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Chapter 19

Part 1

Tanner's Found a Home and/or Where's there's Smoke, there's Fire!

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake (19.1) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

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Chapter 19 Pt. 1

But whereas I feel a sense of peace and a lifetime of unquestionable love and devotion to Sasha when we embraced, this feeling was different. It was similar in a lot of ways, as far as feeling safe, and an unconditional love. But there was another element there as well.

It was almost a metal that was forged between family and intimacy. It was a feeling that was just below the surface, and was picking at me, and arousing my curiosity in a way that was mesmerizing. It delayed my falling asleep, as it peeked my interest, and would not go away.

I continued to smell the back of Tanners head of hair and take in his scent, while I thought to Sasha and Cody, as my visions alternated between the three of them. It took me a little while to realize it. But what was itching at me was, that even though Cody and I had discussed Tanner and his delicate situation, I had not clearly defined just who and what he is. And what the exact role was that he played in our relationship with one another, and just how he fit in.

Then, as I thought about growing up with Sasha and Cody, it happened. It became as clear to me as a mountain view on a sunny day. And it put a smile across my face for the ages, and more importantly, put my soul to rest. I thought how before Sequoia and Tanner came along, the two most important things in my life were Sasha and Cody. And my love for them is most intense, and eternal. But at the same time, it is also different, yet defined.

Sasha is my little brother, real little brother, from the same womb. And we therefor have a bond that can never be broken. Cody, on the other hand is the love of my life. My present, and my future, and possibly my lifetime mate. When Sequoia came along, he was like an adopted little brother, but at the same time, an idiot savant. Smarter and more wise than myself. Then he became my blood-brother, and a partner in a most intense gift.

But for all the defining characteristics of my three amigos, along came a fourth that I had not yet pinned a label on. And that in itself is what was troubling me. But that's also what put the smile on my face. While I laid there itching that scratch, I stumbled upon it, and it was as easy as pie. Tanner somehow fit into my life in a way that was not asked for, or expected. He was the crossroads between Sasha and Cody, and that is why he was such a draw to me. Almost like a moth to a flame. Ok, maybe a bad analogy, but none the less, you get the idea.

He is the little brother, much the way that Sasha is. But he is gay, and attractive to me, much the way that Cody is. Yet he is also younger than me.....barely at that. So whereas Cody is a little older than me, and with a bigger body frame, he in a way takes the lead in our relationship....especially physically. Whereas Tanner, is younger and smaller, and with him I'm a little more in control. And whereas Sasha is obviously off-limits, thanks to my talk, and help from sequoia. Tanner is per Cody, and our own decree. Cody gives me that feeling of being, ummm, maybe a little younger and venerable, whereas Tanner gets that feeling from me. Where with Cody, I feel like we have a strong, happy relationship, that is equal, but I also feel safe, and under his care sometimes. And it is very comforting, and healthy. But I think I've missed the feeling of caregiver, like with Tanner. Whereas with Cody, he gets that feeling when spooning me and holding me close.

And that's our natural “cuddle/snuggle position.” It's not the other way round, never has been....never will be. He's always behind me, spooning, in control, and it works for both of us. The other way round just wouldn't feel natural. But with that arrangement (as far back as first grade on sleepovers), and even with the feeling of safety, I couldn't help but feel something was missing.

Even with the way I spooned Sasha when we cuddled and slept, I somehow seemed to be missing something that was a combination of Cody's love and lead role, and Sasha's venerability and want. And that is how Tanner somehow wormed his way into my psyche. He was the chance for me to be a mentor, and do him some good. But also my chance to play the lead role that Cody doe's for me (even if I did allow Tanner to take over that role in a confidence boost earlier this evening).

So now, my mind is at ease, and I can't wait to discuss it with Cody, and then Sequoia when I see him again, and get their take on my revelation. But, everything would have to wait, as just then I slid under the surface of consciousness, as I fell under it's spell.

I drifted off into the night, that was held together by the want's and needs of a very desperate, yet at the moment content blonde boy. And the other, slightly older blonde boy that was responsible for changing his world for the better, and quite a bit happier for making that change happen.....both emotionally, and physically!

~A few hours later (aka 11:15)!~

I awoke to feel some tapping on my forehead. And as I woke up, I tried to focus in the dim light. Someone was standing before me, and I was trying to make out who it was as I strained a little to lift my head, and blink my eye's. Then I heard Cody's laugh, and kinda giggled myself. I had a fleeting thought of panic, as I was still holding Tanner close to me, as he was still out cold. I could hear rain in the background, but not as loud as before, and the lightning and thunder were gone. I said in a horsey voice, “Cody? Is that you Cody?”

Cody: “Yah, it's me buddy. How are you and Barbie doing. Is he ok?”

Nika: “Yah, he's just sleepy and in need of some rest is all.”

Cody: “You guys been sleeping a long time?”

Nika: “Yah, mostly twinner, but I'd be lying if I didn't tell you we got the dry-hump on again.....a lie of omission anyway. Where's Sash and the others?”

Cody: “Uh, Nika?”

Nika: “Yah Codes, sup?”

Sasha: “Ummm, I'm right here, behind Cody, big brother.”

Nika: “Oh, shit!”

Blake: “Me too Nika.”

Nika: “Double shit!”

Cody: “Sorry Nika, that's why I didn't say anything, I kinda figured it may have unfolded that way. Even if you didn't”

Blake: “IIIII Don't Even Wanna Know, I'll be downstairs you guys. Haha, nighty-night Nika!”

Nika: “Yah, night Blake.” Then looking back to Cody, “ So we kool with it twinner?”

Cody: “Yah, of course we are, just kinda a little jealous is all.”

Sasha: “Ughhhh, that's my cue as well you guys. One of you better tell me what's going on with Tanner sooner or later, this is just getting too interesting.”

Nika: “Aren't you sleeping in here with him tonight Sasha?”

Sasha: “Ummm, not now Nika. I think he's your responsibility tonight.”

Nika: “But I'm supposed to be staying with Cody in the other room.”

Cody: “I think Sash is right Nika, you don't just do something like that and run. Besides, he still needs you.”

Nika: “Give me my clothes, there on the floor on top of Tanners, I wanna get up.”

Sasha: “Can't Nika.”

Nika: “Why?”

Cody: “Cause there in the dryer, we used em to wipe up the floor. That and some towels. You two left the balcony door open and the floor was flooded. Buck would had a fit if he saw it. Lucky it didn't warp the hardwood floors.”

Nika: “Fuck it, it turned out OK. What's everyone doing?”

Cody: “Downstairs drinking draft beer and Buck put in some western episodes on the DVD.”

Nika: “Just like usual. Bet he's got a raging fire going as well.”

Sasha: “Heck yah he does. And Garrett’s got the grill going in the kitchen cooking steak, and potatoes, and garlic bread in the oven.”

Cody: “Yah Nika, you want I bring you guys up some food when it's done? I can bring your other clothes in from our room if you want too?”

Nika: “Nah, I'm still good from the Mexican least till morning when he cooks up chicken fried steak and eggs, potatoes, bacon, and biscuits and gravy.”

Sasha: “Fuck Nika, You got it down, don't you?”

Nika: “You know he will Sasha.”

Cody: “Well, what do you want us to tell everyone?”

Nika: “Just tell them that Tanner's still under the weather, and I'm out for the night. And it'd probably be a good idea if you brought my dry cloths in here later and just put them on the dresser so I can change.”

Cody: “Sure thing, what about Tanners?”

Nika: “There in his bag, over against the wall. It was dry over there, so they should be fine.”

Cody: “Alright Nika, so I'll see you two in the morning then.”

Sasha: “Hey, what about me, I was supposed to sleep in here with Tanner?”

Nika: “I guess you get to share a room with Cody tonight Sash.”

Cody: “I'm not so sure that's a good idea Nika, I'll sleep on the couch downstairs you guys.”

Sasha: “Why Cody, we've slept with each other lot's of times? Like at the hospital.”

Cody: “Yah Sash, but there's a reason that tonight isn't a good idea, trust me.”

Nika: “Haha, yah Sash, I think I know what he means, so you should probably just let it go.”

The light went on in Sasha's mind just then. It took a while, but none the less Sasha understood that Cody was longing for physical contact, and that Cody was attracted to him. Therefor it was his polite way of informing him, that it would literally drive him crazy all night being in the same bed with him. I finally said, “Cody, this bed is huge, why not just crawl in here with me when you crash later?”

Cody: “You sure Nika, you don't mind?

Nika: “Fuck Cody? Mind, I'm your boyfriend man! We belong together, if anything, Tanner should be asking if you mind if he stays, not the other way round. But he's asleep, and it's his room....he and Sash.” Then, playfully I looked at Cody, then down at Tanner, and said, “I know, Tanner, you mind if me and Cody stay in here with you tonight?”

Cody: “He's just snoring Nika.”

Nika: “Sounded like a yes to me Cody. What do you think Sash?”

Sasha: “Yup, definitely a yes you guys.....haha.”

Cody: “Ok then, I'll be up in an hour or two when were done eating and watching TV. Gonna sap a couple beers too.”

Sasha: “Kool, I get the room with the hot-tub all to myself....score! I'm gonna get it real hot and skinny-dip in there before I go to bed.”

Nika: “Alright guys, goodnight Sash.”

Sasha: “Yah-yah, whatever. I got the best room!”

Nika: “See you a bit later than Cody, I'll be passed out by then though.”

Cody: “That's OK,” as Cody leaned down and kissed me hard on the lips, and he slipped his tongue into my mouth and we shared a long, and long overdue kiss. It felt like something lost was found again, and I couldn't wait for more. Even if I didn't know when that “more” would be, and even though we just totally disgusted my little brother, as he pinched his nose with his fingers, with a disgusted look on his face, and said, “YUK, that's nasty you two!”

Anyway, they both left the room, as I drifted back off to sleep with Tanner, along with his future, firmly wrapped in my arms!

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