Date: Thur, 15 January 2009

From: Cody <>

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake

Chapter 7:

Twinners United, Posse Divided?

Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake (7) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

Copyright is to me, and this story may not be reproduced anywhere without my prior permission.

I slid down the railing to the kitchen and made my way to the fridge where I preceded to empty everything needed to make a 10,000 calorie sandwich. Mayo, roast beef, turkey, several different kinds of cheese, bacon, avocado, spicy mustard, and horseradish. That's not to mention the lettuce, tomato, onion (for Tasha only, I can't bring myself to eat something that smells like an armpit), along with salad peppers and oil and vinegar. I grabbed the extra large sourdough bread off the counter, some plates, and started my two masterpieces. Most would say I get carried away with the bacon, but in my opinion, it is God's perfect food. By the time I was done, I knew it would be touch and go tackling the monstrosities in front of me, that resembled the Twin Towers rather than sandwiches. And as for Tash, haha....good luck to her on denting half of it. I threw some potato salad on her plate, and some kettle potato chips on mine with a giant dill pickle. She came in just as I was pouring two glasses of milk, and sat down looking at the sandwich on her plate as if it were a tumor.

"What the fuck is that Nika?"

"It's dinner like?"

"I'm not sure, is it for the whole family or just for me you idiot!"

"Haha, its a Nika, all-American, original Manwich....lets see what you're made of sis."

"No way Nika, but I'll cut it in quarters and see if I can finish one. Does it come with a bib and towels?"

"Come on, it's not that bad."

"Whatever.....boys, ughhhh."

"Kool, I'm gonna take this upta my room and eat Tash, the Lakers are on tonight and it's a playoff game. Besides, I'm beat, so after I eat this I'm gonna call it quits. I'll tivo the game so I can watch what I miss tonight in the morning in case I fall asleep."

"Wow Nika, it's not even 9:30 yet."

"I know, but I'm really tired, and need to catch-up on some sleep. Besides, you crash early sometimes."

"Yah, but it's Saturday night lil brother. What if Cody or one of your other friends come by or call?"

"I don't know Tash, just tell them I'm not feeling well, or take a message. Besides, they usually use my cell and hardly ever call on the land line."

"And if they come by?"

"Same, unless it's Cody, then just send him up to my room if he wants to spend the night and sleep in my room."

"You mean sleep with you Nika?"

"Yah Tash, I mean sleep with me.....better get used to it."

"He's been doing it for years Nika, so I guess nothings really changed, `cept the part where he IS the pillow now, or you are....huh Nika?”

"Yah, guess so, but like I said, we really haven't done much yet Tash. And tonight is just gonna be sleep, so don't imply anything else, OK?"

"It's all good, sleep well lil brother.....luv you!"

"Luv ya too Tash, night."

With that, I made my way up the stairs with my plate, a three quarters full gallon carton of milk, bag of kettle chips, some paper towels, and some chocolate chip cookies. It's not unlike me to wake up at 2 or 3 in the morning and finish a classic Nika-wich and some cookies, as my metabolism is like on warp speed at all times. (Nothing compared to Blake's, of course). But I couldn't gain weight if I ate chocolate cake and milkshakes at every meal.

Once upstairs in my room, I lit a small fire in the fireplace, as the temp does drop in the mountains at night, and flicked on my wall plasma. I changed into my South Park pajama bottoms, no top, as opposed to just boxers tonight. I wanted to feel kinda, i don't know, in comfort mode. I opened the door to my balcony a bit just to offset the fireplace a little, and to allow the ghostly glow of a full moon to shine in. Then I propped up four soft fluffy down pillows against my headboard. Then, I slid under my soft down/flannel comforter, and began noshing on my sandwich and watching the game, which was already starting the 3rd quarter...damn-it! Ahh, what the fuck, at least the Lakers were ahead, and maybe I would be able to stick it out to the end, Lord knows it just might take me that long to tackle my sandwich. I always wanted to get to see a Laker game in LA, but its like 500 miles away. But dad did take me and Sash to see one in Sacramento, as that's only a few hours, so I can't complain.

I heard a door creak open and a steady stream of urine hit the water in the toilet (always an appetizing sound when sitting down to eat), and knew Sash was turning in early as well. "HEY PISS-MEISTER?"



"YAH OK ASS-WIPE, JUST A MINUTE, I'M KINDA BUSY AT THE MOMENT." I heard a RRRRPPPPTTTT from what I assume came from Sash's ass, in between his pissing.



Sash finished up and came in my room wearing a pair of Family Guy PJ bottoms and a San Francisco 49er football jersey top. "Hey Nika, what's up?"

"Just tired and going to bed early tonight, wanna watch the end of the Laker game with me buddy?"

"Yah, sure, I forgot it was on. You tired too I guess?"

"Yah, I'm gonna krash after its over....maybe an hour or so."

"Me too. Oh fuck, you made a sandwich, I'm krazy hungry right now."

"Yah, I made a couple, one for me and one for Tasha."

"Why didn't you tell me dork, I'm soo hungry."

"I didn't even know you were home Sash, or I would have."

"I've just been in my room listening to music and returning some e-mails."

"Well, you want half of mine Sash?"

"Are you sure, aren't you hungry Nika?"

"I'm starved, but come on, look at this thing!"

"Haha, just like always...huh?"

"Yah, and besides, Tash will probably only be able to eat a quarter or half of hers, so if we're still hungry after this, which is doubtful, I'll just send you downstairs to the fridge for the rest."

"OK kool, got milk?"

"Plenty...long as you don't mind drinking from the carton with me."

"Nah, just like always. Chips?"


"Haaa, cake?"

"Umm no, but cookies."

"That's kool. Move over fool, and turn up the volume a little."

"K, but do me a favor first real quick, and throw another log on the fire so we don't havta get up and do it later....OK?"

"Yah, sure."

Sash threw a big log on top of the two I had already burning in the fireplace, and turned the gas down a little as the fire was blazing along and no longer required the aid of the gas-line used to get it started. He nonchalantly hustled across the knotty pine hardwood floor and jumped under the blanket, snuggling up beside me and grabbing the other half of sandwich-zilla I held out to him. I picked up the carton of milk and sat it on our laps between us and tossed him a paper towel. At last, some down time with the jewel of our family, my little brother. Watching a Laker play-off game(one of our fav teams), on a cool crisp night in a scenic mountain lodge setting alongside a pristine alpine lake. And all with a fire in the background. I was as content as I had ever been in my life, wondering to myself what I did to be bestowed with everything I had, and wondered how life could possibly get any better. Then I thought of Cody and our morning romp. I smiled and giggled out loud.

"Whats so funny Nik?"

"Oh nothing Sasha, just thinking out loud. How's the sandwich?"

"Awesome, just more mayo next time, you know I like mayo like you like bacon. And pass me the milk."

"Yah, here ya go. And I know, but like I said, didn't know you were home, otherwise I woulda doused half of it for you like I always do."

"I know, just dishing you a little shit Nik." as he tilted back the milk carton to take a long guzzle washing down some sandwich and chips.

I continued to think about my life, my friends, and my family. And then I thought about my journey with Sequoia today, and how without him, this moment I was savoring with Sash might never have happened. I mean, I was never gonna let Sash in my bed again, let alone sleep with me again. And I was pretty terrified to even go to sleep again till he put things in perspective for me today. Man, did Sequoia come in handy sometimes, I couldn't imagine life without him.

We continued to grind away on sandwich, chips, and handed the milk back and forth, and commented on the game in between. Every once in a while either Sash, or I would let out a "YAHHHH" when Kobe dunked the ball or threw an alley-oop pass to Gasol, Bynum, or Ariza. Then after the Saturday night miracle (no, not the Lakers dominating the game for a win and lead in the series....but us finishing the sandwich), we forced down a few of the cookies and began to nod-off. I kinda jerked a little like you do when half asleep sometimes and opened my eyes. I saw that I had woken Sash up, and the ESPN post game show and interviews were concluding. It was almost 11:30, so we had both been out about a half hour or more. "Sorry Sash, didn't mean to wake you up buddy. Want me to carry you into your room?"

"Naw, can I jus krash in here with you tonight Nika?"

"Yah, if you want to. I'm gonna dim the lights, and throw a couple more logs on the fire Sash, you need to pee before we go to sleep again?"

"Naw, I went on my way in here."

"OK, be right back."

"I made my way to the fireplace and stoked two more logs on, and dimmed the lights so just the fire threw off a background glow. Then I made my way to our bathroom as the fire began to come alive and snap and crackle. I went in to pee and washed my face clean of mayo, bacon grease, avocado, chocolate, and a milk mustache. Then I made my way out to the balcony door and closed it, shutting out the moonlight that was prowling my room, and then back to my bed. I brushed the crumbs off the comforter, and took the paper towel off Sash's chest as I wiped his mouth with a warm washcloth that I had brought in with me. I threw the milk in the little fridge that I keep filled with bottled water next to my bed, and then slipped under the covers beside my little hero. He opened his eyes and said, "thanks Nika, goodnight."

I said "Goodnight Sash," and leaned over and kissed him on the forehead.

He threw his arms around my neck and gave me a big hug, before releasing me and drifting back to sleep. I laid back and pulled the covers up over both of us, and spooned up behind my bestest buddy and fell silent myself as I disappeared into never-neverland.

It was a beautiful slumber that was long, and long overdue.....and much needed. I slept like a baby, although I never did understand that saying, because babies always seem to be crying, and get their parents up four or five times a night on the average, but whatever.

I woke to some shaking that was jerking me around in my bed and must have been an earthquake. I thought quickly and decided the best course of action was to grab Sasha and head downstairs. Err, wait a minute, it may not be a earthquake after all, but another natural disaster called Jace and Sasha. "What the fuck are you guys doing?"

Sasha: "Hey Nika, we were just watching Sportscenter and arguing over who's better, Kobe or King James (referring to LeBron James of course). Then we got into a wrestling match and began bouncing around on the bed."

Jace: "Yah Nika, sorry, we kept the volume down and didn't mean to wake you."

"No, its OK, what time is it?"

"Around 10:15 or so, you slept pretty good. I got up `bout a half hour or 45 minutes ago when Jace came in."

"Kool, is anyone else up? And what's it like outside?"

"Umm, your sister was leaving with some of her friends when I was walking up the driveway, and your mom and dad left in the Jag. And it's really bright and warm outside, that's why Sash and I didn't open your shutters over the door and window all the way."

"Awesome, maybe we can get some wakeboarding in today."

Jace: "Fer sure dude, it looks like the rain's gone for awhile."

"Hey Nika, why don't we just board in the rain anyway?"

"We used to Sasha, but mom and dad won't let us take the boat out in the rain anymore."

"Why, were gonna get wet anyway in the water?"

"Cause the kid in May that was wake boarding over by Sand Harbor that got struck by lightning. And when we have these summer storms, it gets pretty choppy too. And it's not easy loading or unloading the boat at the pier when the waves get that rough. Or cruising through that choppy water."

Jace: "Well, you don't need to worry bout that today, the water's like glass."

"What a dork, why did he get hit by lightning anyway Nika? He ruined it for everyone."

"Uhh, I don't think he planned on it Sash, and I'm sure he's more concerned about whether he recovers, then if we get to board during thunderstorms anymore."

"Yah Nika,” Jace added, “I heard the fillings in his teeth got super-hot and cracked his teeth. And his arm and leg hair burnt off and his wetsuit melted on him."

Sasha: "Really Jace?"

"Of course not Sasha. Jace, that's one of the stupidest things I ever heard."

"Well, it's just what I heard."

"Fuck, I gotta pee. Hey, did the Spurs win yesterday?"

"Yah, by like 15 or 20."

I got outta bed, and made my way to the bathroom, but stopped by the balcony door and window to open them and the shutters up a little more. Letting the daylight flood the room. I stepped out on the balcony and looked over the lake. Jace was right, it already felt like 80 degrees and the lake looked beautiful and flat. The sun was on the other side of the house, and I stood in the shade and breathed in deep. It was a glorious day, and I couldn't wait to attack it. I walked back in, and made my way to the toilet and let lose.

Ohh it feels good to pee in the morning after your wood goes down a little and you can finally evacuate your system of what you've been storing all night. I always felt bad for older people like my gramps who always complains when he's over about having to get up a couple times during the night to pee. Fuck that, if I had'ta do that, I think I'd jus keep a Gatorade bottle next to my bed or something so I didn't havta get up, but whatever. I striped off my pj's and grabbed a dry pair of my board shorts hanging over the shower and slipped them on. Then brushed my teeth and brushed my hair out a little. I could hear Sash and Jace arguing out on the bed and talking about Sportscenter and basketball. I had to laugh at some of the shit they came up with and talked about. Jace may be our age, but he's the biggest kid of all of us. And much more closer to Sasha's age mentally and in maturity. I splashed some water on my face, and heard my cell going off in the bedroom, playing The White Strips I had set for my ring tone. "HEY PENCIL-DICK, GET THAT FOR ME."



"Hi, this is Nika, I wet the bed this morning and I'm in the bathroom changing my panties and shaving my legs, can you hold a minute?"

"AHH Sash you dick, who is it? Give me that dumb-ass!" I ran into the bedroom.

"You said to answer it...PENCIL-DICK!"

Jace was laughing at us both, leaning back on the bed as I wrestled the phone from Sash's hand and answered, "Hey, who's this?"

"What the fuck was that all about Nika? You wet the bed?"

"Oh, hey Reiley. No, of course not. That was just Sasha, what's-up?"

"Oh, nothing yet. Just kykin over at Blake's with him and K.C. Whats goin on this morning?"

"Nothing much yet. I'm in my room with Sash and Jace. I jus woke up and changed into my shorts. Think I'm gonna take the boat guys down for that?"

"Oh fuck yah, sounds epic."

"Kool, meet me at our pier in about 30, we're gonna grab some breakfast first."

"Yah, OK...bout 11:00 OK?"

"Yah perfect, and tell Blake to bring his wetsuit, I don't have one big enough to fit him."

"K, later."

"Hey you guys, lets hit the kitchen and nosh on some food. Then hit the pier, we're gonna do some boarding this morning."

Sasha: "Ahh kool!"

Jace: "Oh fuk-yah!”

I waited for Sash and Jace to hit the bathroom, change, and whatever else they might need to do in there. Then we grabbed some towels and a change of clothes. Jace had to borrow stuff from me and Sash so he didn't have to go home. He can fit into either mine and Sash's shorts since all three of us are about the same waist size. We ran down the stairs yelling and pushing on one another much like untamed horses coming out of the gate at a track, acting every bit like three kids on summer vacation. We made it to the kitchen, and looked around for what looked good. Sash went to the pantry for the cherry pop-tarts, always a on-the-run favorite, when Jace popped in, "Hey, what's in here you guys?"

I looked over at the table and there was a big pink paper pastry box. I popped it open and there was about two dozen fresh donuts, "Wicked, way to go mom!"

Sasha threw the pop-tarts back in the pantry and we all began grabbing a couple donuts each. I also made my way to the freezer and grabbed a box of frozen calzones. "Hey, anyone want a calzone to go with their donuts?"

"Yah, I do."

"Sure, I want one."

I threw all four of them into the microwave sensing a hungry stray nearby, and sent Sasha to the garage to grab an ice chest. "Fill it with bottled water and sodas. Oh, and ice too, dork!"

"Duhhhh Nika."

And Jace, grab a couple of those grocery bags, and throw some more donuts in there, bags of chips, cookies and nuts. Fuck dawg, jus look in the pantry and see what looks good for snacks and toss it in. I'm gonna step out in the backyard for a sec and call Cody."

I hit speed-dial for the twinner and let the phone ring. Cody was home and just laying on the couch in the living room with Abby watching TV. I relayed the plan to him, and he said he'd meet us at the dock and to bring him along a calzone as well. There were four in the box, and I heated up the whole box, so is was twinergy again at it's best (considering I never mentioned calzone to him during our conversation). I came back inside and the microwave was beeping and Sash and Jace had assembled everything in a smooth, orderly, military manner....which shocked the shit outta me seeing as those two couldn't find their assholes with a bloodhound and a compass. I grabbed the boat keys off the key-tree on the kitchen counter and we made our way to the front door with all our hands full.

We slammed the door shut behind us, and thew everything we had in a utility cart we used to taxi things back and forth from the house to the lake. In a sense, it was a little red wagon on steroids with inflatable tires and a handle to pull it by. It was just big enough for all the shit we had to transfer down to the boat, and we were on our way. We got to the boathouse and I grabbed the keys. I opened the door and walked in. I went to the lake side of the house, and opened the two big doors to give access to the lake, and instructed Sash to wheel the cart out to the end of the pier to load into the boat. No sign of the posse yet. I lowered our Beastly Bayliner into the water with the electronic winch, and started the motor. Luckily, dad had someone from the boat works come over a couple weeks before and charge the battery and perform the annual maintenance. And whoever serviced the boat, had taken it out for a test run, and took it by the marina to top the fuel tank off. Which saved me from having to use mom and dad's plastic today. It was no where near the red empty line I left it at in October, the last time we used it before the weather started turning cold.

"He Nika, you need me to do anything else?"

"Yah, I'm gonna pull it out, so shut the doors behind me."

"Got it."

I pulled the boat carefully out into the lake, clearing the boathouse behind me. The smell of the exhaust and the fresh lake water hit my nostrils, and signaled summer was here. I yelled for Jace to jump in off the wooden planks, and to sit up front so he could buffer the boat from the end of the pier so it didn't hit the dock. Wow, I couldn't help but notice how well he has been developing the last year. His skin was soo white, and his hair so white/blond, the way mine and Sasha's gets by the end of the summer, and it was only June. He was at the front of the boat bent over kneeling on the seat pads awaiting arrival at the end of the peir to grab the dock, and his ass was sticking out and boy was it tight and hot looking. I was almost blinded by the sunlight reflecting off the soft blond hairs dusting his arms and legs. Fuck, my dick was stiff and there was nothing I could do about it `cept put on a tank-top that hung down past my waist to cover the evidence. Luckily for me, he was in front of me with his back to me. (Thus the butt-shot in the first place).

Sasha: "Hey Jace, throw me the rope."

"Yah, here."

Sash caught the rope and between the three of us, me steering, and Jace and Sasha grabbing the dock and rope, we were able to pull the boat up alongside the pier and tie it off.

"Fuck Jace, we've only been out here ten minutes or so, and you're already getting color. Maybe you should put a shirt on, we brought you one."

"Fuck that, it feels good, and I'm sick of burning."

"Sash, throw me the SPF 45 in the bag."

"The Hawaiian tropic?"

"No, the Banana Boat, I like the smell better."

Jace: "Fuck Nika, whats does it matter? Your applying sunscreen on me, not making a fuckin desert."

"Yah, whatever."

Sash threw me the sunscreen and I began squirting some in my hands as Jace backed up to me. I applied it to his bare back. I ran my fingers all along his back. Up the sides, and back down along his forearms with the soft downy hairs. Then around the front to his chest, and over his now hard little red nipples. Fuck, he's usually so obnoxious, I never really admitted or acknowledged how fit and hot he was....shoulder length straight blond hair and all.

"Shit Nika, I coulda got my chest dude."

I was hard as hell now, and I felt a little precum ooze out the tip of my dick onto my shorts, so I was thankful that I'd put my tank top on. My breathing started getting a little heavy and I felt warm in my face, as it became a little red and a bead of sweat appeared on my forehead. Jace turned around, and looked at me staring at his bare chest in a trance.

"What's with you, are you OK? You face is kinda red and your sweating."

"Uhhh, yah, yah I'm fine. Want me to get your legs too Jace?"

"Huh? What the fuck Nika. No man, I can get my own legs. Fuck, you're getting as weird as Cody dude. Maybe you need to get laid or something."

"What? Huh?"

"I said your your getting as fucking weird as Cody gets sometimes. Are you turning fag on me too Nika...haha?" Letting out a little laugh.

"Ummm, no, no, I'm just a little thirsty, I'll grab a bottle of water."

I walked to the cooler to grab a bottle of water as Jace started loading the boat. I regained my composure and took a deep breath. I replayed in my head what Jace said, and it pissed me off what he had said about Cody. But there again, he was right. I had been acting a little weird, and except for the twins, Jace is the last person I should be that reckless and careless around. I don't think he's an outright gay-hater, but he definitely buys into stereotypes and doesn't cut them much slack. I knew from our past make-out sessions with girls, and surfing for porn on the internet, that he didn't suspect anything. He was just messin with me, seeing my strange reactions to greasing him up. So he'd chalk it up to coincidence...this time.

"Hey Nika, grab me a water too."

"Yah, sure Sash." as he approached me at the ice chest with Jace still over in the boat loading and arranging things.

"What the fuck are you doing Nika. I saw all that. Please don't get that way in front of our friends. Especially the twins and Jace."

"Sorry Sash, I'm soo embarrassed you saw that. Do you think Jace suspects anything?” (Just getting a second opinion).

"No, he just figures it was something else, and used it for a chance to cap on you....typical Jace. But you promised me you wouldn't do weird shit like that and embarrass me Nika. For now on I'll put the fucking sunscreen on our friends!"

"I know Sash, I know. I'm sorry, I shoulda jacked off to Cody in the bathroom this morning before we left. I didn't get a chance to do it last night."

"AHHHH, I don't wanna hear this, Lalalalalalalalalalala." He took the water and walked away looking like he was turning red and as embarrassed as a eleven-and-a-half-year-old boy could be. With his fingers in his ears Lalala'ing to himself. I thought to myself, “that was really, really stupid Nika. I need to be more careful.”

Just about then, I glanced up and saw Blake, K.C. and Reiley walking up the pier. Which I thought was perfect timing. It should distract all three of us, and get our minds back on something else. Any diversion was welcome at that point.

"Hey, where have you guys been, we were getting ready to leave without you."

Blake: "Yah right Nika, we jus watched you from the top of the hill pull the boat out, and Jace is still loading it up."

"OK, got me."

"And why is little douche-bag walking around with his fingers in his ears mumbling to himself?"

"Umm, I don't know, `cause he's eleven? To much sugar probably, we had donuts this morning."

"Oh Fuck, I love donuts."

"Yah Blake, we know. There's some in one of those bags."

"Ahh kool, thanks."

"Didn't you guys eat?"

"Yah, but like Pippin said in Lord of the Rings, haven't you ever heard of second breakfast?"

"You are a man among men Blake."

"Well thank you, chocolate buttermilk please."

"Yah, but you can get it yourself fool."

"Awesome, did you bring enough for the nerd-herd too?"

Reliey: "Fuck you Blake!"

K.C. "Blake....Bite me you dick-head!"


The gang hit the paper bag with the the donuts like Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, and within a minute the only sounds at the end of the dock were mouths and lips smacking. Jace was just about done loading the boat and K.C. said, "Hey, are we ready to go yet?"

"Just about, were waiting on Cody."

"Oh kool, I thought we were one short."

"He's on his way, just texted me he's at my house, so it should be another minute or two."

Jace: "Maybe he stopped by your room to sniff a pair of your underwear, Nika....haha."

"Yah, whatever Jace."

"You never know with him Nika."

"Jace: just let it go, leave him be."

"I'm just saying what everyone else thinks anyway Nika."

"Alright Jace, just shut the fuck up...OK?"

Reiley: "Yah Jace, that's not kool. Why are you on his case anyway?"

"I'm just sayin that Nika should be careful and maybe not get changed or undress around him anymore."

K.C. "Hey, Nika asked you to let it go Jace. So let it go...OK?"

"Yah, alright. But you all know what I'm talking about."

Blake: "What are you talking about Jace?"

Reiley: "Where have you been Blake?"

"Half way down the dock on my cell. I was talking to Wesley."

Reiley: "Jace was talking shit about Cody."

"Why, what did he do?"

Jace: "Just about his little problem Blake."

"And what problem is that Jace?"

I saw Cody at the end of the dock, and walking towards us. He was still some forty feet or so away, looking cute, happy, and trusting as always, and I wanted this to stop now.

Jace: "You know Blake, being "Heterosexually-Challenged"...haha."

I had to do something. I was angry and embarrassed as well. I was letting my boyfriend down right now by hiding, but at the same time scared of escalating the issue in case it exploded and Cody came out, forcing me to do the same, "Everyone just SHUT-UP, shut-up right now, he's almost here!"

Blake: "You heard him, not another word.....not even one!"

Jace: "You guys are no fun, I was just messin."

Cody, walking up to the scene, sensing some tension, but having no idea it involved him, "Hi everyone. It's beautiful today...huh? I woulda been here sooner, but I was watching the end of High School Musical with Abby and my mom. We made cookies."

Jace: "Haha...holy fuck!"

Blake: "JACE!"


Cody: "What's wrong, did I miss something, everyone?"

"No, not at all Cody, everything's kool. How are you doing this morning? Are you ready to wake?"

"Uh, yah, I think so."

I looked at Cody, and could see he was kinda looking down at the dock, and knew something was wrong, but wasn't quite sure what. Other than it involved him in a way that was embarrassing, or not constructive. The others could see this as well. I looked around me to take stock and could see that Sasha was still staying a few yards away from everything still embarrassed by what happened earlier and sensing danger from the current conversation. Jace was in the boat making some last minute arrangements knowing he'd stirred the pot, and that everyone has had enough of his mouth. Blake was silent and pissed-off at Jace, and made some small-talk with Cody. K.C. and Reiley took Cody over to the edge of the dock to just change the subject and tell him how much they liked his new board shorts. I was feeling ashamed of myself and I went to Blake, like I always do when things get sketchy.

"Hey Blake, who was on the phone?"

"It was Travis, they wanted to know what we were doing. After staying home all day yesterday, mom and dad let them off the hook today."

"Oh, did you tell them were going out on the boat?"


"Did they want to come?"

"I think so Nika, but they still aren't happy about Friday night at the BBQ, so I didn't ask them. I can tell they're on the fence about still being mad at you and Cody. But on the other hand, they don't know how you two feel about them."

"Fuck that Blake, it's always been rocky with those two.....and probably always will be."

"Yah, I didn't think you wanted them around right now, so I didn't invite them."

"That's not what I meant Blake. I meant that I accept that their always gonna be shit disturbers and that's how it is. Call them back, we can squeeze two more in."

"Are you sure Nika, you don't mind?"

"It's a big boat, I don't mind. What better way to bury the hatchet and kick off the summer? I think with the twins, Sasha, and Sequoia coming of age, it's time to expand the six-pack anyway."

"You mean increase the posse to the ten-pack now?"

"Yah, that's what I'm talking about. I've been meaning to bring it up for a while now. But you're the sheriff Blake, what do you think?"

"I think it's a great idea, let's bring it up to the other four later when Sash and the twins aren't around. So we can have a consensus. Speaking of which, I'm gonna call and invite them....if you're still OK with it."

"Yah, I hate stand-offs and hard feelings. If they're kool, then so are me and Cody."

"OK, kool. Tell the others it's gonna be a few more minutes."

"You Blake, I need to go talk to Cody."

"Sure Nika, I understand."

I made my way half way or so down the pier where Cody was standing. He was looking down at the water, wondering why he was being picked on and feeling like he was being singled out. I walked up and put my hand on his shoulder to say "hi twinner."

He didn't reply and I hadn't startled him, but he probably sensed I was coming anyway. I was gonna hug him, but held back `cause all the others were around and close by. I didn't think the timing was good, and didn't want to do anything that the others could see, adding to Cody's discomfort and embarrassment. And I didn't want my own feelings hurt as well, by them adding me to the equation.

But then a funny thing happened in a flash. I thought ta hell with it, they see us hug all the time anyway, and nothing has happened to change that. I was being much too conservative in my feelings and defense of Cody. I wasn't going to idly stand by when someone talked about him that way again, and I wasn't going to be scared. This boy was the one that I loved. He's my twinner and the other half of "The Twinners", and I will put my life and feelings behind his from now on. I will love him like he loves me, and will not let anyone dim the brightness of his love and happiness. I said "com'er Twinner" and spun him around and wrapped my arms around him and held him as tight to me as I could.

He said "Don't Nika, you don't have to. Whoever's saying things over there might see."

"Yah, FUCK EM anyway. Let `em see. Let `em all see....I love you."

I then took another step and kissed him on the neck and cheek before grasping him in my arms again. It was a brave step, and if it wasn't for my promise to Sasha, I feel it may have been square on the lips.

Cody began to tremble and cry a little bit, and said, "Why Nika, they're all my friends. Why are they all talking bad about me?"

"They're not Cody."

"But someone was, what did they say? I was just happy, and just got here. I didn't do anything wrong, did I Nika?"

"No, no you didn't Codes. It wasn't everybody, it was just Jace. And all the others stuck up for you, and they all love you. Even Jace....he just has a funny way of showing it."

"You did too, didn't you Nika?"

I felt embarrassed, and paused for a second or two which Cody could sense, then I remembered my talk with Sequoia about pausing, and spoke, "Yes, I did Cody, but not at first, and not as fast as I should have. I admit Cody, I was scared, and I shoulda said something faster, but I was caught off guard and I was a coward Cody. But I promise with all of my heart, I will never delay again."

"It's OK, Nika, as long as you did, it's OK. What was he saying?"

"Who cares Cody, do you really want to go there?"

"Yah, I wanna know what my friends think about me."

"He was talking about you being gay, and the way you look at me. And just stuff like that."

"But it was just him Nika?"

"Yah, but Cody, ughh?"

"Yah, What Nika?"

"Just, you wanna talk about this later?"

"No, tell me now."

"First, I love you...OK?"

"Yah, OK. What is it?"

"Well, just that they all think that Cody, or suspect it anyway."

"All of them Nika?"

"Yah, All of them."

Cody was crying and released me from the hug as Blake walked up. "Hey you two, is it OK to talk,or you guys need another minute?"

"Cody and I are gonna walk down to the end of the pier and talk for a couple minutes Blake, what's up?"

"Just that Trav and Wes will be about five minutes. So I'll go back to the boat and let the rest of them know. Take all the time you need. And I'm sorry Cody. I stopped it as soon as I got back and knew what was going on Cody."

"Thanks Blake, it's OK. I guess I better get used to it....huh?"

"Just hang tough Cody, you're probably the best of all of us, and I personally think you and Nika make a damn fine couple, and no need to respond, we can talk about that later...OK?"

Cody's eye's just about bugged out of his head as Blake gave him a little punch on the arm and then grabbed Cody's shoulder and pulled his head forward and whispered something in Cody's ear, before winking at him and turning around to walk away. I looked down the pier and the rest of the guys were standing at the end staring at the three of us kinda stupified, wondering what was going on.

Cody was still kinda in awe of the exchange, and stunned by this new revelation about his reputation. I said "Are you OK?"

"Yah, I guess, I thought I was just going wake-boarding with my best friends, what's going on Nika. I'm confused."

"We only have a few minutes before the twins get here Cody, but we can hold things up if you need to talk, or I can just let Blake take the boat out, he usually drives anyway."

"No, its OK, I need to man-up a little anyway I guess, so just tell me real quick what's going on?"

"No, you don't need to "man-up" Cody, I love you just the way you are, and nobody's gonna change that and you don't need to change for anyone....OK?"

"OK Nika, thanks."

"It's just that, well, everyone has thought you were gay for a long time now."

"Everyone? Who's everyone?"

"Oh Cody."

"No, it's OK, tell me, who?"

"OK, everyone at the end of the dock, the twins, both our older sisters, Sequoia, and I think your parents."

"But how Nika, and why?"

"I don't know Cody, maybe the way you're so soft spoken and compassionate, and care about everyone. And you're so happy all the time. It's not bad being all those things. But when you walk up talking about watching High School Musical and baking cookies with your mom right after you're being discussed that way, it kinda rekindles things a little."

"So do they think or know? And do they know about just me, or us? And what about Blake just now?

"OK, you want a head count, here it is. Yes, Blake knew about you, and since Friday afternoon, knows about us. Yah, I know it was before us happened, but I'll explain later. Sequoia and Sasha both know about us, as does Tasha, and that's it. Oh, `cept for your sister Abby who knows what websites you like and your screen-saver too. The rest know nothing about us, and "think" you are, but don't know for sure. By the way, what did Blake whisper to you just then?"

"Wow, I guess a lot has been going on behind my back I didn't know about ....huh? And Blake said if anyone gives me a bad time, to just let him know and he'll stomp on `em for me!"

"Yah, go Blake. And Cody, I guess some stuff has been going on you weren't aware of.....I'm sorry. But they all love you, and they all care about you."

"Maybe I should just go home Nika, I'm not really feeling like going out anyway."

"No way, I'm spending the day with you one way or the other, so if you're going home, then I'm going with you."

"Really, you mean that twinner?"

"Hell yes, I mean it Cody", and with that, I kissed my boyfriend square on the lips.....fuck anyone who might see.

Cody jumped back a little looking around and said "Whoa cowboy, lets not get carried away yet, I need to catch my breath before I get anymore surprises. And come on, lets hit the boat, but I'm kinda nervous Nika."

"It's OK, Cody, they're all your best friends out there, and they love you. We talked about this, and you knew our secret isn't gonna last forever......right?"

"Yah, I guess so, but if it last a little longer, so be it."

Just then Trav and Wesley whizzed by on skateboards, making their way to the end of the dock. Then they stopped and walked back towards us. "Hey Nika, Cody, whats up guys?

"Just talking some things over Wes."

"Is it about us coming with you guys?"

"No Wes, I told Blake it was OK for you two to come along, and sorry about the Coke machine and bucket the other night Travis."

"Kool, thanks Nika, I'm glad you said that. And yah, we spoke to Blake, and we both know we had some payback coming. And it woulda been OK if it wasn't for the tutoring bomb, that caught us both by surprise."

"Oh yah, Mr. Weiner huh. Well Trav, it wasn't aimed at you. I had no idea Mr. Weiner was coming to the BBQ, he never comes. And I didn't know that my mom and your mom were gonna get to talking and shit."

"I know, it was just shitty timing all together and fucked up a really kool BBQ. But fuck it, we still wanna body slam you once for the bucket shit, but other than that, peace?"

I could tell they were still a little peeved about the bucket, but were sincere about the payback they had coming and the tutoring, so I said peace, and bumped fists with both Travis and Wesley.

"What about you Cody, is it kool?"

"Yah you guys, its always kool Travis, Wesley", and he bumped fists with both as well.

"OK then, let's get the fuck outta Dodge and hit the water guys!"

"I hear that Nika....lets go."

I made my way to the end of the dock and said, "Jace, everything loaded and are we ready to go?"

"Everything's battened down Cap'n, lets hit it up."

With that said we all piled in the boat, and began shifting around finding a preferable seat, and I fired up the motor. I gave it about a quarter throttle, and we cleared the buoy field and out into deep water. At that point I looked over at my left where Blake was sitting with his feet up and asked, "you wanna take over Blake?"

He said, "Yah, let's swap places."

Now, I am a great boater, as my father let both me and Sasha drive with him from the time we were nine or ten. But there's a couple reasons I let Blake drive. One is because they (his family)can't afford a boat and he really likes it. The second is that he's a better driver than I am, and can see better over the dash (fucking growth spurt...hurry up damnit). And third (opps, guess there are more than a couple) Blake looks 16 or so, so we get less scrutiny if he's driving from the sheriff and Coast Guard (yes, the lake borders both California and Nevada, so it is a interstate waterway, so it has to have a Coast Guard presence). With that said, we swapped places, and Blake took command.

We made our way over to Emerald Cove and turned off the motor, and let the boat drift as we pulled off the floor panels and retrieved a couple wake boards. We had me and Sasha's Slingshot and Hyperlite that me, Sash, the twins, and Reiley use. And my dad's Gator that's a little bigger and used by Blake, Cody, and K.C. We grabbed the rope and connected it to the tower and threw that and the handle out into the water as Blake started the motor and moved forward a little to take up the slack in the line. Meanwhile we grabbed all the wetsuits outta the side compartments. "OK, who's going first?"

I looked over at Reiley who was silent and had a very serious look on his face. I could tell he was troubled about something, and I got goosebumps all over my arms and legs as the little hairs stood up. I felt a confrontation coming on. Reiley is the thinker of our group with better grades than even Cody the whiz kid, and he's also the defender. He's started a lot of shit over the years. But whereas with Jace and the twins who were usually the tormentors, Reiley was the one who would not let a wrong go unpunished and was always defending those who could not, or would not, defend themselves. If Blake was the sheriff and executioner, than Reiley was the judge, defender, and prosecutor. "Hang on guys."

Blake: "What's up Reiley, are we goin or not?"

"Yah we are, but since we have the motor turned off, and we're out in the middle of the lake and no one can run away, I wanna bring something up and get it settled....OK Blake?"

"Yah, OK Reiles. Your one of our posse, so if you have an issue, you have the right to bring it up for topic or debate.....what is it?"

"OK, but first, I don't wanna see anyone get mad and defensive. And I wanna point out that Sasha and the twins are here, and we usually keep posse matters private."

"Yah Reiley, good point. But I just spoke to Nika on the pier about Sash, the twins, and Sequoia all joining the posse anyway since their coming of age. And I was gonna bring it up for a vote next time we have a meeting anyway. So if no one has a objection then we'll just add that to the agenda and settle it all right now since you brought it up Reiley."

Sash: "fuck yea!"

Twins: "Awesome!"

"OK, I'm fine with that Blake, anyone object to voting on them now, after I air my issues? Or them being here for my issue?"

Blake: "looks like no hands, so no objections. Besides, If we're gonna include them, then they'll know what's going on, and no need to catch them up. Trial by fire I like to say. Reiley, what's on your mind?"

"OK, first, I didn't much like the shit you were talking about Cody today Jace, neither did K.C. Nika, Blake, or anyone else that I can see. I think it was abusive and over the top, and I want it to stop now...or else we'll do something about it."

"I was just fucking around Reiley, I didn't mean anything by it."

"Yah, maybe, but it was abusive and hurtful. And it useta be behind his back, but now it's even when he's around. And I think its outta hand, so it needs to stop now."

I could feel butterflies in my stomach and I was hoping this wasn't the issue Reiley was gonna bring up, but my inner voice had told me it was, so I wasn't all that surprised. I would be happy and content if it just went away, but I figured now was as good a time as any to start clearing the air. And besides, there was nowhere to run or hide. I did look over at Cody and could see him fidgeting and read a thought that he wished he had just returned home after the incident on the dock. Wishing he was not here right now. I could feel his turmoil and nervousness and it was twice that of mine. So under the watchful eye of everyone in the boat, I stood up, walked over to Cody, and sat down beside him. If I had learned anything from my past mistakes, it was that I wasn't going to allow him to go through this alone, we were going to face it together. I reached down and held his hand, taking it in mine. He looked over at me a little alarmed and kinda motioned me to let go, that it was OK. But I shook my head no, and held on. I could see and feel a look of inner peace in him as he sighed, and now knew when push came to shove, I would not leave his side in the event of controversy or an incident. I could feel it was a fear deep inside him that scared him more than anything. As to whether I would stand up for him, and our love, or turn tail and run. I looked over at him eye to eye, both of us smiling, hand in hand. Knowing, but not caring that there were obvious glances our way, further questioning Cody's sexuality.

Jace: "Well what the fuck. Everyone thinks so, and talks about it. If that's the case, then why doesn't he just come clean or say he isn't. If he's one of us, then I wanna know who and what he is. I mean if I'm skinny dipping or changing in front of him, than I deserve to know....right?"

Blake: "This isn't the Army, Jace. We don't have a don't ask don't tell policy." Glancing at Jace, then over to Cody, "I for one don't care what you are Cody, only who you are, and I already know that. You're my friend for life."

Sasha: "Why are you being so mean Jace? You're being a dick."

"I'm not being mean Sash, I jus think we should know, is he or not?"

I had to say something and took a shot, "Why does it matter Jace? I mean what's it to you, everybody's personal life is their own business. Can't you just acknowledge he's your friend and leave it at that, or do you have to make it an issue and embarrass my best friend?"

"Well, aren't you interested Nika, I mean you two sleep over at each others and take showers together and stuff all the time. Aren't you curious what he's thinking. Why won't he just answer the question?"

"Because I don't care Jace. It's not an issue to me. He's my best friend. Always has been, and always will be. So if it's not an issue to me, than why is it to you?"

I felt Cody getting restless and becoming angry that he was being talked about as if he wasn't even there. Then I felt him squeeze my hand real hard and speak, "Why aren't you talking to me Jace? Why are you talking to everyone else behind my back? And bring this before everyone. Do you do it to make yourself feel better? If you wanted to know, and have been talking shit about me all this time, then why didn't you just ask me one of the times we were alone together, hanging out? If I was really your friend, you wouldn't have waited till Reiley felt he had to say something and put a stop to it. Till it became a public debate. Is this the way you operate and treat all your friends Jace?"

"It's not like that Cody."

"It isn't, then why now? Didn't you have anyone else to pick on today? I didn't even know all of you felt that way about me till Nika told me on the dock a little while ago. I wish I hadn't even come. This goes way past the ordinary shit that you conjure up for fun Jace. This is fucked up."

"Listen Cody. I'm sorry I talked behind your back. I thought it was just funny, but now I can see maybe it was cruel. But as personal as we all are with one another, in showers, skinny dipping, and other stuff, isn't it my right to know what you're all about? Doesn't anyone else hear what I'm saying and agree? Come on Trav, Wes, tell them how you feel. Tell him you wanna know!"

"Sorry Jace, I may have made jokes sometimes when we were together, but I'd never say anything to Cody to hurt him. And I guess I don't care what he does. It's not my business if he doesn't want it to be."

"That's how both of you feel then?"

"That's how I feel, Wesley can speak for himself."

"Well Wes?"

"I think Trav summed it up for both of us."

"Well, fuck it then. If everyone wants to stick their heads in a hole, then do whatever the fuck you want!"

I was shocked. My biggest fear was Travis and Wesley and how they would react. For the first time in my life, I was truly and sincerely proud of both of them for showing compassion and maturity that I was almost sure they didn't possess. I thought for sure that they would side with Jace, just like always and it could have broken the posse apart, even though I thought Cody's preference was already a forgone conclusion in everyone's mind. But I felt confident that Cody had weathered the storm.

Cody: "Whats wrong Jace, isn't it going the way you wanted? Are you mad you didn't get to start a big fight and watch all the shit go down? Are you gonna let it go now that you know that everybody isn't gonna buy into hate?"

"It's not about hate Cody. It's about knowing who you really are. I didn't want to start a fight. It's just that if we're all best friends, fer real, best friends, then shouldn't we know who each other really is? That's all I'm saying, that's all I wanted, not to crucify you Cody. Can't anyone else understand that?"

K.C. "I've been pretty quiet up till now, but I wanna say something."

Reiley: "Yah, go ahead K.C."

"I see what you're saying Jace, but you're making it a demand on you terms, on your time frame, and that's just wrong. I don't know and don't care what Cody is. But it's up to him to tell us when and if he's ready. Not because we put him on trial and demand it. And if he chooses to do that, then good for him. And if he doesn't, then that's fine too. It won't make one bit of difference as to how I feel about him, or whether or not I choose to shower or swim naked with him. It just doesn't matter, Jace."

Sash: "Yah Jace."

Blake: "You heard it Jace."

Reiley: "There yah go Jace. Now can we move on."

I looked closely at Jace, and he looked like a whipped dog, Sulking in the back of the boat. Like his team was a huge favorite to win by a large margin, but instead got whipped by a landslide. And me, I looked at the togetherness of all of us, and felt like we were all growing up. No bad words, no name calling, and no fighting. Then Jace spoke, "Yah, I guess so Reils, I guess so."

"Is there something you want to say to Cody first Jace?"


Cody: "It's OK, he doesn't have to."

"No, I want to. I don't wanna leave things like this."

Jace just sat there for a minute or so, and you could have heard a pin drop. Then, he took a deep breath and looked over at Cody, "I, I'm not sure how to do this Cody. I can't remember ever apologizing to anyone for anything. But I'm sorry if I hurt you, that was not what I meant to do. I just truly thought that it was my right to know, if are all that close. I was wrong, and I still hope you'll be my friend."

I waited a minute and Cody still hadn't responded, and I could see everyone looking at him as if something was wrong, and then I felt him squeeze my hand real hard and heard him whimpering. So I turned my head real fast, and saw Cody had his face turned down in his other hand and he was crying hard while trying to muffle it, and tears were dripping between his fingers and onto his lap. Then no longer able to control himself he took and deep breath and sniffle and let loose, breaking down outright.

Jace: "Cody, I said I was sorry, and I meant it. Please stop crying."

"I put Cody's hand in my right hand, passing it off from my left, so I could put my left arm around his shoulder and pull his head towards mine, so that our heads were together and I could whisper and talk to him. I squeezed his hand real hard, and said, "It's OK Cody, Jace didn't mean anything by it, and he apologized. Everything's fine, its OK. You amongst your friends buddy, all is good. I'm here and you're gonna be fine."

"Cody continued to sob for another couple minutes as everyone else just looked down, occasionally saying what they thought were constructive things like, "It's OK, Cody, we understand", and "We're here for you Cody, and the back breaker by Jace, "I know better now Cody, I won't bring it up again. Everything's OK."

When Cody heard that, something happened in his head, and he too another deep breath,as I wiped his nose with a towel. Then, his voice trembling and with tears still running down his face, he said,"No, everything's not OK Jace."

He took a few more breaths and breathed in again, then speaking and crying at the same time, he repeated, "everything's not OK."

"I said I was sorry Cody, and I meant it."

"That's not it Jace. You were right. You were right all along, and I'm a coward. I was jus to scared to tell all of you."

I felt paralyzed at this. I was shocked. I felt happy that he was going to do it, and at the same time scared for him because he didn't have to. I felt it would better for him if he had time to think about it and do it in another setting to where he didn't feel forced. I mean, I did finally want him to come clean, just as I did, but thought we could do it piece meal, a little at a time. So I finally spoke. "No Cody, you don't havta say anything else. Just let it go for now. This isn't the time or place."

"Ahhh, yes it is Nika. Yah, it is. Why go through this again? I just want it to end Nika....I want it ALL to end."

I understood what he was saying and could feel in his mind that he was "defragmenting" so to speak, and dropping a giant weight off his shoulders. That he just wanted the pain and sadness to go away, and felt an opportunity had presented itself and he didn't want to let it pass and risk never being able to build up the courage again. I squeezed his hand again, and whispered in his ear, "then let's do it Cody, go for it. I'm right beside you boyfriend."

"Thanks Nika, I love you."

"I love you too Cody. He has something to say you guys."

Almost simultaneously, everyone else said, "OK", or “Go for it Cody", or "That's cool Cody."

"Jace was right. You all were right. Maybe I shoulda said something before this, but I didn't wanna cause trouble and didn't wanna change things between us all and not have you all as friends. I was a coward and I'm sorry. I'm gay, and I hope you all still accept me and things don't change.

I looked around, and Blake, along with his twin brothers were both dripping tears from their eyes, as was Sasha. Both K.C. and Reiley were choking back the tears, but they were visibly moved. And the funniest thing happened I may have ever seen. Everyone at once moved to the middle of the boat, to form a group hug with the warmth and love that you rarely seen in this world. Especially amongst teenage boys. Looking at it closely though, the biggest surprise to me was that Jace himself was choked up, and the two devil children as I had called them so often, were actually crying. Who knew that there was a heart in there somewhere behind the scales?

We stayed like that for a few minutes before Blake said, "Oh shit, does this mean Cody can't shower or swim naked with us anymore?"

That pretty much brought the curtains down, as everyone including Cody, and Jace began to laugh out of control. Then Jace said "No, it doesn't mean that at all Blake, he can shower and swim with me any time. Love you Cody."

"Love you to Jace."

I figured that was my cue, and was about to tell everyone that they have nothing to worry about, as Cody was spoken for. And by doing so, to get everything out for both of us. But then I looked at what was going on, and figured after what Cody did today, my brave Cody, it would be a cakewalk for me. So why steal his thunder. This was a lot for everyone to take in for one day, so our relationship and the rest can wait for another day. I looked up to get some air, and said, "HOLY SHIT BLAKE!"

"Oh Fuck Nika, get outta the way, everyone get outta the way!"

In all the talking and emotion, we all overlooked the fact that we were drifting in a very large, very expensive Ski-boat, that was about to hit the rocks on the shore. Blake leaped into the drivers seat and fired up the motor and hit the throttle, when we heard the most God-awful noise since we last visited a dentists chair on cavity day. It was the prop against the rocks. We did manage to did get away from the rocks and the shoreline and back out to deep water before Blake shut down the motor again.

"Fuck Blake, that was close."

"Yah Nika, too close. I think we dusted the prop."

Cody: "See what You did Jace?"

Jace: "But, well, I, I didn't mean ta..."

"Hahaha, jus messin Jace, haha."

"Oh Cody you fucker....guess I had that coming."

"Yah, you did...haha."

"Good one Cody. I'm probably gonna havta to replace it...huh Blake?"

"Yah Nika, I felt a vibration, so it's gonna havta be eventually replaced. The sooner the better, vibrations aren't good."

"Fuck, that sucks."

"No it doesn't, we got off lucky it was just the propeller. We'll all chip in, just like a posse does, and it'll be easy."

"Oh yah Blake, and speaking of which, do we have four newbies to chip in as well?"

"Oh yah, good call Nika."

Blake let out a loud whistle and said "listen up everyone, on Sasha joining the posse, Yea or Nea?"

The group let out a "YEA!" In unison!

"OK, on Travis joining us, Yea or Nea?"


"Kool, On Wesley, Yea or Nea?"


"There yah have it Nika....unanimous"

"Not quite Blake, You're one shy."

"Opps, you're right, my bad, our local Witch Doctor. Sequoia everyone, Yea or Nea?


"There you go Nika, ten of us now. Congratulations guys, you're in!"

And thus, the six-pak, or now the ten-pak, our posse, "was fruitful and multiplied" so to speak, despite one of us being gay. Well, maybe two, but that's my story for another day!

That concludes this chapter of Twinergy and Boys of Clear Lake. This is my first attempt at writing so any feedback, direction, or comments are appreciated. Please forward comments to the address below:


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