Date: Wed, 30 July 2008

From: Cody <>

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake

Chapter 3:

Up in a Tree when our Stars Aligned!

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake (3) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

Copyright is to me, and this story may not be reproduced anywhere without my prior permission.

After carrying on with Sash like brothers again and wrestling while trying to get dressed for the BBQ, I had finally succeeded as I mentioned at the end of the last chapter, and was ready to go downstairs. I had my right hand on the back of his neck on the way down the stairs, caressing his soft skin and hair and couldn't help thinking how lucky I was and how much we loved each other. Yah, we fought, just like every other set of brothers on the planet, but not near as much as my other friends. And when we were in sync, it was almost like we were best friends. If I ever was in a position to have to chose between him and Cody, I'd have to say I'd sacrifice myself for both of them, cause I just couldn't do it. The funny thing is, we had no fear about hurt, pain, or failure, cause we were like a miracle cure or a get out of jail free card to one another. Whenever we went to bed full of hurt, pain, or fear, we just walked through our bathroom into the others bedroom, lifted the covers and crawled under to snuggle and cry ourselves to sleep without having to utter a word. We just accepted one another and knew it was our turn to comfort the other and to kiss and whisper the pain away. I wondered how others got by who didn't have the luxury of a secret weapon like Sash and I had in each other.

As we made our way down, we surveyed the room just as anyone else would, to take inventory on who was present and what they were doing, kinda a posse survey if you will. Blake and the twins were arguing over the last couple of Jalapeno Cream Cheese Poppers on the table, while Jace was reaching across the table behind them to scoop them up and walk away unnoticed.....OK, Blake has his feed-bag on and Jace has already started being a pest, that makes perfect sense. Meanwhile Professor Reiley was in the corner talking to our dad and one of his business partners while reading one of our dad's architecture magazines....also perfectly predictable. KC was by the pool table hanging out with my sister and her friends trying his best to say the right thing at the right time to impress her, all the while not taking his eyes from her chest.....OK, everything appears just as it should. But where was Cody and his sisters? I separated from Sash at one of the hors d'oeuvre tables and walked past the pool table and Tasha.

"Hey Sis, you seen Cody, Abby, or any of the Sommers around?"

"No, not yet, I saw Cody here earlier today, but I think he was heading for the back yard."

"Yah, that was a couple hours ago, he was heading home to get showered and changed. He wanted to talk with his mom and dad a while before heading back."

"OK, then he's not here yet. But he'll be along shortly. And if you see them before I do, let Abby know where we are."

"OK, no worries."

KC said: "Cody texted me about ten minutes ago that he's on his way, and asked if there were a lot of people in the back yard cause he was gonna hop the fence. I told him there were and the people had already started showing up, so he was gonna just wait till his Mom and Sisters were done getting ready and walk around the block with them. He should be here any time."

"Kool, thanks KC."

I made my way to the backyard to check things out and see what was up with the BBQ, cause the smoke smelt hella-awesome. There were two huge rectangular shaped BBQs with big slabs of prime rig, corn on the cob, and salmon grilling away. And a couple greasy looking chefs hard at work flipping and basting. They looked the part, and knew exactly what they were doing as if they've been doing it for many, many years. I walked by and as I passed, I had a sense, and looked out of the corner of my eye very stealthily and could see one of them watch me as I passed by. He never took his eyes off of me. Huh? The dude was checking me out, I knew it. “Guess I got that gaydar thing starting to develop, how weird” I thought. “Maybe when we swim later I'll pass by in my board shorts a couple times all wet and do my best to tease the poor guy...aren't I wicked?”

I looked up, and the needles on the pine trees were clean and shiny from the rain. It wasn't the least bit cold, but maybe a little crisp, and the air smelt very pungent as if you had your nose right up to a tree. The sky was clear again except for a couple of straggling clouds. Perfect weather for a summer BBQ. I walked past the pool and a few of the neighbor kids who didn't want to wait and eat had already plunged in and were swimming around and splashing. I looked up at my tree house and couldn't help but think what might be on the menu up there later tonight. I wished I had a crystal ball that could see into the future. I made a mental checklist of what I needed to do and had already taken a box up to my room to pack some things for tonight. The sleeping bags and pillows I already had up there. But there were candles, snacks, toilet paper (you never know), some games, bottled water, a change of cloths, and of course my sister's donation to consider as well. No worries I thought, we have time to pony all that stuff up there later tonight. But for now, I was kinda hungry, but figured I'll just snack on some hor d'oeurves until Cody showed up and eat with him, just like always.

I turned to start my way back to the patio deck and sliding glass door to the living room where I came out and saw Abby, so I knew the Sommers were here. And sure enough right behind her coming through the entryway was Cody dressed to kill in slim black jeans, a white button down shirt, and black jacket with the sleeves to the shirt and jacket rolled up. Even his arms are beautiful, nicely tanned, slender and dusted with the perfect amount of soft downy hair.

If one thing is true about me and my family, it's that we don't often make the same mistakes twice. So instead of falling into the same predicament I suffered at school with a fade to black followed by a THUD, I choose to scan around instead of staring myself into a trance. I also thought this to be a good idea because I felt a little queasy and had some butterflies in my stomach, which were no doubt attributed by my talk with Blake this afternoon and the revelations about Cody. It was a strange and new feeling being nervous at seeing and approaching my best friend. For all our lives as soul mates and "the twinners", we felt completely at ease around each other as if we actually plopped out of the womb together. Now I found myself nervous and second guessing myself as what to say and how to greet him once I approached and made contact. One thing for sure, this puberty and awakening thing is a whole new ballgame and I don't have the play book. In other words, I felt like my first day at a new school, with not knowing what to say or do. If there was one saving grace, it was the old saying "Misery loves company", and at least the playing field was even, if not tilted in my favor. Because he was in the same boat as me and has probably been feeling this way for a couple years, if Blake was correct. Maybe after thinking about it, it's to his advantage, cause he's had a chance to adjust and overcome the awkwardness and I'm just now beginning. Holy shit, if that's the case, then what do I do, and how do I chill out so I don't act like a spazz and say or do something stupid?

OK, Jesus, just calm down Nika, you're overreacting and starting to spazz-out and he hasn't even seen you yet. I know, just don't make eye contact and try to divert the conversation towards one of his sisters or parents till were alone, and then it should be easier cause people won't be looking at me. Yah, thats it, this will be simple....

Yah, sure it will.

I watched as Cody and his family made their way to the bar/beverage counter and ordered what they wanted to drink. I saw the bartender pop open a can of Dr. Pepper and attempt to pour it in a glass and Cody say something. Then he took the can from him (just as I knew he would...too unpolished for a glass), then right on queue I heard a disgusting lip-smacking slurping sound from across the pool as he took his first sip. I was laughing out load when I saw his mom and dad reach to grab the can away from him and start lecturing him about manners. I couldn't hear exactly what they were saying, but I didn't need too, because I'd heard the same lecture from them for about 8 years. I see it all the time, but I can't help but laugh every time as if it was the first. I kept thinking what a dork, classic Cody. Not being stubborn in this instance, just being the dumb, naive, typical Cody. One of his pet peeves is that all the lectures of the past 8 years and all the new ones for the next 8 have no chance of ever changing. They gave him back the can and he separated from them and started walking about the back yard looking around and mingling (and looking for me). I thought this would be a good time to blend in and follow him for awhile and see what he gets up to. This is something we do to each other for fun and have been practicing for about 5 years now. We usually figure what the other is up to after about 15 minutes or so, before we do a 360 to spot where the other is lurking. But seeing as he just got here and I spotted him first, he's still under the impression he just hasn't spotted me yet. Maybe if I get lucky he'll have to go to the bathroom and I can barge in and act like I didn't know he was in there, that's always fun, and another device we sometimes use to embarrass one another. Especially if someone asks where the bathrooms are, we of course escort them and open the door while the other is in there. Shock central. And as a special bonus, if he's sitting on the pot.....jackpot! Yah, we're rude little shits sometimes, but nothing like a good laugh at the others expense.

I continued to follow Cody as I hid behind various people and objects I encountered scattered about the yard. As I followed, I grabbed a few snacks off the trays the waiters were carrying as they passed by, and even a glass of wine as well. One sip was enough. I still don't know how that stuff can be made out of sweet grapes, cause it tasted like sour-ass vinegar...yuk.

I kept the small talk to a minimum so as not to get delayed and lose sight of him. And about 10 minutes into my stake-out, Cody stopped and looked around the yard, and began to smile. But I could still tell he wasn't sure whether I was inside and unaware of his presence, or hiding out and messing with him. He made for one of the doors off the patio deck, and went inside and I began to follow. But then like a general playing war games, I had a sudden feeling, and made a battlefield decision to drop down behind a statue with a water fountain I was passing. And sure enough he popped his head out the door real fast attempting to catch me following him. Haha, damn I'm good. He came across his sister Trisha and asked if she'd seen me and she shook he head no, and he continued inside. I then sped my walk up to a near run and made my way to the door as Trisha spotted me and began to laugh, being well aware of our little games. I poked my head inside and saw Cody across the room past the couches and table walking towards the hall, and YES, the bathroom.

As he turned the corner I rushed across the room and asked a lady guest if she was looking for the restroom, "Why no, but thank you young man."


Oh well, looks like I'll just barge in by myself. I went around the corner in close pursuit and saw him opening the door to a bathroom, to no doubt drain a couple cans of Dr. Pepper from his pencil-dick, when out of nowhere.

KC: "Nika, where have you been, Travis is in the game room with your dad and some of the other parents. He got his arm stuck in that old antique coke machine with the glass bottles."

Of course as loud as KC said it, Cody's head snapped around and saw me standing there. He smiled from ear to ear, "No way Nika!"

"Yah, thanks KC, figured something that dumb would hav'ta be Travis or Wesley. I'll wait for Cody to take a piss and we'll be right in."

"Haha, almost dork, but DENIED...ha ha!"

"You just got lucky KC saw me dip-shit. I had you nailed dead bang. Hurry up, I wanna see what happens."

"I'll be right out Barney."

Sure enough, I listened from about ten feet away as Cody did his thing, and heard the splashing the whole time, man that's some loud pissing. He came out the door and we did the fist butt thing and trotted into the game room.

There was my dad, Jace, Blake and the twins, their dad (Ben), and McFlanders, our school janitor who's invited along with the rest of the faculty every year.

"Goddamnit Travis, what were you thinking? Do you two have to create a shit-blizzard everywhere you go and with everything you do? Can't we go somewhere as a family for once without you two causing a scene? Can't you two just for once try to act like normal kids and let someone else make an ass of themselves for a change?"

Wesley: "Hey, what did I do dad? I didn't have anything to do with this."

"Well, if it wasn't Travis, it would be you. Didn't you pull a plug out of the wall at the grocery store last week and spill over 100 gallons of spring water into the entryway?"

"That wasn't my fault, It didn't say what that plug was for."

Blake: "Haha, what a dumb-ass."

Their father and the twins simultaneously, "Shut-up Blake."

"Haha, this is awesome Nika, you think they'll have to cut his arm off?" Loud enough for Travis to hear.

"I don't know Cody, he does have it lodged in there pretty good."

My dad. "OK boys, that's enough, let him alone."

McFlanders, "Alright lads, clear away and give him some space, let the lad breathe. I should start by unplugging the cold-hearted bitch. She gets down to 34 degrees and we don't want your wee lil arm developing frost-bite, now do we lad? I left a wife in Scotlan as cold an hard as this here infernal machine, sure hope she never finds me. She wuza callous cold-hearted pit-woffy.....nasty woman she waz!"

Travis, "Shit, I gotta piss."

McFlanders, "Well, I'll go get me tools outta me truck, an we'll see if we can get the wee lad freed up fore he wets himself."

Dad: "Nika, go get Travis a bucket from the janitorial closet, he doesn't look like he's gonna last very long."

"Yah, sure dad."

"I'm very sorry about this Niklas” - (that's my dad) - “Of course Sara” - (Blake and the twins mom) - “and I will pay for any damages."

"Not to worry Ben” - (their dad) - “I gave Patrick” - (McFlanders) - “the key to the machine, and he went to get his tools, so I'm sure Travis will be free quite soon. Besides, Mr. McFlanders can make a atom bomb out of an alarm clock, so I hardly think an old soda machine is going to cause him much trouble."

As they walk away, "Well, thanks for being so understanding of the situation, I still for the life of me don't understand why he stuck his arm in there and didn't just get a drink at one of the beverage bars like all the other kids."

"That wouldn't have been as much fun Ben, for a kid anyway."

I made my way back from the supply room with Cody carrying the bucket as our dads turned the corner and disappeared, and there was Travis straining with his face red and a good bead of sweat on his forehead.

"Hurry up with that bucket Nika, I gotta piss like an elephant."

"Yah, whats it worth to ya Trav?"

"Ahh, FUCK YOU Nika, gimme the bucket, now!"

"Well, lets just wait a minute and lets think about this. It looks like an expensive bucket to me, doesn't it Cody?”

"Yah, industrial strength, heavy duty plastic and metal, I'd say it is."

"What do you think it's worth on the open market Cody?"

"Oh, I'd havta say somewhere between $50.00 to $100.00 dollars Nik."

"Yah, I'd say you're right Cody, maybe even a wee bit more as McFlanders might say."

"FUCK YOU GUYS, gimme the bucket now!"

"Well, lets see the money first Travis."

I don't have any money Nika, quit being a dick."

"You don't have ANY money?"

"Like $5.00 or $6.00 dollars guys."

"Ummm Nika, that's not gonna be enough is it?"

"NO, I don't think so. Sorry Travis, but you'll need more than that."

"I don't have more, I swear it, I'll get you more later."

"Do you believe him Nika?"

"Yah, maybe. But looking back, he isn't all that trustworthy."

Wesley: "Just give him the fucking bucket, I wanna get outta here and back to the party."

Cody: "We'll were working on that Wesley, but have some details to work out first."

Jace: "Yah Cody, you an Nika just give him the bucket, you guys are being dicks."

Cody: "Really Jace, now let's think of what Travis and Wesley would do if things were reversed.”

Blake: "Yah Jace, he's right, you guys would be having an auction for the bucket."

Travis: "Common Nika, I can't hold it and I can't get more money right now."

"All right then, I believe you."

Cody: "You gonna just give him the bucket then Nika?"

Travis: "Yah, he said he would."

"No, I said I believe you. So here's what we're gonna do. We'll take your $5.00 or $6.00 now, and hold it, and place your bucket on lay-away. Then you can add a little more each week, and when you pay off the whole amount, you can have your bucket. How does that sound?"

"Like I'm gonna kick your fuckin-ass when I get my arm outta here Nika! You little Muther Fucker!"

Cody was laughing hysterically and Blake was enjoying himself too, you could tell by his laughter. On the other hand, Wesley and Jace, who for the first minute kinda got a laugh from it, were now kind of annoyed and felt bad for Travis. I'm usually not like this and a lot nicer than one would think, as is Cody. But we've taken a lot of shit from Travis and Wesley over the years, and like they say, "Paybacks a bitch!"

Wesley: "He doesn't want to buy the bucket you guys, he only wants to use it once, just let him borrow it."

"Yah Cody, Wesley's right, he's only gonna use it once, so what if we just let him borrow it?"

"Nika, but who's gonna want a bucket that's been peed in, its gonna depreciate and lose most of its value."

Yah, right Cody, good point."

Travis: "Fuck you guys, I don't need to buy the bucket, and I'll wash it when I'm done, please." As a small wet spot the size of a silver dollar appeared at the front of his pants.

"Whoops, he's losin it Nika...ha ha!"

"OK, OK. You don't havta buy the bucket Travis."

Aghhh, thank god, bring it over here!"

"Wait a minute, You will have to pay a rental fee though!"

Wesley and Jace: "What the fuck guys. Enough already, just give him the bucket, he's already started peeing."

"OK, OK, I'll pay the fee, just give me the bucket."

"Don't you want to know how much the fee is Travis?"

"Yah sure, how much is it, now give me the bucket!"

"Well, we're not sure Travis, we haven't researched it. Why don't you wait here while Cody and I go upstairs and Google what the going rate is to rent a bucket to pee in. With any luck we'll be back in 10 to 15 minutes!"

"Fuck you assholes, Fuck you Nika, I'm gonna kick your ass too Cody!"

Wesley: "Just give him the bucket, his spot's getting bigger!"

Jace: "Yah, hurry up you guys, this isn't funny anymore!"

"All right, unzip Travis."

"Yah, yah, OK hurry!”

Travis used his left hand to unzip his pants and pull his soft 5 inch penis out, and both Cody and I took a long drawn out look at it, as it was huge and really nice looking, not to mention not typical of a 11 soon to be 12 year old. I moved the bucket closer and when I got to within a couple feet of Travis, he couldn't hold back anymore. He let a long stream fly and I jerked the bucket up and to the left catching it in mid stream. You could see Travis' face was pouring with sweat, and his legs were trembling. Blake said "Enough of this, I'm gonna get another plate", and Jace said, "Yah, wait -up Blake, I'm coming too, you guys are fucked up Nika!"

Wesley said: "Hang in there Travis, McFlanders will be back soon and we'll get you out."

Meanwhile Cody and I watched every second Travis peed, and he must have already let a quart fly and was still going. He was moaning and sighing and breathing hard, and was getting near the end as he was straining as it got to the point that it was stopping and starting again, and you could see he was wincing in pain. I could see Cody had a boner, as he was attempting to hide it.

Wesley: "This was the most fucked up thing you guys have done, and you'll be sorry you did this. Hang in there Travis, you're almost done."

Cody: "Fuck you Wesley, you two have done way worse that this, a lot of times. You had it coming, and a lot more where this came from."

"We'll see Cody, fuck you both, and Nika has some major payback coming."

About then the last two or three squirts dribbled into the bucket, and Travis started to zip his pants up. Wesley had gone to the kitchen to grab some paper towel to wipe his brothers face and for Travis to stick down the front of his pants to help soak up the bit of pee he couldn't hold that made the small spot in the front.

"Hey, you want us to mail you the rental agreement or can you remember the amount?"

Wesley: as Travis was still looking kinda queasy and sick, "Fuck you guys and your rental agreement, stuff it in your ass!"

Why Cody, sounds like the boys are cross at us, and here we went to all the trouble to rent them a bucket so Travis didn't wet himself more."

"Yah Nika, can you imagine how ungrateful they are? I just hope they make their payment on time so they don't get a late fee..ha ha!"

"Yah laugh, fuck you two, it's gonna be a long night, watch your back!"

With that, we set the bucket in the corner of the room and made our way outside laughing, bumping fists and enjoying the limelight and much desired payback on a long series of events taking place at our expense. When we got outside, it was completely dark by now, and all the yard lights and pool lights were on. It looked like Cinderella's Castle at Disneyland with all different color lights circulated through the yard. Even my tree house looked psychedelic. We both looked at each other and said "POOL", as we ran back into the house and up to my room to get our shorts on. As we were on our way up, Sasha was on his way down in his shorts.

"Nika, wat's up?"

"Just going to get changed Sash, see you in the pool, huh?”

"Yah, have you seen Travis and Wesley? Their shorts are in my room."

"Ha ha ha, yah, they're in the game room buddy!”

"What's so funny guys?”

Cody: "Ha ha, you missed it Sash, just go through the game room on the way out to the pool and you'll see.”

"Ok, see you guys in a few."

"Do you think they're really gonna get us tonight Cody?"

"Fuck no, we're at your house, and once they cool off, they'll be fine. They know what dicks they've been the past few years and the shit they've done. They have to know they had some shit coming."

As we made our way into my room, Blake was already in there and just pulling his underwear off, and he looked soo hot. Like 14 yr old in a 16 year olds body, and he was bigger down there than the twins. We both stopped and stared for a few seconds. I was trying not to get boned up, and I knew Cody was already there. Blake turned to look at us and smiled and shook his head.

"Jezz, why don't you guys take a picture?”

I realized Cody's face was bright red. I said, sorry Blake, didn't know you were up here, sorry."

"Don't sweat it, hurry up and get changed. I'll wait for you while you change, we can walk down together," as he pulled his board shorts up over Blake-zilla (at least thats what I'd name it. Probably breathes fire as well)."

Blake: "That was hella funny with my brothers earlier, Travis was pissed."

Cody: "What about Jace, you went to grab some food with him, was he laughing?"

"No, not really, he thought it was kinda fucked-up."

"After all they've done, he thought it was fucked-up?"

"He understood why you did it, and that maybe they had it coming, but he didn't like it. Remember they're pretty tight. But I don't think he'll hold it against you, if that's what you're worried about."

As we were talking, Blake was sitting on the bed, and Cody and I were pulling our pants off to slip our shorts on. Cody assumed we were lost in conversation and pulled his underwear down to finish getting changed and as he did, it revealed a tight red, 4 inch rock hard erection. Blake noticed it first and made eye contact with me to look over at. I did so without Cody being aware and looked back to Blake who raised his eyebrow up and down at me as if to say "See, I told you so!” We both smiled and silently laughed with each other, and Cody sensing the silence, moved to his left to shield our view from his front, still not suspecting we had seen his stiff nail.

"So Blake, are we cool with Travis and Wesley, or should we worry?"

"Nah, just chill Nika. Normally I'd say to watch out, but they had it coming for some time, so don't sweat it. As soon as he's free, they'll have something to eat, smoke a bowl behind the fence or down at your boathouse, go for a swim, and everything will be fine. Just assume you guys are even now, and don't push them on anything else for awhile."

"Shit, that wasn't even a drop in the bucket (no pun intended) compared to what they've done, but OK."

We were done getting changed and I grabbed 3 beach towels out of my linen closet. Threw one each to Blake and Cody, and we started for the door just as Blake let go a HUGE 7 second monotone fart!

"Ahhhhh yuk Blake. That was nasty."

Cody: "Shit man, that sounded wet, did you get any on yourself?"

"Nah, I think I'm OK, red meat always does that to me, and I've eaten like 2 lbs of prime rib so far."

"Uhhh, are you sure you don't wanna go in my bathroom and do a spot-check for some skid-marks?"

"Yah, I better just to be safe."

We waited by the door while Blake went in my bathroom to inspect his crack, and we heard the toilet paper roll twirling and Blake yell out, "Yah, it was kinda greasy, a three wiper." Then the toilet flush.

He came out and we made our way down the stairs and through the living room towards the back yard, and paused at the entryway to the game room. There was McFlanders and one of the other male teachers from our school lifting the front of the coke machine of its hinges and face up slowly lowering it to the floor. McFlanders said "Thar ya be lad, give er a pull."

As they did that, Travis was able to lean forward and stretch his arm out straight and pull his arm up from the dispenser hole on the machine and freeing it.

He fell backward into Wesleys arms and sat there grimacing in pain with his brother holding onto him. His arm was cold and pale white as it had fallen asleep from little or no circulation and he was starting to get the "pins and needles" feeling when the blood starts to recirculate. We began laughing and they both heard us and looked in our direction.

"Oh, that's it. You two are fucking dead, do you hear that Nika? Cody, you're fucking dead!"

Just then Ben, their dad gave Travis a forehand slap across the backside of his head and said "Mind your manners. You a guest in their home, and you have no one to blame for this but yourself."

You could tell Travis was Pissed with a capital P, and Blake said let's go, so we bypassed the game room and went to the backyard directly through the living room.

We came into the backyard and there to my surprise was Mr. Weiner. I had extended him an invitation before, but he never came. He was in very good spirits and was talking to Blake's mom and my mom and dad. I ran up and said "Hi Mr. Weiner, what are you doing here?"

"Well I thought I was invited Nika?"

"Yah, of course you are sir, I'm sorry, that's not what I meant."

"I know what you meant Nika, I was just playing with you. I was in such a good mood after our talk this afternoon that when I got home, I felt like celebrating. So I got one of my suits out of mothballs, dusted it off, and came over."

"Well I'm certainly glad to see you, I never dreamed you would have shown up."

Blake (and the twins) mom, "Yes, and he's had some interesting things to tell us about you and your discussion this afternoon" (just as Travis and Wesley approached the group from the house).

Mom: "Yes young man, was there something you forgot to tell me?"

"Well, no, umm, you see, I had the nap, and I was gonna, but-"

Dad, "It's OK Nika, I know you weren't feeling well when you got home and took a nap, so you haven't had time to talk to us about the job and the tutoring."

"Yah, what he said mom."

Blakes mom (Sara): “Well, I think it's a wonderful Idea."

The twins: "What is, what's going on?"

Sara: "Oh hey you two, Just who I was looking for. You're familiar with Mr. Weiner from your brothers school. Well today was his last day teaching come to find out. I was just saying what a wonderful idea Nika had for Mr. Weiner to begin tutoring lessons for the towns kids to help all of you all with your grades. And seeing as neither of you are old enough to work yet, and Blake can't keep an eye on you all summer since he needs some time for himself, I've signed you each up for two hours a day every weekday separately from one another to give you two some time apart and to catch you up in all you're subjects so you'll be all caught up by September when the new school year begins. That'll be 10 hours a week each, one on one. And Mr. Weiner will let us know about weekends. Isn't that wonderful news, and hasn't Nika come up with a absolutely brilliant idea?"

The Twins: "Oh yah, Nika's just great, isn't he wonderful. We plan on sharing some one-on-one time with him later and thank him for all he's done for us today, personally. Imagine that, tutoring all summer long, all summer, aren't we lucky. Boy I'm sure we'll come up with a way to thank Nika, wont we Nika?""Oh, shit!"(under my breath).

My Mom: "What was that honey?"

"Oh nothing mom, nevermind. Blake, Cody, lets go, let's go quick. Talk to you in a little while Mr. Weiner."

"Yes Nika, you are a wonderful boy."

Sara: "Why yes he is Nadia,” - (my mom) - “What an adorable boy he is. Not is he only cute as a button, but so conscientious as well. Why can't you two be more like Nika, Travis?"

Blake: "Uhh, maybe now you might begin to worry a little Nika, they're pissed before, now they're like lava-hot. I know those looks, better just stay clear of them the rest of the night!"

"No shit, why do moms always jump in and say the worse possible things at the worse possible times?"

Cody: "I don't know Nika, but I wouldn't want to be in your skin right now."

"Fuck you Cody, you're as much to blame as I am. And you had as much to do with the Coke machine and bucket shit as I did."

"Yah, but I didn't just Nuke their whole summer dude....did I dumb-ass?"

Blake: "You two just stay close to me the rest of the night, and I'll talk to them tomorrow. The tutoring shit wasn't your fault Nika, just bad timing. And it's best to let them fume and not approach them tonight. Just stay within line of sight and/or earshot of me if anything goes down."

"Yah, good idea, but lets hit the pool now."

"I've kinda lost my appetite Cody, lets just swim awhile."

As we made our way over and dove in, we could still see Travis and Wesley getting lectured by their mom. With my mom and dad and Mr. Weiner all speaking, laughing, and sipping wine, oblivious to any of the other predicaments. The whole time the twins were getting spoken to, you could see across the yard that they had their eyes on me (and Cody too I hope...once again, misery loves company).

We stayed in the pool for the traditional volleyball, blind tag, and chicken-fights, and had quite a few teams going at it with some pretty close competition. Cody had Sasha on his back, as they'd always had a close bond and teamed up in competition events we all played when we got together, sports and even games. Both video and traditional, like Monopoly and such. Blake had Porter and Tanner on him (one at a time of course), as they were two of the smallest kids to usually show up. And it was always accepted that since Blake was the biggest, and had a good "base", that he should be topped with one of the smaller kids to help even things out in the chicken fight competition. I had one of the "neighbor" kids (actually a little closer than neighbors), Sequoia. We always felt close to one another, and I have to say with my recent revelations, it now made perfect sense. For the first time, I realized I did not only take to him for his soft demeanor and kindness, but also for his physical beauty. He was the twins and Sasha's age, but much more mature and "earthy" than Sash or the twins. He usually preferred the company of older kids and when he had time, usually liked hanging around me and the posse. Don't get me wrong, the kid was soft spoken and not big for his age. But was as tough as nails and more than a match for even Travis or Wesley one on one, with a couple small scars on his forehead and chin to prove it. He spent most of his time staying at home looking after his 5-year-old sister. His dad was Mexican and his mom native American, thus the name Sequoia. His father was deported when picked up trying to get some work as a day laborer some years back while trying to provide for their family. And his whereabouts to this day remain unknown. It was left to his mom to support him and his little sister. That was kinda the end of Sequoia's childhood, and he had to take every odd job that a kid could do to help his mom get by. And as far as his free time, there wasn't much of that anymore. When they were evicted from the little apartment in South Clear Lake they had been renting, my parents took them in and offered them the use of one of our guest houses. They had no choice, and have been there ever since. We'd often find work for him and his mom to do around here to help them make ends meet, and are very appreciative and careful not to make it look like charity, as we all feel as they are family.

I have heard my parents talk many times about just giving them the house to live in rent free, but they said it's a pride thing and Sequoia's mom would have none of it. So for the time being, they seem to be keeping their heads above water. And with the extra work we give them, and all the spare food and clothes we have around here, a lot that I'd never even worn (my moms a shopper), they are more than making out.

Now back to Sequoia. He is a phenomenon to look at, and everybody who comes across him the first time they see him, have to do a double take. His height is average for his age (yah, so about my height...damn it), he has dark reddish-brown skin, and is quite lean and thin. But he has physical attributes that people just aren't accustomed to. He has a very soft face, almost like a girl, with beautiful thin eyebrows, and long straight black hair almost down to his waist, but with no other body hair to speak of, including arms and legs (completely smooth from head to toe). And the most striking of all, emerald green eyes that are almost identical to Cody's (yah, very odd for his heritage). He is often mistaken for a girl, and I'll have to say, between his uncommon good looks, and natural, quiet, "green" disposition, he's coveted by everyone, including older girls. My sister and her friends often are overheard making comments like, "wait till he turns 15 or 16", and "Wow, I can't wait to tap into that"!

We had always been very close, and if I had to do my best to describe him, I'd say that he had the disposition of a actual native American boy that roamed the plains 140 or 150 years ago. And if I had to lay out a course for which his future would have been at that time, I'd say he would have been a medicine man, or something like that as he had a weird ability to see the future, and a strange bond with the native animals. I look down from my balcony sometimes and he'll be sitting on a dead toppled pine tree inches from a bald eagle or red tailed hawk that he coaxed down from the trees or nearby peaks. Or he'll be playing with one of the black bears that raid our garbage depot 3 or 4 times a week. Whatever it is, it is very mystical, and also very breathtaking.

Now that the pool thing is done and all of our hands and fingers were pruned up and we ingested enough pool water for the next week, it was time to get out and dry off. I was finally feeling hungry again, and Cody kept bringing up food every 10 minutes or so. But I was a little uneasy as I had not seen the twins in a good hour and a half, and was becoming a bit worried (or maybe just paranoid). Were they out there somewhere plotting? I grabbed one of the towels on the lounge chairs and threw a few to some of the others. Then I ran it through my hair and across my back, chest, and down my legs getting most of the water off, but still enough left in my shorts to continue dripping down my legs and off my feet for awhile. I made my way towards the BBQ as it was now after 10:00, I'd say more like 10:30, and they were beginning to clean things up and starting to put some stuff away. I had Blake, Cody, and Sequoia all joining me. And as I approached, there was the one Chef from earlier looking past us. Then he zoned in on us once recognizing who was approaching. As I pretended I was looking off to one side, I could see he looked Cody and Blake over, ignoring Sequoia, and then settled his eyes on me as his prize. I couldn't help but laugh inside.

Then something strange happened. He looked at Sequoia and did a double take as Sequoia took his towel off from around his back and chest and wrapped it around his waist to soak up the water in his shorts. The chef looked surprised to see his bare chest and his jaw dropped to the floor. Wow, he had no initial interest in Sequoia what-so-ever as we approached?

Holy shit, he thought Sequoia was a girl. And once Sequioa removed the towel, and he saw the bare chest and board shorts, the guy literally freaked, and was visibly shaken. He had no interest in a pretty girl, but a pretty girl who is actually a beautiful boy, is something else completely. The others hadn't noticed any of this, and I was now staring at him and began laughing a little out loud as I pieced it all together, and saw what had just happened. The chef saw me and grabbed a pot and moved back behind the other chef as he adjusted the front of his shorts that were tented up and looking quite uncomfortable.

Blake: "What are you laughing about Nika?"

"Ahh, nothing Blake, it's no big deal."

"Well quit acting like a fool, fool."

I looked over at Sequoia and smiled, and he looked back at me and returned the smile. Then looked down at the ground, letting out a small laugh, before saying, "I know, I know."

Blake again said "What dorks, what's going on?"

Cody: "Yah, what is it?"

Sequoia, very softly: "Just an inside joke between me and Nika, it has nothing to do with you guys, so don't stress it."

I said, "Yah, she's, or ummm, I mean he's right" And with that Sequoia and I both began laughing again. Hard this time leaning against one another with our heads together, kinda as if we were holding one another up. Blake and Cody just looked at one another and said, "fucking idiots...huh!”

Meanwhile one chef moved forward to tell us what was left and to inquire what we'd like. While his partner, red-faced and caught looking, stood in the background trying to look busy.

We each grabbed a plate and Cody and Blake each took a couple large slabs of the more rare prime rib left, and I grabbed a slab as well along with a nice piece of salmon. The chef was about to slap a slab on Sequoia's plate, when Sequoia pulled back his plate and said, "just the salmon please sir, I will not eat an animal, are we not animal's ourselves?"

The chef paused for a second not knowing what to say or how to react, and scratched his head trying to figure out if he was being fucked with or what. But Sequoia's expression did not change and he remained there with his plate held out, steely eyed. The chef nodded his head as if to say yes and placed a large fillet of salmon on Sequoia's plate along with a cob of corn. As we left the BBQ, I glanced back, and the chef who served us was standing there with his mouth still open. And the other had moved to the side to get a better look at us as we walked away with his eye's firmly set on Sequoia's ass (which is so hard and tight, you could bounce a quarter off it).

We made our way over to the buffet table to see what kind of side dishes were left, and in scanning the yard I could tell about half or three fifths of the crowd had gone home or elsewhere, and still no twins. I said, "Hey Cody, have you seen Lucifer and Satan around in the last hour or so?”

He said, "No, and I've kinda been on the look-out too."

Blake: "Come on you guys, don't call them that, especially in front of me, they're my little brothers."

"Yah Blake, But you don't know what they're capable of, and you're big enough to deal with them."

"What are you talking about Cody, I LIVE with them."

"OK, OK, you're right."

Just then from behind us, Reiley piped in outta nowhere, "They left around 40 minutes ago with Jace. They said they had enough of you and your family for one day Nika. And that there will surely be another time."

"Oh hey Reiley, where have you been and what happened to KC?"

"Hey Nika, KC's been making out in the sauna room with one of your sisters friends, and I've been networking with your Dad and some of his business partners."

Blake: "Get a life freak."

Reiley: "I got one, and just say that in ten years when you're poor like your mom and dad, and I own this town."

"Fuck you Reiley, my mom and dad aren't poor Mother Fucker!"

Cody and I jumped in the middle of Blake and Reiley before things got escalated and Sequoia walked up to both of them, "Remember this; a man will be measured for but a short time here on his journey by material gains. But for eternity by the friends he makes and the good he does. Remember that a man, with all the wealth in the world, that lifted his fingers to help no one, is seen in the eyes of those who have passed before us, and that we will someday take the journey to meet again, less worthy to join our elders, or be held in such high regard as one poor child that suffers!”

Now some would say a soft- voiced 11 or 12 year old saying those words would be looked over if not outright ignored or laughed at, but there was something powerful in what he said and how it was said. Sequoia rarely spoke, and when he did, it was always wise to listen. And as the five of us stood there silent for a good minute looking at each other and the ground, I began to rub my arms as I had goosebumps on them, and it was not from being cold. And as I looked around, I could see that all of us with the exception of Sequoia also had goosebumps as well. Blake and Reiley who were both looking down at the ground and began to look up and speak at the same time, "I'm really sorry Reiley/Blake."

"No, it's my-"

"Opps, no you go."

Reilly: "OK, I had no right to talk to you, or bring up your family like that Blake. You know I love you and we've been friends for a long, long time now. I'm really, really sorry. I won't let it happen again."

"I'm really sorry too Reiley. I had no right to comment on what you do at a party or who you talk to. Everybody comes to do what they want and what they have a good time doing. I think I was just a little mad that you and KC weren't spending time with the rest of us. And that we shoulda been together tonight. But it's not my place to tell either of you what to do. But you seem so serious sometimes, and were still kids. I mean I can understand KC wanting to get on Tasha or one of her friends, cause that's what we think about at our age."

"Hey, watch it Blake, that's my sister!"

"Sorry Nika, but relax, I didn't mean anything by it. And you know he would, if she gave him half a chance."

"Yah, I guess so."

"All I'm saying is, it just seems you're trying to grow up too fast Reiley. And speaking for myself, I've missed you lately, you didn't even swim with us tonight."

Thanks Blake, I know I overdo it sometimes, but it's all me and my dad talk about at home and the only thing we have in common. And the way we communicate, so it gets confusing and hard to turn off once I leave the house. That's his tag line for me and I hear it all the time, network, network, network. I miss hanging with you guys too, and I'll pay better attention to it from now on. Peace?"

"Yah, Peace."

With that they gave each other a big hug and held for a minute or so, showing it was for real and meaningful, before they broke apart and Reiley walked away. Then Reiley said, "Hey Blake?"

"Yah Reiles, sup?"

With that Reiley turned to smile at Blake and then ran head first at the pool before taking a long dive out over and into the water with his clothes, shoes and socks all still on.

Blake and the rest of us began to laugh, and when all of our eyes met, we all shed the towels and ran straight at and into the pool. We hit the water in a huge splash as Reiley was almost down to his Tommy boxer briefs as he was stripping his cloths off as fast as he could. We all began to splash and dunk each other heads under the water and make like it was 12:00 noon, and not past 11:00pm. As Cody grabbed Reiley from behind, Blake and I disposed of his undies leaving him pantsed and bare-ass naked. He wasn't alone for too long before Blake and I double-crossed Cody and stripped him as well. Sensing he was next 10 or 12 yards away, but quite aware of what the rest of us were up to, Sequoia dropped his as well, and Blake and I looked at each other without having to say a word (when in Rome) and off came ours too. There were very few people left, and those who were still here were mostly inside. And most of the lights by the pool were out, except for the ones over by the BBQ and buffet table, where yes, our horny chef was watching eagerly as 4 sets of boards shorts and a pair of underwear came flying out of the pool and onto the wet tile. It was the best time of the night and we swam and dove down into the caverns area with all the different colored lights were on illuminating the water. If Disneyworld had a pool, this would have been it. It was magical. We started up the chicken fights again, but were a player short of three teams when we heard a splash in the deep end of the pool and looked over to see KC swim naked to the surface after having just jumped off of the upstairs balcony into the water. Blake said "where'd you come from dip-shit?"

"Upstairs jack-ass, we've been watching you guys for a while from Tasha's room. We were all making out and smoking a little, you know, when I figured all I was getting was Ashley's tits. And she wasn't gonna put out any more than that, and you guys looked like you were having too much fun. So I dropped my shorts and jumped in from the balcony."

With that KC grabbed Blake's head and shoved it under the water. Thus was how the "Great Northern Naked Midnight Chicken Fight of 2008" came to be. With me on Blake, Sequoia on Reiley, and Cody on KC.

Well, we made it to about 12:35 or so when everyone was getting stomach aches and other ailments from being physically drained. So with it being safe to get out of the water with the chefs now gone, and the spectators and parents who heard the commotion and came out to see what was going on and whistle their support or root for their favorite team also gone for the evening, we exited the pool and grabbed the towels that were left laying around the yard.

We started saying our goodbyes and Blake told Reiley, KC, and Sequoia to head with him to the pool room so they could all shower off together and get dressed. Sequoia started to say it was about just as far as the guest house that he, his mom, and sister stayed in. And that he was going to just go when Blake gave him the old "Come on, you're one of us look", and to finish up with the rest of us since he doesn't get a lot of time to be with us cause of his chores and duties. He nodded his head in agreement and headed to the poolroom with Blake's arm over one shoulder and Reiley's over the other. Very ironic seeing as without him being there, and his intervening, none of it may have happened after Blake and Reiley's little spat.

I looked at Cody and said "Well Twinner, wanna hit my bedroom and shower up and grab some things for the tree house?” (Or Fort Twinner, as we liked to call it).

He just smiled and nodded a yes as we picked up the rest of the towels and miscellaneous clothes and swim wear that was left by who knows who, to drop off in the laundry room on our way through the house and up the stairs. There was silence and anxiety in the air, and I could feel it coming from Cody as I could tell he could from me. It wasn't the outright nervousness and butterflies that we had both secretly been sporting earlier in the day. We were too together and tuned into each other and all our friends for that. We had been together for hours now, so we were comfortable with one another, but still felt a... I don't know, anxiousness tempered with some eagerness, with a little performance anxiety thrown in. Kinda like the night before Christmas mixed in with your first time at bat in little league. Whatever it was, it was electric, and I have never felt so alive and euphoric, and I could tell Cody was glowing as well.

We made our way up the stairs and Sash was on his way down looking like he just ate a turd sandwich. I asked, "Whats wrong buddy?"

"Nothing you can do anything about, what a shitty night!"

"What are you talking about Sash, I watched you all night having a blast."

Yah, but now I have to go to bed."

"Why, party on lil dude. You have all night if you want."

"Yah, by myself."

"What are you talking about, I thought Porter or Dylan were gonna stay over tonight."

"Yah, Tanner was, but he got sick from something, the food or too much pool water, but his mom and dad played it safe and took him home."

"He probably ate too much buddy, for being so little, he can eat his weight."

"Yah, he's like that Jap who eats all the hotdogs."

"That's Japanese guy Sasha...OK? Why didn't you ask Porter or one of the others then?"

"Cause everyone had already left, and when I called Porter on the cell, he and his parents were already pulling into South Lake. And I know you can't bother with me tonight cause you and Cody are gonna be getting....never mind."

Cody, "Gonna be getting what Sash?"

"Oh, nothing. Just lost my train of thought I guess."

Sash and I kinda looked at each other with my best "Be careful what you say look', and Sasha with his "Oh shit, sorry" look.

"Hey doofus, quick, go out to the pool room and tell Sequoia to grab his stuff and haul it up to your room. He should still be out there with Blake, KC, and Reiley."

"Fer real, should I ask mom and dad?"

"No, no time for that, just go get him, I said it's OK... go now, hurry!"

"OK, thanks Nika, I like Sequoia, he's hella kool."

With that out of the way, Cody and I made it to my bedroom where we shut the door and I threw all my wet cloths in my hamper. Cody grabbed his overnight bag, and we went to my bathroom to freshen up. We brushed our teeth in Sash and my sinks, and after finishing that, I said, "Hey, I don't wanna smell like chlorine all night, I'm gonna take a shower. You can join me if you want, or go first, that is if you wanna take one. It's probably about 1:00.”

Nika, I'll take one with you.”

So we both walked in the shower naked and a little chilly as with wet skin in the middle of the night, but settled under a warm stream of water spraying from both directions, as it was a large shower with two shower heads. Sasha and I rarely showered separately on school days, which helps us stay punctual. As we turned to look at one another, something was different. And it wasn't anything that needed to be said. I just looked in Cody's eyes and he in mine, and we stared for about 20 or 30 seconds as we both began to shake, but not from being cold. Then we kissed on the lips for a few seconds and held each other as close as we could with our faces and noses on each others necks. As we clutched , breathing heavily, we began to kinda twist left and right as we clung to one another, our bodies naked, wet and as one. I was exhausted and I could tell Cody was waiting for a second wind as well. We were holding each other up almost as much as it was an embrace, and it was a very intense embrace. We both began to talk about the evening in quick muffled sentences with stress in our voices. He had just asked if I had a good time, and I tried to answer, but my words stopped short as visions of the years of our friendship passed before my eyes. I tried again, and nothing. I breathed in making a noise as if I lost my breath and tried one last time to mouth something when I broke down and started to cry very hard as I tried to catch my breath. I was physically beat and began to drop to the floor as Cody caught me and said in a very low whisper, "Its OK Nika, I got you buddy, just let it go. Let it all out."

I did just that for I don't know how long, but I stood there with his help crying and crying. It was probably at least 5 or 6 minutes, who knows, maybe more. But the whole time he held me up, as we gently swayed back and forth with him whispering in my ear that it was OK and to just let go. I had to wipe my nose on his neck more than a few times, because it was leaking like crazy. I whispered in his ear "I love you Cody, I really love you."

He whispered back "I love you too Nika, I have always loved you Nika.”

As I felt some strength return to my body and I cried myself out, at least for the time being, I stood back up under my own power and looked him in the eye and kinda laughed just a bit as he smiled at me. We pecked on the lips real quick again and he said, "Are you gonna be OK? You've had quite a day.”

I said, "Yah, I'll be fine, I think. That helped a lot. I should be up to getting to the tree house where we can settle down and unwind."

He said, "We can just stay here if you want Nika, if you're not feeling up to going out there."

"No, Cody, we planned this, and I put an ice chest up there with Gatorade, snacks, and other stuff, let's not ruin it cause I had a minor meltdown in the shower."

"Whoohoaa, minor meltdown huh?"

"Ha ha, shut up Cody, like you haven't been there once or twice? Like when Cannibal" (his Rottweiler) "died last winter when that truck hit him? You were worse than this."

"Yah, I know Nika, and it's been more than two or three times over the years and I'm just messing with ya, you know that don't you?"

"Yah, I do, I'm just not used to it being me. Usually it's you who loses it."

"Yah, more frequently anyway, but you've had a couple good ones too over the years."

"Wanna get out? I'm getting pruned again."

"Yah, no more chlorine smell."

"Or tears...ha ha."

"Ha, shut up Cody. Let's dry off and get dressed. I'll text Tash and see where she left our package."

"OK. Wow, you still wanna drink something?"

"Yah, if you do, I feel great now for some reason."

"Yah, I'm down, lets do it. And then we can have that talk that we should really have. OK Nika?"

"Yah-yah, fer sure dude....OK."

We dried our hair as best we could and got dressed in some comfortable sweat pants and sweatshirts. He put on some Ugg Boots, and me, some thick wool socks. We grabbed some last minute stuff and made our way downstairs. As we were coming down from the second to the first floor, Sash and Sequoia were on their way up with their hands full of just about every kind of snack and food you could think of. You could hear the stairs creak as they approached us, signaling how quiet the house had become with everyone gone. "Hey champ” (in an almost whisper) as they approached, “Looks like you caught him in time."

"Yah, they were still showering in the pool room."

"Thanks for staying with him tonight Sequoia."

"No, thank you for having me over, I really didn't wanna go back yet, I was having too much fun. It's been a while since I got to do this."

"Well have fun then, you got enough food. Who's left downstairs Sash?"

"No one, mom and dad saw the last of the guests off and went to bed bout a half hour ago, and Tasha and a couple of her friends are drinking beer in the car port in the front of the house. That's it I think. Blake, KC, and Reiley were getting ready to leave bout a half hour ago when I went to get Sequoia. We've been downstairs turning out lights, locking things up, and cleaning a few things up and getting some snacks together for movies and games."

"OK, have fun, and we'll be in the tree house if you need me. I have my cell, so text or call me if it's important and I'll be there you guys. Oh, and try not to break anything if you can Sash."

"OK, you two have a good time too. Have fun, and I love you big brother."

Sequoia: "Yes, have fun and remember, what we are is not as important as who we are! And Nika, you know just as I, you have a gift. But will you listen to your inner voice when it matters most?"

"Sure Sequoia, thanks, and I'm sure there's a lesson in there somewhere."

As we started to walk away, Sasha blinked at me and gave me a big hug and looked at me very emotionally before heading back up the stairs and us down. Cody looked at me and asked, "When did that start and is he always like that Nika? And what was that Sequoia said?"

"I'm not sure Cody, but you know it meant something and we'll probably figure it out later. And no, we've always been close, but Sash had his melt-down earlier today (referring to our talk) and so were kinda really even closer right now."

We made our way through the house and out the back door, but not before I grabbed a couple flashlights from the security closet in the alarm room. We walked outside and it was dead silent except for a cool breeze, and the water pouring out the spout and into the pool from the filter. The moon was full, so the flashlights weren't really needed. We got to the tree and tied off our bags and began to climb the ladder. Once to the top we grabbed the supply ropes and pulled up our supply bags, and then pulled up the rope ladder as well, insuring no surprise attacks or unwelcome guests later.

We settled in to some bean bags my mom and dad bought me for the floor, and turned on one of the small lights installed up there and made ourselves comfortable. Cody turned on some music low as not to carry to the house to disturb anyone, and I started texting my sister thinking maybe she'd double crossed us and they needed their "supplies" back. But then Cody said, "Nika wait," and produced a big brown grocery bag that was in the corner next to a bean bag where he was sitting. He said, "Alright Tasha", and walked towards me.

I asked, "What's in there?"

He said, "I don't know, but the bags hella-cold and a little wet."

Then he reached in and pulled out a 12 pack of beer. "Whoaa, a whole twelve pack."

"What kind is it Cody?"

"I don't know, Tec, Tecat, it, it's Mexican!"

"Whatever, that's fine, what's the most you've drank before?"

"I don't know, maybe four cans, what about you?"

"The same, with you...fool."

"Well, what we don't finish, we'll save for next time. Kinda a war chest, ha ha."

"Yah, we already have a snack cabinet, so why not."

"Well, pop open some truth-serum jack-ass and lets start partying, it's gotta be 1:45 at least by now."

"OK, here it comes Nika, Bottoms-Up!"

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