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Chapter 17

Part 5

Emotionally Bankrupt or Tanner's Long Road Home?

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake (17.5) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

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Chapter 17 Pt. 5

But I also knew at that exact time, that eventually we would have to “break” him. And ween him off his outlandish behavior and expose his immaturity and venerability. Bring his fear, his confusion, his frustration, and his frightened innocence out into the light where it was defenseless, and no longer safely tucked away within it's protective cave. In essence, tear down his wall. I knew at the time it would also be ugly and hurtful, but none the less it needed to be done. The thing I didn't know exactly, was how we were going to go about it, or who would be responsible for making it happen. And it was frustrating me, as I knew I only had a certain window of time before he managed to erode away the base of everyone's support.

I went over it a hundred different ways in my mind, how to break through to him. And every time, I concluded it was the wrong recipe, and wouldn't achieve the end game I was hoping for. But low and behold, leave it to my big sis to slide in under his defenses and rip his foundation out from under him, collapsing his wall on top of him like a ton of bricks. It was so simple and elementary. She, with her love and feminine touch was able to dismantle Tanners defenses in a passive aggressive way, whereas a full-on frontal assault from the rest of us wouldn't have stood a chance.

And so we silently crept down the highway, making our way to Garrett's ranch, following closely behind Mr. Palmer and the rest of our Posse.....and more importantly, the rest of Tanner's Posse as well!

We pulled off the road, and proceeded up the Palmers long dirt road to the gate of Hacienda de Palmer, as the big wooden sign read hanging over the wooden gate, that allowed us passage through the fenced off ranch. We all just call it the Palmer Ranch. But Mr. Palmer always fancied himself some sort of cowboy, having grown up in the late sixties and early seventies, watching reruns of some old western on TV called High Chaparral.

Which no doubt, once inside the remake of the Arizona ranch, it came complete with Apache artifacts and western décor, We'll probably all be treated to several episodes of the old series later in the evening, after Mr. Palmer soaks up as much attention from his young audience as he can. He'll no doubt tell us all about the western trivia and history of the southwest in the late 1800's. Complete with recounts of the squabbles that took place between the ranchers, and the Apache tribes that settled in the area long before the white man appeared.

It wasn't all bad, as he usually let me drink a couple beers, and the show isn't that bad when Mr. Palmer spices it up with trivia and stories about the cast, the area, and the period of time itself. Me and Sasha have been down here with Tasha and Garrett lots of times, but for the others, it's their first trip. And you could tell by the looks on their faces as the exited the vehicles that they all were mesmerized.

I mean, it's not an actual cattle ranch that the Garretts run for profit, but more so a tribute to the bygone era, and the perfect distraction for a retired man, who'd have too much idle time on his hands without it.

As far as Mr. Palmer, he insists everyone calls him Buck, although that's not his name. But probably just reflected a character in the show, and it gives him some sort of thrill. He is a very interesting man, and retired quite wealthy from the Aerospace industry as a mechanical engineer. Helping Lockheed's Skunkworks Division develop some of the countries most intricate aircraft through the sixties, seventies, and eighties.

Back to the ranch, it is a actual working ranch, with cattle, horses, goats, pigs, chickens, and the rest of the barnyard bunch. But it was all for fun and show to keep his fascinating mind occupied during the day, in a setting that was reminiscent of what his dream reflected. I guess if he couldn't develop a time machine at Lockheed, that he could go back in time to the days of the High Chaparral, then he'd do the next best thing.

That is, work hard to build a healthy nest egg, and retire to build a replica ranch, in the setting of his choice. Having just enough livestock and acreage to keep him plenty busy. And even better, Garrett loved it as well, and ate it up. And good thing too, because Garrett's mother died during child birth. And he being the only child, gave him and his dad a point of reference for them to bond over. Another great thing is when Garrett throws a party, it was usually on the same scale as Dakota's. But being it's off on it's own spread, and not part of a residential area, there were never any conflicts with the local authorities. And whats more, no one ever left impaired, as once inebriated, you hunkered down at the ranch till the rooster crowed!

Once we all exited the vehicles, everyone stood around in awe looking at the old well, complete with a bucket hanging on a rope right in the middle of the yard. And a wooden post in front of the adobe entryway to tie your horses to. There was even a bell up in the tower above the ranch-house. Travis and Wesley looked around, and both just looked at one another and said, “Fuck Yah!”

Then Wesley said, “We're gonna have fun tonight.”

Thinking back, I thought of Sequoia, and that he'd been down here a few times, and enjoyed it immensely. And I somehow felt a little pain as I reminisced and realized even though it's only been a couple days, how much I missed him.

Mr. Palmer (“Buck”), always liked it when Sequoia tagged along as well, always reminding Garrett, Tasha, and the rest of us to be sure and bring Sequoia along. It was funny watching Buck dote over Sequoia and show him around and look at the artifacts, before saddling up a couple horses and trotting him around the property. I guess it never dawned on Buck that Sequoia was Paiute, and not Apache. But I guess in the end, it didn't matter, as Sequoia can ride a horse like Geronimo, and definably rode circles around Buck.

While they were off playing cowboys and Indians, the rest of us would usually fetch eggs from the chicken cope, or feed some of the horses and livestock with Garrett. I'm sure Sequoia would love to be with us right now, and I could kick myself for not calling him from troutburger to see if couldn't reach his Social worker, and maybe come with us for the evening. But then again, maybe with the shit-blizzard we just went through, it would have been too much too soon. But one thing is clear. And that is I already miss him, and come to think of it, I miss Mr. Weiner too.

So, once out of the vehicles, we all gathered round the entryway as everyone oowed and ahhed at their surroundings. It looked as if some dark clouds were gathering around Mt. Sallac as well, so between that, and the smell of rain in the air, I wondered if we might get a thunderstorm come through here later tonight?

I could see Mr. Palmer was in full “tour-guide” mood as he put his signature hat on and kicked his cowboy boots against the horse railing and said to the boys, “Ok pardners, gather round behind me and I'll give ya'll a tour of the casa before I get you settled into your rooms with your baggage.”

Now I wouldn't exactly call it baggage, as all of us only brought a small bag or backpack each with a change of clothes and some other personal effects. As we only needed something so we could change out of our wet board shorts in the bathrooms, before we left the beach for home in some dry clothes. But at least we all did have a change of clothes for the evening. And a shower sure sounded good right about now.

So off the gang went with Buck. As Me, Garrett, Tasha, and Sash stood by Garrett's truck. Buck asked his son if we were coming along, and Garrett said, “No dad, been there, done that. We'll get the trucks unloaded and bring everyone's stuff inside and into the guest rooms.”

Buck: “Suit yourself son, but be sure to take some rib-eye's out of the fridge for later. These boys are sure to build back up their appetite after I'm done showing them around.”

Garrett and Tash began to grab some things when Tasha said, “Where's Tanner?”

Sasha: “He's still in the back seat, he's wiped!”

Tasha: “Garrett, you wanna maybe carry him in to one of the guest rooms and let him get a little sleep?”

Garrett: “Sure thing Tash, and don't let my dad hear you say that.”

Tash: “Say what?”

Garrett: “Sleep, it's shut-eye around here!”

Hahaha,” as me and Sasha giggled a little at that.

Garrett leaned into the back seat and easily picked up the little waif. Then Tash asked, “Where you gonna put him?”

Garrett: “I don't know, do you have a preference?”

Tasha: “Not really, but we better put two to a room, as we have ten or eleven of us.”

Sasha: “Put him in the room upstairs with the queen bed and the balcony that overlooks the back pasture. It's where I usually stay, and I don't want him being alone tonight.”

Garrett: “Sure thing Sash. Ok with you Tasha?”

Tasha: “Yah, that's perfect in fact, I don't want him being alone tonight either.”

So as Garrett carried little Tanner up the steps and into the Ranch-house, me, Sash, and Tasha grabbed the rest of the stuff from the vehicles and made our way inside. Once inside Tasha asked me, “You have any preference how we sleep everyone tonight Nika? Or is their a certain order to the Posse (Buck loves hearing that term whenever we use it btw) in how you all sleep?”

I replied, “Yah, put KC and Jace in a room together upstairs, and Cody and I will sleep in my usual room up at the end of the hall.”

Tasha: “You mean the one with the hot tub Nika....haha?”

Nika: “Shut-up Tash!”

Tash: “Just teasing. Why KC and Jace by the way Nika?”

Sasha: “Because, that's easy Tash. KC doesn't really get mad or easily annoyed at anything, so he's a perfect roommate for Jace.”

Nika: “Yup, what he said.”

Tash: Ok, and the rest?”

Nika: “Put the twins in the last room upstairs, and Blake and Reiley in the little bunk-house like room downstairs with the bunk-beds off the kitchen.”

Tash: “Why that one Nika?”

Sasha: “Because, he just said it's off of the kitchen Tash. Are you really part of our family or what? Jezz, women?”

Tash: “Ok oh enlightened Sasha, so what doe's the kitchen have to do with anything?”

Nika: “Cause Tash, It's Blake. And that way he doesn't have to come all the way downstairs and possibly wake everyone up when he gets up in the middle of the night to get snacks or something to eat.”

Tasha: “UGHHHHHH, I said it once, and I'll say it again......BOYS!”

About the time we placed all the boys stuff in the various rooms, we met Garrett in the hall, as he had just put Tanner to sleep in Sash's guest room. And we made our way down the stairs into the living room as Buck had finished his tour of the casa with the boys, and was making a fire in the giant rock fireplace. Funny thing too, as he always had a fire going weather it was cold or not. He said it was for “Atmosphere.”

Everyone was excited and talking about all the cool stuff they saw. The rifle collection, the fur rugs, the deer and bear heads hung on the walls, and all the other kool stuff as well. Jace said, “Nika, Sash, the well out front really works. You can actually pull water up from it with the bucket.”

Sash: “Yah Jace, we've been here a time or two pardner. And the hand pump out over the water trough works too.”

Jace: “Kool!”

Travis: “Yah, being a hand-pump, you should be a natural at it Jace!” As Wesley snickered.

Everyone: “Hahaha!”

Jace: “Fuck you Travis!”

Once done with the fire, Buck said, “Alright boys, why don't all you guys go up to your room and get some long pants or jeans on and out of those shorts and short sleeves. Then I'll take you all on a trip around the property and out to the barn. Garrett and I need to feed the animals and you all can help. Has anyone here ever milked a cow?”

Wesley: “No sir, but I'm sure Jace would be a natural at that as well.”

Jace: “Fuck you too Wes!”

Travis: “Nah Wes. Now if it we're a Bull we were talking about?”

Jace: “Fuck you both. Better try it with the cow and enjoy it assholes, cause it's the closest you'll ever get to touchin a girls tits!”

Buck: “Now, now boys, settle down. You can all feed the animals and try out what you want....sound ok?”

Everyone acknowledged or nodded as they looked rather excited, like on their first visit to a dude-ranch, aka City-slickers. But at the same time, still unsure of their surroundings, or where they were. Sasha said, “Follow me guys, I'll show you all your rooms.” As they all trailed off behind Sash, stopping at Blake and Reiley's room first, next to the kitchen, before heading up the stairs and out of site.

I said to Buck, “Hey, can we all get some showers. We're still dirty and covered with sand and blood.”

Buck: Sure Nika, We have two in here, and a big one out by the water tower that will hold three or four of you at a time. I forgot that you boys haven't showered.”

Nika: “Great, but is it hot water?”

Buck: “Sure is, I installed a solar panel just last summer.”

Nika: “Ok, I'll gather everyone up then.”

Buck: “Not just yet Nika, let's just wait till after we do the chores. That way they don't get all dirty again.”

Nika: “If that's the case, I'm gonna go upstairs and tell everyone not to get changed, so they don't get their clean cloths all dirty.”

Buck: “Good thinking Nika. Garrett and I will be waiting for you down here.”

Nika: “What about Tanner, Tash?”

Tasha: “Let him sleep. I'll still be here if he wakes and comes downstairs.”

I ran off to gather everyone for a trip to the barn, and stopped by Blake and Reileys room to give them the word. Blake was in his underwear as Reiley stood there buck naked (opps, sorry Buck). I told Blake what was up and to change back into his old clothes, and I told Reiley to “water it and it may grow a little!”

That got a laugh from Blake and a smirk from Reiley.

Once done, I headed upstairs to gather up the rest. Once I was finished playing messenger, I headed back down the hall towards the stairs, but stopped by Tanners room. I stepped inside and it was completely dark as Garrett had closed the blinds and curtains when he dropped Tanner off on the bed. He was on the big queen bed, and the door to the balcony was cracked. His backpack was on the bed next to him, and all he had on was his tank-top and damp board shorts. I also noticed looking at his legs, that he had goosebumps as the little blonde hairs were sticking out, and there was a cold breeze blowing over him that was coming through the balcony door.

I grabbed a wool blanket at the foot of the bed and started to pull it up over his legs. I had just pulled it up past his waist when he began to stir and awoke in a panic with a look of fear on his face, as he gasped in a deep breath of air. It was kinda dark and he was just coming to and couldn't see. He also wasn't aware of his surroundings or where he was at. I could see him looking around in the near dark at the room trying to put the pieces together and figure out the mystery of just where it was he was at. I was just about to say something to him when he sensed my presence and cried out in a terrified voice, “Who's that? Who's in here, where am I?” As I could hear the fear in his voice.

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