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Chapter 17

Part 2

Emotionally Bankrupt or Tanner's Long Road Home?

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake (17.2) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

Copyright is to me, and this story may not be reproduced anywhere without my prior permission.

Chapter 17 Pt. 2

We started down the highway just happy to be out of our confinement, when Mr. Palmer asked, “Are you boys hungry.” We all replied yes down to the last boy, as we never got to enjoy our sandwiches and picnic lunch that Tasha and Sash had so lovingly prepared early this morning. We were coming up on the new Troutburger when Tanner said, “Hey, lets go there. That's where you guys said we were going today when you were really taking me to the beach.”

It was after 6:00pm, but still sunny as it didn't get dark till around 8:00 or thereafter in the summer. Most of the gang grumbled because of eating BBQ burgers and Sausages the night before, courtesy of Blake. And didn't want more burgers. But being the peacemaker, Cody said, “Common guys, it's restaurant row so you can go pretty much to any of them, and get whatever kind of food you want.”

I said, “Yah, I kinda want Mexican, so if it's ok with you Mr. Palmer, let's pull in there and we can split up and eat what we all want.

He agreed, and we all got out of the car and paired up to go where we wanted. Tanner and Sasha love our Troutburger up in west Shore, and being little “tweeners,” they have a taste for greasy burgers, onion rings, chili fries, and the like. So they opted for Troutburger.

They haven't yet developed a more refined palate. The one that comes with the more mature sophistication of us more elder, and seasoned boys, with our extra year or two of maturity! So they started off for the burger joint as was Blake and Reiley, getting out of Garretts truck with KC. I noticed that they made sure to get in the opposite vehicle of Tanner at the Sheriffs station upon us leaving, and they where hell bent on staying clear of Tanner for the time being.

I also saw them stop in their tracks after initially starting out towards Troutburger, most likely from seeing Tanner and Sasha up ahead of them, heading that way themselves. But they all looked at each other, and after a brief exchange of words, they turned around and headed the other direction towards the Mexican restaurant instead.

This concerned, and bothered me. I didn't so much mind the fact that they were probably in dire need of a mental break from Tanner. But what concerned me most, was that it didn't morph into a more permanent form of isolationism, and outright shunning of our little troubled-child. I felt he's come too far to be dashed upon the rocks and heartbroken at this point. I knew there was to be some banter, and decisions discussed regarding Tanner over dinner, if not outright plotting.

So as much as me and Cody wanted to go to Troutburger with Sash and Tanner for a bacon cheeseburger and onion rings, we knew better. I looked at Cody and he knew instantly, as did I, that we needed to go for Mexican with the others to mediate the impending discussion on Tanners behalf. That is if there was to be a discussion at all.

We made our way inside of the dark, quiet restaurant, that had very “rock-brick” looking walls that resembled battle scenes from maybe the Mexican Revolution, or maybe even reminiscent of The Alamo.

A very sweet looking Latino woman seated us all in a very large circular corner booth, as there were both truckloads of us, only minus Sash and Tanner. We all began to munch on fresh chips and salsa that were brought to us by our waiter. Mr. Palmer made a crack about the food here being a bit better then the prison chow we were all used to.

That relieved a little of the tension as the waiter brought out a large tray of water glasses and refill pitchers, sensing we were a hungry mob, and mostly kids. Just in time too as were had finished the chips. He yelled to a bus boys in Spanish, “Jose, mas virutas y la salsa aqui ayunan!”

And with the speed of a Cheetah, a young Spanish boy rushed to our table with four more baskets of chips, and four bowls of salsa as well. We all began to much again and look over the menu, when Tasha said, “Hey, where's Tanner and Sash?”

Reiley: “Who cares, maybe the boy's from the station caught up to him!”

Blake: “Nah, couldn't be that lucky. They went to Troutburger.”

Reiley: “But still, what do you wanna do about him?”

Travis: “You mean like as far as the Posse, and punishment?”

Reiley: “We gotta do something. This ain't working!”

Jace: “It wasn't all his fault you guys. Don't blame it all on him. I was there too, and it was my fault as much as it was his.”

Blake: “You were the one that set those guys off at the snack-shack Jace?”

Jace: “Well, no. But, but I didn't say anything to stop it. And I did talk as much shit at the station as he did.”

Nika: “He's right Blake. I mean, besides not talking to Tanner first, KC did send Jace of all people along with him.”

Cody: “Yah Blake, if you wanted a specific recipe for disaster, then that was probably it.”

Reiley: “Jace, we've been to the beach with you hundreds of times before. And you've never got us beat-up and arrested.”

Wesley: “Quit say we got beat-up Reiley. They got beat-up.....along with you and Cody!”

Blake: “Whatever, it doesn't matter who got beat up. What matters is what we do now?”

I sensed I was right about what the conversation would be, even if it wasn't as premeditated as I had assumed, and took an inquiry from Tash to bring it up. So I had to say something, and chimed in, “Well, like Trav and Wes said, we need to have that talk with him you guys.”

Blake, sounding agitated, like I was being too lenient, “Don't you think it's a little beyond that Nika?”

Before I could reply, thank goodness, Garrett spoke up: “Blake, Reiley, I don't think now is the time to be having this conversation. Let's just eat and salvage what we can of the day.”

Mr. Palmer: “He's right boys. What little I know of the situation, and that is that you all blame Tanner for it. Is that you shouldn't make rash decisions. And never, ever, make a decision when your angry. I think it would be best to have a nice meal, and then we'll go back to the house, you boys can break out all the sleeping bags, and relax. Then in the next day or two, when everyone is thinking clearly, you can all discuss your options and sit Tanner down.”

Cody: “He's right you guys. Reiley, you'd hang your own mother right now your soo pissed off at him!”

Blake: “Yah Reil's, just maybe they're right.”

Reiley: “ I know. Just wish I didn't have that big fucker pounding on me. It's like every time I think back to the beach and getting hit, I wanna hit Tanner”

Cody: “Yah, I know how you feel Reiley. I had two on one myself, so I'm pretty banged up too.”

Wesley: “Look on the bright side Reil's, me and Trav took care of him for ya!”

Nika: “Yah, you broke his fuckin arm you guys!”

Travis: “Indeed!”

Reiley: “I guess we did pretty good after all. I mean all things considered. You know, being outnumbered against bigger middle school boys is kinda a moral victory. And no one ran or abandoned each other. That's gotta show some love and dedication?”

Garrett: “Those weren't middle school boys Reiley. They go to my High School. And the big red headed fucker with the broken arm is Herman. He blocks for me on the offensive line, starting center. And if he isn't healed come September you two (looking at Travis and Wesley), then I'll be having some words with both of you!”

KC: “Lovely!”

Just then, with the sound of crunching in the air, and broken chips and salsa spots all over the table and menu's, our waiter returned. “May I take your order boys?”

Now, if you've never been to a restaurant with eight or ten hungry boys, and the waiter makes the mistake of asking the group as a whole what it is they want, instead of asking them one by one? Well then, let's just say that it took another couple of minutes for Garrett and his dad to get control of the situation, and tell the boys to place their orders one by one, in an orderly, clockwise rotation. Tasha, being the only girl, started first. And then upon finishing her order she said, “I'm gonna run over to Troutburger and let them know to meet us back here when they're done eating.”

Meanwhile, over at Troutburger, we had our two lil idiots trying to place their order as well. Sasha and Tanner walked up to the counter as they examined the menu. Then Sasha said, “Common, lets order. She's ready for us.”

Tanner: “Maybe she's ready for you Sash, but she looks kinda fat and nasty to me.”

Server: “What would you guys like?”

Sasha: “Uhh, what's the difference between the Big Chicken and the Fish Sandwich?”

Tanner: “She sits on the Fish Sandwich!”

Sasha: “Ughhhhh Yuk! Is that true? There's no pubic hair on it is there?”

Server, becoming agitated: “Common you guys, what do you want?”

Sasha: “I'll have the Fish Sandwich Combo, minus the pubic hair, and a Pepsi.”

Server: “Right, and your friend?”

Tanner: “Uhh, yah. Bacon cheeseburger combo, onion rings instead of fries, and a Pepsi. But don't sit on it, cause I don't want the Fish Sandwich. And please hold the queef sauce!”

The server wasn't to happy with either of them and the manager walked over and asked if there was a problem. She said that they were rude and making vile comments. He said, “If you're done ordering then please pay and leave, we don't want any trouble here. And and more comments and you'll be asked to leave.”

Tanner said, “Oh no, then we'll have to get our botulism and salmonella poisoning somewhere else.” Then under his breath, “Ugly fucker!”

The manager just gave them a dirty look and walked away. Meanwhile they paid and waited for their order. When they called out their number they grabbed their tray and made their way out to the patio. And picked out a table on the deck with a good view. Especially of six or seven hot girls at the next table that looked to be around sixteen or seventeen or so.

Sasha: “What the fuck is queef sauce Tanner?”

Tanner: “You know, a queef, from a pussy.”

Sasha: “You mean like pussy juice?”

Tanner: “Kinda, a queef Sash. Oh, you don't know. It's a pussy fart, that's a queef.”

Sasha: “So a pussy fart and a queef are the same thing then?”

Tanner: “Yah, you know, when we watch porn and the guy fucks her hard, and like air gets trapped in her hole and it makes a farting sound.”

Sasha: “Haha, yah, and the girl always say's “Oh, Oh!”

Tanner: “Haha, yup. I bet the fattie behind the counter that took our order has Thunder-Queefs!”

Sasha: “What the fucks a Thunder-Queef?”

Tanner: “It's like the Mother of all Queefs!”

Sasaha: “You mean like when we pump up my b-b gun fifteen or twenty times instead of the four or five times like were supposed to. It lets out a much more powerful burst?”

Tanner: “Haha, yah. Like packing too much gunpowder into a canon. You just jam it all in there and when you lite the fuse, you better run for cover. I'll bet that's how her pussy is!”

Sasha: “Fuck, you'd probably get sprayed with all sorts of shit!”

Tanner: “Oh, fuck yah. If you're in the same room, it's probably not safe. All you can do is dive behind an appliance, cover your ears, and hope it implodes on itself.”

Sasha: “Sounds scarey.”

Tanner: “Haha, no doubt, cause if it explodes then you're fucked. You'll probably be covered with pussy drippings, pieces of old tampons, feminine napkins, and even pieces of hymen.”

Sasha: “What the fucks a hymen?”

Tanner: You know, her cherry!”

Sasha: “Oh, that's what it's called. What about her clit?”

Tanner: “Yah, it wouldn't be unheard of for a clit-missle to buzz past your ear either.”

Sasha: “Haha, a fuckin clit-missle! That's soo fuckin kool!”

Tanner: “Yah, I fuckin love that one.”

The table behind them had the six or seven sixteen or seventeen year old girls. And they were burglarizing the boys conversation and periodically laughing at what they were saying. Quite hard at times.

Sasha: “Well at least we cleared up what a thunder queef is. Have you ever seen one up close?”

Tanner: “Hell no, I'm still alive aren't I?”

Sasha: “It'd be like a major explosion....huh? You'd probably havta call the bomb squad.”

Tanner: “Oh hell yah, I think you'd need a HAZMAT Team there too. Because of all the toxic materials. I think the technical term they use for it is Explosive Out-gassing!”

Sasha: “Hahaha, out-gassing. I like that, where do you think that shit up Tanner that's hella-funny. But if it's as big as you say, then it's not really an explosion, as much as it is an eruption?”

Tanner: “Yah, there was this lady who had one while hiking up Mt. Saint Helens way back in the eighties, and it blew the entire top of the Mountain off!”

Just then they heard the table of girls behind them erupt in laughter. As they turned, they were all in deep, deep laughter. One of them had a mouthful of soda that she was trying to swallow and it sprayed out of her mouth and nose at two of the other girls. I guess the eruption comment was the straw that broke the camels back, and they just couldn't contain themselves any longer. Right at that moment Tasha walked up to sit at their table, and looked over at the girls and said, “Hey you guys, what's so funny and what are you doing here?”

A couple of the girls looked up and said, “Hey Tasha, come join us, and have a seat. I didn't know you were down here?”

Tasha: “Me, Garrett, and some friends are over at The Cantina eating dinner. I just came to check on my little brother. So what's going on?”

Girl: “Just trying to eat ourselves, but not having much luck.”

Tanner looked at Sash and said, “Who are they?”

Sasha: “I think a few of them are Tasha's friends. I've seen some of them before.”

Tasha: “What's so funny that has all you guys spitting soda on one another?”

Girl: “Those two cute little fuckers over there are the funniest, if not most vulgar boys I've ever seen. I feel like we're at the Improv. Have you ever seen them before Tash?”

Tasha: “Yah, the one with the shorter hair is my little brother Sasha, and the long blonde haired one is his friend Tanner....Dakota's younger brother.”

Girl: “Oh Tash, there fuckin wild.”

Tasha: “I shoulda known they'd have something to do with it. Bring the tray over here you two, we'll sit with them. These are some of the girls I go to school with Sash, and the other three go to your brothers school Tanner.”

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Emotionally Bankrupt or Tanner's Long Road Home?