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Chapter 18

Part 2

Out of the Frying Pan & into the Fire and/or How to save our Bacon?

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake (18.2) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

Copyright is to me, and this story may not be reproduced anywhere without my prior permission.

Chapter 18 Pt. 2

I turned to go back to the room, and Cody grabbed my shoulder. He gently turned me around, whispering in my ear, as to keep Sasha from overhearing the comment, “You know I was just kidding about the “dry-hump” comment don't you Nika? You can do anything you want. I trust your judgment, and I love you Nika. And what's more, I know you love me. I don't need twinergy to see and feel that.”

I replied, “Thanks Cody, and you're the love of my life as well. But nothing physical is gonna take place. He's a mess right now anyway, so I think he just wants someone to be with him and maybe to talk a little.”

Cody nodded and started to turn and walk away with Sasha when I said, “Cody?”

Cody: “Yah Nika,” as he walked back to me.

Nika: “I trust you as well. And you know if and when something like that ever doe's happen, I'd tell you. Don't you?”

Cody: “Of course I do, as I would you. We already talked about this. So go and look after our wounded orphan. We'll be back later tonight.

I told Cody, “Just have some fun you guys, and I'll see you when you get back. Besides, I'm gonna go down stairs with you two so I can get a few bottles of water for us. I'm sure Tanner's probably thirsty.”

Cody: “Kool, you can see us all off to the barn then.”

We joined Sasha and walked down the stairs to the living room where everyone was gathered waiting on us. Buck said, “Where on earth have you been Nika”? I was beginning to get worried.”

Nika: “Just chatting with our little rebel.”

Blake: “You'll never make it as a rancher Nika....ya fuckin slow-poke. And where's Tanner, isn't he coming?”

Nika: “Nah Blake, he's sitting this one out you guys. And so am I.”

Buck: “Are you sure Nika? It'll be fun, and I'm sure you two would have a good time.”

Nika: “Yah, I'm sure Buck, and thanks for thinking of us.”

Blake: “Alright Nika, have it your way, but your gonna miss seeing Jace get mounted by a bull!”

Jace: “What the fuck Blake? Why's everyone on my case tonight.....ya dick-fucks!”

Travis: “Just karma Jace.”

Wesley: “Yah, payback loser.”

Jace: “Fuck all three of you then. What else should I expect from an inbreed family anyway.”

Travis: “Ouch.”

Blake: “Alright Jace, now you get no lube with Thunderclap (the bull).”

I couldn't help but laugh at all of them, and realize what a great set of friends we are. I mean, besides all the sentimental shit I've already spouted off about all of us, and our relationships with one another. There was another perspective I'm referring to at this particular moment. And that is the amount of fun we all have, and the energy that is generated when we're all together.

Somehow the more of us that are together, the more energy that gets amplified. And berating each other, our siblings, families, and whatever else we can think of, usually in the most vulgar and offensive ways, was maybe the best of all. I guess looking at it from the point of view of an outsider, it was a sure sign of our strength as a unit, and our admiration and devotion to one another. And yet, ask any girl, or adult, and they would just shake their heads, much like Tasha doe's on a daily basis, and say, “typical stupid boys.”

And they'd be right. Cause for some reason, nothing brings out the best, and assures bonding between boy's more so than verbally assaulting one another in the most obnoxious ways possible....albeit in a fun atmosphere of course.

So off they went towards the barn, and the site of Jace's blind date with Thunderclap. As I went off towards the fridge in the kitchen. I grabbed a couple bottles of water and a small bottle of cranberry juice cocktail. A banana as well as some other snacks in the event we don't make it downstairs later for Buck's Rib-eye's and baked potatoes.

I then headed back up the stairs to Tanner's room, hoping that maybe some gentle holding, and reassurance on my part would snap him outta his funk. I felt confident that between all of us, he was close to turning the corner, straight into the sunshine, and sunny day that is his future.

And on the way up I got a tingly feeling on the back of my neck, and I could tell through my twinergy that Cody and Sasha were taking the opportunity with the guys all gathered together in the barn, to counsel each and every one of them to Tanner's condition. And to nudge them all to love and support him the next time we are all together. And what's more, to remind them that he is indeed one of us, and with the toll that his revelation about himself has brought down on him, he needs our patience and understanding now.

Perhaps more so than he ever has before.

I made my way down the hall and to the bedroom, and slowly opened the door. I looked in at him with the help of the ceiling lamp in the hall, casting a gentle light over his still body. I could see his eye's closed, and his chest gently rising up and down as his breathing was very still, signaling me he had dozed-off.

I quietly closed the door and made my way over to him, as I simultaneous caught a whiff of rain on the gentle breeze that was blowing ever so softly in from the balcony door. I walked around to the far side of the bed, and as I lifted the covers, I began to hear the soft raindrops on the roof, and on the balcony just outside our room.

I got a little chill, as I was still in shorts and a tank-top....actually a basketball jersey, but for all intents and purposes, the same thing. I eased myself under the covers, and pulled them back over the both of us. Once done, I looked down on my charge, and took a guilty pleasure in just staring at him, with his long blonde silk covering half of his face.

I have to be honest, and would be lying if I said I was not mesmerized. I gently brushed back his hair with my fingers to uncover his delicate face, that was ever so easy to get lost in. Then I brushed his soft cheeks with the back of my hand, before I lost my battle with my emotions, and took the bait.

I slowly and delicately lowed my head down, and softly and purposefully laid my lips against his, as I closed my eyes and saw stars. I continued to kiss his soft puffy lips, that had a hint of salt, perhaps for a good bit longer than I should have. But I accepted that responsibility wholeheartedly, as I was quite aware that I may never get the chance again. And perhaps it may be a one time wonder that may never repeat itself.

Whatever was to be the case, or the aftermath, it was everything that I could have ever imagined or thought it would be. I had butterfly's in my stomach, and felt a rush of blood to my head. The emotional, heartfelt feelings I felt from this moment, and for him in particular, were both overpowering and physically unmatched to anything I have ever experienced up to that point.

As the rain began to splatter even harder and louder, I opened my eye's just as there was a flash of lightning. I was blinded temporarily for a few seconds, and just then the accompanying thunder could be heard, as it vibrated throughout the room. As my vision was restored, I focused on my companions face, and became aware that his eye's had opened at some point, and he was looking directly into me, through my eyes. I was caught red-handed, and I was motionless and frozen. I couldn't move or speak, and if I could, I would not have known what to say.

I wasn't scared, and it wasn't fear that I felt per say. But it was something that I was not sure of. It was as if I didn't have the words to explain my feelings or my actions. And whats more, I wasn't even sure at that point what my feelings were, or why I did what I did. None the less, we continued with our simultaneous gaze at one another, and Tanner looked as bewildered as I was. But I could tell whereas I was more shocked, he appeared more confused. In any case, after an awkward minute or so, Tanner finally spoke, “I don't understand Nika, what are you doing?”

I replied as best I could, as the words came out of my mouth without enough air, or force, as if I were trying to talk after getting the wind knocked out of me, “I'm, I'm, not really sure Tanner? I'm really, really, sorry. Please forgive me, I had no right to do that. I'm very sorry Tanner.”

Then, just as I felt at my lowest, like pond-scum, or toilet-water. Tanners confused, puzzled look went to one of mischief, as a smile slowly rolled across his face, and he began to laugh. I couldn't help but see the absurdity of our situation, and began to laugh as well. After a short fit of gentle laughter, we both quieted down, as the moment turned stoic.

We continued to stare into one anothers eye's, and the mood had turned serious once again, I felt the palm of Tanner's hand cup the back of my neck. Then, still hovering over him, I watched silently, and still in awe of this earth angel. I saw his eye's close and felt his hand pull my head and neck down towards his face, as our lips meet once again, and this time there was no mistaking it.

I mean there was no mistaking the unquestionable love and passion that we both felt for one another at that moment. We continued to make-out for what seemed like an eternity. But in truth, neither of us would be able to admit we had enough. As we broke our kiss, and our mouths came apart, we both took in some deep breaths. After the quick pause to catch our breath, and the ever so slight pause to re-access the situation, we both looked into each others eyes, and both saw a flag of surrender as well.

As if throwing caution to the wind, or walking off a plank, we both gave in simultaneously to the overpowering sensations and attraction we felt for one another. After having time to ponder our predicament, and taking into consideration our situation, we both clearly understood what was happening and why things were unfolding the way they were. And we both not only accepted it, but also cherished the fact that we were there in that place and time, to be there for one another. To save one another, and heal something that was tearing away at us, and torturing the both of us.

For Tanner, it was his yearning for not only physical love and acceptance. But also for the emotional love and caring that he had been starved for all those years of growing up. And for me, it was being able to be there to help someone and heal someone that I genuinely loved and cared for, much like what Sequoia had done for me. I felt like I was making a difference, and doing something right for a neglected friend. Somehow making the world a better place, even if it was just one little corner, and only one young friend.

But I also knew as this was all occurring, and the passion was being released, that his confidence was also growing, and being built up within him as well. And I could feel it both in my thoughts, my twinergy, and the physical way in which he was conducting himself. Going from a scarred, confused little kid, as I sensed from him immediately after I initially kissed him. To a hungry lion, that now took control, as he rolled me over onto my back and began to take charge. Kissing me all the harder, as I increased the strength of the grasp in which I had my arms around him.

I was just about to exert myself and take back the lead role, seeing as I am older, and more experienced (barely). When I had a second thought, and froze that action. Instead, I let Tanner just have his way, as I could tell he was not only satisfying a lifetimes worth of loneliness and neglect. And was drinking in as much passion as he could handle, but he was also stepping up and taking a chance.

And the confidence and self esteem I could see and feel that he was building from this, dwarfed any superiority, or pecking order that I felt I was due. In the grand scheme of our rendezvous, his well-being and confidence trumped my status of being a little older and superior within our group. And therefor I gladly accepted the more passive role, and took a backseat for his state of mind.

We continued to carry on like this for quite some time. And we were both lost in a love and passion that was so urgent and so deep, that we lost sight of anything other than our need for one another.

The rain had begun to come down in buckets. And the center of the storm was close, and perhaps right on top of us. As the lightning flashes were almost constant, and the thunder was ear-shattering, and occurred almost immediately after the lightning flashes. The wind blew the door to the balcony wide open as it slammed against the wall. Through the flashes of lightning you could see the rain through the dark, blowing into the room and coating the hardwood floors with a slick sheen of water. And while all this was happening, I couldn't determine which storm was more intense, the one outside our room, or the one taking place under our covers?

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