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Chapter 17

Part 3

Emotionally Bankrupt or Tanner's Long Road Home?

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake (17.3) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

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Chapter 17 Pt. 3

Tanner and Sasha picked up their trays and moved one table over to sit next to Tasha and the girls. Tasha introduced them as they joined in the conversation. The girls all eyed Tanner and Sash and talked to Tasha about how cute and adorable they both are. Of course Tanner and Sasha ate it up as they inadvertently turned different shades of red. Some of the girls patted their hair, held their hands, and one girl even placed her hand on Sasha's bare knee. Causing it to involuntarily and forcefully jerk up, and hit the underside of the table hard. As it made a loud banging sound and knocked over some of the soda cups on the table.

Everyone laughed while Sasha grimaced in pain. He stood up and had some blood running down his leg from a cut on his knee. One of the cuter girls ran over and grabbed Sasha's thigh with her hand as she wiped the blood away with a napkin. Saying, “Sorry little man, are you ok?”

Sash, very nervous and kinda fidgeting: “Umm, yah, I think so.” As the blood continued to trail down his leg, and the girl continue to wipe. She asked one of the other girls for her cup of water, and dipped a new napkin in it as she continued to attend Sasha's wound, while all eye's were on them both. She said, “hairy little legs you have Sasha!” As she wiped the remaining blood away.

And unfortunately for Sasha, she also kept hold of him, with one of her hands on his lower thigh. Which in turn began to create a very sensitive, and very embarrassing problem for Sasha. That was being seen live, as it came to life in front of everyone else's eye's at the table.

Poor Sasha was now Beet-Red, while Tanner's eye's got huge and focused on Sasha's “problem,” that Tanner pointed to in disbelief. Sasha grabbed the napkin away from the girl as he quickly sat down before saying, as he shyly looked away from her, “I'll keep the napkin on it myself.”

Tanner: “Maybe you're gonna need to soak up more with that napkin than blood Sash!”

Sasha: “Shut-up Tanner,” as he sat there looking down, and as the rest of the girls at the table, including Tasha shook their heads. Laughing to themselves silently, trying not to cause Sasha any more embarrassment than he had already suffered.

Then, for the first time that anyone had ever seen anywhere, Tanner actually tried to protect, or divert the focus of everyone's attention away from Sasha. As he looked at Sasha with a puzzled, concerned, or maybe, more so a look of care on his face. Then he looked over to Tasha, and said, “What are you doing over here anyway Tash?” As if trying to divert the uncomfortable attention away from Sasha.

Tasha: “Oh yah, I just came to check on you two and let you know we're over at the Mexican restaurant. So come over there when you're done eating and meet us. I gotta get back, cause my food's probably getting cold.”

Tanner: “Yah, ok. Is everyone still talking about the fight Tash?”

Tash: “In a way sweetie, but not so much anymore.”

Tanner: “What do you mean Tash?”

Tash: “Let's just say they're not real happy about it, or with you right now Tanner.”

Tanner: “Why? How come? It was kinda fun and exciting......wasn't it?”

Tash: “Listen Tanner, I love you to death, you know that.....don't you?”

Tanner: “Yah, of course I do.”

Tash: “Then don't get mad at me for telling you this, or kill the messenger. But part of the reason I came over here is to warn you.”

Tanner: “Warn me about what Tash?”

Tash: “You see things differently than they do darling. You live in a different world than everyone else Tanner. You see things different then the way others may see things I mean. To them it wasn't fun. The fight I mean. To them it was bailing you out and you taking advantage of the situation, of them, and of the boys from south Lake.”

Tanner: “Nu-uhh. They didn't say that....did they?”

Sasha, still slightly red, but coming around: “Yah Tanner. That's how they feel. I was gonna say something to you when the time was right.”

Tash: “Face it Honey. You have a lot of anger built up. And you took advantage of everyone's love and acceptance of you to take some of that anger out on people who had nothing to do with it the first place.”

Tanner just sat there, looking like he had been run over by a freight train. Staring blankly and looking off into the distance. You could tell at that moment, that if it had come from any of the guys, he would have seen it as a challenge and defended himself. But coming from Tasha, he had no choice but to accept it as the truth, and it was devastating.

One of the girls at the table said, “Are you talking about the fight at the beach today Tash?”

Tash: “Yah, my brothers and their friends ran across some local boys and got thrown in the can!”

Girl: “Yah, everybody's talking about it. That was Herman and some of Garrett and Dakota's friends. Herman broke his arm, and may not be able to play football next season depending on how it heals.”

Tanner looked over at her when she said that. And for the first time “ever” in front of others, he began to cry as he put his face in his hands and lowered his head to the table. Sasha patted his back and looked over at Tasha confused, not knowing what to do. All the other girls looked over at him, feeling his pain. As only older teenage girls can do, having affection for a young boy, a type of little brother who was hurting. Tasha walked over and sat next to him as she pulled on him, and he immediately clung on to her. Then buried his face in her side as she wrapped her arms around him and kissed the top of his head, and his soft, silky, long blonde hair.

They stayed like that for quite a while as Tanner continued to break down and cry, only repeating over and over again, “I didn't mean it Tash, I'm sorry. I didn't mean any of it.”

A few of the other girls took turns patting Tanner on the back and offering words of encouragement as did Sasha. And it was another five minutes or more before Tanner had the courage to take his face from Tasha's chest. Exposing it, and showing to all the world his tears, red puffy eye's, and snot that was running down his face. One of the other girls took a napkin and wiped his nose and mouth, as Tasha kept her vice-like hold on him, refusing to let him go. Finally, through the sniffles, as Tasha continued rocking Tanner, he said, “So, they probably don't want anything to do with me now....huh? They're probably talking right now about how to get rid of me aren't they?”

Tasha: “No sweetie, they're not.”

Tanner: “Yah they are. It's ok, you can say it. I'm used to it.”

Tasha: “I'm being honest with you sugar. They began a little to talk about the situation. And how they were gonna have a talk with you when they made you a member, before we came down to the beach. You know, about your behavior, and that being part of their group wouldn't give you the right to pick on people and start fights. But there wasn't time.”

Tanner: “So, do they still want me?”

Tash: “I can't say for sure what they want, or what they'll decide to do Tanner. Just that they haven't decided yet.”

Tanner: “I'm such an asshole! No wonder everybody hates me. I hate myself. I hate who I am and the way I am. I should just go away.” As he began to break down again and grab onto Tasha and bury his face again.

Tasha, patting Tanner's back and kissing his hair as she holds him tight: “Your not an asshole Tanner. I like who you are when you stay within yourself. And I don't want you to go away. You just have a lot of stuff built up and you've kept it inside a long time. You have a lot of problems and maybe you just need some help sweetie.”

Sasha scooted over from the other side and put his arms around Tanner as well, as most of the girls around the table were looking on solemnly. Some were in, or near tears themselves. It took a quite a few more minutes before anyone felt comfortable enough to move, or speak. But upon sensing the time was right, Tasha lifted Tanners face with her finger under his chin, and kissed his salty, tear covered lips while looking into his swollen red eye's.

She kissed him gently on the lips, saying, “You just made a mistake today Tanner, nothing more. Maybe a big mistake, but a mistake non the less. And maybe you can turn it into something good. Maybe if you try, you can see today as an awakening. Your awakening, and turn something bad into something really good.”

Tanner, mumbling softly, as a few more tears dripped from his eyes and down his face, “You mean like a lesson?”

Tasha: “Yah Tanner, like a lesson.”

Tanner: “I didn't know they all felt that way Tash. Are they gonna kick me out now?”

Tasha: “I wouldn't think so Tanner. Not for this one time. And they were going to talk to you anyway. But I just wanted to give you a heads up that they're not real happy. And they may do something to get the point across to you.”

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Emotionally Bankrupt or Tanner's Long Road Home?