Date: Sun, 22 June 2008

From: Cody <>

Twinergy and Boys of Clear Lake

Chapter 2:

Coming out for a BBQ!

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake (2) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

Copyright is to me, and this story may not be reproduced anywhere without my prior permission.

Chapter 2

The wind was blowing and the branches on trees were swaying back and forth. It wasn't an outright cold wind, but it was chilly as it had to be at least 2:00 or 3:00 O'clock in the morning. You could still feel the moisture in the air from the rain earlier. Large clouds passed back and forth over the full moon, alternating our light from dark to a recognizable glow allowing us to make out our surroundings. The wind was picking up even more. It was a strange and moody night, evoking thoughts of Halloween. I kept looking up at the moon expecting to see a witch on a broom move across the large glowing orb. I moved to my left so I could see out the door of my tree house, and there was Cody's back in the entryway. I could make out that he was peeing over the edge of the flooring onto the deck and into the pool below. One thing my tree house didn't come equipped with was a bathroom, and when boys drink beer, boys havta peeee!

I was just getting up off my ass to join, or replace him since he was almost done, when a big gust came up and I heard a loud snap. I froze momentarily suspecting what the noise was, and if I was correct, there would be a loud thud in a matter of 2 or 3 seconds. It had startled Cody too, as he turned his head to look back at me with a half-ass smile, and a raised eyebrow. Just then the broken limb that I suspected would hit the roof, flew in from a right angle and hit Cody right on the front corner of his head. I screamed out his name, and ran forward as his body broke the 4 foot high wooden railing on the edge of the floor. He dropped the can in his hand and grabbed what was left of the broken rail. I could see a thick stream of blood running down the side of his face and his shorts had slid down around his ankles. He hadn't finished peeing and he couldn't pull them up. I could see the broken railing in his hand was about to snap, and I dove onto the floor and grabbed his right wrist with my left hand just as he was about to drop to the concrete deck below. I was in panic mode and adrenaline was coursing through me full-on as I looked down to see panic and sheer terror in his eyes and across his face.

I screamed for him to hold on, and it began to sprinkle again, as water began to stream down my arm to my hand. I turned my head up to look at the sky and could see the moon in the background illuminate the falling drops of rain that were getting bigger and bigger. I turned back to Cody and in slow motion I could see him screaming, "DONT LET GO NIKA, PLEASE DONT LET GO"! I was holding onto him as tight as I could with my left hand, and my right hand was holding onto the edge of the doorstop at the entryway that I dared not let go of, or we would both go over the edge. As my left hand and his right wrist became wetter and wetter from the rain, I began to lose my grip. I was helpless and in a position that one hopes they never find themselves in. I was the determining factor as to whether my best friend and soul mate lives or dies. (Or if we were lucky, just seriously injured).

I began to cry and could feel my lower lip quivering involuntarily, and I was screaming for Cody to hold on tighter. In a panic I began trying to swing him back and forth so that maybe when he let go and slipped through my hand, it would be enough to clear him a couple of feet to the left of the concrete and he would land safely in the pool below. It was a desperate plan that was seriously flawed. And I was aware it had very little chance of success, but it was the only course of action left to me that withstood a glimmer of hope.

I was losing my grip, we both knew it, and we stared into each others eyes, both wide in utter terror, knowing what the outcome was going to be, and I felt helpless. I could see in his face that he knew he was close to death, as did I, and that neither of us could do a thing to cheat it. I screamed and clinched my teeth and made one last attempt to squeeze his wrist, but he began to slid through my grasp as the water felt like oil. In unison we both screamed, "I LOVE YOU NIKA/CODY" as his wrist cleared my hand and he went plummeting to the ground below with his feet dangling and his arms flailing in the air. I looked up in the sky and screamed, “WHY GOD....WHY?” as I felt the rain hitting my face.

Then, I began feeling woozy and began to see light in the background, and could make out Blake's face mouthing, “Nika, wake up Nika!” And there was my brother Sasha crying in the background holding a cup. I came to and sat up in a flash and yelled ,“WHAT THE F&%$, , WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING? and where is Cody, IS HE OK?”

Blake said, "Relax Nika, just lay back, you'll be fine. I'm sure Cody is fine and at home, or on his way over here right now". I could feel my face, which was wet along with my hair, and-- wait a minute, along with my pillows and headboard? I said, "WTF is happening"? I could hear thunder and see lightning flashes in the background, reflecting off the shinny wood of my bedroom walls. It was another brief thunderstorm passing through again.

Blake sat beside me and put his arm around me and began to rub my shoulder and said, "Just relax for a minute and catch your breath. Its gonna be OK, this shit happens to the twins all the time". I could see Sasha with his back to the wall almost hyperventilating, scared to death, still holding a cup.

Your Mom sent Sasha up to wake you up to get cleaned up and ready for the BBQ. You overslept. When he got up here you were sweating and screaming something about, “Hold On and I love you!” You were terrified, so Sasha began to shake you back and forth and it only made it worse. So he panicked and went into your guy's bathroom and filled up a cup with water and threw it on your face. When that didn't stop you, he ran downstairs to get help, and when he made it down to the top of the second floor I was just walking in. He screamed for me to follow him, it was an emergency and he looked really frightened. He started back up the stairs yelling that there was something wrong with you. When I got up here, I started slapping your face and shaking you. You just had a really, really bad dream Nika. One hell of a nightmare.”

I said, "Holy shit, it was terrible Blake, I never felt so helpless in my life. I'm still shaking. Shit, and it feels like I wet my shorts!"

I looked under my blanket. "Shit, I did and it leaked through to my sheets.....F&*%!

Blake still had his arm around me rubbing my shoulder as I rested my head against his. "Thanks for being here and waking me up Blake!"

"No worries Nika, I've had a lot of practice, just be still and relax. Take some deep breaths and you'll be fine."

I could tell he had a lot of practice at this, overseeing the twins so much. His parents weren't as well off as mine and some of my other friends, and they both worked real hard. Blake was the daytime parent to Wesley and Travis since he was 12 or so. He felt strong and reassuring. As tough and sarcastic as he could be at times, living up to his enforcer image, he also had a gentle, brotherly, grown-up side that came out when it needed to. And we've all seen it. He had kept the peace very well over the years amongst our posse, and everyone respected and recognized his status as the responsible one without question. (With a small exception for Jace of course, but you'll learn about that later).

Just then I noticed Sasha still up against the wall breathing hard and quite upset. I said, "Oh shit Sasha", and jumped off the bed and ran over to him. I pulled him up to me and wrapped him in a hug, and whispered in his ear, "Are you all right little buddy? I'm sorry, but I almost forgot about you!”

"I thought you were gonna die Nika. I'm sorry I threw water all over you and your bed.”

"Its OK Sash, you were brave and did what you had to do. If you failed me, you would have done nothing at all. But you tried your best, and when you couldn't do more, you went and got my big brother”. (Blake kinda was at times.) “Besides, you were braver than me, here, look at my shorts, they're wet and yours are dry.....right?”

He giggled and let out a little laugh signaling me that he was gonna be OK, and that was exactly the reaction I was looking for.

I said, "Sash, go ahead and change for the BBQ and go downstairs. Blake and I will be down in a little while.”

He said OK and I gave him another hug and he was on his way. I went back to my bed and sat down, and rested for a minute.

"You did really good right there with Sasha, Nika."

"What do you mean Blake?”

"The way you showed your feelings for him and how you cared and thanked him for being there for you. A lot of brothers wouldn't have given him the time of day. You put his feelings and well being above yourself and even humbled yourself with the wet shorts to put him at ease, and that's rare. A lot of guys would be afraid he'd use that against you and make fun of you for it."

"I don't know Blake, but somehow I know he won't. I mean he's a hand full and a major pain in the ass sometimes, but mostly, when push comes to shove, we've always stuck together, and the same thing goes for Tasha too. I guess he may be a pain in the ass sometimes, but he's MY pain in the ass. And he sees it the same way as me."

"Well, whatever it is, it's special, and I like the way you treat him. And Sasha is a good kid, and a damn bit easier to mentor then my twin terrors!”

"You know Blake, a lot of the things I've learned and the psychology I use to deal with Sasha comes from what I pick up on by watching you with Travis and Wesley. So you'd have to give yourself part of the credit. I think we all learn quite a bit more from you than you're willing to take credit for. And I don't mean just how to shot-gun a beer or blow a smoke ring...haha! Besides, the twins are a handful, and more high maintenance than any of us or our siblings, but you know deep down, they're good and caring, just like you. And just like you, it's something they try to hide and not let on about!”

With that, Blake smiled and said "Whatever, quit sucking up to me fool, you're getting too mushy."

I smiled and could tell he was starting to get emotional and needed to bring us both back to normal a little.

"So, Nika" Blake said as he shut my bedroom door and locked it, "What's up with that dream, and that “I Love You Cody, you blurted out!” I mean, I know it was a nightmare, and a bad one too, but don't tell me there's not something else going on because I'm not stupid. You two have always been the closest of all of us, but for the last few months something has been going on that I can't quite put my finger on. You guys are like out of your rhythm or outta sync somehow.”

"I don't know what you mean Blake, it was just a bad dream and we're fine. Nothings happening that-"

"STOP IT, stop it right now. Somethings not right, and I know it, so don't give me the everything's fine bullshit. You can sit there and ferment in your wet stinky shorts and undies till you feel like talking."

"What the f&%$ Blake. Maybe it is something, but it's no big deal and it's none of your business!"

"Well, I'm making it my business, and it affects all of us, so when thats the case, it is my business. Besides, I know you two idiots, and your both stubborn and hard headed. So if I don't butt in, you two may be acting this way till your Senior year. So tell me what's going on in your head, and why you're having nightmares about your best friend and wetting the bed. Besides, in all the years we've talked to each other about all the krazy shit we've done, have we ever judged each other, or spilled to anyone what we've talked about?”


"What, I can't hear you"!



"I said NO!”

"OK then, the stage is yours."

"All right fool, but this better stay in this room, and if you even laugh a little, then I'm done and that's it...OK?”

"I don't know, maybe” he said with a smirk, “I'll decide when you're through pee-boy."


"Well, come on, start talking, I wanna go down and eat!”

"OK, well, I think I love Cody. There!"

"You think you love Cody...Duhhhh. No shit, you two little wussies have loved each other since kindergarten...dumb ass."

"No Blake, the last few months he's started looking different to me, and I get weird feelings, and feelings in my stomach, and in my dream I dreamed he was slipping through my fingers hanging off my tree house, and I couldn't save him. I thought he was gonna die. I don't mean I love Cody, I think I'm in love WITH Cody! And I'm afraid he won't love me back, and that everyone can see the way I feel and that they know what I'm thinking!”

"Whoaaa dude! Wow!”

"So, is that all you can say? Am I a freak now, and are you gonna tell everyone?”

"Shut up fool, you know better than that. I just didn't think we'd be having this conversation. At least not like this."

"What do you mean, not like this?”

"I mean I knew I'd be having this conversation at some point, sure as shit! But, not with you!”

"What, not with me what? What the F%*# are you talking about Blake? With who then, who were you gonna have this conversation with? Who Blake? Blake. Blake Who?”

"Wow, you are about as naive as they come Nika, are you for real?”

"Tell me”

"No one can see through you Nika, and no one can tell what you're thinking. And trust me, I think you're doing a lot of worrying for nothing. Actually, I know you are."

"What does that mean Blake, I'm getting tired of this!”

"Ok Nika, let me spell it out for you Cub Scout! Cody is the one who I thought I'd be having this conversation with, that everyone thought I'd be having this conversation with. And he's the one who's been acting like an idiot for almost two years now, and he's the one that acts weird around you and can't take his eyes off you. He's the one that we all have discussed and thought I'd be having to have this conversation with. You were the X-factor, the one that no one was sure of. Of how you'd react!”

"Bullshit Blake, You're F*$%ING with Me and it's not funny!”

"No Nika, I'm not. It's Soo obvious-- to everyone but you! Even your little brother knows it, and the twins too. Even my parents notice it, Nika. Ask Tasha, your sister and her friends know. Everyone knows but you. He's been in love with you for years. And your dream, it makes perfect sense. You were alone with him, probably gonna talk to him about how you felt, and then, you felt like you were losing him and he was slipping through your fingers. You were, or are afraid he wasn't gonna feel the same he was dying to you?”

"Yah, yah right. We were gonna talk about it in my tree house after everyone else leaves tonight. Wow, that's what my dream was about!”

"Yah, dreams are wicked weird Nika. To be a good brother to the twins, I started to get good at interpreting their dreams, and even go on-line to learn more about how to interpret them."

"So if what your saying is true, if you and everyone else is right, then Cody's gay and is in love with me. And I have nothing to worry about?”

"No, thats not what I said jackass. He could be bi, but thats at the very least. And before you talk to him about this, you better think real hard and make sure you're right about how you told me you feel. And it's not just a phase your going through. Cause if you get him to open up about the last few years and how he's felt about you, and change your mind later about how you feel about him, it'll crush him!”

"OK. So what about you Blake? How do you feel about what I told you and me being gay or bi?”

"I'm happy and relieved Nika. I, or we I mean, already pretty much knew Cody was, and the rest of us for the most part guessed you weren't, except for the twins for some reason. They always insisted you were at least bi. Funny those two idiots were the only ones who were right. Your kinda hard to see through, and you always have had the most girls flirting with you, so it threw us all off!”

"But why are you relieved Blake?”

"Because now, the break-up isn't gonna happen, and we'll all still be one big happy posse."

"What break-up?”

"Think about it, If and when Cody finally came clean, and you had to tell him you weren't interested in that type of love with him, it was gonna be devastating. And no matter how good of friends you are, something was bound to change. Now you guys both get to have your cake, and eat it too! Anyways, our secret, like I said. So it's up to you to decide what you want to do and when. So hit the shower and get dressed for the BBQ. I'm gonna leave my board shorts up here to change into later when we go swimming. But the smell of the food is driving me krazy, so I'm going downstairs and fill up a couple plates. Are you OK, or did you need me to stay awhile?”

"Yah, sure Blake, you can stay and wash my dick, fool! No, I'm fine, and thanks a lot. I almost feel bad for Cody now that I know all this information, he's definitely at a disadvantage!”

"Yah, he is, and he's you're best friend, so don't f^&% with him....OK?”

"Yah, no worries Blake, I won't do that, never ever!"

"OK, I'll tell everyone that you're getting ready and will be down in 15!”

Just then everything hit me at once, and I had a smile on my face that stretched from ear to ear.


"Yah, what is it?”

"Better tell everyone it'll be 20 to 25 minutes. With what I know now, I think it's gonna take me a little longer in the shower than I thought!"

"Ha ha, OK. Oh man you should see your face right now Nika. Have fun, and Congrats on your new life!”

"Thanks Blake" I ran to the front of my door and gave Blake a HUGE hug, and stood up on my tip toes and kissed him a quick peck on the lips, and said, "No, I really mean it, Thank you sooo much. If you don't know it, I love you too Blake, just differently!”

"Like your big brother!”

"Right, like my big brother Blake!”

"OK, and thanks, but Nika?”

"Yah Blake?”

"This doesn't mean you're gonna start kissing me all the time now, does it? And it better not ever be in front of anyone...OK?”

"Ha ha, yah, no worries, I got it."

"Good, see you in a bit!”

Once I heard the door close, I stripped my jersey, shorts, and underwear off, and wiped my penis and balls off a little with the dry side of my undies, as I was pretty wet. Then I walked into my bathroom and turned on the water in the shower and set the temperature. I like it lukewarm on a humid day, so the bathroom doesn't get too fogged up and it doesn't get too hot. I stepped into the shower and let the water cascade over my hair and run down my body. I felt the stress and tension start to float away, and it was replaced by a surge of energy and excitement. I didn't feel tired anymore, and maybe it was the water, but the fatigue was replaced by excitement. I felt alive and invigorated. I grabbed a washcloth and squirted some melon scented body wash into it, and began running it over my arms and chest. It felt good. I put one foot up on the tile seat and began to wash my feet and lower legs. I couldn't help but notice that the little hairs on my legs were getting a little longer although still silky soft. As I looked down at my lower legs and felt proud of my discovery, I ran the washcloth over my thighs, and when I moved it up higher and towards the inside, I noticed a familiar feeling that was somehow amplified this time. I could feel my little penis begin to expand and stiffen. It was now about half full, and leaning to the left. The base and the head were plumped up and still a little thin in the middle. But as I watched it and felt the warm water run down over me, I became very aroused, and within a few more seconds, my penis was fully erect and twitching back and forth. I ran the cloth over my balls which were loose and hanging down all the way from the warmth of the water, and then pushed the cloth into my crack and ran it upward to clean myself there. I think it was the first time I ever did that while erect, and when I brushed it against my hole, my penis jerked forward and stayed there straining for a couple seconds. It felt incredible. After I came down from the temporary rush, I did it again to see if it was a fluke, and it happened again, with my toes clinching the tile floor. A few seconds later, I dropped the cloth and pushed my middle finger in my crack and brushed the tip against the hole and WHAM, it happened again. “What have I discovered?” I wondered, and “Can other boys do this? Do other boys do this? Or is it my secret?” Ive made a lot of self discoveries in the shower over the years, but this one was GREAT, and at what a time for it to happen. I was sooo sexually charged with the discovery about Cody, and the immense arousal for him I was feeling that whole day. I began having thoughts of him in the rain again with his slick body and the sun reflecting off the hairs on his arms and legs, and somehow I just went on autopilot. I squirted some body wash on my finger, and began fingering around my tight pink hole, and turned towards the shower water spraying down on me. I leaned back, and pushed my stiff 4 inch skinny red penis forward and let a stream of water splash against it on the sensitive wrinkled area right under were my pee opening is. It felt like nothing I've ever felt before, and all the while, I continued pushing my finger around my sensitive boy pucker. While all this was happening, I was thinking of Cody's warm wet body, and that I was kissing up his legs, licking at the soft little hairs, and reaching up his shorts and stroking his rigid, wet penis, while he ran his hands through my hair. My other hand was caressing my thigh and smooth soft pubescent balls. I was moaning out loud, something I had never done in the shower before, and my penis felt electrified as it jerked back and forth violently. It felt as if it were about to burst open and explode. I felt an incredible tingle and shock as my legs began to shake, and I looked down to see it twitching as if it were alive. Then as my finger passed over my hole one last time, my penis jerked forward violently, and a long stream of hot sperm and semen erupted out of the tip as I screamed out loud leaning back against the shower wall, watching my erection jerk back and forth and continue to spray into my hair, face, neck, and chest, with the largest discharge of cum that I had ever had, let alone seen. I couldn't help but wonder, how did my little balls ever hold that much?

After the last contraction, I had to sit down for a minute and catch my breath. While I did so, I poured some shampoo into my hands and washed the sperm out of my hair. I had to repeat the process twice, and rewash the front of my body as well. Especially my soft, silky little pubic hair which was gooped up with so much of the sperm that washed down off my neck, face, and chest. I thought, "For such sparse pubes, they sure made one hell of a spooge filter!"

And WOW, if it felt this good by myself, just think how good it will feel with Cody (when and if it ever gets to happen!) I didn't care now who knew about me. I was glad Blake knew, and maybe soon the rest of the posse would know too. And of course there was Sasha and Natasha to consider.

Insane I thought. It must have been a "coming out spooge", because instead of being in a scared, confused place like where I'd been just a couple hours before, now I knew about Cody and I'd outed myself to Blake. (But according to him, the twins already knew. How, I was gonna have to find out somehow.)

Oh, and I'd had a mind blowing, life altering orgasm that was probably gonna stop up our sewer pipes, can't forget that ..... and I hoped I wasn't going to have to pay for a plumber!

Oh well, I guess this makes it a "Coming out BBQ", so hold the Hollandaise Sauce on your asparagus tonight if you're smart!

I walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, and felt a nice breeze blowing in from my balcony. It felt good, as you are always hot after a shower in the summer, no matter how you set the temperature. So I walked outside on my balcony to maximize the affect of the cool breeze. The thunderclouds of the day had cleared out, even if just temporarily. You never know how long these storms will last. And sometimes, just when you think they're gone, they can reappear out of nowhere.

I looked out on the lake, and felt the red glow that was reflecting off my face, and onto my home and the street below as the summer sun was setting on the horizon, I'd timed it perfectly. I try to be out on my balcony every day at this time to catch the sunset, this was why my room was my favorite one in the house, and my mom and dad let me move in here. Sasha has a nice view too as his room is one down from mine, but his balcony is around the corner of the house from mine. He still has a lake view and can see the sunset, but he has to look out from the side of his balcony, while I look straight out.

I had my arms on the balcony railing leaning forward watching the sunset wrapped in only my towel. And just as the sun was halfway down over the mountains on the far side of the lake, I felt a tug on my towel from behind and off it went, ending up on the deck at my feet. I turned around to look behind me to see what was up, and there was Sasha standing there smiling. I said, "Why'd you do that, dork?”

He said, "I don't know, just because!”

"How did you get in? I locked my door."

"I came in through the bathroom, you didn't lock the door leading from the bathroom to your bedroom once you were inside your room. We do share a bathroom remember?”

"How can I forget, you never remember to use the air freshener when you're done dropping wolf-bait in there you stinky lil shit!”

"Ha ha, who says I forget?”

"Ahhhh, you weasel, come here Sash!”

He walked around in front of me tripping over the towel he'd pulled off, and I spooned up behind him, still naked (we've never been too shy around each other). I wrapped my arms around him, which he always enjoys, with my nose pushed into the back of his straight blonde hair, breathing in my little brother's scent. I love him very much, maybe more than anything, and recognize his innocence and unrivaled beauty. We stood there together staring off the balcony gazing over the horizon, a moment for brothers to enjoy and to bring them closer. I somehow felt he was there for a reason and now might be as good a time as any to have a talk with him.

"You love sunsets, huh Nika?”

"Yah Sash, they're soo awesome!”

"What is it you like so much about them?”

"Lots of things Sash. Besides the sheer beauty, they signal a beginning and a end."

"A beginning and end of what Nika?”

"Well lil bro, you ever had a really bad day?”

"Yah, everyone does."

"Well, watch a sunset when that day comes to an end, and you realize that you get to start all over the next day. Kinda like a do-over. Kinda like when you get grounded, you know all about that. So once its over you start with a clean slate. And it's like that with really good days too. I always tell myself on those days, what a great day, and just think, tomorrow might even be better!”

"Ha ha, I like how you always help make sense of things for me Nika, and how you always have time for me too, even when I've been a jerk. Can we watch tomorrow's sunset together too Nika?”

"Yah Sash, anytime you want buddy."

Just then, the last of the sun was setting on the horizon, and I said, "here it comes Sash, look close!”

"You mean the Green Flash big brother?”

"Yah, look close, there we go, did you see it?”

"I think so, it was so fast, I'm not sure."

"Neither am I Sash, but it's fun trying...huh?”

"Yah, lets go inside so you can get dressed so we can go down and see everyone. And maybe get some food, remember Blake's down there...ha ha!”

"Yah, but before we go Sash, I wanna talk to you about something. It'll just take a minute. "

"That's OK Nika, take as long as we need. Is it important, and is it about what we talked about? You know, the sunset and new days and stuff?”

"Yah, it kinda is. And I think it's important."

"OK, whats up Nika?”

"Well, I'm just gonna say it flat out since we need to hurry along. But it's kinda about when I watched the sunset last night.”

"OK, I wasn't with you, but what about it?”

"Well Sasha, it was my last day of being who I used to be, and today is my first day of being who I am!”

"I don't understand.”

"I know you don't. And that's OK. Let's try this Sash, You know how mom and dad love each other?”

"Yah, that's why they got married and had us."

"Right little brother, exactly, that's why they got married and had us, cause they love each other!”

"OK, but I already know that, everyone does. So what are you talking about, cause your confusing me Nika?”

"I guess I'm trying to say that it's great they did that, but not everyone does it that way, not everyone is the same. You know what I mean?”

"Yah, that some people don't get married and have kids. And that some people just live together, and have kids anyway....right?”

"Kinda Sash. I'm saying that some people don't love the same way as mom and dad, and they don't marry someone different from them.”

"Are you talking about homo's and gay people Nika?”

"Yah Sash, yah, exactly."

"Your talking about Cody...huh? He told you he's gay....didn't he?”

"You knew about Cody...huh?”

"Yah, the only one that didn't seem to know was him...ha ha! And you maybe, but you hadta have known. When did he tell you?”

"He didn't tell me Sash, Blake did!”

"And you didn't already know? Where have you been. Wesley and Travis thought you were too, probably cause you guys are best friends. Don't worry, I told them what was up, and that you watch girl porn, and showed me before. They were probably just saying that to f$*& with me!”

"Sasha, Cody's my best friend, and he loves you very much. Don't tell me you were talking bad about him.”

"No, I wasn't. Just that he's gay, everyone thinks so. I love him too, I don't care if he is or not. It wasn't talking bad about him....was it?”

"No, I guess not Sash, as long as it wasn't derogatory and mean stuff, and just that you thought he was gay.”

"Are you still gonna be his best friend now, are you still friends with him, and is he still part of the posse? Is that what you were talking about yesterday being your old life and today being different?”

"No isn't!”

"I don't understand then, what are you talking about? Is he not our friend anymore?”

"Yes Sasha, he IS our friend, will always BE our friend, and IS still part of the posse."

"OK, why are you mad, what did I say?”

"I'm not mad at you Sash, this just isn't going as easy as I thought it would be!”

"What isn't, you're making no sense Nika. He's our friend still, I get it!”

I was frustrated at this point, and wrapped my towel back around me as it was getting chilly with the sun down. I was trying to think, and Sasha was standing there looking like he had done something wrong. I figured WTF, I might as well go out with a bang, and grabbed Sasha, and said, "come here", and wrapped my arms around him again. I whispered in his ear, "It's me I've been talking about Sash, not Cody!”

"You mean Cody's not gay?”

"Yes, he is, but that's up to him to tell us Sasha. Listen to me again Sasha, closley this time. It's me I'm talking about Sash, not Cody!”

I felt Sasha tighten up and become rigid as if his muscles had all tightened up at the same time.

"What, you're gay? You like guys Nika?”

"Sash, It's OK!”

I could feel him push at me once, but I held onto him, and he started to hug me again, and then he fidgeted and pushed away again. I held him again and said, "I know it's not what you expected." Then he said "You", and pushed at me 3 or 4 times again, and I couldn't hold onto him. I had my hand gripping his shirt, but he pulled that away and walked to the other side of the balcony. I started to follow and said "Sasha", when he just held up his hand real fast like telling me to stop, and said "Don't". He was shaking his head and his face was red.

I said, "Listen, its OK.”

Don’t, Don’t! Just Stop, Just Stay There! Don’t say anything. Just Shut Up. Leave me alone. Just get away from me! WTF dude! I need to think a minute. Just give me a minute.”

He walked into the bedroom and out of my sight. I leaned over the balcony and thought, “Wow, this went well. If this is what I have to look forward to, and from the one I figured least likely to wig-out, then maybe its back to the closet for me.”

I walked into my room to get dressed, and Sasha was sitting on my bed in his dress clothes, crying hard, trying his best to conceal it and not make any noise. But the tears were flowing down his face like the stream through our back yard. I stood 5 or 6 feet away from him, giving him his space, and said "I love you Sasha". Then louder, I said again, "I love you Sasha!”

He looked up at me and said awkwardly, mumbling through his crying (which at any other time I thought would have sounded cute), "So WHEN were you gonna tell me? How many other people know? Why didn't you tell me first?”

I said, "No Sasha, you got it all wrong little brother, it's not like that! Practically no one knows!”

"Practically, Nika?”

"Yah Sash, no one except Blake and you. And Blake has only known for about an hour. And when Blake wants to know something, you tell him. You know that much!”

"Is that what you guys were talking about in your room earlier after I left to get dressed?”

"Yes Sasha, it was!”

"Is that why you had the bad dream?”

"Yes again, well kinda anyway!”

"So, are you and Cody gonna be boyfriends now?”

"I don't know, we'll see. But you better get used to the idea, because I think there's a good probability of that!”

"You're not gonna dress up like a girl, or hold hands and kiss at school and stuff like that, are you?”

"No Sash, Ha ha, I don't think so. You don't have anything to worry about. I'm not gonna embarrass you....I promise. And outside the posse, your sister, and the twins, its our secret and no one's business."

"So I guess I don't get to be an uncle now...huh?”

"Not so fast dummy, we still got our sister. And you know the horny bitch is gonna be dropping kids out by the liter....right?”

He started to laugh and smile after that while still kinda crying, but you could tell he was starting to turn the corner. He looked up and saw me smiling at him, almost wanting to laugh, and tried to look serious again, but then started to laugh a little again while wiping the wetness away from his eyes.

"Stop staring at me dick head.....and come over here!”

"You sure you're OK?”

"Yah, I will be in a couple more minutes, come over here and sit with me, OK?"

"Are you sure Sash, what if it's contagious?”

"Ha ha ha, Ha ha, You're suck a dork Nika!”

I went over to my bed and sat beside him and put my arm over his shoulder. I turned my head to get something for him to wipe his eyes, and as I was turning back he kissed me on the cheek.

"I love you to Nika, I'm sorry!”

"It's OK, I'm sure it changed your world just like it changed mine. I wish I had a better way to tell you, but I'm kinda new to this. Here, wipe your face and hands.”

"Thanks" as he wiped the tears off his hands and face.

"Ughhhh, dude! This is your underwear Nika, what the F^%$?”

"Sorry Sash, its all I had right here, but they're clean I think.”

"No they're not, but no skid marks, so it's OK I guess.....but they kinda smell."

"Hey, just be happy there not the one's I peed in earlier."

"No Shit...huh? We'll get dressed then, I'm gonna go in the bathroom and splash my face Nika."


I dropped my towel again as he was walking by and he pointed at my dick and asked, "Whats that?”

"Uhh, you have one too dork?”

"NO, not your dick.....fool, but in the hairs.”

"Oh, that!”

It turned out I didn't get all the spooge out of my pubes after all.

"I was taking care of something in the shower that older boys need to do sometimes Sash! You know, we've talked about it before, and you've spied on me a few times when my door wasn't locked.”

"You jacked off?”

"Yah, In the shower."

"So what's that stuff. It looks like paste!”

"It's the stuff that comes out. You know, and makes babies!”

"It's your sperms?”

"Yah, they're just dried, and I didn't get them all out when I was washing. Here, see, it comes right off.”


"Yah, you don't make any yet...huh?”

"No, Not yet. I'm still 11 and won't be 12 for a few more months. You said I'd need to be 12 or 13 before I make any...right?”

"Well, usually. Thats how old Cody and I were. But everybody's different. Blake was 10 when he started, and the twins are already making some, and they're just 11.”

"Are you sure, they haven't told me. How do you know."

"I just do Sash, but our secret OK?”

"Yah sure, now get dressed. Oh, and Nika?”

"Yah, what?”

"Just one thing."

"Yah, anything little brother."

"If you're gay or bi, how come you never tried doing anything with me? We take showers and sleep together all the time. Am I ugly or something?”

"Well Sasha.. no, definitely. No, you're not ugly. You're beautiful. Your two years younger and only half an inch shorter than me. Your face and smile are gorgeous along with your straight blond hair. And you have the hairiest arms and legs of any of us. And it looks hot. Sometimes people think I'm your little brother. But, it doesn't work that way. And who knows, if you weren't my brother, and we were swimming and taking showers together all the time, I'm sure I probably would have. But it's my job to protect you, and besides, you're not like me, you're not that way!”

I started to get dressed, and he came up from behind me and started brushing my hair out, like we always do. He asked me as I was buttoning my Tommy Hilfiger pants and shirt and, tucking it in, "How long have you known Nika?”

"What, that I'm gay or bi Sash?”

"Yah, have you known a long time?”

"Um, no, only started getting different feelings this school year, some months back. And didn't realize for sure till the last couple days.”

"So then, it could happen to me too....right?”

"Well yah, it could happen Sash, and a satellite could fall out of the sky and land on your head tonight at the BBQ. I wouldn't worry about it little brother. You probably would have had some kinda feelings by now, and the odds of both boys in the same family being like that are way against it. Besides, you're not the sensitive type like Cody, or me, even if I hide it real good!”

"Cool, not that I'm against you guys, but I'd rather have girlfriends, and get married and have kids."

"You will buddy!”

I finished tying my last shoe, and said, "Come on Sash, let's go down stairs and see if Blake left us any food, ha ha.”

"Ha ha, yah, no shit! But I saw what mom ordered man, and we aren't gonna run out of any food. She Blake-proofed this BBQ. She ordered extra on purpose to freeze for weekend BBQ's over the summer. She figured the more she bought, the better price per pound she got...or something like that."

"Yah, it usually works that way. And let's just be glad we don't havta be around when Blake takes a shit...huh?”

No kidding, I'm over there more than you, hanging with Travis and Wesley, and the toilet flushes like 3 times. It's so gross. Travis and Wesley said he hasta break it in half sometimes...ha ha!”

Oh man, sick! Try going camping with the guy Sash. When we went last summer he had to go along the trail. KC (one of the 6 posse members) laid 4 coke cans next to it, and it was still a few inches longer!”

"For real Nika, 4 cans? Wow, what a pig!”

"Yup, and when it curls up when he does it on the toilet, it reminds me of that movie Anaconda. He shoulda got money for providing a stunt-double for the snake....haha!”

"Ha ha ha, no shit!”

"Hey, I love you Nika!”

"Love you too Sash!”

Now we headed down the stairs and to the BBQ to mingle with the guests. So I better take this time to introduce the posse and some of the guests, an orientation if you will, so you know what kinda people I hang out with, and my family as well. I'll do my best to describe the good and the bad.

~The Six-Pak~ (Our Posse)!

Hey, no need to drag this out. I'm sure you're all anticipating what's gonna happen at (or especially after) the BBQ. And are Me and Cody gonna finally have some alone time, and get over these awkward teenage insecurities and fumblings? Well, I hope we are anyway.

The main characters are of course me and my family. You've already met me, my brother Sasha, my Sister Natasha (Tasha), and my mom Mrs. V. And if you're wondering, that makes my dad, Mr. V.

Cody has an older and younger sister. The younger one is Trisha (or Princess as her family likes to call her). She is Sasha's and the Twins age. The other is Abigail (or Abby) as they call her. She is my sister's age, around 16 1/2.

The posse is 6 members and some strays (non-founding part timers that I'll introduce as the need arises). You have met me, Cody, and Blake. That leaves KC, who is about Cody's height at 5'4 or 5'5, and has a deep brown tan and light brown hair bleached blond and spiked on top. He has a bigger build than Cody with about 15 or more extra pounds, especially upper body, and mostly all muscle. Also a very cute babyish face, that people find easy to look at.

Then there is Reiley, who is 2 or 3 inches taller than me, not quite up to Cody's height. He has dark brown, almost black hair, wore kinda long, but not past the shoulders. He isn't fat, but still has the boyish look with a lot of freckles on his face and shoulders, a decent tan, and probably as book smart as Cody, maybe even more so. He's the silent one of the group, that likes to study people. Also very loyal and not afraid to get his hands dirty or say what's on his mind. He just keeps it short and to the point.

Then lastly there's Jace. Jace is the second shortest of the group behind me, and has me by maybe an inch and a half. He has white skin that burns and turns red easily, and blond hair that's long and straight. Also has blond eye lashes and eye brows. Its usually the end of summer by the time he settles into a tan, and by then its time to put away the board shorts and wakeboards and pull the snowboards down from the attic. Jace is the spazz of the group, and where as I'm very spontaneous and outgoing in my personality, Jace usually takes it a step or two farther and comments on everything. 90 % of the time he's very funny, and 10% of the time annoying. A.D.D for sure. Also very cute and a girl magnet.

Now as good as we all get along, and love and care for one another, there's always some friction in every group. And in our group it's Blake and Jace. Blake being so serious, and the enforcer, is used to doing what he wants and telling others what to do, and to his credit, he's usually right. On the other hand, Jace doesn't listen to anyone, including his teachers and his own parents. He's a modern day Jesse James living his life the way he wants and answering to no one.

Now with that said, and the fact being he's the one that likes to poke the stick in the shit to disturb the flies, you can see just how he and Blake are gonna get along. If I had to do my best to describe Jace, he was the little kid that liked to pull the wings off of flies and burn ants with a magnifying glass.

So Blake being given more than his share when they handed out patience, and having the wild twins at home, was as prepared as he could be for Jace (who we sometimes called the triplet or 3rd twin, cause of his ability to fit in so well with Travis and Wesley).

But, there were numerous blow-ups, since Jace was the only one who could get under Blake's skin and seemed to go out of his way to pour it on when Blake got annoyed. He loved stirring up trouble. And not that he and Blake weren't close. There were a lot of good times had by the two of them together over the years, but it was just Jace's nature to send Blake to the "quiet room" whenever the opportunity presented itself. And when Blake stormed away slamming the door and screaming, looking for something to hit (in place of Jace, keeping him safe), Jace always had a one liner and devious cackle or outright laughter at Blake's expense.

We tried for years to tame him and wean him off Blake's case, but it was like a drug to him that he just had to get a fix of every so often. And what made it worse and sent Blake into the danger zone, was that the twins loved Jace, and ate it up when Blake was having a meltdown. If they were present when Jace was on Blake's case and the gasket blew, they did everything in their power to assist Jace and push their brother over the edge. Of course on those occasions, it was usually up to the rest of us to whisk Jace up and away before Blake got his hands around Jace's neck and applied pressure. It wasn't uncommon for Jace to wind up with a black eye every now and then, or the twins to jump on Blake's back and have a 3 on 1 going down in front of us. On those occasions, the rest of us had to just step back and watch the "fur fly”! It was like a grizzly bear and a pack of wolves fighting over an elk carcass. We would stand back and wait till they tired and punched themselves out, then we could start pulling them away and towards the penalty box, so to speak. Come to think of it, thats the reason we asked my mom and dad to get us a First Aid Kit for my Tree House! And we did go through quite a few bandages and Neosporin over the years.

I'm going to end this chapter here, and when we return in chapter 3, we will finish off the BBQ, and move onto Cody and Nika's midnight Rendezvous in the tree house!

That concludes this chapter of Twinergy and Boys of Clear Lake. This is my first attempt at writing so any feedback, direction, or comments are appreciated. Please forward comments to the address below:

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