Date: Tues, 13 January 2009

From: Cody

Twinergy and Boys of Clear Lake

Chapter 5:

Morning Virgins!

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake (5) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

Copyright is to me, and this story may not be reproduced anywhere without my prior permission.

"Wake up sleepyhead....wakeee up my Nika. "

"Huh, what, what. Where am I? And who are you? What, wait a minute, what are you doing here Sasha? How did you get up here, we pulled the ladder up. What time is it? And why are you undressed? It's freezing Sash, get under here with me, hurry!"

"Sure Nika, I was just waiting for you to ask that."

"Well, duhhh, why wouldn't I, you think I'm gonna let my lil brother freeze to death up here? And how did you get up here and where is Sequoia? And what time is it?"

"Don't worry about him Nik, and just hug me close and smell me Nika. Yahhh, that's it, take in my smell big brother. Yes, you're doing just fine."

"Sash, what are you doing? And why are you naked and soo stiff lil brother?"

"Don't worry about that big brother, just enjoy my company and take me in Nika. I know what I'm doing and what's best for both of us."

"No Sash, no. This isn't right. Something isn't right. I don't feel like this. I know my feelings for you, and it's love, not lust. Stop, and quit rubbing on me. It's my job to teach you and protect you. Why are you doing this, and why are you here?"

"Quit thinking about it Nika, quit being the Boy Scout and trying to do what's right. You know how you feel right now, and your harder than I am Nika. Live for the moment big brother and enjoy what I am offering you. Yess, that's it, keep pressing Nika, keep pumping. It's what you need Nika. It's what I need Nika. Faster Nika, that's it, faster big brother. Yes Nika, I can feel your precum on my leg big brother. That's it, it wont be long now. You will feel relief, and release your seed in me Nika. Take me and be my teacher, big brother."

"Ahh, yes Sash, yes. It's so good. You smell sooo good lil bro, you feel soo good. AHHH Sash, ahh Sasha, I'm sooo close Sasha....but....

"But what my Nika, my teacher, you're my love today?"

"But, but, what about Cody, we're gonna wake him up, it's not right."

"Don't worry about him Nika, I'll see that he stays asleep, as long as we need him to, just go with your feelings Nika. You know you want me like this. You know you want my thin, soft hairy arms and legs big brother. Go with what you feel right now and satisfy both our needs Nika."

"But what about you Sash, but what about after? Your straight. How can this be? How can you be up here? How can you be like this? And how can you keep Cody asleep?"

"Too many questions Nika. I know you're close, I can feel your urgency, your desires, your needs, your thrusts. That's it Nika, pump harder my lover, pump harder, just another second and it will all be over Nika, you will feel satisfaction."

"Ohh Sasha, you smell and feel so good, I love you lil brother. But, but something's not right. Why are you so horny? And your eyes, there so black Sash, somethings wrong Sash. Somethings not right."

"Shhhh, stop Nika, shut up and just do it big brother, stop thinking. Live for now big brother. You can't pass this up."

"NO, I can Sasha, or whatever you are. Your not supposed to be like this, little brother. I can pass this up, and I will pass on this. Get off of me, NOW! Get off. It's my job to protect you, not do this with you. This is not how or who you are. And that's what I will do, protect you. Go away whoever you are! I know what we have and it's honest and beautiful and real, Sasha. Go back to where you came from and leave me be. I won't be fooled by my feelings. And I see through who you are and what you are trying to do right now. Get off my beanbag, I'm your big brother, not your lover. The real Sash is my life, and I love him. This will not pass. Stop this now, and let me be. Cody is this part of my life, and not you, whoever you are."

"Ahhh Nika, you fool. You made a big mistake, I will be back. I will not go away for long. But have it your way for now. You will give in to me eventually."

"NO, I won't. And don't count on that happening any time soon.....poser. I know Sasha is my family and I know better than what you are doing. You will not return, and I will wake up soon knowing I did the right thing. Be gone, NOW."

"As you wish you foolish boy!"

With that came a welcome end to a unwanted dream, nightmare, visitor, whatever it was. I was breathing hard and sweating with a feeling of relief that I had just dodged a dangerous situation. I guess the kind of relief I felt when I was able to push Cody from the falling tree limb, both scared and relieved at the same time. And all this still unaware that I was still asleep. I did sorta wake up for a minute or so in kinda a half-asleep, half-awake stupor only to walk outside to pee, and to see a breeze blowing the strings from the blinds on the windows. And a little flicker of the red glow of a rising sun come through it in bits and pieces before I laid my head back down and felt Cody's arm over my chest pulling me into him. And of course his breath on my back. With that, I closed my eyes again, let out a deep breath, and drifted back into a tranquil sleep.

It didn't seem at all long afterwards that I started to come to, shaking my head in a twitching motion every few seconds. I went from sound asleep to half asleep to opening my eyes at a tickling sensation on my eyelashes. I tried to focus, and there was Cody laying on top of me looking down into my face with his eyes looking into mine, smiling as he was touching his finger tip to my eye lashes, making me blink and my head twitch.

"What the fuck are you doing Cody?"

"I don't know. Just waking you up and seeing if I can have some fun while doing it".

"Making me twitch and blink is your idea of fun?"

"Haha, nooo, I have other ideas of fun in mind that having nothing to do with you blinking, but some twitching could be involved."

"Haha, yah, I bet you do. What time is it anyway?"

"It's almost 11:00, sleepy head. You slept most of the morning. I've already been down to the house and brought up some orange juice."

I noticed that Cody had his shorts on over his boxers and his ugg boats as well, with no shirt. I said, "You went down to the house bring us up orange juice?"

"Nah, went down ta take a shit, but since I was down there, I grabbed the orange juice too."

"Hope you washed your hands first doofus."

"Yah, in your hair Nika, and dried `em that way too."

"I've been asleep all this time?"

"Umm, yah, `cept for a minute or two this morning, you were up for a couple moments. Scarred the hell outta me for a minute."

"Why's that?"

"Cause you got up, walked over to the balcony, and took a piss, and never opened your eyes. I ran over and stood right behind you while you did. I thought you were gonna walk right off the edge."

"That's weird, I sleep walk?'"

"I guess so. You know your dick sure is little in the morning when you get up to pee. It was kinda cute."

"Shut-up Cody. It was probably cold."

"Yah, it was cold, and so is mine, so no worries. It rained a couple times, but only for a few minutes, but its sunny and warming up now."

"Cool, any sign of anyone up yet??"

"Your Mom was having coffee and reading the newspaper and your dad was packing the SUV to go golfing I think, but no sign of anyone else being up. Some of Tasha's friends were on the couch and floor in sleeping bags in the living room. But they were asleep and all the blinds were shut. It was hella dark."

"Wow, give me some of that juice, my mouth tastes like shit."

"Oh yah, that's where I did it...haha."

"Fuck you, juice bitch."

"Here ya go, Curly."

"Ahhh, that's good. I feel pretty good this morning, otherwise."

"What's left of it anyway."

"Did you have a headache when you got up?"

"Nope, felt fine other than having to pee. Then when I went over and peed over the railing, I felt the other thing coming and went down and went inside."

"Yah, I gotta pee again."

"You need to take a dump too?"

"No, but I didn't eat as much as you and Blake did....remember?"

"Yah, you and little "I will not eat an animal" Indian-boy ate hardly anything. `Cept a piece of salmon I think."

"Yup, but I'm hungry this morning. Hey hand me a bottle of Gatorade, I gotta pee."

"Yah, good idea. Refill at the same time your peeing, thats efficiency Nika."

"Haha, yup."

"Did you sleep ok Nika? You were kinda fidgeting and talking in your sleep early this morning. I was half asleep, so I didn't catch what you were saying."

"Yah, `cept for a little while I had a weird dream."

"Was it a good one?"


"What was it about?"

I thought to early this morning and retraced some of my ordeal and thought it best not to say anything. As I hadn't responded for a few seconds, Cody snapped his fingers in front of my face and asked again what my dream was about. "Uhhh, I can't remember Cody."

"So what's on the agenda today twinner?"

"Fuck Cody, it's our first day of summer vacation, what do you think? We're gonna eat, swim, play games, wakeboard, and jack off for the next three months. Not necessarily in that order."

"And have sexxx...haha?"

"Haha, ummm, yah. What did you have in mind Codes?"

"I don't know, lay down here for a minute Nika, right on this beanbag."

"You mean on my back?"

"Yah, jus like that."

"OK, now what Codes?"

"OK, lift up your waist a little."

"Like this?"

"Yup, perfect, now hang on a second."

"Hey, what are you doing?"

"Just relax Nika, I'm sliding your boxers off."

"Oh shit, Cody, we're really gonna do it then? We're really doing it?"

"Haha, I hope so, I've been thinking about it this morning."

"So that's why you got up early, and that's whats been on your mind all morning?"

"Well, not all of it, but most of it. We did leave some things unattended to last night."

"OK then, hurry up, I can't stay like this for very long." I strained upwards so he could get my boxers off me, then I lowered my butt back onto the beanbag again.

"Almost, there we and ready to go Nika. Wow, and someone looks like they are ready to go...haha!"

"Yah, I can't help it. If you're doing what I think your gonna, I've never had one of those before." My penis was filling up and lifting and curling, pointing up as Cody watched it go from little and soft to stiff and fully erect, jutting upwards, turning rigid and red, and it began to throb and jerk back and forth a little.

"Fuck Nika, that looked so hot. I never saw it grow like that while you were aroused. It's beautiful."

"Thanks Cody, but can you do me a favor?"

"Yah, I thought I was about to."

"Haha, yah, but besides that dork?"

"Yah, what Nika?"

"Umm, take your shorts and boxers off too. And those boots, I'll feel less awkward that way."

"Oh yah, sure Nika, sorry."

"It's OK, just feels right that were both a la carte...haha."

"What the fuck does that mean, dumb-ass?"

"It means naked, dip-shit....duhhhhhhhh!"

"You're the dip-shit Nika."

"Fuck you Cody, suck my dick."


And before I could say another word, Cody, knelled between my spread legs, with my knees up, leaned down putting the palms of his hands on the front of my shins to brace himself. He started caressing up and down feeling the soft little hairs on the front of my legs, which only increased my pleasure, as that, along with my soft arm hairs are both very arousing to me when touched or petted softly. He lowered his head over my lap as for the first time I watched my little erection disappear into a warm pocket other than my own fist.

I jerked as soon as the warm wetness of his mouth and tongue engulfed the little purple crown and then slid the rest of the way down to my sparse blond downy silk. I had to close my eyes to take it all in, and then reopen them to focus on Cody. And that it was really him doing it, and not some sort of a dream. I looked at my best friend, and it almost seemed surreal. I kept blinking to see if it was real, and when I opened my eyes again, would he truly still be there, doing the unbelievable. I had waited thirteen years for my first oral sex, and it was in the perfect setting, by the one partner out of six billion people on the earth that I would want to be with the most, and nothing and no one to interfere with it.....ahhhhhh, this felt good.

I focused in on Cody's dick, and it was as hard as marble. He pulled my left leg out straight and wedged it between his two legs and began to grind his hard penis against it while he continued to suck on me. His face kinda had a red glow to it and it was obvious to me how much he was getting into what he was doing, and how much he was enjoying it. The harder and faster he sucked, the better it felt, and the more you could see him becoming aroused. I watched as he began pumping my leg faster and faster, and harder and harder. I felt a warm slippery liquid on my leg and could tell it had freed itself from Cody's pee hole and he was discharging precum like crazy. But at the same time, it felt even better as his boner was now sliding up and down my leg with ease from Cody's newly applied lubrication. I began to pant and fidget around in the beanbag as the incredible feeling of Cody's mouth and swirling tongue were driving me into a hormonal rage. At the same time, Cody's hips were a blur. I couldn't tell which was moving faster, his mouth up and down on my little spike, or his hips back and forth driving his dripping cock up and down the front of my leg.

Just then Cody's mouth came off my dick and he looked up still humping my leg like mad and said, "Aghhh FUCK, this feels good Nika, I can feel every little hair on your leg with my dick, AUGHHHHHHH, SHIT! Then he thrust forward and pulled hard on my leg with his head tilted back and his eyes closed as I saw an explosion of white, a liquid stream, that of a geyser explode from the tip of his penis and sail up to the side of my face and into my hair. Cody continued to pump my leg as another thick stream found its way into my hair, the side of my face, and my neck, followed by another, and another as he screamed and moaned loudly as if he had a bullhorn. Watching this, my best friend, my boyfriend in such a sexual height was overpowering. I grabbed my dick with my hand and began to jerk myself up and down as I urged him on and yelled, "Yah Cody, Go Cody, that's it....Way To Go Twinner!"

As the last of his potent seed dribbled out of the tip of his erection, he grabbed my hand and pulled it away from my dick. He replaced it with his and leaned forward and started to lick my neck and the side of my face taking all his warm, creamy white sperm into his mouth. I was thrusting forward fucking his hand as hard as I could as he then stuck his face into my hair, taking a deep breath in, adding my smell to his sexual rampage, he began eating the milky semen he had discharged there as well. I, on the other hand, was releasing and expressing pent up sexual energy that I had never had the opportunity to release before, and was lost in my thoughts. I kept yelling, "Yah Codes, get it all, eat it all Cody. Faster Cody, stroke it faster, I wanna cum big like you, Cody."

Then he surprised me even further. As he continued to jack me as hard as he possibly could without hurting me, he moved his head from the side of mine where he had been retrieving his seed, and locked his lips with mine and spit a HUGE puddle of his sperm into my mouth along with his tongue as I made a "Umphffffff" sound, and swallowed hard, having been caught off guard. The taste of his cum combined with the feel and warmth of his body along with his smell and the motion of his hand on my cock was too much, and without warning I felt my balls disappear from my sack as if I had been tickled between my thighs. Then I felt a slow rise of pressure in the tube leading up my penis and a hard jerk as I simultaneously grabbed Cody's hair with my right hand, and yanked on his head as I slammed his face down onto my jerking penis just as the first stream appeared from my swollen purple crown. The first shot caught him in the left eye and across the bridge of his nose as his open mouth came down, clamping around my shaft as he caught the second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth shots in his mouth, rubbing my balls and sack as he sucked away.

Fuck, what a first at bat for both of us I thought. And here last night we were worried if we would know what to do. It was like we'd talked about, maybe boys like us having an "autopilot" that just took over when we were unsure of ourselves once we got going. I for one had no idea I, or Cody could do what we had just done. It was something that wasn't scripted or that we could have planned. Something that we didn't know how to do and knowledge that we had not acquired. But when we engaged each other in our first attempt at love making, it just came naturally, like it was part of nature taking over for us. As if it was by instinct with no time to think. We both just knew what we were supposed to do when put to the test.

Cody exhausted, collapsed on top of me as I ran my hand over his sweaty back. We both were limp, trying our best to catch our breath.

We remained like that for several minutes, just trying to regain enough energy to stand up and clean ourselves off a little. I heard Cody start to giggle and laugh a little in between breaths and I started to do the same. He finally rolled over off me onto his back, and with his hands, pushed himself up onto the beanbag so as were were now sitting side by side with our arms around each others shoulders. I laid my left leg over his right leg and turned to look at him and asked, "How do you feel Cody"!

"I don't know Nika. Very satisfied but a little nervous, or embarrassed I guess. What about you?"

"You suck!"

"Huh, what? Why?"

"You didn't let me finish. Good. You suck really good...hahaha!"

"Oh, you fucker!"

"Haha. Jus messin. Tell me the truth Cody, have you sucked anyone before this?"

"No, why?"

"Cause it seemed like you really knew what you were doing. That was insane!"

"Well, I've seen some, a lot maybe. But swear, this was the first."

"Well, it was awesome, thanks. I never coulda done it that good."

"Well, maybe you jus need some practice Nika."

"Haha, maybe. But yah, I can't believe how worked up I got and how crazy we were. I felt kinda embarrassed just after we finished too. Like all the things I said, I would have never thought I would say and be able to do that."

"How do you feel now?"

"A little better, what about you?"

"Yah, same."

"Cept I'm all sticky and sweaty and shit."

"Yah, hang on."

I made my way over to our supplies and grabbed a big bottle of water and a couple towels. I came back over and motioned Cody to stand up. I poured a lot of the water into one of the towels and started to wipe Cody all over. Kind of a sponge bath, or towel bath, if you will. When I was finished and declared him stink-free, he took the other towel and did the same to me. "We should have just jumped off the other corner of the balcony and into the pool."

"No shit....huh."

"Hey, what the fuck was that Cody?"

"A kinda towel bath I guess Nika...what do you mean?"

"No dork, not that, the noise. What was that noise?"

"I didn't hear anything Nika."

"There, there it is again."

"Yah, kinda a clunk or click noise. I heard it that time."

"Quick, put some clothes on."

We both scrambled to get our boxers and board shorts on, my Quicksilver and Cody's Billabong, when we heard it again. We made our way to the door, opened it, and looked down, when just in time I moved to the side as a rock, or pebble flew past me and into the tree house. It was Sasha and Sequoia standing amongst the rubble of the balcony on the pool deck, tossing stones up off the door to see if we were awake.

"Hey you guys, can we come up and check out the damage?"

"Yah", as I kicked the rope ladder over the edge and down to them, "but we're coming down". At that, I ran to my left to the far edge of the balcony, and jumped up on to the wooden ledge and off into the air.

What a rush falling 20 to 25 feet through the air and down into 10 to 12 foot deep 80 degree water. I swam out a little and looked up and waited. Sure enough 5 to 10 seconds later, I saw Cody's body come leaping over the ledge and down into the water as his arms were flailing in the air. I looked up towards the tree and sure enough Sasha and Sequoia were already half way up the ladder to look around at the accident scene. I began to splash and swim about making sure to spread my legs far enough out to open my butt crack a little to clean myself up a little bit with the aid of the pool water. We swam about for ten or fifteen minutes. It was high noon and very sunny. The pool area was in direct sunlight with no hindrance from the surrounding trees and it was nice hot dry mountain lake weather. Sasha and Sequoia had made it to the top and went inside to look around the tree house. I heard Sasha giggle and say something about the empty beer cans. Then I heard them say something about a towel and our clothes. They came back out onto the balcony and I reminded them to be careful around the damaged area, that the railing was gone, and it was dangerous. They both nodded their heads in acknowledgment and Sasha blurted out, "Hey you guys, what's that smell? It stinks inside up here. What smells so strong?"

Of course Cody and I looked at each other and kinda smiled. I could tell Cody was turning red, and Sequoia just put his hand over his face and kinda shock his head. "It's just sweat Sasha, Cody and I were wrestling up there this morning."

"Oh, you guys should open the windows then, it smells really strong....more than just sweat, like bleach or chlorine or something."

I was just glad that my mom and dad, sister or other friends weren't around, because it would have been hella embarrassing.

Sequoia, "OK Sasha, we know it smells strong up here, so let's let it go.....OK?"

"Yah, OK Sequoia." Embarrassed as if he'd said something wrong.

I couldn't be mad, nor could Cody. It was kinda cute that Sash had no idea what he was saying, or why Sequoia was silencing him. But being the sweetheart he is, he just let it go at that. But you could tell there was a questioning look in his eyes when Sequoia asked him to let it go, as though he'd stumbled into something he didn't understand. And that it was something that he was going to keep locked in that special inquisitive section of a preteen's brain to bring up again another time, till his curiosity is satisfied.....ahhh, what an age.

I was watching Sasha and Sequoia with special interest and noticed how well they got along and how much closer they had become in the last year or so. I mean, Sequoia is a little older and much more grounded and world-wise than Sasha, but I thought he was a great role model for Sasha. And that it was good for him to get away from the twins once in awhile. I have nothing against Travis and Wesley, because they're just high spirited kids. I had no problem with Sasha hanging around with them, but somehow I couldn't help but feel that Sequoia helped balance Sasha out. As I laughed and giggled at them looking around the damage and playing with a beetle they found up there, I had to acknowledge how blessed I was to have the people that surrounded me in my life. I couldn't have picked a better family, friends, community, and setting in which to live.

Sequoia and Sasha skinned their shorts and high tops and tossed them over the edge and onto the deck below. Then they climbed up to the ledge and hand in hand, counted to three and off they went into the pool to join Cody and me. For some weird reason as Sequoia and I swam up to one another in the shallow end, something came over me as I began to choke up a little. I wrapped my arms around Sequoia in a close strong hug and said, "Thank you for being who you are and being my friend. I know you thank me for what my family has done for you and your family, but you more than give it back by being who you are Sequoia, and I love you."

"Sequoia didn't say anything, but just held onto me for another minute or two till we let go, then he said, "we've always been close Nika, there's no need to thank me, but I do love you as well."

About then Sasha and Cody said in unison, "I'm starving/I'm hungry!"

Sequoia: "My mom's making lunch, she'll be bringing it out any minute. It's her way of thanking you for yesterday and everything else you guys."

"Thanks Sequoia, she didn't have to."

"No, but she wanted to Nika."

"Tamales, refried beans, rice, salsa, guacamole, and tortilla's by any chance Sequoia?"

"You know it Nika!"

"Ahhh, fuck yah, score!"

I could see across the pool that Cody and Sasha were having a similar reaction. Her tamales and sides are things of legend in our back yard.

Not more than five minutes later, Sequoia's mom (Golden Fawn...her Native American name) came through the gate in the back yard with a large basket, with his little sister trailing behind her carrying some additional bags of what I assumed was food.

Sasha went inside to get Tash and what remained of her friends up for lunch. Sequoia came back over to me and said he sensed something uneasy in me and asked if I needed to talk. I told him that I did, and it involved a very disturbing dream I had. He said, "OK, after we eat, we can go inside or go for a walk and talk privately." I said OK, and we started throwing the football around in the pool with Cody and Sasha.

About then, Blake threw the gate open in the back yard and said, "Hey you guys, I smell food."

Sequoia and I just cracked up.

Blake: "Tamales I think."

"Yah Blake, Sequoia's mom is fixing lunch, great timing as usual."

"Ohh, kool. I'm starved."

Sequoia: "Did you pick up the scent all the way from your house, Blake?"

"No, I'm not that good. I was coming over to swim, so about half way here I picked up the scent."

Blake proceeded to strip down to his shorts and join us. Little by little, we seemed to be picking up things pretty much just like we left them last night. I was expecting Jace, K.C. and Reiley to be along at any time, trickling in one by one.

"Hey Blake, what's up with dummy and stupid, are they coming over too?"

"Yahhh, I don't think so Nika. They got into something with some of their other friends last night and are still pretty hung over, mom and dad are pissed. I think their on twin probation today. And they haven't let go of last night either. They're probably gonna be pretty peed at you two for a while. And once they do cool off, unfortunately for you, they're probably gonna have a relapse of Nika-itus when the tutoring starts."

"Well, fuck em, more for us, I guess."

Reiley did come along five or ten minutes later, but no sign of K.C. or Jace. So Sequoia's mom laid the food out on the banquet table in the back yard kinda pot-luck or buffet style, and my mom brought out all the paper plates and plastic forks and knives. Sequoia and Sasha went inside and brought out the ice chests that still had cold water and sodas in them from last night. And with no delay, we all grabbed a plate and began to fill up.....yum. I was starved. After three tamales and several servings of beans and rice with guac, i was full. I decided not to tempt fate, and threw in the towel. I was stuffed, and hoped I could avoid the uncomfortable food-coma that comes along with eating too much at one time. But then, misery loves company. After being so proud of my three tamale accomplishment, I noticed that Blake was on his seventh with no signs of slowing down. I threw away my plate, and was walking towards the pool, when Sequoia took my hand and said, "come on Nik, let's go for a walk."

I walked hand in hand with him out the gate and towards the pine forest outside our back yard. The sun was warm, and the air felt and smelt wonderful. Walking hand in hand with Sequoia made me feel good. I loved being with this boy. He was soo earthy and wise for one so young, and had so much love and maturity about him. We walked for about ten minutes deep into the woods, then he asked, "So whats got a soul as innocent as yours so concerned Nika?"

"Just some random thoughts and a very disturbing nightmare, Sequoia. One that I would swear was real and really happened if I didn't know any better."

"Come here, let's sit down against this log and just relax for a few. Maybe let you think or relive the experience a little bit."

"Yah, OK."

"I have the feeling you think there's more to it than just a dream, Nikita."

"I'm just troubled is all, Sequoia."

"I can sense that Nika, that's why I'm here. I have picked up on your torment, and I will help take it away."

"I'm not sure you can Sequoia, it's pretty disturbing. Actually very disturbing."

"I know my brother. I can sense that you have had an encounter from the shadow world, I can help you with that."

"Haha, shadow world?"

"Yes Nika, don't laugh. It's what my people call it. I will help."

"How Sequoia, and how do you understand these things?"

"I was born with a very powerful gift Nika. In time you may understand it....or at least more than most. But you may never be able to completely grasp what and who I really am."

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