Date: Wed, 10 December 2008

From: Cody <>

Twinergy and Boys of Clear Lake

Chapter 4:

Beginners Love!

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake (4) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

Copyright is to me, and this story may not be reproduced anywhere without my prior permission.

Well here we are, up in Fort Twinners late at night forcing down a can of Mexican beer. And that's actually what it is, forcing. Neither Cody or myself can say we're experienced drinkers, only having drank maybe half a dozen times, and always beer except once, a bottle of peach wine that tasted more like Kool Aid. Hard alcohol has never passed either of our lips, and just the smell is atrocious. Beer is hard enough for us to get down, especially the first one, but things usually go more smoothly after that. So with forced swallows and painful burps, we almost had the first one choked down. It's kinda an unspoken contest to see who can finish the first one faster, and it was anyone's race at this point. Neither of us looked like we were enjoying the moment, but I do havta say, that I did have a rather nice Teriyaki Salmon and potato salad burp just a minute ago that was quite enjoyable. So what the hell, I couldn't have more than a quarter can left, so I just sucked it up and tilted the can back and went for it.....gulp, Gulp, GULP! YES!, Cody saw this and tried to follow suit not to be left behind and pull victory from the jaws of defeat, but he was too late. I was done and crunched the can and tossed it to his feet as I tilted my head back forward again with a big grin (almost laugh) as I sighed a victory sigh, and then, woops, whats this, Burpppp.....gush as a discharge of foamy beer quickly shot its way from my nostrils and mouth and splashed down the front of my sweatshirt......."Ahhh Fuck!"

Cody seeing this as I was gloating and just as he was finishing his last gulp or two, couldn't hold back and began laughing hysterically as all the contents of his mouth sprayed all over the floor and front of his shirt. This changed my mood immediately and I began to laugh as well as we both pointed at each other and continued to laugh. He threw his can at me which I avoided by moving to my left, and then lunged forward and tackled him knocking him off his beanbag as we both rolled around on the rug on the tree house floor. We continued to laugh and wrestle around as I could feel my face getting kinda warm and a happy loose feeling begin to overcome me. I stuck my finger in his chin and wiped some of the beer around, and he burped and blew it in my face. We both started laughing and started to roll around again. This went on for a few minutes till we settled down on the floor lying beside one another and leaning our backs against one of the beanbags. Cody reached beside him and grabbed two more cans out of the bag and handed one to me.

"Can you feel anything yet Nika?"

"Yah, a little I think, can you?"

"Yah, I think so."

"This stuff isn't that bad...huh?"

"No, I kinda like it, it doesn't taste that bad, it's just the bubbles that are hard to swallow I think."

"Yah, wouldn't it be easier if it wasn't carbonated?"

"I don't know, everybody says they hate flat beer, so prolly not."

"I like it up here....I mean late at night when it's so quiet, and no one else is around. Its kool, huh?"

"Yah, it's just kool being with you Nika."

"You too Cody."

We continued to drink our second can of beer, which was going down easily compared to the first. We were side by side with our arms touching and rubbing our inside feet together, completely at ease and at peace. I could feel the beer having an effect on me as I became much more loose and care free.

I turned to look at Cody and stare at his face. He noticed and did the same and looked at me. We stared into each others eyes and went back and forth from smiling and looking serious and back to smiling again. As we continued to watch one another, I felt Cody reach down and take my hand in his. It felt warm and as I looked down and saw our hands together, it made me smile and lean forward and kiss him on the cheek. His face was so soft with a fine dusting of downy fuzz where someday his sideburns will be. I could tell the beer was now having its effect on me as the second can was almost gone.

We were both feeling kinda lazy now and kept slouching down further and further onto the floor with just Cody's head now against the beanbag as a pillow instead of his whole back like before. I was now lying slanted against Cody with my back against his stomach and my head on his chest. His arms were wrapped around me and on my tummy and my arms over his with my hands holding his. He had his chin on the top of my head and would occasionally lean it forward and push his nose into my hair and breath in my smell. It was something he had been doing for years now and I never knew quite why, but enjoyed it all the same.

I threw my empty can against the wall, just a minute or two after he had, and he quickly handed me a third. I decided that since we were so close and at such peace with one another I'd ask him about the hair thing.

"Hey Cody."

"Yah Nika."

"For years you've been sniffing my hair, how come?"

"I don't know. It's so blond and fluffy and soft. Or I guess just cause I care about you and like the way you smell. It just makes me kinda warm and feel good inside. Does it bother you? Do you want me to stop?"

"No, not at all, I just never knew. I always kinda liked it I guess. It's OK, it makes me feel good too, kinda important to you."

"Kool, you are important to me. The most important."

"I was gonna say now that were buzzed it'd be a good time to have our talk, but it looks like we already are I guess."

"Ha ha, yah, and it's probably better this way, it's not forced."

"Have you been OK lately Cody?"

"I don't know, I guess as good as I can be."

"What's wrong, and what would make things better?"

"Just things Nika, things I can't change, things that kinda scare me sometimes."

"You wanna tell me about them?"

"I don't know, I thought I did, but it's always easier when you're not around, and I play out in my head that we talk and I tell you all sorts of things. But when were together, it never seems as easy."

"Like how long have you been keeping this and feeling whatever it is Cody?"

"At least a couple years now. Maybe more."

"And all the time we've spent together and sleepovers and stuff you never thought about talking to me?"

"Sure, I've thought about it lots of times, I've just never stepped up and done it."

"You afraid I'll not like whatever it is, or get mad at you?"

"I don't know. Maybe not get mad, but maybe just be disappointed in me and not wanna be around me anymore."

"So if you don't talk to me and tell me, then it's gonna go away?"

"No, it's never gonna go away."

"So whatever it is, it's how it is, and you can't change it. So you wanna just keep on going and never bring it up? I mean whatever it is, it's already reality, so whether you tell me or not, it's not gonna change right?"

"Well, yah, I guess. I mean, I don't know. Just let me think a minute."

"Its OK Cody, we have all night."

"Shit, I gotta pee, that's three cans now. I'm soo buzzed."

"Haha, me too. It feels weird huh?"

Cody got up and went outside to the balcony to pee, and I walked over to our snack bag and brought it over to the bean bags. I could see Cody wipe his eyes as I could tell when he walked away he was starting to tear up. So sensing he was probably hurting - just a "twinergy type" feeling that he may need me - I walked outside to the balcony to join him, if for nothing more to just be close and maybe put a hand on his shoulder. I put my hand on his shoulder and he said, "common Nika, just give me a little space."

So I Walked about eight or ten feet to his right and looked over the yard to my left in his direction. He was standing there, but nothing was coming out, so I figured he may be there a while.

"Come on Nika, shit dude, I can't go with you staring at me like that."

"Oh shit, sorry Cody, I wasn't staring at you. And we always pee in front of each other. You getting shy or something?"

"No, I don't know, it's just not happening now for some reason. I don't know why."

"OK, OK. I'll face the other way."

I turned my head to the right and felt the breeze blow on my warm face, and it felt incredible. The smell was insane as well. Another stronger gust came threw as the wind was picking up and a felt a couple small drops of misty rain on my face, and I was in heaven. I heard a few splashes on the deck below and could tell Cody was struggling to get a stream started, but it was beginning to happen. I figured he might be awhile, so I better just enjoy the breeze and accept he gets stage fright when he drinks.

As I was standing there and another minute or two passed, I heard an "Ahhhhhh, it's about fucking time", as a steady stream began to splash the deck below, and could tell Cody was in heaven. Just then a big gust blew in and I got a weird tingling on the little hairs on the back of my neck. I was now on the other side of the balcony from Cody and something made me gasp and shocked me too attention as the little hairs on my arms and neck stuck straight out and I had a strange premonition. I bolted to my left and began to run towards Cody, and saw Cody turn to look at me with a half smile as he raised an eyebrow. He saw me charging him and held his hand out as he mouthed, "Stop Nika, Stop"!

I could not hear a thing except my heart beating as everything was in slow motion. The rain had begun coming down a little harder and I had a very bad feeling deep down in my gut like I had been here before.

As I made it to Cody's location, he had turned facing me with both hands up with one holding a can anticipating an impact as his stream of urine was hitting the wooden deck and then my leg. I felt as if I had stumbled or been pushed as I slammed into him cutting off his stream and sending us both crashing to the floor.

Just then, just a second after our tumble, another large gust blew in, followed by another immediately in tandem with the first, and then a "SNAP", ear piercing LOUD!

We looked at each other and a second later a limb probably in the neighborhood of 200 to 300 pounds CRASHED into the railing were Cody was standing only moments before, tearing out a whole section of railing and some of the wooden flooring sending them to the concrete deck and pool water below. I just looked up as I felt some liquid run into my left eye, and I was shaking and crying as tears ran down my face. I wiped my eye, and it was blood from a cut over my eyebrow on my forehead where I hit the floor. Cody looked at me and saw the blood on my face and sweatshirt, and saw the tears and that I was crying. He stared at me for a few seconds even more shocked not knowing what was going on.

Cody looked at me with his mouth wide open and I broke down and fell into his arms emotionally bankrupt, crying uncontrollably. I was crying so hard I was practically screaming as a mixture of tears and blood came down my face.

Cody held me tight as we were all wrapped up in a tight ball on the floor with arms wrapped around each other unable to tell what body part belonged to whom, as if we were Siamese twins, or Siamese twinners I should say. I felt his hand go up the back of my sweatshirt and caress my bare back as I began to calm under his love and comforting. My senses were coming back on line, and I could hear him whispering over and over again, "Shhhh Nika, shhhh. It's gonna be OK, you saved my life my love! "Shhhh Nika, shhhh. It's gonna be OK, you saved my life my love!

Just then some lights came on and Sasha and Sequoia came running out of the house as Tasha and a few of her friends came running from around the side of the house yelling, "Hey, Are You Guys OK? What was that!" They slowed down as the damage on the tree house and deck came into their line of sight, and as they approached and saw the debris on the deck below, "We heard........Holy Shit, you guys are lucky that didn't hit you, you'd be dead!"

About that time my Mom and Dad came from inside the house and were running out to the scene, "Nika, Cody, Are you two OK?"

I still couldn't talk and had my head buried in Cody's chest. Cody yelled out, "Yah Mr. V, Nika's got a little cut and he's kinda shaken up, is all. He just bumped his head pushing me outta the way. That thing woulda clobbered me right on the head!"

Sasha: "Whoaaa fuck, you saved his life Nika!"

"Maybe you two should come in for the night and sleep in the house honey!”

"Nah Mom, we'll be fine out here. I'll be OK in a few minutes after Cody puts a band-aid on this cut (down playing the injury). And besides, it's never happened before, so what are the chances of it happening again on the same night?"

"What do you think Niklas?"

"Yah hon, they'll be fine. You boys stay inside up there and get some sleep before morning breaks. If I hear another branch snap off like that one, you're coming inside, you hear me?"

"Yes Mr. V. Was it loud?"

Tasha: "Holy shit Cody, we heard it at the front of the house. It sounded like a canon going off!"

Sequoia: "Yes, it was very loud Cody, in many ways! And very wise listening to your inner voice Nika!"

As my Mom and Dad, and Tasha and her friends wandered off to where they came from, I could still hear Sash and Sequoia looking around down below inspecting the damage. I heard Sasha yell up, "Hey you guys, can we come and look at the damage and hang out with you guys?"

Then I heard Sequoia tell Sasha, "No Sasha, now is not the time for that. Your brother and Cody need this time to be together, and they need to be alone."

"OK, then lets go inside and finish the movie. I wanna make some kettle corn and pour some cheese on it. We should have this annual BBQ's every month...huh?"

Sequoia: "Sasha, annual means......never mind!"

Cody heard Sasha and Sequoia and kinda laughed and it made me smile too. I realized that was us a couple years ago, and that we were changing...growing up. And it made me happy and sad all at the same time. I knew how innocent Sasha was and Sequoia would be, if his childhood hadn't been taken from him by a cruel chain of events. And I knew we had turned a corner in our lives and could never go back to that time now. I felt like Blake was right when he was talking to Reiley earlier, and that maybe it is gone too fast. I mean, I know my feelings for Cody, and thanks to Blake, Cody's for me. And they are wonderful feelings and very powerful. `Cept I can find love and relationships the rest of my life. But once past that "tween" barrier, that time of pajamas and popcorn, there's no going back. I would never see life again through the eyes of my little brother, and it was a breathtaking revelation at a most unwelcome time. I flashed back to our annual BBQ two or three years ago, and thought about Cody and I heating up pizza and spilling soda on the bedroom carpet, or playing Halo and watching The Return of the King. And falling asleep with the TV still on and waking up as a single Cody and Nika pretzel under the covers the next morning, with never a thought of sex or anything more than what we were gonna eat and where we were gonna meet the posse to swim. Now, I find my self in the home stretch, stealing third and sliding into adolescence. And wondering if it would have been better if they called a rain delay while I was still on second base, and still enjoying my tween years with my friends.

"Well", I thought as Cody shook me and asked if I was OK, "It's too late now, the genie is out of the bottle, and theres no putting it back. "Yah, I'm fine Codes, just thinking about something Blake said this afternoon, and Sasha."

"About growing up and getting older Nika?"

"Yah, how'd you know?"

"`Cause we've both been sitting here silent for about five minutes. Sometimes Sasha says things that bring me back to when you and I were younger, and it kinda makes me smile and hurt all at the same time."

"That's what I was thinking too, Twinner."

It's hard wanting to grow up and getting all the kool things associated with it, but at the same time like Blake pointed out, and from watching Sasha, having it register what you're having to give up. I love the new Nika, but I also miss my old Nika, and who you were. Does that make any sense?"

"Yah Cody, it does. I was just thinking about when you were eleven and had those cute aqua-blue braces on your teeth. I see pictures of you when you were like that and wanna go back to 6th grade and spend the whole summer there, but I can't."

"I know Nika. I look back at you a couple years, and realize I'll never see you like that again, and it makes me feel like crying. I loved you then, and I still do, but times seems to be going by too fast, and I'm not sure were making the most of it."

"I know what you mean. Sash just flipped the outside lights off. Let's go inside and push the beanbags together and throw down a sleeping bag and some blankets, its wet out here and getting cold. Besides, you need to fix my head, so grab the first aid kit."

"Ha ha, yah, I need to fix your head. you said it."

"Watch it dork!"

"Hey Nika, I think this will be the first time we've ever used the first aid kit and it wasn't on Blake and the twins.....or Jace."

"Yah, I think you're right, we'll have to write the date on the box so we always remember."

"The way times going by, that's probably a good idea."

We went inside and I sat down on a chair as Cody opened the kit and grabbed some gauze and rubbing alcohol. He poured some on the gauze and began wiping my face and forehead being careful not to get any in my eyes. Most of the blood came right off, except for the outside edges of the streams where it dried a little. I used a paper towel and some bottled water to wash out my eye, as he finished cleaning the blood and holding pressure on the cut till it stopped bleeding. Then he applied a little Neosporin and a couple butterfly bandages.

"There yah go Nika, all better buddy."

"Thanks Cody, love yah."

We then made a big "hog-wallow" type bed with the beanbags and sleeping bags and blankets and cracked another beer and laid back. We were both laying on our backs facing opposite directions with our heads right about the others bellybuttons are, and my hand on his chest and his on mine. That way we could talk while we looked at each other.

"I had a great time tonight Cody."

"So did I Nika. Do we ever not?"

"Ha ha no. Hey Cody," as I took his hand in mine.

"Yah Nik."

"When we were talking earlier about you opening up to me, before we went outside?"

"Yah, what about it Nika?"

"I don't know how to approach this Cody, so here it is. Does it have anything to do with calling me your love earlier after the accident when you were holding me?"

Cody began to fidget and looked visibly distressed.

"You're not taking any shortcuts are you Nika?"

I could feel Cody squeeze my hand a little harder, and I squeezed back tight signaling it was OK to answer. Then I told him, "If I'm right, and I'm sure I am, then you've been in pain for way to long my friend. I only wish you had put more faith and trust in me long ago so you didn't have to carry this burden for so long."

"Yes Nika."

"Yes what, Cody? You need to say it, and I need to hear it, no turning back this time Cody!"

"Yes Nika. I'm, I'm,.... I'm gay and called you my love, `cause that's how I wanna see you. That is how I see you, and have for years."

"Was that so hard Cody?"

"No Nika, the hard part is what comes next. How you reply, that's the hard part. I've waited for years for this moment and probably put it off for so long, so I can keep the dream alive, and not find out it was all for nothing."

"Well, Cody?"


I leaned forward and kissed my friend on the lips and gently pushed my tongue along his lips wetting them and then just past to his teeth, a little way in.

When I slowly pulled away, Cody was shaking slightly and his eyes were closed. I could see how his breathing was shallow and sporadic and he wasn't sure about what just happened. I looked right into his eyes as they opened and said, "Sometimes dreams come true Cody. Tonight your dream came true!"

"What Nika?"

"I'm sorry it took me longer than you to discover who I am Cody, but I love you, and don't know yet if I'm 100% gay, or just bi, but know enough now to know I love you. And not as just a friend, brother, and twinner anymore."

With that said, Cody's eye's began to tear up as he began to laugh and cry all at the same time, like in those movies where someone finds out someone they thought had died is really alive and they break down. Cody jumped on me and kissed my lips and then just held me tight as we rolled around on our beanbags and kissed each others lips, cheeks, neck, and any other facial territory we hadn't yet explored.

It all seemed unreal, and we both began exchanging awkward glances and touches unaware how to proceed from there. We both were aware of the overpowering urges, desires, and physical and emotional feelings that have burdened us for so long. But except for partial memories from wet dreams and fantasy thoughts during masturbation, neither of us had any sexual experience to speak of, and fumbled about awkwardly, both nervous and a little insecure.

It was apparent we were both shaking and tried on several occasions to speak at the same time, both saying, "Sorry, you go", at the same time. We kinda laughed it off, and I could feel my face was red, and Cody was squeezing one hand with his other, something he always does when he's nervous. I learned long ago to look for that if I think hes trying to hide something from me.

As we sat on the sleeping bag between a couple bean bags, both trying to avoid eye contact with one another, I finally let out a little laugh and said, "This is stupid Codes!”

"What is?”

"We've known each other almost all our lives, and gone through just about everything best friends can go through. So why should this be any different? It seems like if I was doing this with someone new, then I'd be nervous, thinking, man I wish this was Cody so it'd be easier."

"Yah Nika, you're right. Why are we sooo nervous? Why does this feel soo awkward?”

"I think cause its just new to both of us, and we're virgins Cody. Maybe it's supposed to feel this way `cause it's special. I guess I'm kinda glad you feel this way and have never done anything with anyone before. I think this is probably how everyone feels when its their first time, `cause it's so special. And maybe it's a reminder of how special we are to each other. `Cause if I didn't care about you so much, I probably wouldn't be so nervous, `cause I wouldn't care what you thought.”

"Yah, I think you're right, so what if were not good at this and what do we do now. How do we learn to love?”

"I think I know Cody.”

"OK, can you let me in on it."

"Yah, come over here. Lean your back against my front here Cody. That's it." I wrapped my arms around him and placed my hands on his as I laid my back against a beanbag with both of our legs spread and our socked feet both moving from side to side to help release a little bit of the tension.

"This feels good. Now this is how we always watch TV and lay around and talk. Maybe the secret, or answer, is not to try too hard. I mean, this feels natural for both of us because it's how we always lay together. Maybe we just need to keep it simple and the other stuff will come naturally as we ease into who we are as our love blossoms.”

"It is love Nika, at least for me it is. You know that, don't you?”

"Yes Cody, I can feel that, and those are my feelings for you as well. You do believe me, don't you?”

"I always believe what you tell me Nika, nothing has happened to change that.”

"OK then, now that we seem calm, and we're focused again, we can just talk about how we feel about each other. What we need from one another, and our feelings. Especially what we feel physically. I know it's probably gonna be embarrassing and hard at first, but we can just go slow and take our time. And don't be scared, so it stops you from telling me how you feel. And we have to promise each other we won't laugh at what we say to each other. OK?”

"Yah, OK. I promise if you do. So who starts? And does sex scare you Nika?”

"Everything new is kinda scary Cody. Change is scary. But it's also very rewarding, and your fucking beautiful to me, so it's gonna be worth it. Don't you think so?”

"Hell yah, but I'm just worried cause I've never done it before. So what if I'm not as good at it as you are? Are you gonna be mad, and maybe not like me anymore?”

"That's not gonna happen Cody. I've never done it before either, so its gonna be a learning experience for both of us. I'm sure were both gonna make mistakes, and it's not gonna be A material until we figure out what were doing. But it's gonna be together Cody. So were both gonna learn together, just like everything else we do. And were both pretty good at everything we do, so why should we think sex is gonna be any different?”

So let's just think of this as like a science project at school or something Nika, And we were both put together as a team, so we're both graded on what we come up with together.”

"Haha, OK, Codes, but if that's the case then we better make it a biology experiment.”

"You dork, no doubt. That feels good Nika, keep doing it.”

"What Cody?"

"The way you're petting the little hairs on my arms with your hands. Nika, it feels good. Will you keep doing it while we talk? Why are you doing that, and what made you do it anyway?”

"You asked earlier who goes first, didn't you Cody?”

"Well yah.”

"Then I just went first. I'm learning. I've always between attracted to the soft hairs on your arms and legs Cody. And I've always wanted to feel them, and now that we've come out to each other, I thought it would be a good place to start. See, sex can be that easy."

"Yah, I see what you mean. Maybe we just need to experiment like that and not try to think too hard.”

OK, then I have something to tell you too Nika."

"OK, go ahead."

"You asked earlier why I always stick my face and nose in your hair and smell?”

"Yah, so?”

"It's because I'm attracted to the way you smell, and it makes me get a boner alot of times. Stupid huh?”

"No, it isn't Cody, and I have a boner right now from caressing your little arm hairs."

"Fer real, do you really?”

Yah, here, can you feel it?” As I pushed my hips against his back.

"Yah, you do Nika, I can feel it. That's soo kool."

"And remember when I passed out at school yesterday?”

"Yah, what about it?”

"I smelled you. At least your deodorant and green apple shampoo. And the rest of you when the breeze hit me Cody. I was hard as hell, and that's just before the lights went out. So the smell thing isn't stupid, and I know exactly what your talking about."

"Thats so kool Nika, I feel so much better now about that. I always felt kinda guilty after I smell your hair and got boned up, like I was a pervert or something."

"Well you're not, and wanna know another secret?”

"Yah, what?”

"Sometimes when I'm horny when I go to bed, and get on my pillow and hump into it to get off, I, I...”

"Yah, you what?”

....Don't laugh?”

"Won't, promise....go ahead, you what?"

"I put a piece of your clothing you left over here on the pillow and I bury my face in it. Especially a pair of your underwear if I have some, so I get your smell. It makes me cum so much harder and faster Cody."

"Thats soo fucking HOT Nika. This is so much easier than it was ten or fifteen minutes ago. I feel so much better now. This feels great. And I got a boner from you feeling my arm hairs, they feel all tingly."

"Kool. Wanna take just our sweatpants off for now, to get more comfortable I mean...haha."

"Yah, let's take our shirts off too. Underwear and socks is how we always sleep anyway, at least since we ditched our pajamas a few years ago."

"Nice, that way I can feel...Um.."

"Feel what Nika?”

"Your hair Cody, I mean, on your legs....against mine. Kinda awkward again, but you have more hair in all the right places then I do, and I kinda have a thing for your body hair Cody. I like looking at it and feeling it. It's one of the things that makes me very attracted to you."

"You mean like the way you've been feeling my arm hairs?”

"Yah, it looks and feels good. I wanna touch you other places too, but have never had the chance `cause I was scared of what you would think."

"Like what other places, I don't have much hair Nika."

"I know, its just since you started puberty, you've been a little ahead of me in that department, and I just like the way it looks and feels."

"Like where do you wanna touch besides my arms and legs? My head?”

"Well, I get to do that anyway, but maybe the soft patch starting in your armpits."

"Haha, sex is hella weird....huh Nika?”

"Yah it is, but you don't mind do you?”

"No, it's all good. I guess when I think about it, I like all the little blond hairs on you too. They're so bright and reflective, like in the sunshine and stuff Nika."

"Kool, you can feel anywhere you want Cody, OK? Sooo, can I?”

Yah, anything you want as long as we're alone Nika, I don't want our friends watching you stroke my arms, legs, and haha....armpits. OK?"

"Yah, I know, and keep sniffing my head whenever you want to Cody."

"There is one thing I want to know, err do, since we're on the subject of hair Nika, and I've been waiting a long time."

"Sure, anything, what is it?"

"Your pubes, can I see your pubes?"

"Haha, yah, but you've seen me shower and change in front of you lots of times, why are you curious about that now?”

"Umm, because you didn't have any when I did. I was like four months ahead of you, and when you did get them this year finally, they're so blond and lite, I never got a real good look close up. Sometimes when I have looked, I couldn't even tell they were there."

"I know, Sash is the hairy one in our family. He's a hairy little fucker, but it looks good on him."

"He has pubes already Nika?”

"Yup, started getting them the same time I did, and already has more, and some on his balls too. They're real soft, fine, and silky, but they are there."

"Thats so weird, he's what, three years younger than you Nika?”

"A little over two and a half anyway."

"He is a cutie, and he's gonna be hella hot Nika."

"And straight too Cody.....OK?”

"Yah-yah, I was just know."

"Haha, have you been perving on my little brother Cody?”

"No, no way Nika, It's just that he's cute, and I am gay, remember. I think he'll be a hottie in a couple years is all."

"OK, no worries, just remember he's not like us, and he looks up to you, so don't take advantage of that. He loves you."

"I know Nika, and I do him, so don't worry. Besides, it's only when I jack-off, and think about the two of you making a Cody Sandwich."

Just then I was taking a drink of water as my mouth was starting to get dry, at which point I choked and began to laugh as the initial shock of what Cody said had sunk in, and I realized he was just fucking with me as I could feel him laughing. I began to laugh myself as the water sprayed from my mouth all over Cody's head and face, and the blankets that were covering the two of us.

He grabbed at a roll of paper towels within reach in our paper snack bag as I regained my composure and took another drink to clear my throat.

"What the fuck, dumb ass, are you trying to kill me Cody?”

"No, but I owed you one from earlier when you made me spray beer all over the front of my sweatshirt."

OK, then let's leave the spitting beer and water here for the rest of the night....err morning I should say."

"Agreed, but back to what we were talking about, can I see them?”

"Yah, sure". At which point I threw the covers forward to uncover our bare legs and pushed Cody in the back to motion him off of me so I could reach down to push my boxers down and off my feet. I was now completely nude excepts my socks, and it felt really good. I could see Cody's hands shake and he put them on the floor along with his knees kneeling down between my legs staring as close as he could examining my pubes, along with my penis and balls.

I could also feel his breath on my penis and it was making it jerk forward every few seconds. I felt proud and not at all embarrassed like I thought I would. Cody was loving being so close and stayed there not wanting to take his eyes off of what he was taking in. And I felt like I was doing something really nice for him and it made me feel good inside.

"That's sooo kool Nika. It's beautiful. I've imagined this moment for so long. Everything about it is perfect. It's kinda pink and the tip is red. And I can see little veins in it. And your sack is pink too Nika. It's perfect. "

"Thanks twinner, but its not as big as yours....huh?”

"It's not as thick, but it's a little longer. I didn't think it would be this long. And you have a little more hair than I thought. You just need to be up close to see it. And your balls have some fuzz on them Nika. Its almost like a peach. This is so much fun. Can I take a picture of it Nika? I have my cell phone and digcam in my backpack?”

"Haha, ummm, I don't know, maybe. Are you gonna let me see yours too Cody? I mean, I wanna see too....because after all dork, I thought I was the one with the hair fetish."

"Yah, yah, sorry."

With that, Cody slipped his thumbs inside the elastic waistband of his South Park silk boxers and slid them down. I caught a quick view and he was wicked hard, and I could see the tip was wet, but lost sight as he went back on all fours inspecting my stuff.

"Can I touch it Nika, I mean the hair and stuff?”

"You're my boyfriend now Cody, of course you can. You don't have to ask."

"Wow, that sounds so weird. I have a boyfriend. This has really been a strange day Nik!”

"Yah it HASSSSS, Whoaaa Cody.....that's fucking freaky". Catching me off guard as his fingers had petted my silky soft almost white pubes and brushed over the tip of my erection causing it to jerk forward violently and squirt a single little drop of pre-cum up into the air and down onto my tummy.

"Haha, sorry Nika. But I did ask first and you said it was OK.”

"I know, that was just weird. It like tickled, it's soo sensitive."

"Cool, can you do that again Nika? That was great. I mean, stuff squirted out." He touched the drop with his finger smearing it in little circles around my belly button.

"I don't know how I did it Cody. So maybe. Can I inspect you now, I really wanna see it up close."

"Yah, lets switch places OK?"

I traded places with Cody, as he lay back against the beanbag and got as close to his crotch as I could without actually making contact. His penis was like brown in color, with almost a red sheen to it. It was all wet down the front from a clear fluid leaking out of it, and the tip was bright purple. It was twitching just as mine had been, and it was a good bit thicker than mine, just as he said. And he was also right about the length. Mine did appear a little longer, but I was unsure whether it was just because it was skinnier than his, or if it was really longer. The veins were noticeably more protruding, and a much more pronounced bush of medium brown pubes sat atop his penis, both darker and more grown in than mine. I had butterflies in my stomach as I closely examined every inch of his package. His balls were also thicker than mine, and egg shaped, nestled in a larger sack that was smooth, completely hair free (unlike my downy fuzz). It also hung down well beyond my meager sack. I lifted them with my fingers, and they were heavy. They looked almost like a grown man's balls and I was impressed.

"Fuck Cody. It's so kool. Can I touch it?”

Mocking what I told him earlier when he made the same request, he answered, "You're my boyfriend now Nika, so you don't need to ask, yada-yada-yada."

It made me laugh and loosen up just a bit as I had begun sweating a little and breathing hard experiencing my first sexual/learning encounter, just as Cody had. I touched my finger to the soft scrunchy skin on the top front of his erection just below his pee hole, and he let out a yelp and lurched off the beanbag a little as his cock jerked and a couple globs of white, not clear jizz this time, gurgled out and dripped onto a tiny trail of delicate soft hairs that trailed down just below his belly button.

"Fuck Cody, that's the same place on my boner that feels krazy when I brush against it. It's like all the good feelings in my body are multiplied by X100 when you touch that spot. Is everybody the same, and is that what makes everyone squirt their stuff? And, and Cody?"

"Yah Nik?"

"It's like the other spot I found in the shower this afternoon."

"Haha, and what spot is that Nika?”

"Ummm, it's in my butt Cody. I found a place inside it that can make you squirt if you're not careful. I was jacking it in the shower Cody, and thinking of you....haha. It made me shoot like sooo much harder. It was hella-krazy. Have you ever felt yourself there? It's soo kool all these things that I'm finding out. Life is soo kool. This stuff is awesome. I can't wait till what I discover next Codes. Especially that scrunchy place on my boner just below where I pee. Is everyone the same Cody?”

"I don't know Nika, but its like the most sensitive place on my body, like where all the nerves come together. It's at least that way for the two of us."

I had never seen real sperm before like I'd see on the internet, and I was fascinated. My own modest offerings that came out of my little piss hole while masturbating or having a wet dream was clear and runny. This was thick, white, and milky. It even smelled different too. Like my board shorts drying over my shower door after I get out of the pool or hot-tub.....almost like chlorine.

"That was hella-kool Cody, its white. When did it start turning white? Is it like that when you cum? Is there a lot of it? Does that mean you have sperm, and not just semen? Will mine be like that too? Mines still clear."

"Slow down Nika. Let me answer that one at a time. I think its sperm, but I think the clear stuff like you have is too, so you can probably make babies too. It started changing color two or three months ago. And yah, when I squirt, there's a lot, and its milky white. And since you started getting hair four or so months after me, yours will probably start changing color too before very long."

"Wow, I like this, it's like one of the best days of my life. I have a boyfriend, I'm in love, and I have a new toy to play with. Sounds sick Cody, but can I taste it? I wanna see if its different from the clear stuff I make."

"Yah, course. And it is Nika, so don't expect the sweet taste of what yours is probably like. Mine tasted sweet before, now its a little more salty and kinda slightly strong or musky."

I took my finger and scooped up a the thick glob that jettisoned from Cody's slit just a minute or two before and held it up to the light, and rotated it around looking at all the colors and reflections like a large pearl. Then I stuck out my tongue and let it drip down into my mouth like a spider falling on a web. Cody was staring at me fascinated playing with the tip of his boner pinching the head and rubbing the tip, clearly turned on that I was eating his seed.

"Wow, you're right Cody, but it doesn't taste bad, I kinda like it."

"Well, Nika, there's more where that came from, and you can have as much as you want, boyfriend."

"Hey Cody, speaking of that, wanna jack-off before we fall asleep? It's real late, and I'm getting kinda tired?"

"Hell yah I do, but I'd rather just turn out the lights and cuddle under the blankets and rub against each other. Let's not ruin tonight by jacking off quickly because we're tired and getting groggy. Let's just kiss and spoon till we fall asleep and we'll be fresh in the morning when we can really have some fun that we'll remember. Before Sasha and Sequoia come out to check things out anyway. What do ya say?"

"Yah, I'm gonna just sleep in my socks, so my feet don't get cold."

"Yup, me to Nika, come on and get under here with me."

I walked over to the lights and turned them out and felt my way back to Cody as I heard him rustling around under the blankets adjusting things and making a perfect little "fitting for two". I then slid under the blankets as I felt him spoon up behind me and wrap his arms around my chest. I also felt his warm leg fuzz against my own legs and his pubes against my butt. As excited as I was, I was even more at peace and content being in love and having a boyfriend of my own. The only one I have ever wanted or will ever want. I felt a soft kiss on the back of my neck as Cody's face pressed into my hair and took a deep breath in.....imagine, sniffing me AGAIN! He said "good nite fro-boy, I love you."

I froze as all the feelings of being naked under blankets with a boyfriend pressed against me. And his warm body and soft hairs pressing against my legs hit me all at once and I got goosebumps all over my arms and legs. He could feel them being spooned up to me, and let out a chuckle letting on that he knew. I giggled a little myself and responded, "goodnite fuzzy" as I raised his right hand to my mouth and gave it a kiss. Then I lowered it and placed my arms over his on my chest as I went gently and contently to sleep!

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