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Chapter 18

Part 5

Out of the Frying Pan & into the Fire and/or How to save our Bacon?

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake (18.5) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

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Chapter 18 Pt. 5

I did take the opportunity though to ask him, “So what does your family call you Tanner? I mean is it Badnews, Barbie, or do they even have a nickname for you?”

Tanner: “Yah, but I ain't tellin.”

Nika: “Common, you owe me at least that much.”

Tanner: “No way, I already have too many nicknames as it is.”

Nika: “How bout a hint?”

Tanner: “No. But is has to do with my whole name.”

Nika: “I'll bet Tasha and Dakota know what it is. I'll just ask one of them.”

Tanner: “Hey, that's not fair Nika!”

Nika: “Hahaha!”

Tanner: “Whatever! I just hope you and Cody are really sure about what we just talked about, and it's really OK?”

Nika: “I'm never gonna just sleep around on Cody, nor will he. But your different Tanner, your like our family. To the whole Posse, but you're like me and Cody's family in a special way too. You're one of us, and what's more, like I said, we had talked about it before hand. Someday Cody is gonna take me and make love to me. Real love, you know what I'm talking about?”

Tanner: “Haha, yahhhh! I know what you're talking about Nika!” As he let out a beautiful little laugh, and that old Tanner spark and smile came back to his face.

Nika: “And we'll make love to each other. And it'll be beautiful and special, because we love each other. And so we're saving ourselves for each other for that type of love to happen. But that's not what we did Tanner. That's not what happened between us. And so long as that doesn't happen, we, you and I, and Cody too, can do pretty much whatever we want to. I can even do this if I want to,” as I lifted up tanners hand and took his pointer finger, unfolded it to where it was sticking out, and took it into my mouth and sucked it for a few seconds.

Tanner let out a giant laugh, followed by a long giggle and pulled his finger back as he squirmed around still snuggled with me, and said, “Hahaha, haha Nika, your such a dork. I didn't expect that, but are you serious?”

Nika: “Yah, if I wanted too. But I can't just yet till I do that with Cody first. And that may be a while from now....ok?”

Tanner: “Yah ok. I wasn't asking for that..... ya know,” as his face began to turn red.

Nika: “I know buddy. Just tryin to cheer you up a little and get you to laugh is all.”

Tanner was now in full-on happy mode, joking, and laughing as we snuggled and wrestled around under the covers. Our tummies pulled on each other as we were connected there from the sticky mess from earlier, that had dried over the last half hour or so. As we pulled away from each other, our stomachs began to separate, as if pulling the peel away from an orange. So it kinda tickled and we both laughed when we “peeled” ourselves apart from one another. Tanner grabbed me again and wrapped his arms back around me and said, “Good thing we don't squirt Crazy Glue.....huh Nika?”

I replied, “Fuck Yah, otherwise after our very first squirt, our pee-holes would be sealed shut and we'd never be able to pee or squirt again.”

Tanner: “Wow, I didn't think of that. Think if I did it in your mouth, then you wouldn't be able to open your mouth to eat again.”

Nika: “Hahaha, and what if I did it in your butt Tanner?”

Tanner: “Hahaha-haha, then my butt would be sealed-off....hey, then we could do that to Blake, so no more stink!”

Nika: “Ya, that would eliminate a lot of his rotten egg farts, wouldn't it?

Tanner: “We'd all be down for that Nika.”

Nika: “Yah, but which one of us would be stuck doing it?”

Tanner: “With Blake? Nooo....uhhhhh, you!”

Nika: “Uhhh, no!”

Tanner: “Hahaha, haha, not me Nika, not there!”

Nika: “You sound a lot happier Tanner. Your laughing again. How do you feel?”

Tanner: “The way I always feel when I'm around you and your family Nika. Like I belong. Like there's someplace in the world I can go to and be happy. Like you love me and I'm family.”

Nika: “You are family Tanner. You always will be. And I'll make you a promise too, if you agree to something?”

Tanner: “Anything Nika, all you have to do is ask. I'll do anything for you.....anything you want,” as he took the back of my hand and rubbed it against his own cheek.

I took his hand to my face and kissed it, then looked at him straight in the eye's one more time. And I could tell this time there was no shame and no fear, so I said, “My family is now yours Tanner. Tash and Sasha love you very much. And I'll never abandon you, or shun you. And I'll always be there for you in whatever capacity that you desire or need me.......any what-so-ever! And all I ask in return is that you try and control your temper, and stop lashing out at people. And refrain from getting the rest of us involved in fights.”

Tanner: “I promise Nika,” as he leaned into my face and kissed me on the cheek, while we continued to cuddle under the blankets.

Nika: “That means no name calling, and no demeaning girls and women Tanner.”

Tanner: “I know.”

Nika: “And no putting down the Sheriffs, or bad names to overweight people, or ethnic slurs either....ok goofball?”

Tanner: “Yah, I get it Nika. I don't have anything against anyone anyway.....don't you know that?”

Nika: “Yah, I know that and can feel that Tanner. But they don't. And some of the things you say can be pretty hurtful. A lot of my friends at school are either overweight, African American, Latino, and maybe even gay. So we can't have you running around like a lose cannon next year in middle school as one of us, representing our group, and hurting people we care about. Or people we don't know either for that matter.”

Tanner: “I know Nika, I'll change. I'll try real hard, but it won't happen overnight.”

Nika: “We know that Tanner, any habit-pattern needs time to be shed once your aware that you need to break it. Just show us you're trying is all. And another thing?”

Tanner: “What's that Nika?”

Nika: “I'm not suggesting we turn our pit-bull into a poodle either Barbie. If someone gets up in your face, or comes after you, don't you dare cower or hide. You stand tall and fight, and we'll be right there next to you to kick their asses. You're one of us and we're all there for you Tanner. All for one!”

Tanner: “And one for ALL!”

Nika: “Yup,” as I began to tickle his sides while rolling over on top of him.

Tanner: “Aghhhhhh, Agghhh Nika, Hahahaha-haha stop, Hahaha-haha NIKA STOPPP, I'm gonna pee if you don't Stop Now!”

I let go of him as he calmed down, but we just couldn't be separated this particular evening, as we snuggled back together again. We both turned to face the balcony door, with me behind him. As we both looked out at the rain continuing to come down, although not quite as hard as before. I spooned up behind him, still both naked as can be. And wrapped my arms around him as I pushed my nose into his hair, before taking in a deep breath. “Ahhhh Tanner!”

Tanner: “What Nika?”

Nika: “You smell sooo damn good, I can't even believe it,” as I petted the soft blonde hairs on his arms.

Tanner: “Thanks Nika, that feels real good!”

Nika: “Yah, Cody likes that a lot too.”

Tanner: “Can I ask you something Nika?”

Nika: “Of course you can.”

Tanner: “Did you know all this was gonna happen tonight? Did you plan it all out this way?”

Nika: “Haha, no way. Only that we'd have a chance to talk, and that maybe that would help. Definitely not the love making stuff, I kinda thought you were too screwed up earlier to even consider that. Why do you ask?”

Tanner: “Cause, whenever we're together, and I'm hurting, you help. You make it all go away. I just wondered how it is you do that?”

Nika: “I can't say fer sure, only that's it's easy when I love someone.”

Tanner: “Well it worked. Especially after our love, I felt like shit. You fixed that perfect.”

Nika: “That was actually the easy part.”

Tanner: “What do you mean?”

Nika: “Do you remember the first time you squirted stuff, or had an orgasm?”

Tanner: “Haha, yah, why?”

Nika: “Did you feel guilty after, or shame?”

Tanner: “Yah, a little, but doesn't everybody?”

Nika: “I don't know Tanner, but I did, and I think most people do as well. It only makes sense you might feel that way after sex when you first start. Like you did something wrong.”

Tanner: “Yah, that's the way I felt when we did it in your room that morning.”

Nika: “Yup, so all I had to do was bring that to your attention. Along with the fact that I loved it, and that it was a really, really, good thing, and nothing to be ashamed of.”

Tanner: “Thanks Nika, I love you!”

Nika: “I love you as well Tanner. Let's take a little nap, and we can talk again later. You kinda wore me out Barbie!”

We began to fall asleep, as we held one another listening to the rain fall on the balcony outside. The air blowing in was cold, but it was warm and safe in our little lair under the covers. And while we both winded down, and our breathing became more and more shallow, I couldn't help but almost feel like I was holding Sasha. I mean, they are both about the same size, and remarkably both smell very similar.

But whereas I feel a sense of peace and a lifetime of unquestionable love and devotion to Sasha when we embraced, this feeling was different. It was similar in a lot of ways, as far as feeling safe, and an unconditional love. But there was another element there as well.

It was almost a metal that was forged between family and intimacy. It was a feeling that was just below the surface, and was picking at me, and arousing my curiosity in a way that was mesmerizing. It delayed my falling asleep, as it peeked my interest, and would not go away.

I continued to smell the back of Tanners head of hair and take in his scent, while I thought to Sasha and Cody, as my visions alternated between the three of them. It took me a little while to realize it. But what was itching at me was, that even though Cody and I had discussed Tanner and his delicate situation, I had not clearly defined just who and what he is. And what the exact role was that he played in our relationship with one another, and just how he fit in.

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