a firecracker and began reading us the riot act asking "just who in the hell we thought we were creating a public spectacle and disturbing his beach?"

No one said a word and he just stood there walking past each one of us, looking us in the eyes very intimidatingly. He said again, "I wanna know right by God now what started this, and it better not be a gang related thing!"

The big mean looking husky kid with the broken nose, their leader, that Blake went toe to toe with chuckled at that from across the room. Which in turn caused great anguish and irritability in the fat Sheriff. He grew red in the face and walked over to the man child and bent down looking him in the eyes. "You think somethings funny smart-ass? So we'll start with you! Speak!"

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