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Chapter 17

Part 1

Emotionally Bankrupt or Tanner's Long Road Home?

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake (17.1) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

Copyright is to me, and this story may not be reproduced anywhere without my prior permission.

Chapter 17 Pt. 1

The big mean looking husky kid with the broken nose, their leader, that Blake went toe to toe with chuckled at that from across the room. Which in turn caused great anguish and irritability in the fat Sheriff. He grew red in the face and walked over to the man child and bent down looking him in the eyes. "You think somethings funny smart-ass? So we'll start with you! Speak!"

Looking angrily over at Tanner he said, “Ok, it was that little long haired blonde looking faggot over there. He started it all."

Sheriff: "And just how did he do that son?"

"It doesn't matter, he just did."

Sheriff: "I asked you a question boy, Now Speak Up!"

"He said I was the ugliest mother fucker he's ever seen and my mother should be neutered so she doesn't have any more like me."

We all just shook our heads, understanding now why we were involved in a fight, as we all simultaneously looked over at Tanner. He looked back at all of us and said "What, she should be! Look at the Roadkill!"

Sheriff to tough boy: "He did huh?"

"Yep, little bastard!"

As the Sheriff walked across the room to Tanner, "So, you always go out of your way boy to start trouble with someone 90 to 100 pounds north of your weight class?"

Tanner: "Yah, if he's a fat buffalo looking halfbreed trying to stare me down and telling his friends I look like a faggot."

Sheriff: "Is that right. Well maybe you should let things go and just laugh them off. You know, turn the other cheek?"

Tanner: "Fuck that, I ain't scarred of him. I mean look at him Sheriff! He looks like his mother fucked a Wombat or something. Fat ass and zit face. He's defiantly the result of Baboon lovin!"

Thug: "Ohh, fuck you you little queer looking mother fucker. I'll catch you alone somewhere, sometime. This ain't over by no means!"

Jace: “Why don't you catch a Wooly Mammoth you caveman looking fuck and take it home to your hairy backed Brontosaurus of a mother!"

South Lake thug #2: “If that's what you want, we'll kick all your asses again next time! You little tweezer fucks!"

Tanner: "Your the ones who got your asses kicked you inbreed cock-whores. You look a lot worse than we do. Where's the big, tall fucker with the red hair and zits. I saw Travis and Wesley break his arm. And I saw what Blake did to your nose too fat-ass, how does that cotton feel? Can you even breath? Wait till the rest of you get the same thing next time. Especially you yah fat pig of a Buffalo Heifer!"

That pretty much sealed the deal as all combatants on both sides of the room began to hurl names and threats at each other, as the Sheriff just stood there shaking his head. Then as he was about to say something, he just shook his head again and let out a laugh, obviously amused by the insults being traded across the room. He let it go for a minute or so more and then blew an ear piercing whistle as everyone shut up.

Sheriff: "Ok boys, have it your way. We called your parents and there on the way down to pick you guys up and post your bail. Keep your mouths shut till they get here."

He left the room and it only took Tanner about 2 minutes before he said loudly, and purposefully to Jace, "At least we'll get to see em heard Buffalo boys mother in here. I hope she doesn't shit on the floor, the bovine slut!"

That started the whole process all over again, and the shit flew back and forth till parents started showing up one by one and two by two to retrieve their mischievous youngsters. The South Lake boys began disappearing first as their parents were close by, while the West Shore kids had to wait a while longer as their parents had to snake their way the 20 or so miles around the lake to retrieve their sons.

With about a quarter of the South Shore kids retrieved and gone, a rather heavy, Oakie looking lady did enter the room. Tanner, sitting against the wall next to Jace, kicked Jaces ankles and whispered, "Bet you our lunch money next week that she's the Wombats mother, the ugly Cow!"

Jace said: "You're on!"

The lady looked around the room before spotting her boy and walked over to him. Tanner let out an extremely loud, "HAAA!" And followed that up with, "That's twenty bucks you owe me dickfuck!"

Jace just shook his head and looked down at the ground showing he had lost. But the Wombat kid looked over knowing exactly what had happened and got an angry look and sneer on his face. Giving Tanner the "if looks could kill" glare that Tanner was so accustomed to seeing from people on a regular basis. Very much reminiscent of the two security guards on the top of Childrens Hospital in Reno, when Tanner was locked in the Medevac Chopper.

Once the large boy and his mother left the room, Blake looked over to Tanner and said, “Wait till we get outta here Tanner, I'm gonna have your ass!”

Tanner: “What the fuck did I do Blake?”

Blake: “That's twice in two days I've been in jail thanks to you!”

Tanner: “Bullshit Blake, that cow thing wasn't my fault. I was just along for the ride!”

I, sensing the Posse on the edge of a minor meltdown, and trying to keep things together and in perspective, said, “He's right Blake. You can't blame that on him. That was all your doing. Trav and Wes even told you not to go.”

Blake: “Maybe so, but if he wasn't such an ass at the accident scene. And calling the Sheriff, Java the Hut with a badge, and a billion other names, we might not a been taken in at all. He gave him every chance to just shut-up.”

Cody: “Still you don't know that Blake. And besides, you still woulda had the fine and been responsible for the damage anyway.”

Blake: “Maybe so, but my ass is in for it when my mom and dad get back.”

Reiley, with a shiner and fat-lip looking dejected and pissed: “I'm just wondering what happened to, “He was just voted in as a member, he'll be on his best behavior? Who the fuck said that anyway?”

Cody: “That'd be me Reiley.”

Reiley: “Yah, well congratulations Cody. You too Nika and Sash. It took a whole fuckin twenty four hours for him to get our asses kicked. Shit, it hasn't even been that long yet. Less than a day.”

Trav: “Actually, you and Cody are the only two that look any the worse for ware. We pretty much took it to them for the most part Reiley!”

Reiley, looking angrily at Travis and about to lash-out and say something. But at the last second just accepting defeat and caving in. As you could see he recognized he was already beaten-up enough for one day, just leaned back against the wall and sighed.

Tanner: “Sorry you got banged up Reiley. But see you guys, I knew between all of us we could take em. We fucked em up!”

KC: “Lovely!”

Blake: “Ohhh, what have I done?”

Ok, I had to look on the bright side and see this as nothing more than just a hiccup. A speed-bump so to speak. The point Blake made to Reiley when we concluded the vote yesterday was, that there will be times that he'll act-out. And you can't jump ship on him just because that happens. It is a given. And besides, we still haven't had that talk with him yet as Wesley pointed out on the beach. But from the looks of Wesley and Travis, handcuffed and leaning against the wall joking and laughing, you'd think they're at Summer Camp as opposed to a Sheriffs Station. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come?

So I'm not gonna get caught up in this, and I'm just gonna play it cool. So that maybe the rest of the guys won't over-react when we finally get outta here.

Fortunately for us, the Sheriff just announced that he was not pressing charges. The deputy asked him to reconsider. But the Sheriff explained to him in no uncertain terms that we broke no laws. And furthermore, that we were outnumbered and over-matched (especially in weight). And that all the witnesses at the beach, down to the last one, stated that it was the South Lake boys that ran up and attacked us. Throwing the first punches. And if it went to a Judge, there's no way he could rule anything but self defense on our part.

And even better, Garrett and Tasha showed up about twenty minutes later with Garrett's Father, who convinced the Sheriff to release all of us to his custody. As he had the permission of each and every one of our parents (cept for Tanner, Blake, and the twins, who my dad had written permission with parental consent to care for), to take us all under his supervision. Me and the boys would be going home with him and his son (Garrett)for the evening.

Now I was curious to see how everyone would react back at Garretts once we got there. And how much this incident would affect everyones opinion and attitude about our vote yesterday. On a good note, from the looks of Blake, I could see that he was the most relieved by the Sheriffs decision just now not to charge us. So maybe that, and the fact that our parents weren't involved. And Garrett and his dad were bringing us back with them, may just literally be the “get out of jail free card” that Tanner needed?

Anyways, while we waited, we did the only thing we could. We sat on our asses on the cold cement and tried to keep our tempers from boiling over (at least some of us). As Tanner and Jace kept talking about the whole incident over and over again amongst themselves. About their walk to the snack bar, and seeing the group of South Lake teens eating at, and standing around the table. And Tanners remark that the big leader reminded him of his visit to the Zoo the prior summer. And that the kid was so ugly, he couldn't even get fags to hit on him.

Of course come to find out later, that was the one that was said loud enough by Tanner for their whole gang to overhear. As the gang had let the previous transgressions slid by, seeing as Tanner and Jace were so small. The gang actually had guessed them to be elementary school kids that weren't “worth the effort.” Which knowing Tanner, was exactly the right attitude towards him to piss-him-the-fuck-off, and set him to instigating an altercation. Once again not wanting to be passed off and ignored.

The more Tanner and Jace talked, the more I could see Reiley and Blake fuming. The only reason nothing was said, was because Travis and Wesley were probably worse than they were by repeatedly, again and again, rehashing the incident with the big red thug, and breaking his arm. You'd think by listening to the two of them talk, that they were up at the podium accepting an Oscar for best Male Performance in a Brawl!

One thing was sure as we all sat there listening to the four idiots brag on. And that was you could see in each and every one of our faces, that we were all concerned weather or not that this was another sign of things to come?

After a while longer, the door opened and Garrett and his dad stepped into the room with the Sheriff, and they approached us all. The Sheriff shook hands with Mr. Palmer (Garretts dad), as you could tell they were on good terms and knew one another. He explained he was releasing us all to Mr. Palmers custody, and that our parents had been notified, and authorized this action. Of course they were unable to reach the Tucker's and Chase's, so my dad authorized the Sheriff to release Tanner, Blake, and the twins to Mr. Palmer as well.

I asked Mr. Palmer, “Sir, did you talk to our dad, and is he gonna let us go with you?”

Mr. Palmer: “Yes Nika, he said something in German like Wir solltwn sie Jungen alle fur Annahme mit setzen Sequoia. What doe's that mean anyway?”

Nika: “My Germans a little rusty, but it's something like “We should put boys....” I'm not sure about the rest?”

Sasha: “It means “We should put all them boys up for adoption like Sequoia.”

KC: “Lovely!”

Nika, as the Sheriff and Mr. Palmer began to laugh, “How do you do that Sasha? Your younger than me, you shoulda forgot most of that?”

Sasha: “No, me and dad still talk to each other in German all the time Nika.”

Nika: “Yah, I should start doing that too so I don't forget it all.”

Sasha: “I'll help you remember if you want?”

Well, the Sheriff and his Deputies pulled us all to our feet and took off the cuffs or cut the zip ties, and then took us out into the office portion of the station that they had to walk us through towards the entrance/exit. All the South Lake teens and their parents were sitting at individual desks with officers or detectives, who were filling out the necessary paperwork charging the boys with various crimes from assault, to disturbing the peace, to......whatever?

The boys, sitting at the desks, watched us walk past, pondering what was going on, and where we were going? As we went by, you could hear a pin drop. And I felt extremely lucky to be leaving unscathed, and not in their situations, facing a fine and a court date. And we were just about through the gauntlet, when Tanner just couldn't let it go. Right on queue, he looked at the Big Kid, their leader, and said, “See ya round Wombat. Don't forget to bend-over for your cell-mate! And drop the soap when you're in the shower taking it up your fat hairy ass!”

That of course, brought the realization to all the kids from South Lake, that we were literally “walking” from the situation while they all “paid the bill!”

The place ERUPTED, as they all began yelling and screaming and pointing at all of us as the officers and parents tried to get control of the situation. As the leader yelled, “No Fuckin Way. They Started All Of This Shit! You're Letting Them Walk? What The Fuck Is Going On Here?”

Tanner just smiled and laughed at them pointing and flipping them off as the Sheriff continued to usher us towards the door. Once we got outside, he told us he “Didn't care what witnesses, said what. To count our blessings, and that next time, if indeed there is a next time, that he's locking us up.” Then he looked at Mr. Palmer and said to him, looking down at Tanner, “This one here is trouble. I can see it now. You keep an eye on this one. He's an instigator, and he spells trouble.”

Mr. Palmer shook the Sheriffs hand, and said Goodbye to him and Garrett (whom the Sheriff is friends with, seeing as he follows the towns football team, and Garrett was the all American hero).

Then, just as we were about to turn and leave, the Sheriff looked back down at Tanner, and said, “You know it's been bugging me for the last couple hours. But haven't I seen you somewhere before? Don't I know you from somewhere?”

Tanner, looked up at him blankly, and just shook his head no. Which we all knew he was lying, as we walked away. We got in Garrets truck, where Tasha was sitting, and into Mr. Palmers SUV. When the Sheriff, who was still standing across the parking lot, looked up and stared at all of us drive away. He lifted his head as he had an realization, and pointed to us driving away, shaking his finger, as it dawned on him just where it was that he knew Tanner from...........The Party!!!

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Emotionally Bankrupt or Tanner's Long Road Home?